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“I could have sworn I saw on your calendar that you didn’t have rehearsal tonight,” you whine as Ashton puts on his shoes and hurries around the apartment looking for his rehearsal bag.

“I didn’t think we did, but it must have just been mischeduled, I’m sorry, love,” he says, kissing your forehead before heading towards the door. “I’ll be back later.”

You sigh in defeat. “Okay, I love you.”

He pauses with his hand on the doorknob. “I love you, too,” he responds and with that, he’s out the door.

A few hours later, you start to worry. He had left at 6:30, and now it’s 2:00 a.m. Rehearsals never went more than 4 hours, and he wasn’t responding to any texts or calls. You decide to call Luke, just to make sure everything was okay and that maybe they were all just out for drinks together.
You dial Luke’s number, your nerves causing you to tremble a little.
“Hello?” a sleepy and groggy voice says into the phone after a few rings.
“Luke? It’s Y/N,” you say nervously. “Were you asleep?”
“Indeed,” he says, and you hear shuffling going on in the background. “Did you need something?”
“Well, Ashton hasn’t been home since he left for rehearsal at around 6 and-”
“What? We didn’t have rehearsal tonight. It’s not scheduled until Monday,” he says confusedly. “And I haven’t seen him since yesterday night, maybe call Calum or Michael and ask, they might be out together.”
Your stomach drops with the thought of Ashton lying to you about where he was going, but you push the feelings to the back of your head before you can know for sure what’s going on.
“Okay, I’ll call them. I’m sorry to have woken you up,” you say, feeling guilty.
“No, no, I’m glad you did. If something is wrong, don’t feel bad for waking me up. I’m up now, so keep me updated on what happens.”
“Okay, I will. Sorry again,” you say and hang up.
You call Calum and Michael, Michael having been asleep like Luke and not having seen Ash since this morning, and Calum still awake, but said he had been playing video games with his girlfriend all night.
Was Ashton cheating on you? No, that couldn’t be. Was he leaving you? Neither of those things seemed like Ashton at all.
You text Ashton a few more times, still no response. Unable to sleep, you stay up all night and the entire next day, not hearing from him and not hearing about him. Even the boys seem worried, he hasn’t contacted you, them or his family in over 24 hours. With every passing second of the day, your heart feels heavier and heavier. Where was he? Was he hurt or something? Was he just ignoring everyone? Had he gone on some kind of spiritual retreat or some shit like that? Staying at a side girl’s house? You just don’t know. 

3 days go by, and you have gone to the police and filed a missing persons report. You haven’t gone to work or left the house, but the boys have been in and out, stressing out almost as much as you.

It’s not even the not knowing that bothered you so. It’s the randomness of it all. He had left for a non-existent rehearsal and then not come back. No explanation, no contact with anyone, no anything, no warning signs.
Luke just left your apartment, leaving you with some Chinese food he picked up. You sit on your bed, the one that should be half filled up by Ashton right now.
You glance around at the room, at the emptiness that’s there, despite everything being the same.
But one thing catches your eye, the dresser. The dresser that is now completely clear. It shouldn’t be. There was only ever one thing on that dresser, a picture of you and Ashton on the pier. But it’s not there anymore. You hadn’t touched it, and now that you think about it, you hadn’t seen it for days. That could only mean one thing. Ashton had taken it with him, which subsequently meant that he had known he was leaving when he left. This wasn’t a kidnapping or a car accident or some side girl (why would he leave you but still take the monumental picture depicting your relationship?), he had gone somewhere. 

It’s a few weeks later, and still no Ash to be found. You had told the police about how he had taken the picture with him, but they dismissed it and told you that you might have misplaced it or misremembered it being there at all, both of which were ridiculous.

