This part of the house is my favorite, I wish I could play with shadows on!

- I changed the pavement here, too. Then I added the pergola (trellis / whatever you call it) like in the back patio, but I couldn’t find a way to add the trim to some parts of it I think it has something to do with he room system, which is a bit wonky, but I’ll try to fix it later.
- I bought them a pool! I’ve lost count of how many times I cancelled the ‘buy a 1x1 pool" whim. Now it’s gone for good, ha!
- I also bought a few more shrubs and flowers, I’m not good at landscaping but I tried, and finished the outdoor seating area with a bonfire plus one of the cheapest loveseats. Better have a bigger pool than a comfy couch, huh?
- I tried to do something creative to enclose the trees and I failed miserably xD

And last but not least, I bought that fishy fountain ‘cause it’s so darn cute!

thatinsanefanficauthor  asked:

I've read some theories that say that Rhaegar was perhaps planning, or would have planned, an eventual coup against his father. It's been a while since I read it, so I can't remember it very clearly, but it had something to do with his currying favor and making friends in the West. My real question is, do you think he could have convinced the Stark/Tully/Arryn bloc to join him, perhaps through his cousinhood to Robert, or did the rebellion hinge too much on Lyanna for this to be viable?

Well, he does tell Jaime that a council will be called and changes will be made before he died at the Trident, so guessing that he wished to depose his father is a very safe bet. There’s a very common theory that Rhaegar was the shadow backer of the Tournament at Harrenhal, but any hopes he had to court the Southron Ambitions bloc were dashed by his actions. Worse still, his emergence from Dorne to fight for the Targaryen side amounted to a tacit approval of Aerys’s actions. By declaring for his father, Rhaegar was stating to the rebels that nothing that had happened was wrong. He was free to abduct Lyanna, and that Aerys was right to murder Rickard, Brandon, and all the other nobles and order the deaths of Robert and Eddard. Now, we can see clearly from his talk with Jaime that at least some of that is not the case, but the responsibility was on him to communicate that idea.

I believe that Rhaegar believed that he could win the others to his cause, but I also believe that Rhaegar had no chance of actually doing it.

Thanks for the question, Insane Author.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


Maybe Babies PT1

I finally stopped being lazy long enough to upload Snow Drop’s maybe-babies. At least… the first half of them, that is. Anyway, they’re ready for you to adopt, they’re CC free (except for their skin and sliders, you can find the skin tones I use on my resources page), and are dressed in base game clothing and hair.

TOU? Uhh… Don’t change their genetics, don’t claim credit, don’t reupload. Otherwise do as you wish. ‘Kay thanks.

Also, as a side note, the babies are named after their fathers, with added “NOCC” so I could differentiate files. Feel free to change that.

Nectarine Bliss and Cobalt (MBs of Snow Drop and Peach Cobbler by @dustofsims)

Cotton Candy and Bubblegum (MBs of Snow Drop and Conch Blush by @thatgirlwithsims)

Bluebonnet Berry and Blackberry (MBs of Snow Drop and Plum Grape by scentedfirechild)

Opal Sapphire and Tanzanite (MBs of Snow Drop and Midnight Moss Pistachio by @loralie0512)

