Mob Psycho 100 #003 » An Invite to a Meeting ~Simply Put, I Just Want to Be Popular~

There is an esper present here. A grade schooler called “Mob” by those around him. Even though he’s blessed with tremendous powers, he’s subconsciously always avoided trying to display those powers. As he grew, he gradually realized how dangerous his powers were. When people are unable to act or do as they please, their emotions come to a halt. Mob hasn’t realized that his aversion to using his powers has become a complex. The emotions that are locked away deep inside Mob’s heart expand little by little. However, there is a limit to how much his emotions can take before leaking out and going wild. And now, an emotion was swirling about like a torrent, trying to go past the limit. That was… Rage.

Closer Than You Think (Part 2)

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Hey thank for requesting a second part let me know if you want more! Also, I started writing Avengers fics as well so you can request that too! Love you all!

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Hello, tumblr! I’ve never done commissions before, but I need some money so I’m going to try opening them up now! If you’ve ever wanted me to draw you fanart, your oc’s, or your portrait, now’s the chance!

General Info -

  • Email me at squidwithelbows@gmail.com to request a commission
  • Please include your tumblr url and type of commission, as well as any reference images or details about the commission (pose, expression, ships, personality, etc.) so that I can avoid doing any ooc drawings! Especially for oc’s, the more reference and description the better!
  • I won’t draw anything offensive, excessively graphic (porn, gore, etc.), or any projects that I feel I won’t be able to draw up to standard. I want us all to be happy!
  • The timeframe on commissions will be around 2 weeks probably, depending on my workload and the specific project
  • Commissions can be used however you want non-commercially and with credit
  • Payment is in USD, and through Paypal >>here<<

If you have any questions at all, please let me know!

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i feel like i come off as intimidating or masculine so guys avoid me idk how do i get them to like me. i'm serious omfg. i am lonely all the time. send help tbh

YIKES wow you’re right - you do need help. there are so many things wrong with this message.

  1. company from people who make you feel like there’s something wrong with you is not company worth having
  2. you don’t need boys to cure loneliness
  3. never change yourself with the sole intent of getting a guy to like you
  4. why the fuck are you trying to impress wimpy-ass boys that feel threatened by your personality

you are who you are. embrace it. own it.

See when I make mistakes or when things don’t turn out to be my idea of “successful” I run and hide. I avoid thinking about whatever I was working on because I feel ashamed it didn’t work and I start to distract myself with other things.

But here’s what I’m trying to learn. I am worthy enough to make mistakes. I am worthy enough to keep trying. I am worthy enough to do something I enjoy even if it doesn’t make a difference to anyone. I’m worthy enough simply because I am.

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My ex doesn't wanna be with me, so I let her go... But I keep thinking about her.. What should I do?

thats tough man, if she doesn’t want to be with you the best thing was to let her go so you did the right thing. thinking about her is totally normal as you’re still getting over her, i would say to try and move on you need to keep a good circle of friends around you and go out and have fun, whilst also keeping yourself busy to avoid the breakup blues; so stuff like reading, writing or learning music, doing sports etc, don’t worry, you’ll be over her before you know it <3

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Do you have any thoughts on the idea to move Wonder Woman to WW1, and then have her utterly abandon all of humanity during WW2, not even trying to stop the Nazis? I felt it was kinda out of character for Diana. I mean, I get the idea of her being disillusioned by Man's World™, but to utterly abandon millions of innocent people and do nothing to defend them during one of the most horrible times in history feels...wrong, on a fundamental level...

I think we all know the real reason that Wonder Woman is moving from WWII to WWI is to avoid comparisons to the first Captain America movie. 

Regardless I think that given that this is Wonder Woman’s origin story and what WWI was about it makes sense as a narrative. Whereas WWII is thought to have been necessary and there was a clear evil (the Nazis) that needed to be defeated, WWI is known for having been extremely brutal. It was all about colonialism and greed and there was no clear enemy: the problem is with mankind in general. There will be no clear enemy to justify the violence and this will not be a noble fight for Wonder Woman.Throw that in with the fact that it was an extremely oppressive time for women (Women’s suffrage hadn’t happened yet in most parts of the world) it is the perfect recipe for Diana’s disllusionment. 

When Diana leaves the island for the first time this will be the world that she sees. An unbearably violent war being fought in the trenches with mustard gas, men that are cruel and heartless, and women that are being oppressed, all to the worst degree possible. Diana was instilled with this idea of Man’s World being horrible and violet and oppressive and she’ll leave the island only to discover that it’s all true. This will (likely) be what leads Diana to become disenchanted with Man’s World and choose to isolate herself. 