People say time heals things, but not for stuff like this. Every second he is gone is another pound of pressure working towards shattering your heart completely. Police have done nothing but file a report, his family had hired a private investigator, who was doing his best to work with the band to find him, but to no avail. You have called him every night before going to sleep and every morning before getting out of bed. You’ve probably left around 100 voicemails by this point, but you would leave 1,000 voicemails if it meant finally being able to reach him.

It’s been two and a half months now, and people are telling you to give up but you just can’t. You couldn’t if you tried, and it’s not like you’re trying in the first place. The boys haven’t given up either, but they certainly aren’t as intent as you are anymore. The private investigator had taken on the case as a surface case, meaning he invested in long term services and plans and alerts to Ashton, but wasn’t trying full time to find him.

You wake up early Saturday morning and everything becomes so real, like it does every morning. It would be so much easier to just sleep forever. It’s late October, the sky is gray and dark, the air is cold, and your apartment is lonely. You used to love fall but it just seems to be taunting you without Ashton there to help you make apple pies and carve pumpkins and what not.
You get out of bed, get in the shower, get into a warm white sweater and jeans, brushing your teeth and shaking your hair out so it doesn’t drip. Same routine as normal, and you hear someone at the door. You get your hopes up as always-that somehow Ashton is there behind the door waiting for you-as your make your way to the door, but you try and calm yourself down, bringing yourself to the reality that it’s not going to be him there standing in front of you.
You look through the cracked peephole to try and get a semi-good look at whoever is there, but when you see the outline of the person, you gasp and stumble backwards, pulling the door violently towards you.

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Friendly reminder that John Laurens literally got up out of his sickbed to lead troops in what would become the Battle of the Combahee River.

He was ill with malaria/some sort of fever, but he wrote to Nathanael Greene to ask for a command.  He told Greene that if he was refused a command, he would just show up as a volunteer anyway.

Honestly, I’ve caught myself so many times this month beating myself up over not having my art look a certain way or be like so-and-so’s art or what’s-his/her-face. I’ve caught myself comparing myself too many times.

But recently, I’ve turned that defeatism into absolute pride over each and every artist on this site like…

The sheer RANGE of styles and techniques and color choices I encounter, each and every single one unique to each and every single person. And they’re all so different and beautiful and professional in their own way. 

One artist can be better at clean, thin lines like ‘how in the hell did you even do that’ while another artist can be super messy in a deliberate way and painterly and equally ‘how in the hell did you do that’. And one artist can be really accurate with their anatomy, down to the muscular details, while another artist can be stylized and aesthetically pleasing in a whole different way. 

I just, I LOVE ART, you guys. You all inspire me with your visions and means of tackling them. You’re all champs, doing you and being fiercely unique in a world that tries to dictate us being a certain way or make us doubt our own abilities. Keep doing what you do. You inspire me to keep chasing after my own unique style and technique fearlessly.


This has been a PSA.

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tehamazingone-writes what do you think, like, I feel like Ishizu doesn’t have a lot of resentment against Kaiba and Rishid seems to have taken “Defeat means Friendship” pretty seriously but I could actually see Marik still having issues to deal with here.


08.27.2015, 22:50 // Every other blog’s bullet journal looks cute and picturesque, and here’s the start of mine with words crossed out and writing in the wrong color 😂 I guess I just feel as if the purpose of the bullet journal is defeated if I spend a lot of time on it. On the plus side, my Mandarin characters are looking better.

Kinjou is a much better human being than I am.
  • Fukutomi:I'm sorry for dragging you off your bike and ruining your team's chances of winning Inter-High.
  • what Kinjou said:Apology accepted.
  • Fukutomi:To make up for what I did, I'll lose next Inter-High if you want me to. I'll throw it, just say the word.
  • what Kinjou said:I would rather win by defeating the best at their best. You can make up for it by giving your all this time.
  • Fukutomi:I have a favor to ask of you. If we again find ourselves going head-to-head in a race, I want to have a real, fair race, nothing but us and our bikes. Will you give me that?
  • what Kinjou said:I look forward to it.

