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take ur chances and fall asleep on reyna (though i can guarantee they will not be this long)

                                 ( it’s done….it’s finally done… )

                              AND ONE TIME SHE FELL ASLEEP ON HIM
( yes beautiful perfect
                                                                                                                               my aesthetic )

           ( warning: do not read unless u have time for a 4.5k monster )

                                     ( yea i got a bit excited and totally went overboard. whoops???? fite me???? )

                   ( only the first two really follow the meme,
                          but whatevs. memes are just prompts
              after all. right?? r i g h t?????? )

                  ( this is also on ao3 bc im a conceited and vain and bitter soul )

                                                       ( okay, okay, without further ado:
                                                                        5 times Jason Fell Asleep on Reyna
                                                                        and 1 Time She Fell Asleep on Him )


“If we take the route along the outer harbor—“

Reyna’s hunched over the small map –a cheap looking thing they snagged from a convenience store a couple miles back before tramping into the woods to find a decently sheltered place to hole up for the night (and hopefully not freeze to death). Her words are more puffs of ice crystals in the chilly night air than actual sounds, quiet syllables hissed through her teeth as she examines the lines of the map beneath the light of their flashlight that trembles ever-so-slightly in her bare fingers.

She grits her teeth to stop their chattering and hunches a bit lower over the paper even as her back cramps and pangs in protest. The movement doesn’t do much to make her warmer and doesn’t change the fact she wasn’t made for a mid-west winter. She was grown in the sweltering heat of San Juan and raised on the hot sand beaches of C.C.’s Spa and Resort, the cold has never been her forte. Neither is it Jason’s judging from the tremors that tremble up and down her left side, his arms and torso squashed up against hers as they huddle in a small cluster of trees. It’s poor as far as shelter goes, but the prospect of trudging any farther through the snow to look for something better hadn’t appealed to either demigod.

They’re young and rash, but they aren’t stupid or childish enough to risk dying of frostbite or freezing to death over some mutual dislike of each other, so the setting sun finds them huddled together as close as they can –the two dollar thermal blanket wrapped about their legs and crinkling under their butts to create a flimsy shield against the cold. Reyna’s teeth still chatter a bit despite the tension in her jaw as she finishes her thought.

“The outer harbor would take longer, but we don’t have enough money for the ferry and we could get wet in this rough weather. And in case you didn’t notice, we don’t have any dry or warm clothing left.”

She waits, but the only response is some twig cracking out in the forest and their own breathing, loud and harsh in a cold, silent forest. Lips twitch down into an annoyed frown at her partner’s lack of response as she continues to squint down at the map, though the squiggly red lines have all but been burned into the backs of her eyelids.


She beings to hiss, head jerking to the side along with the flashlight beam, words perched on her tongue to give a quick reprimandation, before they fade out into nothing more than ice crystals. Because she should have noticed the heavy weight on her shoulder and the long even breaths that break the chilling quiet in long even intervals; should have taken note of his lack of input when they’ve seemingly agreed over shockingly little this entire quest. Reyna blames the cold for her lack of observation of all these things (though she knows that’s no true excuse) and carefully folds up the map. There’s no point in disturbing the boy now, and sleep is arguably a better way to spend time then endlessly planning out something that probably won’t work.

And perhaps he looks peaceful like this, caught in the golden light of her flashlight –a cliché thought, but a true one nonetheless. Looking at the blond now, Reyna thinks she understands what her sister meant about sleep shedding years off people by erasing the situation. Because looking at her questmate now, Reyna can almost pretend they’re normal –just a couple of kids out camping in the forest. He appears younger than his twelve years, more vulnerable too, not like he’s trying to be a fearless leader.

At some point the hard glint in her eyes softens as she looks at the boy –he’s not the only one that changes when no one’s looking. She likes Jason Grace better when he’s asleep, she decides. Less bossy, less snappish, less argumentative. Overall better.

She heaves a small sigh and plunges them into darkness, flicking the flashlight off and tucking the map and it into her backpack. Onyx eyes peer out into the dim forest, the palest bits of moonbeams forcing their way down to reflect on snow and frost. It’s deceptively peaceful, and soon her breaths sync with Jason’s, though she forces her eyes to remain open. Another sigh and glance at Jason –all soft features in the silver moonlight—before Reyna resigns herself to first watch.

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writing-foryourps asked:

