I’ve been too busy lately to make a proper post about this, but as some of you know my old tumblr account got terminated (due to “human/animal mutilation”) and I can no longer access any blogs associated with it. Yes I have already tried to resolve this with staff MANY times but basically got an “our minds are made up and we will ignore any attempt to dispute it” response. All I can guess is my guro art got my account nuked but I have no way of knowing for sure.

-There was no warning prior to termination.
-I was NOT given any chance to remove or delete the post/blog in question that caused this termination (still to this day unknown what actually caused it)  
-No notification that my account had been terminated.
-Staff’s responses were very short and uninformative.

Basically the only thing I can do at this point is rebuild everything I’ve lost on this new account. So if you followed any of my old blogs (Groundlion, Limesliced, Chitinbeast, Seelseelbananapeel, Seelpeel) you may unfollow those now since they are no longer accessible to me.

If anyone can please help me to boost this post so people can follow my new account (Ground-Lion), that would be really greatly appreciated!!

Thank you all so much…  (´;ω;`)

eyebrow-sweat  asked:

is there a combined version (like a volume) of the 4-part miniseries of otgw comic books somewhere?

Sure, yup. There’s a collection of the first 5 comics (the “special” and then the 4 that followed) available. The hard cover version, which is sold out I believe, was called Tome of the Unknown. The trade version doesn’t seem to have a specific name, and has the exact same cover as the original “special” comic, which seems to be making it confusing and hard for people to find.

So… i’ll try to guide you…

If you search on Amazon (I’ll put a link below), it’s under the name “Tome of the Unknown”… but if you click on the “Look inside” preview, it’ll show you images from a completely different comic for some reason. What’s more, there is an option for “Kindle”, “Paperback” or “Comic”.  The Kindle and Comic versions will be the WRONG comic. But the “Paperback” version should be the one you’re looking for. If for some reason you get the wrong comic set to you… I’m sorry. Clearly the Amazon listing to really messed up, so honestly I’d suggest just going to your local comic store and asking them instead. Hopefully the Amazon listing will get sorted out eventually. Anyway, here’s the link: https://www.amazon.com/Over-Garden-Wall-Pat-McHale/dp/1608868362/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475108773&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=over+the+garden+wall+comic+trade

There is also a different volume which collects the first 4 comics from the later ongoing series (which is still being made). That is available here:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1608869407/ref=pd_sim_14_1?ie=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1608869407&pd_rd_r=1R5CJTH91SZXNPTACS54&pd_rd_w=Bh2Lt&pd_rd_wg=opjT5&psc=1&refRID=1R5CJTH91SZXNPTACS54

(Similarly I have no idea what you’re gonna get if you choose the “Kindle” or “Comic” option.  But the “Paperback” SHOULD be the first 4 of the ongoing series collected together.)

unknown number texts

send me one of the following on anon (or not!) for my muse’s reaction:

[text] I spy with my little eye someone who looks very good in that underwear…
[text] I know what you did last summer.
[text] Roses are red, violets are blue, you don’t know me, but I do know you.
[text] You think you’re safe now you’re tucked away under your blankets, but I can see you.
[text] I’ve got your keys.
[text] Don’t move, you look beautiful in these pictures I’m taking.
[text] I’m sorry if I left your kitchen in a state, I had to rush out when I saw you were home early… Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to clean it up.
[text] I’m sorry if I disturbed your sleep last night, I just really wanted to see you up close.
[text] How are you feeling? I might have put something in your toothpaste…
[text] Unless you want the whole internet to see you naked, you better do as I tell you.
[text] Don’t worry, your child/pet is safe with me…
[text] How are you doing today, dear? Isn’t it a wonderful day to die?
[text] Humans are such easy prey, don’t you think?
[text] R.I.P.
[text] You thought you had it badly as a child? Just wait until I get my hands on you.
[text] Are you ready to play?
[text] There’s something under your bed… Or should I say, someone?
[text] I’m your number one fan.

Sometimes you just feel empty, lonely, insignificant. And it doesn’t matter what you do, no it doesn’t matter how many laps you run, musicals you join, classes you skip or how many pairs of shoes you buy - you still feel like crap. Sometimes i just feel like taking off, selling everything I own and running away to somewhere so distant, running away into the unknown.

