Get to Know 5 People

I was tagged by ignited-by-books and thatslightlyawkwardreader. Thank you both for wanting to get to know me haha 

Birthday: April 20th.
Age: 15.
Zodiac: Taurus.
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Sexual orientation: Straight
Favourite colour: Purple
Lucky numbers: 10
Last thing you googled: The author of a book I was looking for
Happy place: My room and libraries, also bookstores
Number of blankets you sleep with: One
Favourite fictional characters: Oh God, uh, Magnus Bane, Jace Herondale, Isabelle Lightwood, Tessa Gray, Jem Carstairs, Will Herondale, Cath Avery, Theodore Finch, Eleanor Douglass, and a whole bunch more
Favourite famous person: I have no clue
Celebrity crush: Eh, we all know that I’m more of a book person
Dream job: Author :) 
Dream trip: I wanna go basically everywhere
What I’m wearing right now: An Iron Man T-shirt and shorts.

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I feel like other ppl feel the way about the minions how I feel about snk like when I go to any place that sells any east asian stuff theres snk merchandise everywhere. I see people wearing the snk jackets irl more than is reasonable imo

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Last year I almost bought a fake fur stole because of Phryne. Better judgment (or not?) took hold of me eventually and I put it back because it was still expensive-ish and it's not like I have a lot of places to go that ask for a stole. All this to say that I understand your wish for one.

Wear it to the docks! Everywhere! Wear it like you mean it!! 

before we leave, I rearrange everything. I climb into your jumper and stretch it with the weight of my body. I leave my hair on your clothes. I wear myself messy so you see me everywhere. I cry and cry and cry. An ocean of saltwater all against the soft beating hum of your chest. You close your hands around my face and wipe with your fingertips. I close my eyes and try to memorise how your hands feel. I cry and cry. I create a new body of water on yours. You say aren’t you happy. I say the happiest I’ve ever been.


Ok so I just got these two items in the mail from Romwe!! The beige blouse is one of my new favorites. its comfy and can we dressed up or down. Looks good with anything! I like to tuck it into my bottoms though. I think thats the best look for it :) The shorts are so comfy too! I wear them everywhere. They’re also lace and they fit perfectly. they are stretchy so its pretty much guaranteed to fit you. I’m very happy with both of these items, I highly recommend them!!



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tell us an embarrassing period story

grab your popcorn. this is long 

alright so a few weeks ago i was at my orchestra concert. a few hours before the concert, our orchestra goes to the church and practices our songs with the band so we can get the sounds right and adjust to the venue. every year at the last concert, the seniors place a piece by themselves to say goodbye. at the end of rehearsal, our conductor asked the front row of the orchestra to go sit in the pews so all the seniors could sit in the front and practice their piece. so i stand up and i feel something run down my leg. i look down and theres is blood everywhere on my legs (im wearing a short dress btw). i sit back down quickly and look at my stand partner and she notices and is like, oh shit. she tells me to go the bathroom and that she’ll be there soon, so i stand back up and theres a huge blood stain on my chair but i cant stay so i run down the center aisle of pews and my stand partner places her violin on the stain and runs after me. she then goes and gets pads from her car while im in the bathroom cleaning up my legs. and im freaking out because a guy was supposed to sit in my chair and its hard to not notice a huge blood stain. so im on the verge of tears cus im so embarassed and terrified that everybody noticed. when she gives me the pads i quickly change and then im just pacing in the bathroom almost crying. my stand partner then leaves once the church has cleared for dinner to see what happened. after a couple more minutes i walk back into the church and she says, nobody noticed. and im like ? she told me that a girl behind me noticed the blood and quickly sat down on it and made the guy sit in the chair next to her. all to save me the embarrassment. 

so, long story short, girls are the best fucking people on this planet.

I have two zookeeper shirts from the job I just ended.

They’re the classic khaki button up shirts. And boy howdy do I have plans.

1. I will keep for sentimental reasons since I try to have something from all my past experiences.

2. The second ones logo will be covered up with a Jurassic Park patch and I will wear it everywhere and demand respect as a Dinosaur keeper

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can you let me know your thoughts on this , okay?Alright so I'm a trans boy but I love feminine clothing. I love cute pale pink bows and petite strawberry shoes. Lovely lace jackets and black cat tights. Do you think this makes me any less of a trans boy? sorry you don't have to answer this , I was just wondering.

of course it doesn’t make you any less of a boy! 
and anyone who says otherwise is just either a)incredibly uneducated or b)a shitpole 

Boys can absolutely love feminine clothing! You could wear dresses and cute femme clothing for every single day of your life, and you won’t ever be any less of a boy because of that.  U are crushing the traditional binary rolls beneath ur feet

Fashion taste does not determine gender. 
I just recently started getting into lolita fashion,,, or at least, I bought my first actually lolita dress, and I quite honestly just want to wear lolita clothes everywhere, but on the days that I’m not a girl, wearing those clothes wont make me one! 

quick reminder

ok i know we’re all super excited about marriage equality in all 50 states (THANK YOU SCOTUS OMFGGG) and im really excited about it to like im dancing and i wanna go and wear rainbows everywhere dear god imagine it i live in texas.

anyway, the point here is that we need to remember that its not over yet. we’re still going to have to deal with a bunch of shit from a lot of people and theres nothing we can do but fight it. the social and prejudice issues in america and throughout the world are far and great. gay marriage in america is a victory, but its not the final victory. *throws sparkles everywhere* nOW LETS GO CELEBRATE AGAIN YASSSS