OK I think I should post just to clear up some stuff.

Firstly, I’m fine, money’s a bit tight right now, but I’m taking up a lot of commissions to help keep things up.  I really appreciate the word of mouth and everything that everyone’s help spread, it’s keeping me very busy!  Also trying to submit my name to studios and whatnot to try to get some work.

Two, I’m getting ulcers again.  I had this in college, it sucks, but I know how to deal with it.  Lower stress, avoid acidic drinks (brown sodas, coffee, etc) and a handful of other stuff that I can do.

Thirdly, I’d like to thank everyone who’s extended a note or two over the past few weeks and months.  A lot of you guys have been better friends and folks than I’ve ever had in my life.  I genuinely couldn’t be more thankful for every passing word of encouragement.

Lastly, I’ll be streaming this weekend, so keep an eye out for that when I hopefully wrap up some of these models!

Here’s to the future! And thanks for stickin with!

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is there a better word to use for a magically animated pile of material than golem? I am genuinely curious because if it's culturally appropriative I'd like to avoid it in my own writing

construct, robot, android, idk.

i don’t like saying “don’t use it its Appropriation” but like, think about the implications and how you’re doing it?


just try not to have a hook-nosed rich wizard creating golems to abduct children for use in dark rituals and/or exploit their labor as the ur-capitalist or something ok?

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So let me get this straight: your argument for supporting racist corporations is that its' ok because everyone else is doing it? "I can't avoid racism so I'm not going to try"? You know, it is possible to support black artists in a given racist industry, but that didn't seem to occur to you, further reinforcing my earlier point. I would love to see what actual "fighting" you do against racism besides posturing for that "hey-tumblr-look-how-not-racist-I-am" cookie you clearly covet so badly.

No, my argument isn’t that…at all. Look, you’re on Tumblr. Remember when Tumblr was deleting tags relating to Mike Brown and other Black Lives Matter issues? You’re on a racist website, you dickhead. So what are YOU doing to not support Tumblr? Nothing.
You’re not even messaging me OFF anon which goes to show how proud of being a non-racist you are.
If this was posturing, I’d be much better at it. My blog wouldn’t me martial arts focused. It’d be racial issue focused. You just seem like a bitter kid who’s trying to get his/her hooks in anywhere you can.


Ok guys, I think it’s time for us to have some rules here >_<

  •  As I don’t own any right on Onepiece and its characters (of course XD), Flaminions are my original concept, so I do prefer for them to stay true to my idea and not be used from others. Special events may occurs (as you may have notice in the Rain Dinner Party), if I was involved with it, but as a general rule every use of Flaminions, Coramingo, Vermingo etc is strictly prohibited. Please, try to understand ; v ;
  • About the asks: this blog is meant to be funny. I will reply to every single ask I get, there are no such thing as stupid questions, we’re here to have fun! I only ask for one thing: let’s try to avoid offensive/tasteless argument and themes. 
  • As a consequence, each ask that will be judged inappropriate or offensive/out of contest will be ignored without warning. Remember: we’re here to have fun, not to question inner motives.
  • Generally speaking, this blog is meant to be PG13. Even if may occur to found mention of violence, blood, alcohol etc, you will never found anything too explicit or graphic here. Most important, no sex and such.
  • Be patient! As I often say, every ask will get its response. As you may have notice, I particularly care about the quality of this blog (both content and art wise), so every ask is always entirely drawn , with some even being quite complex >_< and quality requires time. Also, I have a life to take care of :’D and work and personal projects too ; v ; so please be kind with me…! I’ll do my best for these lovely birdies ♥
  • This shouldn’t even needed to be said, but you know, it never hurt to remember but NO ONE CAN UPLOAD FLAMINIONS IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY OR SITES. If you find them elsewhere other that this specific blog, then is REPOSTED AND I DID NOT AGREED TO IT.

Ok, that’s it, I think! Please, respect these rules and let’s have plenty of fun together for a long time!

Tim and Tate

Tate never knew he’d get this lonely. The other occupants of the house didn’t entertain him anymore, the random people coming in and out were just a bother and he started to completely hate the families that would try to move in. They either never stayed for long or were there forever.. It was tiring. He’d sit around, watching the bus of people go by and gawk at the house, HIS house, or wander around aimlessly avoiding his mother. That’s what he was doing when he heard the door open and with a sigh he climbed the stairs from the basement to meet the intruder face to face. He couldn’t think of the worst thing to happen, so why not? “Can I help you?” Tate asked with an innocent smile on his face, walking around a corner to the front door.