"He loves her, if you can't tell"// "Oh, Hi Luke" Pt.3

When she entered the room, she changed into a slouchy sweater and a pair of leggings paired with her favorite fuzzy socks.
Instead of turning on a movie, she sat on Luke’s bed and listened as they played from the living room.
“I remember the day you told me you were leaving
I remember the make-up running down your face
And the dreams you left behind you didn’t need them
Like every single wish we ever made
I wish that I could wake up with amnesia
And forget about the stupid little things
Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
And the memories I never can escape”
Luke’s voice entranced her, as it always had. She listened carefully as they would play a short burst of the song, then stop to talk, then start again.
After a while, she lifted herself up from the bed and crept through the living room, hoping not to disturb them.
When she got into the kitchen, she fixed herself a cup of the coffee she had brewed before she left in the morning, mixing in her favorite creamer.
As she entered the living room again, she found that they were talking through some things involving the song.
“You guys sound great.” She spoke gently, not wanting to ruin their creative process.
The four of them turned to smile at her.
“You can come listen if you want.” Luke offered, seeming to be in a better mood than when she returned.
He smiled to her and she took the invitation, placing herself in the seat next to him.
They continued the song, and she listened with her eyes closed as they finally managed to get through the song without stopping.
“Wow, that was really good,” She complimented “a little sad, though.”
“They can’t all be happy.” Michael responded, setting his guitar down beside him.
She was looking towards Michael, but shifted her attention to Luke as she heard him chuckle.
He was looking down at her feet and the fuzzy socks that clung to them.
“What?” She asked, causing him to look up at her.
“Nothing,” he laughed.
“Liar, what is it?”
“I was, uh, just thinking of the,uh, the time in the kitchen, with your socks.”
She began to laugh with him, “Shut up, that was your fault.”
They laughed together for a few minutes, the others in the room watching them.
“She,” Luke paused to laugh again, “she was wearing socks like those, and I called for her to come get the food I brought home and she ran into the room, but slid on the tile and busted her ass on the floor. But not before trying to grab the fridge for support, and having the door swing open and make her fall a lot harder than she would’ve if she’d just grabbed the counter, or me for that matter, instead.”
“Shut up, you didn’t warn me the floor was slippery.” She whined between laughs.
“You were wearing fuzzy socks, duh the tile would be slippery!”
The three boys watched them without saying anything for a few more minutes, to let them enjoy reminiscing.
“Anyway,” she was starting to finish laughing now, “what do you guys want for dinner?”
“You gotta make your noodles. I’ve missed your noodles.” Calum suggested.
“Okay, I’ll go out and get the stuff I need for them.” She grinned, getting up and slipping a pair of boots on.
“I’ll come with you.” Michael offered, standing up and heading towards the door after her.
The drive to the grocery store was easy, she’d done it a thousand times before.
“So, your boyfriend seems nice.” Michael began.
“Yeah, he’s a good guy. I wish you could’ve gotten to meet him though.”
“You guys put on a good little show from the window.” He laughed as he grabbed a jar of sauce.
“Oh, you saw that?” Her face flushed.
“We all did.”
“Oh.” She wasn’t sure what to say, “even Luke?”
“Yeah.” Michael answered.
She couldn’t help but wonder if that was what had him in such a sour mood before.
“We’re back!” She shouted into the apartment, carrying one of the three bags while Michael carried the other two.
She headed straight into the kitchen to cook dinner, and was soon joined by the four boys.
They stood around the island, helping her get everything laid out and ready for her.
As she walked towards the fridge, her fuzzy socks betrayed her yet again and she slipped on the smooth tile.
A squeal escaped her lips as she lost her footing.
“Caught you this time.” Luke spoke as she landed on him, one of his arms around her lower back, the other supporting one of her arms.
She let out a heavy breath and let him help her up, “Thanks.”
The room was quiet for a moment as his hand lingered on her waist for a second longer than necessary. She couldn’t help but notice.
“Watch your step.” Luke teased as she carefully made her way back towards the island.
She stuck her tongue out at him and continued to make dinner.
When she finished, she let the four of them serve themselves, before making a bowl of the noodles for herself.
“Holy fuck, this is so good.” Michael complimented.
“Thanks” she smiled.
“Yeah, it’s really great.” Ashton added.
“Thank you.” She smiled, finishing her bowl.
“I’m gonna go take a bath, and then do you guys want to watch a movie?”
They all nodded, their mouths full of food.
“Nice catch in the kitchen earlier.” Ashton commented as they finished.
“Oh, thanks.” Luke responded.
“He loves her, if you can’t tell.” Calum added.
“How could I not? There’s nothing not to love about her.”
The question no one wanted to ask hung in the air around them, until finally Calum brought it up, knowing the most about it.
“So, then why’d you cheat on her?”
They all sat silent and stiff, hoping the question wouldn’t cause conflict.
Luke wanted to be defensive, but knew he had no right, so instead he ran a hand through his hair.
“I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what happened. I was at the bar and then Alicia started talking to me, I told her I had a girlfriend and she said it was fine, that she wasn’t looking for anything like that, just someone to have a drink with. I knew it didn’t feel right but I said okay, and next thing I know she’s pressed up against me and I didn’t stop her from kissing me and then..well, you know.”
“That’s fucked up dude.” Michael mumbled.
“I know. She walked in and saw it and dumped me as she was leaving and after that I never saw her until yesterday. She wouldn’t even talk to me, and she came to get her things when I was gone. I came home one day and the place was half empty and her keys were on the table. I fucked up so bad.”
Luke became frustrated with himself all over agin, reimagining the gruesome events he caused. He remembered her face, the black streaks from her mascara, the way her shoulders slumped in the doorway. He remembered calling her and texting her constantly, so desperate as to even steal Calums phone to text her, but of course she never answered, he remembered staying in bed for months afterward, unable to move. He remembered the way his heart shattered when he came home to find everything gone. He remembered everything.

