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Park Jihoon || Fuckboi

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I wanted to try a new way of writing theses imagines and I lowkey hope its good ^^’’’’

I’m also open for request if you have any❤️

*Firstly obviously is probably pretty popular in your whole class, matter of fact whole school

*Legit every guy, girl and teacher knows who the hell Park Jihoon is

*I mean he’s literally part of student council and everything he says goes

*Also is pretty notorious from making girls think they have a chance with him

*But still they can’t hate him so like that matters, just his little jeojang can heal their “Broken hearts”

*He literally thinks every girl has been or is in love with him because of his adorable charms and talents.

*That was till one day he noticed you never reacted to him at all, Like he can literally enter a room and everyones eyes will be on him with the occasionally yell of JIHOON OPPA

*matter of fact your little annoyed face that showed every time he was near you, kind of interested him.

*Cause he’s literally got his head up his ass and thinks it’s weird you haven’t fell for his charms (I’m sorry Jihoon Stan’s he sounds like a douche bag now but I’ll make it better just wait)

*He wanted to get to know you better but he didn’t know how to so he swooned one of your friends again and broke their heart when he realized it wasn’t gonna get him anywhere

*But that was the 5th friend of yours that cried over Jihoon and you had just about enough of this punk

*So one day during lunch you went up to his table and grabbed him by his collar and said

*”Break one more of my friends heart and you can save my fist hitting your face in our heart.” And you left like boss

*Oh and Jihoon he was SHOOK LIKE NEVER IN HIS LIFE WAS HE SO SHOOK, but he couldn’t help but smirk while watching you leave

*And so from that point on he literally made it his MiSsiON to get to know you.

*SO the next day he literally sits next to you in every class he has with you and your like

*UuHHm can you like not and you were annoyed for most of the day but honey this ain’t the end of it.

*he’d start to act super sweet with you since like the whole school is literally in love with the sweet Jihoon

*he’d get a little irritated though that you’re not falling for his charms but he’ll keep going CAUsE WhO KnOW hOW TO QuIT

*He’ll still kept up his sweet tactics and even stopped messing around with girls JuST FoR YoU

*literally helps you in class if he sees you’re struggling to grasp a concept

*Might just even carry your books for you

*Sweetly asks you for some advice with student council but only for “the better of the school”

*He would still be trying to sit next to you in class if he got the chance too he’ll leave you cute little notes. Like legit the CutEST

*”I’m not playing twix when I say you’re perfect for me” Rip at Jihoon if you dislike twist

*”I wanna be a superhero so can I be your man?”

*”I heard you were sick I think you’re lacking vitamin me.”

*lol rip those weren’t even cute

*ANYWAYS to be honest you kinda found them pretty cute but hella cringy at the same time

*You also noticed how he stopped flirting with literally every single girl he saw so you thought your threat finally got to fix his act. Lol nope

*But you weren’t gonna put your guard down just yet not matter how nicely he was treating you

*Oh and Jihoon noticed and was lowkey about to give up on you but decided to bring sexy manly Jihoon to the table to melt away all your second thoughts lmfao what am I saying

*So basically one day you were just walking in the hall like a normal person and like Jihoon’s walking too but like walking towards you but not really cause he got places to be too

*You were gonna just walk pass him but NOOOOO Jihoon gotta be a lil fuck boi

*He kinda like brushes past you and grabs your hand before whispering “Since I just can’t make you mine, I’ll save you in my heart instead”

*And he doesn’t just say it in his normal Jihoon boy voice no it’s his Jihoon hit puberty hello sexy velvety smooth voice

*Afterwards he just kinda leaves you AND yOUR LiKE ShoOKE

*You even looked back at him before shaking it off and heading to class

*Of course that wasn’t the end of it though.

*When you were at your locker and you were about to leave. Jihoon would slam your locker shut and spin you around and pin you against it looking k you straight in the eye

*”There’s just something about you that I can’t figure out.” He’d be mostly saying that to himself but you like hearing his “manlier voice”

*He’d stare at you a bit frustratedly and you couldn’t help but enjoy the visuals cause like “Wowowohaveyouseenjihoon”

*Once he’d notice how much you’re staring he’ll smirk and lean in a little closer.

*”Hey come to one of my practices I wouldn’t wanna miss your pretty face.”

*He’s so close you think he’s going to kiss you but he kisses your forehead and just leaves que shooketh reader pt.2

*so you go out of curiosity and sit the corner with a small group of people also watching them dance.

*your lowkey starting at Jihoon in the mirror and he catches your gaze and smirks and winks at you

*will occasionally look your direction and if he catches you staring he’ll smile or make a silly face at you

*bascially at the end of practice he started teasing the shit out of you but eventually slipped a peice of paper in you hand before leaving with his friends

*btw the a paper had his number on it

*soooo you both start texting each other and Jihoon has named you as his favorite and his baby girl

*honestly he calls you baby girl so much he’ll forget your name sometimes , like what was your name again lmfao

*honestly you knew you started to fall of Jihoon you were just to stubborn to acknowledge it

*but when you became the only girl he’d mess around with it melted away your worries slowly but you were still on that never trust/fall for a fuckboi thing.


*like he honestly cares more about how you think of him than his own grade

*like honestly all this lil fuckboi needed was a girl that just made his thoughts run wild and made him feel like he truely had feeling for them

*whoops I got off topic BUT ANYWAYS one day Jihoon saw Seongwoo trying to flirt with you and once he saw how you were smiling and reacting

*on came the jealous overprotective Jihoon instincts

*he’d honestly be to jealous to think and say something you weren’t meant to hear BUT HE JUST WANTED TO ACT COOL IN FRONT OF HIS BABY GIRL

*”Hey hyung I thought I made it clear she’s mine.”

*seongwoos face would just contort into a little smirk before he looks at you and leaves

*only than would he understand the situation and start to freak out

*”H-hahaahah I didn’t mean that.”is a literal mess please save this boy

*”aw really I though you’d like me back after how hard you’ve been trying.”

*”pshhhh me like you whaaa-WAIT NO NO NO DID YOU JUST CONFESS???”

*”well since you do-“

*honestly He’d be to excited to know you like him and would probably end up cutting you off by kissing you.

*”you honestly have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

*”your so weird

*”I’ll save this moment in my heart”

*”Park Jihoon-“

*”shhh I know I love you too.”

My firsts attempt at doing lineless art. I think I did okay. This commission belongs to drummermax on deviantart. I really like trying out new ways to do art, and I might do more line less drawings in the future. This image belongs to the person mentioned and is not mine. 

the images in the frames are also past commissions and are not mine, the respected artists for those images are @wyvernsweaver and temiree on deviantart


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