(170222) 6th gaon music chart awards

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Onew acceptance speech for hallyu star award. 

O: hello this is shinee’s Onew!! It’s a nice night~ It may look like I’m receiving this award instead of the rest of the members but I’m also a shinee member.

Leeteuk: yes

O: firstly lee soo man teacher thank you

(camera flashes to exo and fans scream)

O: That’s how much they love lee soo man teacher. fans thank you so much, I always want to be with you shinee world, thank you so much and love you. thank you !!!!!

220217 Gaon Chart Kpop Awards
SHINee wins “World Hallyu Star” Award!

Onew: Hello, this is SHINee’s Onew!! It’s a nice night~ It may look like I’m receiving this award instead of the rest of the members but I’m also a SHINee member (laughs).
Leeteuk: Yes
Onew: Firstly, Lee Soo Man teacher thank you so much.
(Camera pans to EXO and fans scream)
Onew: That’s how much they love Lee Soo Man teacher. Fans, thank you very much. I always want to be with you SHINee World. Thank you so much and love you. Thank you!

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  • Death does not discriminate. 
  • I had a gun to my head once, I nearly pulled the trigger.
  • Why can’t you leave me be?
  • I don’t love you anymore.
  • Fuck off.
  • Everyone leaves in the end.
  • I always end up alone.
  • The silence can be deafening.
  • I’ve lost too much to try and love again.
  • Take a look in the fucking mirror.
  • I am not the man/woman I once was.
  • There’s someone outside the door.
  • Did I ever mean anything to you?
  • Was I just a toy in your game?
  • Did you ever love me?
  • I love you.

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Atticus, I don't know if you've ever heard the song "Man of a Thousand Faces," by Regina Spektor, but it reminds me of you. I hope you're well. We all appreciate how hard you work to make the Netherworld a better place.

I always confuse Spektor with someone else whose music I bitterly hated, but I was in art school at the time and spent most of my time hating art school and programming (how I was paying for art school) (also late 90s / early 2000s programming was terrible be thankful all who do not have to do it)

This is quite lovely!

I must work hard and spoil you all because, well, why bother having a company if not to make the world, or in Evil Supply Co.’s case the Netherworld, more enjoyable?

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I saw that Batman anon and I'm sorry man. I'm a huge Batman fan, run a Batman blog and I get so tired of this nonsense. Batman is dumb and the writers do a lot of dumb things, we all know it but it's fun and we enjoy it. Every one I know loves the Lego Batman movie, it lovingly mocks the lore while also (over the top) points out the flaws of current interpretations. BatJokes was fun in the movie but no one really ships it irl, but I sure enjoyed it. Anyway, Batman is great, it's fans not always

Hey! Don’t worry, though I do appreciate this message. I think every older fan community has them, it’s part of how it goes. Certainly there’s quite a few I could think of in the Doctor Who community. It happens, takes more than that to get me down.

Not surprised nobody really ships them in the comics, sounds like pretty graphic stuff happened (Killing Joke oh my). But damn, the over the top camp rivalry is so my niche. I imagine for some people the screwed up is part of the draw if they do ship it outside this movie, wouldn’t be the first villain/hero dynamic I’ve seen like that. I guess the Lego Batman jokes were on-point, the trend toward stories about how the villain and hero need and define each other does sound romantic and certainly is popular in fan shipping.

The little I’ve seen of Batman generally gives me joy, particularly this film and the sixties one (and of course the Dark Knight trilogy though as a film major I’m a tad fatigued by how hyped up they are! Still good though). I imagine it’ll be something I explore more of sometime.

