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A - age: 15 (i am smol, protect me)
B - biggest fear: clowns tbh, they just freak me out - and i have trypophobia.
C - current time: 11:33am
D - drink you last had: lemonade
E - easiest person to talk to: probably my friend emily
F - favourite song: at the moment, k.o. by sf9
G - grossest memory: i remember peeing myself at school once bc a clown was there (i REALLY hate clowns)
H - horror yes or horror no: depends, i have to watch it during the day if i do
I - in love: with kang chanhee, yes
J - jealous of people: yeah, i get jealous pretty easily
K - killed someone: no omg
L - love at first sight or should I walk by again: don’t ever come near me
M - middle name: jay
N - number of siblings: 5, want one? 
O - one wish: to meet jhope and tell him how much cait loves him
P - person you called last: my dad
Q - question you’re always asked: how short are you? 
R - reason to smile: my friends (my biases- leave me alone)
S - song you last sang: all i want for christmas by mariah carey
T - time you woke up: 7:50am
U - underwear colour: blue
V - vacation destination: japan
W - worst habit: biting my nails
X - x-rays had: none
Y - your favourite food: tbh, pad thai 
Z - zodiac sign: taurus

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hufflepuffheadmistress  asked:

if you ever want to procrastinate on netflix like i do, i would suggest binge watching how i met your mother, the office, haters back off, or friends! they're all super funny and usually i can even have it on in the background while i'm doing homework. or if you like a really good drama show to get invested in, i love grey's anatomy, white collar, orange is the new black, once upon a time, and switched at birth! good luck on your finals and i hope i maybe helped you discover a new show!

Aw thank you! Lol you named most of my favorite shows :P

I watched all of HIMYM last year, Friends over the summer and now I’m binging The Office! And I’m all up to date with OITNB and OUAT! :D I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy all the time but had to stop after they pretty much killed every body… I’m going to check out White Collar! If you haven’t seen any of the Black Mirror episodes, I recommended that. Some of them are a little fucked up and mess with your head, but I’m into that hahaha. I’ve only seen the 3rd season and I think episode 1 was the best. Thanks again!


my friend just posted a picture of donna on fb and i dont know what to think right now …does this mean all hope is gone? i just want to think that she is off somewhere in her own world, sometimes donna is like that. ive never lost a good friend, ive lost cute sweet boy i made out with once but never someone who has always been there for me and gone out of their way to visit me and send me packages even tho we’ve lived far apart since everyone left chico. i called the theatre she worked at in berkley today and cried with her coworker on the phone, ive never cried with a stranger on the phone before. i spoke to an  old friend that i thought i hated and i told him ‘iloveu’..feels good and also odd? i keep thinking about watching donna grind raw meat in a grinder for her cats it was so weird but it was also the sweetest too…also she built a total aerial perimeter of shelves around her apartment for her cat to perch …its too much …i love her . is this the worst year on record? im moving to oakland next month and was realy  looking forward to spending more time with her. fuck

funny story

Once when I was in elementary school I went to a friend’s house, and during dinner time my friend’s dad never showed up to eat. After dinner we were playing in my friend’s room and I was like ‘hey, where’s your dad?’ and he just kind of stared out the window at the sky and he said very sadly ‘he’s not here right now, but he’s always watching over me’. And I was like 'OH. Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he passed away’, and my friend turned to me with a look of horror on his face and whispered “he’s an astronaut.”

signs as the most beautiful things i've experienced
  • aries: strangers became my best friends for a night
  • taurus: i ran through a field with people i'd known for a week, but felt like i'd known them forever
  • gemini: i spent the fourth of july camping in the mountains and saw hundreds of fireworks
  • cancer: all of my friends were together and genuinely happy
  • leo: i watched unconfident and scared girls grow into powerful women
  • virgo: the first time i fell in love with my favorite movie
  • libra: young kids accepting one another and being unaware of racism and sexism
  • scorpio: noticing how people act around the things that they truly admire and love
  • sagittarius: going on a school trip and bonding over my entire classes' hatred for the trip
  • capricorn: seeing people work hard for the things that they truly desire
  • aquarius: watching a friend who once followed the crowd finally embrace her individuality
  • pisces: watching someone's facial expressions while they talk about their favorite things
And I think life has a way of hitting you a little harder in the morning than it does at night. You see at night, there is this chance of sleep. Of forgetting. Of something better. But in the morning? It all hits you at once, when you realize exactly where things are at, it slams you down into your bed as you watch a recap of all the highlights of the things you were trying to forget.
—  Didn’t think it would hurt this bad.
Panic! At The Pothole

