A Doll Frasers Christmas - more photos from the family album

Surprising the wee girls with what’s under the tarpaulin. 

Having been told about the new baby coming, now forever referred to as ‘the pudding’ by Faith and Bree, Jamie, Claire and Murtagh moved on to show the girls the rest of their surprise….

A sleigh!!!!!! They were so excited!

And my, didn’t it look warm and comfy, with all that fur….

The girls couldn’t wait to get inside and explore but Suzette managed to snap a couple of pictures for the family album first….

But I do wonder what Jamie was whispering to Claire in that second picture..?

Something about a midnight rendezvous in the barn perhaps…. 😉 

And take a look at Murtagh’s face….I think he knew exactly what was being planned…..

( to be continued…..by @takemeawaytocamelot )

Because I LOOOOVE to talk about animation and the detail in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I noticed something new to talk about in regards to it that I found super interesting and maybe someone else will too! 

So in episode 19 of FMAB, “Death of the Undying”, we see Mustang carve a transmutation circle into his hand. 

So, with that being said, most likely any other studio would’ve had just forgotten about it or just moved on. But not Bones. In episode 31, “520 Cens Promise”, that’s 12 episodes later, they continue to show remnants of the transmutation circle that was carved into his hand. 

12 episodes later, which most of the time is a whole season later, and they still didn’t forget. 

Thank you, Bones. I will forever love talking about the detail that comes with FMAB. 

And in case anybody wanted to know: yup, that level of detail is totally in the manga as well. The picture below was from chapter 62, which corresponds with episode 31. 


time moved too fast

you play it back

please do not repost :)

Nothing To Lose (Nogitsune!Stiles Imagine)

Everything they know, everything they’ve learned, it was all me. I know it, I collect every piece of information in order to help them, I do my best to help Scott and Stiles to go thru any kind of struggle ever since Scott was bitten. But it seems like I disappeared from every picture or memory since Allison and Lydia arrived into the group, it was obvious considering she’s the love of Scott’s life or Stiles forever lasting third grade crush.

But what about their third partner in crime?

The latest danger was the Nogitsune, a dark spirit of a Kitsune that feeds of chaos and pain and see any kind of disaster he causes as a sick joke. And now it uses Stiles’ body as a host to cause this chaos around Beacon Hills and upon the pack.

I knew what his game was, I realized the repeating moves and got to understand the loop he got the pack into this whole time. I sorted it all while they were too busy to getting Stiles’ back instead of taking few steps back in order to see the whole board, to see the game.

They never listened, and when they did, it was either Allison or Lydia or even this new girl Kira that got the feedback on the great idea that I came up with.

I knew the Nogitsune’s game, and I knew where his next move leads.

Beacon Hills high school

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His thumb grazed the cheek that pained her, and his expression turned suddenly curious and gentle. He leaned down and his lips brushed hers. She was so utterly shocked she couldn’t budge. His hand moved to the nape of her neck as he continued to kiss her, his bare fingers ran through her hair.

So this is an excerpt from the one-shot TFA fan fic I wrote inspired by this lovely picture, called Vision of a Kiss on AO3. Check it out if you have the time!

The Man in the High Castle: John Smith [INTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): John’s inferior officers are often four steps behind him and only just figuring out what he seems to have discerned in advance, from guessing people’s motivations (“I knew you were hiding something from me”) to keeping his focus on the broader picture and its implications at all times. He is a sharp judge of character and forever shaping his actions in the context of the aftermath (what will this do to his career, or his standing? – this is Ni/Te together). He anticipates events and sets things in motion for them, just in case (“If I don’t come back…”). He reaffirms often that he does not like to think into the past, but instead desires to always “move and look forward.”

