The season finale makes me wonder if the reason that Dean was able to come to terms with things that he wanted to himself (dreams of beach vacations and true relationships) was because he knew that what he had was terminal. That it started out with finding a light at the end of the tunnel, something for himself to fight for. And it started to come to fruition; the four remaining members of his family in the bunker and safe and happy. It gave him hope, it might actually happen despite his best efforts. So he started dreaming of sunny beaches.

Then Charlie died.
Then he beat Cas to a bloody pulp.
Then he damned a man instead of saving him.

And just like that there was nothing but darkness ahead. He had nothing to fight for, nothing to live for. So he welcomed death with offering of food that he would’ve made for his family in a happier time.


Donovan/Van; Agender (they/them)

For everyone knowing my real name, pls use Donovan/Van instead. It’s a name I had a long time ago and I feel very comfortable with it (I’m also fine with the url ‘ayatho’)

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You can rent a bike by the Santa Monica Pier and bike on the path along the beach all the way to Venice! It's beautiful there and there are little ice cream places along the way. I'm going to think of some more adventures and send them to you, so sorry if I'm annoying but I am quite excited that you're in LA


You guys sent in amazing LA suggestions and I only wish I had the time and transport and money to do them ALLLLLLLLL. But I have been trying to do as many of them as I can.

But seriously I biked all over this morning and then lay on the beach for a couple hours. I have missed the beach SO Incredibly mug.

Reasons Why (Gally Fluff)

Request Prompt: Could you write some Gally make out fluff like it’s just the reader and Gally somewhere and they start making out.

“That shucking shuckfaced klunkhead shank shuckface….” Try as I might, I couldn’t think of anything else to call him. Or at least anything strong enough. It was times like these that I wished I still remembered curses from my old life. There had to be more than only five insulting phrases to use.

Minho, who was sketching out the days run in quick, precise strokes looked up. “Need a hand there? You seem to be running out of things to call Gally.”

“That shank is lucky I’m not storming out there and killing him right now!” I continued furiously, ignoring Minho. “You came pretty close five minutes ago,” he observed.

Muttering under my breath, i pulled a piece of paper angrily from the spare pile and started slashing corridors and turns viciously on it. Behind me, Minho made a noise of mild alarm, but my mind was on Gally.

I had no idea what his problem was. Ever since a couple of months ago, it had seemed like Gally was out to make my life in the Glade miserable. And the worst part of it was that there was still a part of me that still found him attractive - just like it had when he’d pulled me from the Box four months ago.

“Shuck him!” I kicked the memory hard from my mind, as well as the Map Rooms centre table. A jolt of pain shot up my leg and Minho glanced up from the box he was tucking away.

“Shuck him? Like literally, or figuratively? Because -” He caught the look on my face and changed tack abruptly. “You know what? I think I’m going to grab dinner,” And with that, he slipped out of the Map Room, leaving me alone with my rag-filled thoughts.

Glancing down, I realised that the map id started had dissolved into a tangle of angry black lines. My pencil tip had snapped in two. With a sigh I grabbed a new one and a fresh piece of paper, but what I ended up writing wasn’t a map.

“Reasons why I hate Gally”

Charming title I know.

1. He’s constantly taking his shirt off. Ill be just going about the Glade, minding my own business when i pass Gally and he suddenly has to be halfway through the motion of sliding his shirt off. Slowly too, revealing his shucking muscles and shucking abs and shucking everything. And then for the rest of the day his upper body will be imprinted in my mind, flashing up unexpectedly at the worst of times. In the Maze, even. Does it look like i need the distraction when trying to remember which way to turn and when to write down the lefts and rights? I bet he doesn’t even know how many times I’ve nearly gotten lost because i was thinking about him, the shuckface.

2. Ill be talking to another boy, usually a Greenie, showing them around and stuff, when suddenly Gally will appear. Completely interrupting me in that brusque way of his, not letting me talk to anyone for more than five minutes. Cant i just carry a conversation without his shuck face intruding? And I feel like he warns them off me when I’m not there, because they usually don’t even bother to talk to me anymore. Whenever i try to make conversation they turn away with a worried look on their faces. Its because of Gally. I know it. Trying to make sure i wont have any friends. Except Minho, Newt and Alby, cause they’re the only people not willing to put up with Gally’s klunk.

3. Gally’s always in a really shuck mood whenever i go to start running the Maze. Not that he’s not always in a shuck mood, but you know, even more than usual. He’ll snap and grumble at me all throughout breakfast, knock my Runners back pack off the table and just be a real pain. What’s his problem? He’s completely fine with the other Runners, especially Ben, and its always me he seems to be bothered with. He has no right to act like that just because I’m the only girl. I deserve my position as a runner, I was chosen by the Keeper and -

“Y/N? Are you in there?” A very familiar voice said and from outside the door. id been so absorbed in my work, I hadn’t heard the boy approach. Before i could stuff the incriminating paper out of sigh, the door opened and Gally walked in.

