“Wells’ death was necessary”

“Um the 100 isn’t racist :)) have you seen the cast?”


“Raven is a strong and complex character that we love so much :)) that’s why we torture her :)))) and hurt her :)))) same with Bellamy and Lincoln :))”

“We love Monty SOOO MUCH”

“Fake tan is necessary because of REALISM^TM”

“Hm, yeah you call it a bindi, but is it really a bindi? I mean it could be something totally different”

so I applied to a different job a few weeks ago and sat myself down and said “fuck it” and wrote the cover letter in the style of if I was Papyrus telling the company why I am definitely the best choice for whatever they wanted me to do

and I got a callback and today I have a phone interview with them so

don’t underestimate that skeleton’s power ok


At level 95, my Aizen triggered Awakening for the first time. When I heard his line I panicked and closed the tab, just to regret it immediately after. Oh well… Good job, my boy.