Winterhawk Mini Bang

Here it is folks all the works from the minibang! All the fics have art accompanying them. Take a look through these works and give the authors and artists some love. Please remember to check the archive warnings and be sure to read all the tags before you start reading.

Standby (T) Words: 2,387 by @mollynoble

Tags: AU - Modern Setting, Veteran Bucky, Veteran Clint, brief mention - anxitey

Clint and Bucky meet when they become trapped in an elevator. Clint is an idiot, but Bucky likes him anyways.

[Art] by @torii-storii

birdboy and grumpycat17 (T) Words: 2,020 by @varilia

Tags: Friends to Lovers, Interplanetary Travel, “The Space Between Us” AU

Clint was born on Mars. Only, like, two people on Earth know that, and his best– only– friend, James, is not one of them. When given the opportunity to visit Earth, and therefore James, Clint is eager to tell James the truth: about where he’s from, and the fluttery feelings that he gets whenever talking to James.

[Art] by @sian1359

Americana is for Lovers (M) Words: 8,232 by @ccbytheseashore

Tags: road trips, americana, sexual content, developing relationships, getting together

Please tell me you are still alive, read Steve’s text.
In Virginia, Bucky replied.
The hell are you doing in Virginia?
Would you believe me if I said trying to find a foam sculpture of Stonehenge?
Tony said to make sure his car comes back in once piece. Please don’t shoot each other.

Clint and Bucky set off on an adventure to find an infamous work of Americana history, but find literally everything else (including love, and a Magic Fingers) instead.

[Art] by @bvckyboy

My Depths for You (M) Words: 7,287 by @shellsxo

Tags: Domestic Fluff; Domestic!Bucky; Domestic!Clint; Anniversary

Somewhere down the line, Bucky Barnes had become the sun, and Clint’s life had begun revolving around him. Neither had expected their feelings to become so strong, to grow in strength or in depth. But it had.

Lilac Alstroemeria Aster (T) Words: 7,303 by @jenjo93

Tags: No powers AU. Bucky works at a flower shop; Clint is a human disaster by day, vigilante by night

On the surface, Clint Barton shares nothing with Bucky Grant, the cute florist he helped save from thieves. Bucky has a business, owns more than one outfit, and looks to have a stable life. Worlds away from Clint’s drama-filled past. Bucky being kidnapped reminds Clint why he doesn’t put his heart on the line anymore.

[Art] by PlaidHunters

Edge of our Hope (T) Words: 5,956 by @punxbarton

Tags: Pacific Rim AU, mention of past character death, mention of past loss of limb

Nobody wonders whether Clint and Bucky are drift compatible. They clearly are. Which is the problem, since Clint already has a drift partner, and Bucky can’t ever pilot again. Well, it’s the problem for some people. Not for them. Never for them.

[Art] by @bizrreer

Still Breathing (T) Words: 8,241 by @victorianbreaker

Tags: Canon-typical Violence, vague Mentions of suicidal thoughts, blood

Clint just wanted to get away. He didn’t want to hurt any one. But he keeps seeing blue…I dodged a bullet and I walked across a landmine / Oh, I’m still alive / Am I bleeding am I bleeding from the storm? / Just shine a light into the wreckage, so far away, away…‘Cause I’m still breathing / 'Cause I’m still breathing on my own / My head’s above the rain and roses / Making my way away / My way to you

[Art] by @theassassinhawk

Not Such a Risk (M) Words: 3,311 by @aw-hawkeye-no

Tags: Dom/Sub, Bondage, dom!Clint, sub!Steve, Sub!Bucky

“Buck, I gotta ask – are you here of your own free will, or did Clint kidnap you and force you to watch Dog Cops?” Steve smirked as he glanced from Bucky to Clint.“Hey!” Clint objected just as Bucky said, “Bit of column A, bit of column B.”Clint huffed indignantly. “As I remember it, I was minding my own business when you barged in here and started questioning my eating habits.”

Or, Clint has been acting as Steve’s and Bucky’s dom for weeks now, but the three of them have never done a scene together.

[Art](nsfw)by @xbittenx

Save Me. (T) Words: 4,867 by @hodginsismylife

Tags:  Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Swearing, Canon-Typical Violence.

Clint Barton just wanted an easy recovery after being braiwashed, he didn’t want to be kidnaped by HYDRA, he didn’t ask for any of this.

[Art] by @marvel-4-life

How to Mate Your Cyborg (G) Words: 2,092 by @nightshadezombie

Bucky and Hagrid spend every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Midnight Roast, studying and sampling Wade’s questionable baked goods. And maybe pining over Wade’s Other Favorite Cyborg. BTW, Wade totally ships it, guys.

