Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Description: After four years you return to Riverdale because your dad is a private investigator who’s working on Jason’s case.


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You entered Pop’s to pick up the order that your father asked you to, It’s been so long since you been in here, four years to be exact, a nostalgic you felt like crying but a sense of relive at the same time from coming back home.

“Look who’s back” said Kevin nodding at you while you waited for your food. Everyone turned around and instantly Archie and Jughead stood up and walked up to you pulling you into a big hug.

“Who is she?” asked Veronica. “Y/N Y/L/N” said kevin. “Archie’s and Jughead’s best friend” sadly said Betty. “She was here before we started hanging out with them, so I guess that makes her the OG” said Kevin laughing and Veronica just rolled her eyes.

“Archie Andrews you’ve gotten hotter since the last day I saw you” You said as you pulled apart from Archie and gave a hug to jughead. “Can say the same for you Jughead” y’all chuckle. “When did you got back?” asked Jughead. You sigh “A couple of hours ago, I can’t believe in back, but I really hope we stay this time” you smiled “Do you want join us?” said Archie pointing at the table where Kevin, Betty and a girl you didn’t know was. You shook your head ‘Uhm I gotta get this food to my dad, besides your table look a little crowded back there” Archie shook his head smiling “Are you jealous?” he said  “Not much” you responded as you walked towards the door. “Can I walk you home?” asked Jughead and you nodded. You walk towards Archie and give him a kiss on the cheek “I’ll see you at school” he smiled and walk back to his table.

You and jughead walked in silence side to side with your arms intertwined. You enjoy the comfortable silence between the two of you. You were walking up to your house and decided you break the silence. “I hear they closed Twilight” you were the only one jughead told about living at twilight. Jughead stop at you’re the edge of your porch and you walked up to it and turneing around, he just slightly shrugs his shoulders.

“You know you can come here right?” you said he smiled and nodded “Goodnight Y/N”  he walked up to you and kiss your cheek before leaving.

“Goodnight, Juggie.” You made your way inside and to your room to change into your pajamas and got to bed.

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Is it too late to request? Fluffy gruvia!

“Dad! Dad!”

“Yeah, Silver?”

Gray smiled and picked up his small daughter.

“What is it?”

“Where’d you get the big scar on your tummy?” Her head slowly turned to the side out of curiosity, laughing at her father looking down to finally notice his lack of a shirt.


He made it seem that way.

The question put him off edge, and he didn’t want to scare Silver.

“Even after all these years…”

Both of them turned to the direction of the new voice.


Gray could’ve sworn that Juvia had a sixth sense for feeling his emotions as well.

“Don’t worry, snowflake! I’ll tell you how he got that scar.”


Gray handed Silver to his wife, and they all sat down.


She looked up and smiled.

“Long ago, your father was stuck in a battle, with no way to escape it-”

“Just like with deliora…?” The child spoke softy interrupting her mother.

“No…” Juvia looked at Gray. “This battle was…”

She paused, wondering how to explain.

Then Gray spoke up.

“Your mother was in the battle too! We were protecting the guild from evil…!”

“Ahh~!” Silver now listened more intently.

Juvia then spoke up. “There was an evil… Ice monster, who was trying to defeat us both…” She smiled, just then figuring out the rest. “The monster’s claws swung out trying to hurt me first, but then Gray jumped in the way!”

“Did you defeat it, dad?!”


Being enthusiastic about the subject was hard…

Even so…

Gray planned to tell her the truth.

What little he remembered of his real family was the love and trust they all shared.

Long ago Gray decided he wanted to raise a child in that environment.

But he was glad Juvia made up a story to protect her innocence.

Looking at his wife playing with their daughter, he was then reminded of the reason he had the scar in the first place.

True Love.

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For some reason I can't help but think that Hades starts to adore Pidge so much he asks if she wants to be part of the family because hell he already treats her like she's his kid

Hades: I understand that you have feelings for the attractive but surely you could marry the short mortal
Lance: Dad i am not marry pidge just so she’ll techinally be your daughter
Hades: perhaps i can convince her father to abandon her and allow me to adopt her
Lance: oh my god dad stop
Pidge: Well I mean, techinally Shiro’s my adopted brother so when Lance and get married i become Lance’s sister in law and then I’m kinda of like you’re daughter in law?
Lance: Don’t encourage him please
Hades: I suppose that could work

His Remedy - [BTS] Jungkook!Au

[A/N] My friend asked me what song comes into mind when I think of Jeon Jungkook, and truthfully? I couldn’t think of a better song than Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful”

Father told you to hide behind the closet and you did as told, without much question. You were just twelve but you understood everything. With as much power as your father had, it was only natural that he was taken, the way he did.  

Even though eleven years had passed, the memory stays vivid in your mind. Squeezing your eyes hard, breathing heavily will never make it better. Your hands tremble as you reach your mug of lukewarm water, sipping nervously. Unfiltered thoughts rushed out your tongue but unsaid, as you stood up, holding the edges of the desk, as you walked. Your knees almost give way until you caught yourself. You stare at that leather chair your father sat on, your grandfather sat on, your great grandfather sat on. That leather chair is where wretched plans were made. It had your father’s stained blood on them when he was shot.

They try to take the ‘throne’ away, not knowing that the heir is armed and ready.

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Title: Mr. Parker (Part 2 of Tutor(Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker))

Summary: Tony really wants the reader to join in on a meeting with a new recruit, even if they’ve already met before.

Word Count: 1789

A/N: THIS IS PART TWO TO TUTOR AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AH! Also; writing out the word count made Hamilton pop into my mind. I hope you enjoy! 


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Trust Me

Admin Marie

A/N: I’ve decided to start a chaptered fanfic! It probably won’t be long, maybe 3 chapters? I haven’t decided yet but I’m working on it. 

Word Count: 2002

Genre: Single Parent!AU Angst Fluff

Member: Mark (Got7)

Summary: You became a mother of a beautiful girl named Jisoo at just 16 years old. After her father ran out on the two of you, you wrote your love life off and devoted everything you had to your daughter. Everything changes when you meet a gorgeous stranger who takes interest in Jisoo and your lives.

Warnings: Language

Chapter 2

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To become a mother at 16 was a huge blow to your life. You never regretted having Jisoo, your daughter, but it is hard to raise a child all alone. Your parents supported you endlessly and never got mad over your teen pregnancy, much to your surprise. They probably would’ve been harsher with you if Jisoo’s dad hadn’t ran off because he was scared.

