Wonder Woman: A Moment

Tonight I walked into my hometown theater with my mom, little sister and some of my best friends, proudly displaying the Wonder Woman logo on my chest and with an electric feeling in my veins. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited personally for a film or any story really. Sure the return of Star Wars to the silver screen was glorious, but this was different. This was about me. For the first time in my life I was going to see a female superhero on the big screen, in surround sound, kicking ass and saving the world with a story all her own told through the eyes of a real life badass female.

Honestly I don’t think I really understood that until it was starring me in the face 30 minutes into the film and I didn’t know what to do. One moment I was cheering for the reveal of Wonder Woman in her full armored glory and the next I was in tears. Tears I didn’t know I was crying until they rolled off my face. Tears that came down streaming too quickly for me to stop. Tears that became the physical embodiment of happiness. Tears that made me realize I finally felt SEEN and HEARD and even PRAISED for nothing more than being, being a strong woman despite growing up in a world where we are told to be anything but.

This fact was so relevant that Diana’s comedic relief became my reality. Her confusion at her lack of a voice and control over herself in this new world further opened my eyes to the fact that we live in a society that finds it appropriate to allow us to think not having a place is normal and expected. Sure the film is outdated, this isn’t the 1940s, but the core sentiment is very much still present. Women struggle every day to have their stories told and opinions heard. It’s easy to believe that we live in the bubble that our movie theater creates for us, and that everyone finds it laughable that Diana can’t speak when she wants to because in reality she should be allowed to do so. The fact of the matter is that it’s quite the opposite outside of those doors. So many believe that women do not have a place next to man and that there is no reason for even a fictional story centered around an independent woman to exist.

As an immigrant woman in her early 20s who is the first in her family to attend and graduate from a private university in the United States, I have to disagree and point out that there are far too many reasons for me to list for a story like this to be told. Too many lives around the world that could be changed with just a little bit of hope and optimism about the future for women. However, I also realize that I am viewing the film through a specific lens and that, ultimately, I am not the audience that needs convincing of this fact. The audience that needs convincing doesn’t even know that THEY do. I learned this tonight as my brother and father found it all to easy to criticize Wonder Woman and compare it to the rest of the films in both the DC and Marvel universes. As someone who studied film in college, I can understand their attempt to be objective, although ultimately they were men talking about a movie that could otherwise mean nothing to them.

As I sat in the car and attempted to put into words how I felt about the film, it dawned on me. I am totally and 100% biased about Wonder Woman without even knowing I would be. It hit me when my brother compared the film to DC’s Man of Steel by saying “I mean it’s a really good DC movie but I will always love Man of Steel the best. Then again I am partial to  Man of Steel because I love Superman, he is my favorite.” That’s when I realized I don’t have the luxury to have a “favorite”. Wonder Woman is the first film of its kind and a damn good one to top it off. It and she are my favorites because they are my ONLY.

My brothers have grown up with SuperMAN, BatMAN, SpiderMAN, AquaMAN, Iron MAN and the list goes on. This is “just another superhero movie” to them. To me it is “THE superhero movie”. They’ve never had to wait years to see themselves on screen the way WE have. They couldn’t possibly comprehend what the film means to me because they have lived a different life and never once had to worry they would not be represented on the screen, in theater, in writing, in music…

Today I witnessed an amazing film with beautiful cinematography, a well thought out story, compelling characters, an incredibly moving score and a leading lady that had me at the edge of my seat whether it was by her words, her skills or her array of emotions, but in the end what I really witnessed was history.

Tonight I walked out of my hometown theater with my mom, little sister and some of my best friends, proudly displaying the Wonder Woman logo on my chest and with an electric feeling in my veins. This time with a hope that stories like this will continue to be told and that little girls like my sister will never have to ask why there are no girl hero stories as I did when I was young. There are so many emotions going through me right now, but at the end of the day I feel nothing but gratitude for the care that the cast and crew took in delivering a very special piece of movie magic. 

Thank you DC, WarnerBros, Gal, Chris and especially Patty Jenkins. You have rocked my world and that of many others with your art.

To the man who symbolizes what strength is all about,
To the iron man who became my first super hero,
To the man who will do everything for his family,
To the man who taught me how to love books,
To the man whom I always look up to,
To the man whom I respect a lot,
To the man whom I always love,
To my first man,
To my first love,
To my king,

Happy father’s day, dad!

