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do you oppose PP because of abortions or for other reasons? i only ask bc if PP stopped abortions but still continued their contraceptive and STD prevention services, would you still support them?

I would support them a lot more, and I’d love it if they stopped getting funding from my tax dollars too (once I start working). I’d totally support them then!

Dude. This place. I love it. I sat here for 3 hrs and knit yesterday. I’m gonna see if they’ll be needing any part time employees this fall. I don’t work any weekends at the hospital and I’ll only be doing 3 days starting in September. I could totally work here

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Hehehehe, I'm liking your mom dude, if it were possible i'd totally swing by to get some of her work, assuming that her job is this and not just a hobby or something. I'm not 100% sure how things work here. And feel worried that I'm assuming too much.

Caddy: “Oh, well, my blog does have a page with some little bits of info about my friends and family… it very badly needs updating, but my mom is on there!”

Jennifer: “And since you were wondering, it is a lot more than just a hobby! I run a little shop on the other side of New Home - making suits and dresses mostly, and doing minor alterations like wing holes or extra sleeves.”

Caddy: “Yeah - after she became corporeal, mom’s dream was to start a family and run her own business. And she’s doing an amazing job, of course!”

Jennifer: “And Hellany does amazing work too, don’t forget!”

Caddy: “Heh, of course I won’t! Hellany and mom are really good friends… she’s practically one of the family. And though she comes from a species that’s blind in the traditional sense - and uses magic to see - she puts all kinds of enchantments on fabrics.”

Jennifer: “She sure does! Her spells for stopping sweat stains and allowing fabrics to breathe have kept our summer collection selling like Nice Cream in Hotland. We can barely keep up with the demand sometimes, but we can always make room for Caddy!”

Caddy: “Yeah - and I really appreciate it. I get my clothes and alterations for free, but mom gets free advertising from monsters asking where I get my outfits, so it’s a win-win!”

Mockingjay Coping Mechanism

So I posted earlier in the week about how I went out and made an emergency purchase of the Catching Fire movie to counteract the hurt and angst during the Mockingjay reread.  It’s totally not working!  I really-really wish I had packed my CF book.  The movie just doesn’t do it for me.  The more I’ve watched it, the more I’ve realized how much they wrote down the Everlarkness that is so evident in the book.  I get that they needed to play up the love triangle but it’s just so depressing!  Now I’m totally relying on all of you and your beautiful Everlark art, gifsets, picsets, aesthetics, fics, drabbles and anything else you can post until I can get home to my Catching Fire book.  Six days to go!  Keep it coming!  

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in the meantime…this does help a little, but this scene was way too short in the movie.

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wheezes i really need to work on overhand serves i can never make one over the net but they usually fall short as in like right in front of the net?? i feel like as long as i get my serve down i have a better chance of making it onto the team (pt 1)

(pt 2) but do you know how to improve them? i try hitting them with my fist because that usually gets them farther but i kind of want to know how to do it just “traditionally”. will improving arm strength help?? im sorry if this is a bit much!!

okay, so first off, yay on working to improve!!  I totally feel you, though, because when I first started, serving was the hardest thing for me.  I was super weak when I was in middle school and had 0 upper body strength.  So yes, improving arm strength (push-ups, using dumbbells, etc.) will definitely help!

One thing, though, that is really important to NOT do is to hit it with your fist.  Even though it ideally works, you have 0 control over the ball besides the fact that “hey, it got really close to the net!”  Its okay, though!  A lot of people make that mistake when they first start.

What I would recommend (that helped me start to get my serve over) is to use 2 steps.  So you’re standing there to serve, and (THIS FOR IF YOURE RIGHT HANDED.  IF YOURE LEFT HANDED DO THE OPPOSITE!) you take a step with your right foot, take a step with your left foot, toss the ball and serve.  It gives you a little more momentum and strength to help get it over the net, at least from what I did when I was younger!  And now that I’m older and have more strength, I can serve normally (step, toss, drag your back foot, serve).

