Have you thought about season three Ian Gallagher today?

Have you thought about how he was surprised in 3x02 when Mickey told him that he missed him? Have you thought about how jealous he got when he found out Mickey slept with Angie? Have you thought about how happy he was when Mickey showed up when he was out with Ned? Have you about how he didn’t even care that Ned got beat up because Mickey showed him that he cared and he just loves Mickey so much? (Plus fuck Ned, the goddamned pedophile) Have you thought about Ian and Mickey messing around like idiots? Have you thought about how those two Idiots became the most important thing to one another? 

Have you thought about how Ian was separated from his family when 3x666 happened? About how he couldn’t tell Fiona about what had happened? Have you thought about how alone he must have felt? Have you thought about Ian walking back to the group home after 3x666? Have you thought about Ian looking for Mickey after 3x666? Have you thought about Ian just wanting Mickey to please be okay? Have you thought about Ian confronting Mickey? Have you thought about how Ian must have felt without Mickey while everyone else in his family was dealing with their own lives? Have you thought about Ian watching Mickey get married and feeling like Kash’s dirty little secret all over again only a thousand times worse because this is Mickey

Have you thought about Ian deciding to leave, deciding that the only way for him to be happy would be to leave everything behind because there was nothing left for him back home (at least to him)? Have you thought about Ian telling himself that he was only going by the Milkoviches to see Mandy before he left, but desperately hoping that Mickey would be there? Have you thought about how much it hurt when Mickey couldn’t tell him not to go? Have you thought about Ian getting on that bus and not looking back because there was nothing for him to go back to? Have you thought about Ian leaving everything he loved because it just hurt too damn much?

Have you thought about season three Ian Gallagher today?

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What moment do you think Shaw realized she loved Root, and vice versa? Do you think they love each other? Or is it just "puppy love", so to speak?

I’m not sure I believe in a moment of realization, not for Shaw.

I rewatched S3 recently for the sake of better portraying Shaw in the fic I’m writing and it surprised me how I interpreted Shaw so differently - the first time around I was so focused on the plot and on everyone in general that I missed out on a lot of tiny details. This time, my main interest was Shaw, and so my attention was always on Shaw.

It’s important to establish that Shaw is an unreliable narrator when it comes to her feelings. She keeps saying she doesn’t do or have feelings, self-diagnosing as a sociopath, but her actions show, again and again, that she does care. And she cares so much she should just come here and shoot me because it would hurt less. It is unclear whether she’s good at interpreting her feelings and would rather just pretend they don’t exist or if she’s aware she does feel, but since she doesn’t know how to handle that, she represses or ignores her feelings. With Shaw, you have to play the guessing game, because Shaw won’t admit the emotions are there.

That said, I believe Shaw’s feelings for Root were stronger first. Root’s feelings were hella obvious once they started being there, but stronger feelings? Root was all Machine Machine Machine when Shaw was already making her a hobby.

Root was intrigued by Shaw and flirting with her to test her, while still being 100% focused on the Machine, downright in love with the Machine and her new-found purpose due to now having a god.

Shaw, however? Shaw was being kidnapped by Root and not minding it that much, following Root’s every instruction and coming back for her at the end. Yes, she did punch her, but she saved her life first. Funny how they got the whole “no one hurts you besides me” thing going from very early on.

Shaw advocated for Finch to free Root/let Root help them not once, not twice, but three times. Shaw lent Root her favourite gun (and as far as I know, Root never gave it back). Shaw was impressed by how hot Root looked with two guns.

Shaw made this face when Root saved her, Harold and Arthur from Control, blazing in with two guns in hand:

(the gif is from trashcurtains btw)

And can we talk about how well they work together from the start? How when they’re together everything seems so effortless and seamless?

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my brother just put on the first episode of atla and I feel like crying I will never not love this show

Some of us have hated Glee at certain points of the show, and some stuck around. Whatever the case may be, I am so blessed to be a part of a very inspirational community. Glee changed my life so much, more than any other show has, and it’s a shame to see everyone in the cast making all of these departures. I sometimes wonder how they feel about all of this. Regardless, sharing this ride with the rest of the fandom has been a wonderful experience, and I thank everyone in the fandom for it.
Although I do not like what the show has become, I will miss it!