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tbh I don't understand how not having a collab is proof? like I'm an avid tronnor fan but if you could explain pls!!! thank u!

Yeah of course :) Ok so:
Troye and Connor both know that we NEED that collab, they just refuse to do it, why would they do it? Connor completely ignored fans screaming at him that he should collab with Troye…and that’s weird.
BUUUT…If you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re in a relationship with someone, you won’t you know, film videos with them..videos may give away too much stuff. You can tell when someone is in love just from the way he looks at the other person, so I think that is one of the reasons why. 
The other thing is, WHY avoid it? They live SO far away from eachother, yet, they’re always together, but they don’t film a video together….Connor said in his own book that love is when you find someone that makes you forget about social media and stuff like that, and the fact that they don’t collab could be because when he’s with Troye he doesn’t want to waste the time they have..
I just think that they WILL collab…but not right now,  they’ll have to be ready

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My anger is uncontrollable, it happens at the smallest things and im worried about losing control, what can i do to calm myself down? -via


It is not secret that I used to struggle with my anger, especially over small things I always used to just snap.

Here are some tips that helped me control my anger…

  • Avoid your triggers, if you know what makes you angry then try and avoid it as much as you can. This will then ease the amount of times you’ll feel angry. 
  • Walk away, usually you’ll feel yourself getting angry inside before you actually explode so before it gets to that point walk away.
  • Get some fresh air, getting outside really helps to calm you down especially if you were like me and got really hot.
  • Breathing, taking deep breaths can really help you to calm down. I use the square breathing method of taking 4 deep breaths in, holding it for 4 seconds and then breathing out over 4 seconds.
  • Listen to calming music or any music for that matter and really listen to the words, focusing on something else can make that anger pass especially if it is soothing music.
  • Take yourself to a happy place, really imagine that place, what you do there, what you see, the smells, the sounds and really focus on it. Do this until your anger passes.
  • Count to 10, this is a simple yet effective calming method to anger. 
  • Focus on the counting to let your rational mind catch up with your feelings. If you still feel out of control by the time you reach ten, start counting again.
  • Find alternatives to your anger, channel it creatively such as writing or drawing, shout at the top of your voice, scream into a pillow, punch a pillow, listen to music, pop bubble wrap, rip paper.

We also have a page on managing anger that you can find here. There may be some other useful tips on there for you.

If you are finding it difficult to manage your anger then I do recommend you to get some professional help. Getting it in check before you lose control will be beneficial to not only you but those around you. There is nothing wrong with getting professional help for your anger, I did and it helped so much. Book an appointment with your local doctor and explain to them that you seem to be getting angry a lot lately especially at the smallest of things and you are worried that it is getting out of control so you was wondering if they could help or get someone else who can help. From there they should be able to refer you to an anger management counsellor/therapist. They will be able to get to the bottom of any triggers you may have, give you tons of helpful techniques in managing your anger and just be there to vent to when you are feeling angry. Just venting about why your angry can really help. We have a page on getting help here that may be of some use to you.


Emily Ratajkowski Interview with Esquire

In two years, you went from unknown to working with David Fincher, Ben Affleck, Zac Efron. Does that feel weird to think about?
It’s definitely surreal, like life is surreal. I’m sure you feel the same way about where you were two years ago. But in some ways, it feels weirdly natural. Even when I was on set with [voice goes up]... Wow, I just did that “voice up” thing. I’ve been trying to avoid that. I just read this whole article about how it’s now girls who talk like [making croaking noise] thiiissss.

Vocal fry, yeah. Men do it, too, actually.
I kind of hate that that’s the topic, but at the same time I don’t want to be that girl.

I think the uptick happens naturally when you’re trying to sound questioning or unsure. Like “Maybe I think this thing?”
[Makes a croaking, high-pitched noise] Mayybbeee I think this thing? I did both at the same time. Yeah, what I was trying to say is it felt natural for me to be on set. You know, I did theater when I was little, and that’s why I went into modeling, funny enough. So I feel really grateful, and it’s definitely been a whirlwind, but at the same time it’s exactly where I want to be. People think, “Oh, you fell in the scene in ‘Blurred Lines,’” but it takes years and years of figuring out what you want to do and how to do it. That’s what you always hear from like… Jennifer Lawrence would probably say the same thing.

Still, it must be intimidating to have your first big movie be directed by David Fincher.
It was, but I guess I had faith in David’s casting, which is kind of an amazing thing. I think he has that power over everyone who works for him or works with him, because they trust him so much. So for me, it’s like, well, if David Fincher thinks I’m good enough to be here… And I had a whole audition process, so I feel like I earned it.

