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What program would you say is better for drawing digitally? Photoshop or Illustrator? Thanks!

illustrator is the bane of my existence. I never want to touch that accursed program again

I got a lot of asks about my GGA method!! It’s pretty simple!


I animated in Flash! including lip sync

I took that, imported it into Krita and did all my clean-up (tracing/sprucing up) there, to get that nice chalky outline and color.

That brush is one of the default brushes! (But I turned off opacity).


and i love it and i recommend it to everyone (it MAINLY works as a photoshop like program, and if it ever gains the ability to use TPL brush files, im never touching photoshop again.  Otherwise, i use it for 99% of everything I do).

Tuyoki/Tem introduced it to me and you can also animate in it like she does, it just doesnt have the ability (yet??) to import sound clips to do stuff like Lip Sync, but its great if you want a FREE PROGRAM (ScreAMS) to learn and practice animation in!!!! 


First, I did all my animating in Flash! I’m talking every movement/motion and all the lip sync! I did the entire thing on one file/timeline so I could make sure shots flowed well. This only worked bc I only really animated lip sync, everything else was keyframes. If I had smooth actual animation I would have had to cut my sound and file up into chunks for smaller file size (less lag).

Then! I exported the whole thing as a .png sequence. 

Next, I went into my export folder, and separated the big sequence into around 10 chunks of 2-3 shots per part, and gave each chunk its own folder.

I imported these chunks into Krita, and just traced/fixed stuff like I would do clean up normally in Flash!!

I used this default brush

.And thats really it! I exported from krita and sewed the pieces together in After Effects into One Big Video (also doing all the News Looking stuff/text), then took that into Premiere to link it with the sound clip (and that “breaking news” music)Anyway sorry I rant. One day I’ll make a proper flash/krita tutorial. One day.this post is thanks to @graveyard-eyes @xenopes + the 8 anons that asked