The 30 Most Influential People on the Internet - Jimmy Fallon 

Whereas his Tonight Show predecessor, Jay Leno, traded in bits that were fun but ultimately disposable, 40-year-old Fallon—who came of age with the -Internet—creates can’t-miss moments engineered to go viral. Among them: reuniting the cast ofSaved by the Bell nearly 22 years after the finale and coaxing actress Emma Stone into lip-synching to “All I Do Is Win.” That verve has made The Tonight Show a virtual powerhouse. Fallon himself touts 22 million followers on Twitter, more than quadruple the number of rival host Jimmy Kimmel. And his show has 6 million subscribers on YouTube, dwarfing figures from Comedy Central and The Late Show With David Letterman (170,000). “Time slot doesn’t matter to me,” Fallon has said. “If people want to see you, they’ll find you.” To wit: NBC estimates that 70% of The Tonight Show views are happening online.—D.D. 

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How can you stand Beth? Every time i hear music in The Walking Dead I pray to God that it isn't the beginning of another Beth song

Well, nonnie… You might not be fond of Beth Greene’s/Emily Kinney’s singing (and that’s completely okay, we all have our own taste in music), but let me tell you a few things why I can stand Beth and why I even consider her one of the best characters ever written on tv show (also why I consider her killing one of the worst things to ever happen on tv show)

At the beggining, she has basically zero screentime and plot. At first, she was the second, not very important, Maggie’s sister and Hershel’s youngest child. And a lot of people disliked her, or weren’t connected to her, because there was basically no time to get to know her. Then the 2.10 18 Miles Out episode came, when she tried to kill herself, because she lost all hope and thought it would be best just give up. Her family tried to help her, the others like Lori tried, but nothing worked. At the end of that episode, she made her mind - she didn’t give up at the end. And that’s, my friend, is the core of her character - she does not give up. Episode by episode, she gets more and more screentime. She cares for others, she’s basically Judith’s mother (Lori unfortunately never get to be one), she is ready to fight and get Maggie&Glenn out of Woodbury without any hesitation. 

In 4th season, which is crucial for her character and its development, she is one of those few rare people, who adapted to post-apocalyptic world, yet never gave up their hopes and dream, not to mention themselves entirely. Yes, she might sound naive and sometimes ‘childish’, but that’s just an illusion - she tries to get through this shitty world without loosing herself. She is a survivor. She is an arist and she still tries to find beauty in the world that is basically on the brink of exctintion. She helped Daryl (the strongest of the group, and yet with shitty childhood, abused and left alone) to remind himself that his past does not define him, and that he’s changed for better. She tries to keep all those little things that held meaning in previous life, because what else is the point of living in a world, when all is basically lost and you can be just another meal for walkers in a second? 

She survived, she made it. She has known grief and loss (her mother, her brother, Patricia, her father). She tried to kill herself. And yet, she doesn’t give up. She goes on, she has faith, she believes that there are still good people and that all the hope isn’t lost forever. She’s past all the self-loathing and desperation. She adapts, she envolves, she survives. And yet, she doesn’t loose not one bit of herself. She still sings. She may not kick ass like her sister, or Michonne, but hell, she has strenght of her own. She is basically beautiful definition of a strong female character which doesn’t have to kick ass or acts like man and stuff to be strong. She is kind, loving, brave and sensitive. 
She was hope. 

So, that’s why I can stand Beth. That’s why she is one of the best characters on this show and that’s why I am still bitter and angry when they kill her with no more effect than to bring some man!pain to Daryl. (Hell, even Rick’s beard got better farewell than her.)

Sometimes I’m just really grateful for the Klaine fandom. Like, seriously, how many fandoms have started their own publishing company? How many have started charity for LGBTQA because they wanted a missing scene from the show? Have raised so much money for so many different charities that their favorites have been a part of? Won countless couple polls and rallied together despite being shit on by pretty much every other fandom, including the larger one they’re a part of?

Like, fucking hell, Klainers get shit done and I am so fucking proud to be a part of this fandom, goddamn.

Dear thoughts

I love him.

Every cell in my body pirouettes in ecstasy at the thought of him. My mind smiles and causes my lips to curl at the ends each time I hear his voice.

And that fucking face. I’m pretty sure his smirk could move me to do anything. A pang of desire and longing plagues my heart each day I go without seeing him. I miss him so much.

I need to show him how much he means to me… that even with the distance, I’m still willing to fight everyday. He’s that part of my soul I never knew I had. The spark that lit up my life. I will not lose him. I cannot lose him.

I love him.

I been crying for a hour now omg I feel so depressed I don’t want look nothing more. I know the feeling so well that sakura missed sasuke. I wonder did she cry at night for him. Because I’m doing that now. My friends telling me calm down but I love the person so much. I sometimes cry when his gone. I don’t know if anybody understands and I don’t bother my Hinata. She been going through not showing no emotions that she missed her boyfriend. It’s hard talk to her because our bf are best friend. That’s not point. I been keeping this feeling inside and I miss him so much that I sometimes keep fake smile make everybody happy when his not with me.

