• How I always believe "your-choices-matter/multiple-ending" video games will play out:You make dozens of complex moral and logical decisions and they all have consequences! Drastically different events take place! Options branch out into multiple plot trees! NPCs behave differently to you depending on your actions and you actually impact what happens to them! Massively different ending cutscenes!
  • how they always actually play out:Same game every time. Slightly different ending cutscenes. maybe your shirt is a different color in one scene. who cares. nothing you did mattered. the world is full of lies.

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Skins used a lot of foreshadowing on Freddie's death, when you think about the scene where Naomi starts talking about Hamlet in her own way, look throughout the show, same events happen. Also because she went on about it after seeing Freddie and Effy sitting together and later on how he made her "mad". It was fantastically executed in my opinion. Though I wish Freddie hadn't been killed off, but who knows maybe it was for the best.

Yep, and even though I immediately understood the foreshadowing the first time I watched it, I still got really surprised and shocked when he died. Oh well :(

-alice x

I'm so stupid

I want forehead kisses and pet names
I want to open my blurry eyes in the middle of the night just to check that you’re still next to me and I want to burry my face into your neck when I see that you are
I want ass grabbing
I want to touch you. Not even sexually like I just want to feel your skin beneath my fingers and watch your face scrunch up when I brush against a ticklish spot
I want to kiss you roughly and sweetly at the same time
I want to listen to you and learn more about you. I want to know your opinion on everything- from what your favorite color is to your views on religion to the your wild alien theories and everything in between.
I want to be comfortable telling you about my childhood-about anything else in my life that’s gritty and dark
I also want to tell you about everything in my life that’s wonderful and beautiful
I want you to become something in my life that is wonderful and beautiful
I want to know about the light and the dark in you.
I want you to meet my cat then for me to get irrationally jealous that he might like you more than me
I want to reach for you and grab your hand like it’s the most natural thing in the world
I want you to listen indulgently when I get too excited and my mind works faster than my brain so my words come out in a jumbled mess
I want to cook for you and ask you 5 times before your fork has even lifted off your plate if “it’s okay? Does it taste good?”
I want to laugh with you
I want to waste hours watching anime and arguing over plot devices and character development and the art quality
I want to call you a dork and for you to smile and tell me “it takes on to know one”
I want to listen to music with you and make out
I want all of this and so much more
And I really, really hope you do too

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I've been at the same youth theatre group for a little over a year now. In a week I will auditioning for my 8th show there and I've yet to not act so uncomfortable during my audition. It is always the same director who directs and watches auditions, and I'm quite close with her yet when it comes time to audition I'm always so awkward. it hasn't really had an effect on casting for me but I still don't want all my auditions to continue being so uncomfortable. how can I break out of this?

Try to keep in mind that you aren’t proving anything to anybody! You are just sharing your hard work and getting a chance to show them what kind of performer you are! In addition, this isn’t a representation of everything you have ever done or ever will be–it’s just one day, and all you can do is the best you can given the circumstances. That includes if you’re sick, or nervous, or jittery. Just ask yourself–did I do the best I could given the circumstances? If the answer is yes, that’s all you can ask for. If the answer is no, it’s not a big deal! Just calmly evaluate what you could improve on for next time and move on! Perhaps you could be more prepared, or could have done a better slate. Note that, and then let it go. No reason to stress over it. And finally, don’t forget that getting cast or getting a big role is not in direct correlation to your skill. So try to let go of that association, because often people who could very well have played the role successfully do not get cast. Therefore, go in there proudly proclaiming the performer you are, and know that whatever happens, you are talented and hardworking and worthwhile!

I came to you conceding-
Dripping of honey, sawdust, and sweat

A sweat you knew well-
From working in cafés
-and bars
-and less pleasant places of employment

“I just don’t think we have the time”-
You said, as we watched my cat chase your dog

(Cowardly as all dogs are)

But, that’s what you loved about me-
My cowardice
My obedience
-One in the same

How I would never flinch when you threw daggers at me-

At some party
About my goodness
Like it was something to be mocked

And (oh) how I never wavered from you or anyone else
Besides God
-and Jehovah
-and the Christ
-and all the other angels you danced with on a pinhead of your own manufacturing

“Do you think I’m still sweet?” I ask
I know then that I’m in love with the petulance in your laugh
-and not you

But, you surprise me-
Not laughing or even letting a wry smile cut your lips-
Instead shaking your head softly-
Unable or unwilling to even mouth the word-




These are all from 2014 backwards

Don’t judge me for taking interest in these. Haha Some are just soo funny, some are like WTF, some I really don’t get, and some, of course, I agree with.

