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reptilian furry and girl with fucking lava used to be my fav movie

same here anon it’s still my favorite I watch it everyday at least 4 times I cosplay as mr electric daily

So I don’t make posts about my Supernatural opinions. But I’m just going to say this;
I don’t like Amara and Dean together, or whatever. But her storyline? Forcing Dean, and Dean’s feeling towards her is great for the story line. Seeing Dean fight it, and become stronger from it. That’s awesome.

Character development, right?

Anywho, doesn’t Dean wanting to kill Amara but at the same time he can’t, kinda like Sam and his demon blood addiction? Fighting the urge of demon blood, but in the end he used it stop lucifer and throw him in the cage. I’m not saying that’s how to defeat Amara, but I’m just spit balling here.

Also, I know everyone has their own opinion, but saying that if the Dean and Amara thing will continue you are going to stop watching the show. So if you are, why are you still watching it? I’m pretty sure Amara isn’t dying anytime soon. Like I said before I believe that Amara is great for the story line. Bringing the boys back together, hell they were honest with each other! I can’t wait to see how this will all play out. With lucifer out, and with Amara.

Then there’s Castiel. Trust me I love Cas, but I know a lot a people are mad because he hasn’t been in a lot of episodes. But with Lucifer out, and possessing him I’m kinda glad we haven’t been seeing Cas. I mean how do we even know he’s alive?? How can two angels possess one vessel? dunno, I’m just going to leave it at that because that’s a discussion for another time.

Really quick, destiel. Yes I know, some people may hate on me because of this. But like I said everyone has their opinion.
I don’t mind destiel, I ship it…

In the world of fanfiction.

But I don’t see it becoming canon.

Dean sees Cas as a brother, as family. And for Dean to see Castiel like that, well isn’t that just like saying “I love you” in the Winchester book? I mean I’m not saying don’t hope, one day it may, one day it may not happen. Don’t you remember the episode “Fanfiction”? The writers told us that they have their story, and we have ours.

So let’s keep it at that, let’s not hate on the show because of Amara. Let’s not threat to stop watching the show.

This, the Supernatural family sure we may have disagreements but we stick together no matter what.
So let’s not have a character, who’s storyline isn’t even over, rip us apart.
I’m just leave it at that. Some may not even read this, that’s fine. I just wanted to share my opinion. :)

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STOKED for 11/22/63

Me toooooo! I wanna have like a group chat for me and you and Nik and anyone else I missed who is super excited about this, but there’s really no way for us to all start at the same time, and like, what if I have to pause it and go to the bathroom? You guys’ll be ahead of me. And when I fall asleep and have to rewind … ugh. Fugettaboudit!

Still, though. I’m gonna need updates and thoughts and critiques about this from people watching.

And if it’s bad, we riot.

Here’s what I was left with after watching 11x11 Into the Mystic

1. Both Sam AND Dean admitted to having a thing for a “Golden Girl”

2. Dean kept bringing up ‘heartbreak” in regards to manager guy and then the banshee came after him, I can only assume it was because of the same reason.

3. But why is his heart broken? I think it has to do with Cas and him not resolving his feelings for him and still not getting over events in s8 (cas taking off with tablet, etc) 

4. Mildred mentioned “follow your heart” TWICE!

5. The second time was after she called Dean out for “pining over someone” 

6. Sam and Eileen can be a thing. Should be a thing and they were so damn cute. 

7. Eileen made Sam feel hopeful for a future again. 

8. Dean wanted to talk like the whole damn episode, a few times he tried to get Sam to talk about his feelings and then Dean opened up to Cas (who he thought was Cas)

9. The ‘Destiel is Endgame’ kept coming up so much I was like WOW. Just WoW. The whole “future” theme and “follow your heart” and “watch the sunset” (could not possibly mean Amara, Come on.)  In fact, I think this episode showed us how much Dean is not cool with her and how her control scares him. Enough to finally talk to Cas about it. I believe we were seeing here that Dean needs to indeed FOLLOW HIS HEART.

10. This may be a horrible thing to say but I have a weird feeling that Sam might die in the finale. It just seems to all lead up to that especially in the things this ep like him scoffing the idea of living long enough to retire but then his belief in it again at the end. 