“Gally!” I jumped to my feet, the paper still clutched in my hands. To my horror his eyes went right to where his name was clearly visible, scribbled multiple times all over the page. Gally smirked.

“Were you writing about me?”

“What? No I just -” Quicker than id thought possible the paper was tugged away from me and he was reading it over laughing. “So the image of me shirt less is imprinted in your mind huh?”

My cheeks flushed redder, “That’s not true!”

“Says right here,” he laughed.

Without another thought, I lunged for the paper again, succeeding in grabbing it, but the force knocked both of us backwards onto the map table. I landed on top of him, grabbing hold of his shirt automatically to keep from slipping over. I felt his hands come up on either side of my hips, steadying me.

We locked eyes. For once I stopped thinking about how much he annoyed me, instead focusing on incomprehensible things - like the way his touch was both gentle and firm, keeping me from falling, how his eyes were so much depthless up close and the way he smelled like cut grass and stone and pepper.

Before pulling away could cross my mind Gally was speaking, and quickly - like he was trying to get all the words out before i inevitably stopped him. “Do you know why i hate you going out into the Maze? Because I’m scared for you, scared for your life in ways ive never been scared for myself before! I cant focus on anything while you’re out running through those shucking walls and risking a life that you should have too. And I’m always there to warn the other boys off you because you don’t see the way they look at you. Like they want you, like your theirs, like they need you. You don’t hear the way they talk about you, the way they think they’re in love with you…..like I-I’m in love with you,” The last few words came out in a whisper.

I couldn’t help staring at him in shock. His eyes met mind, more vulnerable and fearful and nervous than id ever seen him before. The rise and fall of his chest was quick, heart pounding against mine so closely I couldn’t tell whose was beating faster - mine or his.

At last i found my voice, “You really feel that way?”

In the sincerest tone id ever heard him use, Gally whispered. “Since I pulled you from the Box.”

And then - I wasn’t sure how it happened - we were kissing. My mind went completely blank, memories and even my name forgotten, just like my first day in the Glade. All I could feel was Gally. My hands were still pressed into his shirt, and I felt his lips press tentatively against mine - almost as if he was asking my permission. The tenderness of that gesture only endeared me to him more. I leaned down closer to him in response, and then he was kissing me earnestly, arms around my waist, like it was all too good to be true. I wasn’t sure I completely believed it myself.

He pulled away and I rested my forehead on top of his. “You’re sure about this?” he asked softly, as my hair fell around us like a curtain. “You don’t - hate me?”

I shook my head. “Not since you pulled me out of the Box.”

He lit up with a dazzling grin, and I pressed my lips back to his with an answering smile.

Note: Hope the lovely Anon thinks this is enough - Paige
the bechloe tent scene..

the only time I’ve been that close to a girl and said anything along the lines of “I wish I’d experimented more” I was in love with the girl and had been trying to get her to realise I was talking about her whenever I said this for three years

just.. yeah

close up, “i wish I’d experimented more” scenes are usually a big hint

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I'm having so much anxiety about this tour. Like the red tour was so amazing I got to see her 3 times and each show had a special guest. It's so annoying she's not playing New York so I have to travel to a different state where she probably won't have a guest. I just wish she had more dates out here. And the whole loft 89 is so stressful. I remember being so sad when I didn't get picked for club red. I know it shouldn't be about that and I should just be happy that I get to see her. Bleh

well if ur going to metlife shell def have special guest don’t worry! yeah anon trust me i understand. u prob don’t wanna hear this from me since i’ve met her, but before i’ve ever met her i’ve had my concert experience ruined by just focusing on t-party or just meeting her. my 2nd fearless show i had floor tickets and i almost got to hug her and iw as like very strategic so i would be able to and she came over to hug me and the security guards stopped her and made her keep going and i legit just cried the rest of the night i was so so upset and it ruined what should’ve been an amazing experience. and then my 1st speak now show same thing i made a really creative light up poster and dressed up and this was before everyone would come with light up posters like there weren’t that many and during her 1st speech she pointed to my light up sign and said that she loved it so i was freaking out i thought for sure i was gonna get t-party i was gonna meet her and as the night went on all i did was wait and wonder and look around but nothing and i cried the whole ride home i was so, so upset. even my first red show i was a little bummed about not getting club red although at that point i had met her once very briefly. 

but my 2nd red show was in the pit, so i just told myself there was no way i was getting club red so i should just enjoy it. and honestly that was probably my favorite taylor concert [besides my first one] and not cuz i was in the pit [tho that was fucking awesome] but because i wasn’t focusing on wheres taylors mom wheres her management i need club red i need it like i didn’t even think about it i just focused on the show and i had such an incredible time it was really so wonderful it was such a magical night. and then i finally like really got to meet her at the secret session a year later. 

your time will come to meet taylor. it’s great to dress up and make signs for the show- but if u put all ur energy and thoughts into trying to get picked for loft 89 rather than actually enjoying yourself at the concert, you’ll really regret it. this goes to all my followers reading this- please enjoy the concert and have fun!!!! and hopefully if you’re  just enjoying the show and having fun that way, someone will notice u! :)

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I hope you feel better after coming out from the hospital! I have been following you for a long time, and I just love your artwork. I love how your drawings are super close to the art styles of each series! I love your Free and Lucky Dog artworks. I wish LD had a bigger fandom though....