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First in my series of Gravity Falls/Over the Garden Wall crossover pages. The Beast, as seen by the Author of the journals. 

Text reads:
First encountered this beast after I got lost in the forest when I was a young child. Were it not for the intervention of a kind woodsman, who knows what fate may have befallen me. 
Do not trust this creature. Do not believe his lies or there may be no hope for you

Others in the series:
Soul of the Devourer : The Dark Lantern : Enoch : Cursed Scissors

You guys have shown me so much love ever since I joined Tumblr - there’s nothing I’d like more than to show how much I love YOU! So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m having a giveaway ♥

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The winner will be chosen on February 5th, so hopefully you’ll at least get the reading in time for Valentine’s Day (the shipping for the decks might take a lil’ longer!) Have fun! :D 

Gonna leave this here. Just in case the changes in the atmosphere are overwhelming and you’re considering going backwards. Don’t be fooled. The past has nothing new to offer you. Welcome new unforeseen beginnings. Get a little more comfortable in the unknown. Allow yourself to submit into the free-flow and let life guide you by each moment.

Collectively, we feel like something big, something delicious, something gratifying is coming. We just can’t see it with your physical eyes. Hold on to the feeling because the feeling is reality. You’ll see. Close chapters. Make peace with self and others. Leap forward. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Today’s #Affirmation:
I will no longer settle on spaces, energy, relationships or things because I realize I am worth so much more.

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“Holy shit, Cas!”

Dean exclaimed those words of shock as he bumped into a warm body when he’d tried to enter the bunker’s library. Cas had been one step ahead of him, because the angel-turned-human had agreed to help Dean do some research for a case.

For reasons unknown to Dean, Castiel had suddenly come to a stop. Dean grimaced at his best friend, who was standing in the doorway as if he were a statue.

“What the hell? Why are you just standing there?” Dean asked gruffly as he rubbed his aching shoulder; it had been a rather serious crash.

It was then that Dean followed Cas’ gaze, and spotted the bunch of leaves hanging over their heads.

“I apologize. I noticed a rather suspicious plant, Dean. This wasn’t here before.” He explained, pointing at the mistletoe that was strategically placed above the door.

Dean groaned inwardly.

“Yeah, this is what happens when you let Sammy decorate.” He grumbled. “It’s mistletoe, Cas. It’s part of the usual Christmas decorations. Stupid tradition.” He added with a displeased huff.

“A human tradition? What kind of tradition?” Castiel asked, big blue eyes scrutinizing Dean with interest, making Dean’s stomach twist.

Because yeah, that was one explanation that Dean would like to skip, thank you very much. But of course, it were always those big blue eyes that knocked down Dean’s defenses, leaving Dean with no other choice but to humor the angel.

“It’s dumb, Cas… Sammy’s just messing with us, you know.” Dean said dismissively. “But if you have to know, it’s… The tradition says that if two people are standing under the mistletoe, they’re supposed to kiss. Which is a load of bullshit, really.”

Wide blue eyes turned even wider. Cas didn’t offer Dean a verbal response; he simply stretched his neck, so that he could kiss Dean right on the lips without any sort of warning. The kiss was soft, sweet, caring. It was a kiss unlike any kisses that Dean had shared with anyone in a long time.

Dean’s heartbeat went wild when Cas pulled back and timidly peered up at him. The taste of Castiel was still on Dean’s lips, and of one thing Dean was absolutely sure… This wasn’t their last kiss. This shouldn’t be their last kiss.

Speeches about personal space, or about how two dudes who were friends shouldn’t do this, were already out of the window.

“On second thought… It’s a pretty awesome tradition.” Dean muttered, directing a dorky grin at a rather disgruntled looking Cas.

It was Dean who went in for a second kiss. All he wanted to do was honor the tradition, and to make sure that he took away all of Castiel’s doubts…

To any trans followers thinking about starting hormones or getting surgery, let me just fill you in on a thing:

It is 100% normal to be super scared or have second thoughts

This does not mean you are making a mistake or that you aren’t trans

Hormones and surgery are big steps and a pretty big unknown. You’re opting into something that’s going to change your body and you really don’t have much control over it. It’s natural to be worried.

