We begin our story in England.. After hard work of traveling back and forth to each other (9 hour coach journeys each way) we have finally finished our costumes for the tour, ready to shake it off with Taylor. I can’t even explain how excited we are to go to the 1989 tour together. Look out for us:

Cologne 19th Block 205 Row 9

Amsterdam 21st Row 48

Manchester 24th Block 113 Row N

[hopefully the tickets aren’t fake]

hey hey hey taylorswift see you real soon, we hope you enjoyed our video of making the costumes. We love you so much

stay beautiful 

lots of love 

Georgia (me) - goodoneswift 

Chelsea - cityofswift13

Jessica - nerve-to-adore-you 

I need friends 🙋🏻

Pros and cons of being friends with me

I’m a nice person
I can cook
I’m sometimes funny
I have a nice booty
We can go see movies…as long as you pay cause I’m a poor ass white girl
I’m a very open person

I will make plans with you and cancel at the last minute with a poorly made up excuse
I don’t have Netflix
I’m a very open person

Kik and snapchat are in my description


Well I’ve been an ELF for like 3 years now, and cassie (ot5) for 1 and a half years… I’m a Hanchul and Yunjae hardcore shipper too :D okay so here’s the thing. I DON’T HAVE ANY ELF OR CASSIE FREINDS :( I DON’T HAVE ANYONE TO TALK TO. SO I’M BEGGING Y'ALL CAN WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON TWITTER? Honestly I get jealous to those people who found their “Online bestfriends” whether their from the same country or not, I want to find one for myself too :( So please please please, If your kind enough to want to have a friend like me please follow me on twitter and I’ll follow you back :D -> @ceeejpri

Sorry if I sound so desparate right now, because I’m really desparate :’D anyways, Thanks in advance!
I’m from the Philippines by the way. :)


So it’s been a month now since I got the courage to ask this beautiful girl to be my girlfriend, Well she actually asked me before I got to ask her because I was too scared but anyway, being Carlee’s boyfriend for a month has honestly been amazing, she is my bestfriend and supports me in everything I do and oh god she’s beautiful. I couldn’t ask for anyone better in my life and I’m so glad I got this dork. Thank you for putting up with my lame jokes and my whining and continuing to FaceTime even though sometimes all I do is grunt or just look at myself and not you. I love you Carlee, we can make it. I can’t wait for everything that follows.


Meet 1 of my bestfriends (We’re 5 in our circle)

Aleanah Marie Arceño, 17 . 

She really is one of my fave models because she’s so natural. She looks like there’s something inside her, so emtionoal and that’s perfect for me, plus, I don’t have to tell her what to wear. She’s kickin it as always.

Here are some of my shots when we went to Pinto Art Museum.

 You can also follow her on Twitter  and Soundcloud (I’m actually her no. 2 fan. no. 1 mom niya haha) Some of my BGMs are actually grabbed from her Soundcloud.

This may not seem like much to you…but it means so much to me.

My friend cleared out the kids toy room and blew me up an air mattress. It isn’t much, but this girl has never turned her back on me or judged me wrong. She’s always been there in my lowest and I love when we can share together our highest of times. We are hipstas, attached at the damn hip. Wherever one goes, the other follows.

I heard you hate me. Wow. Way to hate someone you don’t even know. Anyway, here’s to you. I posted it here because I also heard that you stalk my tumblr account. Ha. Your insecurity is out of bounds.

First, there is no shortage of men so you can have your boyfriend. Brand him if that gives you peace.

Second, don’t go acting like we’re bestfriends when you talk shit behind my back. What do I have that you’re so ticked off of?

Third, don’t fucking follow all my social media accounts. I don’t want you snooping around my shit. I am not into your boyfriend, you twat. Get over yourself.

anonymous asked:

(sleepover friday) so my bestfriend and I fell apart. we kissed a few times and she started acting all weird. she said it was platonic and I asked her several times if it was all ok and she said yes. she knows I'm gay but she still says she straight. people have said she's in denial and that you can't kiss girls and then say you're not into them. I just don't get it, we were super close. any thoughts?

