Lol I don’t care if Eliza was saying that because she was tired or because she’s still doing PR or because she got gum stuck to her shoe. It was an incredibly shit thing to say, especially in light of everything that’s happened, and I honestly can’t come back from that. She is a gorgeous and supremely talented actress but I just can’t stan her anymore after that comment. It has seriously soured her for me forever. I’m not going to talk shit about her, disrespect her, or hate on her. I’m just going to stop talking about her because I don’t have time in my life for celebrities that can’t show a little bit of respect and sensitivity for their fans, who have always fought for them and defended them.

This time last year we were getting the first influx of US Skins, and I for one was promoting it like crazy. Even if at the time I was somewhat skeptical, as most UK Skins fans were, I still wanted this show so damn badly. And now that we know there will be no second season,  on the anniversary of the show's premiere I thought it’d be nice to reminisce with one of the most important elements of Skins on any continent, music. Tracklist & ramblings under Read More, enjoy.

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Fiddlestan Week Day 1: misunderstandings, tourist, drizzle

for some reason my brain interpreted “misunderstandings” as “cant read a map” and “drizzle” as “downpour” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

making up different flowery shirts for fiddleford is fun 

oh basically this is supposed to be set in mystery trio au. ford ran off and they lost him on a monster hunt and they’re tryna get home lmfao. stan just joined them recently so he’s still forever mullet

active amber-centric blogs!

As per an anon’s request, below is a list of the active (or mostly active) Amber blogs I follow! Note: some of these blogs are multi-fandom/group but post a lot of Amber or are to my knowledge, big fans of her. Many of them are gif/edit makers too!
Another note: if i missed someone or you know of more please feel free to reblog and add to this list! It’s a bit short but I tried to narrow it down to the most active ones that update daily or mostly daily.

@quietlim | @4smols | @ajols | @ambae-r | @amberkrisber | @amberlius | @amberslollipops | @ambersbinder | @beautifulbyamber | @softber | @courteneyact | @titaniumbadger | @amberliuaf

kyungsing  asked:

Hi! I noticed you gave an anon some Baek blogs to follow, i was wondering if you could recommend me any other Kyungsoo blogs to follow? I would really appreciate your help! Thank you n.n

Hello, sorry I took forever. I hope you don’t mind me publicizing this to help others too. I have quite an extensive following so I will just list them out.

@agendersoo @daebaksoo @diohs @dohlicious @doitlikethis123 @dokynsoo @domkyungsoo @dyo-alone @dyoen @dyoful @glorious-soobooty @heyyplayboy @holykyungsoo @imgonnasooyou @kawaiidyo @korheaboo @ksooslipring @kyungception @kyungsoo-overdose @kyunseu @ma-kyungsoo @modelsoo @onesoo @please-dyo-me @singforsoo @squishyssoo @takeachansoo @thekingsoo @v-dyo @workitmakeit

And also, if you haven’t already, do follow @fydokyungsoo & @fydk-translations for news, pictures, updates, and translations on him. Also, if you’re looking for more Kyungsoo stans than I’ve listed, do check the members of @kyungsoo-network out. :)

  • paulie:*talks unnecessary shit about nat all season*
  • paulie:*legit despises nat idk why tho*
  • paulie:*tells z he's going to flirt w spy girls occasionally to make them less suspicious*
  • paulie:*talks abt how beautiful Z's personality is & how much he adores her*
  • some of y'all:"he talked to Natalie in a flirty tone!!!! zaulie cancelled!!!!! it's all over its done forever I'm never stanning them again!!!"


So first of all thank you all guys for following me, I’ve never thought that I’d actually get 1k followers because I only make this blog to fangirl over NCT. But really I’m so thankful for this. This is such a new environment for me because well NCT is the first group I stan from the start, and watch them growing is so emotional for me.

So here’s my 1st follow forever, some people may not realize I’m following them. Because this is my sideblog, and I follow you guys from my mainblog heykook.