I love you.
We love you.
Always and forever.

From your not-so little girl,
your princess,
your daughter.

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I know like Sana's been super sad since the last two days but...damn. ever since that moment where she stared at the mirror with that heartbreaking expression my bisexual ass just fell for her a thousand times over. I've always loved her but man SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT ARE THOSE EYES. a WOMAN. That face, that expression should be in the MoMa

Hi, my love!!

She looks STUNNING with the smokey eye look, oh MAN, her eyes? WOW.



Bi men

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Are you a Marvel or D.C. Fan? & which are your favorite superheroes from both Marvel & D.C.?

Marvel all the way but only because of x men. But I always loved spider man dick and daddy deadpool. From DC I think I like robin and cat woman. I think Marvel superheros are so much more interesting

Mesmerized By You (part 1)

This is my first imagine so bare with me! I’d love any feed back, or ideas for me to write about. Thanks if you read it!

This wasn’t my scene, I thought to myself for what felt like the hundredth time, but Tara insisted that we come. We’d now watched two bands and we were waiting for the main show. They were running late, but everyone was so drunk they didn’t care. They were all dancing and screaming to the pre-music. The three beers I’ve had hadn’t kicked in so I was still extremely uncomfortable. When Tara asked to hang out I imagined a more ‘main stream’ club, but when she showed up with her hair teased to the high heavens and a crop top and leather pants I knew that wasn’t it.
“You’ve gotta change Y/N, we’re going to a concert and you aren’t dressing like that.”

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Running Man!

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Running Man has had a few ups and downs this year, but despite that they have come out on the other side! I’ve always loved Running Man, the cast’s chemistry throughout the years has been absolutely incredible. Even after Song Joon Ki left the cast you can tell he’s still very fond of his former cast mates and they are still fond of him. The following are a few of my favorite Running Man episodes!

The Battle for Ji Hyo’s Heart

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  • Episode Number: 74
  • In this episode Daesung’s team (Jong Kook and Kwangsoo), Seungri’s team (Haha and Suk Jin), and G Dragon’s team (Jae Suk and Gary) were fighting for Blank Ji Hyo’s heart. This episode consists of them trying to charm her, running through mud with tied with bungee cords, a race across floating pads in the water to throw a rose in her basket and a roulette.
  • This episode gave me a stomach ache from laughing so hard. In this episode, one of the hardest Running Man challenges literally dragged G Dragon through mud. It was great to see them let go a little and have fun. Poor Seungri, his team really were the underdogs in this episode. The entire episode is hilarious as they test them to see how much they are willing to do for Ji Hyo.

The Game of Thrones Race

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  • Episode Number: 225
  • The cast from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo joined Running Man for this episode in the fight for the throne. The do the classic Running Man chase and other challenges to see who is fit for the throne, including an archery challenge. Lee Joon Gi Kang Ha Neul and Hong Jonghyun create fierce competition.
  • I think I screamed a few times. The Running Man cast dressed up in one part of the episode and that’s when I really lost it. The winner wears Lee Joon Gi’s outfit from the drama, which everyone was eager to try on and feel like a king. Poor Kang Ha Neul, he seems like such a sweetheart and this episode really proved it for me. The RM cast really didn’t let up in these guys this time.

The Time Track Race

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  • Episode Number: 161
  • BigBang returns to Running Man after their last appearance as a group. Jong Kook joins BigBang’s team to create equal teams. The winner of each challenge has to choose between two options, with no context what it’s for.  The challenges include running across a spinning floor to tell time, a basketball game in the water, a race full of obstacles and fighting to fit in a car.
  • I’ve never laughed so hard in my life until I saw this, I even cried. This episode really is wild, it seems some left over vengeance from the last episode is still prevalent. Taeyang and Jong Kook lost their pants in the water basketball game, and then they left Jong Kook completely naked in the water. That is by far one of my favorite moments from the show. But the Commander got his revenge once they returned his pants.