Is there someone you call for wisdom when you’re on a project like that?
I’m really close with both my parents. I also have a really good group of friends. My best friend is one of the wisest people I know. She’s an old friend from San Diego, she’s a preschool teacher, and she always has an amazing perspective on things.

So watching We Are Your Friends, it seems like it could’ve been a really fun set, or the most awkward experience. Because you’re basically pretending to be high and dance and have fun.
One thing I’ll say is that my character is less a part of that world—she’s kind of cleaned up. But that being said, I think it was absolutely very fun, and to be honest we didn’t have a lot of money or time, so there was no slow. It was like, gotta keep up the energy, keep up the pace.

You’ve obviously done it before, but is it weird to dance for a camera? I assume you’re constantly thinking about how you look.
That’s the one thing that’s funny about going from modeling to acting. In modeling, you’re supposed to think about what you look like all the time. When you’re in front of the camera, if you’re not considering that, God knows what the pictures will look like. With acting, you have to completely forget it. And I think with the dancing stuff… I mean, that’s maybe why “Blurred Lines” was such a success. We weren’t thinking about what we looked like, we were just having fun, and I think that’s the same thing that happened on this set.

This is a movie about a group of male friends, but men tend to have an uneasy relationship with dancing. They get uncomfortable with it because, as a guy, you’re supposed to be cool and collected.
Even Zac’s character is really scared of dancing, and you barely see him dance, except in the Vegas scene. That was very intentional. And Zac really wanted to dance, like when he was DJing, and they had to edit that out, and [director] Max [Joseph] was constantly giving him direction, like, “Stop dancing!”

How should a guy go about dancing? How much enthusiasm should he show?
It’s hard to say, but I’ll say that a guy who is confident, there’s nothing better, and dancing is a part of that. So I was going to say it depends on how good of a dancer you are, but I think how good of a dancer you are depends on your level of confidence. So, the more confident you are, the better of a dancer. And I think if you’re a little unsure of yourself, maybe ease into it, into the enthusiasm, and see where it takes you.

This is a movie about the EDM scene, so I wanted to quiz your knowledge a bit. Are you into electronic music at all?
Well, growing up I was into Justice and Air and Daft Punk, that kind of electronic music. Then I’m from California, from San Diego, so going to festivals. I went to Coachella 10 years ago, which is really scary—I was 14.

Did you see the famous Daft Punk show there?
Yeah, I did. I wasn’t as into electronic music then, but now it’s funny because all the hip-hop I like and pop music I like definitely has electronic music in it. I love Austra and Purity Ring.

Okay, trivia time: Where does the title of the film come from?
It’s the title of the Justice song.

What artist was responsible for the hit song “Titanium”?
God, I can’t remember her name…

Sia with David Guetta.
I would not have known that.​

There’s no reason to know that. Okay, choose one or the other: Diplo or Skrillex?

And Calvin Harris or Disclosure?

And Beatles or the Stones?

Beyoncé or Taylor Swift?

Are you still doing a lot of modeling, or are you trying to go full-time acting now?
No, I definitely still do modeling. It is interesting scheduling-wise how those things work. I used to live in New York because I was primarily modeling, and now I live in Los Angeles, but I find myself here all the time for print work. I think that the stigmas against model-actresses—and even just like entertainer, celebrity chef, and musician—those kinds of walls have been broken down and you can do multiple things. So while I can, I don’t see why I would stop.

Now you see all kinds of actors transitioning into modeling, so it goes both ways.
I think it goes hand-in-hand. When I booked Gone Girl, I was also on the cover of CR, and I remember telling David [Fincher], “Oh, I have to go back for fashion week because of a party for Carine [Roitfeld],” and he was like, “That’s cool.” He knew about it and vice versa: The more film stuff you do, it doesn’t hurt the modeling.

Have you had a Hollywood moment yet, where you can’t believe the person you just met?
I met Patti Smith, which is not Hollywood, but that really blew my mind. I love her. We were at a very small party, too, on a boat, and I totally fanned out. I told her that I loved her, and wasn’t cool at all.

Have you loved her since you were a kid?
Yeah, and then I read Just Kids obviously.

Just Kids is amazing.
Yeah, and her second one’s coming out, which I’m excited to read. And in some ways, I’ve always liked her music and what she stands for, but I felt like Just Kids was the thing that really made me admire her the most. I almost think she stands for more than what her music is, and her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. Yeah, I really lost it.