TWO YEARS AGO TODAY, I made this blog as an eager beaver who wanted to dive into the Supernatural fandom before I had even caught up with the series, because I couldn’t hold back this fucker of a muse named Dean Winchester that couldn’t wait for that point. I sat here thinking of what I should do for this day because it’s such a big mark for me, and honestly the LONGEST I’ve ever had a muse before – even in times of less muse or when he’s taking complete control, knocking my other muses out of the way. I was going to do a giveaway, but I thought that would be better to save for my birthday to do a sort of a combo. I also debated a bias list, but then I realized that would have defeated some of the point I wanted to make with this post. I’M SO SO SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF YOU! From those of you who have stuck with Dean since day one, for those who have joined along the way, and most importantly the friends I’ve made through this fandom. I can’t even put into words how much you all mean to me. Writing is just a hobby to me, but the friends I’ve made are REAL and IMPORTANT. Yes, I’ve absolutely loved writing with you all, but even in rough times the support I’ve gotten is just overwhelmingly wonderful [ not necessarily the supernatural fandom alone, but the rp community too ]. I’m just so grateful for the experiences I’ve had with this blog and the people I’ve met because of it. Every last one of you is important to me! [ no matter how cheesy that may sounds it holds true to me more than you would believe ]. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I’m looking forward to the new memories that are to come. LOVE, CLARY ♥

Deep down in law’s mind he always had this shred of doubt that Cora helped just for the sake of helping him. After all Cora only really started to be involved in his live when he learned he was a “D”. Perhaps that’s why Cora originally helped law (a small but definitely existent reason), but there’s no doubt in sengoku’s heart that Cora loved law deeply. I think more than defeating doflamingo this gave law a true sense of closure and peace.

dark ritual in the Fourth Blight?

So I was reading about the Anderfels today, and discovered that then-Queen Mariwen offered to support the Grey Wardens only if Warden Garahel would agree to sleep with her.

Considering it a small price to pay for such tremendous support, Garahel’s own lover asked that he agree to it.

It’s easy to kind of laugh and say Queen Mariwen must have had a powerful Thirst for elven booty…but what if she was a secret mage?

We know Flemeth has been around since the Towers Age, so that gives her and Mythal roughly 200 hears to sort out the details of the Dark Ritual. It stands to reason she would have had a vested interest in saving Andoral during the Fourth Blight. Could Mariwen have been one of her daughters, or otherwise one of Flemeth’s allies?

Of course, when I read that Garahel was killed defeating the Archdemon, I assumed my theory was crap. But then some really suspicious details emerge!

According to Grey Warden Prosper, when the Archdemon was defeated, Garahel’s body wasn’t immediately recovered because the dragon’s death throes threw him to the far side of the battlefield.

Could it be possible that he survived slaying the Archdemon only to be killed by the impact of his fall (or of other injuries)?

To the Grey Wardens, and to history, there would have been nothing extraordinary about Garahel’s death. And if Mariwen went on to have a bastard elfblooded child, no one would have cared since her late-husband had already provided a legitimate heir.

I haven’t read Last Flight, so I’m wondering if anyone out there might have noticed any suspicious details in Mariwen’s characterization or in the details of Garahel’s death? Do we know what happened to Mariwen after the blight?


I believe that good will always defeat evil. I fight for justice. This is why I call myself a Justice Warrior.

So every night, as soon as the boys are down, I start having these chocolate cravings.  I wander into the kitchen, where I do not typically store chocolate things, because I am fully aware of my chocolate cravings and also my waistline.  And I’m not about to make anything super huge at 9pm because cravings wait for no bake time. (Also, I don’t want to wake the kids, because that would defeat the purpose.)

One day, completely unrelated, I was looking for recipes on what to do with some leftover ricotta cheese. And I found half a dozen recipes for a chocolate ricotta pudding.  “Aha,” I thought to myself.  “I know what I’m doing this evening after the boys are in bed.”

