Funny how I’ve been hearing about the mass shooting in Houston all day long on the radio & on the news, but I never heard a single word about any Nazi uniform until I actually looked up the story online. Maybe I’m listening to & watching all the wrong news stations, but literally all I’ve been hearing is that he was a “disgruntled lawyer.” Hm…I guess someone wearing a Nazi uniform as they went on a shooting spree somehow wasn’t a pertinent detail?

2016 and Nazis still going on shooting sprees. Please be safe out there.


*inhales deeply* I CANT WAIT FOR NEW JOHNNY PREVIEWS AND EDITS FROM HIS FANSITES SO I CAN CHANGE MY ICON AFTER LIKE WHAT, 5-6 MONTHS? AND MORE MEMES AND HIS VOICE ON A SOUND TRACK, Y'ALL WE IN FOR A RIDEEEE WWEEEE OOO WEEEEE OOOO WEEEE OOOO *coughs* *drinks water* *licks lips* and also, support my girl luna, she’s not about to bust a lung on that stage to be ignored thanks, besitos 💋

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yo yo what are your headcanons about date night for han/lando/luke (i think you got me the tiniest bit invested in this ship)

ok listen buddy i’m so invested too!!! i never knew what it was like to ship a rarepair until the sw fandom tbh

they go on date nights every thursday, because fridays are usually too hectic and fridays are their “stay at home in their pjs and cuddle” days. and each week they alternate over who picks the “theme” of the date, and all three of them have very different styles of dating.

whenever lando gets to pick the date, he takes luke and han somewhere real nice. he buys flowers and wears a nice suit, and takes them to a fancy restaurant where the water has bubbles and lemons. he does it because he likes to spoil them. he likes taking them out and treating them, but he also likes showing them off. he wants the whole world to fawn and coo over han and luke in their evening wear, and he loves to slip his hands in their pockets so everybody knows that they’re spoken for. and then when they get home, they take a nice, long bath together in their giant tub with bath bombs and candles, and there’s Definitely some fooling around. and then they curl up in bed together in their pjs.

when han picks the date, it’s casual. they go to a movie, and he cooks dinner at home. no matter how many fancy restaurants they go to, nothing will ever compare to han’s cooking. they go out to the movies first, usually something funny and/or action packed. they get a jumbo popcorn (with butter, of course), and some candy (lando’s favorite movie candy is junior mints, luke’s is cookie dough bites, and han is a fan of sour patch kids), and luke sits in the middle with the popcorn and doesn’t want to give it up. they all cuddle in their seats and then go home for a warm, home cooked dinner that they eat in their pajamas.

luke’s dates are usually somewhere peaceful and unique, like to a park or botanical garden, or a museum. lando and luke talk extensively about the art in the museum (they both love impressionism, but debate over art nouveau (luke) and art deco (lando) ), and han doesn’t really Get art but he likes the colors and thinks it’s cute that luke and lando get so deep about it. it’s nice to see them so excited. then, they get dinner at a nice, casual place like a little café or themed diner, and then they go home and cuddle with luke in the middle.

they also love giving each other gifts. lando gives fancy gifts, like flowers and new watches. han gives food related presents, like chocolates and cookies and things like that. luke gives them new pens and notebooks, and crystals that he knows the meanings to.

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Imagine: Gwendoline Christie as the new 007 agent. She takes the alias “Jane Bond” and wears heels with her tuxedo. Lupita Nyong’o is the Bond girl, only instead of dying she and Gwendoline become a team and save the day with all their beauty and class. Natalie Dormer plays the hot villain and won’t stop flirting with both of them


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Hey guys, I hate to do this but I've been going through the library tags and Ao3 tags all morning but haven't had any luck finding this fic. It's an older Modern day no powers AU with skinny!Steve and amputee!Bucky, Bucky's learned to play the guitar with his metal arm and is in a band and Steve is a skinny little punk who has a hat that he wears everywhere that his mom got him as a kid. They meet through friends and fall for one another but Bucky freaks when Steve says he loves him (cont)

(pt 2) I remember reading it on Ao3 - other details include that Bucky was orphaned but Becca was adopted by her foster family so he has issues w/ commitment and abandonment, and Sarah is still alive but is dying of cancer. And at one point they all go out for Halloween and Steve dresses up as the Beast while Bucky dresses up as Belle. Any idea as to the title?

Could it be 

Undertones and Overtures

In which Steve is deaf and Bucky is an amputee.