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I remember when I went vegan I missed my period for an entire month. My mom was really freaked out because she thought I was pregnant but idk. It could def be because of stress, but for me in particular I think it was because of my 'major' diet change because I had went vegan at that time

mine’s always been irregular. it’s only starting to regularize now. I used to have it 5 times a year or less, and now i have it two or three months in a row exactly the same day, then it stops for two, then it comes back again.. but i definitely have my period more this year. I already had it in Jan, Feb, then april, june, august 8th and now I have it again. it’s only been 2 weeks… guessing my other ovary decided to ovulate too and that’s why I’m mestruating?

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your art is so beautiful! also, do you mind telling me where i can get the brush that you used in your most recent post?

Thanks so much, anon! I wish I could give you the brush, but it’s a modded version of a brush that I got from a friend who has asked me not to give it out. However, I made a post about how to recreate it here

What I changed for this recent brush was I added a nice paper texture to it, and messed around with the depth and depth min values near the bottom of the texture context menu.


I can’t listen to Gambino anymore. You made so many promises and broke all of them. Even after I tried to make peace, and let you know I’d finally forgiven you. Guess I didn’t forgive you fast enough.

You’re gone now, and even though I wish you weren’t, it doesn’t change the fact that you were manipulative, practically emotionally abusive the whole time we talked. I was in a new state on the opposite side of the country, over 2000 miles away from everything I’d ever known, fresh out of the worst breakup of my life, and all you could think about was “convincing” me to be your girlfriend. I didn’t need a boyfriend. I needed a friend. And at first you were wonderful at that. We became inseparable. You were my rock. But then you wanted more and I wasn’t ready. But that wasn’t good enough for you, so you left. Came back only to make me feel guilty about not ever agreeing to be your girlfriend.

And so one day I finally snapped. I told you how I felt and how angry and upset I was that being my friend wasn’t good enough for you. And instead of trying to repair the friendship we once had, you gave up and walked away.

I’m sorry for the way things turned out. But I’ll never be sorry for how I felt.

Your musical soulmate.


Sometimes I wish that I could change
But not for me, for you
So we could be together, forever
But I know, I know that I won’t change for you
Cause where were you for me
When I needed someone?
When I needed someone?
When I needed you?
When I needed you?

Ariel’s Journey started with a dream but after all the change was the dream truly worth everything she went through only time will tell… “when’s it my turn wouldn’t I love to expore the shores up above… Wish I could be, Part of your world”
Costumes and wig: @ariel1312
Photos and editing: owned by Panda Inc

#mermaid #disneyprincess #disney #fin #saildressariel #saildress #daddysgirl #peasant #corset #wigs #redhead #beach #ocean #water #projectmermaids #play #sewing #handmade #cosplay #pandainc (at Erie, Pennsylvania)

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Interesting comment in light of recent “plastic” comments, from the ever lovely Natsumi You about creativity and experimenting in younger performers at zuka - “The era is changing, so I think it’s reasonable that Takarazuka can’t stay as it always was. In Star Troupe the underclassmen are conservative. That’s why I’m so happy to see you do amusing things — the kinds of things that make me wish I were ten years younger so that I could give them a try. Myself, right now I have a position of responsibility in the troupe, so I can’t use up my time being free and uninhibited. That’s why I want to tell the underclassmen to try odd things to the point of being scolded; try all kinds of things. I feel that you’re an example of that kind of underclassman.” GRAPH July 1997

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Even if she couldn't see him, she could at least hear him. She shrugged him off with a grimace. "Yeah, yeah, tell that to all of those wish-aways asking you all those sexual questions." Unable to suppress a grin, she threw one in his general direction before, before making her way down the darkened corridor once more. //Is that considered breaking the fourth wall? Because I see what she did there lol

“I heard that… Vixen”

Smirking mischievously, he continued strutting along the wall before changing back to take flight to another.