You aren’t Korean, but Jisoo’s dad is. You moved out to Korea when you were 13 years old because your parents got a job offering in Seoul and they couldn’t refuse. You met Jisoo’s dad when you were 15 years old and you two rushed into a relationship and then Jisoo happened. You were scared, to say the least, but you love your daughter.

Now, you’re 20 years old and Jisoo just turned 4. You both live alone in your small apartment in Seoul. Jisoo is a smart girl, actually looking quite like her father, showing more of her Korean roots than the roots you provided, although she looked a fair both like you too. Jisoo is very kind, never even dreaming of hurting a fly and very clingy to you, hating when you have to leave her at your parents house so you can go to work.

You work at a café in the middle of Seoul. It’s about a 15 minute commute from your apartment. You hate leaving your daughter, but you have to so you can live. Your parents have offered to pay for you to go to university but you always refuse, never wanting to take their money that they worked hard to make. Your parents made an insane amount of money on a project so your mom retired to help take care of Jisoo. Both your parents were young parents themselves, so they felt really sympathetic towards you because they knew what it was like to take on such a huge responsibility.

Your younger brother, who is only 16, adores Jisoo. He’s a highschool student but whenever he comes home and his niece is sitting on the floor of his living room or napping in his bedroom, he gets really excited. It warms your heart to see your brother be so excited over your daughter.

“Jisoo, what are you drawing?” You ask the small, brown haired toddler who’s perched on the floor, a purple crayon clutched in her hand, leaning over her colourful paper.

“I’m colouring a rainbow, mommy,” She replies, her eyes not leaving her paper. You smile at her, relaxing into your chair a little more. You worked double shifts at the cafe today and you were absolutely exhausted. “Mommy, are you sleepy?” Jisoo asks, her attention falling on you instead of the paper in front of her.

“Nope, not at all, Soo. Do want a snack before bed?” You ask, checking the time.

“No thank you,” She says, yawning and stretching her little arms above her head.

“Bedtime?” You ask. She nods and holds her arms up for you to carry her. You laugh softly and pick her up. She giggles and snuggles her head into the crook of your neck, brown hair tickling your cheek. You place her on the floor of her bedroom and get out her favourite pair of pajamas. She changes and you take her to the bathroom. You two brush your teeth at the same time, and you brush her long brown hair. She yawns again as she climbs into her bed and pulls the covers up to her chin.

“Mommy?” She asks.

“Yes?” You reply, eager to hear the young girl’s request.

“Can you read me a bedtime story?” She asks. You nod, walking to her bookcase and pulling out a book that you know is your favourite. As you read the book, she just gets more tired and more tired, her eyes drooping and eventually fluttering shut.

“Goodnight, Soo,” you whisper, kissing her forehead and walking off. You hop into the shower and after getting out, you blow dry your long hair, carefully. After you’re done, you pull on a large shirt and shorts and crawl into your bed, thinking about how happy you are to have the daughter you do.

The next day, you get up and get yourself and Jisoo ready, feeding your toddler breakfast and getting her into your old, beaten up car. You knock on your parent’s front door, waiting idly outside. Your brother, Matthew, opens the door and yells happily when he sees you and Jisoo.

“Soo! Sis!” He exclaims. You laugh.

“Matt!” You exclaim.

“Mattie!” Jisoo exclaims, holding her arms out for Matthew. You pass your daughter to your brother.

“I gotta go to the café. I’ll see you later,” you say, kissing Jisoo’s cheek and ruffling your brother’s hair before walking down the front walkway and into your car. You turn the radio on, jamming to a Monsta X song. When you get to the cafe, you walk inside, going into the back and pulling on your apron and pinning your name tag on. You take a deep breath, getting ready for your day. You walk out of the back and hastily take over the cash register.

Your day starts like every other, with you taking orders, placing money in the cash register, wiping down tables and making drinks. You’re about half through your shift when a gorgeous man walks up to the cash register. You’re awe struck for a second but you brush it off, knowing you’re at work and have no chance with this man, nor do you want one.

“What can I do for you?” You ask. The man smiles, showing off a row of pin stright, white teeth.

“Can I have a chai tea latte please?” He asks. You nod, grabbing a cup and  writing his order on the side.

“What’s the name for the sup?” You sask.

“Mark,” He replies. You write his name on the cup and set it beside you. You’re understaffed right now so usually another barista would pick up the drink and make it while you continued to work the cash register, but that wasn’t the case. He pays you for the drink and you pick up his cup, walking to the coffee machine. You follow the correct procedure to your drink making process. Mark watches you like he’s enthralled with what you’re doing. You finish, snapping a lid on the hot drink and placing it on the counter.

“Here’s your latte,” You say. He smiles brightly.

“Thank you,” He replies. You smile in return and he takes his rink and sits down in the corner of the empty cafe. The only people on there are you and Mark and it’s painfully obvious to both of you.

“So are you a University student?” Mark asks, surprising you.

“No, I’m not,” You reply. He scans you again.

“I thought you were at least 20, that’s why I asked,” He says.

“I am, 20. I am not a University student though, this is all I do,” You reply.

“Why not?” He asks. You shrug, perplexed in his interest in you.

“It’s kind of complicated. I wanted to go to university when I was a teenager but I ended up not,” You reply, wiping a table beside Mark’s off.

“What changed?” He asks. You shrug again.

“A lot. My priorities changed and I’m living a different life now than what I ever imagined,” You admit.

“Was it a boy who changed your priorities?” He asks. You’re about to respond when the front door opens and you hear your daughter’s excited squeals. You stand up immediately and watch as Jisoo runs in, Matthew and your mom right on her heels.

“Mommy!” Jisoo squeals, running over to you. You pick her up and placer her on your hip.

“Soo! How are you?” You ask.

“I’m good, mommy.” She replies. You smile at her and set her on the floor. She sees Mark who’s watching you both curiously.

“Who are you?” Jisoo asks Mark, staring at him.

“Jisoo, that’s not polite,” You chide.

“It’s all good. I’m Mark, what’s your name?” He asks your daughter.

“My name is Jisoo and I’m four years old!” She exclaims, holding up five fingers. Mark smiles warmly at your daughter.

“Y/N, I want a frozen hot chocolate,” Your brother whines.

“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m coming,” You playfully reply, walking to the front counter and fulfilling your brother’s wish. He hands you the proper amount of cash for the drink and you shake your head.

“I’ll get it for you, for taking care of Jisoo,” You reply. He shakes his head.