Some thoughts- Accepting how Arashi does not sing live-live all the time- how to know? close your eyes. If the part sounds EXACTLY like the CD/MP3, then it’s not live. I am not saying that post is right. Half of it I did not understand because I have not been able to watch music shows- really. Even concerts. So… yeah. Arashi changed/grew up but I still love them. I changed and grew with them, and I plan to continue doing so. I am same age as Sho and Aiba. and for some parts of the year, Nino and Jun, when our ages overlap. I too had some stuff going on, but hey, my ass is back here reblogging like there’s no tomorrow. I like Sakumoto, but not as much as I love Aimiya. LJ has gotten quieter, reallly quiet. It’s sad and I miss the riot that is 2006 onwards- the pre-twitter and tumblr era. When all we had was LJ, vox, wordpress, d-addicts, and clubbox. Anyone remember clubbox? Sho is Sho, actually. I have always imagined how it would be to work with him, and I always conclude that I would be scared if he was my boss, no matter how handsome and smart he is. I think he will not hesitate to scold you when you are wrong, but he will say thank you and be open to suggestions. He reminds me of my boss who is 1 year older than me. Arashi and K8 are not a boring bunch. Are they? WTF is this. Nino is a gamer. My brothers game a lot too. I don’t have anything against it. I love Nino. I love how he is domesticated, because I am too. I love how he proudly says he games a lot and does not care because it’s not like it’s affecting his work. He knows to multi-task and compartmentalize his work and hobby time. Worry about yourself. :)

Just a note, don’t even bother to argue with me or attack me on the stuff that I wrote. I won’t change my mind even if you attack me. Just saying, babies.

about 3x13 - spoilers ahead!

I’m writing this right after watching the episode, so I apologise for any gramatical error and any typos. I can’t see the screen much, because I can’t stop crying.

I loved it all.

But it hurts so bad.

I have a small hope. That Will did what he did so they could escape from everyone and start over. But it’s a fool’s hope. From a romantic heart, desperately wanting everything to be okay in the end.

god i cant stop crying

That ending was magical. It was everything I wanted, but then it was not what I wanted at all. And if we knew there’d be more, our hopes would be up, right? But we don’t know. And that’s part of the magic.

What warms my heart, in the end, is that both of them knew what they were feeling, both of them knew what the other was feeling, so if it comes down to this, I think both were happy in their end. And it was THEIR end. Together. As it should be. and here I am being romantic again. and crying again omg i think i’ll never be able to stop crying about this SEASON finale

So, I weighed myself this morning. I wanted to see where I was at, after 3 weeks of not exercising and not watching what I was eating. I haven’t been overeating, just eating the same as my family - but not counting calories or carbs or anything.

On 6th August I weighed on my new scales and weighed in at 218lbs. Today, I weighed in at 218lbs. LMAO.

I can only assume this is because I came off my antidepressants in this time period and my appetite has gone down (they’re used off-label as an appetite stimulant so all I wanted to do all the time was eat). I’m still keeping fairly active, but I haven’t specifically worked out or gone to the gym. I haven’t been drinking enough water either, so I need to get on that.

I don’t feel so shitty now. I mean, it’s not great that I’ve slacked off for weeks, but at least there hasn’t been any serious damage done.


Niall’s American accent fucks me up

“I hope we can be inspired by a whole new level of politicians because people fought too hard and there are so many people–- especially women–-out there in the world who still don’t have a voice. People are interested in politics because they watch House Of Cards and Game Of Thrones. They say, ‘Oh I love [Game Of Thrones] because it’s escapism’ and you’re like, yeah but you love it because there’s escapism at the same time as being accurate to your life.”