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I know there was that outtro where Todd was holding Heath but did you see in heath's livestream thing when Todd kissed him on the neck and he jumped away and tried to play it off as getting the heebie jeebies? Ain't no heebie jeebies boy, Todd got you turned on admit it. I know I'll always love zeath but man we been sleeping on Teath!!

oh he was totally turned on. AND TEATH OMG HAHAHA

Old Memories:

→081029 Donghae’s cyworld sidebar update:

A lot of my friends have been with me latelyOur Siwon^^ and Eunhyuk that I missed A LOT! ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠLeeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Kibum, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun I LOVE YOU^^I miss you all. We’ll meet on the 8th of November^^

→091212 Donghae’s Cyworld Update: Title : - The! history! moment! Golden! Disk! - Hello!! It’s me!!! We’re Super Juni~~~orrrrrrrrr^^ If there werent staffs and ELF who helped us we couldn’t smile and exist! like this!!!!! Though (he) had cried a lot when came up to the stage…our eunhyukiestill keeps crying now!!ㅜㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠ I love uuuuuu babe don’t cry

→12.17.2009 Donghae’s Comment:

답답하다…우울하다…힘이없다…넌? (니사랑… 이동해)
feel oppressed…be dispirited…no strength…are u? ( Your love…Lee Donghae)

→12.18.2009 Eunhyuk’s Comment:

왜그러는데 뭐야 말해봐 (내사랑… 이혁재)
Why were you like that? What is it? Tell me. (My love..Lee Hyukjae)

→On 3rd January 2010, Donghae left a comment on Hyukjae’s Cyworld.

He wrote:

I love u..(Your love… Lee Donghae)

→Donghae’s sidebar update:

Anchovy you belong to me~!!

→Donghae’s comment on Hyukjae’s Cyworld:

멸치야!! -I love uuuuuuuuuuuu-주님의 아들 이혁재!! (니사랑… 이동해) 

Anchovy!! -I love uuuuuuuuuuuu- Son of God Lee Hyukjae!! (Your love… Lee Donghae)

→[100509] Donghae’s comment on Eunhyuk’s Cyworld:

Our beloved Eun!!~~^^ During 4th album will be together with you as always!!^^I love you man!! ㅎㅎㅎ (Your love.. Lee Donghae)

100509 Donghae’s twitter update:

@donghae861015:Hi ! ELF We are Eun & Hae

100516 Donghae’s  Twitter Updated:

@donghae861015:Eunhae^^ ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

@donghae861015:On a rainy day, EunHae’s second picture kekeke

Hyukjae’s comment to Donghae: Recently you seem to be more active on twitter than doing the activities for Vol.4 (My love…Lee Hyukjae) Donghae’s reply: I think about you more than Twitter so!much!more! Our…Eun[Silver] (Your Love… Lee Donghae)

@donghae861015:Eunhae couple’s 3rd photo ^^ Don’t we look good together? ㅎㅎㅎ Monitor Music Bank!!

100521 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver:feeding him !!!!!

@AllRiseSilver:Happy monkey after eating banana

@AllRiseSilver:Let’s go for 13 weeks

100604 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver:Ah irritating…Taking selcas is really hard…I keep cutting off my face…We are doing the Music Bank dry rehearsal!!!!!

@AllRiseSilver:Good…theres 10 weeks left!!!!! Kyuhyun ah~ quickly come back and take the award away~ thank you ELF~ jjang

100604 Donghae Twitter Update:

@donghae861015:Refreshing team!! ㅎㅎ Who will get hit with water today!? ㅎㅎ

100606 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver:The both of us~ are going away~♪

100607 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver:Reached Korea!!!Went to Singapore on the same day…ㅋㅋㅋ

HEECHUL to EUNHYUK: I’m in korea too where are you?

EUNHYUK to HEECHUL: Ah? I’ve always been beside hyung….about…40cm beside (you)… DONGHAE to HEECHUL: What hyung is reaching Korea? i am in front of hyung HEECHUL to DONGHAE: Don’t lie! You were sitting right beside me!! Infront of me was Yesung EUNHYUK to DONGHAE: Then you’re in front of me?????DONGHAE to EUNHYUKi am in your heart…

100701 Eunhyuk&Donghae Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver: Teuki-hyung!!!!!! Totally happy birthday!!!!!ㅋㅋㅋ but cake on hyung’s face…looks more like graffiti…..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We really love you,right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

@donghae861015: It’s our Leeteuk hyung’s 28th birthday !!! Happy birthday you’re getting older now it’s your 28th birthdayㅎㅎㅎ You’re so old ㅎㅎㅎ I love you hyung 100914 Donghae twitter update :

@donghae861015:Me with Eunhyukkie !! EunHae at Mokdong !! ^^ 101003 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver: It’s time to go… Ah I’m nervouuuuss Here is Narita Airport!!! Now, pop into Italy!!

