So I could use your help...

So these days I’m not much of a physics guy anymore, I work in research how to best communicate science, 

And science communication has gotten pretty stagnant. It’s all Brian Cox type people standing in of increasingly extreme places (Or a green screen of said places) getting all poetic. 

So I’m hoping to and end that by getting people involved in how their science is communicated right from the get-go. To that end:

What do you want from your science shows that you don’t get now? What are these shows missing? What would your dream show look like?

Your help would be seriously, seriously appreciated!


I love the show and i love Ru but I think her decisions have been all wrong this season
Starting with not making Kandy lipsync in the 4th episode and saving her so much, the Trixie elimination, all the acting stuff we are tired about, making Ginger win the Snatch game I mean that had no really good reason to be just like making her win again this episode instead of Katya or Kennedy. I feel like Ru is trying to convince us that Ginger is killing it but it is just making me feel really mad.

Last but not least, if Latrice didn’t make it to the crown I don’t think Ginger deserve to be the first big girl to win the title which is what this season has been all about.


“We’re hardly a flock you and I, although according to witnesses have been known to take wing.”

I loved their scenes so much in The Devil’s Mark. I didn’t write anything too serious for the recap but I was completely moved by their bond and friendship. Geillis/Lotte was perfect and I’ll miss her.

For me, female presence on this show is important because aside from Claire, we don’t get to know many likable characters. We only see Laoghaire as an annoying little brat and we don’t even get close to other women.

Now Jenny (who is compelling, badass and wonderfully portrayed) shares some screentime with Claire and that makes me really happy. And I have to admit that a part of me yearns for a show revolving around women like Claire, Geillis and Jenny, just hanging around in 17th century.

anonymous asked:

I was at this weekend and I've got two things 1) you are all incredible people with amazing outfits and I'm a little jealous of how y'all look! So kudos 2) I saw the start of the parade but also wanted to watch the effects show so had to leave early, the outfits again were amazing so I was sad to go. However I missed the winners (as it was judged) and wandering how I could find out? If there's a way?

Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely lovely words. We really appreciate it and wished we’d gotten more time to just walk around the floor and meet other people. Anyway!

The winner of the Cosplay Parade was a woman called Fushia who had hand dyed and individually sewn beads to make the flowers for Mary’s purple Empty Hearse dress.

The girl who came in second was called Nina who had an impressive Sherlock who whipped off her coat and scarf, to reveal a bow tie then drew on a moustache to become Waiter Sherlock from The Empty Hearse.

And third place went to a lady called Bianca who cosplayed Mycroft Holmes, complete with fake nose and receding hairline!

There were 2 honourable mentions who also got prizes which were Army John and Victorian John.

I hope you got to see them all, although with it being such a jam packed weekend a few people had to leave early. There are some picture on a link we posted about before so check them out!

Thanks again ☺️

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Pa! How was work today? Did I miss anything important?

Hey Lunt, you didn’t miss too much today. Mostly the usual chaos. We’ve been working on development for a new show and filming some more VTitH episodes too. So a lot has been going on in the process.

Hi guys!
So here’s the thing: my wifi router decided to die (rude).
I contacted the tech and i was told it could be days until i get my connection back - my queue is not filled up as i didnt expected this to happen, so it might just stop at any moment (i’ll fill some posts up tomorrow when im in uni) but yeah, if im not answering messages/posting that much is because of this, but i hope i can get it fixed asap. Until then, have fun, fill my dash with brotherfucking and know that i’ll miss you ❤️

Ps: i’ll schedule this to show up every once in a while but it would be really helpful if you could reblog it to let everyone know! :D
Loved this ep of Castle!!

Been thirsty for some Castle and Alexis bonding! Second favorite relationship on this show! Miss it so much! And I LOVED the case! This was an ep where the case owned the episode! The mystery and twists and intrigue! Plus Castle figuring out the case-I love when he solves the case. Bonus Alexis being all mature! Of course the concern Kate had watching for the flight to land! Poor baby worried about her family. Great ep! Bravo

The majority of reviews for Melinda have been pretty glowing, but there are a handful out there throwing a fit that a) Bahrain was underwhelming and utilized the “worst/most clichéd trope on television” - a character having to kill a child - and b) Melinda’s backstory was revealed at all, because she should have stayed ~mysterious. (My favourites are the comments on the reviews going on and on about how Iain is the best actor on the show and how Fitz should get so much more based on the thirty seconds he was on screen, in spite of the incredible emotional range Ming Na and Chloe and Dichen and Ruth delivered to us for a solid forty minutes, not to mention all season.)

And those reviews miss the point completely, because I think a lot of shows would have taken a route where Melinda’s trauma boiled down to violence committed to her in Bahrain, where May takes down all of those men after being tortured or raped or sexually assaulted in the warehouse, or a route where Melinda suffers a miscarriage in the process of fighting her way out, showing her robbed of her agency either by force or by trauma committed on her body. Those reviewers would rather a world where that happened, where that was taken away from her as long as we got some massive epic kickass fight scene at the end.

But what Agents of SHIELD did with Melinda was pretty rare, in that Bahrain is a trauma that comes not from violence committed on her but by her, in impossible circumstances. She did the worst thing imaginable in her mind, and it wasn’t taking down thirty men with her bare hands, it was having to take out the child who was doing so. And while the impact of this choice was distinctly gendered by her desire to be a mother and have children of her own, the show also managed to avoid essentializing her down to this mother-that-could-be. Agent Melinda May made that call and Melinda decided in the aftermath that she could no longer have faith in herself to be a mother. Melinda wasn’t robbed of motherhood by biology - the oft-used missing your age window to have a child trope - or by force, her choice to not be a mother afterwards instead hinged directly on a choice she herself had made on that fateful day.

As betweentwoceremonials​ has pointed out before, the point is that Bahrain wasn’t this big, earth shattering affair. It wasn’t the stuff of legends. It was a difficult choice, a personal tragedy, a quiet end to a life that was pretty damn perfect. The agents with her – men, mostly – spun it into a legend that they could make sense of, and it is this version of the story that circulated in SHIELD. Easier, perhaps, to be in awe - and distance of - a legend than to empathize with the woman who made the hardest of choices.

The Cavalry legend - a ridiculous tale of guns and horseback and impossible badassery - is what those reviewers were expecting. What we got instead was the story of Melinda, the story of Katya, and one quiet, devastating choice in a warehouse in Bahrain. And it was one hell of a lot more poignant than any fantasy they had about what happened could have ever been.