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The way you draw Varric is adorable, do you have any of your own dwarf characters?

Thank you so much! ^////^ I do! ^_^ Hana Aeducan is my lovely Warden ^_^

(Picture is from this post, and a few more pics of her can be found on my Dragon Age Fanstuff page under the DAO section ^_^ )

I also hope to make a Cadash at some point in DAI (who will romance Josie >///>) but I’ve been a little wrapped up in replaying Celyse over and over again lol. 

I’ll be doing the Dwarf Appreciation Week again with Hana this month, got some new art for that ^_^ Dwarves in DA will always be my first love, eheh ^_^ *cough* DA4 more dwarf lore plz *cough* Sorry this was so long, I just really love Hana a lot >_<

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you should absolutely do the 30 day boss challenge!! i love lux and im sure many of us do, and i know that at least i would adore to read and know more about her :) also i must tell you that youre just the cutest person on tumblr, your mannerisms and everything are just so sweet and adorable, pls keep on keeping on

<3 that’s super kind of you to say nonny <3 I do want to try, but I’d love to have some images to go along with the text. between bad depression, lack of confidence, carpal tunnel, and now my dinky lil split finger, I’m not sure I can manage to make anything yet. I really, really want to try tho. only other 30 day challenge I’ve ever done was that old DAO Warden one in 2013, and I flaked on that after about day 3. it’d be nice to have the motivation to finish a challenge for once.

annnd oh man, nonny, thank you ouo you’ve made this dumpy lil potato smile like a goof on a morning when i really, really needed it <3 if i could push good thoughts and pastries at you through the screen i’d be doing it rn <333

Things I want for Dragon Age 4

- New Characters(it’s a given bc they said they needed new people to defeat Solas), with cameos of the crew (Varric, Cass, Bull and Dorian) - Revamped specializations Mages -Blood Magic - Time Magic (got introduced in DAI -knight Enchanter or Shape-shifter like Morrigan * With the shape-shifter we can finally become dragons Warriors - Seekers - Champion/Warden - New Idea *I want the seekers cuz Cassandra said that some seekers had abilities like being able to make a persons blood boil, paralyzingly them, and other stuff Rogue - Duelist/Bard/Assassin - Alchemist - New Idea - I want to travel to Tevinter, Nevarra, and see how Kirkwall is doing after DA2+DAI -Bring back some people like Aveline, Bethany/Carver, Fenris, Alistair/Hawke ***Definitely Have the Warden do something and Have Kieran become a member of the new characters group have him age magically or something BioWare can figure something out

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