danny phantom is a great show because its funny and silly and has stupid jokes

cries too bad it doesnt touch on darker themes too often. i would love a dp remake with things like

better art style bc tbh sometimes its just so unappealing?? thats just my opinion though
phantom planet never happened
actually s3 never happened at all
k but: ghost speak
danny actually gets hurt. has scars, needs to wear bandages. sam and tucker get injuries too bc they always helpin him
cmON the kid would be exhausted all the time i mean srsly
vlad is a great villain and i love how clever he is in s1 and s2 but imagine: through circumstances, he becomes the awkward uncle who gets over his obsession with maddie and becomes friends with her and jack again. helps danny with his ghost stuff. he gets friends and family! happy ending for the creepy old dude who used to hit on dannys mom.
better jazz & sam writing???? more tucker appreciation?????? PLS
like for reals srs character development
danny becomes more friends than enemies with a lot of ghosts
4reals danny working with skulker is the best concept in the world because skulker could teach him how to hunt ghosts better and alsO RUDE BANTER!!! a student-mentor relationship with a lot of snark. yesss
alright but: ghost hunger
oK THATS A RLY DARK THEME BUT!! idk its so intriguing. maybe he doesnt have to eat ghosts, maybe he just needs ectoplasm. vlad would help him with that.
he gotta eat a lotta food bc hes always using a lotta energy as a ghost
can we have some danny dealing with being half dead please like. no one comes out of that mentally unscathed. what about sam & tucker??? sam got him to go in!!!! she’d feel so guilty. and tucker probs egged him on, yo.
imagine the entire trio getting ghost powers!!!! ooo: maybe not in canon but that’d be so interesting to explore ok
valerie!!! her arc was so great and so important she deserves more tbh
give us some aaaangst but then heal the poor children have them persevere have them be STRONG

i am such trash for this show and can only dream of being able to take part in animating a well-done remake


Aedion took up his place flanking her, shoulders back and head high, already her protector and warrior.

“My only wish is to see her again. Just once, if that’s all the  gods will allow me. If they grant me more time than that, then I’ll thank them every damn day of my life.”

↳ for nymphdoras. happy birthday scarlett!

caoanonymousgoa asked:

Hey whats your favorite ships? Any show or story. I just am curious if you don't mind! 😊

i have like a ton of ships but here are a select few!! (* u *)

YUGIOH (apparently all ships have a name rather than A x B):

  • Heartshipping
  • Thiefshipping
  • Prideshipping ,,, (im trash)
  • (i have a few more but this is,,,, just a few of them)

PUMPKIN PANIC! (my game haha):

  • Trick or Trio (Ren x An x Sun) - platonically as a family
  • Chai x Latte (PUNNY)
  • Chai x Latte x Biscotti - platonically again,,, as a family
  • and then there’s a ship with 2 new mystery characters (THEY’RE GAY)


  • RinPana (Rin x Hanayo,,, my love)
  • NozoEli (Garasu no Hanazono, literally,)


  • Iris x Rosabel (p much the entirety of Chapter K)


  • Madohomu
  • KyoSaya

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1. Why did you choose this url?

The previous owner dumped it and Kiyoshi Teppei is my lifeblood so obviously I had to jump on the opportunity (even though Im still tagged in posts that have nothing to do with me)

2. What’s your middle name?

i have many names

3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what it would be?

giant fluffy dog or a giant snake or a giant fish that will let me hug it, OR A DRAGON. Maybe a fish dragon

4. Fave Color?

I used to have one but not anymore. I’m partial to blue greens though

5. Fave Song Right Now?


6. Top 3 Fandoms?

I have a habit of staying in one fandom at a time and dedicating my life to it. Before KNB it was hetalia and yugioh (GX). The end of an era can be particularly heartbreaking. 

7. Why do you like tumblr?

I was actually slowly pressured onto this sort of platform when dA started losing its appeal and popularity. I like tumblr because I get a lot of attention from my followers, but comments (especially fleshed out ones) are lacking, no way to analyze the traffic in my tags, and feedback system is pretty much nonexistent. I am also worried that I’ll lose my creative works to the maw of tumblr unreliability. 

8. Tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well!

i too have no friends