Secret I won’t tell

Theo gets the reader pregnant and she is scared to tell him. 

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Theo and I were never really an actual couple. He just came over slept with me and then left. It’s not that i didn’t enjoy it. Cus i really did but i wanted more. I wanted him to be my boyfriend. He kinda was. He would sometime come over with pizza or a movie or something. But we never actually did anything when someone else was there. And now i found out that i was pregnant and it could only be his. I tried to keep my distance but it was hard. Douching his phone calls. His texts. The times at school where he would pull me into an empty classroom and ask what was wrong. I had even told my parents to not let him into the house.

I was walking down the empty hall on my way to my car when i heard a familiar voice yelling my name. Theo. I picked up my pace walking even faster than before.

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The One That Got Away - A Roman Reigns One-Shot

On the biggest night of her career, Hollywood movie star Beverley Tyler looks back on what might have been. There are things more important than fame and fortune. Beverley learned that the hard way. Roman/OC

A/N: Sorry, very little smut in this, but I hope the storytelling is enough. Thanks!

The sun shone brightly, illuminating the room, despite that fact that the curtains were completely shut. Beverley’s dark eyes fluttered open, and she sat up straight with a yawn, viewing her lavish Los Angeles suite. Her personal assistant had booked this place for her a month before, and he couldn’t have found a better place. “The best for only the best,” he had chirped proudly. But he was right. This suite was magnificent. The ever-efficient Tommy. He definitely was due for a raise, she thought.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door.

“Bev! Time to wake up!” Tommy’s voice rang out from behind the door. “We’re coming in.”

Beverley took a deep breath, shaking her head as she silently bid her day of peace and quiet farewell.

She got up and opened the door, and a swarm of people was swept in, bringing the suite to life. The makeup crew set up stuff in one corner, Wardrobe sorted out her outfits. Tommy fiddled around on his iPad Mini as he withdrew something from his messenger bag, “First things first, here’s the Oscars edition of Vogue magazine, with you on the cover…again. We’ll have the plaque sent to your home by the end of the week.“ He handed her the magazine.

"Thank you, Tommy.” She held up the magazine, staring back at a perfectly made up reflection of herself. This was the fourth time in her career that she was on the cover of Vogue. Their management was always honored to have her grace their front cover. Of course they would be. She was Beverley Tyler.

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Five More Minutes

Requested by Anonymous: “You are ridiculously comfortable” + “You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 892

A/N: Thanks for requesting and I’m sorry it took a while! It’s kinda short but I tried to make it as fluffy as I could :) I hope you all like it!


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Dating Xiumin
  • Him waking you up by singing
  • You adoring his angelic voice
  • Making breakfast together
  • Him packing some food for the members
  • You pinching his cheeks
  • Him pinching your cheeks
  • Him playing with your hair
  • Him holding you close & never leaving your side
  • “Come sit on my lap”
  • “But there are 3 other empty couches…”
  • Pillow fights
  • You being his phone wallpaper
  • You kissing his cheeks 30 times a day
  • Him having an arm around your waist as you two walk
  • Sharing clothes
  • “Is that my shirt again?”
  • Couple rings
  • You wanting to visit the dorm
  • Him not letting you
  • “Those boys are loud and crazy, it’s dangerous”
  • Him carrying you around the house
  • Listening to songs together
  • Him dancing for you
  • “Put your shirt back on”
  • You learning how to make different types of coffees for him
  • You bringing him coffee while he’s practicing 
  • Travelling together
  • Him taking pictures of you
  • Cute selfies
  • “I don’t understand how you can look like a bunny and with a blink of an eye you turn into a monster on stage…”
  • “I can turn into a monster in the bedroom too, if you want”
  • Him buying things for you
  • “That bra is cute, why don’t you try it on and show me how it looks on you”
  • Him telling you some stories before you go to sleep
  • Ice cream dates
  • Amusement park dates
  • “Can we ride that roller coaster one more time? Pleaseeee”
  • You falling asleep on him
  • Movie marathons 
  • “I though you were younger than me when we first met”
  • Long phone calls while he’s away
  • Him bringing you to his concerts
  • “I’m glad that you’re my girlfriend”
  • Soft kisses
  • Rough kisses
  • Him always holding your waist tightly he has a thing for your waist
  • Him texting you at 3am
  • “I just missed you”
  • Adopting a puppy together
  • “Now we can go on dog dates with Jongin & Sehun”
  • “You’re only allowed to go on dates with me”
  • Him pouting if you don’t hug him
  • To sum up, Minseok would be the cutest boyfriend on earth, he would love you deeply with all of his heart, he would only want your happiness and heatlh, you would be his everything

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III. By The Time You Read This

Also called: A Million Love Letters, Just in Time.
Prompt: Saw a little concept that went : “love letters make a comeback.” Decided to make it a thing.

In which love letters seem to be the only way Harry can tell you you’re his world

It had been a hard few months. You didn’t really want to admit it, but it had been a hard few months. His face was everywhere, popping up to remind you of the night when your relationship fell apart. At first you were mad, but then you went numb, and nothing else.