She told me I’d make a better husband than a boyfriend and that she wanted to keep me around until the time was right, cause if we ever dated and broke up she’d hate to lose me forever. That all girls keep the good ones around until the time is right. All because i freaking just accidentally asked her in a passing playful comment why is she always friendzoning me. And fuck that attitude, man, it’s not cute, it’s not endearing, it’s not romantic. I can’t even give her the confused excuse, feelings are tricky enough, but she was very aware of her choice. It’s fucking letting yourself having fun playing the field, all the while knowing you’re putting someone on your hook as a safety net because you know they have feelings for you they can’t let go of. It’s ugly and selfish. Choosing to feel loved in the expense of robbing others the same chance. And I’m so glad that it was all a misunderstanding of my feelings and my joke, or i’d be so mad and Seriously hurt. Everyone, boys and girls, stop doing this please,

                                NCPDPuppy’s Follow Forever

Oh man, it’s that time people!!~ NCPDPuppy’s hit 1,000 followers! (1,160 to be precise!~) And yes…I made a DBZ reference in my pic. Sue me, I’m a dork. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

First things first, the one who started it all. The original Alex to my Maggie, my inspiration to branch out into RPing on tumblr.

The Origin


You, my lovely Alex, my inspiration, shall always hold a dear spot in my heart. I started stalking your blog while I was bored one day and stumbled upon your thread with another Maggie. I instantly followed you and began religiously following the thread to it’s completion. Some time after that we hit it off (I think I was helping you with a website…? lol) and you told me you were bored. Hours later and NCPDPuppy came to be and my Maggie Muse went on a happy rampage.

The Frequent Offenders

@kara-danvers-lena-luthor @danversxsisters @echoesxofxthexpast @eachothershero @warriorveined

My lovely assortment of Alexs, Karas, OC’s, and daughters. My adorable little muse-family.

kara-danvers-lena-luthor - My adorable Kara, for more then one muse too, you’re awesome, and so is the mun. <3 And I can’t wait to interact with your new Alex muse!!~

danversxsisters - My spunky Alex, you dork you. I know I still get to play with you as Jo, but I miss Alex! D: (*wink wink nudge nudge* reply damn it)

echoesxofxthexpast - Jo! My little puppy! I adore you damn it! And so does Maggie. Seriously, she will kill for you pup.

eachothershero - My Alex and Jamie duo. Girlfriend and daughter. Gah! Mun, you portray them perfectly, and little Jamie has stolen my heart completely. Maggie’s a goner with the both of your muses.

warriorveined - Whooooboy. My main person, my favorite nerd. The first I reached out to once I started gaining confidence in my RPing. My main Alex with multiple threads, all of which I adore, and my Cora. My dorky little Kryptonian linguist with a fascination for animals and a surprisingly smooth set of pick-up lines.

The Newcomer(s)


Thank you for the meme~ I hope we can continue to interact in the future!

The WatchList

(AKA I stalk you… *clears throat awkwardly*)

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Yeah….That’s quite the awkward list right there. ANYWAY! On with the mentions!

The Stalkers

(ily anyway <3)

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And that’s it folks! Thanks for stopping by! I’ma go bury myself in drafts now. *awkwardly salutes*

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Man I've been following you since you were packing to go off to college for the first time, you were like the first blog I followed when I joined tumblr. I'm as proud of you as a stranger can be

Oh my god 😭😭 always love reading messages like this. Really so crazy to me that there are people out there like you who have followed me through my ups and downs of life’s journey for so long. Thank you for sticking around and thank you for being proud of me!!! It means the world 💗

Better Man - Seth Rollins

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AN- Alright my loves! New series! Yayyy! Hope you enjoy it!!

Triggers- Y/n current boyfriend is abusive. Dark subject I know and if anyone needs to talk im always free for a chat.. I love ya all.

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I apologize in advance that this may be a long post.  I have given myself some time to process what ED actually gave to us today and I have chosen these two pictures to accompany my thoughts.  The love these two characters show each other can only be outdone by the love ED and this fandom shows them.  The storylines -  from Aaron’s coming out to the wedding today - I have known nothing like it in the states.  I keep thinking to myself - wow - ED really just made a same-sex marriage a day of celebration for so many people.  People who may not know one another personally but come together every day to celebrate this special relationship.  A few things that I loved about the last two days:

~ ED really does pay attention to detail - all the references to aspects that make this relationship between Aaron and Robert so special.

