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Hi ok lmao time to start some drama lmao no but uHM dotn like Allura that much. Like she kinda rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning and I haven't really gotten over it yet. I'm really trying to like her but she just kinda,,, exasperates me???


not to be dramatic but im so heartbroken and depressed and literally nothing is worth it but i cant kms cuz people will be sad so im just gonna:) live unfortunately

made another one of those palette challenge things, i wont be taking requests for it rn but feel free to reblog this and have ur followers challenge you

ya can repost it on other websites or w/e but for the love of god credit me, i even made it easy for u and slapped my url right on the top so u cant say u forgot who made it

People get tattoos once they've found there soulmate

-people wearing shorts to show off that one tattoo that’s just formed
-people wearing a tonne of clothes on the summer just to hide the lack of tattoos
-people loving someone but the Tatoos not showing so they draw them on
-a girl crying in the rain as concealer is washed away revealing ratios everywhere,
Her soulmate died and she was left with them and she’s trying to move on
-or she takes pictures of them not wanting to forget him as they slowly fade away
-adults moving because the baby’s soulmate was the same gender and they found out through a play date
-the child growing up with a single tattoo on his shoulder
-his grandfather is deathly I’ll so they have to go back and he meets the pizza delivery guy
-a tattoo begins to form on his wrist as he hands the money over
-a man and a woman bump in the street coffee spills everywhere and as it soaks through you can see a tattoo beginning to form

https://milku-way.tumblr.com/post/161144054332/people-get-tattoos-when-theyve-found-there I made a part two yall 😫😫♥️