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Hi! If the ask box is open can i submit a request? What if after Ardyn's defeats the chocobros s/o has a teenage hunter who falls hard for them because they were kind to him when no one was. He compliments them, looking at them like they were the only in the world, but even if they politely dodge his affection, one day he confess he loves them so much pratically in tears. With the chocobros in earshot. Reactions?

Gosh dangit, I did it again guys. I began writing all four bros but started with Noctis (as per usual) and here we are over 1,000 words later and I’m too exhausted to write the other 3 atm. They’ll follow soon I promise but dang I wanted to get this posted. Dn’t hat me

(FYI, we’re assuming Noctis survives the battle of Insomnia)



At first he doesn’t think much of it: the flirting, the not-so subtle passing touches, the doe-eyed looks— I mean, the kid’s a… well, kid— probably seventeen at the oldest.

You explained upon his return from his ten year absence that you had practically helped raise the kid like a little brother. But it didn’t take Noctis long to figure out that what you considered “sibling affection” was an entirely different concept for the boy. Perhaps a little less “sibling” and a little more “affection”.

Knowing that the kid was harmless as it was no more than the puppy love of a child, Noctis took to teasing you about it instead.

“He’s a bold one, I’ll have to give him that,” he’d grin, leaning in to steal your lips in a kiss. “Hitting on the King of Lucis’ girl.”

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I’m 100% certain that when “Spider-Man Homecoming” drops, Zendaya’s character will be referred to as Michelle through most of the movie until it’s revealed she’s Mary Jane at the end. That’s a very Marvel-ly move.

Like, I can see it going like this.

Vulture is defeated and Peter is hanging out at Michelle’s place. Liz Allan, despite some flirting between her and Pete, decides that she just wants to be friends with him. Michelle sees Pete bummed out and tries to console him.

Just then, her mom comes in and says, “Mary Jane, come inside, food’s ready!”

Then Peter smiles and says, “Hmm…so it’s not ‘Michelle’ Watson, it’s Mary Jane Watson? Where’d Michelle come from?” And then Mary Jane gives some explanation, like it’s her middle name, her online name, the name of her favorite rockstar, she hates the name Mary Jane, etc., etc.  

Mary and Pete are about to go inside but then they hear a bunch of sirens coming from down the street. Pete looks at Mary, looking for the okay, and she rolls her eyes before playfully saying, “Go get em tiger.” 

And the movie ends with Pete swinging off. 

(Then the mid-credit scene shows the symbiote landing on Earth and the post-credit scene shows Mary Jane bumping into Gwen Stacy) 

Loft Lovin

Barry and Iris wake up after a fun night of Netflix and Chill. Barry is getting ready to head to Star Labs but Iris has the day off…

Iris: BARRRY! Stay home with me today! ( She pulls the sheets over her lower face and sheepishly smiles with her eyes and he pouts wishing he could).

Barry: I know babe but were getting closer to defeating Savitar and I have to keep my mind focused. If I’m here with you it’s just gonna distract me.

Iris: That’s the point Barrry, you’ve been working so hard to save me babe, you’re gonna get overwhelmed! Besides we had so much fun last night.

Barry: It was pretty hot wasn’t it.

Iris: You made my teeth sweat babe. (They laugh out loud).

Barry: I can’t babe. I’m putting my foot down.

Iris: ( She follows him to the door in her slinky silk robe, and stands there thinking “Okay, I tried to be civil”. He opens the door, steps into the hallway, and turns around to blow her a kiss. She drops her robe, smiles, and pushes the door shut. She stands there and starts counting 3, 2, 1. The door swings open.

Barry: Okay, but only a couple hours, cause we really are getting closer to bringing Savitar down.

(She giggles as he scoops her up with one arm and carries her up stairs smacking her on the butt with his free hand).

Barry: You know what you do to me don’t you?

Iris: Indeed I do.


True terror…


(Also, I’m a terrible healer for letting Hanzo die. Also also, I have terrible aim.)

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Tash, are you still alive?

Of course I am!!

I can’t die until I defeat Roronoa Zoro and retrieve all the named swords, don’t forget it!

Pirates never rest and I’ve had a lot of work lately, but I’ll be back and post some replies soon. 


- I have had like three bloody heart attacks.
That was intense for me.
- Thrawn is my heart and my soul, god, I’m so glad he made it. I was like 99% sure he was going to be beaten on the ground. Thank you, Mr. Filoni, for my belief in you was strong and it was not shattered.
- That Thrawn Theme moment during the bombardement oh hell it was awesome.
- Kallus looks great beaten up.
- “I see your defeat. Like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace”.
Nope, I didn’t like that. Not a single moment. Though he might have meant Endor, though I doubt it due to the “you” and “embrace” going together. Not gonna dwell on it yet. Maybe later. I’ve had enough fear for today.
- Thrawn ordering to shoot the storm made me pause and freak out like WHY DID YOU ORDER THAT YOU IDIOT HE’S GONNA KILL YOU. And then it, like, worked. And that’s why we all are not Thrawn. We would have run. I definitely would have run.
- The confrontation all went down to Thrawn vs Bendu lol
- Thrawn’s alive and I heavily doubt he’ll appear in the 4th Season, so this makes place for another book or two by Zahn’s hand and for Thrawn to appear in Episode 8/9.
I’m waiting for April.
- All in all, these episodes were great. Tomorrow I’m gonna drink to Thrawn’s honor.

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I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I currently attend an all girls catholic high school & my family is extremely religious, and sadly that comes with some homophobic views. I'm bi(haven't told anyone) & I can't imagine my life without God/the church but when my small group leaders tells me I can't get married as a Catholic because it wouldn't be to a man I feel really defeated & like I need to hide who I am.. What should I do/how can I get what I want both religiously & love wise?

Oh sweetie pie, I am so proud of you for coming out here (even if it’s “just” on Anon, that’s huge!!!). Congratulations <3 <3 <3 In terms of getting what you want both religiously and love wise, I promise it is possible. No, to be honest, it’s not always possible in our specific congregations/parishes/etc, but there are lots of Catholic queers out there (*waves at you* [Catholic and Jewish]). There are a number of Catholic queer churches out there – the interwebs can reveal them to you! – and I promise you are not alone. I know that feeling of defeat and I am so sorry you’re experiencing it: but again, I promise that you aren’t alone. Another wonderful, brave Anon like you asked me about something similar a while ago, and asked me to fic it, so here, maybe it’ll offer you some comfort and warmth, too. http://archiveofourown.org/works/9122290/chapters/21797666 Sending you all my love, darling <3 <3 <3 <3

A really hard thing about going back to work is dealing with fluorescent lighting because it causes migraines for me. So after going into the office today for a bit, I’m pretty much defeated by common commercial light bulbs. My skull feels like it’s splitting. 

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You know what I "love?" How the other Sharks were so defeated that they practically left Dell to defend himself, and wasn't Haley entirely alone with four Stars and the puck there for a minute or so? They left those two to rot.

ohhhh my god I know!!!!! dell and haley both totally got strung out to dry i’m actually really pissed. i don’t know what the fuck has been happening with our defense lately other than absolutely fucking nothing, but i’m real sick of it.

Fill-a-Page February day 01! 

Off to a reasonable start. I nearly missed my train stop because I was so focused lmao. I had a mad scramble to get off before it left the station. God I still have a long way to go, though. BUT! That’s what the challenge is all about. 

It’s been so cool seeing people posting their first pages!