I hope you love these as much as I do, because I ran into so many issues trying to make them work!  I nearly gave up at least twice, but I managed to get the last issue with the bed blankets somewhat solved.  So, here they are! 

Enjoy :D


  • The pillows and bed blankets are purely decorative, intended for designers, and clipping WILL occur if you sims sleep in the bed they are on.
  • Sims will walk into the separated mattresses and bed frames, but they are fully functional.
  • The bed blankets have an offset footprint to avoid an issue with the color darkening significantly when placed on the bed.
  • bb.moveobjects is required for use of these objects.

Items in the Set:

- Double Mattress  (24 recolors)
- Double Bed Frame  (24 recolors)
- Single Mattress   (24 recolors)
- Single Bed Frame  (24 recolors)

Decorations - Misc.
- Single Bed Pillows  (24 recolors)
- Double Bed Pillows  (24 recolors)
- Extra Blanket & Pillow  (24 recolors)
- Single Bed Blanket  (24 recolors)
- Double Bed Blanket  (24 recolors)

Credit To:

ohbehave007 for the Sims 2 Meshes
Orangemittens for the Double Mattress
annachibi for the Single Mattress
fabric.com for the patterns


lateliahh asked:

I always get lost when buying calenders and journals and pens and stuff, got any tips on what the must have essentials for fun studying are? Also, got any tips on how to make an effective study schedule? I like it colorful and with sticky notes, thanks in advance :)

Making Studying Fun:
This is totally subjective and it depends on what you like! The best things for me  personally in making studying fun cannot be bought, good music, making neat notes and trying to enjoy learning. However:

  • A Pretty notebook- I have one with flowers on it and I really like it, for exercise books it doesn’t really matter but for a study planner it can make it more appealing.
  • Highlighters or Coloured pens- It just makes your notes so much nicer and it helps with memory and showing key points. Also colouring just makes everything nicer. 
  • Flashcards- Smaller notes and writing on flashcards can make note-taking a lot more interesting than using 
  • Do What you like- Avoiding doing the things you don’t enjoy is a good method. If you hate writing long pages of notes or drawing diagrams, then don’t do it! Obviously do what you need to do for your course but avoiding the activities you hate makes studying generally less boring.
  • Active Work- Actively doing things and thinking when studying makes it interesting, avoid just reading! Use videos on youtube, Phone Apps like Memrise and Brainscape for flashcards, or quizzes. If you can, you could try making cards that you have to match up for key sets or writing essays or restructuring notes. 
  • Sketchbooks and Marker Pens- You don’t need to get a high quality sketchbook just thick enough that markers don’t bleed through. I use this for making posters, I don’t know why but making a poster with markers or felt tips seems a lot nicer. 
  • Sticky Note Tabs- To mark out pages in textbooks and certain points in your notes. If you can’t find any, just cut up normal sticky notes. 
  • Marker pens and stickers- Recently I did something that was completely dorky and decided to draw dinosaurs all over my Biology folder and put dinosaur stickers on it as well. Putting stickers on your folder is quite fun. 

Study Schedule Tips:

  • Have a place where everything is stored- Choose one place, such as a journal or notebook, or apps like MyHomework, to store all of your schedule and to do list. Having one single place as your hub simplifies everything. 
  • Keep your schedule Flexible- Personally I prefer a tick list over a set schedule, but generally it’s a good idea to be realistic and flexible with your scheduling. 
  • Identify what’s important- Look at what your goals are in life and what you need to put the most time into. Prioritise these first and make them more important in your schedule. As I use a tick list, I underline or highlight these. 

How I schedule my time:

Currently I’m using a notebook that is A5 lined paper from Paperchase.

At the front of the book I have important things that are always set in stone, Exam Dates, Open Days, the Weekly Timetable.

It then works on week by week basis. I slit up 2 pages into each day, underneath this I put the tasks I need to do that day in a checklist. For longer checklists, i.e.: shopping lists, I put these on post it notes or spare room on the pages.

I will highlight or write the most important things in capital letters.

Everything I don’t do moves onto the next days list. 

On the next two pages I leave room for important notes that week such as information for events or notes that don’t have anywhere else to belong.

To keep this up I make sure to do it every morning when I go into college and make sure I keep it on me at most times. 

I hope this helps :)

anonymous asked:

I've been feeling down lately because of Tao then I see the members acting happy, as if nothing happens, everything is rose even though one member is still sick/leaving/having whatever problem. I don't expect anything cause SM wouldn't let them anyway, but silence would speak louder than words. now it's like they try to distract us :( Are they expecting us to just forget , move on already? i just want a sign that they do care somehow, but so far nothing. sorry but i need time to get over this.