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Words: 1,331

Summary: “If a clock could count down to the moment you met your soul mate, would you want to know?” - TiMER

A/N: This was really tough to write. Plus I haven’t written for you guys in a long time, so I hope it’s up to par. Let me know if I should write a part two.

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In the dim light of the bar you glanced at your wrist. Then double checked. This was impossible, it said you still had three weeks an hour ago. Now you were down to two minutes. The shot of whiskey suddenly began to shake in your hand and you set it down gently.

One minute, 40 seconds.

You scanned the bar, but the same people were still there. Time began to move agonizingly slow, even if you were watching the seconds roll down on your wrist.


“The damn thing is spazzing again” Dean hit his own wrist, watching numbers change incoherently. Sam sighed and leaned his head on the window, running his fingers over the material that covered his timer. He’d check soon, but not yet.


Someone in this room had to be just as nervous as you. You soon realized you were bouncing your leg off the bar stool and then tried to steady your breathing. You should be ecstatic, you thought, searching through the crowd. Instead you sat in your place and waited for ‘the one’ to find you.

32 seconds.

At this point you thought the timer was wrong - no one is acting oddly. But soon enough the bar door swung open and piercingly green eyes met yours.

“Sam, it’s back at zero” he said to the man next to him, but you hadn’t heard. “I hope it’s not broken again.”

This you heard.

0 seconds remaining.

you stood up against the will of your wobbling knees and watched as the man approached you.

“I’m Dean” he stuck out his hand and you took it. It was warm and calloused.

“I’m Y/N” you said and sat back down. “Are you…?”

“Seems so” he sat down next to you and ordered two drinks. While he was polite, he didn’t seem happy about it. You looked at his stubble, jacket, and boots, drinking in what he wore the first time you met. Your eyes landed on a gun, not hidden well in his jeans. A hunter.

“Dean, what do you do?” you asked off of a surge of confidence.

“I’m on a roadtrip with my brother, Sammy, here” he turned and patted the taller man on the back.

“Doing what?” you asked and he furrowed his brows.

“You’re asking lots of questions”

“Well you are my soul mate” you said and he nodded, a smug smile plastered on his face.

“I hunt de-”

“A hunter?” you finished for him and his eyes lit up.

“Dean Winchester” he stuck out his hand again and you remembered the notorious name. You looked past him at Sam who was giving you a polite smile.

Dean took down his shot and swiveled his stool towards you. “Me and Sammy are at the motel down the street, how about you join us?”

“Sure” you agreed, feeling safe with both of them. After all, he was your soul mate.

The ride to their motel was quiet at first until Sam spoke up, asking you how long you’d been in the life and how you got into it.

“Werewolf attack” you said and he turned around. His hair fell over his face and he tucked what he could behind his ear. “It got to my friend and I knew it wasn’t just a bear or something. The police were out of their depths” you said and Sam nodded, giving you a sympathetic smile. You looked down at your wrist, rubbing your thumb over the familiar piece that was now nothing but a row of zeros.

Light passed in and out of the car - which smelled of an intoxicatingly strong leather. You noticed how often Dean glanced at Sam, like a mother would to her child. The road created a constant steady noise, relaxing you until you shut your eyes.

Minutes later you were awoken by a large hand shaking your shoulder.

“Dean’s getting a room” Sam swung your door open wider and you stretched.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep” you said.

“It’s fine” he bowed his head and laughed, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “We all need sleep.”

“Definitely” you agreed and followed him into the motel room.

Dean turned to you and flashed a wide smile, motioning for you to follow him.

“I got two queens” he said, “I don’t want to make you feel unc-”

“Thanks” you cut him off and smiled. “Do you mind if I use the shower?” you asked and Dean nodded while tossing his duffel onto the bed. Sam tossed you a towel and you shut the door behind you. The water was hot against your back, even if only for a few minutes. Droplets ran over your wrist, and you smiled at the lack of numbers.

“You want something to eat?” Dean’s voice came loud at the other side of the door.

“I’m good!” you shouted back and heard loud footsteps retreat. Carefully you shut the water off and stepped out into the cool air. The towel was scratchy against your skin, but you forgot your clothes outside.

