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hey, just want to say that I'm really happy that you exist! You're a really cool person and I appreciate all that you do as is. Please don't feel pressured to do anything and everything people ask you to do, your mental health and general personal life are much more important, so stay safe~~ :D

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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Scenario: A and B end up homeless (don’t ask) get in a fight and B angrily walks away and wants nothing to do with A. Later B, realizes he needs to be with A so they can survive and stuff. (Also note this is before A and B are together or before they even have feelings for each other). I have trouble of thinking of specific reasons why B would come back to A and how he would even find A (because it’s a large city (Seoul, Korea) and they don’t have phone).

To be honest, I really can’t think up a way to make that work. I asked a few other writer friends, and they don’t seem to have ideas either. Perhaps if B knows places that A frequents or lives he could wait there for A? As for why he would go back to A, that would all depend on personality and the plot itself, so I’m afraid I can’t really help with that either.

as much as i hate admitting it to myself, i still do type your username on the search bar. i still remember your birthday and the way your blue eyes shine when you smile. i still wait for a someday where maybe we’ll cross paths again but deep down, i know someday doesn’t have a date. i still lay on the floor, listen to your song and feel my tears filter through the cracks of my broken heart. no one told me getting over someone would be so damn hard, if only you would’ve come with a warning sign…
—  i long for the day i won’t see you in my dreams anymore.

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