This may sound a little harsh but the world doesn’t stop because one person has left it. EXO are going to continue promoting/working through this uncertain time. That’s just how it is. SM will keep the boys busy while trying to avoid the negative press coming out from this. 

And while I do agree I wish for the members to talk about their feelings about the situation do we really wish to see EXO looking all sad and depressed all the time just because of the drama recently? Not really. Despite all that has happened, they still have to smile for their fans because they are EXO.

 I’m not sure if you’ve been keeping up with their appearances after the news broke up but I’ve seen photos where the look in some of the members eyes where they looked both tired and sad. 

This is a very subdued smile from kai…-my heart cried for jonginnie lol-

EXO won yesterday…but they were pretty solemn about it….

To me the smiles look forced at times but you can’t tell me they aren’t effected by this because they are anon. However the members of EXO still have to make a living and working is apart of that. They still have to smile for their fans and satisfy their fans during such a confusing time so don’t think of this as a “peachy” time for the exo members. I’m sure they are feeling this as much as we fans are. 


There are times I keep my mouth shut to avoid confrontation. This is not one of those times, but I am certainly not trying to start an argument. Tonya asked the question. I gave an answer, but please know that there are so much to be said that can’t be expressed in a tweet. 

I am not well-versed in all trans issues, but I do understand why the Bruce Jenner Interview is a moment in time that is important and impactful to the world. Yes, Bruce is currently seen as a reality TV star, but that is not to take away from the fact that she is a major public figure with influence. 

Young people who are not out as trans now have someone else to look up to. Young people who do not know what it is to be trans now have someone else to look up to.

alright so i dont even know what the frick this is but here we go lets start with a horrible explanation of an AU that i thought up while i made vincent in saints row. 

So basically what happens is that scott lives with vincent and they are very very close friends but since vincent is the leader of a large gang he doesnt want scott to get hurt because of him so vincent trys as hard as possible to avoid scott while at “work” or not tell anything about it to him thus making the secret AU. Later on scott get suspicious and constantly asks him about what hes doing and vincent still never tells him because hes scared of what scott would think and doesn’t want him to leave him. So in the long run this AU is inspired off of saints row so a lot of the humor and references are gonna be from it.
As well its not a big thing its just a small AU i thought of and enjoy drawing.

This blog is gonna as well be an ask blog so if u wanna ask scott or vincent anything go right ahead il answer with pics and stuffs so yeh.ill be making comics and small pictures to go along with this AU as well.

mikanshiratama asked:

reimari 11 :>

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!” Reimu swiped bits of wet snow off off her face and scowled at Marisa, grinning with arms full of balled snow.

“You’re-” Reimu moved her head to avoid a flying snowball. “Not making-” And again. “Cleaning the shrine yard-” Just how many snowballs did Marisa have? “Any easier!”

Reimu sighed as Marisa laughed. “C’mon Reimu, you’re no fun!”

“Trust me, I’d rather be doing that than trying to shovel through all this damn stuff.” It had snowed for days, causing the snow to keep piling up as the shrine maiden avoided going outside, having a hatred for the cold. And now the snow was several feet tall, and a royal pain to shovel through.

She felt another snowball hit her back, and cringed as cold water dripped down her back under her shirt. “Marisa, I swear to god-” She was hit with another, and her patience was nearing its end. “I’ll drown you in this snow, it’s already a good foot taller than you are.”

Reimu set her shovel into the snow, contemplating whether being smacked with it would hurt the witch much or not.

“Just a take break from the shovelin’, you’re getting all grumpy.” Marisa said, dropping her snowballs and beginning to walk over to her. “May as well enjoy the snow while it’s here!”

“Yeah, I suppose so…Or….” Suddenly Reimu pulled her shovel out of the snow and swung it, not to hit Marisa, but to launch a giant shovelful of snow into the witch’s face. Marisa fell over from the impact, falling into a nearby snowbank and sinking in so only her legs could be seen out of it.

“There. You deserved that.” Reimu said, walking over the snowbank. “Now are you oka-”

Reimu was grabbed by the wrists and pulled into the giant pile, snow caving in the hole behind her. She first felt the side of her face making contact with the cold snow, and next Marisa giggling beside her, smiling a big grin with a rosy nose and cheeks from the cold. “And you deserved that!”