The motel carpet was stiff beneath your feet. Water dripped down your bare back while you searched your duffel for a change of clothes. Sam turned his attention to you, finding himself drawn to your presence. The door handle began to jiggle and Sam snapped his attention to the door. You looked at him and grabbed your gun.

“Someone open the damn door!” Dean’s voice came through and Sam rolled his eyes, walking over and swinging it open.

“I know you didn’t want anything,” Dean walked straight over to you, “But I figured you need something in your stomach” he handed you a burger. “If you don’t like burgers, this whole soul mate thing is definitely wrong” he said and you laughed.

“Don’t worry, I just hope you added some fries” you said and sat on the bed, forgetting you were still in just your towel. Unwrapping the burger from the paper, you felt two pairs of eyes on you.

“What?” you asked and Dean looked at your towel.

“I couldn’t find a clean change of clothes” you explained as you took a bite. “And by the looks of your duffel, which is completely soaked through by the way, you don’t have anything clean either” you said and he crossed his arms.

“I’m clean!” he exclaimed and even Sam laughed.

“Here” Sam extended his arm, “You can borrow this” you grabbed a shirt from him and pulled it on over the towel, before dropping it to the floor.

“Let’s eat” you grabbed a chair and some beer, joining the brothers.

Hours later Dean convinced you to share his bed after Sam took the couch. His long legs hung off of it but there was no fighting him.

You rolled over to face Dean, but there was an uncomfortable space. An unsettling feeling took place in your chest. Maybe the timer was wrong.

Could Dean be someone else’s soul mate?

You sat up and turned on the lamp, letting the light flow over your half of the bed and spill onto the floor. With your fingers on your temples you rubbed back and forth, trying to make the headache that was growing, recede.

“Dean?” you heard Sam turn around and face you. The light shone dimly over his figure. His arm was hanging off the couch.

“No, it’s me” you whispered, your voice raspy with sleep.

He yawned and you squinted at his wrist, trying to read the numbers, only to find a blank spot.

“Sam” you said slowly, his name suddenly thick in your mouth.


“Your timer” you said. It seemed like time had stopped. And instead it became fluid, seeping through every crack of your mind. Sam’s eyes shot up and met yours.

“It’s you” you said in unison.

part two?

“please tell me they’re brother and sister and you’re working on getting her number,” calum asked, standing beside luke as he punches an order.

luke chuckled, following his gaze to the table you shared with your date. “they’re on a date and she’s having a horrible time,” he informed him, finishing up on the screen.

“how do you know?”

“look at her,” luke instructed, leaning his hip on the wooden stand. “she’s been twirling that same piece of hair for the last ten minutes and she keeps looking at the clock. not to mention that every time he talks, she watches the boxing match on the tv.”

“does he go to school with us?” calum inquired, not recognizing the guy you’re with.

“nah, i think he graduated last year or something. but he still wears that letterman jacket, so he can’t be doing amazing for himself,” luke observed.

calum punched luke’s shoulder. “move in on that then! you’ve been waiting forever to even talk to her and now you have the perfect shot. please tell me you’re not being awkward and weird,” he warned, knowing his best friend was more than likely to get tongue-tied around you.

luke rolled his eyes. “i’m not being awkward and weird,” he assured, not mentioning that he nearly fell over when he saw you sat in his section. “he wants a root beer refill, though, so i gotta get going.”

calum scoffed. “root beer. what a douche,” he commented.

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Okay just so you all know

I enjoyed Sailor Moon Crystal. 

Sure, the animation wasn’t perfect. And there were times where I straight-up facepalmed when it was especially bad. But I still liked watching it.

It’s absolutely fine if you do not feel this way. You can hate SMC for all I care. But please don’t just assume that everyone feels the same way that you do.

I am always up for civil discussions about the series where we can talk about our differences in opinions. But please don’t come into my inbox or comment on my posts/edits saying hateful things about the series. I’ve honestly had people just send me random messages complaining about everything they hate about the series or just putting general negative comments on my posts - posts that weren’t even referencing the quality of the show and had absolutely nothing to do with said hateful comments. It’s happened enough that I feel like I need to say that this bothers me.

