received the loveliest gifts from @babystain today!!! every little thing i opened touched my heart and was so so darling (i swear, i was tearing up before i even took the wrapping off, it was packaged so beautifully)! i am completely overwhelmed and so very thankful sophie, truly i am!!! i will be sure to hold onto these things forever :’)

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Everytime I tried to be really friendly to you and come to just share/talk something with you u kinda ignored me even on anon. Even when i wished happy bday to you :/ I dont want to unfollow you but... I feel confused rn

I’m sorry, I swear I’m not doing it on purpose. You have to understand that I have a lot of people following me and a lot of them messaging me anon or not. Like I got A LOT of birthday asks and I didn’t even answer half of those. I don’t answer half the asks I get in the first place because it can get very overwhelming for me and I get very anxious when it comes to talking to people, strangers or not. I’ve been in a very bad mental place these past months, hell, these past two years! So answering asks isn’t my main priority. When I do answer asks it’s ones that I can quickly type out and answer because my mind is all jumbled and I don’t have the patience to sit down and answer messages asking me in depth analysis of an episode or series or whatever. Which brings me to my next point, I’m like 99% on mobile. I am like never on my laptop. It’s very hard for me to answer asks on my phone for some reason like I’m typing this all out on my phone while on my break at work and I’m nervous that the app will crash and I’ll lose all this. That’s another reason why I tend to answer asks that take short answers. I just feel uncomfortable when complete strangers come into my ask and ask me “hey how was your day?” Like Idk what to do in that situation???? I work all day and then sleep I don’t have anything interesting to talk about, and then to talk to it about to a complete stranger freaks me out. Im sorry you feel this way, and I swear that I’m not ignoring you on purpose. Like tbh I have no idea even who you could possibly be, so I’m sorry. If you feel like you have to unfollow me, go right ahead, just realize and understand my side of the situation

best zodiac confessions
  • Aries:"When I get scolded or told to 'calm down' I get really hurt inside although I try not show it."
  • Taurus:"I don't get angry easily. I can manage to postpone an outburst for months. But accuse me of something I didn't do and I'm instantly livid."
  • Gemini:"I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots 99% of the time."
  • Cancer:"Im so afraid of expressing all these emotions! It's overwhelming."
  • Leo:"I'm very self conscious and in constant need of reassurance."
  • Virgo:"I can express myself better in writing then I can verbally."
  • Libra:"I never stop thinking about my physical appearance, whether it's positive or negative."
  • Scorpio:"I sometimes scare myself about how calm and casual I am about death."
  • Sagittarius:"My automatic reaction to feeling is 'no, stop' even though I am an emotional person."
  • Capricorn:"I freeze with the winter and shut down all emotions. I am cold and unrelenting. So realistic I feel as though I can see the future, good or bad."
  • Aquarius:"I feel like no one really knows how I am fully. They just see glimpses of me."
  • Pisces:"I'm so in love with the idea of love that I'm afraid I won't find anyone to actually fall in love with."

shoutout to everyone who has to sit through long religious ceremonies even though they are no longer religious.

shoutout to everyone who isn’t in a safe environment today and can’t express their opinions

shoutout to everyone who has to sit through homophonic and transphobic table talk.

shoutout to all my girls who have to hear endless stereotypes & sexism today.

shoutout to everyone who will hear “you look good without makeup though!!” and “but, you’re a boy, why are you wearing makeup??”

shoutout to everyone who is suffering through an eating disorder and still have to sit through Easter dinner.

shoutout to all my boys who are wearing dresses today no matter what their families tell them.

shoutout to everyone who has to hear the wrong name or pronouns today.

I’m sorry that today may be very overwhelming for you, please remember that you can always leave to go the bathroom for a few deep breaths. I love you, thank you for being alive.


I never even managed to get out of bed today. I told my parents I was “sick,” but in actuality I just feel like something dark and unseen is trying to get into my head and eat me up alive. It’s not anyone’s fault or anything. Just a weird Ben thing, I guess…

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Also can we please give jay the recognition she deserves? She put her heart and soul into this event and to be able to share it with her son is probably a very unique and overwhelming experience for her. I’m very proud of the Tomlinson/Deakin family today.


Kylo Ren searches The Falcon”      -(Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deleted Scenes)-

@ everyone spreading bts rumors: i was there (hi touch, not audience) and they seemed very happy and excited to me and other friends who were there! i think a lot of people are using the word uncomfortable when they should be using overwhelmed!!! i don’t think jhope would’ve danced and smiled if he wasn’t happy to be there. when i got on stage, jhope opened his eyes real wide and said “wowwww!!!” and everyone (including suga and v) smiled and seemed excited to see me. jimin smiled lots and answered questions including “what did you miss about the US” to which he answered “the fans!” also, v was a little nervous at first but really opened up at the end!!! we all know how taehyung is sometimes when he’s in an unfamiliar place.
i hope ARMY’s stop overanalyzing and realize that BTS was probably very overwhelmed at the amount of fans and the unfamiliar setting!!! please understand that their “standoff-ish” attitude is what idols are expected to act like, and in my opinion, i think the boys were just a little afraid. also PLEASE take into account 6/7 boys are NOT fluent in english so of course they’d look somewhat uncomfortable!!! please respect our boys and don’t look too much into this fan engagement…. please just try to look at the positives!!

BTS: NOW 3 Interview ~ Suga

Where do you want to go right now?
New York. 

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
I am looking forward to finish a mixtape this year. 

What are your five greatest interests right now?
Concert, health, mixtape, studying, and self-improvement.

What was Chicago like?
It was a large and wonderful city. I want to go back sometime. 

What did you like during your stay in Chicago?
The city itself was very beautiful, and I was overwhelmed with its magnificence. When I was shooting in the downtown area with all these skyscrapers, I tried hard not to be intimidated by them. 

You had a total of six concepts in the photo book. Which concept or story did you think suited you the most?
The one in the underground passage. Personally, I like that kind of dark concept, and I also think it suits me.

Do you think you are a grown-up now?
I think I am standing on the threshold of being a grown-up. I have more things to look after now, and I think it is the sign of being a grown-up. 

What was it like when you finally turned 20?
On January 1st, the day I turned 20, I was in Busan with my family. I used to think that something magical would happen, but it didn’t really feel special. 

What did you want to do the most when you become an adult?
To take a trip by myself. 

You in your imagination as a little boy 10 years ago vs. You right now - Are you the same person?
I think I am about the same. People always said I am precocious. 

You released the cover song ‘Adult Child’ three years ago. Can you empathize with the lyrics?
It has changed, I guess? Back then, I was a trainee, and now I am a professional singer. Now I have a broader spectrum of thoughts, and can better understand situations, those which that cannot be ‘helped.’

Is there something you have not tried but want to do someday?
Studying psychology. 

What other people tell you the most these days.
I’ve been watching TV shows with you in it. 

What you need to hear right now.
Be happy. 

For those who support you…
I hope you all will be happy with me. 

Your goal in 2016.
To release my own works. 

Your definition of ‘dream.’
Dream is what makes people move. 

After the interview…What are you going to do now?
I will go back to work, or maybe I will eat first. 

Rap Monster / Jin / J-Hope / Jimin / V / Jungkook


when akshay joined ranveer & did an impromptu jig  during his act