[101025] Donghae’s CY BGM Update: Just a small thing ^^
[Hyukjae sang “I’m Yours” at Sukira Public Broadcast]

101103 Eunhyuk Twitter Update:

@AllRiseSilver: Today is Eunhae Kira!!! 89.1 from 10 to 12, be with us♥

110219 Donghae Twitter Update:

@donghae861015:Yokohama Arena!! Yesterday was the first concert !! Today is the second!! Aja aja!! love ELF !! Eunhae !!

@AllRiseSilver: everyone, receive lots of luck in the new year! I hope 2013 becomes your best year…

@AllRiseSilver: Brand new morning!!!!! Finally, the sun rose in new year 2013!

@AllRiseSilver: wow the first sun of 2013!!! Sun is ris…i..ng..? Is the …sun up? It probably did ^^^^

@AllRiseSilver: Its snowing heavily. Everyone, please be careful of the snow-filled road. I got dragged out by Lee Donghaek.. 

@donghae861015: @AllRiseSilver:my mood is good^^ 

@donghae861015:because (we/I) were/was hungry ㅎㅎ goodnight !! EH

@donghae861015:Eunhyuk-ah, you are my friend !!^^ Was this from when you were in middle school ?? ㅎ

@AllRiseSilver: @donghae861015 I’m going to get ready to sue you for false tweet, Lee DongHaek

@AllRiseSilver:Its Korea, Donghae-ya!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^

@donghae861015: @AllRiseSilver:eunhyuk-ah You Are Always Behind Me…^^

Roses are red part 12 (Reader x Joker love triangle)

As a young psychology student, recruited in the secret labs at Wayne Enterprises for your special crime solving abilities, you never imagined you would end up the centre of a stormy love triangle between one very good and one very bad man…