I was scared up until the minute before my first T shot, and I still had moments of nervousness after that but it has also been a hugely uplifting and exciting process.

Just stay informed, do your research, talk to your doctor or other people who have gone through it and if it feels right for you, trust that feeling.

  • Zarya:Hold on! I have an idea, and I don’t want to hear any of your stupid crap.
  • Junkrat:I only promise to try.
  • Zarya:I need you to, and follow me on this one, almost kill me.
  • Junkrat:Almost kill you?
  • Zarya:Yeah.
  • Junkrat:And there’s no reprecussions for this?
  • Zarya:…I will not punch you.
  • Junkrat:Oddly specific…
  • Submitted by ArkThePieKing

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to write a horror novel and I want to create a creepy atmosphere, but since this is my first time trying to write something like this, I don't know how. Can you give me advice?

Start here, as well as in the horror tag and atmosphere tag. General advice for horrifying/creepy stuff:

  • Fear and suspense thrives on the unknown. Do you play horror games? Think about why and how they work. Anticipation, the unknown, the feeling of being watched or followed (up to and including being chased). I stand firmly by the idea that the unknown is scarier than the known.
  • Jump scares are harder to pull off in writing. Never have I turned a page and yelled in fear at the terrifying line at the top, but perhaps this is a personal thing. I do think jump scares tend not to go over as well in written word than they can in more visual media, though.
  • Pace your reveals. Never give everything away all at once. Ever. Not only can this shatter suspension of disbelief, this can also toe the line of infodumping, and no one enjoys that. Draw out the receipt of information and make the readers work for it: if the revelations come one after another, they have no time to sink in and mean something.
  • Don’t underestimate the readers. Readers are smart. You can be subtle with horror as you can with any other genre. Go too heavy-handed with it, and your horror might come off as comical or cute rather than scary.
  • Word choice is key. You are trying to scare readers using only the words on the page. All of your atmosphere comes from your word choice. Read horror stories and take notes, learn what scares you and why. Descriptions of an eldritch abomination can be made or broken in the decision to use “writhing” instead of “wiggling.”
  • Practice, practice, practice. That is how you get better. No one is guaranteed to hit it out of the park on the first try. Keep trying and don’t give up.


Mystic Messenger Character First Impressions According to My Guy Friend
  • MC:She looks "decent". I hope she's not like other otoge MC's.
  • 707:Three words: "Bishounen Ronald McDonald" (WTF???)
  • Zen:Don't tell me he dies like any other albino anime character... *remembers Kaworu's death scene*
  • Jumin:I bet he's the eccentric gentleman who follows cat blogs.
  • Yoosung:What's Teddie (from Persona 4) doing in a game like this?!
  • Jaehee:"Madame Secretary" or the "Classy Hot Mom"
  • V:Shigure (from Fire Emblem Fates), is that you???
  • Rika:I'm getting Mary (from Ib) vibes out of her...
  • Unknown:Isn't he like, the enigmatic guy who wants to kidnap you?
  • Saeran:Sad lil' brother of Seven's. I'm absolutely sure.
I’ve always followed my heart instead of my head. I’ve always jumped, always took that leap of faith into the unknown, having no idea of what the outcome of my actions would be. But now, now it’s so very clear. I need to stop following my heart. I just need to stop, before I do anything at all. I need to stop and think about it, about what I am about to do. I need to think about whether it is right or it is wrong. Because when you follow your heart, you lose track of what’s right and what’s wrong, and it tears you apart.
—  Daily Tumblr Love Quotes
  • Yoosung:I hate you with every inch in my body!
  • V:That's not very many inches.
I don’t think that I’ve been in love as such
Although I liked a few folk pretty well
Love must be vaster than my smiles or touch
for brave men died and empires rose and fell
For love, girls follow boys to foreign lands
and men have followed women into hell
In plays and poems someone understands
there’s something makes us more than blood and bone
and more than biological demands
For me love’s like the wind, unseen, unknown
I see the trees are bending where it’s been
I know that it leaves wreckage where it’s blown
I really don’t know what “I love you” means
I think it means “don’t leave me here alone.
—  Neil Gaiman