[Art] by fitzz106

 The deals you  made (T) Words: 6,321 by @aijja

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Torture, AU-Canon Divergence, Fae & Mythical Beings

Bucky is ten when he meets a boy who helps him win a prize for Steve. There’s handshake to agree to a contract, due sometime in the future. They never meet again. Or at least, Bucky doesn’t remember it.

AKA. Don’t make deals with people who appear from thin air.

[Art] by @sian1359

Through the Streets of Long Gone Dreams (T) Words: 10,937 by @rivulet027

Tags: Nightmares, PTSD, Recovering Memories

Bucky’s having trouble sleeping until Lucky decides to adopt him. Now Bucky isn’t sure if he’s sleeping better because of a dog or the archer that comes with the dog.

[Art] by @placna

This Is Where We Start Again (G) Words: 3,377 by @jeminamoonnight

Tags: Kidfic, Accidental baby acquisition, body dysphoria, deaf!Clint

When Clint brings home a baby and wants to keep her, Bucky must confront his  lingering body issues and whether or not he’s ready for the challenges of parenthood. 

[Art] by @fee-does-band-art

Empyrean (T) Words: 2,694 by @icantseemtomiss

Tags: Minor violence, mentions of past abuse. Alternate Universe- Greek,Mythology.

There’s plenty of things you get taught how to handle; like your pet hamster dying, or your girlfriend breaking up with you. But no-one ever teaches you how to handle the Greek god, Apollo, attaching himself to your soul.

[Art] by @pathulu

I Slept With An Assassin and Now I Have Feelings (T) Words: 3,911 by @useless-empty-brain

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, mentions of brainwashing, getting together.

Years ago Clint and the Winter Soldier are given the same target and meet. Instead of eliminating the competition, the Soldier is intrigued by the disaster who beat him to the target. Through years of mind wipes disjointed images of blond and arrows keep coming back. When he breaks the mind control permanently, he wants to find Steve and the guy who kept sneaking around Hydra’s mind wipes.

[Art] by @mariana-oconnor

Like That Counting Crows Song (T) Words: 4,643 by @madetobeworthy

Tags: No Warnings, fluff, mutual healing, slow burn but it forgot to be slow

Clint’s life is a series of unfortunate events that somehow peaked at his apartment getting blown up. Bucky doesn’t really want to get caught up in his mess, but it’s hard to avoid the homeless guy sleeping on your couch when all you want to do is watch Netflix.

[Art] by @girlouttaplace

Springfield (T) Words: 1,779 by @precise-desolation

Tags: Slow build, Service dogs, PTSD

There was a man who walked  his dog every morning in the park where Clint went for his run.  Of course, Clint knew that was perfectly normal.  It was the dog’s service animal vest that caught his attention.  He had the guy figured for ex-military, he just hadn’t figured him for the Winter Soldier, the ghost sniper.  Or, well, former Winter Soldier.  It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the guy a coffee from the stand they both frequented.  He had wanted to ask about the dog.  He didn’t expect that it would become anything more.

[Art] by @mollynoble

Words Left Unsaid (M) Words: 2,067 by @i-will-always-kneel-for-smut

Tags: Swearing, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant

Clint agreed to an afternoon sparring session with Natasha. Little did he know that by the end of the day he’d be responsible for a former Hydra agent…and one of Steve Rogers oldest friends.

[Art] by @meesedraw

The Barton-Barnes shelter of abandoned animals (G) Words: 1,960 by @asamandra

Tags: barton farm, clint and his strays

For once it’s not Clint who brings in another stray… and Clint is not amused when he finds out what kind of stray it is.

[Art] by @aw-hawkeye-no

As Lucky Would Have It. (T) Words: 6,698 by @dapperanachronism

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Get-Together, Anxiety, Lucky is the best dog,

He tells himself a lot of things. Things like he’s not a burden, things like he’s getting better, things like he’s awake in the middle of the night by choice, just because he enjoys prowling around the tower at night when it’s quiet. It’s the truth, if not the whole truth. What is also the truth is how much he enjoys finding Clint curled up on the living room floor next to a scruffy dog that Bucky knows doesn’t live in the tower with them.

[Art] by @placna

Just a Fool (Whose Luck Has Turned) (E) Words: 4,965 by @words-aremy-weapons

Tags:  Second-hand embarrassment

Clint makes a fool of himself over the comms during a mission, going into vivid detail of everything he feels for Barnes. Embarrassment makes him hide away, until Barnes forces him to come clean about everything.