Huntette for the meme! :D

Who’s more dominant: Hunter, but that’s because he’s a very upfront, outspoken man.
Who’s the cuddler: I don’t know if either of them is necessarily a ‘cuddler’ but there are quite a few times where they wake up wrapped around one another and neither one knows who did it, nor do they care because they’re not about to complain.
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Hunter is big and Cosette is little. She’s short and tiny and Hunter likes being able to protect her while they sleep.
Who uses all the hot water: Probably Cosette, just because Hunter likes to keep quick in the shower.
Most trivial thing they fight over: They have a lot of trivial fights. About whoever forgot to turn the lights off in the bathroom, or who’s dishes are still in the sink after dinner, but it’s usually nothing that they can’t get over in a relatively short amount of time.
Who does most of the cleaning: Hunter, but it’s not necessarily that he does most of the cleaning as much as it is that he cleans as he goes about his day.
What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Cosette gets free range over that. Other than a few shows here and there, Hunter’s not a big TV watcher.
Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  I feel like they both would? Just show up in his office one day because they’re freezing their asses off in their apartment that they share, and both just totally go off on him until he’s too afraid to let it slide.
Who leaves their stuff around: Cosette more than Hunter I’d imagine, but that’s just because he has that military-grade level of cleanliness and organization drilled into him.
Who remembers to buy the milk: Probably Cosette, just because I feel like she’d use it/drink i more. If she doesn’t actually buy it then she at least reminds Hunter to pick up a gallon on his way home.
Who remembers anniversaries:  Both? They don’t make a huge fuss out of their anniversaries, I don’t think, but they both remember and have small plans together the day of.
Who cooks normally: Cosette. Sometimes Hunter will help but he’s long since accepted that his talented in the kitchen is about the size of a teaspoon, and he’s rather not lose his girlfriend because he somehow poisoned her while trying to make lasagna.
How often do they fight: Like I already said, they have small trivial fights a lot but big fights are a rare things.
What do they do when they’re away from each other: They  like to stay in occasional contact with each other when apart with texts and the like.
Nicknames for each other: Nothing really too extravagant. Cosette calls Hunter baby from time to time, and of course he’s pretty much called her doll from day one but they both enjoy calling each other by their names. Sometimes full names, first and middle, when feeling particularly bratty.
Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Because Cosette is the one who often gets stuck making dinner at home, Hunter makes a point to pay when they order or go out.
Who steals the covers at night: 
What would they get each other for gifts: They’re more fans of the sentimental side of gifts, so things that they feel have some sort of meaning with the occasional dash of practicality.
Who kissed who first: Cosette was the one who started the talk to get their relationship started but Hunter kissed her first.
Who made the first move: ^^^
Who remembers things: It depends on the thing. They’re both good at remembering different things, which actually works out because they’ve got pretty much all ground covered.
Who started the relationship: I’m pretty sure Hunter is the one who initially asked Cosette to be his girlfriend.
Who cusses more: Oh, it’s totally not a case of ‘more’. They both have their moments. A lot of them.
What would they do if the other one was hurt: Fret. And probably scold each other for whatever they did to get hurt. If there was another person involved, they would both probably go off on them too.
Who is the dirty talker: Hunter, but he rarely does it when they’re actually getting intimate. A lot of the time, he just likes whispering little semi-explicit teases in Cosette’s ear in public because he likes making her blush, which I feel like she would do.
A head canon: After they graduate, I think it’d be a few months to a year before they decide to officially move in together, but it’s actually something that they manage o adjust to pretty easily. They get some small apartment that seems smaller than it actually is because of their four fur babies and it’s not long before they realize they need a bigger place, after spending every morning for months trying to make coffee with two cats climbing on the counters, another one trying to eat out of the garbage, and Sweeney nuzzling at their feet because his food hasn’t been set down yet.

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pxttsiisms asked:

♥, ♡, ▲, ★, ☆, ✦, ✧, ❀

:  Would you kiss me?

“… What? Would I– aw, hell. I mean. On the cheek, on the forehead? Sure. Just… Pepper, Tony was– Tony was my friend. He meant a lot to me. I couldn’t… y’know?”

:  Would you let me kiss you?

“No. Because we both know you’d regret it later.” 

:  Would you share food with me?

“Absolutely. I mean, s’not like I’m going to finish it all.” 

:  Would you fight me?

“I would… let you fight me. Take out your frustrations. Whatever you need, Pep, you know that.” 

: Would you take a bullet for me?

“You know I would.”

:  Would you get in a fist fight for me?

“If I had to, yeah. There’s no question about it.” 

:  Would you lie for me?

“If I had to. If you needed me to.”

: Do you get jealous when I’m with other guys/girls?

“No. I mean, you’re a grown woman, Pepper. That is your business. I have no reason to get jealous.”

[ pxttsiisms ]

really wish hussie would stop these pauses and finish the comic already
all the pauses do is make people not care anymore and move on
with their lives or go to a fanbase where the creator actually gives a shit about their fans
just finish it and get to work on whatever you have planned next
youre a god damn millionaire dude
a millionaire who sends two hoakies to a con to sell your merch while you set at home and jerk off to your stupid horse meme that only you find hilarious
i get all any of this is to you is a paycheck now
but at least pretend to care about your fanbase and show up to cons and sign shit or take pictures with the people who helped make you the fucking millionaire you are
at least then you will have an excuse for these pointless pauses

wutai-whiterose asked:

"´͈ ᵕ `͈"


For whatever reason she grabbed his hand rather fast, he played with the idea that she’d been afraid he’d run off and leave her to her own devices but after taking a look at her had quickly discarded the idea. Maybe it was just a reflex of some sort.

Squeezing her hand briefly he spoke, “come on. Lets go get something to eat. I’m kind of hungry, I’ll even do the gentlemanly thing and pay for your food,” he finished saying as he turned the corner towards the nearest burger place.