If you haven’t watched the short film Shelter for Porter Robinson’s new song please do yourself a favour and watch it i m m e d i a t e l y. It’s gorgeous!

anyways, the Father reminds me so much of Arata and now I can’t get a Kirishima AU out of my head. Arata building the spaceship for Touka and Ayato, sending them off into orbit to protect them from the dying Earth, promising that they would never be alone as long as they have each other. Touka and Ayato growing up together in the virtual reality world. As they grow older they get their memories back. Touka cherishes the world their Father created for them and wants to live peacefully each day with Ayato, upholding Arata’s memory. Ayato wants to break free and destroy it, tired of living a lie inside the virtual world. Eventually Ayato leaves their room, taking the tablet with him to try and find a way out. Touka is left alone, watching through the glass windows as the landscape outside changes to desolation and ruin to match Ayato’s turmoil.


My drawing for Inktober day 24

I started off drawing a sentry bot, and when I was done I forgot about old Ironsides! So then I drew him too and included him for this post. Man did I really love that quest.

I just want to hold his hands and sing to him and wear his jean jacket and go to movies with him and go on walks with him and have him kiss my cheek and have him hold me when I’m freaking out and cuddle with him and watch him acting and write poetry about our love and I want him to draw me things and write love notes to me and I want to write love notes to him and I wanna sleep with him (like actually sleep), and spoon with him and have him play with my hair and touch my butt and I wanna stradle him when we make out and I want to watch cartoons with him and skype with him past midnight and I want us to send things that remind us of each other to each other and I want him to make me mixtapes and I want to go on late night adventures with him and I want him to hold me when I’m cold and take cute candid photos of me when I’m not paying attention and sing to me EVEN if he’s a shit singer and I want to tell him about my life and I wanna hear about his and have deep meaningful conversations and have silly ones where I laugh the entire time. I really want him. 

…im kinda lonely

Wendy Halloween update quotes.

Back again, this time with Wendys quotes!

again, trinkets first!

  • White/Black Rooks: “A horse! A horse! My castle for a horse!”
  • Black/White Knights: “I’d rather have the castle…”
  • Cubic Zirconia Ball: “When i gaze into the ball i see… nothing. Apropos”
  • Spider Ring: “It’s very fetching”
  • Monkey Paw: “Perhaps a curse could end out suffering”
  • Empty Elixir: “Neither half empty, nor half full”
  • Faux Fangs: “Now Webber and i can match”
  • Broken Stake: “Drive it through my heart and be done”

and now the candy! :)

  • Candy Apple: “Oh… it’s… g-good.”
  • Candy Corn: “The most delicious lie.”
  • Not-so-candy Corn: “Sigh. At least it’s honest.”
  • Gummy Spider: “Don’t worry, Webber, it’s just candy”
  • Catcoon Candy: “Nine lives are not enough to save you from my hungry maw.”
  • ”Raisins”: “Lumps of bitter sorrow”
  • Raisins: “Life is a swirling abyss of suffering and disappointment”
  • Ghost Pop/Tentacle Lolli: “This is… fun…”
  • Jelly Worm: “As perplexing as it is delicious.”
  • Choco Pigs: “You have to bite their heads off first… heehee…”
  • Candy bag: “It’s for putting nice things in…”

that’s it, have an eerie Halloween everyone!


I tried to redraw my idea of a college Kurapika and this happened

(he loves birds he just doesn’t know what to do with so many)

when youtubers say that they look good, there’s always that one person who comments ‘wow you’re so selfish’ or something like that and

can we just stop? can you let people love something about themselves? 

it’s actually really refreshing seeing someone genuinely confident in their appearance because children are raised to believe that they shouldn’t be selfish etc. and society tells you that you shouldn’t think you are great when you really should because you are !!