Two-part collab with the lovely @momonart to an absolute must read called Corner of a Birdcage by @oxeh! This fic captured me the moment it began! The pacing is perfect, the squad dynamics couldn’t be better, and the slow burn is to die for on top of great writing!! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a fic; if you haven’t read it already, what are you doing here?

You’re My Best Friend

Prompt: ((thank you for sending yours in!))

Genre: angst, fluff, smut ((wow the whole package go kyra))

Warnings: grinding, swearing, self hate, homophobic slurs, bullying

Word count: 1818 ((god damn it kyra this is a simple prompt why))

A/N: okay this was supposed to be really fluffy and smutty but then i haven’t written angst and i threw this thing up. also the italics are time flashbacks with the exception of the end. hope you like :)

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Bruised Knuckles Brought Me Here

Summary: Gavin’s a hacker, not a fighter. Unfortunately he has a penchant for starting bar brawls he can’t finish, and his lack of combat skills makes him an easy target to get at Geoff. Solution? Get him a personal bodyguard.

Michael joined the Fake AH Crew for the money, the fame, the madcap heists. Ending up as a glorified babysitter wasn’t part of the plan, but it’s a means to an end, right? Take care of Gavin for a few weeks, prove himself to Ramsey, and move up in the crew. Simple as that.

(GTA/Bodyguard AU)


T/W: one minor incident of harrassment


This is where Michael Jones’ life has fucking brought him.

Leaning against the wall in a dark dank alley stinking of refuse, a fucking knife buried hilt-deep in his shoulder, blood running in sticky trails down his arm.

Gavin’s next to him, pressed in close against his side. Michael’s good arm is hooked around his head, hand clapped firmly over his mouth to stop him making a sound. He knows Gavin won’t but right now he doesn’t trust him with fucking anything because it really is his damn fault that they’re in this mess, hiding in some dead-end street filled with garbage skips while a bunch of thugs with guns hunt them down.

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Here it is! My footage of Rise Up from CSOI, Vancouver! My filming focus was specifically on Tessa and Scott (of course!), I hope you’ll excuse my shaking hand every now and then, the auto focus switching in and out, and the glare from the lights. Caught some magic moments even still. Beautiful exhibition. #blessmycamera