Bucky Barnes is studying for his masters in Music Composition at Juilliard when he unexpectedly meets skinny little artist SteveRogers in a book store one Saturday. They both have their issues and it’s going to take a lot to understand each other, but with a little help from friends and family, they might be able to make this work.

different mod & a few submissions; it’s actually Rock and Roll Chose Me by Kellyscams (both are amazing tho 10/10)

Just relax !

I decide to put together this 4 requests 

Prompt #31 with Bucky & I’ll love you forever

#18 w/ Bucky 😍😍

#35 with Bucky pleasssseeee 😩

Prompt #34 Bucky

18)   “Can I borrow a shirt to wear?”

34) “Boobs are really just squishy pillows.” 

35)  “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”    

31)  “Can I have a hug?”

Sorry its small but is pure fluffy

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You had a horrible day. You start working on a project that you hate it, your phone was stolen and you are feeling sick. All you wanted was a nice bath and eat a whole pizza. As soon as you enter your apartment you start to crying a few moments later your boyfriend come out of the room with a messy hair he was probably napping.

“Hey baby why are you crying? Do i have to kill someone? Please don’t cry i hate to see you sad" you give him a small smile “ Don’t worry Bucky just a bad day everybody can stay alive” he starts to run his fingers thru my spine trying to calm you down when he realizes it’s not working he ask you “ Baby do you trust me ?” you nod “ with my life” he kiss me gently and say “ let me take care of you”

He is very gentle taking your jacket and blouse after he goes to your shoes and jeans he pick you up in bridal style and put you in the bath tub and ask for permission to take off your underwear you start to move to tie your hair but he don’t let you saying “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you. “You start to drift his hands on your hair feels so good, so relaxing that you let a small moan thru your throat.

After he finish your bath he lays you on the bed bad and start to massage your back “Bucky you are being so god to me,i love you” he kiss your back “i love you too, now relax “after he finish the massage and you swear that this men can do anything with his hands you turn to him ” Bucky, Can I have a hug ?“ he hugs you even if you are naked its nothing sexual was pure caring love. After a few minutes of hugging he lays his head on your chest ” I love your boobs you know boobs are really just squishy pillows.”

You stay in this position for more half hour just relaxing until your stomach start to make noises “Bucky i am hungry" he kiss you “ Pizza ?” You nod “Baby before you go can I borrow a shirt to wear?” He just take off the one he is wearing and hand to you “ I know you like to smell like me” You put his large shirt and stay in bed think how lucky you are to have such an amazing boyfriend.

After 20 minutes he comes back with a large pizza and quickly he take his clothes and sits with me on the bed and we start to eat after 15 min the pizza is finished. We just lay in bed watching friends and cuddling until we fall sleep.

I dunno if it’s just me being my petty self but does anyone else get slightly peeved when you see straight people wearing the rainbow flag (and other rainbow gear) at pride? And not just assuming they’re straight but people I know for fact are straight (and cis) and they get all done up in a rainbow flag and rainbow paints and I just have this moment of ‘NO not for you stop’? Like I know pride is for everyone and it’s great to see support but I dunno, there is some small part of me that just gets mad when I’m here worried about what shit I might take for wearing my pride stuff and there are straight people just chucking it on like it’s a fun costume for a day and they can just take it off and I can’t ever take it off.

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Whatever happened to Deans silver ring? Dean should wear jewelry again.

Hi there! I think it just disappeared one day, and that was the end of it. I kinda wish he’d get some more jewelry, too…

Weird thing about the ring, though. I’ve always been entirely perplexed by the persistent fandom headcanon that the ring was actually Mary’s wedding band, and so very sentimental to Dean… but ???

He used it to open beer bottles? Jensen has said that this is one of the reasons he stopped wearing Dean’s ring. The metal was all nicked and mauled from prying open bottles with it, and it was so damaged and sharp it was really irritating to wear.

(patented Mittens Pointless Tangent: I had a silver ring I used primarily as a bottle opener. I can confirm what happens to silver rings when you use them to open a lot of bottles. There were some sharp edges on that ring, but I still wore it constantly. Like, never took it off. It slipped off my finger while I was swimming in the Gulf of Mexico last December. If anyone finds it in the surf near Marco Island, Florida, give me a holler. Y’all probably wouldn’t want to wear it anyway. Like I said, it’s real dinged up. :P)

It actually fit Jensen’s fingers. I don’t know if y’all have seen how big Jensen’s hands are, but hopefully Mary’s wedding ring wouldn’t actually be big enough to fit Jensen’s ring finger…

How the hell was he supposed to have gotten his hands on Mary’s wedding ring anyway? Wasn’t she wearing it when she burned on the ceiling?