A hundred years ago I walked away from mankind; from a century of horrors… Men made a world where standing together is impossible.
Diana, Batman v. Superman

Even though I think the move to WWI is pretty cool, I’m worried about Wonder Woman’s larger themes being lost in the film, which is along the same lines as your thinking. You’re right: it is contrary to her character as an advocate for peace to see suffering in the world and just ignore it. When Wonder Womans was first created it was all about feminine power, peace, and had a strong anti-war theme. Wonder Woman has since become a symbol of intersectional feminism and empowerment for all women. I didn’t see any of that in the trailer. I won’t make a judgement on two minutes of intermitten footage for a two hour movie, but I have concerns. 

On the first point Grant Morrison recently said something (I couldn’t find the exact quote) to the affect of Wonder Woman has become more and more masculinzed, for lack of a better word, over the years which is contrary to what William Moulton Marston wanted her stand for. The WW trailer featured Wonder Woman and the Amazons in almost exclusively violent power images.

As Super Dames  pointed out, over the years Wonder Woman’s usage of a sword (a symbolically phallic weapon) as opposed to her golden lasso of truth has increased. Even images of her with swords on covers has gone up, rather than her in bondage. The bondage and more importantly Wonder Woman breaking her bondage symbolizes women breaking the bondages of patriarchy so it’s an important staple for Wonder Woman to have. They wrote a great rant about it. 

On the second point, this trailer was extremely white.This especically pertains to the Amazons. The theme of Wonder Woman is that of intersectional feminism and that anyone can be Wonder Woman. It’s extremely important that that be conveyed in the representation of the Amazons. When the first images of the Amazons were realeased a few months ago there were already questions of why our first view of them were of all white faces. 

Patty Jenkins gave a pretty disappointing response saying that this was Wonder Woman’s “direct family” and the rest of Themyscira would be diverse. 

So diverse like WOC will be playing actually named characters who contribute to the plot and/or Diana’s development? Or diverse like they’ll all be in the background swinging swords, thrown a few token lines, and will be credited as “Amazon #4″? Because those are two very different ideas of diversity. These are the women who shape the person who grows up to be Wonder Woman and plenty of WOC characters have been responsible for raising and training Diana in the comics. Jenkins used racial purity (do I need to explain in 2016 how people of different races can be related) as a weak excuse for hiring all white actresses and it implies that race is a construct even on Themyscira. 

My point I guess is that from what we can tell as of right now is that a lot of Wonder Woman’s important thematical elements might be lost in a film produced for mass audiences. It would be such a shame to not use that platform to convey her message to such a potentially large, global audience and it would do a great disservice to Wonder Woman’s legacy and everything she stands for. As always I haven’t seen the movie so I could very well be wrong and I hope that I am. I’m still really looking forward to the movie, but I expect that I’m going to have to lower my expectations. We’ll see. 

I just realized that I never posted here about how I’m going to be on “vacation” (I’m going to family weddings so I don’t consider staying with my loud family really a vacation) for two weeks so I’m either not going to be on too much because I’ll be busy or I’ll be on all the time trying to avoid talking to my family!!

I’m flying out today and do you know what’s dumb I have to fly all the way to Atlanta, have a two hour layover, just to fly all the way to Michigan! The Atlanta airport is so busy I might have a panic attack lmao

I’ve had my eighth nightmare about this and I’m sick of it. I need to get my feelings out somehow, and I don’t even know what I’m feeling.

So about a month ago, I was alone as usual. Kind of hunching myself everywhere I went, finding seats by myself, not talking to anyone because everyone somehow had a friend already, it was terrifying. And the scariest thing is that I never used to care. I always did this and I never worried about it, because I’m used to being alone and I always assume someone will come along at some point. But watching everyone know each other and standing awkwardly on the sidelines… trying to find seats near no one and seeing that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ELSE (not kidding) had someone by them… finally having a few people sit with me only to not understand their conversation and later just leave to avoid sitting in terrible silence hoping they didn’t take it personally… wandering around aimlessly trying to look like I was doing something because there was no way I could just go back there… thank goodness the people working there took pity on my terrified little wandering self and were always there to try and make me feel more comfortable… and I get this same horrible uneasy feeling that I’m just gonna be on my own, fending for myself, pretending not to care when everyone’s talking and I’m just alone… and that happened once a long time ago, where everyone was against me… and I know this is completely different, but I still feel that same fear, the fear that I’m just always gonna be found strange and people are either going to gang up on me for it or they’re just going to ignore me and I’ll be completely alone.

