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o31: Reincarnation

Notes: I was originally gonna make the last prompt the only one featuring Sarada, because it seemed really special to end with her for this topic <3

but I couldn’t help bringing her into more pieces because she’s perfect and makes SS even more complete and beautiful TT^TT

I just kind of wish I put her into a lot more prompts since she’s only mentioned in a few :’( I don’t know how to write Sarada very well, so that’s something I have to (and will) work on!

Thank you for accompanying me throughout yet another sasusaku month! I hope you guys had just as much of a great time as I have! Here’s to many more. Special thanks to the mods–sakurasass, sasukesass, and saradasass for organizing this event. Mwah ~

NOTE: here, sarada is born in konoha :) no traveling fic, sorry!



Sasuke sees a new life—a perfect life—in baby Sarada.


The birth is quick and nearly painless. Sakura goes into labor at ten, right as he’s about to cradle her to sleep, when she gasps and jumps out the bed.

“I need to go the hospital.”

Sasuke does not hesitate. He helps dress Sakura, making sure his wife is warm and comfortable, and slips on some clothes for himself. His hand is secured onto her belly, protecting her from all sorts of harm that could possibly affect their child.

“Don’t worry,” she gasps through contractions. “You’re so overprotective.”

“I have to be.” He kisses her ear and leads her down the stairs. They have no car, it’s too late to call a taxi, and Sasuke can’t afford the risk of teleporting her there.

“Ah, Sasuke-kun!” she squeaks. Sasuke scoops his hands underneath her back and knees and carries her out the door and towards the hospital. It is empty outside, a cold breeze fluttering through the city. The only sounds accompanying them are the chirps of crickets and the pitter-patter of Sasuke’s footsteps against the dirt.

Tsunade, of course, is called to the room to help deliver the baby. She brings along Kakashi, who, in turn, has an overeager Naruto clinging to his arm in sleep-deprived excitement.

“When is it coming?” he shouts. “Come on, Team 7 baby, come on!”

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Summary: In the heat of the moment Kurt says something he regrets. The consequences are greater than he ever expected. 

Prompt: After their fight Kurt assumed Blaine was simply ignoring him. But he wasn’t. Kurt begins freaking out realizing something’s very wrong when people can’t seem to remember Blaine, his stuff goes missing and he’s vanishing from old photos. How could this be happening? In a moment of anger Kurt had lashed out at Blaine saying he wished he never met him. Heartbroken, Blaine wished he would just cease existing. Now their both getting their wish.

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its-because-of-his-lordship asked:

Would you do “You don’t have to stay.” for cobert, please?

Wow I love this line for them! I am not so sure about this thing I wrote here. I started out liking it and then the angst just kind of took control of it (whoops!). Hope you still kind of/sort of like it? Thanks for the request darlin’!

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anonymous asked:

Hello:) I was wondering if you had any gray x cana brotp headcanons?? I absolutely love these two but there isn't a whole lot of content for them

Gray and Cana were one of my first ships!! Hahaha. I love those two. I wish we got to see more of their friendship. 

1. If Gray ever needs to talk about something serious Cana will actually stay sober long enough to give him proper, heartfelt advice.

2. Growing up, Gray spent a lot of time in the guild after hours waiting for Cana to finish her drinks because he didn’t want her to walk home by herself. He often carried her on his back and took care of her through the night. 

3. He and Cana have a lot of inside jokes that they laugh about during a calm day in the guild. 

Michelle's Mobility - Keep a Miracle Moving!
Since Michelle was born in 1994 with C.H.A.R.G.E. Syndrome, there have been countless things doctors said she would never be able to enjoy. Many of them are things we take for granted: sit unassisted, laugh, walk, communicate, go to school, be part of a community, or ride a bike. The list goes on...