@94ten @doyounct @doyuong @jaehynu @jaehyue @jaetaeme @jaeyhn @leemark @leeminhyng @okjohnny @smten @switchgal @t-yong @taeyongism 

Once again thank you very much for following me, and from now on let’s support our NCT together! Have a nice day/night!

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Any Stan/Peggy headcannon?

Yes! Have some Stan/Peggy headcanons! Coming soon to a fanfic near you.

Peggy’s mother loves Stan and she’s so happy her daughter finally found a “nice Catholic boy”.

Stan makes Peggy NSFW greeting cards for Valentine’s, Christmas, and her birthday. She pretends she’s offended by them, but saves all of them.

They get engaged a year or so after they start dating and get married in a Catholic ceremony to make their families happy. They have a reception at the Waldorf Astoria as their own private joke. Joyce is the bridesmaid and Don gives her away(Peggy pays her nephews $100 each to keep her mother away from him). Peggy keeps her surname, though she starts being called Margaret more often later in life.

As much I like the idea of them working together forever, I got the feeling that Stan was growing dissatisfied with advertising at the end of the series. With his sense of humor I can imagine him becoming a staff cartoonist for the New Yorker.

It took me a while to decide whether they’d have kids or not and I think they ultimately would have one. We do get a few hints over the series that Peggy wants to have a family. I can imagine them having a (planned, much to the surprise of many) daughter in the late 1970s. I might be reading too much into it, but that plot where they have to take care of a little girl must be implying something and Peggy with a daughter is pretty interesting to think about. I don’t know what her name is, but she shares a lot of Stan’s interests and is very artistic(she’s the lead guitar/singer of an all-girl grunge band in the late 90s), but she looks more like Peggy and shares her temperament.

They currently live in a penthouse on the Upper East Side and they have to hide their weed when their grandchildren come over. Peggy works on her memoir while she maintains a Bert Cooper-like presence at her agency. Stan is surprisingly adept at using modern technology and uses a drawing tablet, meanwhile Peggy is baffled by her iPad.

NSFW stuff: I’m not an expert in BDSM, but (as I said before) I headcanon Stan as a sub. They’re into master/servant roleplay and their safe word is Heinz Baked Beans. 

ahh!!! So the time has come, I have reached a hundred plus followers on this blog. I’m actually surprised I gained followers this quickly, wow. This is a super mini follow forever its made of mutuals. I added little notes after every user name!

Bold; mutuals that I talk to frequently, mostly on twitter and skype.
Italics; mutuals I wanna talk to more (which is literally all of you)!!!
☆; kpop (or has kpop content on) blogs

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Idgi, Daisy isn't even in costume in the pic, but Oscar is, so it's not like they were filming together or filming some supersekrit love scene? Unpopular opinion: I think Daisy does/did have kind of a thing for him. Her body language in pics with him is pretty telling. But Dame/rey is NOT happening and Daisy has a bf now and Oscar's been with the same woman forever, so that's out. People are grasping at so many straws and it's weird. Lord help us if a pic with Daisy, Adam and Gary is released.

lol i always got the vibe that a lot of damer/ey shippers were a bunch of daisy and oscar stans who were like OOOHHHH LETS PUT THEM TOGETHER I LOVE THEIR ACTORS SO!!!!!!

but whatevs i will keep saying it…. they will NVR be CANON

army tag

tagged by the lovely @dailydoseofdia

1. Who was your first bias when you started stanning BTS? Jung Hoseok

2. Who is your bias now? Still Hoseok, but a bit of Taehyung too hehe

3. Favorite Bangtan Bomb? My favorite bangtan bomb is forever It’s Tricky (though i love all of them), because you get to see them dance to it before the performance and it’s just soooo fhjsakdmkald CUTE!

4. Favorite BTS song? Tomorrow. my all time fav everrrrrr!

5. Which member(s) is your bias wrecker? None ^_^

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most? Idk… But I will say Jimin? He’s the only one I remember seeing and I wrote into a fic because I loved the dream a lot. 