Alternate theories have suggested it was John’s wedding ring, too, but John was still wearing his wedding ring back in s1. And it was gold, not silver.

So where did Dean even get that ring? Hot Topical? Who knows. But I think he primarily wore it to open beer bottles with anyway (like I wore my ring for).

What, it’s handy. :D

Heaven Is A Place On Earth With You - little_angry_kitten18 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fair warning: this story by @abedsmessedupmeta will rip your heart out.  I CRY every time I read it.  The last time, I was on the bus on my way to work and it was all I could do to keep myself from ugly sobbing.  But I was definitely glad I didn’t wear mascara that day, because the tears would have smeared it all over my face.


It’s a gorgeous story, where there are no real bad guys.  Just missed connections and longing.  But love and acceptance as well.  It’s masterful.

I find it extremely interesting that two days after posting what is essentially a ‘clean slate’ white line on his Instagram, Harry posts three pictures all with the words ‘Another Man’ on them. It could also be worth noting that in each of the pictures he has a different length/style of hair; could be referencing masks he’s had to wear and roles he’s had to play in the past.

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Matt scenario. Before the mission. Where his s/o steals and wears his clothes all the time. They are cute and happy. But one day they sleep in and accidentally go to garrison (that's what it's called right? :/) in matts shirt and they didn't even get to put makeup on to cover things up. This was going to be messy.

This is soooo adorable omg~!

I hope you enjoy!

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Average hours of sleep: 7.5 when i work the next day. 10 when i dont.

Lucky number: 8

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Dream trip: NYC forever and always.

Wearing right now: soccer shorts a white tank top and a teal jacket. and a light musk of freshly baked bread from work earlier today.

Age of blog: 6 months ish? 

What we post about: if u dont know then im srry

Origin of url: When I was condidering starting a grumps blog, this was my first idea for a url. its a play on the intro ‘ hey im grump’ ‘im not so grump’ ‘and we’re the game grumps!’ so it’s game not so grumps. :P

I tag: Anyone who wants to? Uhm I’ll tag some people but don’t feel obligated friends! @centerofprocrastination @maroontails73  

There’s a Battleborn OC Appreciation Week going on. I didn’t have an OC but the idea intrigued me so I gave it some thought.

In the end, didn’t come out of this with a new OC, but I did come up with a unique weapon and some Helix upgrades that add a new play style to the game. Guess I’m better at gameplay design than character design. And today is Character Skills day, which is all I’ve figured out other than they probably wear a cowboy hat.

Gearbox has made sure to make a character for each of the main weapon classes. Shotgun, minigun, assault rifle, tactical machine pistol and so on. But there is one that they missed that I really like: The Magnum Pistol. In many games I play my favorite thing to do is to grab a hand cannon and take down my enemies with a well-placed, medium-range execution shot to the head. That’s the gameplay I had in mind for this.

Weapon: Magnum 6-Shooter
Semi-automatic revolver. Each shot contains a lot of power, and recoil to match. You can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, but without giving yourself time to get the gun back under control, that recoil will likely make all but the first shot go wildly off the mark.

Helix Upgrades
I based the upgrades off what you’d expect to get from my 3 favorite companies in Borderlands 2. Left is Hyperion, inspiring accuracy. Right is Jakobs, inspiring raw power. Torgue takes the mutations, creating EXPLOSIONS.

The level numbers are to show which upgrades are mutually exclusive, when they unlock will probably be different. Other than Level 1, That’s definitely a starter skill set.

Level 1
[Hyperion]Stabilizers - reduces recoil
[Jakobs]Hardened Receiver - increases damage
[Torgue]Gyrojet Rounds - 50% projectile speed. Shots create a small explosion on impact

Level 2
[Hyperion]Larger magazine
[Jakobs]Increased reload speed

Level 3
[Jakobs]Bonus critical damage
[Torgue]Critical hits cause an explosion that damages nearby enemies

Level 4
[Hyperion]Bullets penetrate multiple enemies
[Jakobs]Shots now fire 5 pellets at once in a tight spread

Other helix upgrades apply to skills which I haven’t figured out yet. One idea is to steal from Borderlands again, using Fragtrap’s One Shot Wonder skill, emptying the entire magazine in a single, powerful shot. It fits the playstyle I have in mind perfectly.

Now excuse me while I imagine what combining Gyrojet Rounds and level 4′s buckshot ammo looks like. Ohhhh that’s so many explosions. I feel giddy.