This is Michelle.  She’s 21 years old, even though she looks about six.  Her mother Angel is a good friend of mine - at her request, I knitted leg warmers for Michelle a few years back when she was having circulation problems being outdoors on the school playground.  Her teacher said that her little legs were turning blue.  She needed something sized to fit a toddler, so I made them to fit a mailing tube and they fit her legs perfectly.  I was happy to do it, since quite bluntly we really weren’t sure how many more years Michelle would have to live.

Well, that was 2009 and Michelle the trooper is still here.  Her mother is incredibly devoted to her while still finding time to be a gaming and fantasy geek and regular Dragon*Con attendee.  She’s the nerdy sister AND the lioness mom we all wish we had.

Michelle is 21 years old, so she won’t be able to go to school much longer.  She’s going to lose a lot of freedom and support, and she’s going to lose one of the ways she has to get around.  Her adaptive bike.  It’s school property.  She LOVES it, and her mom just got the word that the state will kick in funds for Angel to purchase one - IF she can raise the rest of the money.

Look, you don’t know me from Adam, and you don’t know Angel or sweet Michelle, but believe me when I tell you they’re deserving of every good thing in the world.  If you’re able to spare five bucks, I’d be personally grateful.  More importantly, you’d be broadening the world of a scrappy 21-year-old and her nerdy mom.

Thanks for your time and support,


'15 Spring Contest - Forget Me Not

Warnings: Major Character Death, Minor Character Death (see prompt), depictions of gore and violence (Not too graphic, however.)

Prompt: AU where Hermione is pretty sure her new flatmate, Tom, is the serial killer/mass murderer who’s made the news everyday for the past months.

A/N: So, I took some creative freedom with this prompt, I hope you like it! I want to thank Ibuzoo a million, million times, without her this would have not existed. I was close to simply giving it up entirely and not participating. She’s the most wonderful beta I could have ever wished for, and honestly, I feel like this is more a collaboration than a one-man’s-work. I did all the writing, but she helped me to come up with a large part of the prompt, and here we are!

Thank you to whoever submitted this wonderful prompt as well, I had loads of fun writing this, and I hope you enjoy it as well! And also a thank you to Tomionekinkmeme, this is the first challenge I have participated in, and I hope there will be many, many more.

On to the story now.. Enjoy!


Bright, white light. She blinks, fast, willing her eyes to adjust, and raises a hand to shield them but.. she can’t?

She can’t.

She can’t move her arm.

She can’t move her arm because she is tied up.

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The cells of your body get replaced every 7 years. If thats true then there’ll be a time in which you’ve never touched my skin, you’ve never held my hand, you’ve never kissed my cheek. Truth to be told I’ll be oddly relieved when that time has come. I remember you touching me. I remember you still touching me although I said no, I remember you never once taking your hands off of me. I remember standing in the shower for hours and hours trying to scrub everything off. Your smell, your touch, your roughness, your lies, your words that have impregnated themselves on my sleeve, under my skin. I thought if maybe I could wash it all off I would be free. Free of every single word, free of every single memory I had left of you because I wanted to forget. So yes, I’ll be relieved when that time has come because I wish for nothing more than to finally live a life again which you have never been a part of.
—  please let that time come soon

anonymous asked:

I'm vampirekin and I miss my vampire life so much. Every time I close my eyes I can see my old mansion. I always hosted such amazing parties and the community knew I was a vampire too. They trusted me because I only took blood from those who consented and I was loved. Our community had many other vampires too. Now in this life I just feel lonely and have a feeling of emptiness like something bigger is waiting for me. I just wish I could find some more vampires in my area...


