wang so deserves to be taken care of for once

i know yeonhwa patched him up, but this was full service 

he thinks he’s hallucinating that haesoo is there, he succumbs to it, letting go ( i kinda imagined like he was fine with his final moments being haesoo) 

just from this moment alone - when hae soo see’s his scars and feels them

she feels his pain, no one looked after him or protected him from these scars.

 her heart breaks to see someone she loves has gone through so much, that the man who yelled at her for almost killing herself getting a scar has had so many inflicted on him. or even that the person who always protects her is never protected himself

when he wakes up, hes not alone or with staff

its someone he loves, who fell asleep watching him (she also clearly dressed him) 

that little smile, as if this is all a dream the girl he loves couldnt really be here taking care of him

i felt this was he either wanted to kiss her whilst she was asleep, or see if it was real and she was really there.

hae soo helps take care of his body and soul -

the guy was injured but still being an epic warrior im sure his stamina was fine ;) 

this was very sweet, like young children. he never got that growin up im sure.

someone feeding him, we saw his mother put meat on his rice which suprised him. now someone who cares and loves him feeds him

ive seen people say they think the little cutie was faking being unable to use his chopsticks, probably. but thats what i mean he’s craved this type of tender affection and now hes reveing it to his hearts content

“She heard you, Dean.” Sam sighed, explaining to Dean why you ran away. “When you said that you couldn’t be tied down. That having a girlfriend would be a burden because you’d always be trying to protect them…”

“But I was just saying that shit to get that clingy chick away from me, man. Why would Y/N even care about…oh.” Dean finally realized. “She’s -”

“In love with you.” Sam said. “Yeah.” 

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Masked Man with Without a Heart and Lucas with Anxiety?

Okay so I probably got like 50000 requests to do Lucas, Claus and/or Commander. So this is the one I decided to go with. Sorry to the rest of you who asked for them in different palettes :0 I could always draw them again. If you want…


I decided to actually combine the palettes this time with Commander’s wing eheheh I’m sorry I just love his wings so much so I draw them whenever I can RIP;;
Looks pretty neat right?

This is almost like the last one I did lol

If you want the individual pictures, here:
Commander   Lucas    Lucas (without the wing)

I love how fitting that palette name is though…”Without a Heart”
RIFP Claus

Full-sized combined picture is here, as always!

going to a halloween party tomorrow-

should I wear:

  • Robin (Dick Grayson-esque design)
    • Pros: adorbs, my favorite to wear
    • Cons: might be chilly indoors and I’d feel pressured to shave my legs
  • Riza Hawkeye
    • Pros: Riza Hawkeye, people will probs know who I am bc I hear there will be nerds there
    • Cons: not many, but i do love wearing the Robin costume
  • Deadpool:
    • Pros: Mask
    • Cons: hard to pee, people always mistake me for a man while I’m wearing this skintight thing and tbh it’s a little insulting


Whispered songs

(A/N): @undying-hope is turning me into a bigger Tony hoe, I don’t know if I like it 

Warnings: none

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   Tony Stark was an excellent father, much to everyone’s surprise. He was always there for you and your baby, Maria (in honor of his mother), much unlike his father had been for him. 

   He didnt want to be like his dad, the kind that worked 24/7 and never payed attention his child, he wanted to be the caring and loving father that his children would be able to have a connection with, again much unlike his relationship with his father. As soon as he found out you were pregnant he vowed to be the greatest father he could be and he’d do anything to do that, even if that meant giving up the iron man or moving into a small city in some suburban state.

    When the baby was born Tony was more than elated. He held your daughter in his arms, staring at her witch such love and adoration that it brought a tear or two to your eye. That sweetness you’d witnessed that day stuck around, Tony was by far one of the sweetest dads you’d ever met. That, and he was more than sweet to you. He was constantly giving you back and feet rubs as he would ask you how your day went, other times he’d hold you and tell you how beautiful you looked (he knew you weren’t the most secure in your looks, especially after having Maria) and all together he was the perfect husband and father. His sweet nature never ceased to amaze you and it was no different this time.

    You’d been sleeping for a good few hours which was usually highly unlikely for you given that you had a newborn baby who was constantly waking up so when you woke up to near silence you were more than confused. Everything was silent except for the soft humming coming from the corner of your room. You groggily open one eye and stare at the perpetrator, Tony Stark. He had your daughter cradled in his arms as he carefully walked up and down the room, the moonlight from outside covering them in a white shadow.

    Tony was humming softly as he gingerly ran one of his fingers along the bridge of your babies nose, his gaze upon Maria nearly melting your heart. If you thought that had been cute then you couldn’t even begin to describe what happened next. 

