TITLE: Unknown from HE

ARTIST: Gilboron

Every once in a while, in my never ending mission to bring awesome Sonic remixes to the fans and followers, I look deep into the void… Only to find the most random of things ever.

…But it’s still deserves to be shared! Hopefully you’ll all get a laugh out of this. This song is a mashup of Unknown from M.E. (SA1 Ver.), and the DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64. I found this while looking for Knuckles-related remixes not long ago for his Birthday celebration. It’s amazing to know that even mashups can be found on SoundCloud.

Download it here.

-Samurai Echidna.

The 100 themed blog rates / shipping.

I’m closing in on my next hundred and to celebrate I wanted to do some blogrates.

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Dear Self,

You don’t need to be with anyone to be happy . It is nice to date, but it is NOT a must. The energy spent pursuing a relationship could be put to other things like focusing more strongly on your goals and ambitions. Also, when people show you who they are the FIRST TIME, always pay attention . You will save yourself a lot of time and emotional stress if you follow your intuition and make changes that create a more peaceful environment . At the end of the day, your life is in YOUR hands. You have the power to create the life of your dreams, but you also have the power to sit on your skills and become complacent and unfulfilled . The choice is all yours. Don’t be afraid to exercise your faith. Take risks and step out into the unknown without fear . You can and will rise above any tough situation that may come your way . I love you and I’m rooting for you.



5 Hiccstrid AUs Challenge

This is basically an old life journal thing from back in the heydays of the Naruto fandom (great times, people, great times) in which you had to write 10 very short stories (100-200 words each) for a pairing. I didn’t get further than five without falling into cliché’s. Feel free to copy this and also do this challenge if you feel up to it! It’s harder than it looks.

1)      Space AU

‘Code of Conduct, Rule 12: Do not land on unknown planets without permission’ Was one of the first rules they taught Hiccup in the Deep Space Frontier Academy. ‘Section B: if you are unable to follow these orders, do not exit your ship.’

Hiccup had never been good at following orders though. When his ship ‘The Toothless’ had an engine failure halfway through his first frontier mission, he’d decided to land on the first planet he could find and fix it himself instead of turning back.

Halfway through the job he heard a strange sound, and decided to investigate. Hiccup had always been good at breaking rules, although often on accident. ‘Code of Conduct, Rule 1: Never interact with an unknown alien life form’

He turned around and looked straight into her curious bioluminescent blue eyes, and the yellow skinned alien stared right back at him. “Uhm… hi?”

2)      Pirate AU

“What are we going to do with the lad, captain Hofferson?” Ruff asked her once they’d tied all the remaining passengers of the Navy owned ship they had just conquered.

“Why, the same thing I do with all lads.” Astrid replied with a wicked smile. “Feed them to the sharks of course!”

“Are you sure, this one is pretty.” Tuffnut said lecherously while she cupped her bound prisoner’s face.  “Especially his eyes. A bit too scrawny for me though, but I know that’s what gets you hot.”

Astrid narrowed her eyes and took another good look at the boy. Then it dawned on her. The gods smiled upon her tonight! “You’re right Ruff, those are no ordinary eyes. I’d recognize them everywhere after I nearly managed to slash one out of Admiral Haddock’s head.” She remembered with glee, and to her delight the lad turned white. “Ruff, Tuff, bring him to my cabin, but be gentle! We wouldn’t want to hurt the only son of Admiral Stoick the Vast, now would we?”

3)      Transboy AU

“I love you.”

“I’m sorry Hiccup, but I’m straight.”

“I’m a guy, Astrid. I’m a man, get that into your head already.”

“In my head you’ll always be a girl. It’s hard to think of you as anything else.”

“I never was a girl. My body might have been. But never me. I never thought you’d be so shallow.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Can’t we just be friends like we always were? I miss us.”

“We can be friends, but I’m not going to pretend to be a girl anymore for you. If you can’t accept me the way I am, then maybe it’s a good thing you can’t see past your own conception of gender.”

“Wait, Hiccup, I’m sorry!”

4)      Hogwards AU

His dad had been beyond disappointed when he was sorted into Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor like all their ancestors had before. Hiccup had never regretted begging the sorting hat to place him anywhere but Gryffindor on that fateful night.

That was, until his first Quidditch match against Gryffindor as the Ravenclaw seeker. He was only a third year student and it was his first year on the team, and yet he’d already been named the most important player of the year. It was the last match of the year and Hiccup wanted to cement his victory. He was a natural flier, one with the wind and his handmade broom. He couldn’t lose!