Once upon a time I had a friend that was going to a Panic! At The Disco concert and she promised me she would face time me so that I could watch with her. So she messaged me at like the middle of the night telling me to answer her facetime call but I was at my neighbors house (which also happened to be my cousins house) so I started running out the door and my sister followed me behind and was chasing after me. She asked me where I was going so I started running as fast as I could screaming

Keep in mind that its like midnight right about now but I’m running and halfway through screaming. I stepped inside a pot hole in my neighbors lawn and completely fell in mud but I got right back up and kept running, muddy as hell, trying to get to my house while my sister was dying from laughter behind me. That’s not even the sad part, the sad part is my friends phone died so I just sat there with mud all over me at the dining room table staring at my blank phone just waiting. I waited for almost two hours, refusing to take a shower even though the mud was starting to dry up. This was two years ago and to this day every time my sister sees the pot hole she starts dying from laughter.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I want irl friends who ship gay ships, or at least can accept my lifestyle of shipping gay ships. I’m tired of pretending I like a show because of the plot and not because I once saw a gif on tumblr where two male characters maintained  eye contact for a second too long. I wish I could say “no I cannot watch your movie recommendation, because I read the reviews and there is no gay in it.” 


Hey guys! I don’t know if you’ve heard of this app yet but its called Qriket!  It’s a game where you choose a color and spin and if it lands on that color you win the amount displayed or the amount you chose if you’re challenging, and its real money!! However in order to get paid you do have to have a paypal!

To get the spins all you have to do is watch a quick ad or you can use the referral code 5F28CD and get 25 free spins!! once you have a balance you’ll be able to challenge people and if you get your friends to download it they’ll give you a dollar (which you can either cash out or use to challenge others to win more)! *quick tip: I would recommend challenging!

Feel free to message me here with any questions you have (off anon) and ill do my best to answer everything!  Happy playing and good luck! ♥

Tips to survive your freshman year of college (and maybe future years, too).


Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

When everyone is done moving in, chances are there will be plenty of people roaming the halls looking to meet new people. Go join them! You don’t have to stay long if you don’t want to. Just say hi so they know who you are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say Hi

When you walk down the hall, lots of people will have their doors open. Say hi! Are they watching your favorite TV show or playing your favorite video game? Poke your head in the door and chat with them. Better yet, ask if you can join! (I made lots of friends after asking some kids down the hall if I could join their game of Super Smash Bros.)

Get Involved

Join clubs, sports, Greek Life, or other organizations. These are a great way to meet new people and make connections. Just don’t let your activities get in the way of your schoolwork.

Leave the Dorm Once in a While

Don’t stay cooped up in your room the whole day. Go to the library or lounge to study. Take a walk. Join that game of volleyball or Frisbee in the quad. Not only is it good for your health to get out every now and then, but you may meet some new friends, too.

Be Friendly with Your Roommate

You might not be besties with your roommate, and that’s totally okay. But you should be friendly with each other. Go to the dining hall together sometimes. Watch some funny YouTube videos. Play a videogame together. Your roommate doesn’t have to be your best friend, but they might end up that way!

Attend Campus Events

My school had a celebration where they had a different event each day of the first week of school. There was a party at the Student Union, a water balloon fight, and other fun things! There will be plenty of social events on campus throughout the year. Your dorm will likely host a few fun events too, like a movie night or Halloween party. Go to those events and have fun!


Read the Syllabus

THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Read through the syllabus as soon as you get it. Then read it again. Copy down every due date into your planner. And for goodness sake, DO NOT LOSE YOUR SYLLABUS. Some teachers might have a copy of the syllabus online, but some might not. Better safe than sorry.

Meet with Your Advisor Regularly

They are there to help you, and they give good advice.

Go. To. Class.

