Baby? I know you read all my tumblr so I know you will see this and I hope it makes you smile.
Baby? You’re an angel, ever since I met you, you’ve always out me first, even if you were at rock bottom I was your top priority. You are so strong and I admire you every for it. You’re soooooo cute I just wish you could see it. The distance between us is a lot like 8000 miles and something, but soon that will only be a few centimeters. 2018 will be our year baby!!! And I can’t wait!!!! I also can’t wait to have 2 little children, hopefully a boy and a girl, kai and Emily xxxx such beautiful names, speaking of names I am gonna have to steal your last name, if you will let me. I love you to the end of time and back, you are my world, I give you my all baby, and I love you with everything I am xx xxxxxxxx I will need let you go and I hope you will never let me go xxxxxxxx love you my baby boy xxxxxxxxx

Backyard Races

a/n : A day out in the sun with Nathan and your daughter. MAJOR FLUFF!

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“Sweet cheeks, please sit still and let mommy rub in your sunscreen.” you try pleading with your daughter, her four year old body squirming in excitement as her deep brown eyes, restlessly set on her father. Nathan’s much larger body swimming in the medium sized pool a couple yards away. She couldn’t stop herself from turning her head every few seconds, not wanting to miss another moment of fun as she gazed longingly at her cousins throwing a blown up beach ball in the chlorine infused water.

“but-mommy-wy do I haf to put this stuff on wen they don’t.” her puffy lips pouted, questioning why she couldn’t just jump into her daddy’s arms and swim around gleefully like the rest of her family. The anticipation dimming her patience with each wasted second.

Sighing, you lay the bottle down by the patio chair you were currently sitting in, before looking into your daughter’s solemn eyes, “Baby, unfortunately you’ve inherited my sensitive skin- meaning..” you pause, noticing a shift in her facial expression, eyebrows scrunching up as she attempts to grasp and understand your choice of words, “that the sun could hurt you, but only if we don’t use precautions and smother you in this lotion that blocks the sun from burning your beautiful skin.”

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I was gonna do something cute but then this monstrosity popped into my head. So this is my third time doing one of these and each time someone follows me I’m just like “I have no idea why you are here but thanks!”. About a week short of two months of actively blogging and I can’t express how nice it feels to know that people are enjoying things I post :D If it wasn’t for you guys I probably wouldn’t have bothered learning how to make gifs, use photoshop etc. so I’m really grateful for the motivation and support from everyone!!! So listed below are the super duper amazing blogs that I follow and reblog who you should check out! :D

PS. It was Onodera’s face instead of Raku’s first but I found that too mentally traumatizing XD

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Yixing is such a flirt. Charming his way into ladies’ hearts 24/7, 365 (IN ENGLISH!!!). I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this 100000x and still can’t get over the fact that his English is so good and that the two most beautiful women in is life are his mother and grandmother ❤️ Mama, I think I chose a good man to love. Meet your future son-in-law lol


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@manqueenoir has finally accepted my marriage proposal! 

Honestly, y’all it has been a trip…like…it’s been months of me proposing and her rejecting me…BUT SHE’S FINALLY DESPERATE ENOUGH TO SAY YES!

You are all invited! Of course. It’s gonna be in the winter so dress for that I guess? We will be registered at Kpop Town, Amazon, and American Airlines.  

Drums of Autumn - ch. 50 favourite

“And what makes you think I want to be married to anybody at all?”

His mouth dropped open.

“Want?” he said incredulously. “And what has want to do with it?”

“Everything!” She stamped her foot.

“Now there you’re wrong, lassie,” he advised her, turning to pick up his fork. He eyed her stomach with a nod. “You’ve a bairn coming, who needs a name. Your time to be choosy is long since past, aye?”

He dug his fork into the pile of manure and heaved the load into the waiting barrow, then dug again, with a smooth economy of motion born of years of labor.

“Now, Ian’s a sweet-tempered lad, and a hard worker,” he said, eyes on his task. “He’s got his own land; he’ll have mine, too, in time, and that will—”

“I am not going to marry anybody!” Brianna drew herself up to her full height, fists balled at her sides, and spoke in a voice loud enough to disturb the bats in the corners of the ceiling. One small dark form detached itself from the shadows and flittered out into the gathering dusk, ignored by the combatants underneath.

“Well, then, make your own choice,” Jamie said shortly. “And I wish ye well of it!”

“You…are…not…listening!” Brianna said, grinding each word between her teeth. “I’ve made my choice. I said I won’t…marry…anyone!” She punctuated this with another stamp of her foot.

Jamie thrust the fork into the pile with a thump. He straightened up and eyed Brianna, rubbing his fist across his jaw.

“Aye, well. I seem to recall hearin’ a verra similar opinion expressed by your mother—the night before our wedding. I havena asked her lately does she regret bein’ forced to wed me or not, but I flatter myself she’s maybe not been miserable altogether. Perhaps ye should go and have a word wi’ her?”

“It’s not the same thing at all!” Brianna snapped.

“No, it’s not,” Jamie agreed, keeping a firm grip on his temper. The sun was low behind the hills, flooding the stable with a golden light in which the creeping tide of red in his skin was nonetheless quite visible. Still, he was making every attempt to be reasonable.

Your mother wed me to save her life—and mine. It was a brave thing she did, and generous, too. I’ll grant it’s no a matter of life or death, but—have ye no idea what it is to live branded as a wanton—or as a fatherless bastard, come to that?”

Seeing her expression falter slightly at this, he pressed his advantage, stretching out a hand to her and speaking kindly.

