At long last, Pandora Hearts is finally coming to an end. I should’ve drawn something angsty, but I figured I should draw something nice, even if my heart still hurts. I’ve always loved this series ever since I got into it in 2011, and I’ll keep loving it, even when chapter 104 definitely marks the end. Jun Mochizuki, thank you for all of these years of amazing adventures you bring through every page drawn in your hand. 

Although the manga may end, I will still stay in this lovely fandom that is Pandora Hearts.

I Can’t Even

1. Jenny was the star of this episode 

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2. Pandora being shady as always, but you gotta love her

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3. Ichabod trying to cheer up a kid the old school way and failing, but we still love you.

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4. Mills sisters bonding, ‘nough said

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5. My poor Abbie getting hurt.

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6. Ichabod reaching for Abbie’s hand and my feels just can’t take it.

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7. Paul Revere the dentist and his bad ass weapon. 

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8. Ichabod being high after seeing the dentist and calling himself adorable.  

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9. Me still not understanding how Betsy Ross plays into all of this.

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10. Pandora saying sleepy head and you’re just sitting there and wondering if the writers did that to mess with you, because my feels right now are on high, and I may be going slightly crazy. 

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