i need everyone’s opinion. My bestfriend and i are going to start making YouTube videos. We are recording our first one tomorrow. I need to know if you guys would watch it or send us questions or anything. We both have always wanted to do it and now we’re doing it! Message me if you have any ideas or questions. It can be anything!!

It's Pretty Complicated

Hey I made another story but it has a lot more LGBTQIA+ elements in it that I thought you guys would like.

Rilaya mainly but Larkle is also in it
Riley is a male-to-female transgender lesbian, Maya as a cute lil’ Bisexual, Farkle as a pansexual {Sorry not sorry I love pansexual Farkle :3}, Lucas being a cute little gay cowboy.
Also has polyfamily, TopangaxCoryxShawn with Topanga being straight, Cory being Bisexual, and Shawn being straight with the exception of being really gay for his bestfriend/boyfriend Cory.

{I understand if you don’t post this because I already submitted once but I thought maybe you would be interested in this one.}

—————————————– I love submissions! The reason I started this blog was because of lack of queer GMW fanfiction on wattpad. Hopefully is we reach 250 followers I can take another admin! Really thanks for submitting. I always love them!

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I feel like you're a dick. But also a good person. And I wanna kick you in the face, but also go shopping. I wanna run you over you with an 18 wheeler, but then I'd have no one to text. SO I GUESS WE'RE BESTFRIENDS

im not supposed to reply but this was also supposed to be anonymous god dammit why can’t you follow the rules

Dear followers,

Hello wonderful people of tumblr! I know that I don’t usually talk to many of you on here, but I have a small favor to ask of you. This might get lengthy, but please power through it. So this fall I will be going to college and while that’s great and all I will also be leaving behind my best friend :(. To compensate we are spending as much time together as we can and we also want to go on one last adventure together to Disneyland. Sadly, even though we’ve been working our butts off it looks like we might not be able to do it because of the money. For this reason we decided to make a gofundme page. My parent’s don’t believe we can do it and I’m starting to believe that too. So this is where you all come in. I’m not asking you to donate, but please share this with as many people as you can! Thank you so much in advance for helping with this. (Click this link to donate.)

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Poor hemi. Hemi currently has $110 in pledges. That means his adoption fees are waived ! Every time we go to checkout another dog to get to safety we see him. Each time he looks more and more depressed. In these pictures you can see he definitely has potential to be your happy forever purple tongued Bestfriend. Usually he doesn’t come to the front of the cage anymore, just lays there. 3 weeks with no interest on a hard floor in Miami’s summer heat with a thick coat like his I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped in a heat stroke 😔 I’m asking my followers to please share him to your Facebooks, twitters, etc. we can’t stand up for him til Bruno and mumu are safe but we sure can share his story. #A1705689 photo credit: @losolvidadosmiami #Regrann

I guess I should explain this because so many people I know follow me and are going to screenshot this and show ryan and Lauren . I’m honestly hurt by the whole thing that ryan moved on after a week of breaking up with me while we have been in an over 2 year relationship. do you know how hard that is to deal with? it fucking hurts that someone that was your bestfriend and your lover that you lost your virginity to and did fucking everything together can move on so fucking fast and not give a shit. I don’t even cry anymore because I’m so use to ryan hurting me. it’s just second nature for me to get over it. I’m a strong girl but when people send me things about them and show me what they’re doing like I don’t want to see that at all? I don’t want to see how much they have sex or how much he eats her pussy? that’s bothers me and makes me want to throw up. it hurts so bad like fuck dude . he moved on so quickly . no that wasn’t me sending Lauren shit on tumblr. no I wasn’t trying to break them up I’m not fucking 6 years old . that’s not my business anymore. I’m trying to get over it the best I can. and the thing is, he cheats on her so much and she doesn’t believe anyone at all. she’s so wrapped up in the bullshit and I feel bad honestly . it still hurts how he texts me only when he wants to have sex. it’s so wrong . so fucking wrong . I keep telling myself that Lauren is moving like ryan told me and ryan is going to the navy in less than a month. he told me in person he doesn’t know what will happen and he doesn’t think he can be in a relationship with anyone because he’s moving. I keep telling myself that but then I think of how happy they are and how he moved on so fucking fast. all the shit we’ve been through and what he’s told me how he could never be with another girl. but I guess that’s just what you tell people when you’re in love . I’m trying so hard to be okay and it’s really hard but I’ve been doing really good at it okay. I’m fucking trying. so if everyone can stop judging me and thinking I’m crazy and mean because I’m not . I’m fucking heartbroken and I’m doing my fucking best to deal with it .
thank you bye .