Thank you so much! I am feeling a lot better~ no more dextrose, injections and ugh hospital food (veggies overload lol)! /shot

Also, even though this is late, thank you so much for following! I’m very happy you like my artworks. This means a lot to me! I will continue to do my best to share more stories and pictures in the future! 

I also agree with you 1000000%! Lucky Dog needs more love! Speaking of, I have a few LD artworks I haven’t posted online yet so I might post that sometime. Please look forward to them! ;u;)/

Today at 7:55 am I said my final goodbyes to my Father

My dad died today after fighting cancer for 3 years, I am so hurt by this, he was only 47. My family picked out his casket and flowers for him today, I am in so much pain. He loved me my brother and my sister all the same and I like i took my time with him for granted

I gotta be strong for my mother and siblings, I wish i had one more day with him

I thought I would love you forever. For my whole life, and titles and legalities and all of that didn’t seem to matter because you were a part of me. You were a passion I haven’t had since, and you were the part of me that wanted to wake up in the morning. And despite the fact that every day I realize how much more alive I am I still yearn to swim in your veins and I still think of the time you called me creepy because I said I wished I could live safe inside of you. But nothing is really safe and everything is temporary and nothing or no one on earth will ever convince me to believe in them or it or anything the way I believed in you. You thought it was weird when I asked which food you wanted to be inside of and you thought it was weird when I knew right away that I wanted to be inside of a marshmallow. Nothing about you was soft. And now I know nothing about you was safe. I loved you and perhaps I love you and perhaps there will not come a day that I don’t. I am growing distant from what I knew about myself and I am growing. And growth means that I am still alive, and I survived, and I still can’t tell if I am better or worse because of it.

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What do you think about joining an anime club in college? I know high school anime clubs have sort of a bad rep, and I never fit in with those at my school (aka they were a little too over the top for me) But I feel that in college it might be a good way to meet people with similar interests...

go for it! college clubs are (typically) a lot more organized and more mature than their high school equivalents, regardless of the topic. i wish i’d had time to join my school’s anime club, haha; i was in “japanese culture club” in high school and it was tons of fun so i’m sure at the college level it would’ve been even better.

so if you’re looking to meet new friends in college who are also into l’animu, then it’s the best place to start!

(plus if the club goes to cons you typically get a group badge discount. huzzah!)

Isabella Bennet who plays the character Rabbit in the band Steam Powered Giraffe. 

I’m as much of a fan of her as I am of the band itself (although as you may guess, Rabbit is indeed my favourite character). When I saw her latest vblog I just wanted to draw this. At first I was hoping that if she finds it, it may cheer her up a bit. Then I realised that maybe she finds it uncomfortable that a complete stranger draws her and not just the character she plays. But I decided to finish the picture thinking that if she does find it and express that it’s uncomfortable then I’ll remove it right away! But hopefully it fills its purpose of being at least a little bit uplifting.

Although being sad is a part of life, you never want the people you look up to to be sad.

I wish I had more time for this so I could make a clean lineart and everything but I just got to get back to work now. I will however do my best to get some high quality fan art of Rabbit made as soon as I can, I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time now!

The Fate We Make (A Conor Dwyer Fanfiction) Chapter 16

Hello everyone! :D

Here is the latest chapter. Thank you for being so patient and understand when I was in Charlotte. I’m back now and school is done for the summer; so hopefully I’ll have some more free time to get a bunch of things typed up for you. :) Please let me know what you think! Love you all.

Gif not mine.

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“I always wanted kids, but my wife never thought it was the right time. She’s an accountant at a major investment bank. She was the only woman in her position, so she thought if she took time off, she’d fall behind everyone else. She always said: ‘We’ll have kids later.’ Now she’s an account manager, and her job is more secure, but she’s 46 and I think it’s probably too late. A few days ago we were eating breakfast, and a cartoon came on the television, and she said: ‘I wish we’d had a child.’ Then we started talking about adoption a little bit. She seemed unsure, but I’m up for it if she is. Maybe this was God’s way of steering us toward a less fortunate child.”


Exploring New Orleans

I’d been once before – a trip which really doesn’t count because it was only a 2 hour stop for po’boys while on a road trip with my family some years ago. Though my time there was brief, I was left charmed; by‪ ‎NOLA‬’s electric spirit, soulful jazz musicians passionately playing for little to no audiences in the French Quarter, and wishing I had more time to explore what appeared to be a beautifully haunted city. With my birthday on the horizon I decided there was no better time than the present to head back and fully experience the Big Easy. Because really, who needs cupcakes when you can have beignets and Bourbon instead? So just like that, I returned. Arriving back in New Orleans with the sole purpose to eat my weight in oysters, crawfish, and all things Cajun. read more