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Top 5 character developments?

1. VICTOR. honestly at the beginning i didn’t really like him because he was kind of arrogant and a little mean to Yuuri, but then he became president of the Yuuri Katsuki Fan Club which is relatable

2. Yuuri!!! It meant so much to me to see him overcome his anxiety. and he unlocked his hidden Eros too….. I Love My Gay Son

3. JJ….. i tend to like confident characters so I didn’t really mind JJ from the start, but I knew he still had to be knocked down a peg. He showed how strong he is even through failure and i love him so much 🙏🏼

4. Yurio. He went from being an annoying little brat to a bearable little brat…. i hope he continues to get softer haha i love to see him smile!!

5. Sara/Mickey. That whole story about them having to separate made me tear up lol…. I’m glad they Sara realized they’re better apart. mickey still needs a lil help


Jin’s only graduation wish? For BTS to continue to succeed.  

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A bit of a rare crackpair (one that many seem to like tho it seems) but BradyElise C1 pls.

Such a cute pair!! They could help people and play their violins together! Waht do you think? Maybe Odin, Laslow or Selena could introduce them :3c

here is the meme thingy this is from!~~

Last night I dreamt I was living with my family on a tiny planet, kind of like the one on the last Rick and Morty episode. Like, you go for a walk and can easily cross the entire globe. I wasn’t myself in the dream–which happens about half the time, for me–I was a black guy, and I was mostly hanging out with some other black guy who was my brother. From what I recall, we’d all been on this planet long enough to make some buildings, but not long enough that we didn’t remember having come here in the first place. Our uncle was having a grand old time pretending to be the ruler of one of the tiny-planet continents, and our parents were around somewhere. But the dream was mostly my brother teaching me which birds laid the most delicious eggs, which we were making into an omelette. It was really peaceful, and we were all glad we’d left earth.

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is genderbent cosplay transphobic?

i mean….i’m not trans myself so i don’t really have the knowledge to give my best answer to this (if any trans followers are willing to give opinions through anon or replies please do) but i think it’s the same kind of concept? it is a little more convoluted though bc you’re expressing through your body, not fabricating one but…..genderbending as a concept is inherently transphobic, which translates to cosplay as well. especially since you see the same themes of long hair, outfit changes, ext. in cosplay as you would in a concept on paper. 


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