11. Sam revealing how sorry he was for Purgatory was so amazing, and beautiful and thank you writers for addressing it. 

12. Dean looks adorable when he’s going to bed. 

13. So does Sam. 

14. Lustiel enjoying nature was pretty amazing. He wasn’t trying to kill everyone, he was just, la de dah, and then that angel had to try and kill him and well, BLAM.

15. When Lustiel said “the things we think we wont miss we end up missing the most” I think will be addressed once again.

16. If we see Eileen again they better not kill her, like really FFS

17. Dean up in bed was amazing and I believe was not about Amara but about something he has not addressed. He confessed to Cas already the stuff about her, so something else is keeping him up at night. Something hidden deep inside him. 

18. Mildred is my spirit animal. 

19. Dean is feeling tired. Spent. And it was a little surprising. He stole Viagra and then stopped digging  to let Sam finish. Something is up with that. 

20. I am in love with Misha’s acting. Period. 

I just can’t believe it yet.

I was taking a break on deviantart, entering some groups of Gravity Falls. Then something catches my eye in the rules of one of them:

First I was:

And then I obviously went on that link to see WHY the hell was not allowed not even people of the same gender. Come the answer:

That’s why. Some people are not “comfortable” with same gender pairings. NOW I ASK YOU, HOW DO YOU WATCHED GRAVITY FALLS IN THE FIRST PLACE, IF THE TWO POLICEMANS ARE CLEARLY GAY?


I left my opinion anyway:

I am feeling really sad right now. For real. I don’t know what to think about it. I don’t get THE HUMANITY. And I still don’t understand. Why not? :v


Sometimes, Healing Starts with a “Hello”

“It will be a healthy change for us, Draco,” my mother whispered for the utmost time. Although, at this point, I was sure that she was trying to convince herself more than she was trying to comfort me.

I looked around the manor’s drawing room for what would be the last time. It was the same room in which I had played as a child, the same room in which I had opened Christmas presents during the holidays; however, it didn’t feel like home anymore. Everywhere I looked, I saw him, spitting parseltongue at his snake and wading barefooted through the blood of muggles and muggle-borns.

One would have thought that the end of the war would also put an end to many other things. But I still had nightmares, and I knew that Mother had them too. Strangers watched our every move in contempt, and those that weren’t contemptuous were painfully indifferent. We couldn’t live here anymore. It was too much to bear.

Mother took a shaking breath and hugged me tightly, as if I was the one she was leaving behind.
“Go first, Draco.”
I let my eyes sweep the manor one last time before stepping up to the fireplace and lifting a pinch of floo powder off a bowl placed next to it. I freed the power into the fire, stepped into the bright green flames, and shouted “Number Fourteen, Liliam Way!”

Number Fourteen, Liliam Way was located in a remote crevice of England. The perfect place to disappear to. The population solely consisted of muggles, and the few wizards that did roam the streets were disconnected from the war. Mother thought it the best place to build our lives anew.
She had explained that any tries of reestablishing the previous prestige of the Malfoy name would be in vain. Even though the saviour, Harry Potter, himself, had confessed his trust in Mother and I, the wizarding community still condemned us, despite the fact that we were legally pardoned of our wartime actions.

As I began to tour our new home, I wondered how our life would be here. Among muggles. How would father cope, knowing that the manor he had grown up in since birth was now abandoned? How would Blaise and Pansy react once they have finally read my goodbye letter? Would I be gone, without a trace, much like Harry Potter?
After settling all his post-war business, the Golden Boy had disappeared, seemingly off the face of the Earth. And if Weasley and Granger knew of his whereabouts, they weren’t letting on about it. Would Pansy and Blaise keep my location secret as well, much like Potter’s friends? They didn’t need to, I knew. I wasn’t in hiding, after all. But it would be nice for Mother and I to just have some time to ourselves for a while.

Just as I had started to climb the stairs, I heard Mother arrive through the floo as well. Hence, our new life began.

The next few weeks, we spent adjusting to our house. Mother sat for hours at a time, reading books about muggles and their lifestyles. Twice, we ventured outside together and braved the supermarkets and convenience stores. After spending the entire day studying muggle etiquette, we even ate dinner at a fancy muggle restaurant and paid them money using “credit card.”