I check a post my brothers shared and there you are. And there’s her name, who I’m guessing you’re obviously with now seeing as, well yeah. Whatever. So naturally I creep you. First time I’ve looked at your page since the night in my car we said goodbye. And now I’m overwhelmed and I miss you and everything about you… And I think if I wasn’t the size I was would you have loved me more. It was your birthday yesterday and I only remembered because I had to write down the date, wish I didn’t. Wish I didn’t look at your page, sometimes I wish I never met you because you’re so fucking hard to forget. I hope one day you feel like this, I hope one day you crack and cry because you miss me. I hate that you still have this effect on me. I fucking hate it.

kidkytes asked:

Jade (season 1), Morgan McMichaels, Mariah, The Princess, Monica Beverly Hillz, Laganja Estranja and Max Malaphany (thought I'd throw one in from every season :D )

Jade: I actually really love her and I’m not sure why tbh, I really took to her in her season. However I think she was a tad sensitive with the whole tuck thing and I think she was wrong in the Rebecca situation, but she’s fierce ag

Morgan: She is one of my all time favourites (along with her drag mama) and she’s Scottish which makes me so proud! Her attitude is so perfect to me (and I can relate a lot tbh) and I love how she speaks her mind, she’s such a talented and amazing queen 

Mariah: I think she is one of the most underrated queens ever. Her looks where sickening, I think she was really talented and she was so sweet it was lovely! I wish we had seen so much more of her tbh 

The Princess: I think she was a bit too quiet/”zen” for the show, but I’m glad we got to see of her what we did and I think she’s really pretty out of drag tbh

MBH: She’s such a lovely/kind queen and I wish her the best! However I think she was a bit too timid for the show? Idk, she didn’t really perform well (however that might be put down to personal issues) but personally I love her and think she’s stunning!

Laganja: I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much I love Ganja! She’s such a lovely, kind perfect person and an amazing fucking dancer! Her drag is on point and I’m so sad she came across the way she did on the show (I’m aware that she tried to hard yeah, but I truly think people should look into what she’s like now!)

Max: As soon as I seen the meet the queens I knew I’d love her. Her aesthetic is everything to me and I think she’s such a humble, lovely person! It pains me that I got so close to meeting her and didn’t, but I wish her all the best and hope she comes back soon 

Thank you so much for all these questions you angel! ♥ (FUN FACT. I wrote all of these out and my laptop glitched and I had to do it all again smh) 

ask me my opinion on a RPDR queen!

anierous asked:

Top 10 Tumblr roleplayers.

well crap! 

Welp, in regards to personal experience.. I don’t even know 10 tumblr roleplayers that I’ve roleplayed with xD But if I had to rank them..

1. purpleshehulk (what haven’t we RPed? :D Oldest RP friend on tumblr, my guide, my shoulder to lean on, and the most tolerant, unbelievably patient, and kind-hearted sweethearts I have ever had the utmost pleasure to know )

2. guardofvariansbutt (crackshipping and awesome RP ideas galore! Also? ANGST! Furthermore, smut that dances the line between sexy and hilarious!)

3. blastflight (all the cutes! Cute RP, cute art, and the cutest orc ever to grace Azeroth and beyond!)

4. uselesswarlock (the ultimate corrupter, the most badass warlock, and the toughest person I know, who I only wish had more time to RP !)

5. wildewalzer (my German pen pal, and one of the oldest RP friends I have from tumblr, who I also wish I had more time to RP with! Sie sind am besten! ^.^)

6. phoenixtheseeker (a kind soul with boundless creativity, able to dance her way seamlessly through multiple different fandoms without even breaking step. I truly hope we get a chance to RP together, even if it’s not in a fandom that I am actively involved in! ^_^ )

7. dogslug (one of my favourite artists with such unique, inclusive, and fascinating characters that they could easily be described as “iconic”, who I desperately wish I had the courage to ask to RP with!)

8. rurukatt & isei-silva (I put you two together since you interact so often that I almost have trouble imagining the two of you apart! Some of the best artists, but even better roleplayers and headcanon worldcrafters for warcraft and especially the Draenei race in particular. Fantastic people with wisdom I have admired from a distance for years.)

9. solarine (a wonderfully creative writer who I have yet to have the pleasure of RPing with, but I hope that shall someday change!)

10. samiesan (a wonderful artist, a fellow Canadian, and a fellow lover of Draenei! We haven’t gotten to RP, but I really do hope we someday will!)