Extroverted Thinking (Te): He believes in rules and regulations, and doing things “by the book.” He informs Joe that if one is part of a machine, one cannot do whatever one wants to, because then the machine ceases to function properly – each “cog” must function according to its intended purpose. John issues orders and expects them to be obeyed. He has no real qualms about turning in an old friend in order to preserve his greater idealism or his futuristic ambitions. Sensing Joe is not entirely honest with him, John sets up a trap to gain proof and catch him in the act.  He is comfortable in the chain of command and rational in all his decisions, even the risky ones.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): His actions may seem cold to outsiders, but glimpsing John at home and with his son shows quite another man than the one who brutally orders beatings and executions; he dearly loves his wife and children, and tries to protect them. When learning devastating news about a member of his immediate family, John does not discuss it with anyone, but grieves in private. His honor is sometimes put aside for a “greater moral good,” but he desperately tries to help an old friend gain footing after a betrayal of the Third Reich, and his personal values are absolute.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): When his car is detained and he is nearly assassinated, John has to think and react quickly on his feet – and he responds fast enough to save his life; but he much prefers to plan things in advance and handle them on his own terms. He is prone to risk taking, but he seems to anticipate his decisions rather than commit to them in the heat of the moment – even the murder (“suicide”) of an insubordinate officer comes across as premeditated, rather than impulsive.

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1. Who Wants to Live Forever? - Queen
2. Take a Picture - Filter
3. All You Wanted - Michelle Branch
4. Smile - Uncle Kracker
5. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
6. Tonight, Tonight - The Smashing Pumpkins
7. Africa - Toto
8. Imaginary - Evanescence
9. Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon
10. Take Me Away - Lifehouse

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Alright, it’s J2 photo-op time!

This story is so long because I knew this was going to be the moment I lived for and I seared it all in memory; I’ve had this blog for almost two years now and have been a J2 fan so much longer.

My sister was kind of fast out the door once they called for our pictures and that meant we were going to be near the front of the line and I just could not have that.  I made her slow down because I wanted to watch them interact first.  She rolled her eyes, but obliged because I paid for her ticket so she sort of had to.  

When we got up there, the line was taking forever to move.  Once I was in the room I saw why; they literally have full-out conversations between every single picture!  I’m not talking just a word or a sentence here and there, I mean full-blown conversations.  It’s so funny!

We were about 15 people from the front and I watched as Jared leaned in, put a hand in front of his mouth, and whispered something to Jensen.  Jensen busted out laughing, that beautiful, full-body laugh of his, and slapped Jared on the chest in the most adorable way ever.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyway, stuff like that continued the entire time and omg the line was so slow (not complaining at all, longer to look at them, but it was taking forever).  They were whispering to one another, talking, laughing, and for one op they did the three-person tango, like the one in Chicago, and Jared had his leg up (as usual) and his left hand (the one you couldn’t see in the pictures but you could watch *wink*) was literally clasped on Jensen’s waist and Jensen had an arm around Jared’s neck - I swear to god I had to remind myself to breathe.  

Anyway, that was the most exciting of the ops until it was our turn.  We got up there and Jared remembered me from earlier (”Hi, Kirsten!” and he smiled so big with dimples and I melted and almost cried again).  My sister hadn’t met Jared yet so she was, like, in awe of him and she was/is terrified (in love with) of Jensen so she couldn’t even speak.  I asked if we could just get sandwiched between them and Jensen smirked and said, “Let’s do it,” and Jared just grabbed me (again) and squashed me to his chest.  

We took the pic and I went to pull back, but Chris stopped us and said Jared’s scarf had blocked my face so we had to do it again (oh no!).  Next thing I know, I hear Jensen go, “Jared, c’mon!  Pull up!” and Jared goes, “Hey, it’s not my fault!” and he’s laughinglaughinglaughing and Jensen goes, “Oh yeah?  Who had to wear the beanie and the scarf and the jacket?” (he had a lot of issues with Jared’s attire (too many layers)) so Jared threw his beanie to the ground and took the scarf off, only to wrap it around Jensen’s neck.

“You look better in it anyway,” (I swear to god !!!!!) he had laughed and Jensen started laughing too and I just fucking stood there with, probably, the biggest eyes ever.  Anyway, eventually Jared put everything back on and Jensen goes, “Sorry about that,”  and I just said, “No, no, continue,” and they both laughed before Jared went, “The sad thing is we’re usually much, much worse.  This is behaved and focused Jensen and Jared compared to normal.” (Jared really likes talking about himself in third person lol)

Chris was rolling his eyes and went, “Are you two ready?” and they both did that stupid thing where people pretend to straighten up and clear their voices and dust off their outfits as if they’re going to get serious and said “Absolutely” and “Why wouldn’t we be?” in the dumbest voices.