If you would like to talk to me about the series and your frustrations, or ask about my opinions on something, you are more than welcome to do so (even if I may not agree with you). But messaging me or replying to my edits/posts saying things like “the show sucks” is really irritating (and honestly, what do you even expect me to say to that? Doesn’t leave much room for conversation).

And I can guarantee that you won’t get my attention by doing things like this. It will only make me delete your messages or if what you say is especially rude, then you’ll get a block from me.

So yeah. Please be mindful of this in the future. :)

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Thanks for being honest about your moments of doubt. I, too, had doubts at about the same time. I still don't understand the A thing. However, I don't think S would be making suggestive SM posts without Cait's blessing. It would only make both of them look bad if they didn't end up together (especially Cait). If these two lug heads are not together, they need to watch some video of the two of themselves when they are together. Any idiot can figure out they are smitten with one another (no, not

I’m waaay past the worrying stage. I’m in the can’t convince me otherwise stage. I can thank recent events and mostly Sam for that. We wanted him to take control and stop letting others drive the narrative and by golly, he did.

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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a serval sitting tall, looking around with a negative expression, with a post on it by user heckabucky.

The post reads: “having a gay otp doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporter

reading a lot of gay fan fiction doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporter

i once knew a girl who spent most of her free time reading gay smut, but she was extremely uncomfortable any time she had to interact with a lesbian because she was afraid they’d hit on her.

that’s not being a supporter. that’s fetishizing homosexuality.

nobody cares if you ship destiel or johnlock or whatever, if you’re not okay with real life gay people, you’re still homophobic. it’s the same with guys who watch lesbian porn but don’t think that gay marriage should be legal. you can’t fetishize someone’s sexuality like that. that’s not okay and you are the worst kind of homophobe if you do.” ]]

Intertwined (Chanyeol Imagine)

So here’s a little request about you two playing videogames. I hope you like it! Xoxo, Admin A~

Imagine you are dating your best friend. He is the perfect guy for you. He knows everything about you, and even after knowing the flaws you say you have, he still thinks you are the most perfect girl of the world. You both share the same passions. You both like the same things, so you never get bored when you are together. Your life is perfect next to him and the most precious thing you have is the time you spend together. 

Your perfect day would be staying home all day. Cuddling while watching movies, eating pizza or chicken, sweets and chocolate milk, and playing video games until you can’t keep your eyes open. He would let you win the first rounds but it would turn into a competition. No matter how much he tries he won’t be able to win, you are an expert. He would act hurt and pout all the time asking for your kisses. You would get close to kiss his cheek but he would turn and kiss you on the lips. Sweet and cute kisses. He would tell you he loves you all the time and try to distract you with his beautiful smile and tickling you from time to time. 

You would finally fall asleep, resting you head on his shoulder and dropping the controller. He would would watch you sleep for a while, kissing your forehead and stroking your hair a little. The he would pick you up and take you to the bed, lay you down and cover you with the blankets. After turning the light off, he would lay next to you and fall asleep with the words “I love you” on his lips.


Ten more hoodies released! Hope that you enjoy them!

Currently I’m eyeing Super Mario Maker. I really wish that the Wii U console bundle for it was coming to North America. I still need a Wii U, and it would be so much easier if I could just get the game and console at the same time. I’m hoping for more Redbubble sales or lots of hours at work next week so I can buy a refurbished Wii U.

I am NOT accepting any more hoodie requests! Just keep watching for whenever I do my next giveaway! c:

Check out the pokeholidays tag to see all the completed hoodies so far (and all the ones yet to come)!

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How do you feel about Matt Damon (or any of the other actors/actresses) playing the characters in The Martian? Also thoughts on the new trailer??

I think Matt Damon will do good as Watney. A lot of people wanted Chris Pratt. While I think he would be great for the character’s humor, I’m not sure if I could take him seriously enough as an astronaut. Matt Damon is a little more serious and I think he can still pull off a lot of subtle humor. I knew Matt Damon was going to play Watney before I read the book, so I read the book in Matt Damon’s voice. That knowledge probably helped a little And I didn’t like the new trailer at first. I thought it was cut a little too much like the first one. But after a watching it a couple more times and getting used to the different takes on the same lines from the first trailer, I thought it was pretty good.