[Art] by  PlaidHunters

Strike at the Heart of (T) Words: 20,528 by @captn-sara-holmes

Tags: Canon Divergence - Post-Avengers (2012), Clint Barton Feels, Everyone Has Issues, unhealthy platonic relationships, Trust Issues, Emotional Manipulation, Angst and Humor, BAMF Clint Barton, Mind Games. Mind Control, Yasha, STRIKE!Clint, Clint is actually fine, psychological evaluations are not for everyone

The Avengers think he’s traumatized, Fury thinks he needs a break, Natasha wants him to recover. Well, screw those guys. Clint is going to go and make some new friends that appreciate how badass and competent and not-messed-up-after-Loki he is. It goes great, until it doesn’t.

[Art] by @cratercreator

The Broken and The Brave (T) Words: 5,892 by @somnambulist-x

Clint Barton is acquitted after killing the Hulk.No, after killing Bruce Banner.After killing his friend.And Bucky could understand Barton’s next move and as the archer left the city and drove west in his disastrous Dodge Challenger, Bucky grabbed his backpack, hopped on his bike and followed him.He wasn’t going to stop Barton, he wasn’t going to catch him and bring him back…He was simply going with.

[Art] by @mollynoble

5 Times an archer walked into a bar (And one time the bar came to him) (T) Words: 1,553 by @adamsgirl42

Twist on the film "He’s just not that into you”

[Art] by @bizrreer

Dog Cops, Pickpockets, and Love, Oh my! (E) Words:3,634 by PlaidHunter

Tags: sex, blow jobs, rimming, cute dog cops, star wars

“I stole your wallet because I was desperate for money a few years ago and I’ve finally gotten my life under control but the guilt hasn’t left me because you looked like a really sweet person so I went to the address on your driver’s license to return it and apologize but when you answered the door you took one look at me and shouted, “YOU!” and punched me in the face!“

[Art] by @fadesealcat

Five dates Bucky didn’t realize he went on, and the one he planned himself (T) Words: 11,750 by @redsector-a

Tags: Oblivious Bucky, Slow Build Romance, Bucky Feels, Clint is a good boyfriend (even when Bucky doesn’t know he’s his boyfriend), Steve Rogers is a Good Bro, Fluff

To say that Bucky was surprised when Clint kissed him was an understatement. But it was nothing compared to the shock he felt when he learned they’d been dating for months without him realizing it. Clint gets whisked away for a mission before they have time to talk and Bucky is left to figure things out on his own - hindsight being 20/20 he can’t help but wonder how he missed things the first go around.

greathalesonfire  asked:

adffgdgg, IM KIDDING DONT DO THAT! For real: 2, evak! <3

eyes one me!!! 

2, eyes on me

“Isak,” Even scolded, but there was a smile in his voice, that Isak saw when his gaze returned to his face. “eyes on me.” 

Even sat at their little table with his sketchbook and all those different pencils - Isak seriously didn’t know there were so many different types - in front of him, some of his fingers tinted greyish at the tips from when he smudged some lines to create shadows on the drawing in front of him. 

The drawing, was of Isak. Isak who lay on his side on their bed, in the midst of all the pillows they had in their small flat and clad in the soft green-red checked pyjama Noora Eva and Linn gave to him for his birthday. (He loved it. It was soft, warm and for some reason it did things to Even, so win win win.) 

“Why do I need to look at you? You’re not even doing my face yet.” 

Even scoffed offendedly, but pursed his lips in the delicious way he always did when he tried to keep a straight face. “Don’t question my art, Isak.”

“I’m questioning you letting the doing my face joke slide.” Even snorted. 

“Baby~” Isak whined and flopped over on his stomach. “I’m bored and im getting cold laying on top of the covers like that.” Isak’s voice was muffled from the pillow that smushed his cheek up but Even seemed to hear him just fine because now he looked up, a bit of concern in a small frown shown on his face. 

“You’re getting cold?” Isak rolled his eyes and shrugged. “No.” 

Even laughed and shook his head. “You’re such a brat. You’re just bored, aren’t you.” It wasn’t even a question. Isak made a whiney sound again when Even returned his attention to the drawing and ignored his protests. 

Isak raised his brows, which went unseen by Even, so he huffed. “How can you still draw happily on when im on my stomach now but i need to look at you?” 

Even looked up and raised his brows at Isak once in a quick motion. “Maybe,” he grinned, “I just want my muse to look at me.” 

Isak groaned, but also grinned into the pillow he turned his face into. “Dork.” Isak muttered and then watched Even draw him some more. Even got this concentrated look on his face, mouth slightly open, tongue in one corner, eyes intense and his unstyled sunday bed hair bouncing when he did some harder pencil strokes. Even’s hands. Just- his hands. Damn.