You found comfort in the routine you’d made up, living in it as a repeat cycle, and nothing else. Not letting anyone in, not wanting any other comfort than your words at night, and wanting no other console than writing on your journal endlessly, and writing letters that would never be sent.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a imagine when you and Nash have been dating for a long time and he does something to make you super mad but at the end you forgive him. Thanks!

“Yes! Here it is, and I’m going to try to post a message/request a day (I’m sorry I’ve been busy). Ill start from the bottom to the top so anything new might take a while. Hope you enjoy this! 

ciao for now 

Laughter filled the air, it rang through your ears. Everyone had a smile plastered to their face, including you. The boys decided that it was long over due to hang out. Which put you in your current situation. Water was soaring through the air, as the guys shot them forth from their plastic guns. You had decided to play it safe and try to work on a tan since winter was fast approaching. Shouting and laughing continued to surround you until suddenly it just stopped. You peaked a bove your sunglasses; you knew all to well what you would see. Of course you were right. 

The boys were surrounded in a circle, speaking in hushed tones of their battle attack. The ones who weren’t in that circle was a little ways apart but doing the same. They have started a game of capture the flag. You let out a sigh of relief, you thought that they would have decided to mess with you. Once were confident that they weren’t going to mess with you, you went back to tanning. The warm rays hit you pale skin. it was disturbed abruptly by a shot of cold water that hit right above your thigh. 

“Ekkk” you screamed but was met with laughter from the rest of the guys. Standing in front of you was none other then your boyfriend, Nash. “Nash, babe, i know you like to show off in front of the guys but using me was crossing a line.” you said with sweet sarcasm, ooo`s filed the air. Nash just gave you a smirk, that was not something you were expecting on his face. What was suppose to be there, embaressment, you didn’t know. The ground was suddenly not below you and you felt two strong arms sick you up. You have been thrown over the shoulder of Nash.

“(Y/N). babe, you’ve been tanning all day, i think its important you don’t get over heated” he said to you in a mock tone. Then you were thrown into the pool. Cold water rushed around you, soon goose bumps prickled across your skin. You burst to the surface, gasping, swimming to stay afloat. Peering eyes met with yours. But this wasn’t something you found cute. You pulled yourself out and ignoring the protests of the buys, grabbed your towel and slammed the door. You stayed inside, the refreshing air from the conditioner hit your face. You decided to change. 

Nash greeted you at the doorframe of his room, the place you occupied frequently. You continued brushing your wet hair, giving only a small glance from the mirror that stood in front of you. 

“Does a sorry cut it?” He finally broke the silence, giving a small smile. You decided to mess with him a little, and gave back a smirk.

“Nope” He let out a groan from this and pushed his hair back with his hand

“Fine wanna play the mad game, fine” he snorted and left the room. You stared at the spot in which he was standing at just moments ago. You didn’t expect him to be so mad about it, he threw you in the pool. If anyone should be mad its you. You let out a agitated groan and walked down stairs. Shawn, and Matt was on the couch, Jack and jack were on the ground, Aaron occupied the bean bag and Carter, Taylor and Nash were on the other couch. Nash wouldn’t meet your eyes so you let them roll as you headed for the kitchen. 

Your moment alone soon vanished when Aaron came in and sat himself on the counter. “SoOo what did you do?” he asked in a quiet tone, not bothering or letting any one overhear his question.

“nothing” you let your arms reach above you head and then fall back to your side.” I mean I’m the one who should be mad” You groaned again and let your head massage your temple. Aaron let out a chuckle at your appearance.

“Just apologize girly” he proceeded to jump from his position and reach for a red apple from around you and left. 

You went to bed before all the guys had left so you were tangled in the white sheets by yourself. When you awoke, instead of a smiling Nash, you were greeted with his back turned away from you. You hit him with your pillow and went down stairs. You could hear his muffled ‘ow’ before you left the room. This was your pet peeve, and Nash knew it. You hated when people were mad at you when you did nothing wrong, they had no reason to be. You’ve been dating Nash a long time now and he knows that its your biggest pet peeve. Nash clambered down the stairs a few moments after a mug of coffee was in your hands. 

“Mornin’ gorgeous” he smiled and tried to kiss your cheek but you moved out of his reach. He can’t do that. Do the one thing you hate and then pretend the whole thing never happened.”Oh your mad at me?” He scoffs, but you just give a scoff in return and leave the room.

This continued for a coupe days. The guys would send messages saying to stop being stubborn. But you didn’t care, Nash shouldn’t have done what he done. On the fifth day when you arose again Nash hovered over you.

“Stop being pissy” His morning voice rung through the air, the one thing you absolutely love about mornings. You shook your head no. He rolled his eyes but continued to be persistent. “Please, i miss you” he gave you puppy dog eyes, but you continued to be stubborn. His body weight was suddenly pressing against you lightly but still there.

“Get off” you mumbled.

“oH were speaking now?” he faked surprise answered. 