Finally we took the pic, but not before I had to put my hand on Jared’s chest to push the scarf back and he moved my hair from my face and omg I know I shivered because he can’t do shit like that to me and expect me to be okay.  

We (I) thanked them and Jensen hugged me and Jared hugged my sister before we walked away.  As I’m grabbing my bag to leave though, Jensen freakin’ goes and puts his head between Jared’s shoulder blades then goes deadweight on him lmao 

And that was my J2 photo-op experience aka it was the most amazing four minutes of my life

Okay, so anyone who’s seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer (one of my all time favorites - first Vamp show I ever loved), you’ll recognize this scene.

After Narducci told us that the ancestral plane isn’t destroyed just severed from the living, I realized something horrible. Davina didn’t move on at all. In fact, she’s still there. Probably living with even more torment. Davina is basically in hell. I was hoping she’d at least move on to a better place… But she hasn’t. I thought it was destroyed. It wasn’t. So now she is going to go through torment forever.. Especially now that she ruined their connection with the living.

Back to this picture. This is a picture of a character named Angel. A vamp who the slayer loved yet ultimately killed to save everyone. He was sent to hell… And had centuries of torment there. Even though for Buffy it had been like a summer. He was able to come back but he was almost like an animal after being tortured for so long. She had to put him in chains to protect herself and others because he seemed violent. At first, he barely remembered her. The love of his existence. Sound familiar?

I don’t know why but the moment I read that article I thought of this parallel… I don’t know if the writers are as clever as Joss Whedon is… But maybe they’ll do something like this.

Somehow Davina is brought back to the living but because her soul was destroyed she could come back completely evil… Or her soul could be restored but after being tormented so long, she’s almost wild like and doesn’t even remember Kol really. Because for her it’s been maybe like 100 years or something. She could look ragged and long hair even. Ripped clothes. Dirty.

Kol could help her try to remember who she is and what they had. Or even the help of Vincent and maybe some other kind witches and Marcel. It would take a while but she could be the Davina we love once again.


Unfortunately, if she’s too evil or too far gone, they erase her memories completely. And give her a “new life” and new identity. But this would mean she wouldn’t remember any of them, including Kol and Marcel. This could happen while Kol is gone for 3 years. When he returns he sees her and all but freaks out, yet she has no idea who he is and maybe has a new name? He’d be so confused but Vincent could show him a video recording of her as malevolent… And tell him they had no choice but to ease her broken mind and soul. Or by giving her a new soul this was a consequence.. Just like when they body hop. But then maybe Kol could help her and she’d fall in love with him all over again.

I don’t know. But that article just made it seem like we’d see Davina again in some shape or form. As much as I hate knowing she’s being tormented because the plane wasn’t destroyed (and Freya is off living a wonderful life in dream land), I would much rather hate her just moving on because we might never see her again.

This would be a unique storyline for The Originals and besides, we need our little witch back. And so does Kol.

I’m slowly getting around to doing a little rebrand and rearrange of how I do things on in the internet. Here is one of set of new profile pictures featuring an accurately grumpy me and colour coded backgrounds for each social media platform.

Other things will be changing over the next few months, include a departure from Society6 (moving to Inprnt) and a restock of my Storenvy store.

Real Monsters t-shirts/mugs/etc on Society6 wont be there forever so grab them now if you can. (I will give you guys a warning before I officially move over.)

I have this theory that Phil Takes all these pictures of Dan because he knows he could lose him , he knows how easily someone can slip from your fingertips so he takes all these photos and little videos of Dan because he wants to keep him in his memory forever , no matter what happens , if Dan moves out and gets married or even if something happens to him like Dying, he wants to cherish the time they have together for as long as he can, he wants. To be able to be 40 and still remember what his best friends smile looks like and remember the way his voice sounds. He doesn’t want it to end, even though at some point it will, so he keeps their memories in photo albums, not wanting to forget anything about the boy who was next to him in his life.