What I took away from that book is the enormous amount of bravery she shows, and a commitment to doing exactly what she wanted to do.
It’s so honest, and that’s what I love about my character—not to bring it around so obviously, but she doesn’t know what she wants and it’s really okay. And I love that in the end she’s had to backpedal. I like that it’s so brave, and so hard to do, and I hope there’s more stories and characters that are not just, like, chasing this dream and then achieving it. It’s about kind of taking a step in the right direction, to doing what you need to do to figure out what you want.

Life happens in small steps like that. How young were you when you decided that acting and modeling were what you wanted to do?
I don’t think I still have.

Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, there are all kinds of things that I’m interested in. I love this, and it’s creatively fulfilling, so I’m happy to be doing it, but definitely I am one of those people who’s fallen into something and been like, okay… I was always a jack of all trades.

Were you one of those kids in high school involved in every extracurricular?
Yeah. I was also not a super-achiever, at all. But I was on the speech and debate team, but also I was doing plays.

You were a theater kid.
Kind of. My high school didn’t have a football team, we just had like a surf team, because I grew up in Encinitas, California, which is the ultimate place where everyone skated or surfed, so it was a very different culture. It was, like, cool to be the art kid.

Do you know how to surf?
I suck at surfing. I can’t pull myself up. It’s so hard [laughs]. I go swimming.

Source: Esquire

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why dont you order Badlands on the pink vinyl? thats what iii did from her website,should be here in a couple of days,, so excited!!!

that’s probably what I’ll end up doing! i’m just cheap as fuck so i was trying to avoid paying for shipping lmao

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some predictions for s2: Lito will come out as Gay to the Mexican public (or maybe rumours will come up and he won't really deny them); after Felix gets better Wolfgang will go to India and PHYSICALLY prevent Kala's wedding again; Will/Riley became the new Bonnie and Clyde on the run (idk will she have to keep drugging him though?); Nomi is deffo going to continue to try and bring down BPO (hopefully through her arc we get to find out more); i'm not sure with Capheus and Sun though :/

these all sound like they would be great! i am definitely behind the wolfie and felix going to india idea, because they’re going to have to avoid german authorities anyway so it would be a great way to do that. but yeah, all of these are awesome ah

About Arrow S4 spoilers, tagging and a question

Hello there!

Following ah-maa-zing‘s example, I’ll be telling you a little about my gameplan for Arrow season 4 spoilers. As the season premiere is getting closer, hiatus is slowly ending (with emphasis on SLOWLY). And we’re getting into the full-on spoiler-heavy zone.

Last season, I felt like I knew way too much in general about the season going into it. Closer to the finale, I tried my best to avoid big spoilers. And I loved watching the actual episodes even more because of it. So, this season, I’d like to try to not spoil myself and do this again. Keyword here: try.

I’m totally, 100% watching the trailer. We’ve been waiting for the freaking thing for so long, you better believe I’m watching it.

And screencapping the shit out of it. And making graphics of it. Also I need to feed the monster.

I’m definitely not watching preview clips this year. Other spoilers? I’ll wait and see. But to be safe, I’ll be putting in some blocks after the trailer decides to hit the internet. Whenever that may be. Sigh.

As I’ve seen a lot of people on my dash sharing my train of thoughts about this, these are the tags I’ll be using myself for spoilers:

  • Arrow season 4
  • Arrow spoilers
  • Arrow season 4 spoilers
  • Arrow season 4 speculation

Now, when my edits are concerned, I’m still not completely sure what I’ll be doing for tagging. I don’t think I ever tagged them with spoiler tags last year, other than the occasional episode tag. Should I tag them? Are they considered spoilers? Or should I just shut up and tag them whatever the hell I want to? Some advice would be welcome!

It goes without saying that it would be very much appreciated if people were to tag their posts containing spoilers at least with a general tag. My sanity thanks you!

Thanks for reading, much obliged, back to usual business!

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I was just put in the unfortunate situation of taking the GRE with less than one week of preparing and got a 154 Verbal and 156 Quantitative.. how screwed am I?

Honestly, I have no idea what those numbers “mean” - I took the GRE when it was out of 800 so that’s still my frame of reference. BUT I did pretty mediocre on my GRE, especially the math portion. I spent all of the fall semester while applying to grad school judging myself by those numbers. It really put me in a bad mental space. I would try to avoid doing that, if you can.