7. Favorite BTS music video? I Need U. The story behind this forever stays with me. <3

8. Favorite BTS choreography? Fun Boys (until tae rekt me in HYYH DVD ; _ ;), Jump, I Like It, and Fire

9. What BTS choreography do you dance to the most? War of Hormones, Fire, and Baepsae LMAOOO GHJSNKDJKALDA DONT ASK WHY

10. How long have you been an A.R.M.Y? Since pre-debut :”)) i am trash af, LORT

11. Which album tracklist is your favorite? Dark and Wild

12. Favorite album art? Well, i wanna say i love the comeback teaser art of Skool Luv Affair. lol one of the best trailers ever made, and so… can I just choose that? lmao

13. What member would you choose as a husband? Jung Hoseokieeeee <3

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts

^that gif is forever the cause of my death :””””””))

i now tag: @neotechhufflepuff @taehyubi @jiadore @chimchimsmiles @daeminsuga-bap-bts @smuttyfairy @poettae @xoxomintlit @smolbeantae @namsinn

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He literally posted a video.. ( i didn't watch the caption was enough) the caption said unfollow if his last post offended them or they didn't agree. FUCK HIM AND HIS WHITE PRIVILEGE!!! My people are fucking dying because of your shitty fucking cops and you want me to fcking stan their asses????? Fuck no??!!?? Is he fucking joking? I don't care how young he is I'm 15 and I get this shit.

instagram needs to pull an azaelia banks and suspend his account forever

anonymous asked:

Oh yeah some of them are out there. One gr@nielle stan was on twitter saying she's going to be crying about this to her psychologist forever. DP and her boo better be careful lol. They are literally acting like their spouse just left them

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

I thought she was their queen and I thought that they would be happy with her no matter what! What’s going on??

lmao i’ve been a heath stan since nexus (only started watching again that summer after many years away) so this has been a longgggg haul.

nexus, corre, team heef justin!, legend challenger, 3mb, his quest for a us title match, slater gator, slater appreciation day, social outcasts….how many of those angles did wwe drop the fucking ball on?! all of them? (except the corre bc everyone hates the corre, even the members lmao. IT’S THE FUCKING CORRE!)

but yeah, he’s my fave forever so plz, wwe, can u NOT do my boy dirty AGAIN?


im salty bc they just so casually brushed over the fact that scott mccall fucking died like stiles’ reaction was literally just “did you kill my best friend” scott and stiles are brothers if one of them were to die the other would forever be broken you can’t tell me that the thought of losing scott didn’t absolutely destroy stiles especially when he realized that he saved his father for the cost of scott’s life 

bts tag game

I was tagged by @melahnee thanks for tagging me unniee!! ♡

Who was your first bias when you first started stanning BTS?
Taehyung ♡

Who is your current bias?
TaeTae (also ultimate bias)♡

Favorite Bangtan Bomb?
I haven’t watched them saddly ;((

What are your favorite BTS songs?
butterfly, love is not over, house of cards, hold me tight, let me know, cypher pt 3 aaanddd  blanket kick 

Which members are your bias wreckers?
Jungkook (that lil’ shit), Jimin, and Suga

Which members appear in your dreams the most often?
Maknae line sometimes ft. suga, but overall mostly taehyung

What is your favorite BTS MV?
Save Me, Young Forever, Run (even tho everyone dies smh), boy in luv (IDk) and I need u

What is your favorite choreography?
save me bc damn that looks cool (but difficult af fml)

Which BTS choreography do you dance to the most often?
I need u bc I know the chorus part ^-^’’

How long have you been an ARMY?
Since around january or february I think cause I started liking them around december soooo, 6-7 months

Which album tracklist is your favorite?
butterfly maybe??

Which album art is your favorite?                                                                        the most beautiful moment in life pt 2

Which member would you choose as your husband?
Taehyuunggg ♡

I tag @nightwhalien (cause she my unnie) and @chubbychim and anyone that wants to do it just say I tagged you and spread the love ^-^ ♡