“Come, lassie. Can ye not bring yourself to do it for the bairn’s sake?”

Her face tightened again and she stepped back.

“No,” she said, sounding strangled. “No. I can’t.”

He dropped his hand. I could see them both, despite the fading light, and saw the danger signs all too clearly, in the narrowing of his eyes and the set of his shoulders, squared for battle. “Is that how Frank Randall raised ye, lass, to have no regard for what’s right or wrong?”

Brianna was trembling all over, like a horse that’s run too far.

“My father always did what was right for me! And he would never have tried to pull something like this!” she said. “Never! He cared about me!”

At this, Jamie finally lost his temper, which went off with a bang.

“And I don’t?” he said. “I am not trying my best to do what’s right for ye? In spite of your being—”

“Jamie—” I turned toward him, saw his eyes gone black with anger, and turned toward her. “Bree—I know he didn’t—you have to understand—”

“Of all the reckless, thoughtless, selfish ways in which to behave!”

You self-righteous, insensitive bastard!

“Bastard! Ye’ll call me a bastard, and your belly swellin’ like a pumpkin with a child that ye mean to doom to finger-pointing and calumny for all its days, and—”

Anybody points a finger at my child, and I’ll break it off and stuff it down their throat!

“Ye senseless wee besom! Have ye no the faintest notion o’ how things are? Ye’ll be a scandal and a hissing! Folk will call ye whore to your face!”

“Let them try it!”

“Oh, let them try it? And ye mean me to stand by and listen, I suppose?”

“It’s not your job to defend me!”

He was so furious that his face went white as fresh-bleached muslin.

“Not my job to defend you? For Christ’s sake, woman, who else is meant to do it?”

Ian tugged gently on my arm, drawing me back.

Ye’ve only the twa choices now, Auntie,” he murmured in my ear. “Douse them both wi’ a pan o’ cold water, or come away with me and leave them to it. I’ve seen Uncle Jamie and my Mam go at it before. Believe me, ye dinna want to step between two Frasers wi’ their dander up. My Da said he’s tried once or twice, and got the scars to prove it.

I took a final glance at the situation and gave up. He was right; they were nose to nose, red hair bristling and eyes slitted like a couple of bobcats, circling, spitting and snarling. I could have set the hay on fire, and neither one would have spared an instant’s notice.

It seemed remarkably quiet and peaceful outside. A whippoorwill sang in the aspen grove, and the wind was in the east, carrying the faint sounds of the waterfall to us. By the time we reached the dooryard, we couldn’t hear the shouting anymore.

“Dinna be worrit, Auntie,” Ian said comfortingly. “They’ll get hungry, sooner or later.”


                             banner made by the wonderful will herondale

                 summer fic exchange written for the lovely ash, @stylesmyth

Rune––correction, Agent Rune Darnell––only knew the desk job side to the CIA. But when her phone rings, she’s suddenly on a flight from Washington DC to London, England as a mole. Her (very first) mission: go under the alias of Leah and to get as close as can can–do whatever it takes–to get information out of her subject.

AU where Harry is thought to be heir to one of the biggest mafias in London since his father’s death, keeping friends close but enemies closer is one hell of an understatement, and where Rune–Leah–whoever she is, gets crushed.

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ask-charles-lee  asked:

“I don’t want to marry you at all, the person I love is someone else.” ((I thought it might be different to do an au where charlie is still with is ex, if thats alright?))

((I’m totally here for this))

Benedict’s smile immediately fell from his face. Ever since he was young his parents had told him about the other man he would marry. He’d always been so excited and now here he was, Charles Lee, the man of his dreams that he was supposed to marry. And he didn’t want him. “Oh. Um… Oh.” He didn’t know what to say.


It’s been a while! But here’s an update for you all~ I got married on June 18, 2016. My hubby and I are very much into Disney. Though we couldn’t afford a Disneyland wedding, we decided to bring our own touch of Disney into our big day. We spent months working on our center pieces and they all turned out way more awesome than we had hoped. 
All of the stuff we made were bought from Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I made all of the paper things, except for Snow White’s wishing well. All the sculptures were made by my husband, Adam

If you’d like to see more images, I posted a few on my pinterest.

Photography credits all go to Memoire Studios


“After all this is over, I promise to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side and nothing is going to get in the way of that. You mean too much to me. I’m not losing you after everything we have been through,” he says passionately. You smile, “I promise we will when this is all over. I’m not going anywhere.”

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Drawn on my Heart, 5/6

James and Rose have known they were soulmates from the moment Rose’s drawing appeared on James’ arm at age seven. Fifteen years later, they’re in love but still haven’t met. Will James’ habit of writing his appointments down on his hand change that? Soumates AU for @quite-right-too.

Ten x Rose, soulmates AU where what you draw or write on your arm appears on your soulmate’s arm.

All ages

AO3 | FF.NET | TSP | Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 |

Good morning, almost-husband! I love you.

I tried to bring you breakfast, but Mum is intent on the whole, “It’s unlucky for the groom to see the bride,” thing.

Just ten more hours. I can’t wait to marry you.

Shareen and I got all the fairy lights strung up. It’s gonna look gorgeous tonight.

James? Are you okay? You’re not usually this quiet.

Why won’t you talk to me, James?

Please don’t do this.

James lay curled up on the couch as he stared at the notes from Rose. The first one had already been there when he’d woken up at 6:00. How early had she gotten up?

He hated the gradual shift from giddy to afraid. He especially hated knowing he was to blame. But each time he’d reached for a pen to write her back, something had stopped him.

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