Most of the chocolate ricotta pudding recipes I found were… interesting.  Some were complicated, where you had to melt the chocolate and cook stuff, and then chill it again.  Some were a bit too crazy in the super-healthy-who-said-this-was-indulgent path.  Some were reportedly “easy”, and then called for a bunch of crazy stuff I don’t keep in my pantry anyway.

I read them all, and then did something different.

What I discovered is that Chocolate Ricotta Pudding is totally forgiving.  I tried about six or seven different combinations of ingredients, which ranged from a total of four items to seven.  I made multiple substitutions – coconut milk instead of cream, Bailey’s instead of coconut milk, chocolate syrup instead of cocoa powder, an overripe banana instead of some of the sugar.  Everything worked, with varying levels of richness, texture, and creaminess. Basically, you can’t really screw this up, though you can certainly end up with a pudding you’ll want to continue tweaking until it meets what you expect.

So I’m going to give you the basic recipe, and then follow it up with a list of recommended suggestions and why you might want to use them.  The trick is to know what you like in a pudding, and then make the substitutions necessary to achieve it – and be prepared to continue tweaking until you’re happy.  The good thing about this pudding is that it’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require a lot of setting – if it’s runny when you’re done mixing, it’s gonna be runny after a few hours in the fridge, and the flavor won’t really change much, so you might as well continue tweaking on the spot.

Basic Chocolate Ricotta Pudding


½ cup ricotta cheese

¼ cup sugar

¼ cup milk or milk-like product (coconut milk, cream, half&half, etc)

3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Dash of chocolate syrup (optional)

Dash of vanilla (optional)

Dash of salt (optional)


In a small food processor, combine all the ingredients.  Process for 1-2 minutes, until the ricotta is completely broken up, the sugar is dissolved, and the pudding is smooth.  Serve. This makes quite a lot of pudding, so you may want to split it into two servings or save half of it for tomorrow. Or not.  I won’t judge.

Notes & Suggested Substitutions:

– I found that when I omitted the cocoa powder and used only syrup, the pudding became much runnier. As long as I had some cocoa powder – with or without the syrup – the pudding kept a pudding-like consistency (about as thick or slightly thicker than a thin sour cream).  If you want a thicker pudding, definitely stick to cocoa powder.

–I found that if you omit the chocolate syrup altogether, you need to make sure you use plenty of sugar. Most chocolate syrups are already very sweet; when you add the syrup, you can reduce the amount of sugar and you’ll still get a sweet pudding.  That said – if you omit the syrup, and find that your pudding is too dry or too bitter, try adding some back in.

–Salt and vanilla serve as flavor enhancers.  They’re lovely things to add to chocolate to give the flavor a bit of a boost – much like alcohol.  You don’t need to add a lot, or any at all, if you don’t want.

–Coconut milk is a lovely substitution for regular milk/cream.  It’s nice and thick, and it gives a really good coconut flavor to the pudding, if you like that sort of thing.  Plus, you can get away with using only a little of it in conjunction with the regular milk, so it’s a useful way of using up that already open can in your fridge.

–Yeah, the banana?  I didn’t have enough ricotta, but I had plenty of bananas, so I gave them a try.  It worked, but it was a very banana-like pudding, so unless you really like banana-flavored chocolate, I don’t recommend using a whole banana. Save the other half, give it to a convenient baby or toddler, or freeze it for later use. (Bananas freeze really well.)

–Things I did not try, but are worth a go if you like them: powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar (could help thicken the pudding, may also make for a smoother pudding faster); peppermint extract (for a chocolate-mint pudding); peanut butter (may help thicken as well as giving you a Reece’s PB cup pudding, yum).  Cinnamon for a Mexican pudding!  Mascarpone or cream cheese for extra thickening power!  Plain yoghurt for all those good-for-you bacteria!  Almond milk if you like that sort of thing!  The list is endless.


(LJ post with recipe is here.)