“Don’t be stupid, Sis. Take it,” He replies. You reluctantly take his money and place it in the cash register. Jisoo runs up to the counter.

“What can I get my princess?” You ask.

“White hot cocoa!” She exclaims. You make her the drink she wants and hand it to her, over the counter. “Thanks, mommy!” She exclaims. I run the the back and get the money the drink cost out of your wallet before putting it in the cash register. Matt and Jisoo walk out after getting their drinks, waving goodbye.

“So that’s what changed all your priorities?” Mark asks. You nod.

“I wouldn’t give her up for the world, though,” You reply.

“Was that her father?” He asks. You burst out laughing. Once you’ve calmed down enough to speak you know you have to explain well.

“No, no not at all. That,s my brother, Matthew,” You reply. Mark laughs along with you.

“I thought you two looked oddly alike,” He says. You smile to yourself as you mindlessly clean the front display. “So where’s her dad?” He asks. Your hand stops mid motion and your whole body goes rigid.

“I don’t like to talk about that,” You reply, swallowing the lump in your throat. You see him nod out of the corner of your eye.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry,” He says.

“No, it’s fine. It’s a natural question to ask,” You reply, slowly moving your hand across the glass of the display again, working to get all the fingerprints off. The door opens and you watch as a blond man walks in.

“Mark!” He yells. You jump at his loudness and watch from a crouch behind the counter as five more guys walk in. “Is there no one working here?” The blond guy asks, looking around the small cafe, not seeing the top quarter of your face that’s peeking out from behind the counter. You stand up, leaning on the counter.

“I’m working here,” You say. Blondie scans you.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” He replies. “I’m Jackson!” He says. You raise your eyebrows, confused at why he’s telling you his name. When you don’t respond, he puts and slumps into the chair opposite Mark. The others all bow at you and sit down. You ignore their conversation and go to the back to fetch your phone and earbuds because you’re honesty so done, all you want is to go home and watch a kid’s show with Jisoo. You stick your earbuds in and walk to the front again, leaning against the back counter and patiently waiting for a customer to come in so you have something to do. You watch the table of seven guys as they talk intensely, sometime one turns and looks at you but turns away again.

You eventually get tired of their shit and when you’re about to whip out your earbud and tell them the fuck off, the girl who is working the next shift walks in. You pull your earbuds out and thank her and you go to the back and take off your name tag and apron, placing them in their designated places and grabbing your purse and exiting the back. You exit the shop and walk out into the crisp autumn air. When you look back to the warm glow of the cafe, Mark is already looking at you.

Changing His Mind

Dean x Reader

Summary: You and Dean babysit your niece, Isabelle.

Warnings: Some suggestive content, not a lot though. Oh, and a tON OF FLUFF.

A/N: Again, this is just another random idea I’ve had that I decided to write. I think this idea is so cute, and I hope you all enjoy! Just a reminder, feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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There was one thing you knew for certain- Dean Winchester did not want kids. Of course, he’d joke about not being able to change diapers without gagging, but you knew, deep down, he was afraid of becoming his father.

His mind was set, or so he thought.

“Babysitting? Really Y/N?” Dean whines, looking down at his button down shirt and nice pants.

You give him an apologetic gaze. “I know, I’m sorry. I know we had plans, but my sister really needs one tonight.” You make your way over to him, running your fingers over the skin he exposed while unbuttoning his shirt. “I promise I’ll make it up to you…” you murmur in his ear, and suddenly, he’s on board.

A half and hour later, you and Dean stood in your sister’s living room, changed in casual t-shirts and jeans. 

“Thank you so much, Y/N, Dean”, your sister says gratefully, grabbing her purse and heading to the door. “Numbers are on the fridge, and Isabelle is in her crib right now. She should be fine for a couple of hours. There’s bottles in the fridge, and the diapers are in her room-”

“We’ll be fine, relax. Go have a fun night”, you giggle, gently pushing your sister out the door. 

As soon as the door clicks, you and Dean plop on the couch. Soon enough, you both doze off to the soft lull of ‘The Office’ from the TV.

The sudden cry of the baby startles the two of you. You groan, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. “I’ll go get her”, you say as you begin to stand, but Dean stops you. “I’ve got it. You’ve had a rough week.”

Your heart swells with gratification and love. “Okay.”

You do begin to worry when the crying hasn’t stopped for a solid five minutes, and you decide to check up on them.

The sight that greets you when you walk in has you bent over with laughter. Dean, holding Isabelle as far away as possible from him, is awkwardly humming Led Zeppelin and trying to shush the crying baby in his arms.

“Don’t laugh at me”, Dean pouts, but his voice sounds slightly desperate and humiliated.

Still slightly laughing, you head over to your confused boyfriend. “Here, hold her like this.” You adjust his arms so that Isabelle’s head is cradled on his shoulder and his arms are wrapped securely around her. “Then just rock her, up and down, just like that”, you praise as Dean, awkwardly at first, rocks the baby.

Isabelle’s crying softens into quiet whimpers before sleep overtakes her again. Dean gently places her back in her crib as you two quietly head out back into the living room.

“You’re a natural”, you say with a grin as soon as the two of you are back on the couch. Dean just scoffs, the tips of his ears slightly red. “I’m being serious.” You rest your head on his shoulder. “You’d be a great dad.”

Dean stiffens at first, but relaxes as he gazes at you. Maybe having a kid wouldn’t be too bad, he thought– as long as you’re the mother. 

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Sibling Bond (Jungkook)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hello can I request a Jungkook dad scenario?

Jeongguk was a happy dad. And the first member of the group to marry and settle down which seemed odd. But not too soon after he married and had his daughter Yoongi followed behind him with the birth of his son with his girlfriend, then it seemed to be a chain reaction and his friends began marrying and settling down to start their lives with their new families. He was a father of 2 a boy and a girl. His daughter Yoonhee was roughly 5 while you recently gave birth to his son Rakman. And had taken off from the group for a few weeks to help you and your family settle down with the newest addition.


“I got him” Yoonhee said as she held her little brother’s carrier “just be careful please” Jeongguk mumbles as he helps a tired you into your home. “She’s very excited to be a big sister” you tell him as he nods “I know she is but she’s almost bounced the carrier off of the car door and the door to the apartment building” he tells you as you nodded. “I know but she’s gonna prove she’s a good sister” you inform as your daughter hit the up button on the elevator “we better hurry she’ll rush to apartment without us” you say as you headed towards the elevator.