I can’t make friends. I’ve never been able to, or at least I can’t remember how I have in the past. The ones I have made have either drifted away, can’t handle  the energy of my personality, get annoyed with my naïve moments… and then the ones who do genuinely connect with me live way too far away. I do have a few genuine friends from high school who I love and appreciate dearly, but sometimes I feel like I can really be a burden to them, too. I feel like I always just come off as strange if I’m uncomfortable or annoying and clingy when I’m comfortable. It’s the way I am and I can’t change it, and I wouldn’t change it. I’m just so terrified that I can’t, and won’t ever, be able to connect with people, and I’m just going to be stuck. I’m so freakin lonely and I never used to be, and I think I’m mostly just scared that people are gonna attack me both behind my back and to my face again, which is highly unlikely, but I’m just really sick of being left behind and feeling like I can’t belong with other people. I just want to curl up at home and draw and watch cartoons and live in my safe world for the rest of my life, because here I can disappear when I need to, here I can be my usual crybaby self without judgement, here I don’t have to worry about people thinking there’s something wrong with me when I need to stop talking or when I have a panic attack. I hate that I’m freaking out about this. About people, of all things, when I used to spend a great majority of my alone time happily. I’m just flashing back to that one horrible year where I had no one there for me, and I’m so scared I’m going to have to suffer through it again. I can’t make friends, and I wish I could.

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what kinda fights do u & ur siblings have?

I try to avoid fighting with my siblings because I always end up crying and looking silly. But if anything it’s the TV remote.

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what do u do when you're depressed or feeling shitty

I try to avoid being alone as much as possible or find immersing distractions like reading or even playing videogames or w/e but results vary so maybe i am not the best to ask lol

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A friend on YouTube comment asked me why was sakura so hated I told her one reason was that she got in the way of ships and some NH just had to show up 2 say 'its cannon get over it' wow how pathetic do you ever run into people like that on YouTube?

I usually try to avoid discussing with people there. The YouTube community is from my experience the worst. It doesn’t matter what the video is about, you’ll always find morons in the comments. Especially Naruto videos leave me every damn time traumatised. These people actually argue about the most sexist and ignorant things ever. They are so foolish sometimes, you can’t help yourself but wonder if they are serious. 

I remember two guys measuring Sakura’s and Hinata’s worth based on their looks. One of them claimed that Sakura’s better than Hinata because, quoting him, she got a round ass, whilst Hinata has only her boobs or whatever. 


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how do you think the boys would react if they cheated on their s/o? like would they confess or feel guilty? (ps i love your blog so much!!)

((Thank you very much~ I am glad you do~~ :D))

Shu - Well, seeing her reacting so negatively towards his more than flirtatious behaviour towards that blonde her from his music class, he might feel a little guilty. He would try to reason with her, albeit a bit lazily, trying to avoid responsibility. However, if he were really put down to it, he would apologize (but don’t expect it to be really emotional).

Reiji - He was simply not in the right state of mind that night, drinking one to many wine glasses. He would be extremely ashamed of his lack of loyalty towards his s/o after she has done great efforts to be loyal and please him. He would awkwardly try to apologize her and try to be overtly sweet, sweeping her off her feet again.

Ayato - But, that girl had big boobs and who can resist that? He would try to joke it off, even denying it, saying that his s/o’s boobs are not quite as impressive (and plus Ore-sama can do whatever he wants). When he would see that she would want to leave him over this, especially since he seems to have no regret over the incident, he would suddenly try to appeal to her, being profusely apologetic, who will want to deal with him now…?

Laito - He just went over the line that they both agreed they will not cross. He should have tried harder to resist his natural instinct. He would be feeling guilty, trying to convince her of his sorrow of doing such a thing to her, the one that he truly loves. He would do anything to get her to come back to him now that he truly found love.

Kanato - If he would perform such an act, it would be definitely while he was drunk. He would be sorry about it, but mostly ignores his s/o’s sorrow, not necessarily sure of how to deal with it, and even get irritated if she pressured him about it.

Subaru - He would be utterly ashamed at what he has done during that one night that Ayato managed to convince him to get drunk. He would try to apologize to his s/o before telling her that he doesn’t deserve her at all, not that he ever did to begin with. He would more than frustrated with himself, that is for sure.