It was a simple lifestyle. Sometimes, it was so simple and easy that I was afraid I might be dreaming. I was scared that I might wake up, once again, to the manor’s cold tile floors and the torturous screams of the Aunt Bella’s victims.

I sat in my room, curled up by the window, isolated from the rest of the house. The sounds of whispered curses pierced my mind and war conquered my heart, as had happened countless times before. Fire raged in my soul, salvaging all it could burn, leaving me an empty shell. Just the thought of it was terrifying and I felt like hiding myself away, but my fears always found me where I was.

As I gazed outside, the soft knocks on my door were barely audible above my deafening thoughts.
“Draco, are you there?”
I tried to reply, but my throat was constricted. It was one of those moments where I knew that if I tried to talk, the only sound that will come out would be a strangled sob. So I stayed silent.
“Draco, you haven’t eaten.”
I stayed silent.
“Draco, please.”
Mother was the one who sounded like she might start to cry now. But still, I stayed silent. And this time, Mother’s reply came silently as well. She softly opened the door and walked inside towards me. She held out her hand, her eyes filled with love.
“Come on, fresh air will do us both some good.”

I walked silently next to Mother, my hands deep in my jacket pockets. The sky was a pale blue and it did wonders to clear my mind. My heartbeat calmed down and I kept my mind busy by counting birds in the sky.
The further we walked, the more crowded it got. A child running after a group of children crashed into my side, and I couldn’t help but smile as his large brown eyes looked up at me and he embarrassedly mumbled, “Sorry, Mister!”

I didn’t realize that my mother had stopped walking until I turned to smile at her too. She was a few paces behind me, gazing pointedly at a cafe across the street. My lips quirked upwards as I walked back towards her and followed her across the crosswalk and into a cafe by the name of Daytime Blues.

The cafe was cheerful, to say the least. There were people in their mid twenties and thirties, using various kinds of muggle devices with lots of buttons. There were teenagers engaged in conversations by the windows. Elderly ladies smiled at Mother and I as we walked towards the counter.

A lady wearing a black blazer and a baby blue tie smiled at us, “A party of two?”
She led us to a table near the back of the cafe, and notified us that we would be helped shortly.

While waiting, I admired the interior of the building; the walls were decorated with antique paintings and the design on the wallpaper was fascinatingly intricate. It looked royal, but simultaneously comfortable and inviting. Before I could proceed to shift my gaze out the window, I found my view blocked by a suit-clad boy wearing another baby blue tie. The tie clashed horribly with his brilliantly green eyes, and it wasn’t until he said, “Hello, my name is Harry and I will be your server for today,” that I realized that I was staring into the brilliant green eyes of Harry Potter.

To be continued.

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What continues to stand out in their partnership is the fact that just as Peggy was Steve’s moral compass, Daniel is Peggy’s. In Captain America: The First Avenger we watched Peggy’s unwavering faith in Steve lead him towards greatness — she was his strength, his light, and the force he needed to believe. Although Steve wasn’t able to give back in the same way due to the very little time they had together, his belief in her continues to play a crucial role in her life. As mentioned above, while we’re all capable of believing in ourselves, at the end of the day we’re human beings, and we fall. And when we do fall, that’s when we need those who know us best to reminds us of what we’re capable of. Peggy wasn’t just Steve’s equal and strength, she was his partner, and that partnership meant taking risks, undermining orders, and fighting the good fight even when very few believed in them. In the same way, Daniel Sousa is in it til the end, it doesn’t matter what his bosses say because he believes in Peggy — he believes in the fact that she was meant for more. And that belief in her, much like her brother’s plus Jarvis’ belief allows Peggy to continuously rise higher.
—  MGcircles Media’s Smoke and Mirrors” Recap 

man, you know. i have this headcanon that oot link is watching anju and kafei reunite with such bittersweet feelings. because like, he’s happy for them to withstand all that went against them and he feels proud that he helped them but at the same time he’s watching them embrace with such a melancholy expression.

