I’d like to thank the unknown artist of the first squirrel statue I have ever seen, because it has reminded me to tell you the following story:

“Once, when taking photographs in a large, hectic city, I was stopped by a woman who, in a somewhat perplexed manner, asked me what I was photographing. ‘A squirrel’, I replied. The woman, surprised, couldn’t see a squirrel anywhere. Nevertheless, she nodded in satisfaction and went on her way.”

More Cars, Clothes and Cabbages: Squirrel by Torsten Schumann (Extra/5)

Okay, so

If an unknown user submits a YouTube video to you (so far it looks like it’s called “Like a Lady” by Crosa Rosa) you proooooobably shouldn’t click on it
I guess it’s a new virus going around, I’m starting to see stuff about it from friends and followers
EDIT: It’s neither a virus nor a screamer, it’s just a band trying to get their music out (in a rather odd way). It’s not going to harm you in any way, but I still recommend deleting it. The band says its not affiliated with it in any way, so its still pretty suspect

  • Saeran: I bought you this flower because it reminds me of you.
  • Saeyoung, with happy teary eyes: Saeran.. Oh, thank you so much-
  • Saeran: It’s cheap, and fake, like you.

“Aliens: Defiance #1″ Variant Cover for Dark Horse Comics

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Aliens this year and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a lot of the franchises art over at Dark Horse this year. This one is a cover for Aliens: Defiance, following the story of Colonial Marine Private First Class Zula Hendricks, who goes AWOL to protect Earth from an unknown alien species that’s been discovered on on a derelict hauler.

You can check out more in the announcement article on Screen Rant!


Y’all have been warned. 

Continuation of this post if you want to find more official info of the characters of Mystic Messenger from the newly-restocked RFA VIP Package. There are a lot of images under the cut, so you might not want to load the full post if you’re using data or a slow connection!

The following section contains information on each character’s backstory, as well as more in depth info on Unknown, Rika, V, and the side characters. There are links underneath each character that takes you to additional pictures/info, so be sure to check them out!

Keep reading

unknown number texts

send me one of the following on anon (or not!) for my muse’s reaction:

[text] I spy with my little eye someone who looks very good in that underwear…
[text] I know what you did last summer.
[text] Roses are red, violets are blue, you don’t know me, but I do know you.
[text] You think you’re safe now you’re tucked away under your blankets, but I can see you.
[text] I’ve got your keys.
[text] Don’t move, you look beautiful in these pictures I’m taking.
[text] I’m sorry if I left your kitchen in a state, I had to rush out when I saw you were home early… Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to clean it up.
[text] I’m sorry if I disturbed your sleep last night, I just really wanted to see you up close.
[text] How are you feeling? I might have put something in your toothpaste…
[text] Unless you want the whole internet to see you naked, you better do as I tell you.
[text] Don’t worry, your child/pet is safe with me…
[text] How are you doing today, dear? Isn’t it a wonderful day to die?
[text] Humans are such easy prey, don’t you think?
[text] R.I.P.
[text] You thought you had it badly as a child? Just wait until I get my hands on you.
[text] Are you ready to play?
[text] There’s something under your bed… Or should I say, someone?
[text] I’m your number one fan.

Sometimes you just feel empty, lonely, insignificant. And it doesn’t matter what you do, no it doesn’t matter how many laps you run, musicals you join, classes you skip or how many pairs of shoes you buy - you still feel like crap. Sometimes i just feel like taking off, selling everything I own and running away to somewhere so distant, running away into the unknown.

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Drarry Masterlist Pt. 2

In honor of the quickly ending summer break, I decided to make a part 2 to my first fanfiction rec list I made over the holidays. I have more if you’d like; just pop me a message! Enjoy :)


NOTE: a lot of these fanfictions I found on capitu’s rec list on livejournal and cremebunny’s tumblr. Go check out their amazing lists! 

8th Year

A Friend in Need

A Lifetime Of Calamities Followed By Dangerous Illnesses

Draco Bo Peep and The Lost Sheep

I’ll Show You Mine and its remix I’ll Show You More


Lucky Break


Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain



As a Light Through Your Darkest Unknown


I See You

In Motion

It Started in the Shower

More Than Nothing

The Ballad of the Merman



Two Hearts That Bleat As One


Another Sun That’s Brighter Still

Draco Malfoy and the Seven Weasleys

Last City

Potter and the Pea


A Devotion to Others

Before Florence

Fall to Grace (NC-17)

Harry Potter and the Steel Mage

Sex on Legs in Six-Inch Heels

Someone Just Like You

The Darklist

Would You?