“Get off”

“I will if you give me a kiss and forgive me” he negotiated 

“This isn’t a negotiation” you scoffed, your whole body vibrated when he let out a chuckle.

“You see I’m on top so yeah it is” you groaned and thought of your options, you knew he was sorry. Besides you were being stubborn.

“Fine” he smiled and puckered his lips and leaned in, you rolled your eyes. Your lips soon met his soft ones though. Your hands soon wrapped around his neck and his reached behind you you and pulled you closer to him. You soon pulled away and a small smirk arrived on your face.

“You only said one kiss, what a shame” you spoke and wiggled out of his grasp.

“Not fair” he pouted but soon took after you when you had fled the room. He might do things to upset you but you won’t ever stop loving him.

(opens jacket) hey kid, do you want some fic recs?

pairings include: eremin, eruri, jeanmarco, jearmin

a lot of these are nsfw so yeah warning for those who do not like nsfw

** UPDATED: 4/7/2014; added some jearmin and other eremin fics **


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jumps on a trampoline and does a backflip midair while fireworks erupt behind me 

if you have any fics that you want up here hmu

if any of the links are broken also hmu

bye thanks for reading 


<p>I’m the worst but Saturday was Henry’s 3rd birthday!!! We were in the hospital most of the day but we stopped on the way home to grab a toy and four bags of treats!!!</p> <p>Here is a little collage of him as a puppy to now!!! I love him so much - he is suchhhh a great dog who is unlike any dog I’ve ever met!! His bond with my daughter is amazing and he absolutely loves her. I couldn’t ask for a better dog. He may be a service dog drop out but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He has helped her so much in his short time here. In the hospital, she cried so much because she missed him! I hope one day I have much more time to dedicate to training and helping with his anxiety. We’ve been in the hospital 6 or 7 times since November, with one of them being an eight day stay. His separation anxiety is getting worse but we will work on that!</p> <p>Thank you all for being a part of his journey! You guys are the absolute best and I promise I’ll blog more. I haven’t kept updated with anyone lately but share in the comments how you and your dog have been doing! I miss you guys!!


butch is in boxes if anybody happens to want him!

i dont think anyone will, as he’s not a super popular villlager. but he is so sweet even though he’s a cranky dog. he was always so nice to me. i feel sad letting him go but i just really want to meet someone new i guess. i thought it was at least worth a try to see if anyone will take him before this cutie gets voided. message me if so.

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Jimin and 44? Thank you!

44. We can either just cuddle, or you can sleep on the couch?

“I’m not going to have sex with you tonight.”

“Why not” Jimin whined, burying his head into the crook of your neck, his arms holding you in a tight embrace, so close that you could smell the scent of shampoo in his hair, giving you a sense of comfort as he held you tight.

“Because I said so” you replied as you stemmed your hands into his chest and gently pushed him off of you as you moved further away from him, the mattress cold on the spot you rolled on, feeling a chill waft of air on the part of your neck that he had started to suck on earlier.

“Aw come on, I haven’t seen you in  a month and I missed you, babe.”

His puppy eyes made your heart melt and you just wanted to pepper his face in kisses if it weren’t for his dark eyes almost eating you up that made you keep a safe distance.

“You know that I love you, right? And you have been home for a week so don’t even try to play that card.”

You squinted at him, watching how he pouted at you with a frown on his face, seconds before his expression changed to delight, as if he just had a mind blowing idea.

“Can you at least suck-”

“Don’t even finish that sentence. I’m tired and I wanna sleep, so we can either just cuddle, or you can sleep on the couch.”

His face fell and he started whining again as he grabbed your hand, softly stroking the skin as his eyes fixed on yours, wordlessly begging you to do him.

How was that boy so needy and horny all the time?

You just looked at him for what felt like minutes, studying the way his hair fell into his face, the color of his eyes, the curve of his nose and the way his full lips were flushed pink from all his biting on them- it was fascinating how you two could just lie there in silence, not exchanging a single word, and it wouldn’t get boring no matter how long you knew each other. 

It was truly beautiful and you really appreciated it, but some days Jimin got extra needy and usually you were quite willing to tend to his wants and needs, mostly because he would always give it back, and then some.

But today was not one of those days, especially since your period always had you aching and you just didn’t feel like tending to his every wish.

Your eyes flickered down to see him palming his ridiculously huge hard on that you could see the outline of through his sweat pants, his eyes dark and intense as he kept his gaze on your face as if he was trying to change your mind.

But you were strong. Or at least you were trying very hard to be as you averted your eyes from him and denied him.

“Fine” he jolted up as if he was struck by lightning, before he put his hand in his pants and started walking towards the door.

“But next time you’re horny and wanna get eaten out, don’t call for me. My plump lips won’t be there to help.”

“Fu-” you jumped up, catching a last glimpse of him as he walked out of the bedroom door, “Alright then, wait for me you freaking ass!”

You could hear his giggle from the hallway as you pulled your hair into a ponytail, before following him out of the door.

Stupid men and their stupid boners.