    “If only you knew The sunlight shines a little brighter, The weight of the world’s a little lighter, The stars lean in a little closer All because of you,” You think you can actually feel your heart stop as Tony’s voice drifts through the room. You knew he was a man of many talents but you didn’t know he could sing, much less sing this well. 

    “I want to see You lift your chin a little higher, Open your eyes a little wider, Speak your mind a little louder,’cause you are royalty,” his peaceful voice continues on, soothing both you and your baby into a more peaceful state. You smile lazily as Tony’s voice warms you from the inside, making your heart flutter in a way you’d never experienced.

    “This is your kingdom, This is your crown, This is your story. This is your moment, Don’t look down…” you can no longer help yourself from commenting and you almost feel bad to break the sentimental moment. 

   "Where’d you learn to sing like that?“ You ask softly, lazily closing your eyes as Tony looks back at you. Tony gives you a fond smile as he gingerly sets Maria back in her crib, leaning over to press a kiss to her tiny forehead. 

   "Taught myself,” Tony states simply as he shrugs his shoulders. With that Tony crawls back under the covers with you, immediately tangling his limbs with yours. He wiggles his arms around your waist and pulls you close, your back now flat against his chest.

    “You’re really good,” you whisper tiredly, attempting to reign in a yawn. Tony hums softly all the while pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. 

   "Thanks sweetpea, now go back to sleep, you need it,“ 

    "What if Maria wakes up?” You ask even though you’re already half asleep. 

   "I’ll sing to her again, she likes it. Now,“ Tony emphasizes the word by placing another kiss to your neck. "Get some sleep, god knows the last time you had a decent rest.” You smile softly as Tony continues to press a number of sleepy kisses along your back and neck, each one a promise that he’d keep you safe, that he’d keep your baby safe too. 

    “You’re the best,” you murmur softly, the words nearly grabbed by your lack of sleep. Tony hums once more, resorting to nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. 

    “I know I am,”

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Everyone is acting like Hov isn't bothered at all by this Kanye thing, but I genuinely don't think that's true. I just watched that short WTT documentary and listened to the album and that was his brother. It's not because Hov is older and the GOAT that the man doesn't value his relationships. I think when he heard what went down at that concert, he was hurt, because that should have never happened, they were THAT ride or die duo. I don't recommend listening to "Why I Love You" right now :(

“Picture if you will that the throne’s burning, Rome’s burning and I’m sitting in the corner all alone burning, why does it always end up like this? Something that we don’t determine, same people that I fought for, that I fight for, that I ride for, that I live for, that I die for, be the reason that these niggas is alive for, and they want me dead but I’m so sorry but I just can’t die for you…”


Lately been feeling that I’m going to wind up alone. That even tho I want a hand to hold so badly that sometimes you can’t always get what you want and sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need. And as I was laying in my bed this morning I realized I have my man that I wake up to every morning and he’s the best man bc he’s loves me so much and doesn’t break my heart. Sometimes he may have his own agenda and give me a little bite but he’s moody like me and that’s why I love him 💕

Once the Musical sentence starters
  • “ I’m always serious. “
  • “And that’s a terrible thing…wasting your life because you’re frightened by it.”
  • “Those who live in fear die miserably in their graves.”
  •  "Because to live, you have to love.“
  • “I’m just a sucker of a guy.”
  • “ It doesn’t suck. " 
  • “Love’s all very well but in the hands of people it turns into soup.”
  • “You can not walk through your life leaving unfinished love behind you!”
  • “ This man is sweet. He has the same soul as you.”
  • “I don’t know you, but I want you.”
  • “ You have suffered enough.”
  • “ You had a choice.”
  • “ We’ve still got time.”
  • “Sing your melody.”
  • “So If you ever want something then you call, call then I’ll come running.”
  • “All you want to do is run away.”
  • “And hide all by yourself.”
  • “ There’s no point even talkin’ “
  • “There’s no point trying to change it.”
  • “I fell in love with an Irish girl she took my heart.”
  • “A slow hurt.. and it breaks us..”
  • “Play no more with the fool.”
  • “Are you really here or am I dreaming.”
  • “I think of you smiling with pride in your eyes a lover that sighs.”
  • “I wonder if you could ever despise me.”
  • “And I do what you ask me.”
  • “For it’s been so long since I have seen you.”
  • “I can hardly remember your face anymore.”
  • “Are you really sure that you believe me.”
  • “You know I really try.”
  • “You for you’re everything to me.”
  • “Cause this is what you’ve waited for.”
  • “This mystery only leads to doubt.”
  • “And if you have something to say,you’d better say it now.”
  • “And I’m trying hard to work it out.”
  • “So much has gone misunderstood.”
  • “I wouldn’t trade her for gold.”
  • “ I was born with a silver spoon.”
  • “ And I love her so.”
  • “ Still dreaming? “
  • “ Are you sleeping? “
  • “I’m not leaving with this feeling.”
  • “And how am I supposed to live without you?”
  • “A wrong word said in anger and you were gone.”
  • “And how am I supposed to live without anyone?”
  • “And how in the world did you come to be such a lazy love?”
  • “ We’re not talking, there’s no secrets.”
  • “ I wish I didn’t have to make all those mistakes and be wise. “
  • “Please try to be patient.”
  • “But where are you my angel now?”
  • “ Don’t you see me crying? “
  • “ And I wish that you could see that I have my troubles too. “
  • “ And I know that in the morning i’ll have to let you go.”
  • “ I’m looking for a sign.”
  • “ And know that I’m still learning. “