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Speeding through the streets of Gotham, the green haired man beamed at you with his metallic smile. You watched him, partially illuminated by the quick flashes of car headlights as unknown drivers beeped you as the car skilfully weaved its way though the city streets. Joker looked especially like the other Mr J tonight. His high cheekbones that swept into a magnificently chiselled jawline were accentuated by the lighting and you had to look down at your hands in your lap to stop yourself from staring. Following your gaze, Joker took his hand and placed it high on your knee caressing it seductively. His ringed fingers felt good against the bare skin of your upper leg. There was something about his touch that was simply magnetic. Deciding finally to speak, you asked, ‘where are we going exactly?’. ‘Oh you’ll see. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise now would I?’ he purred, rubbing his hand further up your skirt and closer to your burning core. Finally arriving at your destination Joker jumped out of his side and was around opening your door in a flash. You were in an alleyway, outside of the most prestigious jewellers in the city and the fluorescent sign proudly displayed the name ‘Carter and sons Jewellers’. It was a Friday and the city was open late tonight meaning shoppers were up and down the city streets. Some of them stopping to stare cautiously at you and your partner while others backed off in fear or gasped out loud. Everyone knew who he was. Everyone. In a flash, Joker grabbed you by the arm and led you into the store where you were greeted by a partially balding man in a suit who would have been in his late 30s. Looking over from his other customer, the sight of the green haired man made baldy, jump back in surprise and step back from his counter, ‘I-I-Its… th-th-the J-J’ he muttered, his voice audibly trembling with fear. ‘Id imagine the name you’re searching for is Joker’, Mr J confidently uttered. Reading his nametag, Joker replied in a cool tone, ‘ah come now Stephen, I’m just a guy out looking to buy something for his special lady.’ Joker leant over the counter and grabbed Stephen by the hand and shook it rather violently, ‘you can appreciate that cant you Stephen?’ he said looking down at the man’s hand in his grasp.  ‘I’d imagine a married man like yourself would have done the same?’. Turning to you now, Joker pointed to the glass case in the centre of the store that held the most beautiful piece of jewellery you had ever seen. It was a silver necklace encrusted with diamonds, fishing with an emerald pendant. Green how fitting… ‘What do you think, do you like it baby?’, the green haired man cooed as he took your hand in his and kissed it. The situation was very tense. You were worried about all of the people in this place, what was he going to do next? You tried to push your feelings aside and act happy. ‘Ah yeah of course, its exquisite!’ you said as you beamed at him with the widest smile you could manage, showing all your pearly white teeth. ‘Oh baby I love that crazy smile.’ Joker said as he took you in his arms and seized your lips with his. ‘You hear that Stephan? She’ll take it. Be a lad and go and fetch it for us would you?’ Stephen was shaking violently as he followed Jokers request and opened the glass cabinet with a small key that was attached to his belt on one of those retractable string things. Handing it to Joker, the green haired man span you around so your back was facing towards him and gently placed it around your neck. It was like it was made for you. The chain was the perfect length for you dainty neck and the pendant came to rest just at the top of your bust. The Joker eyed off the area longingly, before turning back to the shaking cashier. ‘Listen Stephen, I’m a bit short on cash, but you take plastic right?’ Joker said as he grabbed something small from the inside of his jacket. As the shiny metal and plastic was revealed to you, you quickly identified the object as some kind of small bomb. Shit. Things were going to get very deadly very quickly. Looking into the eyes of the trembling innocents around you, your heartbeat was in your ears and you felt the prickling sensation of adrenaline running through your veins. What could you do? Was there anything you could do except watch? Joker turned to you now, ‘are you ready to leave doll? We’ll have to make a quick exit I’m afraid.’ Reluctantly, swallowing hard and tearing your worried eyes away from Stephens, you said ‘ready as ever.’ Before Joker grabbed your arm, led you out the side door, before he tossed the bomb which landed in the centre of the store, laying idle for a moment. Stephan and his colleagues were now tucked behind their counters. Perhaps they would be ok. The bomb suddenly detonated, but not in the way you expected. Red smoke started to fill the room and you could hear its inhabitants coughing, and then laughing. The bomb then suddenly exploded violently, sending the jewellery and the glass cabinets that once held them into a million fragmented fiery pieces. Out in the alleyway now, Joker was presumably leading you back to the car. He was laughing manically. And you hated yourself for thinking it. But damn that mad laugh was so attractive. He just possibly killed 20 or so innocent people and was laughing about it. But you couldn’t help but feel insanely attracted to him. Insane. You were insane for sure.