Since the day Rakman came home Yoonhee was constantly asking to help with him. She promised she had years of practice with her babydoll so she knew what she was doing. 

“I got it daddy” she whines as she fed Rakman his bottle. “I’m just making sure you don’t tip the bottle too much” Jeongguk says as he held his son right. “Honey” you call as Jeongguk looked at you. “What do you want for dinner?” you asked “whatever you want baby” he said as you smiled. “Pizza” you say as Yoonhee smiles “I want meat!” she yells as she drops the bottle and rushes towards you. Confusion took over Rakman’s face at the loss of his bottle “I got you bud” he says as he picks the bottle up and places it back into his mouth. 


You smiled as you looked over at Jeongguk who held your son as he ate pizza. “What?” he asked with a mouth full “Rakman looks like he wants some” you say as he looks down at his son who was looking at the slice in his father’s hand “too bad you don’t have teeth” he coos as you watch little fingers reach for the box as Yoonhee grabs another slice for herself. “You really like this pizza don’t you?” Jeongguk asks as she nodded. “Why can’t he have pizza?” she asks “Rakman don’t have teeth yet” he responds “pizza is soft” she said as he nods “it is. But you still need to chew it” he tells her as she makes a sound. 

“Can’t he have milk?” she asks as you shake your head “he ate already” you tell her as she sighs “but we all have to eat together” she whines. “He’s full already” you say as she grumbles taking another bite of her pizza. “How about we wait for dinner tomorrow to feed him then?” Jeongguk offers “we eat together then?” she asks “yes babe we’ll eat together then” he promises as she smiles “okay” she responds as you chuckle softly at the cuteness of your family.

I pray that God will take care of all your needs with the wonderful blessings that come from Christ Jesus. May God our Father be praised forever and ever. Amen.
—  Philippians 4:19-20

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hello! do you know on which fic they're coming back from a trip to Phil's parents' house and Dan says something like 'your home is perfect' or something and he got sad bc his parents' house wasn't and Phil is like 'home is where we're headed right now'? I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense... thanks!

fortune cookies - Dan goes with Phil to celebrate Father’s Day with the Lesters, and suddenly all his complicated feelings about his own parents come bubbling to the surface. (Basically 11k words of Dan being angsty and the Lesters being wonderful.)

- Tori

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Gintama anime ep 323/manga chaps 574, 575, 576, and 577

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

Thank you so much for enriching our lives and feeding our brains with Gintama. Gintama is our Altana. I am so grateful for all that you have given us and continue to give us, and for your constant tolerance of my mindless chatter. Once again, I humbly submit to you what I am most appreciative of in this week’s episode. Please do not let this be the last season of the show.

I am thankful for the following:

- Sakamoto, the expert Joui interpreter,

- Joui spit-takes,

- Sakamoto, the trusty Joui spittoon,

- friends who are both liabilities and saviors,

- the old friends family who helps protect the new friends family of their dear friend brother,

- the Joui 4 (and Kondou?)

- crazy, violent, blood-thirsty Yatos,

- the universe’s stupidest strongest father and son,

- the universe’s most awesome little sister,

- Yato family drama,

- Kagura-chan,

- Kagura-chan,

- KAGURA, the Leader, Boss, future Queen of Kabuki-chou,

- rainbow demons who interrupt family dramas,

- pissed Papis,

and lastly, my favorite manga to anime SCENES (cuz there was too much awesome for me to just choose one):

Yours truly,

A silly fangirl with yaoi dreams


Nobunaga found out MC was pregnant (SLBP Headcanon)

Well because of @nijigendiaries bring the convo to me and @singokumaiden about how would Nobu react if he found out MC was pregnant, we finally ended up to talk about this. Thanks to you girls now I am posting this now, I hope you’ll like this :3

If Nobunaga found out MC was pregnant:

  • He would be SO happy, bragged how the love of his life carrying their child and he would soon to be father proudly.
  • He would forbid her to do anything that will exhaust her and make her pregnancy in danger, even from cooking. But,

    “Come on, you can’t forbid me to do my job,” she protested when he forbid her to do her routines.

    “Your job is to rest and take care of yourself and our future child,” he said firmly.

    “Even if I want to make the desserts you like?” 


    “Are you don’t want to eat my desserts?” she said softly, stared at him with her big puppy eyes.


    “Milord?” she smirked on her mind when Nobu knitted his brows, knew that victory was hers.

    “…fine. But I will accompany you while you are cooking”

    Well, his sweet tooth never betray tho. And he will end up to accompany cooking though he always stick out his finger on your cooking to have a taste LOL XD
  • He would order Ranmaru to watch her and make sure she would get anything she needed when he wasn’t around.
  • He would call the doctor to check her about three times a week to make sure of MC’s condition. Tho MC would protest that three times a week is too much, Nobu wouldn’t listen to her and be stubborn about it XD
  • He would watch her food carefully and be so fussy about anything she ate. He would make sure she would eat anything that good for her pregnancy. 

    “You dare to give her and my future child such foods?? Bring another food and give her something more nutritious.” 

  • He would love to sneak out during the war council only to check her because he couldn’t help but worry about her. And Mitsuhide the mother hen would nag him and beg MC to tell him not to leave the council LOLOLOL
  • Spoiled her 24/7. He would cuddle her every night when they sleep to ease her feelings. And bought her all the lavish stuffs even if she actually didn’t really need it. 
  • He would caress her stomach while talk to the baby and kiss her stomach when they are alone.

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hey! so i've been seeing your posts about how mothppool and squirrelbramble are both incest, and i promise i'm not trying to be annoying or a bigot (mothpool is one of my biggest ships tbh), but how is squirrelbramble incest? i've been going through the warriors family trees but can't find anything

they’re literally only 3% related bc leopardfoot (tigerstar’s mother) and redtail (sandstorm’s father) are siblings

Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Hamilton, November 1783-1789

After I had sent my letter to you to the Post Office I received yours of the instant.  My beloved chides me for not having written on my first arrival here.  I hope my letter by Col. Burr will have removed her uneasiness as it informed her that ill health and fatigue had been the cause of my omission.  Indeed, my Betsey, you need never fear a want of anxious attention to you, for you are now dearer than ever to me.  Your happiness is the first and sweetest object of my wishes and cares.  How can it be otherwise?  You are all that is charming in my estimation and the more I see of your sex the more I become convinced of the judiciousness of my choice.