Okay so idk but since you follow me I’m just casually going to assume you watch YouTube, okay so maybe your friend is in denial and that can be really harsh on her. Maybe you can try to help her, idk show her Ingrid’s video and say that she’s so brave and just do it like really casually idk. I’m going to tell a story though because this sounds like the right time and idk I don’t really mind sharing it. So firstly I’m bisexual but I only actually let myself accept that really recently. I do remember some things though, like I used to like having my barbies date girls until I realized that was not “normal” for society. I also remember being 12 and everyone was kissing their best friend and so of course I did that as well but the thing is…. I had 3 best friends and I only ever wanted to kiss one of them and I just really wanted her to kiss me multiple times. I think I then just pushed that part away and that it was a bit easier for me since I’m bi so I like guys as well so I told myself that was straight thinking and yeah idk. What I’m trying to say is that maybe she’s in denial and then she just really needs you to be there for her and help her through this a bit. If she’s not in denial then that’s okay as well…. Sorry for making this so much about me idk but I thought it might help even though I’m not sure but I do recommend Ingrid’s video because that is such an amazing video! All my love <3

Sleepover Friday

The Past 2 Months

Yes I’m still here, I’ve just been extremally busy. So last time I was here I was trying to meet with my lovely frined who I hadn’t seen in ages. AND WE FINALLY DID!!!!!!!! We met in the local village and hung out with some other friends and it was great craic altogether.

The following Friday, I skipped my last 2 exams to go see 5 Seconds of Summer in concert with my bestfriend. Just Oh My God. They were frickin’ amazing!!!!! Brilliant, unbelivable, every word used to praise something. If you can at all possible, go and see them because…. Oh Lord I can’t describe how good they are. Hey Violet were so good too. I’m definately gonna keep up with them.

So as you may have guessed, I’m on my summer holidays. They haven’t been a holiday. 1st two weeks, I was up a 8:30 to get my sister up for school. I’ve been working my ass off at home and in the cake kitchen with my mam. So I’m practically shattered.

Yesterday I went to Croke Park for the first time with my brother. And was I so glad to be there. After 80 years, 23 times meeting, Westmeath finally bet Meath and are in the Leinster finals. It was really funny because all of the Dublin crowd were shouting for Westmeath. It was brilliant. There’s this really funny reaction video on FB flying around of an oul lad jump around the kitchen, hillarious. We got a bus up that was organised by a local lad. On the way home, this absolute beur sat beside me. I think he thought that I was more than 16 cause he started asking if I was heading out to celebrate.

I can’t wait till next week. My mam and dad organise a tractor run to raise money for Temple Street Childrens Hospital. This year some of the farmers from school are going and well they’re the reason I can’t wait. And to get back into the swing of thing because we didn’t do one last year due to personal reasons and I actually did miss it. I think it was just the buzz of it. I don’t know.

But anyways, it will probally be another 2 months before I think of coming back here so I will see ya them. Bye 😊😊😊

This girl right here on the other side of the cap and gown is probably my best friend throughout the years! Yes we bitch, bicker and probably say things we shouldn’t but it happens and I know at the end of the day I can see her smiling face and know she’s still my true friend! Through years of memories I don’t want to ever let go! Thank you for them! Thank you for your support of being my best friend through years and hopefully even though we take new paths down the road to follow our dreams we can still continue to be friends and make more memories. I love you Aly I can’t believe we graduated today! #graduation2015 #bestfriend (at Remsen Junior Senior High School)


guys click on this link and like the picture. its of my 3 year old nephew. we are trying to win this cutest baby Blackhawks contest! it ends tomorrow afternoon (3-26-2015 at 12pm, U.S central time)! i would appreciate if you guys did this! thanksssssssss

and if you guys share it on your facebook so  your friends and family can like it, that would be fucking awesome and we shall be bestfriends! if you guys can let me know if you liked the picture so i can follow you or something



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this text is made from my bestfriend to me. Hope it'll help you too.

a butterfly hanging upside down, that will be head towards the towards the light sometime. the reflection in the mirror as we cut our hair. footsteps echoing in the hallway during class. the sound of rain follows us ceaselessy purely. what we feel is binding and can take the shape of a sweet flower, or the shape of poisonous fruit. rain again today. i want to link that day to now. sky to sky. in this craziness, uncertainty will we be able to leave a trace of each of our emotions somewhere? in this craziness you gave me life. to what bounds can we safequard one emotion. in this craziness. will we be able to leave a trace of ourselves somewhere? in this craziness, you gave me life.
to what bounds can we safequard each of ourselves?