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         ➥ [I don’t have a home. A home is a distraction. In my work one cannot have distractions. I wouldn’t necessarily know a home if I had one, though. What there is of my heart is in my work, not on a doormat. I have met operatives who have families and lives beyond the field. (These operatives do not live long.) What you carry with you, it weighs you down, down, down. You might think I’m cold-hearted. I am. I can’t afford distractions. I’ve got work to do… Unfortunately, I admit, I do have a home. I have always had a home. Even if it is not apparent to me or anyone else. Home is where the hurt is. That might be the jungle. It might be back on the streets of my birth city. It might be here. And every home has dangerous predators of its own. Home, perhaps. But if it is… only until the pain subsides.] // BLACK WIDOW (2014) #3

AU!Game Night with the Mirkwood Family & Extended Family (click for full res)

It’s all fun and games …  until someone goes bankrupt!

Let’s see how this little family get together is going …

Thranduil, has taken the role of announcer/shoutcaster since his son is doing so well, and now won’t shut up about how well Legolas is doing #dotingfather #itsonlyagameman

Iestil, is praying for her son’s good fortune to continue bc it’s such a beautiful sight to behold #blessup #shedsasingletear

Legolas, has somehow managed to get both Park Place and Boardwalk properties and has hotels sitting on those properties, is currently rolling in moolah because unfortunate souls keep on landing on his properties #definitionofMonopoly

Elrond, is the unfortunate soul who landed on Boardwalk AND Park Place not once but THREE TIMES and went bankrupt and had to sell his properties to pay up #rip #soulhasleftbody

Tauriel, the banker, also happens to have a Monopoly on the railroads, is currently showering Legolas in dolla dolla bills (courtesy of Elrond) #makeitrain

Galadriel, is in jail because of a Chance card and has yet to roll doubles to get out– it has now been 7 turns #wtfisthisluck

Celeborn, is wondering how in the world did this game turn so one sided/ how he and Galadriel are losing to the rest of their family #hasfinallylosthismarbles #thinksheorhiswifeshouldbewinning

// Draw Your Squad Meme : Mirkwood Fam Version iamnotsorry

Blank meme can be found here

Well, to be fair, I did say I was working on some drawing memes and some  memes are simply too glorious/ left me cackling for hours because of the poses. If Iestil had her family over for game night … I’d probably say this is actually a pretty decent representation of what would happen. All I have to say is I’m SO sorry Elrond HAHAHA LOL this is def some sort of AU because I can’t take anything seriously anymore LOL GOODBYEWORLDIAMJUSTLOLING


So I saw this meme on my dash and I know it’s like a fic meme thing but I just saw it and I was like hahahahahaha …..Oh, Joseph. I’m working on another legit pic but I got distracted by this for 2 seconds and Linds convinced me to post it. Here ya’ll go <3 I think of nothing but ridiculous cracky scenarios…! My calling, really.


Our characters are alone at last, but my character is distracted with other things. How would your character turn my character’s mind from their busy work and seduce them?

[meme answer - because it didn’t fit in your ask and then I got carried away…]

Joe sat down beside Kat as she set about working on her book. “Kat,” he said, “Your books will keep.” He tried not to feel too proud at himself for the pun. But if Kat heard, she didn’t seem to be having it. 

Generally not the obnoxious sort, but feeling playful that evening, Joe set about to being the best nuisance he could without earning the right to be slapped. Or perhaps only gently.

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Oh my god, I thought that Guardian article was being serious until I got to the black screen part. I'm dying! Lololol Some memes just write themselves.

Like I was telling @madsrocketship, I was reading it while pretty distracted at work, so that part caught my eye but didn’t manage to fully clue me in - I made it all the way to them black bagging people who had wronged Tay-Tay before what was going on clicked with me.

It’s the Spiders on Drugs of Tay-Tay’s new career move.