oh my god

omg listen this is great and don’t ever feel sorry about soft webgott feels and I love this so much bc imagine Grant having to always be the middle man whenever these two buttfaces arguing bc Skinny doesn’t want that responsibility anymore and Web and Lieb are always arguing over petty issue

(“batman sucks!”


There is never a moment where Lieb and Web never bicker that after some times, their bickering feels normal for their friends and that is why when they show up together at the barbecue, and Lieb following Web around and smiling, Grant feels like something is off.

And when Lieb tells him that "Web proposed last night. And I said yes.” with this soft smile and softer light in his brown eyes, Grant is flabbergasted bc “Whaaaaaaat, Joe? I didn’t know you and Web are dating??? And now you’re telling me you’re engaged to him?????”

Lieb just shrugs his shoulder nonchalantly bc hey, what he and Web do in private is their business and there’s no need for them to be all lovey dovey PDA-ish in public plus all the bickering always lead to some intense make out/sex against the wall when they’re out of their friends’ sight.

(The only person who knows about this is Skinny and that’s why he doesn’t stop Lieb and Web from bickering bc that’s just how they do their foreplay or whatever and IT SCARRED HIM FOR LIFE WHEN HE SAW WEB AND LIEB MOANING AND GRUNTING WHEN THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE ALONE)

And really, he truly is happy and he doesn’t even think that Web will want to marry his stubborn ass but Web did propose to him while they were outside chilling on the patio, sharing a smoke and drinking beers and trading soft kisses. And in that quiet moment, with Web pulling Lieb closer to him; with Web’s arm around his shoulder, Web asked, “Marry me?”

It’s nothing fancy, it’s nothing grand and no flowery speeches but it’s true and it’s sincere bc he felt it and Lieb said yes almost immediately bc he realized he wanted to spend the rest of his life with this beautiful pompous man, possibly annoying his Harvard ass everyday and Lieb couldn’t picture his life with anyone else but Web.

Grant just looks at Lieb, pats him on his back after Lieb’s intense monologue about him and Webster’s relationship and he murmurs a quiet “congrats.” but he’s smiling and he’s happy for Lieb and for Web and he asks, “when is the big day?”

“We don’t know yet. Hell, we haven’t told our families about this and you’re the only person I told so maybe you could keep it a secret about me and Web being engaged—“


Lieb sighs softly and he looks across the room to see Web looking and him, a slow smile spreading on his handsome face and Lieb thinks, “what the hell.” as he yells, “Hey Harvard! I love you!” just because it is allowed, just because they have nothing to hide anymore.

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ok my crush is this girl who works at a smoothie shop that i always go to before work and she knows my name and my order? i think she might be into me too and shes just? so pretty? and adorable? and like i didnt realize i liked her until one day im just like. wow. and she took my breath away and i always talk about her on my blog and god i think im a little bit in love with her and shes just. so amazing.

AAAAAA this is killing me this is so so cute…also i love smoothies wtf. [slams fist on the table] DATE DATE DATE

A funny Ha Ha...

90% of the time my daughter is with me… she is my side kick, mini me, partner in crime… I love her. So anywho she’s always with me and she listens to my music. Well my favorite channel on XM radio is 47 SiriusXMFly. They play a lot of Snoop Dog….
tonight on our way to volleyball she goes man I really love that Snoop Dog. Omg…. I may need to listen to the Kids Bop channel 😂😂😂😂

Autumn & Winter ❤️

Ahh…I love autumn. Finally out of the heat of summer, and into the cool breeze and gorgeous changing colours of the leaves. My favourite season. I love winter too. Ha ha. Unlike many, I don’t mind the cold, in fact I much prefer it over the heat. At least when you’re cold, you can wear layers and get cosy under a duvet…sit by a roaring fire…pop in a few movies and snuggle. Plus…a special someone can always help you warm up. 😍 You can’t do anything in the heat, except strip off and take cold showers. And man do I ever hate to sweat, and I easily get hot. And I don’t mean the good kind of sweat. 😉 I mean the icky, yucky, gross kind of sweat, where you sweat through your clothes and smell not-so-fresh. 😄

At least now we we can enjoy the beautiful colours and warmer clothes. And Christmas will be here soon too! At least I’ve already had the flu, so I should be good for the rest of the year! Ha ha. 😋 Just look at the pretty colours…

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and soon…winter…if we’re lucky. As long as we get snow for Christmas, that’s all I ask for. It doesn’t feel like Christmas, if there’s no snow. 😞

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Now if only I could find someone to get cosy with under a duvet and by the fire. 😊 Winter is always nicer when you have someone to share it with.