Seriously. It doesn’t matter if “no one else is going.” In my experience, if the professor knows not many people will show up to class, they will give an in-depth review of important material, drop hints for the upcoming test, or even offer extra credit opportunities.

Talk to Your Professor

At the very least, introduce yourself so they know who you are. Strike up a conversation with them every now and then. They’re people too. A good relationship with your professor can definitely help you in their class.

Sit in the Front Row

Not only will it be easier for you to hear your professor and take good notes, but you will be less distracted by your classmates, and less tempted to pull out your phone.

Make Friends

You don’t have to make a BFF in every class. However, you should have some reliable people you can study with or ask for notes if you miss a day of class.

Study, Study, Study

You don’t have to be studying or doing homework every minute of every day (that’s actually very bad). Try to set aside some time every day for studying and homework. I aim for an hour of studying each day after I’ve completed my homework.

Learn to Prioritize

Do you have homework for one class, an essay for another, and a project for yet another all due on the same day? Don’t stress. Which one is most important to you? Which one will impact your grade the most? You’ll probably be okay with one or two late homework assignments, but essays and projects tend to be worth a lot of points.

Practice Makes Perfect

Doing practice problems is the best way master a topic. Do the problems in your textbook, or use Google to find some.

Struggling in Class? Have No Fear!

There are tons of resources to help. Talk to your professor after class or during their office hours. They are usually super helpful and will go over any concept you need help with.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

A failing grade or a missed homework assignment won’t be the end of you. Give yourself some time to be upset, then pick yourself up and move on to the next assignment.


Watch What You Eat

The Freshman 15 is a real thing. The dining hall always has healthy choices. Have a serving of fruit or vegetables with every meal. Limit your soda and dessert intake (do you really need that extra cookie?). Keep healthy snacks in your dorm, like dried fruit or nuts.

Try to Exercise

It’s hard to get a full workout in when you’re busy with school, but you don’t have to go to the gym every day to be fit. Take a brisk walk across campus. Ride your bike around. Take the stairs. Walk the long way to class. Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy, so you should try to fit some in every day.

Have Medicine in Your Room

You’re not going to need to go to the health center for every little thing. Keep Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Melatonin, cold medicine, and whatever else you need on hand. Just make sure you’re allowed to have it in your room.

Stressed? Depressed?

All of the above? You don’t have to suffer through this alone. Talk to a friend or family member about how you feel. If that’s not an option, most universities have a Counseling Center. It’s free, and open most days of the week.

Take Care of Yourself

Dedicate some time during the week to yourself. Take a long, hot bath. Break out the Lush products. Exfoliate. Drink some tea. Paint your nails. Read a book. Play a video game. Binge on Netflix. Do whatever makes YOU feel good.



99% of the time the book you need will be available online for a hell of a lot cheaper. Check Amazon or Chegg before heading to the campus bookstore.

Don’t Vape or Smoke in Public

My university has a huge problem with this. Walking around with a vape pen does not make you look cool or edgy. It makes you look like a jackass. And for the love of God, keep your cigarettes restricted to areas where smoking is allowed. Do you want to be responsible for someone’s asthma attack?

Drink Responsibly

You wanna drink? That’s cool. But please, be safe about it. Always keep an eye on your drink. Do not accept any open beverages. Do not get so drunk you blackout. Stay with your friends. ALWAYS have a designated driver.

Treat Yourself

Did you ace that math test you thought you would fail? Go buy yourself that Chipotle. Rocked that oral presentation you spent weeks preparing for? Buy that book or cute shirt you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it!

Create a Budget

And follow it TO THE LETTER. College is the perfect time to learn how to handle finances. Don’t go broke at the end of the semester like so many students do.

No One Will Judge You

In college, everyone is too concerned with their own lives to care what other people are doing. No one is going to care if you ride your scooter across campus while wearing a Snuggie, or if you wear sweatpants and a messy bun to class.

Apply for Internships

Working as an intern over the summer gives you invaluable experience in your future field of work. It’s a great resume builder. Internships can also help you decide if you really want to follow a certain path or not.


