Happy Klaroline Valentine’s Day Weekend

Smut Day

bts on valentines day

jungkook: too embarrassed to talk to you, taps you on the shoulder and puts a sticky note on your forehead before running away, the sticky note says “happy valentines day you look kind of ok sometimes”

jimin: the actual perfect boyfriend, buys you lots of roses and chocolates and caters to you all day, makes you feel like a princess and pampers you

namjoon: probably tries to do something romantic like buy fancy wine or something but when he tries to pour it into your glass he fucks up and spills it all over the table

yoongi: not really one for romantic gestures but he really understands you and knows whatll make you happy, buys you something substantial like a new pair of headphones or maybe even concert tickets since its something you two can enjoy together

jin: the most romantic of bts, he would be so warm and gush over you and make your day the absolute best it can be, hed go out of his way to make you happy, takes it a little overboard when he hires a violinist to come play a special song to dedicate his love to you over a filet mignon dinner

hoseok: wants to do something unique, hed probably do something like choreograph a dance and then dedicate it to you in a special performance, coming over to you at the end with a dozen roses, smiling at how flustered he was able to make you

taehyung: romantic but also dorky, prints out valentines memes and sticks them all over your bedroom walls, yet makes up for it later by giving you lots of warm hugs that have you melting in his arms

I’m turning 26 after the January 31 health insurance enrollment deadline. What should I do?

Someone asked us:

I saw your post about getting health insurance, and I’ve been taking it for granted that I am under my parents’ health insurance until I turn 26. Well, I turn 26 in late August, but from what I’ve seen, applying for health care is an annual thing, and the deadlines are in January. Does that mean I (and other people turning 26 this year) should apply for health insurance now, or can I wait until closer to my birthday, and apply then?

Good news! You can stay on your parents’ health insurance until you turn 26 and then sign up for health coverage — even if it’s not during the annual open enrollment time.  

First things first: check with your parents’ health insurance to find out when your coverage will end. Some insurers may end your coverage on your 26th birthday, others may cover you until the end of the month, the year, or even beyond 26. So it’s definitely worth double checking. This could mean calling the health plan directly or, if your parents have the insurance through their job, calling their employer’s human resources department.

Even though annual open enrollment in the Marketplace ends January 31, you can still sign up for Marketplace insurance when you lose coverage on your parents’ plan. You’ll have 60 days from the day your coverage under your parents’ plan ends to sign up for a plan in the Marketplace.

You have lots of coverage options that are worth checking out, like:

  • Applying for health insurance through your employer (if you’re working and your job offers coverage)
  • Enrolling in free or low-cost Medicaid coverage (eligibility for Medicaid is open year-round, and depends on the state you live in and your income)

You can visit our website to figure out what health coverage options may be available to you and how much it will cost. You can find out if you qualify for financial help for health insurance or if you’re eligible for low-cost or free coverage through Medicaid. About 8 in 10 people who signed-up for Marketplace coverage have received financial help!  Here’s a cool fact sheet on the different coverage options available after you turn 26.

Feeling confused? We’re here to help you figure it all out. After you blow out 26 birthday candles, make an appointment with an expert in your area who can help you navigate the process.

-Adriana at Planned Parenthood



A long time ago I convinced @usatherei / @usarabbies to sell her kagacharms to me even though I lived far away and I was so happy when she agreed and I when went to the mailbox to get them…. 

Not only did Usa add in a kagaprint but also my good buddies hachbro (@hachuu) and tigerbutt (@projecttiger) donated some of their incredible kagaworks, including a Big Three Twerk Team coaster and TWO mini prints so really I’m just so happy and grateful and ready to move to their country because apparently that’s where all the cool kagakids live!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡ THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN I LOVE YOU 💛💛💛 

Please visit their online stores for very pretty arts!!!, usarei.deviantart, hachuu.storenvy, projecttiger.tictail

@agentsoftherealm is having a kickstarter for the series’ first printed book! I’m planning on supporting it after payday but until then here’s some fanart of the lovely leading ladies. If you’re not reading this webcomic I highly recommend picking it up!

I tried to style it after some of the Sailor Moon art I adored as a child.


i had a lovely 18th birthday and i cannot wait to move on to this next part of my life, i cant wait to be closer to the person i love and be in an almost new city


pure feeling ficlet: between 13 & 14

A/N: this is 2.3k of canon material in harry’s pov that takes places between chapter 13 and chapter 14 of pure feeling. i would suggest you don’t read it unless you have read the story and you are up to date. 

When I saw her standing in the hallway, I couldn’t breathe. I’d only felt like that twice before – when I fell off the monkey bars as an eight year old and winded myself, and a week ago when she left me. My chest was tight, and every breath was laborious as I waited for her to come closer. I hadn’t thought about the possibility of running into Sasha when I’d accepted Georgiana’s invitation to accompany her to the party. It hadn’t crossed my mind for a second.

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we can wait together

am I moving closer to the light?
or is that the moon
in a coarse summer night

I’m waiting to die
am I alive?
I cannot tell

life is illuminating
moving shadows on the walls
waiting for bells to call

dearest affirmations
that we make with each other
resting, waiting for recovery

Oneshot: Steve still gets nervous around you and he's planned a birthday surprise

Originally posted by chrisevansz

“Y/N! Are you nearly ready?” Steve called from outside the bathroom.

