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Hi I wanted to ask if you could and a first I love you thingy for solangelo o hope you have a good day

Hey, anon! Thanks for the prompt xD This helped cure my writer’s block so yay! xD Hope you like it. 

Nico lay on the hill top, staring up at the stars embedded in the moonless sky. All around him, campers were chattering and giggling softy, but Nico barely noticed. He lay there with his head resting in his boyfriend’s lap, while Will played with his hair in comfortable silence, and wished that the moment would never end. He wished his life could be this normal all the time – no threats of monster attacks, no looming dread of any new prophecy dictating their fate. With a content sigh, Nico shifted in Will’s lap, his eyes already drooping from the tranquility in the air.

“Hey, Nico. Get up, will you? I can’t feel my legs,” Will said, pushing Nico’s head off of him.

Nico groaned and sat up slowly to keep his head from spinning. “You could have asked nicely, Solace.”

Will grinned impishly and lay down next to Nico, folding his arm under his head. Nico shook his head with a smile and laid back down on his side, resting a hand on Will’s chest. Will wrapped his free arm around Nico and pulled him closer, pressing a kiss on the boy’s forehead. Nico snuggled closer, resting his head on Will’s shoulder. Neither of them had expected Nico to be such a cuddler, being the bad ass, not taking any bullshit son of Hades. But he was and Will wasn’t complaining.

Will turned his head to look at Nico. “Can you tell me the story about Perseus and Andromeda again?”

Nico rolled his eyes and slapped Will’s chest playfully. “I’ve told it to you a hundred times. I’m surprised you don’t know it word to word yet.”

Will laughed and shrugged. “I like it when you tell it.”

Nico smiled and kissed Will’s cheek. “Sap.” He raised his head a little and looked at Will. He couldn’t make out much in the darkness but Will’s blue eyes were shining as brightly as ever. Nico reached over and traced his thumb over Will’s cheekbone, tracing the soft edges of his face. It was common knowledge that Will was the pudgier of the two but Nico loved it.

Will stared up at him, raising an eyebrow in amusement. “See something you like, Death Boy?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Nico smiled, raising his hand to run his hands through Will’s messy locks. “I love you, you know.”

Will grinned, his eyes brightening even more. “That’s the first time you’ve said that.”

Nico shrugged. “Well, I do.” He tilted Will’s head and met his lips in a soft kiss.

Will hummed contentedly and pulled Nico on top of him, resting his forehead against Nico’s. “I love you, too,” he said, staring at Nico fondly before pushing him off.

Nico yelped in surprise as Will cuddled up to him this time, resting his head on Nico’s chest, wrapping his arms around his waist. “Now, how about that story?”

“Solace. You’re impossible.”

“But you still love me.”



#114 Shawn Mendes – Missing you like crazy

You are talking to Shawn on the phone, when he lets out a groan. “What’s wrong?” You ask your boyfriend.

“I miss you so much, (Y/N).” He says and you hear him fall into his bed.

“Aww, I miss you too.” You smile and continue to walk.

“I wish you could be here.” Shawn says and you bite your lip to not laugh. What Shawn doesn’t know is that you’re currently on your way to his hotel. This morning, you got into a plane and flew over to him. Now you’re pulling your mini suitcase behind you as you approach his hotel. “I want to cuddle you, hold you in my arms, kiss you and just see your beautiful face again, princess.” He says and your heart warms up. You get into the hotel and walk over to the elevator. His tour manager told you yesterday in which room he is, so that you wouldn’t have to ask him

“Soon.” You say as you get into the elevator

“Not soon enough.” Shawn mumbles and you laugh quietly. “That’s not funny.” He says and you can’t help it but laugh louder as you get out of the elevator again.

“Soon.” You say again and walk over to his door. “Sooner than you think.” You knock on his door and Shawn lets a groan out.

“I’ll be right back.” He says and leaves the phone on his bed. It takes a few seconds until Shawn opens the door. His eyes widen instantly and his jaw drops to the floor. “(Y/N)!” He shouts and pulls your into a hug.