Kino - There is something wrong with that? How strange… Most of his maids didn’t seem to mind if he fooled around here and there, but… He would feel sad, seeing that she would avoid him as much as possible, and try to apologize in his awkward way. However, if she continuously refuses him, you will bring about his irritation…

My dad isn’t voting in November because “there are no good candidates.” Hillary Clinton isn’t my favorite, but I’m much much more afraid of Trump. I said this, and he said I shouldn’t be. But I’m afraid for myself as a queer disabled person, and for my poc friends if he wins. At least she isn’t on a war path against marginalized people.
I usually try to avoid talking much about politics, but I have a question in light of how scared I am. How much power will he actually have to do all this if he wins?

Cemetery withdrawal

I had some deep thoughts earlier today that I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember much of what they were.

I’ve thought about the similarities of this situation to drug addiction before, and written about it some as well I think. But it’s surprisingly apt still. I go to the cemetery every week not necessarily because I feel better by doing so, but because I feel worse if I fail to do so. I experience symptoms of withdrawal almost, working to avoid the pain rather than trying to gain enjoyment at some point. It’s not, it’s important to note, that I don’t want to go to the cemetery. I do and I don’t. It’s not a fun place to be, not a reminder of a pleasant topic. But it’s important to me, very important, to somehow pay tribute to Laura. I don’t know a lot of ways to do so, but that’s a clear one. I want to undertake the ritual, to make a little bit of show of my loyalty and love for her. Not so that people think well of me, but so that they think well of her.

I do start to get symptoms of a sort if I don’t go though. I get antsy around a week out. This last gap was a week and two days. Those extra two days had me restless as all hell, waiting for the opportunity to go to the cemetery. I’m already planning out timing to make sure I can go to there before I drive up to Vancouver for our anniversary. There’s not much that I can do ultimately, but I can do this. So I do.

I get annoyed sometimes at the cemetery. I pace back and forth around her grave, and sometimes start wandering around the rest of the place for a while. I’m repeatedly amazed at how many seventy and eighty year olds there are there. How the hell did so many people, born around the Civil War, avoid dysentery and childbirth complications, and war itself, and the Spanish flu, and the freakin’ consumption, and live to be eighty or ninety, while Laura, working her hardest for years, with teams of doctors and modern medical advances, only got to be 36? That’s the kind of thing that pisses me off to no end. It’s not the fault of those people buried around her, of course, but that doesn’t make the universe seem any friendlier.

will be running on queue!

I’m going to try to avoid checking tumblr every two seconds and actually study starting from now because my prelims are coming and I wanna do at least my 90% so I can get a gauge of where I’m at currently because o’s are in approx. 3 months and I’m terrified.

however, I will be a little more active on Instagram than usual (hopefully) so you guys will still get original content.

Alternate outfit for Chara! 

One of the things that bothers me in cartoons and comics is when the characters only ever wear one outfit, and while I understand why people do that, I’m going to try to avoid it myself.

So here’s a more wintery outfit for Chara (right in the middle of summer, I know). I’m trying to make her outfits sort of mix-and-match so that I can design only a few full outfits and put them all together to make a lot of various ones.

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I'm trying to figure out a form of magic that isn't Elemental, and all I can really think of is something like telekinesis. What do you think of avoiding cliche 'elemental' magic? Do you have any advice for doing so?

Well, almost anything can be reduced to the elemenst if you think about it, but why being a reductionist? That could be your starting point.

Taking what I just wrote above, not everything is matter, why not use energy as a source of magic? Not only telekinesis, think of Magneto, the guy can control magnetic forces, Flash was given the Speed Force, Black Canary uses the Canary Cry, which are sonic vibrations, and so on.

There are other forms of magic, not necessarily related to an specific energy, healing, for example. What kind of energy or elementat form is magic healing? What about electronic devices? There can be magic related to them. What about opening portals to different worlds, or teleportation? These can be considered superpowers instead of magic, that’s where your imagination has to step in.

To avoid the elemental magic cliché, give it a twist. What if everytime you use earth magic, let’s say create a wall to protect yourself from an attack, you create an earthquake somewhere else? What if, in order to use water magic you have to be hydrated  otherwise you can’t? (There’s a scene in The Incredibles where Frozono can’t use his powers because the air is too dry).

Here are some links to guide you through

Hope this helps you.