Did she? No, but Reimu didn’t feel like arguing.  Sighing, she stood up and shook the snow of the her clothes, pulling Marisa up with her. “Let’s just go inside and have tea, I’m starting to lose feeling in my toes.”

anonymous asked:

In your answer to the top five reasons against modern feminism ask you said that you found it annoying that feminists say that men "need to be taught not to rape women". Although the wording is slightly condescending, we do live in a world (contd.)

[I’m just going to group all your asks together to make it easier for me to respond]

p.2 “where 1 in every 5 women experiences some form of assault. This being true, I hardly think it’s unreasonable to try and create a culture where women are not taught from a young age how to avoid rape, (contd. again)

p.3 “but a culture where rape isn’t an issue in the first place. Saying that men need to be taught not to rape women is just a way of saying that rape shouldn’t even be a problem, and it shouldn’t be happening at all. Just my opinion.

The statistic of 1 in 5 women being a victim of sexual assault is not true, or faulty at the very least. The study that so many cite to prove this fact was done by a women named Marie Koss who only interviewed 6,159 students from 32 colleges in USA. Her study was very faulty, first off, the low number of people in the studies. It would be very unfair to use her findings and apply it as law all 310 million people living in America. Second, some of the questions that were like “had sex when you did not want to“. That sounds like rape, right? But if a women wasn’t really in the mood to have sex with her boyfriend but she complied anyways to make him happy without the use of force the study would count that as rape. Same if a woman who had been drinking [not just drunk out of her senses, but just drinking anything alcoholic] and had sex after it but later regretted it. The study counted that as rape too.

It is important to note that around a quarter of the women who the study counted as being raped did not feel like that had actually been raped or victimized. Many of the people in the study did not view their experiences the same way that Marie Koss did and around 49% of the women classified as victims in the study felt that there was some sort of miscommunication between the survey and them. 73% of the women classified as rape victims did not feel that they had actually been raped and about 35% of these women later had intercourse with their alleged rapists again.

Sources for this: X     X

Another very important detail that makes this study obsolete is that the survey was done in 1993 making the data over 20 years old and therefore outdated and useless. Female victims of sexual violence from 1994-2010 has gone done 64% from “…a peak of 5.0 per 1,000 females in 1995 to 1.8 per 1,000 females in 2005 (figure 1, appendix table 1). It then remained unchanged from 2005 to 2010…” Even if the study Marie Koss did was not faulty, female sexual assault has drastically gone down and would lower what it is now.

Source: X

Saying “Men need to be taught not to rape” is honestly a dumb thing to say to help prevent sexual assault. Saying that implies men are stupid creatures that need to be told that “rape is bad and you shouldn’t do it”. It’s not like rape is illegal and widely condone by almost every one. Another thing wrong with this sentence and others like it is that assumes rapists have the same mindset as normal, non rapist people and will stop them from raping someone once they read that. It also implies that rapists are raping people because they were never taught is was a wrong thing to do.  Rapists know what they’re doing is wrong, or they are too crazy to care about what’s morally and legally wrong. Honestly, a little sign or PSA won’t stop them

Society does teach and condone rape so much that some people view rape as worse than death. Most men are disgusted by the notion of rape and quite a few are willing to beat up or even kill rapists, especially if someone they loved was assualted by them.

I think it is a good idea for anyone to learn self defense or carry a weapon for self defense to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of any crime. How ever, women are already being victimized by scaring them into believing they’re going to be raped and need to walk around in fear while clutching pepper spray in their hand. The only reason why girls are taught from a young age how to avoid rape is because people have blown totally blown the chances of you being raped out of proportion and fear mongering has taken place of rational thought. Being aware of how to prevent girls form being rape is good, but not when it clutches girls heart in terror of the thought being raped at every corner when they leave the house.

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I can't stop sinning by watching porn and masturbatingn me, what do I do? I repent but I want to stop

Avoid situations that encourage you to do that. Try not to be alone in your room. Block the porn sites. Try to remember that you’re contributing to a very harmful industry that ruins millions of lives. Pray to God to give you the strength to resist your urges.

