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every time i hear "treat people how you wanna be treated" it is always ALWAYS said to marginalized groups and never at their oppressors. what a waste of a motherfucking platform, mark.

I want to tell a story here.

when I was very little, my mother focused all her moral teachings on being empathetic, focusing on things like, when someone would do something that hurt me, when I wanted to do something to get back at them, she’d stop me and ask me how I would feel if I had done that to them, and ask me to think about what their motives might have been (aka, did they hurt me on purpose or was it an accident) and her number one lesson was “treat others the way you want to be treated”.

which I stuck to for years, until one day I finally came home in tears and asked my mother if it was ok for me to defend myself.

what she didn’t know was that I had been being horribly bulled by all my classmates (being in special ed for my learning disabilities caused the kids to basically see me leave and then come back later and coloring when they were all doing work, not knowing I’d been given one of those ‘do the math problems, the answers are the key to color in the picture’ things) and the stress from their relentless teasing was affecting me physically.

my mother had never realized that even in the face of being bullied, I had continued to “treat them the way I wanted to be treated”, which in their eyes, had turned me into a doormat.

in the end, she apologized to me for doing that to me, and said to instead treat others the way I want to be treated until they show me they aren’t worthy of it.

or as most know it, “do no harm but take no shit”

which imo, is a much better idea to live by.

Some “““fans””” have been leaving nasty comments on Hansol’s instagram posts (again), saying how he shouldn’t be hugging his friends because it’s unfair for the fans who need to pay thousands of dollars just to see him and more “coming out” and “you’re in love with B-Joo” comments.

These people are the reason why I have no faith in humanity left.

Dear Some Folks

If you’re still getting mad and ranting over the WSJ/Pewdiepie situation, attacking Markiplier, criticizing Jacksepticye, shutting down people who support Pewdiepie, or writing long-winded articles about how much of a “Problem” this is, I am going to assume you are too young to realize what the ACTUAL problems are in the world we live in today, and remove myself from your dash promptly because no one in the real world has time for this.

Not to be nasty, but to claim to be so against -isms, tasteless jokes should be the very least of your problems.

Fight for something worth fighting for and stop giving Pewdiepie the attention you so desperately don’t want him to have.

~ i wanna sleep but i keep thinking about how my life is gonna whisk by and im just another speck in the worlds timeline~

If I’m being embarassingly honest, I actually kind of like Iago’s aesthetics. Just too bad he’s a 100% irredeemable piece of shit trash character with no redeeming qualities once so ever right lol

Bad things at the Tops: Benny’s face

Good things at the Tops: Swank gave me 100 caps

Worst thing at the Tops: When you accidentally offend Tommy Torini’s show and he seems genuinely hurt and you wanna reload your three day old save just because