“Hi.” You say and start to giggle as he hugs you tightly.

“I was missing you like crazy.” Shawn says and leads you into his room.

“I know.” You smile at him.

“I love you so much.” Shawn smirks and suddenly picks you up. He carries you over to the bed and places you down before he climbs over you and lays down beside you. You still wear your jacket, but Shawn doesn’t care and wraps his arms around you. “I love you so much.” He repeats and holds you tighter in his arms. You laugh and roll onto your back.

“I love you too.” You smile and he leans back to kiss you passionately.

“So much.” Shawn says and takes your hands. He kisses both your hands and then your temple before he wrapping his arms back around you and kissing your head.

“Can I take off my jacket?” You ask after few minutes of cuddling. “It’s really hot.”

“Sorry.” Shawn says and lets you sit up. As soon as your jacket is off and your shoes are on the floor, Shawn puts his arms back around you again and pulls you down. You lay on your side, facing him and kiss his chin.

“I could hold you forever.” Shawn says and kisses your forehead.

“Please do.” You smile and put your arm around him. You and Shawn cuddle and he gives you a kiss on your forehead from time to time as you tell him about your journey to him.

“You should surprise me more often.” Shawn says at the end and kisses you nose.

“You should cuddle me more often.” You say and attach your lips to his.

“Trust me, I’m trying.” He says before your lips touch his and you kiss.


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you have a boyfriend (or gf or gender neutral lover, just to make sure lol)? or are you on a date? I wish you a happy valentines day!

I have a boyfriend ^^! Thank you, we had a great time!!! He has a late flight to France today tho so I dropped him off but Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Anonymous said: what psd do you use for your gifs?

I use my own settings!

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lmao he’s only a cute little floof in my eye

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Lake Catherine State Park was the highlight of Max’s trip. I wish I had video. His face totally lit up. He pranced around. He ran. He dug at sand. He tossed sticks in the air. He woo woo’d at people. He woo’d his heart out. My boyfriend commented on how big my smile was. I love to see my dogs happy.

I spend half my life waiting for someone to call me out on my life’s story and my family’s stories because all I’m gonna be able to say is “yeah that’s fair, I wouldn’t believe me either.”

I mean. It’s just. Too much ridiculous shit happens and this is why I struggle with my bullshit detector. You would too if your mom insisted you summon demons under the supervision of her boyfriend in order to prevent yourself from being sucked into another dimension her actual words, her actual fears, followed up by an actual discussion with a forty year old man who talked like an Enoby wannabe and insisted his name was being snatched by demons and he once set a girl on fire by wishing it. And meant every word.


Calum would be the kind of boyfriend who called you every night before going to bed, no matter what time it was where he was traveling, just to hear your voice to know that you were still there. Sometimes on the road it was easy to feel lost. To feel like everything back home didn’t actually exist. He was forced to be away from you for so long, so whenever he heard you talking back, it reminded him that his girl was still there. There for him whenever he needed you, to tell him about his day, complain about lack of sleep, question what he was doing- needing you to reassure him that music is what he loved, everything else was just a side effect.

Sometimes he’d scroll through his phone. Looking through pictures he took of you when you weren’t looking, off guard in bed wearing nothing but one of his t shirts. Some of you sleeping, snoozing against his chest, wearing the carefree face you expressed when you turned off from the world. Then he’d wish that you were laying right next to him. Whether it be squished in the bed bunk on the tour bus, always pulling the curtains across to have some space from the boys and their wandering eyes. Or it be in a hotel room, where he’d be able to love you properly. Worship you the way you deserve, kiss your body from head to toe, not missing an inch of skin, hoping to mesmerize the way you looked under him because he wasn’t sure when he’d be able to see you again.

And when you had to leave, it was like you were taking his heart with you because wherever you were he was and when you weren’t there he didn’t feel like himself, needing you to complete him once again. It was a vicious cycle, but Calum wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else, hoping that you wholeheartedly felt the same way knowing that if you ever left him for someone else, he’d lose his muse.