Isak sighed happily and- “Isak.” His name came out as a chuckle of Even. When he looked up Even didn’t say anything, he just gestured with two fingers to Isak’s face and then to his eyes. 

Isak rolled his eyes but after that complied. “I was admiring your hands, give me a break.” 

Even shook his head but tilted his head in a way he always did when Isak flustered him somehow. There was a broad smile tugging on Isak’s lips. Because seriously. Adorable.

Isak drifted off shortly after that, lulled to sleep by the steady scratching of the pencil against the paper. His eyes were closed now, but Even didn’t seem to mind it. Letting his cozy looking boy doze off because to be honest, he didn’t really need to look at Isak to draw him. He had everything etched into his brain about him; from the tip of his toes, that poked out of the checked pyjama pants, to every last lash and curl. 

He just liked it more when Isak looked at him while he drew. Sue him. 

I’ve had my dog since the day I was born

by reddit user inaaace

Ok, now that I’m writing this I can see how strange it is that I’ve had my dog for almost 31 years, but when you live with something every day of your life, it’s kinda normal, you know? I mean, sure, it crossed my mind here and there that, hey, how come Snoop is 20, 24, 26 years old, but I never gave it extensive thought. Good nutrition and daily exercise is what I’d say and move on. It wasn’t impossible, right?

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“All the same, it’s good to meet ya.  Any friend of Cap’s is a friend of mine.”

A scene from the fantastic winterhawk fanfiction by @i-will-always-kneel-for-smut for this year’s Winterhawk Mini Big Bang - I really enjoyed drawing these, and I hope you like them, Brooke!

I always feel so dirty. kneeling before Him with blood on my hands, my hair undone, my heart in shambles, and I don’t even know where to begin when I sit at the foot of the cross. I want to scream my apology until it deafens the echoes of my past but we all know that noise does not override it only combines. my apologies combined with my sin, shoving it in the face of a Man who only wants me to love Him but all I keep doing is finding my love elsewhere. I am reckless and messy filled with guilt and regret. my hands are covered in blood and my soul is tarnished and broken. I want to be made whole. I want to be made whole. this is the fifth time today, and still I am pleading.

I Miss You So Bad (BI One-shot)

Characters:         BI (Kim HanBin, iKON) x Reader (You)

Genre:                   Angst (Angsty angst if you know what I mean) / Accident (Beware)

Length:                 2279

Inspired by iKON’s song from WELCOME BACK (from the title itself)

Oh gosh I am not a huge fan of Angst but IDK why I keep on writing one LOL how ironic HAHA



Hanbin got up from his bed abruptly with unwanted tears in his eyes and cold sweat dripping from his forehead and neck.  He clutched his chest and sighed heavily in relief.

Not that dream again.”

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Caught in the Act

Title: Caught in the Act
Chapter no/ One shot: One shot
Author: starrynight35
Original Imagine: Imagine Loki catches you pleasuring yourself, but instead of being aroused by it, he’s offended. He “punishes” you by tying you up and making you come over and over again to prove to you that he is better and you should have come to him instead.

Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: NSFW, Just pure smut…nothing else. =) I hope you enjoy!

Lying on my back, pillows piled under my head, knees bent, eyes closed, one hand massaging my breast, pinching my own nipple, the other between my legs, fingers circling my most sensitive place. I was already panting. I could feel my orgasm building deep in my belly. My legs started to shake. I started to think about him. The last time we had been naked together. I was so close…
That’s when Loki walked in on me.
I gasped in surprise, quickly sat up, and tried to pretend I hadn’t been doing anything nefarious, but he was too intelligent to fool.
My face must have been flushed from my arousal, and I’m sure he could smell my sex from the doorway. 

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Integra… My beloved master.  They call you iron maiden… stoic… hard as stone… and cold as ice.  Simple minded fools.  They do not know you as I do.  To me you are passionate… beautiful… brave… dangerous… powerful… ferocious.  You are my countess… I belong to you… I will always serve you. I kneel at your feet, ready to do your bidding. To fight… to kill… to protect. I have done so without question, delighting in being your instrument of wrath and retribution. You find no joy in this, I know, your eyes tell me as much when you look at me.

Yet, within your hardened gaze, I see your desire for me and I hear the heat in your words when you command me, awakening my undead heart. I want to answer your unvoiced need. So why do you deny yourself what you long for, my master?  Say but the word and I will give you what your body and your heart yearn for.  Not because you would command it of me… but because I feel the same.

(A little snippet of thoughts from Alucard towards his master by me.  Art by       純柴 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=10241242)

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