  • If someone repeatedly encourages you to drink even after you’ve said no, get out of there. That person is bad news.
  • The only people who care about your 4.0 are you and maybe your parents. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Unless someone asks, keep your GPA to yourself.
  • There’s nothing wrong with joining a fraternity or sorority. If you think it’s right for you, do it!
  • Bring your favorite stuffed animal or comfort blanket and sleep with it every night. Your roommate will not judge you (they’ll probably bring their own comfort object, too)
  • A bike is always a good thing to have
  • If you can, study abroad! It’ll be an amazing opportunity to become immersed in the culture of another country. And if you’re trying to learn another language, immersion is key!
  • Get to know your RA. They’re super nice people, and they’re there to help
  • Call your parents every now and then. They miss you.



Amazon.com   You can score cheap textbooks, inexpensive school supplies, and other great items. You can get a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime with your school email.

Chegg.com   Another place for cheap textbooks. The only catch is that you have to return your books at the end of the semester.

Khan Academy   One of, if not THE best resources for math and science. The videos are super in-depth and easy to understand, and a lot of the videos have practice problems to go along with them. This website saved my ass in chemistry more than once.

Laundryview.com   Allows you to see if there are available washing machines and dryers in your dorm. You can also set it to notify you when your laundry is done.

Rate My Professor   Actual students review their professors and reveal what they liked or didn’t like about them. Super useful when signing up for classes.


When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again.

[for strawberryandmoon , happy birthday ♥]

watch me draw!

Hello, friends!

It was requested more than once so here it is: my YouTube channel!

I’ll be posting a variety of content: speed drawing videos (both digital and traditional), tutorials, art tips, drawing challenges, q&a videos in my pajamas, etc. Maybe even a random vlog here and there. And, of course, suggestions are always welcome!

So please do subscribe if this sounds appealing at all :D

And enjoy this simple self portrait speed drawing video!



11:30 am (Autograph) - Sebastian’s morning autograph signing was supposed to start at 11am but he was late and I told my friends watch him come with starbucks and HE DID lol so anyway, I was gonna do the afternoon autograph because I wanted him to sign our photo op but me being me couldn’t resist once I saw him in person so I ended up buying 2 autographs :-) When it was my turn to meet him, I gave him a stuffed bunny and I said “I got you a bunny cause the mad hatter from Once Upon A Time is probably one of my favorite character of yours!” then he smiled and put hIS HAND TO HIS CHEST AND LOOKED AT ME AND SAID “AWWW THANK YOU!” Then he turned to security and was like “You know, I really wanna get a picture of you with the bunny” FUCJDKJV THEN I SAID “ILL SEE YOU AT THE PHOTO OP LATER, BYE SEBASTIAN” AND HE SAID BYE BACK AS I WAS WALKING AWAY OMF

2:56 pm (Photo Op) - I came up to Seb and said Hi and asked if we can hug really tight for the picture and he sAID “COME HERE!” FUCDKJ Then the photographer said 1 more picture! because I bought 2 photo ops (ik im crazy) and we were just looking at each other lmao so I asked “Do you think we can hold hands?” aND HE WAS OFFERING ME HIS RIGHT HAND BUT HE REALIZED IT WOULDNT WORK SINCE IM ON HIS LEFT AND HE JUST LOOKED AT BOTH OF OUR HANDS CONFUSED FOR A SECOND LOL THEN HE GRABBED MY HAND AND PUT IT TO HIS HEART IM DECEASED. Then I had to leave so I said “Bye! Nice to meet you!” aND HE SMILED AND SAID NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!!! HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IM CRYING AND HE GIVES THE BEST HUGS FUDSJJ 

Around 3:45 pm (Autograph) - I put a post it note on my photo op w my name so he can personalize but they were on a rush and staff said only VIP get personalized pics so they had to take it out lmao whatever. ANYWAY, right before my turn to talk to him, staff came up to Sebastian and asked him a question and they were just talking right infront of me for like 3 mins aka I was just starring and listening to him talk that whole time im inlove fucjdkkj tHEN I TOLD HIM “I REALLY WANNA THANK YOU FOR COMING HERE EVEN THOUGH YOURE PROBABLY TIRED” AND YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID…HE LOOKED AT ME STRAIGHT IN THE EYES AND GAVE ME THE SWEETEST SMILE AND HE SAID “IM GOOD ITS ALL GOOD DONT WORRY ABOUT IT!” UGH HES SUCH AN ANGEL RIP ME