That was, until he saw one of the Gryffindor beaters. She was from his year, and yet he’d never seen her like this. Astrid Hofferson was normally all rules and duty, but now her courageous lion heart shone brighter than ever. He fell of his broom at the sight of her doing a back flip, wild like a dragon untamed. He fell again when their eyes met, and again almost bit of his tongue in trying to thank her for helping catching him in mid air. He couldn’t focus on the golden snitch because there was a golden haired goddess flying all around him and Hiccup knew then and there that he was doomed. Lost. Bye bye professional Quidditch career!

Love was the strangest kind of magic after all.

5)      Lord of The Rings (ish) AU

“We can’t be together Hiccup.”  Astrid pleaded again and again. “I’ll grow old and senile one day and you’ll remain behind to take care of my mess. I can’t do that Hiccup, not to you. I know your heart.” Hiccup wasn’t a typical elf in many ways, but one of their customs he would keep, she knew, and that was the law that they would only marry once.

“But I love you!” The young elf exclaimed desperately.

“And so do I. And that’s why I won’t let you do this to yourself. Because you’re an elf meant to live forever, and I’m just a human, only here temporary.” Astrid looked deep into those mesmerizing eyes, and knew that Hiccup would die of grief if she’d let him.

“But, I can change that.” He said hopefully, offering her his hand and heart and soul. “I may not be able to grand you eternal life, but I can give up a part of mine.”

“Stop being so stupid! I forbid it, do you hear me? If you do that I will never talk to you again!” She screamed at him, outraged at the mere suggestion. “I’ll be your lover if you would allow me to, but I’ll never be your killer, Hiccup. You’re meant for an eternal life, and I will not be the one that takes it away.”

“But don’t you see?” He said with that sincere singing tone that made her human heart skip a beat. “A life without you, eternal or not, is not a life at all. I’d rather live short and passionately with the woman I loved, than an eternity without you.”

ghostigoo asked:

I'm asking the most famous mark blogs, so id be honored if you would help. this saturday we need to ask mark is he can start doing let's reads! We all know he has a great reading voice, and i think a lot of people would like it! plus it would get a lot of unknown authors publicity! so if you could help me by asking your followers to contact him anyway they can, or at his livestream saturday, it would be a tremendous help! thank you! - allen

I am definitely not famous haha but sure! SIGNAL BOOST TO THIS.


I doubt even a miracle could make us win the whole poll, since we’re going up against such established and popular ships. What we can do is go as far as we can. This is a big poll and even getting past the first round would be great for a ship as new as Kolvina. 
Kol’s fate is unknown to us as he is currently dead, but there is a chance he could come back. Getting just a little far in this poll could show the writers that there is a following for Kolvina and could help show them how much we want Kol back.
And as I type this we’re losing in the first round poll, but we can try and turn that around! Try and get the word out on social media like Twitter if you can.

Even if you don’t watch The Originals it would be amazing of you to help the Kolvina fandom out! Also, even if you ship another ship in the poll bracket it would be really great of you to help us out in this first round. 

Birthday gift - Follow Forever

It’s my birthday today and I thought I could start a FollowForever, since I’m near 100 followers. 

I love all my followers and wanna give you the chance to find some new and cool blogs. So, here we go! 




















































































Thank you all for following me! I really appreciate every single one of you! 

And now, let’s have a big party! 

We will dance!

Be happy

And eat a lot of cake!!!

And all because it’s my birthday and I wanna celebrate it with you guys! 

Enjoy your stay and sorry for the long entry! 

Bullet Journal Series - Day 3: Daily Block, Lists, & Important Notes

How exciting! You are almost able to begin a Bullet Journal of your own! After today’s post, you can go ahead and get started.

So, we’ve covered the cover (haha), reference page, page numbering (ever so briefly, yesterday), index, and monthly spread.

Today will be about the daily blocks, lists, and important notes.

This is what your daily blocks will look like once you’ve finished your monthly spread. There are some people that set up a whole page for each day because they organize it similar to a Filofax, as there are people who just take it as it comes. I’m in the latter group. I like to leave space for the unknown. I believe allowing your page to fill up as it may, without a structure, is the beauty of the Bullet Journal. I like to put the day of the week followed by the date for redundancy. I have a terrible memory, so this helps.

Daily Block

This is my block for today, thus far. Since I took this picture, I have already added 3 tasks and one explore. I have one “incomplete/started” task that was carried over from yesterday at the top, and I have an upcoming event (which just means it doesn’t fall under this month) at the bottom of my block. These are all symbols that were introduced in the first post of this series. And, as with anything bullet journal related, you can customize the daily block to your liking. 

