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mercutio x peter and number 19...... bc im trash like that ((((:

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 daisy ik you’re sleeping rn but i thought you might wanna read this too

peter’s going through the pictures when he spots it. “Hey, Hasam!” he calls. “Get over here!” The two of them are moving out of their tiny apartment into something with a little more room to breathe where Hasam doesn’t have to commute 45 minutes both ways. They’ve been packing boxes for what feels like forever, so Hasam welcomes the break when he hears Peter from behind a column of cardboard boxes. “What is it, babe?” he asks, eyebrows quirked, pushing back a paisley bandana from his forehead. “I found the pictures from Hero and Ursula’s wedding!” Peter says excitedly, waving around a stack of photos and accidentally scattering them in the process. “Seriously?!” Hasam asks, bobbing up onto the balls of his feet as Peter attempts to gather the pictures. “Show me!” Peter sits down, shifting all the photos to one hand, and pulls Hasam down with the other. Hasam leans his head on Peter’s shoulder, and Peter wraps an arm around his waist. “Look!” Peter says happily, showing a picture of the two of them laughing their asses off. “I think this was after you’d made some fucking terrible joke about the ‘gay-pan holes’ Ursula and Hero would leave in our lives when they went on their honeymoon” he recalled, shaking his head and laughing at the memory. “Oh my god, I remember that!” Hasan giggled. “You were trying so hard to act like it wasn’t funny but eventually you gave in and cracked up.” Peter flicked his eyebrows. “I will admit, you can be hard to resist.” Hasam grinned. “Don’t you know it? Okay, next one.” 

Peter flipped through photo after photo of Hasam and Peter laughing, Hasam and Peter staring at each other, Hasam and Peter brushing arms, Hasam and Peter sitting real close and personal. Until eventually-

“I forgot Bea got a shot of us before we noticed her,” Hasam whispered contently against the collar of Peter’s jumper. It was a picture of the two boys kissing, fingers entertwined. “Me too,” said Peter quietly. He headbutted Hasam softly from the side. “I love you, you dork.” 

Hasam smiled. “I love you too.” He leaned over and kissed Peter, gently running a hand over his jaw before pulling away, “you fucking nerd,” he chuckled, returning his head to Peter’s shoulder. “You’re a nerd,” Peter retorted, grabbing Hasam’s hand. 

no title

bonedry my what covers
me dig dugs thru
all yalls med cabs
looks for
cures for
buzzing of beezzz
it me
sleepy/no sleepy
tippy tappy fuck the police
am i says i
eat human flesh or
decides an animal
who shot
all the fake kiddos
mirrors of mirrors of mirrors of yours
im yours im yours
a bloody shoulder
pop cut of meat in stews
you have a couple teeth
for me
to breathe yr own blood so short
to die i know it gargling
from moving picture magic spells
riding in the back of a rental car
leaving manhattan
i cried the last times we saw us
its common
breath mint back of taxi to who cares
bumbling mess
bubbling bliss
i miss i miss i mess
bless, troubling
prayer emoji or high five
i mossy stands still forever
stoned forever
this feels
like i turn this way down some street
& u r in my blood
does witchy
oh wake me up w beams
rain against pavement sounds like
yr tired of it all
barefoot on wood floors
the fridge hums a song we remember
dies upon a rooftop
chase waterfalls
burns a bathtub of his shoes
its raining
where i am in case
you were wondering
abt the weather

My pictures suck (since I wasn’t even supposed to be taking pictures oops) but I was in the 5th row to see my queen of Broadway. She was beautiful and wonderful and it was a perfect evening. So many thanks to Ms. Beverly and her friend Cathy for getting the tickets and for moving us up from the 24th row to the 5th row. Definitely a night I’ll remember forever. #IdinaMenzel

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Are you going to post wedding pictures when it happens??? I bet you look absolutely gorgeous in your dress <3

Yes :) I will. I know a lot of you are asking for pictures of my dress, but Tyler follows me on tumblr and I can’t risk that ;D 
I don’t want to stir anything, but I think after the wedding might be a good moving ground to transition from the secret poems to focusing more seriously on my own work. I know I can’t do this forever, but so far it’s just an idea.

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How come you don't share many pictures from when you were younger, Nicole?

“Firs’, le’s clarify tha’ sta’men’. I don’ share any from when I was younger. If yer gonna ask me questions, a’ leas’ ge’ ‘em righ’.”