“Almost!” You said as you hurried to finish off your makeup. You swung the door open, “Come in,” You sang as you moved back to the vanity.

Steve hovered at the doorframe, “Oh, I’ll just wait outside until you’re um–”

“Dressed?” You laughed as you realised you were still in just your underwear and a tank top, “You can wait here, I won’t be much longer,” You turned around, moving closer to Steve and wrapping your arms behind his neck, “You’re getting embarrassed, aren’t you?” You giggled.

His face flushed pink, “No! I’m not, I’m just–”

You stopped him by pressing your lips to his, “I kinda like seeing my super soldier nervous,” You winked at him and he smiled.

You kissed him quickly again before moving into the bedroom to get your dress. You slipped into it easily and you called Steve over to zip you up.

When you turned around to face him you laughed as you heard a gasp escape Steve’s mouth, “It’s not that bad is it?”

“Y/N, you look amazing,” He said, smiling now.

“Aw Steve…”

He wrapped you in a warm hug, “I’m so lucky to have you, Y/N,” He whispered into your hair.

“Not as lucky as I am to have you, Steve,” You smiled, parting from him and taking his hand, “Shall we go?”

He nodded his head, leading you out of the room and into the hallway of the Avengers Tower.

When you got into the elevator, everything went dark as Steve wrapped a pair of silk blindfolds around you. You felt Steve hold onto your arms to steady you.

“I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff, Steve,” You smiled.

“N-no, Y/N, they’re for your birthday surprise,” He started, “I mean, I don’t want you to know where we’re going until we actually get there…” You could almost hear the embarrassment in his voice.

You heard the elevator ding and the doors open, “Watch your step, darlin’” Steve said as he wrapped his arm around your waist, “Almost there.”

You stopped and you heard a door creak open, you squinted a little when Steve removed the blindfold.

This time, it was you who gasped. You looked around the room, which looked to be the living room of an apartment. You saw that the walls had been adorned with your favourite flowers and beautifully smelling candles.

There was a round table set for two. You noticed photos of you and Steve in the large centrepiece and smiled.

You took Steve’s hand and walked over eagerly to the table, “Oh Steve, this is wonderful,” You smiled.

He laughed, “There’s just one more thing,” He said as he moved towards the corner of the room. He reached out for a string and began drawing back the curtains.

Your eyes widened as the curtains revealed the view overlooking New York from the top of the Avengers Tower.

“Stark gave us the keys to his guest apartment for the night,” You looked over at Steve who was grinning, “I thought a birthday girl as beautiful as you needed to have just as beautiful a view as her.”

You hugged Steve tightly, “This is amazing, Steve. I love you so much.”

“I love you more,” He kissed the top of your head, “But is it too much?” Steve asked, “Or-Or not enough?” He added nervously.

You grinned, “Oh Steve, it’s perfect.  Absolutely perfect.”

Maybe they were right; Maybe I am here not for myself but for ‘US’ again. Maybe I am hoping that you might actually pass by. Maybe I am waiting for you to notice me. Maybe I am waiting for you to wait for me to look back and smile. Maybe I am waiting for you to come closer and talk to me like it’s our first time. Maybe I am being so much of me again. Maybe I just have mistaken myself every time I say I want to forget you and I want to move on. Maybe I am always right when I see me wanting to finally be able to start over. And maybe the right and exact thing that I really want to happen was: this time, if I ever want to begin and reset life I want it to be with you from the start.


“I won’t rush. If you can understand me and come closer to me, I can keep waiting.  As long as you come……. I’m working on it too.  On why you are frustrated with me. And why you can’t get closer to me.”   –Yoo Jung

Finally, finally.  He is starting to understand her.  Even if it’s just baby steps.  I will take it.  Congrats Yoo Jung, you just took your first step!

kids are being brought up with everyone around them like “books? are you serious? who the hell READS lol” and “why do i need to learn another language if i already know english” and “math is dumb i’ll never need this in the real world :)))” and then you wonder why they aren’t academically motivated when by the time everyone else has gotten their shit together they’ve finally become who they thought they should have been all along 

anonymous asked:

Hi, so I am a little in high school and I have had a boyfriend who I really care for for about 6 months. We have a lot in common and I like him a lot. But my bf is very vanilla and won't even call me any cute pet names. Very recently, I got into a long distance ddlg relationship with my Daddy. But I am also still with my boyfriend. The long distance is hard but my Daddy really cares for me and is what I am looking for. I also care about my bf and he is a lot closer to me. What should I do?

wait… you got into a relationship with a Daddy while still with your boyfriend? I’m sorry, I hate to turn people away but I just can’t tolerate cheating… that’s just so heart wrenching, like if I found out my boyfriend has been talking to this other girl and calling her his baby girl while I’ve been giving him all my love? that would destroy me.
if you actually cared about your boyfriend, you wouldn’t have gone behind him and given love to someone else. doesn’t matter if it’s the dd/lg aspect that made you do it.
so yeah, definitely let your boyfriend go. you obviously don’t truly care about him.