I hear your Heart ready to ask me, why instead of writing this I do not come myself to tell it you—Your father’s pressing desire must be my excuse for reasons I shall explain when we meet.  But my departure will not be postponed beyond Friday, that is, the day after tomorrow.  I go in your father’s shay to Poughkeepsie and thence with Benson in his shay to New York.

Monday at furthest I embrace my angel.

That Heaven may heap its blessings upon her and the dear pledges of our affection is the constant prayer of her

A. Hamilton.

Wednesday afternoon.

To Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton,

No. 57 Wall Street.

Source: The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton by Allan McLane Hamilton


Request: tony is reader’s father and some angst? Bucky and reader a little conection but not fallen in love just like ‘hey i kind of feel confortable around you’. bye - Anon

Pairing: FATHER!Tony Stark X Reader X Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 5,377(got carried away, sorry)

Warning: Cursing(why do I even warn), Angst(I’m bad at it), fluff(?), Self-doubting, Parents Issues, drunk driving(DON’T DO THAT, IT’S STUPID)

(A/N): I’ve noticed that all the requests I take are Anon, am I scary? Oh well, thank you for requesting this! Btw, no, I did not write a Valentine’s Day one-shot, SORRY I WILL


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You looked around the celebration party, searching for one of your parents or even Pepper, but you sighed in disappointment and drank more of your champagne alone in the table you were supposed to be with your family.

When you heard your name being called, you let down the glass and got up, putting a fake smile on your face and trying not to fall of your high heels.

“Thanks, everyone.” You laughed; all of them had chosen you to do the last speech. You hoped that one of your parents would have come to see you graduate on college, but that didn’t happened. “Wow, we survived! Look at that!” The laughs made you win a little bit more of confidence “I know I- We should be thanking to someone, but hey, we were the ones to lost nights of sleep to study, we were to gain back pains for sleeping crawled on the books, we were the ones to gain this.” You saw wide smiles and that gave you the courage to continue; “Because of that, I say ‘Thank to ourselves’! We gained! We deserved it”

The claps and cheers made you wave and get down of the platform and head straight to the exit, not without grabbing a bottle of some drink that your friend from the bar handed you with a pity look on his face.

“For you to feel better, Y/N.” You gave him a fake grin and entered your car, taking the stupid hat off and banging the wheel.

You sighed and rested your forehead on it, trying to think into an excuse for them.

Pepper… Ok, Pepper didn’t have any excuses for not showing up, she was the one to help you get dressed and to prepare your speech – the one you dismissed right when you saw it wouldn’t make any sense to thank your parents, since they weren’t there – and the one to help you send a flight ticket and an invitation to your mother.

Your mother… Well, what did you expected from a woman that threw you for the men she claimed to be your father, because you were giving her trouble, even though you were only 12 and just asked her for more books, so you could study.

And than, there was your father; Tony Stark. He didn’t need one, Tony just didn’t want to be seen with you.

You grabbed your phone and called to Pepper, hoping that she would just give you an “I’m so sorry, the earth is being attacked by aliens again and I’m helping you father to keep people safe”. When she answered the calling, you could feel how tense she was.

Hey, Y/N… Everything ok?”

“Hm, yeah. Why didn’t you come?” You didn’t want to sound so… heartbroken. So sad and vulnerable.

“I’m sorry, honey…” She sighed, Pepper really wanted to go and watch you graduate, especially because you were so excited with the thought of Tony finally being proud of you and with your mother showing up to one of your deeds. “I won’t lie to you… Your father ordered me not to go. I’m sorry, I really wanted to go…”

You felt your heart sink as you stood in silence; you hummed, knowing why he said that.

“I don’t know why I expected you to go, sorry, Mrs. Potts. You didn’t had the obligation to see me.” Pepper felt like someone punched her on her stomach, your apathetic voice broke her heart, because she knew that this was important to you and because of how you called her.

She loved you like a daughter, she was there to help you with your homework – even if you didn’t actually need any help -, she was there to hug you when you ran to her room because of a nightmare, she was there when you would be crying your lungs out because your father wouldn’t have appeared to your contests or birthdays.

She was always there.


“I have to go now.” That was the only thing you said before turning off your phone and opening the bottle of Vodka, you knew it was stupid to drink and drive, but you were broken, you felt alone and disappointed. There was this horrible feeling in your chest, it felt like invisible claws were ripping your heart and lungs out.

You were crying.

Crying and drinking.

The streets passed like blur as you drove by, occasionally taking big gulps of the drink, at least you weren’t running and the road was free. You stopped in front of the Avenger’s Tower and got out of the car, kicking your high heels on the street.

You looked up to the building, an almost empty bottle of Vodka on one hand and the phone with the other. That was how Bucky found you when he was returning from his jog, your makeup blurred and with darkened eyes.

“Can I help you?” He asked after watching you for a couple minutes, thinking you would walk out of something like that, but you just stood in there, watching the tower.

When you turned your gaze at him, he felt like he had lost all of the air from his lungs.

“Is my father in there? Tony Stark.” You asked, clearly drunk.

Bucky thought you were lying, well, how could he not think of that? You groaned and took your gown off, throwing it on the ground and staying in your black short dress.

“Where do you live? I’ll take you there, since you’re not in condition to drive.” You giggled without humor, grabbing your phone and walking towards the door, it needed a code to enter, but you just called out for FRIDAY.


Yes, Mrs. Stark?” The robotic voice answered, for Bucky’s surprise.

“Will my code work here?”

Yes, it will, Mrs. Stark.” You mumbled a ‘thank you’ and used your code to enter the tower, being followed by a confused Soldier.

Stark had never told anyone about you, you entered the lift and checked Bucky again, recognizing him from footage and Wikipedia.

“James Buchanan Barnes, could you please press the button to the floor that Stark, currently, is?” He wanted to laugh by how polite and sober you sounded, even though it was obvious to him that you were drunk.

“Sure, Doll.” You sighed and rested your back on the cold wall of the elevator, closing your eyes and leading the bottle to your mouth, drinking a few gulps of it.

Bucky watched as you dried all of the content of the bottle and looked at him, feeling too drunk to be ashamed.

“Did you want a gulp?” You asked and he chuckled, denying with his head and explaining

“I can’t get drunk.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Then, what do you do when you want to forget your problems?” There was only a couple of floors left before you could face the men that you had been living with for 9 years, by now.

“I run.”

“You run from your problems?” He laughed of your confused expression and you poker up your lower lip and frowned your brows in frustration because of his laugh. Was it too much for ask to be taken seriously?

