I just wanted to take a moment to say that it means a lot to have friends here to watch my movie that I worked on so hard last year. I know that it will take a while to get feedback from the fans. If you like it let me know and if you don’t please be gentle. Either way, I hope you all enjoy the night.

Seeing the SH gag reel was the first time I smiled about something SH related in forever. And y’all …. last night I had the BEST dream! I was sitting in my room watching SH and Ichabbie just returned to the archives after battling demons. Abbie was beyond exhausted and her shirt was torn at the shoulder. As soon as she sits down Crane goes to inspect her wounds. As soon as he touches her shoulder the material comes apart and the skin from her collar bone down to her shoulder is exposed. As time stands still for a moment you can see Abbie breathing heavily as Crane stares at her revealed flesh. He then slowly bends down and softly kisses her naked shoulder. Nice huh?

Abbie literally swoons and so do I. Seeing her reaction, Crane then pulls her to him and plants one right on her lips. She’s so tiny in his arms and she looks like she’s holding on for dear life because all of their emotions are bubbling to the surface. I can feel my soul escape my body as I’m screaming/crying at the TV.

The first thought that enters my head is that the finale wasn’t real. Of course it didn’t happen. How can something that awful come to fruition. I run to my mom and try to explain to her that Ichabbie is canon but I’m so overwhelmed I don’t make any sense. My fangirling is off the Richter scale so my mom is like

I wake up with a smile on my face and there’s five minutes before my alarm rings. I haven’t felt this happy after a dream in a long time. Guys …. I feel like I legit saw Tom and Nicole kiss. My mind is blown.

Now I’m fully awake and thinking about how we would have celebrated if this actually happened. How that moment would have lived in our hearts forever … Damn… Oh well. I miss the hell out of this fandom and I’ll see y’all at the #SleepyHollowIsOverParty in 2017.

I spent last night watching SethKate Youtube videos and  first off  you guys that make those videos are awesome and thank you for all you do. Now onto my post, I have shipped just a few other couples in the past and with the exception of  just one of those couples , never have I seen two characters that are as meet to be as SethKate are. The story in itself is pulling these two together. From the moment  SethKate made first eye contact  in the camper  there was an  instant connection. 

 Also I saw someone post something about why Seth is better for Kate and that person points out how in the gun fight at the motel how Richie used Kate as a human body shield but Seth  placed his body between Kate and any danger. This is a very good observation  

Notice Richie holding Kate in front of him using her for a body shield.

There was a gif that showed this entire scene perfectly  but I cant find it now, But anyways you can see Seth push himself  between Kate and the gun fire, also in the bottom  gif where Seth pushes kate and himself  back into the room, Seth could have easily tuned them  both around to where Kate was in front of him and  dragged  her into the room, but instead Seth shielded kate with his body as he pushed her forward into the room. I think this is an interesting observation.           


I was having trouble with the Neon Nights mission last night and was playing it before I went to sleep. It really stood out to me that I watched an NPC do Neon and then pass out while I was in game. For some reason, that just made the game world feel so real to me at that moment.

So I went to sleep and dreamed that Adam did Neon and I was seeing the world through his eyes. Colors were vivid and melting, a mix of vapor trails and glitch. Sound was muted and slowed down like the world was underwater. A throbbing beat of distant music played inside my head and yet felt far away.

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Sorry to keep sending you asks---since you don't answer them I should probably take the hint but I just get excited to find people who like Calendiles. What was your favorite Calendiles scene if you had to pick just one? And since I love your head canon about Ethan and Giles being ex lovers, which was your favorite Ethan Ryane appearance?

okay I was watching lots of calendiles scenes last night and that makes it basically impossible to answer your question since I’m in the midst of lots of otp feels so I’ll just pick this random cute two-second-long scene that I think needs more attention

two things that I love about this moment:

-the fact that giles, upon seeing a really big supernatural disaster, runs up to his crush (who he’s been shy around for…idk…tWO EPISODES) and puts an arm around her, making sure she’s ok and pulling her toward him, without even really thinking about it (also his hand on her upper arm… <3 )

-the fact that as soon as he touches her, jenny kinda moves towards him

and eTHAN hell every time he’s in an episode i’m So Happy but i’m going to have to go with A New Man because of that subtext-laden scene with giles (ethan saying “you know, you’re really very attractive” and giles looking up like he expects ethan to be talking to him. yeah. what Good Old Friends. definitely weren’t in love at one point or another.)