{/A hand instinctively moves to protectively cover her wallet in her pocket. Forever in there will remain a small reminder of the child within she so desperately wishes to appease. A child she’s covered with hair dye and her own manipulation…hidden glasses and everything. For a moment, her hand lingers there.

Then it relaxes by her side again.

The shaded being wouldn’t try to take it from her, she’d be fine. Giving a gentle shake of her head, she speaks firmly and directly to make sure that they back down. No more of these types of questions would be tolerated.}

“–Secondly, I don’ think tha’s none o’ yer business. I was a baby an’ a toddler, jus’ like everyone else was. I don’ think seein’ me as a kid is gonna make no damn difference ta seein’ me as I am now. Like, wha’ good is i’ gonna do now? They’re nuffin’ bu’ stupid memories tha’ no one needs.”

Repost from Instagram “exactly 5 weeks til my birthday and I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing yet, but whatever it is… it will include a bikini 👙🎂 today’s workout included #squats #lunges #legpress #deadlifts lots of single leg moves & lots of #plyos in between weight sets. (bulgarian split squat w/ jump pictured above) finished it all up with 30 minutes #cardio & bucket loads of sweat #5weeksout #wakeupearly #getshitdone forever #legday” by @j.dubs on http://ift.tt/1JcnDLW

The tongue puppeteer

When those thoughts tumbled across your tongue what did they taste like? Were they silky smooth, buttery and lush or bitter, harsh, grimace-inducing? Did they make you want to move that body like the puppeteer had suddenly come to life…spine arcing, feet tapping, hands outlining the shimmering distant flow of your echoing laugh, ringing forever in the ears of my rapidly fluttering secret heart. You sang the song that only i could hear the lyrics to. Funny thing is I knew the words before they ever left your lips, and I laughed to hear how they fluted from that voice that I’d been hearing since I first began to know what it was to dream. Lost in my picture-perfect storybook fairytale happily-ever-after, you sounded exactly like that. Don’t ever stop speaking to me that way. I’ll be hearing you when I think to turn the volume up on the ever-present chorus in my head. Oh, yeah, and your tongue, those thoughts, never, mind, don’t even get me started again.  

How am I supposed to move on from something we said was supposed to be forever.
The pictures I have are of nothing but you
You said you loved me more than anything in this whole entire world
What was it that made you change your mind
At what point did you know you wanted to grow without me
At what point did you decide you were better off alone
At what point did you realized the path you’re going Down was troubled
At what moment did you realize that the feeling you had were gone

It’s hard for me to accept this. Because I never stopped loving. I never wanted to see the world without you.
God what am I gonna do

Siam #43

I’ve never really consciously thought of the rule of thirds but on retrospect I do wind up using it unconsciously. This is not one of those times. Usually when I wind up taking pictures of strangers, I just wait till there’s noone else in the frame and take a picture then, and that might take forever and the person in question might move. It happened with this girl selling these clothes. 

This one turned out better than I’d hoped for really. It looks wonky but alot of colours and textures. A good thing.

I finally got the empty frame but she moved. Also woah, where did that knee come from? Was that there the entire time? Turns out it was. I just didn’t notice it.

Classes start tomorrow!

I’m kind of nervous, kind of scared, and a little excited. It’s a weird feeling… I thought high school went by so slowly but four years of college goes by extremely fast. I think the scariest part for me is that after next semester…this is it. I think it may really hit me in a couple months but right now I’m a whole lot of things. 

But moving from that, I’ve got two of my most anticipated classes tomorrow, Children’s Lit and Second Language Acquisition. I already got the syllabus for Children’s Lit and it looks really promising: short fiction, picture book analysis, and fairy tales! Ugh, I’ve been waiting to take this forever. 

I don’t know much about SLA yet, but it’s required for my minor PLUS it could help me with learning languages on my own. It’s taught by a really cool professor that I had for Teaching EFL I. Mondays and Wednesdays are my chill days, 12-2:45. Hopefully not having a 3 and 3 day week will relieve some of the stresses I had last semester. My studying seems to work best when I’m at school so I’ll be doing most of it there. 

Praying this semester goes well!

i really hate iphoto but i still had pictures on there from a long time ago that i still wanted but never moved anywhere else, yet for OS X yosemite there is no updated version of iphoto soooooo i guess those are just gone forever??? cool idk why would there not be a warning before i downloaded yosemite to backup my photos or something like why