You’ve Cast a Spell Over Me…Nope, Just a Hex



Detention With Millie 


Harry Potter and the Jam Situation

Lush Life (sequel to Lettered)

Mean, Said, Felt

You Wilfully Misunderstand Me


Cars Not Carts

Crystal Clear

Delicious Distractions

 Four Times Harry Ruined Draco’s Birthday…and the One Time he Saved it

Good to Me (And I’d Be So Good to You)

Harry, Draco, Harry Again

Last Chances

Of Spots and Suns

Ooh, fluff!

Potter’s Party

Red Leaves First


Who Are You to Judge?

Funny / Crack(ish)

101 Ways to Heal Your Wizarding Woes

A Portrait of the Artist

An Act of Kindness for One Harry Potter by a Sympathetic Draco Malfoy

Be Prepared



Draco Malfoy and the Flawless Plan

Draco Malfoy and the Sleepwalking Saviour

Draco’s Last Important Task 

Freudian Slip

Harry Potter Totally Sucks 

Hippogriff Indoors

How Chicken Is Played At Hogwarts

How to Shag Your Most Hated Enemy…

Lawn Mowing Wars

Ludicrous Lubricus

Make Your Penis Huge!

Minister Scrimgeour Does Not Approve

 One Night At The Club

Randy Roommates

The Conquering of Harry Potter(’s Virginity)

The Draco Faction

The Slut of the Century

Too Darn Hot


Why Blaise Quit Drinking


… A Little Insecure

Day Dream Series



A Most Memorable Christmas

Come Back to Me

Lily’s Letter


On Call

Rabid, Virgin-Seeking Mistletoe


Moments Like These

Same Time, Next Year

Your Heart’s the Moon


A Divine Intemperance

A Taste of Sunshine

A Touch of Silk


Let’s Go Outside 

Not the One in the Dress

Potter’s Parselprostate (and the Chamber of Secrets

Record it As a Victory

Memory Loss

An Issue of Consequence

Close to perfect

The Hunger

The Rest is Unwritten


Resolutions and Revelry

Rumour Has It

Staying Professional


IDK My BFF Hermione?

Tick Tock


99 Problems But A Snitch Ain’t One

All Bets Are Off

Body Logic

Checking Out the Opposition

Quality Quidditch

Ruin Me

Two Playboys on the Pitch

Rentboy / Prostitution

A Strange Sort of Fluff

Be My Savior

Put a Price on My Soul

The Adventures of Harry Potter, Pervert and Draco Malfoy, Porn Star (Un-Cut)

The Good Fuck

Touch Me Fall

Spell-Induced/Forced Closeness Turned Love

A Happy Accident Courtesy of Alice Longbottom

And so kisse on

In the Interest of Interhouse Cooperation

Making Merry with Malfoy

Seven Minutes in Hell

 Sharing Different Heartbeats


A Fox’s Bargain


Draco’s Dragon


Friendly Favor

In the toilet of the Leaky 


Open Surrender


School of Magic Seduction


The Public Gets What the Public Wants

Third Time Lucky and its sequel The Pot & Kettle


Unusual Job

A Bit Unprofessional

A Long, Hard Day

 Compliments to the Chef


Secret Agent Men

This Charming Man


Haute Allure

That Veela Thing

The Right Fit

The Ugly Duckling

The White Cliffs of Dover My Dead Body, Potter!


First in my series of Gravity Falls/Over the Garden Wall crossover pages. The Beast, as seen by the Author of the journals. 

Text reads:
First encountered this beast after I got lost in the forest when I was a young child. Were it not for the intervention of a kind woodsman, who knows what fate may have befallen me. 
Do not trust this creature. Do not believe his lies or there may be no hope for you

Others in the series:
Soul of the Devourer : The Dark Lantern : Enoch : Cursed Scissors


I’ve been too busy lately to make a proper post about this, but as some of you know my old tumblr account got terminated (due to “human/animal mutilation”) and I can no longer access any blogs associated with it. Yes I have already tried to resolve this with staff MANY times but basically got an “our minds are made up and we will ignore any attempt to dispute it” response. All I can guess is my guro art got my account nuked but I have no way of knowing for sure.

-There was no warning prior to termination.
-I was NOT given any chance to remove or delete the post/blog in question that caused this termination (still to this day unknown what actually caused it)  
-No notification that my account had been terminated.
-Staff’s responses were very short and uninformative.

Basically the only thing I can do at this point is rebuild everything I’ve lost on this new account. So if you followed any of my old blogs (Groundlion, Limesliced, Chitinbeast, Seelseelbananapeel, Seelpeel) you may unfollow those now since they are no longer accessible to me.

If anyone can please help me to boost this post so people can follow my new account (Ground-Lion), that would be really greatly appreciated!!