As you turned the corner you were suddenly faced with someone’s face that made this thought even more real. Jared. ‘Let her go. You fucking freak, get your hands off her now. Or I swear to god ill kill you right here and now.’ Jared was standing in front of you in the alleyway, his two hands on his gun, outstretched towards the Joker’s forehead. Not this again. Where in the hell was Batman? Helping civilians? Joker was cool, acting as if he didn’t have the cold gun metal of a man who was vibrating with impassioned rage against his forehead. ‘Ah, you again. Shame we always have to meet in such, ah, less than hospitable circumstances. I think you and I could be friends otherwise. Always loved a man who knows what he wants. Except, oh that’s right. I don’t believe you’ve ever had the guts to ever make a move with that doll have you? I can practically smell it on you. The pent up desire and frustration. She drives you insane with lust but yet you’ve never made a move have you?’ Even though you thought it would have been impossible, Jared became even more visibly enraged with each one of Jokers words. Grabbing Jokers green hair and jerking his head upwards he pushed Joker against the alleyway wall and held the gun now under his chin, their faces inches away from each other. ‘You shut your mouth. You have no idea about me. None!.’ Joker remained cool. ‘Oh but I do. I’ve seen it all before. Men that aren’t man enough.’ Jared pushed the gun harder into his chin ‘Shut up! Shut your mouth now! You know nothing!’. ‘Why do you think she want’s to fuck me then?’, the green haired man uttered as he gave his signature silver smile that glinted in the streetlight. Suddenly, someone was approaching from the shadows but you couldn’t make out who it was. Was it Batman? Nope it wasn’t. A silver barrel of a gun was suddenly pressed against Jared’s head. ‘You might want to let him go, if you plan on living.’ The man said cooly. It looked like one of the Jokers goons. You vaguely remember seeing him in the club that time.  Jared didn’t budge.  ‘Fine’ said the man. ‘I see how were gonna have to play this.’ He said before seizing your arm and shoving the cold gun metal against your breast. ‘You know the deal. You’re quite fond of this one aren’t you?’ Both of the Mr J’s suddenly turned their heads sharply towards you and your now perilous situation. You tried to move but the man’s grasp was iron. ‘You’re really hurting me!’, you cried out in pain as the man’s nails dug into your flesh and blood began to stream down your ivory skin. With that you heard a low growl building in the Joker’s chest and he suddenly sprang into action, grabbing Jared’s hand and twisting the gun free, kicking it away. Jared punched him square in the face, knocking him onto the ground before he turned to you and the other man. ‘Let her go!’ Meanwhile on the ground, Joker had gotten a hold of the gun. Seeing that his boss was now in the seat of power, the unnamed goon released your arm and threw you towards Jared who caught you in his strong arms. Wow his embrace felt safe. Despite the imminent danger, he took your face in his hands and swept the tears from your eyes.  Joker approached the man now, a look of amusement on his face. ‘Saved you boss. Told you I was good with these things.’ The man murmured. ‘Ah yes Mr Sampson. Very helpful, except for one little thing.’ Joker said as the look of smugness dropped from Mr Sampsons face with astonishing speed. ‘You touched my girl.’ Joker’s face was suddenly deadly serious. ‘But b-boss. You aren’t usually so attached to these bitches.’ And with that utterance, Joker shot the man straight through his head, before turning to you and Jared. ‘Now what is this? Some kind of loving embrace?’. You looked up to Jared in fear. What did you have to do to keep him safe? How could you keep him safe? With that thought, the headlights of the purple Lamborghini suddenly drew long shadows on the walls behind you as your love triangle was illuminated. ‘Get in boss, Batman is lurking around the place and the whole of Gotham PD is around the corner.’ Frost uttered from the rolled down widow. ‘In time Fost. As soon as I get back what’s mine.’ The green haired man looked you in the eye and extended a gloved hand to you. Jared’s arms were iron and he wasn’t about to let you go in a hurry, moving now to stand between you and the clown prince. Joker was not impressed by this and proceeded to lift the gun up towards Jared’s head. ‘I’m going to have to ask you to move before the contents of your head are all over my dates dress.’ This couldn’t continue. If you were going to make a stand it would have to be now. Stepping out from behind Jared’s body you walked in front of the green man’s gun. Between the two men. No fainting this time, although the adrenaline was making you feel woozy. Its now or never. He didn’t even see you coming as you grabbed gun, twisting it free from the green haired ma’s  hand and taking control. Joker growled, but soon the gun was pointed square at his head and he became quiet. At the same time you grabbed the gun you had tucked under your dress. This was key as you didn’t want joker to know where your loyalties truly lied. Pointing one gun at each Mr J you told them what was up. ‘Look here’s the deal. I’m afraid its not in my best interest-or the interest of my employer- for any one of you to die. So I can’t have you two killing each other that just wont do. Jared threw his arms up in protest. ‘Look this is ridiculous, this cant go on! It just cant I cant let it! Its killing me!’ he took a step towards you and you pointed the gun towards the middle of his face. ‘Don’t try me.’ Joker made his move next. ‘Listen kitten. Lets just jump in the car now and forget about him. Easy as that.’ He also took a step in your direction. You clicked the back of the gun to load the chamber. Joker’s steps stopped with the noise. ‘I said don’t try me.’ Suddenly your options changed as Frost appeared from the window of the car with a large machine gun and fired a few rounds into the back of the alleyway to distract you. Taking this situation as an opportunity Joker grabbed your gun pointing in his direction and held it in Jared’s direction. ‘Look we know she’s not going to shoot you.’ He said pointing the gun at Jared. ‘whatever it is you two have some.. thing.’ Joker backed into the now open door of the car. ‘I’m going to ask you again doll. Come with me now.’ Jared tried to make a move towards grabbing you but you stepped back against the wall, directly in the middle of the two men. ‘Don’t you dare do it!’ Jared shouted as he tried to reach you desperately. Frost now had a gun pointed at his head from the front of the car. ‘You might want to stop right there. ’Joker looked over to you and once again extended his gloved hand towards you. ‘Come on baby.’ You couldn’t do anything else. Standing upright from your lean against the wall you walked over and took the hand of the clown prince. Joker closed the door with a thud behind you, and as you began to drive away, all you could see through the window was the sight of Jared dropping to his knees with defeat as he saw you leave.

What will happen next?

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