~ I have a newfound love for Cain.

~ I’m going to miss Chas.

~ Robert likes his man in a suit, will always wait for him, will continue to try to make everything perfect for Aaron, is a complete romantic, and still needs to deal with his feelings concerning his dad.  I love Robert so very much.

~ Aaron is so deeply in love with Robert, they definitely use “the dirty little grease monkey” as role play in bed, he loves, respects, and is afraid of Cain, he wants to be everything for Liv that he missed out on as a child, he appreciates his mom, and leaving tomorrow is his worst fear coming true - having everything in the palm of his hand and having to leave it behind.

~ The Dingle’s can throw a party and secretly I bet a lot of us wouldn’t mind having a few pints with them.  

~ I choose these two photos because for me they are Robert at his most relaxed and finally comfortable with himself and Aaron more lost than I’ve ever seen him .  The neck nuzzle and if you watch real close - a possible neck kiss (maybe my wishful thinking) is a new Robert for us. A Robert that is just in love with another human being - not another man. He loves Aaron and that’s all that matters.  It is Robert being vulnerable and allowing his husband to guide him in a dance or sway.  I love this scene.  In the second photo, Aaron is on that emotional rollercoaster (to say the least) that we all dread.  He is happier than he ever thought he could be and yet he has to walk away from all of it tomorrow.  We all know that when we are away from our loved ones - those that protect us and keep us safe that the boogeyman comes back.  Our worst fears and insecurities - the ones that keep us awake at night - become for the lack of a better phrase “our best friends.” 

~ I have always enjoyed ED - the humor, the drama, the family, the village community - but over these last two days  my respect and kudos for the show, the writers and especially Danny and Ryan have reached an all time high.

Sorry, I warned you it was going to be long and I hope that know one is upset because I love being a part of this silly little group.  Now, let us all, wherever we are have a pint for these two characters that bring us all together. 


Can we take a moment to acknowledge just how muscular our boy nochu has gotten recently. Like he’s always been the Bangtan muscle pig, but this. THIS

Also, I know that Kook has been self-conscious about his muscular thighs for quite some time, but lord have mercy boy those legs were sculpted by the gods you are B L E S S E D young man. 


those tight pants, silk, and low cut shirts will be the death of me.

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Playlist for romantic night in with tyler

he was tired of going out, putting on airs just to face the world. he wanted to have you all to himself: make you dinner, slow dance in the living room, take you to the bedroom, light some candles and make you feel good. he planned the whole night out just to surprise you.

- everlong (acoustic) by foo fighters
- sideways by citizen cope
- earth angel by the penguins
- 1979 (smashing pumpkins cover) by young love
- i’m like a lawyer with the way i’m always trying to get your off by fall out boy
- all of me by john legend
- my body’s a zombie for you by dead man’s bones
- the very thought of you by billie holiday

I seriously can’t understand how people can say stiles’ face was ‘disgusted’ or anything like it. The first thing that came to my mind, when I saw his face, was the face of a man coming back home -literally and figuratively - to the woman he has always loved, after going through literal hell and back. It’s the face of an extremely tired man, who doesn’t want anything but be in the arms of his woman for the rest of his life, drown in her eyes and never go away.

kpop imagine/fanfic

“Don’t worry about it.” 

You’re 26 years old and….you’ve never been in a relationship. Ever. In your entire life. Never been kissed, never had your hand held, nothing. Absolutely nothing. You tiredly recall your friend’s words when you two were on the phone last night.

“Everybody’s different! You’ll find somebody. I know how you feel but I’m telling you man, just don’t worry about it.”