like kafei got turned into a child and he thought it was all over for him but it all worked out and he’s reunited with the woman he loves. he can still be with her and they can be happy.

but link was put in a similar situation. at first he’s a child stuck in an adult’s body (teenager, technically) but then his mind adjusts with his physical state gradually over time. the entire time during the adult timeline, he’s looking to find zelda again, hoping she’s okay. and then when he’s reunited with her, and after he defeats ganon, she sends him back out of guilt and she wants him to live in a hyrule that isn’t war stricken, and she wants him to have a childhood. so he reunited with her for such a short time only to get separated again.

and by sending him back, he becomes a man stuck in a child’s body. these limbs are too tiny for him, his body is too small and he’s not used to it anymore. and he can’t reunite with the woman he loves because she’s in another timeline. and the one in this timeline doesn’t have any recollection of what happened, no memories of their time together when she was disguising herself as a sheikah boy.

so cut to link watching kafei and anju reunite, and he’s watching with such sadness– despite being glad for these two– because he knows he’ll never be able to experience that. he’ll never get the chance to reunite with the zelda he knew and he can’t be too hopeful to think the one in this time will remember anything. anju and kafei got their happy ending but link didn’t get his with zelda. 😔

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Hello! What a lovely blog you have; I so enjoy reading your pieces on the Books. One of the things I love about the novels is how Jamie so markedly changes from how he was in Outlander and DIA to how he is in the later novels, after the 20 year separation. DG does an excellent job seamlessly recreating Jamie's character so that after 20 years he is still the same Jamie Fraser, but is also very different. What do you think?

Hi anon - thanks for your ask! Really appreciate your kind words.

I completely agree with you - in fact, one of my absolute favorite aspects of the entire series is how we watch the characters change over time, as a result of all their experiences. Yet, at their core, they’re still the same people. Jamie is still stubborn, funny, and stupidly in love with Claire. Claire is still headstrong, foul-mouthed, and hopelessly in love with Jamie. Fergus is still honorable, creative, and an outsider. Jenny is still fiery, quick-witted, and fiercely loyal.

But just like real life, they change. People change. They’re still the people we know and love - but they’re not. We’ve all experienced friendships that melt away, relationships that wither, interests that wane. There’s always a risk that the person who once meant a lot to you will gradually mean less and less - regardless of how long the relationship has existed, or the experiences that have been shared together.

In fact, Jamie and Claire talk about this - right after Claire returns in Voyager, they both know they’re taking a tremendous risk with each other, literally uprooting their lives to be together and live as husband and wife once more.

But another thing that remains true to the core of who they are is their willingness to *work* at their marriage - to fight for it - to do whatever it takes to make it work. Because they are each other’s blood and bone - they are each other’s soul and conscience - they will (and do) move mountains to keep their marriage alive - to keep their connection strong.

Because at the end of the day - they don’t care about the details. They don’t care about all the little differences - in fact, they *cherish* those differences, because they know that despite so many years apart, they’re still the same people who know to the core of their being that they love and need and want each other, more than anything (or anyone) else, in any time:

“I have burned for you for twenty years, Sassenach,” he said softly. “Do ye not know that? Jesus!” The breeze stirred the loose wisps of hair around his face, and he brushed them back impatiently.

“But I‟m no the man ye knew, twenty years past, am I?” He turned away, with a gesture of frustration. “We know each other now less than we did when we wed.”

“Do you want me to go?” The blood was pounding thickly in my ears.

“No!” He swung quickly toward me, and gripped my shoulder tightly, making me pull back involuntarily. “No,” he said, more quietly. “I dinna want ye to go. I told ye so, and I meant it. But… I must know.” He bent his head toward me, his face alive with troubled question.

“Do ye want me?” he whispered. “Sassenach, will ye take me — and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?”

I felt a great wave of relief, mingled with fear. It ran from his hand on my shoulder to the tips of my toes, weakening my joints.

“It‟s a lot too late to ask that,” I said, and reached to touch his cheek, where the rough beard was starting to show. It was soft under my fingers, like stiff plush. “Because I’ve already risked everything I had. But whoever you are now, Jamie Fraser — yes. Yes, I do want you.”