NAME :  annie
GENDER :  female

EYE COLOR :  light brown
HAIR COLOR :  brown at the moment
RELATIONSHIP :  single / married to @blackxbluc
ZODIAC :  capricorn

FAVORITE COLOR :  blue, black, peach

FAVORITE PLACE :  my bedroom, the mall, the beach ( preferably at dawn/night time )
FAVORITE HOLIDAY :  christmas, and my birthday ( if it counts )
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME :   soulcalibur series, arkham series, kingdom hearts, guitar hero iii, animal crossing, black ops 2, just dance series, pump it up
oh god, this is the part where i cry asdfghjkl she’s a freaking queen okay, daphne blake is one of the most iconic characters in the whole entire universe and at the same time she is so, so underrated. she is a perfect role model for everyone, okay???? she’s the kind of person who most people will judge within 0.3 seconds of knowing her and five minutes later, she’ll prove them wrong. she’s extremely smart??? and sassy??? and so so kind??? she’s the coolest girl in coolsville???? she knows who she is and she won’t let you walk all over her, in fact she’ll break your heels if you try to do so???? she’s the literal definition of dont judge a book by its cover, and she literally breaks all sorts of stereotypes regarding what girls are supposed to look like/act like depending on their taste in something???? i just i’m too emotional right now okay asdfghjkl also, daph always puts other people first and that just she’s so precious she must be protected

no because she belongs with fred k thanks

honestly i love all kinds of threads?? i don’t have any favorites, but as a ship whore and someone who loves a lottle bit of angst, you could say those are my favorites along with mystery solving threads :`) and threads with the gang of course. i also love threads where i get to develop daphne, like where she acts a certain way and there’s a whole backstory for that behavior? I LOVE ALL THREADS AH

i think i am, unfortunately. i try to roleplay with and follow as many people as i can but sometimes i just don’t see how our muses could possibly interact or click, whether in a bad or a good way. i dont know i always try to give the benefit of the doubt though because i like to believe that with a little bit of good will and whatnot any crossover is possible, but idk idk

daphne blake, thalia grace, barbara gordon, effy stonem, mini mcguinness and wendy darling 

i just knew i wanted to keep writing daph no matter what happened to the group i was in when i first started writing her, so within two hours of joining the group i made her an indie account and here we are. plus the fandom is very tiny, there aren’t many duplicates for any character which certainly helped me not get too anxious since this is also my first indie blog ever

for as long as i possibly can to be honest! the scooby-doo fandom is very tiny but also very comfortable. i’ve never seen any drama or hate or anything going around between roleplayers of this fandom and idk, its just a very cozy place to be. literally feels like an actual gang lol

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Hi, what was the thing that got you into or that you were drawn to about HL or one direction in general?? Was their a certain moment or a few that made you think that Harry and Louis might actually be together and that it wasn't just a friendship?? Thank u:)

Sorry for the delay, my internet was down last night.

I just happened to bump into a YouTube video of 1D singing All You Need is Love on the X-Factor.  I was captivated by their performance and Harry in particular.  I started watching way too much 1D on YouTube.  I was wondering if all those boys were straight pretty quickly, but many of the “Larry” videos I saw made me suspicious.  They had very short, out of context video clips, slowed down video and romantic music in the background.  I was confused.  Harry and Louis did appear to be involved, but those videos made it look like some teenage fans’ romantic fantasies.  When I bumped into the You Just Have to Pay Attention videos, I saw a logical, analytical case with much longer video clips.  Those videos (they’re still available if you Google them) convinced me that H&L are a couple.  There was never one big moment that pushed me over the edge, but mountains of small ones.  It’s easy to take a snapshot, short video or gif and make it support a certain viewpoint.  Watching full interviews and videos of the lads, however, the body language is unmistakable.  Little glances and fond looks are stronger evidence to me than things like the Wellington video (which is pretty strong itself.)  Harry and Louis just look at other and treat each other differently than the other lads.  The stage homo-eroticism of Lilo, Narry, Zarry, etc. doesn’t have the intimacy of Harry and Louis, not even close.


I wake up 7:55 on the dot and jump into the shower. Class isn’t for another few hours but I enjoy the free time in the morning. I don’t remember if I have any homework due for class but I do remember to turn on ESPN to check the MLB playoffs standings. 

I say my prayers every morning I haven’t missed a day since July, I feel closer to God every passing moment. I do remember watching Veronica Mars last night but the TV is off and Amazon video is closed. I don’t remember last nights dream but I have an eerie feeling. 

I run out the room to catch the LX to College Ave. Did I lock the door? I know I grabbed my laptop and phone. I didn’t remember to check the Rutgers app to check the timing for the bus but I know it comes every 5 minutes or so, I just assume that it will be here. 

I force my way on to the bus it’s jammed packed every single time but I refuse to miss it. I can’t help but have wandering eyes, I see the young man glued to my side changing his Apple Music selection from Kanye West to Travis Scott. I never understood the hype of Apple Music, I’m a classic man who still rocks his IPod classic. The girl who managed to obtain a seat in front of me opens her notebook and has a look of disgust on her face. The math looks like a foreign language to her. I wonder how people can do it. 

Up next on my Halloween to-watch list was Lucifer, which I finished last night.

And, like…


I definitely see the similarities between Lucifer and Hook, but the former lacks the punch-in-the-gut moments, so it’s all cockiness and bravado, all the time, and it’s kind of exhausting to watch?

(There were a few exceptions, of course. I did love watching him get upset at the Satanists.)

I’ll probably keep semi-watching just to find out what’s special about Chloe. I just about died when Lucifer thought she was an angel sent to destroy him (WHICH I WOULD HAVE TOTALLY BEEN ON BOARD WITH, B T W).

Plus, the Trixie/Luci BROTP is so my jam.