“No, Princess. I mean I run, I jog.” You studied him again and he couldn’t help but to feel like the lift was taking too long.

He was aware of your eyes on his body and that you were on a small dress and he was trying really hard not to look at your legs.

“What was the problem?”

“Pardon?” Bucky frowned his brows in confusion

“You were going back from a jog when you found me. You’re wearing running clothes and you are already sweaty. What’s the problem bothering you?” He was surprised by how you could notice those things, especially when you were drunk. “And don’t worry about me telling someone, I’ll probably forget in the morning.”

Bucky thought about that, he would have said it, if the doors didn’t open and the laughs didn’t brought you back to your disappointed self.

“Well, maybe another time.” You took a deep breath and walked to the sound with Bucky behind you.

“Hey, Bucky. Who is this?” Steve asked, looking confused at you

“Hello, Mr. Rogers. I’m Y/N Stark, not that he would tell any of you.” Everyone looked at a tense Tony, as soon as he heard your voice, his eyes widened.

He got up and turned to you, frowning his brows by your figure.

“What are you doing here?” The team felt surprised when he didn’t deny.

“Not going to congratulate me, Mr. Stark?” You laughed, starting to walk around the living room in slow and – incredibly – precise steps “You know for what, right? Of course you do!” The chuckled escaped your mouth and you walked past Sam “You told Pepper not to go!”

“Tony, we’ll give you two priva-”

“There’s no need for that, she’s leaving already.” He cut Steve and you laughed, starting to sob again.

“You know, I was wondering why she didn’t appear. I didn’t expect you to come – ok, that’s a lie. I did, because I thought that for once, you would be proud of me for doing something. I graduated college with honor, you know, the one you didn’t had to pay, because I entered with a scholarship!” You laughed victoriously “But no, you didn’t show up. I didn’t expect mom to show up, because, I mean, what to expect from a cheap whore, right?”

Tony locked his jaw, still confused with you like that

“The only one I expected to go was Pepper. And she would have! If you didn’t ordered her not to.” Natasha was looking from you to him, seeing similarities and thinking of how he was able to hide you from everyone and from the media “And then, I thought: Why would he do that to me? Why would he make me pass that alone? Why did I had to be alone on a table with three more empty sits? Why? What have I done to deserve that?” You were back to silently crying, your voice cracking and vulnerable. Bucky felt this need to hold you when he saw that dead sparkle in your eyes again. “Do you want to know, Mrs. Romanoff, why I had to go through this?”

“Huh… Yes?” She wasn’t expecting you to ask something to her, even a rhetorical question.

“Because if she was there, they would have connected me to her, then, they would connect her to him and him to me.” You mumbled, that same suffocating feeling returning “And he don’t want people to know that he has a daughter with a prostitute. I get you, Mr. Stark, I really do. But wow, what you did, it was really low. Even for you.”

“How did you get here?” He asked, trying to stop you from talking those painful things

“With a car.”

You drove?!” He screamed, feeling his face become numb with the thought of you drunk and driving

“Is what you do with a car, right?” You laughed again before sighing “But I didn’t came here to talk about my pains. I came to warn you that I’m leaving. You won’t have to worry about the whore’s daughter, anymore. I’ll be finally like you want: gone.” His eyes widened and you turned on your heels

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get a ticket, if that’s what you’re worried about.” You walked back to the elevator, pressing the button with Tony behind you

“You’re not driving like this!” Everyone back in the living room were looking at each other with shocked gazes, still not understanding what was going on

“Why would you care?!” you finally screamed back, turning to him and crying desperately “You never did! All of this time I’ve been alone without you caring about what I was doing! But again, I get you.” You were sobbing so hard that it was hard for you to breathe, “I’m a mistake! You didn’t want me, neither did she! I get it! But why? What did I do?”

He pressed his lips together and pulled you for a hug, you tugged to his shirt and cried as hard as you could, accepting the affection he was giving.

Your sobs were slowing down until you slept in his arms, too psychologically tired to remain awake.

Tony sighed and lifted you, walking towards the living room so he could get into one of the rooms. Every head turned at you two, the team looking to Tony waiting to answers, but he ignored them and entered an empty room, lying you on the bed and covering your body, as he did many times when you were younger and used to sleep on the library’s floor.

When he was getting up to get out of the place, you grabbed his wrist

“Dad?” You whispered half-asleep, opening your eyes with tears falling to the sides of them “I’m sorry for being born.” He sighed, still surprised that you could call him that, after all that time. It was the first time in six years; you got used to call him ‘Mr. Stark’.

“I’m not.” But you didn’t hear his soft whisper, since you were already asleep.

Tony leaned forward and kissed your forehead, wiping the makeup off of your cheeks and brushing your hair as best as he could without waking you up.

He gave a last sigh before returning to the living room, everyone whispering and confused.

“Tony… What the fuck just happened?” Natasha hissed as he grabbed a drink from the coffee table.

“What do you think just happened? We met his daughter.” Steve crossed his arms, giving Iron Man a coldly disapproved glance. “Unfortunately, not at a good time.”

“Don’t you dare point a finger at me, Captain.” He groaned back

“Tony, her thoughts…” Wanda said for the first time, denying with her head and clutching into her own chest as if she was in deep pain “What she said… She was thinking way worst.” Tony huffed, ignoring all the glances and pulling his own phone

“What are you doing?” Sam asked as he watched Tony walk towards de corridor to the lift, again.

“I’m going to call Pepper to warn her that our daughter is drunk and will be sleeping here, this night.” No one missed that he referred the woman as your mother. And, well, she loved you like a daughter and so did you love her as a mother, since she was your only love resource.

Bucky, who had been in silence ever since he got out of the lift with you, sighed and itched the back of his neck, trying to sneak out without being noticed, but Natasha caught him and narrowed her eyes

“Soldier, what did you notice about her from the time it took to get here?” He controlled a groan and shrugged his shoulders

“She’s smart, has an agent eye, likes to scan and read people, is polite and worry about the others.”

“That doesn’t sound a lot like a Tony’s daughter.” Everyone chuckled at Sam’s commentary

“I was surprised too, believe me.” All of them stood in silence, waiting for Tony’s return

“I’ll go home for Pepper, she needs me and I got to finish one project.” He said as he stood next to the couch, eyes on his phone

“And your daughter? She also seems to be needing you.” Clint said almost in an outrageous voice.

“She’s sleeping, what will I do?” That was the last thing he hissed before rushing to the lift to get out.