The light of the candle flame glowed blue in his eyes, as he held out his hands to me, and I stepped wordless into his embrace. I rested my face against his chest, marveling at the feel of him in my arms; so big, so solid and warm. Real, after the years of longing for a ghost I could not touch.
Disentangling himself after a moment, he looked down at me, and touched my cheek, very gently. He smiled slightly.

“You’ve the devil‟s own courage, aye? But then, ye always did.”

I tried to smile at him, but my lips trembled.

“What about you? How do you know what I’m like? You don’t know what I‟ve been doing for the last twenty years, either. I might be a horrible person, for all you know!”

The smile on his lips moved into his eyes, lighting them with humor. “I suppose ye might, at that. But, d‟ye know, Sassenach — I dinna think I care?”


30 Days Od Merlin

Day 8 Most Watched Episode: The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)

The King is dead. Long live the Queen

This episode is pain and tears (so many tears), but I can’t avoid watching it everytime it’s on tv or just when the mood strikes. As I said the finale is painful but at the same time it’s wonderful..all the things that Arthur and Merlin say to each other, Jesus..I’m crying just thinking about it.  

BTS reacting to you going crazy for puppies

Finally i can write something that is not depressing!!! This is basically me, like i’m 20 years old ( *Cries bc i’m still not used to saying this*) and i’m screaming every single time i see dogs and i have to pet them! I love animals

- Admin RaspberryJam


You were watching you boyfriend performing the dance for their new music video. You were on the set of “Run” and they were filming one of their running scene. You were quite bored, since they were filming the same thing for the 5th time. You decided to walk around the abandoned area and you spotted a small abandoned puppy. You let out an excited scream and approached the puppy slowly, so he won’t run away. Jin heard your scream and looked up from his phone to see you with the puppy in your arms. He smiled at the sight in front of him, adoring the way your smile was up to your ears as you came to him to show the puppy in your arms.

“ Ah Jagi, you were so cute, why are you shaking my heart like that?”


He was relaxing at your apartment with you, when a knock at the door disturbed your peaceful moment. You stood up and went to open the door, just to be greeted by an excited dog. The dog jumped on you, trying to lick your hands but soon started running around the whole apartment. Yoongi didn’t know how to react at your neighbour’s dog, and after exchanging a few words with your next door neighbour, he moved his attention on you, sitting on the floor and holding the dog’s paws, playing with him. Yoongi came to sit next to you on the floor, making an excited face at the dog while talking in a baby voice to him.

“ Who’s a good boy? Not you, don’t touch [Y/N] so much, she’s mine”


You were sitting in the park, eating hot dogs while enjoying the warm spring weather. You were in your own world, before you were interrupted from your daydreaming by your boyfriend’s screams. You looked to your left, to see Hoseok jumping on the bench, face scrunched up in fear. You followed his gaze to see a big Rottweiler standing with his paws on the bench, staring at Hoseok’s hot dog. You let out an “AWWW” and bended down to pet the dog, ruffling his face and scratching behind his ear. The owner came apologising, explaining that the dog ran before he could catch it, but you assured him that it was nothing. You petted the dog one last time before the owner left, telling Hoseok how much you love dogs.

“ What do you mean by fluffy little dog? [Y/N] it was as huge as a horse!!”

Rap Monster:

You called your boyfriend before, saying that you have a new part time job that you were very excited about and he was very happy for you. You said that you wanted to show him somethig so you will come over later. When you entered the dorm, he was waiting for you on the couch, smiling warmly at you. But he didn’t expect 3 huge dogs running from behind you towards him, making him fall on his back. He almost screamed when the dogs jumped on him and started licking him. You laughed and snapped a picture before helping your boyfriend. You patted one of the dogs’s head, telling Namjoon that you are now a dog sitter and you were really happg since you loved dogs so much

“ Oh hello [Y/N], how a- OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THOSE?!?”


You two were out shopping when you saw a pet store. You started jumping and begging your boyfriend to go in to see the animals. When Jimin nodded, you dragged him into the shop and straight to the puppy section. You scrutched down to see the puppies playing or sleeping. You had the biggest smile on your face as you tapped the glass to make a cute Akita come and try to lick your fingers. You pouted at the glass separiting you two and turned to Jimin to ask him if you could buy the puppy. Jimin laughed, thinking that you were joking but when he saw your serious face, he started moving his gaze across the shop, anywhere but not at you. He knew that you couldn’t buy a puppy because of both of your busy schedules. 