You want to believe her. You really do. You’d love to believe that everybody just…finds the one. The one who makes everything worth while. That everybody has a soulmate. You really do want to believer her but, then again, what does she know? Ms.Perfect, always with a girl by her side. This year her girlfriend of 8 years took her to the Taj Mahal for Valentines day. What did you do? Spent it alone watching old children’s cartoons you’ve seen a million times over. How could she possibly know how you feel? Nobody knows how you feel. This was the thought you had when you went to bed last night and this was the first thought you had when you woke up this morning. 

With a frown tugging at your lips you glance at the mirror. You think you’re a pretty okay looking person so why doesn’t anybody like you? I mean, you’re no model, let’s be fair, but your hair is nice and you have a cute smile. Not to mention the thick slime that covers your entire body is absolutely mouth watering. You cock your head to the side. Maybe you should try being more like your friend. She’s outgoing and bright and very social and you’re…not. But maybe that’s it. Maybe you should put yourself out there more. Yeah that’s it. You can’t give up now! Just look at that slime anybody would be lucky to have you!!
As a sudden wave of confidence hits you, you grin. You decide to wear your black skinny jeans, white vans, and black form-hugging shirt that says 'J-HOPE 94′ in giant pink glittery letters. You think….you just might skip your usual hoodie today. 

You head out to your favorite coffee shop. The air around you feels…different. Once you get there and go inside you notice a person you’ve never seen before. Standing at around 5′11, an admittedly charming older man stood in front of you in line. He was wearing a military outfit. You two were the only ones in the entire store, including people at the cash register. There was literally nobody else there. He turns to you and smiles. 

“I thought I was the only one here however I guess…you never walk alone.” He said, glancing at your shirt. Your eyebrow rose to the top of your head. Was that…a bts reference? Could it be? No way…

He took your silence as an invitation to keep talking. 
“I’m Mattis. Formally General Jim Jimmy Dogg Jimbo Jimbaliyah Jimmy Jim Jimmy fo filly Jimiron Jimitron Jimtronion Jimolo Mattis. But informally?” He paused, taking a moment to point his cryptic bony borderline decaying finger to where his heart should be but is not verified to be. “I’m an army.”

He smiled again. “It’s always nice seeing another true fan out in the public. “ You blush. 
“Bias?” You ask.
“Rap monster, king of rap. Inventor of rap music. Best rapper in all of history including western. And I would know since I was there when rap was created….I am a tender age of 66.” He winks and dust comes out everywhere. You feel your heart tingle.

“Do you wanna grab a cup of coffee somewhere else?” Your boldness surprises you both. You weren’t expecting to ask him that. He clearly wasn’t expecting you to either.  But what the heckgosh? You’re 26 damn it! It’s time to start living!

“Well I am a married man but….my wife she only understand the military life…she doesn’t understand the army life…..i need u.” He admitted.

“Bangtan sonyeondan?” You ask, linking arms with your prince charming that you just met five minutes ago. 

“Bangtan sonyeondan.”

I am not worthy of fake love and superficial conversations. I’m not worthy of love that is full of pity. I am not worthy of anything that is not sincere or taken lightly. i will fight for myself because I have the courage to fight for the cowardice that lives in me. I was talking to a man that was hell bent on misunderstanding my confidence as narcissism. I am easy to understand. it is easy to see we all try & suffer. if you do not see right through someone who is hellbent on transforming themselves to their highest potential you can not see me. and you do not know me. I will never try to make you love me but I will always love myself.

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for the put a character in my ask box meme: Scott Summers

My otp: no matter how unpopular it gets.. 

I’ll always love Scott and Logan…

My most hated pairing: adult scott and young jean (or vice versa) … that marvel even hinted it pisses me off so much
My unusual otp: I always say Matt Murdock so uh.. spider-man

Both adult Scott/Peter and young Scott/Miles but mostly the second one
My crossover otp: Scott and superman ! 
My brotp/friendship otp: Scott and Jean tbh,,, they had a really good run but sometimes you just arent meant to be with your childhood sweetheart forever, doesn’t mean their love isnt real or deep.
Character headcanon: he knows what color his sweaters are and genuinely likes them
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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ABCs of Me!