Thank you all so much…  (´;ω;`)

You guys have shown me so much love ever since I joined Tumblr - there’s nothing I’d like more than to show how much I love YOU! So to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’m having a giveaway ♥

One winner will receive:

  • a copy of the Starchild Tarot (second edition) OR the Wild Unknown Tarot (second edition) OR the Lumina Tarot OR the Connected & Free Alchemist’s Oracle! 
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These are a few of my favorite decks and I’d love to get the chance to share one of them with you. If you win and you already have them all, though, we can work something else out x) 

The rules are as follows:

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  • PLEASE don’t tag this as “giveaway!”
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  • Must be 18 or older.
  • This giveaway is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way.

The winner will be chosen on February 5th, so hopefully you’ll at least get the reading in time for Valentine’s Day (the shipping for the decks might take a lil’ longer!) Have fun! :D 

I believe that two people are connected at the heart. Its doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are, or where you live; There are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.
—  Unknown

So new products! These are 2″ enamel pins of your favorite MM characters that come with a little dangling accessory. They will look like Unknown up in the corner with a little chain. They will be gold plated soft enamel pins and I’m excited to finally put up preorders!

[You can preorder them here!]

Also this also serves as a giveaway post, as a token of my thanks for all the support (I really appreciate it so much thanks!)

The winner will get a choice of any 3 of these enamel pins! I will ship internationally. All you have to do is reblog, and be a follower. There’s no reblog limit! This giveaway ends on 11/12/16.

You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.

Gonna leave this here. Just in case the changes in the atmosphere are overwhelming and you’re considering going backwards. Don’t be fooled. The past has nothing new to offer you. Welcome new unforeseen beginnings. Get a little more comfortable in the unknown. Allow yourself to submit into the free-flow and let life guide you by each moment.

Collectively, we feel like something big, something delicious, something gratifying is coming. We just can’t see it with your physical eyes. Hold on to the feeling because the feeling is reality. You’ll see. Close chapters. Make peace with self and others. Leap forward. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Today’s #Affirmation:
I will no longer settle on spaces, energy, relationships or things because I realize I am worth so much more.

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“Holy shit, Cas!”

Dean exclaimed those words of shock as he bumped into a warm body when he’d tried to enter the bunker’s library. Cas had been one step ahead of him, because the angel-turned-human had agreed to help Dean do some research for a case.

For reasons unknown to Dean, Castiel had suddenly come to a stop. Dean grimaced at his best friend, who was standing in the doorway as if he were a statue.

“What the hell? Why are you just standing there?” Dean asked gruffly as he rubbed his aching shoulder; it had been a rather serious crash.

It was then that Dean followed Cas’ gaze, and spotted the bunch of leaves hanging over their heads.

“I apologize. I noticed a rather suspicious plant, Dean. This wasn’t here before.” He explained, pointing at the mistletoe that was strategically placed above the door.

Dean groaned inwardly.

“Yeah, this is what happens when you let Sammy decorate.” He grumbled. “It’s mistletoe, Cas. It’s part of the usual Christmas decorations. Stupid tradition.” He added with a displeased huff.

“A human tradition? What kind of tradition?” Castiel asked, big blue eyes scrutinizing Dean with interest, making Dean’s stomach twist.

Because yeah, that was one explanation that Dean would like to skip, thank you very much. But of course, it were always those big blue eyes that knocked down Dean’s defenses, leaving Dean with no other choice but to humor the angel.

“It’s dumb, Cas… Sammy’s just messing with us, you know.” Dean said dismissively. “But if you have to know, it’s… The tradition says that if two people are standing under the mistletoe, they’re supposed to kiss. Which is a load of bullshit, really.”

Wide blue eyes turned even wider. Cas didn’t offer Dean a verbal response; he simply stretched his neck, so that he could kiss Dean right on the lips without any sort of warning. The kiss was soft, sweet, caring. It was a kiss unlike any kisses that Dean had shared with anyone in a long time.

Dean’s heartbeat went wild when Cas pulled back and timidly peered up at him. The taste of Castiel was still on Dean’s lips, and of one thing Dean was absolutely sure… This wasn’t their last kiss. This shouldn’t be their last kiss.

Speeches about personal space, or about how two dudes who were friends shouldn’t do this, were already out of the window.

“On second thought… It’s a pretty awesome tradition.” Dean muttered, directing a dorky grin at a rather disgruntled looking Cas.

It was Dean who went in for a second kiss. All he wanted to do was honor the tradition, and to make sure that he took away all of Castiel’s doubts…

i think you’re really beautiful

a playlist for someone who i hope will realize someday how beautiful they are

multi-love - unknown mortal orchestra
the only one - the black keys
keep on lying - tame impala
the chase - future islands
i follow you - melody’s echo chamber
derka blues  - the growlers
i think you’re really beautiful - starry cat
pepsi/coke suicide - elvis depressedly
no other heart - mac demarco
sometimes - beach fossils
i wanna be a witch - julia brown
i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields
ooo - karen o

♢ listen here ♢