What do you think is the biggest challenge for female artists starting out today?

I think, and it’s not the artist, but they have to fight for what they want and their identities and stuff like that. The fact [is] that everyone at these labels wants to do what everyone [else] is doing. You have to look like her; you have to be like her; you have to sing like her, and no one can express themselves. I look at Rihanna and I am so proud of her. She speaks loudly! You have to stand up and clap. She expresses herself through fashion. She actually can sing. And her songs mean something, even to me, you know?

London Sessions featured some really out-of-the-box collaborations. Are there any other artists you’d like to work with?

Rihanna, I totally love and respect Rihanna—she’s like my sister.

What are some of your favorite songs from her?
Oh man, “Diamonds,” “Umbrella,” “Take a Bow.” First of all, let me just put this into perspective: Rihanna has made so many amazing records; every number one record she’s ever had—the Loud album was exceptional, the first album was amazing. She can just do no wrong to me. -Elle

Hey guys look, I made a totally original artwork drawn by ME.

Please buy my prints in the next major pony convention, I want moneys.

I totally am a hard-working artist and deserve full compensation for my efforts.

*newscaster voice* In what is being hailed as the most ironic 4/20 in decades

Animal count!

13 rats
4 mice
13 snakes (3 retics, 1 Borneo, 1 blood, 4 hognoses (western and Mexican), 1 dumerils, 1 vine snake, 2 redtails)
3 geckos (1 tokay, 1 flying, 1 halmahera)
2 lizards (savannah and Timor monitors)
5 dogs (3 German shepherds, 1 pitbull, 1 presa canario)
2 cats
2 Hawks (red tailed Hawks. Flinchy and Falco)
1 turtle (common snapping)
Then all the rehab animals I’m working with which is too many to count!
Total: 43+

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Hello, to pass time in the great late wait if thought it would be fun to hear stories of when and where people were last time Kate gave birth - could you share? Thanks and love your blog 👶🏻

Oh let’s see…I was working :) And when they announced the birth I totally started crying at work. I was watching the live stream for days and they totally put up with it and let me have my moment :)


I am so honored and grateful to be able to work with total geniuses such as @kommienezuspadt @rosiemercado @artrhapsody @pinkenglish and @callmek5 (shooting w/Holly while this was being filmed). So impressed with this shoot, can’t wait until it hits the site. <3 Laura #pinupgirlclothing #CoutureForEveryBody #pinupgirlstyle #bodypositive


Bloomberg and Hollywood: A Love Story

Everytown for Gun Safety

Dear Michael,

Thanks so much for getting together this week. It was a total pleasure, and I look forward to working together.
When we announced Everytown for Gun Safety, we were convinced that we needed to build a counterweight to the gun lobby, which has had the field to itself for a generation. This takes money, which is why Mike Bloomberg’s significant financial commitment per year is so important. It also takes a strategic plan. I believe we have the critical elements in place: a 50-state grassroots operation led by Moms Demand Action; a well-funded super PAC that will hold elected officials accountable for their votes; a policy and legal shop that knows this issue inside and out; and a communications and social media team that gets our message out to our 1.9 million members (with a goal of 2.5 million members by year’s end) and the press and public. In the end, this has to be about the safety of our kids and grandchildren, and not about the Second Amendment.
While we are headquartered in NYC and DC, we are increasingly convinced that, like marriage equality, this is an issue that has to be fought state by state. That’s why our recent wins in Washington State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Louisiana are so significant. At the same time, we’ll always keep a watchful eye on federal legislation and opportunities. While this issue is not for the faint of heart and will require a commitment for the long haul, I’m optimistic that we can match the NRA, which is facing steep hurdles as the country becomes more suburban and urban, and which is forced to take extreme stands that are out of touch with its members and the general public.
Your offer to help means a lot to us. As we discussed, this effort cannot stand on the shoulders of one person, and I sincerely hope that you and Jamie will join our Founders Circle with a $100,000 donation. Thanks for being part of the fight.



Great WOD tonight! I totally lost count on my rounds (counting using fractional plates) so I said I’d done 4+16, then told Alima I may have done 5+16 and thought I’d lost count. Robertson corrected me and told me I’d totally done 5+16. (we were working out together and almost hit each other on the runs)

Good times! Now I’m off to hang with my guy’s group.

I was a total gelatinous ravioli monster all last week at work (often late, avoided harder tasks in favor of faster ones, did busy work slowly, went for extended walks and coffee breaks) and posted my strongest numbers of 2015…..??

so, kids! in case you were wondering: that feeling of writing a paper in an hour and thinking it’s garbage and then MAGICALLY getting an A on it and then the professor reads some of it to the class while you revel in your sheer dumb luck STILL EXISTS AS AN ADULT

Update re: Neurodiversity in Sherlock audio panel transcription

Last weekend, I managed to finish the first 24 minutes of the panel (out of 55 minutes total).

Given my schedule, I won’t be able to continue working on it until this upcoming weekend.

Rose ( goldenheartedrose ) has graciously volunteered to do the video captioning of the panel, and since their schedule is busy too, this will also take some time.

Basically, this is to let interested parties know that we are working diligently to get these completed (as fast as we are able to) so we can share it with you.


“Rebecca and I are like brother/sister. Working with Bex was such a joy, we were both excited to work together and see our characters have a face-off with each other.” - Sean Maguire