GRE is part, but only part, of your application. Some places weigh it more heavily than others. If you have a good personal statement and letters of recommendation, those can definitely balance your GRE score out! So I would recommend that you try to focus on getting those golden. You can also re-take the GRE if you wanted (I believe you have to pay extra money to choose which score to send to the universities, though).

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brendon my tiny bagel prince, if u and the beeb did do the frickle frackle wouldn't it be weird if you both like started moaning the same name? (this thought came to me as i was shaving my arm but i forgot about it and now i have remembered)

this is the thought i try to avoid but yes. yes you are correct. that would be strange. also if we got married i couldnt take his name or we’d both be Brendon Urie.

bunnli I know there’s nothing wrong with being Jewish. It’s just different living in a state that’s part of the bible belt so it’s like you’re Christian until proven otherwise and when they do find out some make it their full time job to try and convert you so most of the time I just didn’t mention that I’m Jewish to avoid that

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Try Sigmund

Tick tock, tick tock. Sometimes, that sound could be the most beautiful thing in the world for the ancient janitor bot to hear. However, now was not one of those times.

It seemed like both yesterday and centuries ago that Orvus had left the clock in pursuit of the infernal scientist that had recently invaded what Sigmund considered his home. Thinking much of it was something he tried to avoid, but found himself doing very often thanks to the frequent reminders everywhere he went. Case in point was the hoards of scattered and bewildered zoni, or the very message that Orvus left specifically for him that Sigmund always carried with him.

However, out of everything that made the old robot recall his employer and only friend, there was nothing worse than the lovely display in Sector One of Orvus’ very descendant trapped in a state of stasis and constantly mined for dangerous information. Even thinking about it was enough to make Sigmund’s anxiety go through the roof. What would Orvus say if he was able to see this? He’d probably be disappointed in the bot for not trying to save the much younger robot, that’s for sure. Not to mention how infuriated he’d be about intruders occupying the clock.

But what was Sigmund supposed to do about it? He was by no means a fighter, and the zoni refused to listen to him when warning them about the intruder. Really, the only thing Sigmund could hope for was for the ancient zoni to come back. He’d gladly take his scolding, if only for someone to return everything back to normal.

While bending over and putting his spindly, metallic hands to his face, Sigmund murmured, “Orvus? Please tell me you’re coming back…”

It just dawned on me that Joker must do a lot of physical therapy on board the Normandy to stay in shape. And he probably hates it because a) it’s painful and b) it takes him away from his duties. And I’m imagining Dr. Chakwas constantly bugging him about it. And Shepard. And EDI. And to get him to shut up, the crew always brings it up because he’s constantly trying to avoid it. ‘—-aren’t you late for your physical therapy, Joker?’ And he glares at them as he hobbles away, grumbling like a grumpy old man.

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Hey Derpy. There's this person I know that's not very nice. They've said mean things to me and other people, and they have some views on life that are very unhealthy and encourage others to have those same views. I can try to avoid them, but they are very good friends with some of my friends. I feel they are a bad influence to my friends but I'm afraid of backlash if I speak up. What should I do?

If you’re that concerned about your friends, then the most you can do is voice your opinion. Explain that you’re worried that this person will hurt your friends. If they don’t listen, then there’s not much else you can do. You told them your feeling, and now it’s up to them. You can still continue to be good friends with the friends that you know are genuine. Eventually this person is gonna hurt them, and when that happens at least you’ll be around. 

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I can't seem to get over my ex. And we dated almost a year ago. He brought up our past the last time we talked idk I'm just super confused.. We're both 23.. I just feel like no guy will ever compare to the way he made me feel. Do I need help?

You don’t need help, you were just in love. Which is really risky since you give the other person so much power and then when they take it away, it hurts a lot. My advice would be to just try to avoid talking to him about things that can get personal. Treat him like a decent human being if you do ever happen to talk to him but don’t get too friendly for a while. Just let your feelings for him go away first then maybe you can be friends with him. Also try to forgive him for hurting you, Forgive but don’t forget is my motto for letting go of any negative feelings.

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SOOOO what about a Man from UNCLE Legacy AU, THINK ABOUT IT. Because I can't stop.

Where Jon is Illya, Terry is Solo, and Tish is Gaby?

Tell me your casting!!

I love the idea of an Arrow AU with these characters, but there is SO MUCH OVERLAP with my 00Tommy story that no matter how hard I try (AND I HAVE TRIED VERY HARD) I can’t write it.

So I fangirl and flail after the UNCLE movie in all it’s scrumptiousness while I’m knuckling down and doing the hard work I’ve been avoiding in my writing.