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In the meantime, we can all keep dreaming of this adorable man…

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OC October 2016 Day 21: Ronan Agothus 

Ronan is one of two main characters in my book currently undergoing a retitle. He’s the crown prince of Goneril, currently acting as the leader while his father the king is in a coma, poisoned by Wyndanni mercenaries from the west. Obviously he’s more than a little distrusting of Wyndanni people and now he has their youngest prince, Altair, for a manservant since he won a bet, things are understandably tense.

Goneril is a cold, dreary, landlocked country with one sad bay and perpetual dismal weather, and Ronan epitomizes his country in every way, a man of ice and marble Altair calls him. His magic allows him to control the weather.

But I promise he’s not always the cold, militant bastard he appears to be: he loves his little sisters dearly, he shows Altair snow for the first time in his life, he abhors his staff’s racism and he was very much in love before the war forced him to break up with his boyfriend so he could run a country. Despite having been prepared for this practically from birth, he really isn’t ready to be the king. He’s he’s still kind of a grumpbutt for the first few chapters but he has feelings I promise, he’s not really the insufferable bastard he pretends to be to intimidate political enemies.

Also I had to remake this graphic three times because I didn’t like it but I feel like I landed on something really aesthetically pleasing and now it’s one of my favorites with the cohesive color scheme.

It’s been a year since Zella Day released her debut album KICKER, and I’ve found myself wondering about her whereabouts quite often in the past weeks. As it turns out, today is her mighty return back into our welcoming ears. The Los Angeles based starlet resurfaces with a lush psychedelic melding of synthy pop and folksy rock on Man On The Moon. This shimmer swirling, lavish whirling beauty is thoroughly captivating yet sweetly lulling. I’ve always loved how Zella Day exudes a very organic, earthy quality during her live sets, and we certainly get a front row seat to that in Man On The Moon. The flowery gem gets a release on November 18th via 7″vinyl. Pre-order, here, from B3SCI. Zella Day is currently in the studio working on her sophomore album, slated for release in 2017.

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what do you think about the hege hog patronus?


i think it’s adorable man, look at this cute little thing and how cute it’s little nose is *__* :3 
idk i mean i’ve always loved hedgehogs, they are so cute and look so cuddly but also have those little spikes which makes them really cool, i would love to have a hedgehog patronus :D

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Sorry if this is depressing, but it’s only more motivation to succeed. I want to be able to give back to the people who’ve given everything for me and my brother. Oh, man…if you had known Angle. You would’ve loved him. He was so fucking hilarious, smart, elegant, goofy. He hated bugs though, he’d screech like a girl if even an ant came near him. It’s been years since he passed, but I can still feel him with me. Y’know, when you think of someone passing ‘too early for their time’, you always think about the parents and their pain. But no one stops to think about what siblings feel, and what I feel with his absence…is something I can’t find the words to describe. I lost my role model, my best friend, my favorite comedian, my teacher, my yoga instructor. But this comes to show you that you never know what a person’s really feeling…suicide is a terrible thing and I just hope he knows I still love him and his corny jokes. 

*phone buzzing*


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1. How old are you?

that’s a secret, if you want to know, send me a message^^

2. Current job?

3. Dream job?
fashion designer or political scientist.. :D

4. What are you talented at?

oi, idk I base my self esteem on being intelligent, being good at art and at being funny

5. What is a big goal you are working towards / have already achieved?
geeez idk man

6. What’s your aesthetic?
pastel shit, beautiful flowers, grey sky…idk man i just love vintage x flowers x bright colors

7. Do you collect anything?

8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversation

racism, lgbtq, feminism…etc

9. What’s a pet peeve of your’s?

people who are mean, MESS AND DIRT

10. Good advice to give?

be kind and accepting, be polite and considerate, and if you fuck up its ok, apologize and make it better next time

11. Recommend three songs!

Daughter - Still

21 pilots - Heathens

Tim Bendzko - Keine Maschine

I’m taggging @dustail, @preetkiran1016, @gimmedatonepiece, @evaison-art, @ctromedea, @tinycrab, @east-blue-samurai, @jayaisland and….everybody else who wants to^^ honestly only do it if you like :D