 “ Sorry, [Y/N], what was that? Your Korean suddenly got worse, i don’t understand you”


The moment you two saw the dog, you both raced to pet it first. You were both of the ground, to be eye-level with the massive dog, as you petted the dog’s head and rubbing his ears. The dog was so happy from the double attention, its tale hitting the pavement constantly. Taehyung looked at you, the sparkle in your eyes and the big smile just showing him how much you loved animals. He smiled, knowing that he picked the right person and you wouldn’t opposed the idea of buying a pet together. Letting the dog to go back to its owner, Taehyung took your hand and pressed a kiss on your cheek, saying that you two should definetely come here with a dog of your own in the future. 

 “ Jagi, i think we should go buy a dog rn, without telling the hyungs.”


Your feet were resting on your boyfriend’s lap, as you both stayed on your phones. Jungkook was playing one of his games as you scrolled down on your Facebook’s news feed. Your thumb stopped mid-air when you saw an icon that contained puppies. You pressed the video and smiled in adoration at the small animals running around and falling since their legs were so small. You squealed from the cuteness and without realising, you moved your legs up and down in excitment. You heard your boyfriend groan because you were actually hitting him and you apologised and moved to show him the cute puppies. He rolled his eyes, pouting a bit as you ignored his pain for puppies. 

“ [Y/N], i’m more cute than those puppies, look at me!”

I Love Doing Threads With You


It had been about a year since Chance was born. He was still the same as before. He cried constantly and hated being away from his mother. He constantly aggravated Sarah, but she still loved her child. Though after a while, Sarah was starting to get a little worn down.

She had convinced her mother to watch Solis and Chance so her and Ater could have some time to relax. While they were alone, one thing led to another and they had an especially close night with each other.

About a week or so after that, Sarah wasn’t doing so well. She started having morning sickness and weird cravings. She soon came to a conclusion and confronted Ater about it. “I think I’m pregnant.”

So last night I couldn’t sleep so I started watching videos on youtube and I eventually stumbled upon one from a scope Brendon did a while back in which he and Zack discussed their net worth. Now of course the whole time they we joking around and in the end Brendon said it didn’t matter but I got curious. You know I found out? Brendon is worth $4 million and still wears the same shirt for a week at time!!!!

You want to know what made me leave you?
I once asked my grandfather, who’d been married to the same girl since he was seventeen, what it takes to make a relationship last. He looked over at my grandmother, watching her with eyes that were beginning to fail him, and smiled as the wrinkles on his face crinkled, and he looked like he was falling in love for the first time all over again, then he began to speak.
“Ah yes, everyone comes to ask me this at some point. Everyone wants to know how we make it work after all these years and challenges, how we are still so in love. Mija, what I tell you I want you to know comes from the heart. People who stay married this long know that at some point the feeling of love fades, there was a time when I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as your abuela for too long, but you have to choose to find something to fall in love again. I fell in love with Maria when we were teenagers, and people change, she wasn’t the same person I fell in love with and vice versa. We both had to make a decision to either look for a reason to stay until the love came back or let everything fall apart and not do anything about it. Your abuela and I sat down and talked about it and realized that we wanted to stay until we felt young again, so we did, and I fell madly in love with her all over again, I fall in love with something new about her every day, even today. Just choose to find something new to love about the person you love every day, it is the only thing that will save your relationship.”
At that point he got up and went to the love of his life, the person he wakes up and decided to love everyday, and in that moment, they were young again.
And that’s why I left you, I left you becuase you don’t choose to love me, you just run away, and so do I. We were not ready for each other.


Yesterday we lost a legend in the bmx world I grew up watching Dave I even bought one of his signature bikes that I still have
I didn’t know him personally but I’m still sad
And mad at the same time no one knows why he took his life away but I ask my self was it that bad that you had to take you’re life away and leave behind so much and hurt so many we will never know

So I say this to every one love the ones we have and help them out if we noticed something with them