Dear boy with the puzzles,

You and your stupid smile have me all sorts of messed up. I can’t even bring myself to talk to you. Maybe that’s why I still hang around J; he’s easy to talk to.
But that doesn’t change the fact that you changed the way I lived my life. I go to church sometimes just to see if you’re there, which you usually are. The love in your face while you sit there is so beautiful. I wish I could tell you.
Please acknowledge me. You really are puzzle boy, except I can’t count the pieces that make you up. There is no box that shows me how to do this, no directions. I’m dying over here.
~the girl who loses puzzle pieces


I agree, Kurt, and I wish you guys could major in whatever you wanted.

Thank you, Ryder. While I will defend that NYADA has a lot of things its done right, there are also plenty of things that can be fixed, and those things need to be changed. One step at a time, I guess. The sponsor thing is still an improvement from when I was here before.

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Hey :) I wish I could sing ugh I really like music but I hate my voice. I wish I could sing or change voice... It makes me so sad and I don't know what to do.. I can't just change voice one day?? Btw can you sing Ren?

Ugh. I both hate this question yet also find it interesting. See, the thing is I can sing, I just choose not to. I have an extremely weird aversion to singing.

When I was younger my mom used to sing to me in silly ways to annoy me. Even when I would ask her to stop, she would only sing louder and more obnoxious. It got to the point that even if she was singing normally, I would leave the room. And this response generalized to other people. The first time I moved out, several of my roommates liked to sing. And every time they did, especially without music, I would be get extremely annoyed and tell them to stop. It became almost an unspoken rule not to sing if I was in the house.

I myself never sing around anybody. I will only sing in the car or if I know for sure that absolutely no one is home.

My anti-singing campaign sort of came to a halt when one of my roommates came to me and expressed how upset it made her that she couldn’t sing in the house. She explained that she thought my aversion to singing was unhealthy and that really it stemmed from problems with my mom. She explained very kindly that she and the rest of my roommates were not my mom. And that they were not trying to purposely make me angry by singing and that they we’re not doing it to torment me. I agreed to work on my issues. So I told them that they could sing in the house, but if they sang I would just leave the room. And eventually it got to the point where I could even stand to be in the same room as someone if they were singing. It would still annoy me, but I did the mature thing and held my tongue and attempted to calm my own negative emotions.

As of right now, I’m OK with people singing in front of me (though occasionally I have an issue but I deal with it. Lol) I still will not sing in front of anybody else. I think partially because I believe that I never wanted to hear my mom sing, and so therefore no one will want to hear me sing. I do it out of a courtesy more so than shame.

Sorry for that long explanation. I guess that’s one very mild example of how my borderline mother has affected me. How something so innocent can be taken and twisted into something horrible. But silver lining is that I’m stronger than that. And I have the determination to overcome my weaknesses and learn to be a better person.

~ Bet you weren’t expecting all that were you?

i wish i could rewrite our story because i hate the way things turned out. i want to write in the margins and rip out all of the sad pages. but more than anything i want to change our ending. so maybe, just maybe, we wouldn’t have ended up like this.
—  you will always be my favorite book to re read

Some nights I want to apologize even though I have done nothing wrong. I want to take back actions I have no committed and words I never spoke.
Some nights I want to bring myself to forgive even though I do not have to. Even though I simply should not.
I want to say that this is only some nights, some nights that I am filled with doubt of self and others. However, in all honesty, it is most nights that I feel my heart in my throat and storms in my head while I wish that I could cease to exist. That I wish I could take it all back and avoid that first glance, or change plans altogether, or maybe just maybe make the same choices.
While I drown in my thoughts and the tide begs me to join it, I find myself anchored by myself. I am holding myself down and there is no moving forward, there is no getting out, there is no other way.


One of the details about The Little Mermaid that usually goes unnoticed is how Ariel’s perspective about being in the world above changes after rescuing Eric. 

In the first gif she sings: “wish I could be part of that world” means that she dreams above being in a world that she doesn’t have much information above, but wish to explores it anyway. 

Meanwhile in the second gif she changes to: “someday I’ll be part of your world!”. Now Ariel is more determinated to make her wish come true knowing that Eric belongs to the world that she always wanted to be part of. She doesn’t “give up on her dream for a man” like many people believe, instead she realizes that both dreams became one in that instant.