I hope this helps, friend!  Good luck! <3

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I just wish we had confirmation of TO's ep order! I think it must be 13? That would allow Klaus to appear in the last ep or two and I can't imagine he wouldn't given it's the end JP's already said she wants to bring back popular characters. I think TO being ahead totally works for us here. TVD ends with Defan + Caroline gtfo of MF. The can *maybe* mention that Klaus spoke to her and she's enjoying herself. And then she pops up right at the end of TO for a scene.

We do! Per these other anon’s I got,

Phoebe confirmed yesterday that TO got a 13 episodes order. So with TO ending after TVD, I think they will bring Caroline to NOLA for the season finale of TO

Phoebe said in an interview that they’ll have 13 episodes this season so what CMD said a couple of weeks ago seems to be definitely confirmed. So 16 episodes for TVD, 13 episodes for TO. Based on how some things might play out I’m starting to think we’ll have our “endgame” in TVD unless TO gets a s5 but it will be more of a tease for a possible future which explains what Julie said in her interview.

As for those messages, both sound plausible. Either way, I’m like rather confident, more so than EVER, that Klaroline is endgame. Let the games begin ;).

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I thought about using the "My dice roll well" sigil the next time my friends and I play Pen & Paper. And I wondered, if I would draw the sigil on my hands and with everytime I pick the d20 or w/e, if the sigil would charge when I shake the dice in my hands? And when I let go of them, it would release the energy in the sigil? Oh and what would you recommend; drawing it on the back of my hand or my palm? - xo

Yup, I think that would totally work. I would probably draw the sigil on the palm of your hand, that way the dice are actually coming in contact with it. It would probably work just as well on the outside, but palm would be my first choice.


A set of A3 prints for Smash2016! I haven’t drawn animals/monsters seriously in a long while so this was heaps of fun!!

I may remove the logos for the print versions but for now they look good on the web previews :-) Detail Close Ups Here

TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

No Stream tomorrow!!

Sorry!!! I totally forgot that I took, like, 2 weeks off of work ahaha … And I’m going next week to poland .. again xx… So yea … Dunno about next week so I’ll be sure to post if it will be or not :,D I’m sooo sorry… Aaah … Take those 2 doodles I made while beeing in the train ><!!!


km + feelings for caroline

AU!Game Night with the Mirkwood Family & Extended Family (click for full res)

It’s all fun and games …  until someone goes bankrupt!

Let’s see how this little family get together is going …

Thranduil, has taken the role of announcer/shoutcaster since his son is doing so well, and now won’t shut up about how well Legolas is doing #dotingfather #itsonlyagameman

Iestil, is praying for her son’s good fortune to continue bc it’s such a beautiful sight to behold #blessup #shedsasingletear

Legolas, has somehow managed to get both Park Place and Boardwalk properties and has hotels sitting on those properties, is currently rolling in moolah because unfortunate souls keep on landing on his properties #definitionofMonopoly

Elrond, is the unfortunate soul who landed on Boardwalk AND Park Place not once but THREE TIMES and went bankrupt and had to sell his properties to pay up #rip #soulhasleftbody

Tauriel, the banker, also happens to have a Monopoly on the railroads, is currently showering Legolas in dolla dolla bills (courtesy of Elrond) #makeitrain

Galadriel, is in jail because of a Chance card and has yet to roll doubles to get out– it has now been 7 turns #wtfisthisluck

Celeborn, is wondering how in the world did this game turn so one sided/ how he and Galadriel are losing to the rest of their family #hasfinallylosthismarbles #thinksheorhiswifeshouldbewinning

// Draw Your Squad Meme : Mirkwood Fam Version iamnotsorry

Blank meme can be found here

Well, to be fair, I did say I was working on some drawing memes and some  memes are simply too glorious/ left me cackling for hours because of the poses. If Iestil had her family over for game night … I’d probably say this is actually a pretty decent representation of what would happen. All I have to say is I’m SO sorry Elrond HAHAHA LOL this is def some sort of AU because I can’t take anything seriously anymore LOL GOODBYEWORLDIAMJUSTLOLING

So, today I got into an accident, my car is totaled and i sustained a leg injury
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Thanks so much.