When your best friends kidnap you and take you out onto their family’s private lake house for some downtime because “You’re always with with people twice or three times your age, we miss you..” They’re so right. Whether it’s school or sugaring or work I’m rarely ever with people my age and I never really noticed. It feels good to just relax and hangout with people who fully understand what I do and completely avoid bringing it up and just talk about regular stuff like music, sports, life, who does the best tricks on the jet ski (we’re into a lot of water sports) I didn’t have to get all dolled up (but I was due to the fact I was dragged after getting home from work hence why you see my heels lol) I didn’t have to try and impress anyone because let’s face it, they’ve seen me at my worst and they still love my crazy ass. This is just an appreciation post for the very few people I can actually depend on. Arabian men love to see their women happy even their best friends 💕 -Anne💋

the guy i like… i keep trying to drop hints that we should hang out but like. i don’t think he gets it. maybe it’s a culture difference or something

for a stupid anxiety riddled minute i thought “omg he’s avoiding me” but that’s stupid bc he messages me sometimes of his own free will right

i want to message him now but i am a little under the influence so i don’t think it would be a good idea plus i have no chance because i will leave the country soon. my squish is hopeless

so i’ll just. tipsily romance alistair or something ;_;

Okay, it’s a Saturday, which means I should do a liveblog of something.  Since SMC isn’t on today (*sob*), I’m going to try to finish KLK episode 15, dammit. Or at least make it another five minutes into the show while I flail over Satsuki.

As usual, just blog the tags, if you’re not here for that or if you’re avoiding spoilers or whatever.  ♥

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lmao to your last commenter on the Jmo post. Bottom line both Lana and Jmo are lovely and have repeatedly defend SQ when possible but they are not perfect and they have jobs, jobs that require them to promote what they're being paid to do. People in this fandom put them on pedestals which in toxic for a fandom like us. I love Jmo & Lana I don't like OQ or CS so I avoid it and support them in other ways. Like Isi what I'm trying to say just- think people and be rational lol


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Hey Arnil, so I wrote this love letter to my crush n imma give it to him at school Monday, and like....what should I do once I give it to him? Like, is it normal to be a lil embarrassed n try to avoid him or like....what's the appropriate reaction???

i have no idea normally when i have crushes i just act like i dont know how to speak in front of them but i guess just do the opposite of that actually try to socialize with them

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I'm a Leo and I don't have trouble with committing to a long relationship but I just get too attached to someone who may or may not feel the same way back and I always get hurt. Any advice?

There is nothing wrong with getting attached to someone but before you do just be more cautious about who you are willing to get close to. When forming new relationships try to observe their character and see if they are really interested in you as a person and actually care about you. If they blow you off a lot or just flaky in general avoid getting too involved with them. You want to get attach to someone because of their inner emotional self and not just on what they are showing on the outside.

- Amanda

shoutout to those dealing with mental illness, silently suffering, barely coping, struggling to keep it under wraps, trying to be strong because society has made you feel like you will never fit in.  for those of you who are fighting so hard for recognition, whose family does not understand, who are in and out of therapy, who can’t get a job or go to school because your invisible illness is simply disregarded: please know that you’re not alone, you are valid, and you deserve so much more credit for how much you go through each and every exhausting day.

On Sunday I wore traditional dress to town for the first time in a while, and I was reminded why I had avoided doing it so much in the past. It wasn’t just the stares but the obvious looks of distaste, one women shook her head at us, another mouthed something I couldn’t hear. My small town is full of people who love to appropriate my culture. One time during a free dress day at my old high school a girl wore a salwaar and a t-shirt to school. My mum, who was born in Punjab, has slowly begun to transition to western clothing at home, she wants to start trying to wear western clothes out as well, because she’s afraid. She’s afraid of racism. I’m sick of this. I know a lot of people in my town who wear bindi’s and traditional Indian dress with no understanding of their cultural value. I hated feeling abnormal during school, but even more then that I hate that my mum feels obligated to change her cultural identity to ‘fit in’ to a society which has begun to claim our identity as their own fashion trend.

Scrub code of honor
  • Don’t use the same attack repeatedly cause that’s cheating, and not that I’m too dumb to try to avoid it
  • Don’t play fighting games like it’s a competition, they’re not meant to be competitive games
  • Don’t be a little bitch and come fight up close
  • People that rely on gimmicks and the same set-ups are losers, don’t do that
  • Be fair and let me move
  • Practicing is for cheaters
  • Throws are OP, don’t use them

okay but think about this so muse a and muse b both have super fucked up pasts and have terrible nightmares/night terrors as a result and do everything they can to stay awake to avoid them but muse b moves next door to muse a and finds them out back one night in the freezing cold trying to keep himself/herself awake and after spending the whole night together they decide to keep each other awake from now on but one night muse a falls asleep and starts having a nightmare and muse b goes to comfort them and finds that muse a only comes down when they’re laying together and they realize that they can only ever get the sleep they need when they’re in each other’s arms just think about it