Okay lets get this straight people...

You want to express your disappointment in a chapter? That’s okay…

You dislike so and so ship happening? That’s okay too…

No one is forced to like the direction a story is going, and of course no one is forced to like a ship happening that’s not their own, i know that cause i have been there too.

Let me tell you this, i would have honestly been upset if touken didn’t happen, just like how the hidekane shippers felt disappointed and sad, i would have vented my frustrations as well, its normal to be upset that something we wished to happen didn’t happen, no one can stop you from venting your emotions… 

See this is the thing, everyone is allowed to express their displeasure at something BUT WHEN YOU EXPRESS IT LIKE THIS 


To go as far as to ask someone to kill themselves? For one do you have any shred of humanity in you to ask someone to commit suicide? Over a freaking ship? Do you think the world revolves around your personal wants? Let me spell this to the so called FANS, Tokyo Ghoul is NOT YOUR STORY, it is Ishida suis story, he has the absolute freedom to take his story in any direction he wants, he is not freaking entitled to respond to your whining, especially when it comes to a goddamn harmless FICTIONAL ship! 

I have seen many toxic shipping fandoms but i never expected this toxicity to reach Tokyo ghoul of all things! What bought us all together in the first place, the freaking ships? Heck no it was the story! Ishidas story. He made us intrigued and wait in suspense in whats to come next, he made us love his fictional characters that we as real people can even relate to, he made us emotional for these characters fates, and lets not forget his passion to showing us his flawless,evolving,gorgeous art, and his efforts to learn English so he can communicate with his international fans… he never stopped giving his best to us and now you ungrateful jerks suddenly want to forget EVERYTHING from what Ishida and Tg gave us…  

Its at days like these that i wish manga creators wouldn’t have twitters or any other form of social media where they might witness what these horrible fans… excuse me i meant ASSHOLES send death threats over a ship… I am just frustrated and disappointed with the ugly side of the fandom…

JWRHRQGQEGEGAFHSFGSFH U GUYS FCKKKK - I GAVE JIMIN A FINGER HEART AT SOUNDCHECK AND HE GOT ALL SHY N FLUFFY!!!!!!!! 💝💝💝 AHHHHhHHhHhHhHhhHhhhHHHHhhh i just love him so much, I can’t believe the luck™ i had today for fan service 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


yoonbum+abuse based on this text (killing stalking chapter 25) 

il avait l'âme fataliste. quelques dépendances comme preuve d'existences, il se perdait dans d'autre vie pour combler ses propres vides. la violence comme amante, déposant des hématomes sur chaque rebord de sa peau. l'échec comme masque, la solitude en guise de miroir, il voulait échapper, à toutes ces ignominies, toutes ces tragédies fictives, car il était le seul à y perdre la vie, l'allure pathétique, le sourire brisé. il avait l'âme égaré.

letshaveskeletonsoffun  asked:

Art request- You taking Rust to the beach so he can be happy

i hope a sketch is okay bc i’m a lazy ass

idk about any of you guys, but all the beaches i went to in spain had these wooden plank pathway kinda things that went a little way onto the beach - if rust is in a wheelchair i guess he’d only be able to go as far as the end of the path before he needs to be carried. which i will gladly do

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hi hi, I hope It's alright to bring your art? Wanted to ask what piece you're most proud of!

Hello! What do you mean by… “bring my art”? 

AND UHHHHHHHHHHHH piece I’m most proud of…? Probably this one maybe:

the fashion runs in my family