“Wells’ death was necessary”

“Um the 100 isn’t racist :)) have you seen the cast?”


“Raven is a strong and complex character that we love so much :)) that’s why we torture her :)))) and hurt her :)))) same with Bellamy and Lincoln :))”

“We love Monty SOOO MUCH”

“Fake tan is necessary because of REALISM^TM”

“Hm, yeah you call it a bindi, but is it really a bindi? I mean it could be something totally different”

Need more Reylo!

If you guys have a Reylo blog (or even just Rey or Kylo or Star Wars in general), you should totally reblog this because I will follow every one of you, I have no shame and I have a fever, and the only prescription is more Reylo

Hey idk if u hear it enough but aro/ace people are super valid and belong in the LGBT+ community, k thanks bye
Also fuck y'all who say other wise I don’t need that kinda bullshit in my life

I have an idea

Since i want to talk to more people from all around the world (or not) this year i’m going to wrote down the URL of the 366 firsts people who reblog this post and each day i will send a message to one of them to start a conversation.