“What a punk.” Bucky chuckled at Steve’s murmur, finally heading to his room so he could take a shower and try to forget your figure. He had already taken too much from Tony; he didn’t want to even think about being interested on you, even though your intense eyes never left his mind.

You moaned in pain as you felt like an elephant was sitting on your head and that someone had opened it to place cracked, sharp pieces of glass in your brain.

“Fucking hell” Your whisper triggered FRIDAY to greet you good morning

Hello, Mrs. Stark. It is six and a half of the morning, according to the body scan, you are feeling headaches and your eyes are light sensitive. I would suggest you to take a shower and take the pills from the top left shelf behind the bathroom’s mirror.”

“If you know I’m with a headache, why did you speak?” You groaned, siting and looking around, remembering the show you did in front of the Avengers last night.

Jesus Christ! Why didn’t I go somewhere else?

Your cheeks became hot with the thought of getting out and facing the super heroes that saw you drunk and crying.

You got up, heading to the bathroom after getting some clothes of the wardrobe: some jeans and a loose sweater, also not forgetting an underwear.

It wasn’t difficult to find the medicine after looking yourself on the mirror and seeing a complete mess, you took it before entering the shower and cleaning yourself; washing your hair and the makeup off your face.

Feeling like a new person, you got back to the room you slept, brushing your hair with your fingers and searching for the keys of your car, when you didn’t found them, you remembered that you had dropped them somewhere on the living room as you walked around it.

Letting a quiet huff get out, you make your way to the living room, steps so light that even the Avengers would have trouble in hearing it.

Crouching down next to the sofa, you began your search, cursing at yourself for not having just left the town without warning Tony.

“Need any help?” You froze when a deep voice drowned you out of your chase, getting back up only to face Bucky with two mugs of coffee on his hand

“Huh… Hi. I was searching for my keys.” The mumble got out as you felt your cheeks get red with the sight of The Winter Soldier in sweater pants that were dangerously hanging on his hips with a simple grey t-shirt.

He hummed in acknowledge as you continued your search, Buck was surprised with your normal soft voice and that you still looked amazingly beautiful without makeup and with basic clothes

“Coffee? I made an extra portion.” You peeked into his outstretched hand and thought about accepting it, but quick declined it as you remembered that you needed to get out of the town and away from Tony.

“Thank you, but I need to go. I just can’t find the damn keys.”

“Maybe one of them got it. You’ll have to wait for them to wake up.” Another groan slipped from you and you sighed, lifting your head again and smiling gently

“Then, I guess I’ll accept the coffee.”

Bucky couldn’t control the grin as he watched you sit awkwardly on the couch, waiting for him to sit too.

Handing you the mug, he took a sip, studying how you kept your eyes on the hot drink.

“So… You finished college.” He tried to start a conversation, your head snapped surprised at him and you gently smiled, nodding with your head and softly blowing before taking a sip

“Yes, last night was my… graduation.” Obviously you were ashamed of what you did “But you already knew that, since I cried right here about it. Jesus Christ” You couldn’t control the cringe, feeling that terrible sinking inside your stomach with the memory of you making a fool of yourself.

Bucky just giggled, shrugging his shoulders and flashing you with a comforting smile

“Don’t worry, until second thoughts the wrong one is your father.”

“He is not my father.” It didn’t take a wink for you to correct him, quickly clearing your throat and landing your eyes on your shoes as you took a sip, awkwardly looking around in silence.

“You didn’t seem to think that last night.” Natasha said as she walked through the living room, smiling at your embarrassment “I would introduce myself, but it seems that you already know me.”

“Who doesn’t know The Black Widow?” You mumbled, watching Sam and Wanda also enter the place.

“But, we don’t know you.” Steve smiled at you as Clint took a sit on the other couch.

Looking around, you saw that every Avenger waited for you to say something, taking a long gulp, you placed the mug on the coffee table

“Good morning… And if my drunk-memory is not wrong, I think I already introduced myself, Mr. Rogers.” He chuckled, nodding with his head as Natasha said without hesitating:

“I made some search and I got to admit, you are one hell of a smart thing.” The laughed escaped before you could lock it, Bucky loved that sound, smiling at you as you shrugged your shoulders

“What can I say? A weird, lonely and hyperactive kid got to entertain herself.” It didn’t take long for the conversation to start with all of them and without you even notice, you all were laughing and joking “I was wondering: did one of you grab my keys? I gotta’ run and pretend I didn’t act like a drunk spoiled prick in front of super heroes.” All of them laughed at your sentence.

“I did.” Your father’s voice made your face turn blank right away, something you always did when he was around, not showing any emotions. Getting up and turning on your heels, you faced Pepper and Tony; Your “mother-in-law” had red eyes and bags under them, making you notice she must have cried.

“Mr. Stark, could you please hand me my keys?” The Avengers looked surprised by your sudden change, a few seconds before that you were laughing and hitting Steve on his shoulder for something he said


“Excuse me?” The ends of his lips curled upwards with the sight of your face falling, he hated to see that cold, emotionless side of yours. The one you would only use with him.

“I said: no.” Taking a deep breath, you tried to put an educated smile on your face, mentally asking yourself what you’ve done to deserve that as you hissed through your teeth:

“May I ask the fuck why?” Tony looked at Pepper on a faked surprised way, both of his brows arched and with his usual ‘can you believe this’ face, before turning his gaze back to you

“You were drunk-driving. I’m taking your car.” That made you laugh without humor

“Who do you think you are to get a car that, first of all, you didn’t pay, second of all: It isn’t yours?”

“I’m your father.” He huffed, making everyone look from you to him, expecting you to scream. But you weren’t drunk, you could act as your true – controlled – self.

“No you’re not. You donated me twenty-three chromosomes. It takes a lot more to be a father.” He narrowed his eyes and as Tony was about to speak, Pepper’s broke voice made through the place

“You’re leaving us?” Your face soften at the sight of Pepper curled behind Tony, using him as a shield.

“I’m leaving him, I would never leave my mom of heart.” She sobbed and you opened your arms as she ran to you, embracing her trembling figure “I love you, Pepps.” Bucky and Steve were the only one to hear it because of their super soldier hearing.

“I love you too, Y/N. I wished I could have seen you.

“I know…”

“Well, I also know it. That’s why… I… I want to show you something.” Lifting your head to look at your father, you frowned your brows, giving one last squeeze on Pepper before letting her go

“I don’t want to see it. If you don’t hand me my keys, I’ll go on my foot.” Tony inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down knowing that you wouldn’t let him scream and go unpunished.