I think this is the moment I was hooked.  I saw the chemistry between these two from the beginning, episdode 1x03, but THIS moment right here just did it! They were a couple I could and would root for! Chemistry like this is rare. Scully and Mulder are my forever OTP and no one has ever come close to meeting up to their chemistry, until now. I mean, come on! You can see it in this picture. How is that possible?  That is an amazing thing!

I love how she stands up to him. This is the Arrow. A killer. He is intimidating yet, she has no problem standing up to him and challenging him. ( another thing I love) & she has no problem walking away from him. I love that! 

I  L O V E  Oliver’s reaction. Oliver is shocked, so much he can’t move and just watches her leave. I also believe he was a little bit turned on. hee hee. She is different from anyone he knows, in all the right ways. 

Added bonus…John’s reaction. He was thinking “yup. I love this girl.” Someone other than himself, who will call Oliver on his crap. lol


Here another Jessica part in Catch Me If You Can that I share with you, I include the OT8 one to show the difference. All the Jessica picture is from the weibo. My twitter list is going crazy because of the leak jess picture.

To be honest, if you ask  me, I already move on and let go all the past but that does mean I forget. Everything that happened already happened. You cannot erase what in the past, you either have to accept or let it go, and then move on. 




Blank space
Emma Mills

I haven’t done one of these arrangements in forever! From the lovely taylorswift, this is “Blank Space,” but arranged as if it’s a fifties musical movie love song (picture Fred Astaire singing to Audrey Hepburn on a beautiful outdoor set with like a bridge and a pond and flowers etc etc). 

Apologies for the POOR tuning of the piano– since moving away from home, this is the only one I have access to. Saving up for a keyboard! :)

Also, if your powers are literally powered by the sun like Superman’s I’d really just like to take this time to suggest Clark forever napping in the sunshine. Like literally fly around the world and take a catnap on the side of some hill in the Sahara. But, Rae, it’s the sun’s radiation. He’s not a fucking plant. He doesn’t need direct sun light or whatever. 

Shut up. 

Superman catnaps. Clark Kent gets caught snoozing on the roof of the Daily Planet. Lois is full of MOCKERY. Clark does not care. When he’s seventeen, he moves away from home and immediately relocates to the middle east where he spends a bunch of time lowkey helping people dig wells and build sustainable housing and napping in the sun. 

This white boy, they cry. He just lies there in the sun for hours and hours, he should have heat stroke and death but he just wakes up peppy and tan. It’s really weird. 


I spent five weeks in the US, one of those weeks were spent on trains going from San Francisco to New York with a whole bundle of stops. The longest stretch spent on the train was between Portland, OR and Chicago. 52 hours of pleasure. It was incredibly beautiful, passing through the woodlands of Oregon and the enormous open plains of the northern states; Montana just goes on forever and ever. 

At about 4am, when the train stopped at Whitefish, Montana, a group of about 40 amish got on the train. I got talking to a few of them over breakfast and it turned out that they had been visiting family in Montana, a part of their congregation had moved from Illinois to Montana. We had a nice chat.

This picture is of an amish woman getting back on the train after a quick breather somewhere close to the Canadian border; i don’t remember the name of the town. They did have 4G phone coverage though. I remember that much.

The route between Portland and Chicago also takes you through fracking country, up in North Dakota. One of the stops is Williston that is basically a gateway for those going to North Dakota to work in the oil industry. The last year has seen a vast decrease in the demand for the fracking oil and the economy has slumped; when I passed through however the train was filled with enthusiastic – and very, ver drunk and stoned – people that were enjoying the last, few moments of leave. When the got off the train the busses were waiting for them to shuttle them straight off to work.

I spent some time talking to one of them, a very enthusiastic young man, over a glass of fine Californian riesling from the Amtrak bistro. Talking might not be the right word, listening might be more appropriate. He was fairly wasted on amphetamines at the time and started talking about how that he’d actually just left North Dakota, he’d gotten a great job in construction in Seattle. He and a friend rented a car and set to driving from North Dakota to Washington; they’d popped amphetamines and hadn’t slept for three days when they got pulled over by the cops in Oregon. He got locked up and lost his job. Now he was heading back to Williston to work with his brother-in-law. He then continued to state that he was an atheist after which he went on to explain the core values of the Mormon faith to me.

I wonder where he is today.

Havre, Montana, USA.