i found the world’s longest anti regina rant in my drafts that i…think was written after the 5b finale? anyways, i’m very sorry, but it’s so long i feel like i’m doing a disservice by letting it sit. i sometimes get asked why i dislike regina because i’m sort of vague about it and i don’t like pissing people off (shocking, i know). i feel like this genuinely covers just about everything. 

you do not have to read this. if you know this will make you angry, please do not read it. you like her? cool, awesome, i’m not condemning that. these are just some of my thoughts. you have been warned. seriously, if you know you’re going to hate me, don’t read it. don’t do it. i for real don’t want to argue with people, just make my reasons more or less known.

i just know some people might feel the same way and - again - this is so fucking long i can’t just let it sit there. 

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