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sorry, this may seem dumb, but what exactly is '#whiteout'?

Thank you for asking. Never be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know something. It’s the best way to learn.

Have you heard of #Blackout? The intention behind #Blackout day is to remind everyone that Black History is now and to celebrate those involved in making that history. As such, those of African decent all over the world are encouraged to post pictures of themselves on the Internet so as to celebrate themselves and make sure people don’t forget the faces behind the movements. For more about #Blackout, check out their tag on tumblr.

#Whiteout is being done by white people getting angry that they’re not being included in #Blackout and so have decided to undermine the display by creating #Whiteout. It is petty and disrespectful and, just like Straight Pride, shows how much these people are just missing the point. And I am personally offended by that level of willed ignorance.

If you are participating in #whiteout, please unfollow me.




I didn’t quite fully understand the need for a #blackout at first. The more I scroll through tumblr though, and the more I see what it would be like to have equal representation in art, photography, fashion, literature, and film I realized how much more beautiful our world could be. There is so much out there that the media isn’t showing us, that we aren’t exposed to, because our culture is still so fragmented. We are missing out on so much.

I support the blackout, and I’ll defend the ideas of the blackout as best a white guy can. 

My god, baby. You take my breath away. You are so absolutely beautiful—inside and out. You have shown me so many wonderful things in these (almost!) four months of dating, I don’t know how I could ever repay you. You have made me so happy and you’ve made me feel so loved and wanted, just as I was starting to get used to feeling the opposite.. I swear, you saved my heart. You retaught me what it’s like to love and be loved in return. It’s such a great feeling. I miss you so much. I miss hearing your laugh, I miss you falling asleep on the couch while you insist you’re awake, I miss sitting in your lap and watching shows with you, I miss waking up every morning with you and laying in bed for hours just kissing and cuddling before we finally get out of bed. I could go on for days. I miss you, baby. I can’t wait to see you again.. I hope we make everyone sick with how many pictures and videos we post, and I hope you never get sick of me. I love you so much, Annie. I hope with my whole heart that we can make this work and end up together in the end. I want the future we keep imagining. I want you. I want this. I want us. I’m actually pretty sleepy now. I just wanted you to know that I love you immensely.. Goodnight, my love. And good morning too-high-to-give-a-fuck, for when you see this. 💘

I am so excited for Daniel getting a lead role in a show. Like how freaking awesome is that?!?! He deserves it! He really does! He is an awesome actor and it shows, I mean so many people love him from Teen Wolf and he wasn’t even necessarily a main character, but he was an AMAZING character :)

I am crushed that my sweet werewolf doesn’t seem to be coming back to teen wolf. The hope was there and it was crushed, and i feel very similar to how I did when I read the article the day after Seaaon 3b ended saying he was leaving TW indefinitely. I immediately cried and I just feel so heartbroken cause I really do miss Isaac so so much and it would have been a dream come true to have him back on the show. But I am also so happy for Daniel. I’ll have a new show to watch :)

Congrats Daniel! :)

Thoughts from the plane

Baked for this plane ride. Boarded not long ago. We just started moving and I’ve already almost fallen asleep multiple times. It’s 10:33. I woke myself up to remind myself of how happy I am right now. I just left a room full of beautiful people. I sent air kisses good bye as they waved and told me they’d miss me. It doesn’t seem like much, but all of them mean so much to me in their own way. This trip down, they all really showed me they cared and did favors for me they didn’t really have to do. I’m so grateful my Gram did me this favor and the weather treated me well. I’m so grateful to have spent 4 days with such amazing humans; Who I obviously love so much. I’ll miss everyone so much. I hope the friendships I’ve created with these lovely humans can stay for much longer, despite the distance and difficulties that can be in the way. These people are too good to lose, I know this. Time to take off….Myrtle Beach, I’ll be seein’you. My Coastal friends, I love youuuuu 💕

Hi Erik,
I’m the producer for the Ben Shapiro show here in Seattle.  Don’t know if you know Ben or not, but he is very conservative.  But he’d like to get into a respectful conversation on the protest this past weekend against Senate Bill 5269 (Joel’s Law).
Would you or another spokesperson be able to join us tomorrow, maybe around 2:45 pm (pac) for a few minutes by phone?
Thanks very much!
Chris Martin

Chris Martin
The Ben Shapiro Show
AM 770 - KTTH

Bonneville Seattle Media Group

My favorite part is when he misspells my name despite me typing it out for him in my email. Also, by “very conservative” he means he is a “traditional values advocate” so yeah this’ll be fun. 

(I’m hoping to get interviewed at a later time since I missed the email on Tuesday.)