Stay, please.” That took you by surprise, because it was the first time he told you to stay and not to leave, and because he said ‘please’. “If… If you just listen to what I have to say… Even for just five minutes… I’ll let you go without saying anything.” Sighing, you sat back down next to Bucky, grabbing slightly his metal forearm.

The cold metal under the palm of your hand made you relax, his scent moved you closer to him, almost snuggling into his side.

Obviously, James didn’t miss it and placed his normal hand on top of yours, knowing that you needed support to not run away.

“Five minutes.” Tony cleared his throat and looked around the living room, seeing curious eyes. When he looked at the telepath, she smiled widely at him, wanting him to put his thoughts out to you.

“You… You told me last night that I didn’t want to be seen with you…”

“And did you?” He gulped before answering:

“Well… No.”

Antony.” Pepper hissed as you shrugged closer to Bucky. You already knew that, but hearing him say that, made it more painful.

“But do you know why?”

“Because I’m the prostitute’s daughter.” It came so harsh that even Wanda got surprised, your eyes cold as steel, making your father deny quickly with his head

“Do you remember when… When I got caught on Afghanistan?” Of course you remember that, it was the worst time of your life. You were living with him for two years and than, he was taken away from you right when you both were starting to actually look like a family.

He would eat dinner with you, ask how was your day, what you learned, he would laugh at your bubbly talk on the table, he would invite you to his workshop so you could study and spend your time in there while he worked, it took him almost a whole year to be able to talk to you like that.

“How could I forget? When I went to see you with Pepper, you told me to stay away from you so nobody knew you had a daughter with a whore… With those exact words.”

Oh boy, it would be hard.

He cleared his throat once more and ignored everyone’s harsh cold glances

“I lied. I-… It wasn’t that I didn’t want that the whole world… Knew I had a daughter with a prostitute. I didn’t want the world to know because…” He couldn’t speak, not when you looked at him like that. With such confusion and skeptical look on your eyes, like it was impossible for him to love you.

“He was scared that you would get hurt because you are his daughter.” Wanda said for him, his five minutes were ending. “When he was held as a prisoner, he thought it could’ve been you. Stark thinks that because you’re his daughter, you could get hurt. Especially now that he’s an Avenger.” Everyone stood in silence, waiting for your response as you watched Tony sigh in relief and thank silently for Wanda being a Telepath and reading his thoughts.

“Bullshit.” Those were the only words that left your mouth, your father thought that your eyes would be softer and your face lighter, how it normally was when he wasn’t around. But it was cold and blank as it could ever be.


“You heard me. Bullshit.” Finally getting up and starting to walk around the place, you started to hiss: “So you want me to believe that I had to go through a sad, lonely childhood because you cared about my safety? You want me to believe, that I passed nine fucking birthdays watching you on casinos through the TV, because you loved me? That you missed every deed and contest I ever participated because you didn’t want a fucking target on my back? Are you fucking serious?

“Huh… Yes?” Laughing, you stared coldly at him, you were crying again, before you could say anything more, he gained courage from your tears “I loved you since the day you arrived with a book clutched to your chest. I loved you when you entered your first mechanics contest, the one you won the first place. I loved you when you stood to be the best of the class for your whole middle and high school. I loved you when you entered a college with scholarship, when you were called to work on an important project, when you graduated last night. I loved you when you appeared drunk in here saying those horrible things. I loved you when… When you told me I wasn’t your father and I will love you regardless you love me or not. I’ve been proud of you since day one and I’ll be since day last.” That was the first time they saw Tony in tears

“I’m sorry I made you go through this, but I can’t lose you. Not you.” Bucky was by your side when you almost collapsed to the floor, sobbing on the crock of his neck and hugging him so hard that if he wasn’t a super soldier, he would probably be choked. “I want to show you something.”

Sniffing, you nodded with your head, still hugging Bucky and sitting next to him and Steve on the couch.


Yes, Mr. Stark?”

“Please, transmit the CNN on the living room TV.” Everyone turned to the, now powered, television. Tony stood behind everyone with Pepper hugging him by his waist.

You didn’t know what you were expecting, but certainly it wasn’t a mini-toddler-you walking for the first time on the park. You saw yourself again, this time older – still a child, but not a toddler – with five years on your first spelling bee. Frowning your brows, you looked behind you only to see Tony smiling at the sight of you spelling ‘hippopotamus’, there was this admiration light that made you shiver and your heart pound. Blushing, you looked at Bucky, seeing a grin grow on his face with the image of you playing basketball and falling to the ground, only to quickly get up and start to run again.

You stood there, watching yourself grow up. The last scene was you on your last night table. It was painful to see you look around searching for someone and shifting between biting your fingernail and sipping to the champagne. Watching yourself get on the stage to do the speech, you saw a strong and independent woman saying that everything she gained, she did it without help. And you felt proud of her. Even though after that she cried in her car, you were still proud of her.

This beautiful lady is Y/N Stark. She graduated yesterday and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’ve watched her every step since she was two, but we only got to know each-other when she was nine. I regret many thing, and one of them is privatizing the world to know this amazing, now a strong independent woman.” Watching your father say that on the TV made your eyes teary again, clutching into Bucky for support, he started to draw circles with his thumb on your shoulder “She is my daughter and I’m not ashamed of it.”

Your programed program is over, sir.” Watching the image fade, you stared at the screen, silent tears still running down your cheeks

“I’ve recorded this a week ago. I may have not been physically there, but I saw and cheered to everything. Every single conquer I watched through a screen, I don’t want to do that no more.” You still didn’t look at him, so he kneeled in front of you and grabbed your hand slowly, bringing it to his chest “I know that this doesn’t… Pay everything I said and made you feel, but… Can you forgive me?”

You couldn’t do anything less than jump into a hug, nodding with your head and hearing him sigh in pure relief. His shirt was soaked in tears and so was your hair, the team slowly backed away, letting you, Tony and Pepper alone.

“Still not going to give your keys back.”


Lost and Forgotten

Chapter Seven

Warnings: angst, jealous!Bucky, fighting, death

(Prologue) (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five) (Chapter Six)

A/N: “Why is Brad such a jerk? He’s mean.” - @riseofthehufflepuffs aka one of my best friends who’s sitting next to me while I’m writing this.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Your father closed the door to Mary’s apartment behind the two of you.

“One hundred percent.” You looked around the abandoned apartment, remembering how full of life it had been less than two weeks ago.

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