Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter

Commonly referred to as “Lucious” Malfoy by the fandom, Draco’s dad had it going on.

The hair, the general assholiness to orphans and house elves, the old money, and that cane.

As a kid I was like, “This guy hates house elves! What a douche.” It wasn’t till I could come back to the series with a decidedly more mature outlook and go, “"Hmmm…yes. I would.”

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hello, could we please bother you for an opinion? thank you so much in advance.

you’re not bothering anyone hun, i would be happy to !! your theme is okay. it’s not exactly a theme i would use but it’s not bad. i like your header, it’s really simple. i really like your plot. it’s really interesting from what i see. lol i feel like i use the word interesting a lot, i’m trying to use other ones. i like how you’ve made sure to warn people that there are mature themes and that they shouldn’t join if they don’t think they can handle it. everything seems really organized and i like how i can figure out how to find my way around. i really love the fact that most of your suggested fcs are ones that aren’t used very much. overall your rp looks amazing and i’m gonna give you a REC !!