I was tagged by the lovely @diascordium and @tothepit     

A - Age: 26
B - Biggest fear: Oh man, we’re getting into this stuff and it’s only the second question?? Honestly I have so many that I can’t even think of one that is my biggest. Just…everything. 
C - Current time: 7:19pm
D - Drink you last had: Water. 
E - Every day starts with: A series of unintelligible grunts as I bitterly curse Past Kari for not going to bed earlier.
F - Favourite song: Man, I’m with Pit here, is there anyone out there that really has ONE favorite song?? I guess currently I’m obsessed with Royal Thunder’s album Crooked Doors so really any song off of that.
G - Ghosts, are they real?: You know… Believe what you will, but I had some experiences when I was younger that were pretty convincing to me that they are. 
H - Hometown: DFW, Tejas
I - In love with: *looks at Pit’s answer…thiiiiinks about it…gives up* Yeah. Niels Nielsen for me too.
J - Jealous of: Haha, this is just like the fears thing, I am just a ball of anxiety and jealousy. 
K - Killed someone: Hahaha, I just…if anyone filling out this questionnaire HAS killed someone would they like…confess to it on this? A tumblr meme? What is this question even doing here? (Other than making me laugh) No. No I have not. 
L - Last time you cried: Last week.
M - Middle name: Margaret Elizabeth (from two of my great grandmothers on each side)
N - Number of siblings: I have one older brother. 
P - Person you last called/texted: Called? My boss. Texted? Also my boss.
Q - Questions you’re always asked: “Is that your real hair colour?” Which always cracks me up. Like “Yes. I have naturally platinum hair with three inch roots. That’s exactly how my hair has always been. Since I was born” I also get “How old are you?” a lot now adays.
R - Reasons to smile: Friends, music, art, animals, the silly noises that other people make when they’re happy, lots of other stuff that I can’t think of right now.
S - Song last sang: Ear on the Fool - Royal Thunder (told you)
T - Time you woke up: 5:30ish. Eeeeevery morning. 
U - Underwear colour: *checks* Black with little white design details.
V - Vacation destination: Soooo many places. @keelee-von-cupcake and I still need to go to New York (soooooomedaaaaaay.) And I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. But I reeeeeally want to go on a huge European tour some day. Go back to Germany, Austria, and Italy (my people!), visit France (if I don’t see Versailles before I die there will be hell to pay) and heck throw Spain in there. The Scandinavian countries of course. And aaaaaall of Eastern Europe (I’m here with all of my other side’s people!!)  And of course, I WILL go to England to visit Pit some day. It’s gonna happen. It’s gotta.
W - Worst Habit: Welp. I have trichotillomania, soooo definitely that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (yeah, it blows)  
X - X-rays you’ve had: I’ve had dental x-rays. I don’t think I’ve had to get anything else x-rayed though.
Y - Your favourite food: Mmmmmm, anything with black truffles! And garlic! And raspberries! And Mussels!!
Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer!

I’m so bad at tagging, ugh, @spoonriverrat, @betterneko@gingersnarls, @betteroffdeaddesigns, @caligurl32, @ghulehtela, @stranger-ghoul I dunnoooooo, whoever else wants to?


I love being a good partner to a good partner, but dammit if I don’t go internally nuts when I have planned all my meals for the day, done fasted cardio, come home so hungry, weighed each ingredient before cooking, counted exact macros and calories, logged, weighed again after cooking to be safe, and my husband swoops in asking for a bite/a piece/a unit of whatever I’m eating. I always say yes through my teeth because i’m not a monster but it’s like DUDE DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW CAREFULLY I HAVE PLANNED THIS MEAL!!!! aaahahhaahaugh