Lists & Important Notes

Here is an example of a list. I did this because I had stream of tags for my first post and I needed to make sure that #mine was in the first 5 tags so that the post would show up in the page for Mine on my Tumblr (only the first five tags are read for pages), and there was no way I could memorize all those tags, so I wrote them down.

After you write in your list, you have to place it in the index, so that you can easily find it anytime afterward.The page number for this list is 50.

I also have an important note on the top of this page in my Bullet Journal.

I need to document this in the index…

And there you have it! The Bullet Journal Series has come to an end. It is bittersweet. I hope this was able to help a lot of you and answered questions you may have had about the Bullet Journal.

Tomorrow, I will be posting up resources for Bullet Journaling, including the video of the original creator, Ryder Carroll.

Happy Journaling!

First of all just appreciate the banner because he’s a smiling piece of shit and if you don’t love him you’re wrong.

ANYWAYS. All me shoving tbs in your face aside. Look at where we are yo.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again - I made this blog as a stress relief from my other blog and I didn’t even expect him to get to 100 followers mostly because of the fact that he’s so unknown as far as characters go. I’m honestly shocked? Like. Slightly is a dumbass and I love him so much and that there’s so many of you that deal with my ramblings and my stupid little screaming over anything. Like. I don’t know why but thank you~

So this is going to be the bias list part of the 550+ dealio going on. I want to do another post for the giveaway I plan on doing purely based on the fact that it’ll be easier to keep track. So anyways~! If you aren’t on here it’s very likely because I’m stupid and forgot about you? ?? But I’mma try to get everyone!

The Lost Boys 

( I would do shoutouts but I mean… we all want to do our drafts sometime, amirite jknobodydoin’draftseverI’mjustlazy)

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The Baes

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I PROBABLY missed so many people and I sincerely apologize if I did but~ <3

It’s really weird being a fan of bands that were totally unknown and have since blown up and have a massive following.

And not in the “oh I knew this band first you fucking poser” way.

But it’s just really great to see bands I’ve known since they started finally getting the recognition they deserve.

;;{ start }

Tell me, Lucian, what kind of people catch your interest? You seem irritated whenever I speak with you, yet I try to be polite. Do I give off an unsettling air? Does my presence simply bother you? Ah, sorry, this isn’t really what I wanted to speak about, but we will get to that before the end of this conversation.

Yay to this new follow forever! I just wanted to make one again for two reasons: one, because I love making follow forever for some weird and unknown reason, and two, because I wanted to remind every single one of you that I love you so much, you make my tumblr experience more fun and even tho we’re not in the same fandoms we’re still mutual and friends<33333 

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ghostigoo asked:

I'm asking the most famous mark blogs, so id be honored if you would help. this saturday we need to ask mark is he can start doing let's reads! We all know he has a great reading voice, and i think a lot of people would like it! plus it would get a lot of unknown authors publicity! so if you could help me by asking your followers to contact him anyway they can, or at his livestream saturday, it would be a tremendous help! thank you! - allen

This is a great idea! Guys, look!


Old in my mind, emotions young, I never act my age.
Shy and unassuming, I crave spotlights and the stage.
I find my faith in heresy, and comfort in unknowns.
I find answers in questioning, and peace when I’m alone.

I’m not afraid of everything, but terrified of you,
When I suspect dishonesty, or only partial truth.
Content one day to follow, another day to lead.
Still unsure of what I want, more so of what I need.
I can’t predict what life I’ll live or who I’ll grow to be,
All these pieces make complete the person who is me.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Inspired by Prompts by Ceebee, even though this one is totally late but I was finally inspired with an idea. xD

Bienvenue & welcome to the Ravick Network! I decided to create this network as a place for all those awesome peeps who ship our incredible mechanic Raven Reyes, and the amazing engineer, Wick.  I know some people use the ship name Wicken, however the good people ravickthe100 have decided that Ravick is a better ship name c: 

To join:;

• reblog this post

• must be following wick and raven 

• fill out this form. i know its a pain but 


•mulit-fandom is ok, but must have some The 100

• friendly, active blogger with a passion for Ravick!

• track the tag #ravicknetwork to be aware of updates!

You’ll get:;



•a place on the network page 

•an invite to the super cool group chat 

•people to freak out over ravick with!


I will be accepting a unknown amount of peeps so please don’t let that deter you! Also this will be open until March 1st! Xoxoxo