The fact that he’s taking such a risk by playing “The Last Guardian” on the channel blows my mind. He could have very much chosen to play this in his own time where he doesn’t have to section it out in videos spaced out every few days (although he could record multiple videos at once) simply because this is something he has been waiting to play for literal years now, and it’s something very special to him. I would have understood completely if he had, too, but he’s choosing to play this on the channel for us. Because he wants to share this incredibly emotional and amazing experience with all of us.

He is so generous and kind. 

I really really hope we all get through this spoiler-free.


A huge thank you to all of the amazing CC creators that I have mentioned, all credit goes to them. (This lookbook matches my tumblr theme so well it almost makes me a little emotional. I’m a sucker for layouts and themes) But anyway, here is a small winter COLOR themed lookbook! 


Outfit One CC List - Everyday

Eyeliner, Earrings (Double Pierce Earrings), Romper (Backyard SP), Jean Jacket Accessory, Shoes (City Living EP)

Outfit Two CC List - Formal

Eyeshadow (Base Game), Eyeliner, Earrings (Base Game), Dress

Outfit Three CC List - Athletic

T-Shirt, Capri Leggings, Converse

Outfit Four CC List - Sleepwear

Tank Recolors, Shorts, Slippers (Base Game)

Outfit Five CC List - Party

Eyeshadow (Base Game), Eyeliner, Earrings  (Double Pierce Earrings), Peplum Top, Rose Jeans (You need this mesh), Shoes (Base Game)


Hair, EyebrowsSkin #1, Skin Overlay, Nails, Blush, Lips  

Quit feeding into the anon. Quit replying. Quit wasting your time and emotional well being on someone who’s only goal is to hurt others. Delete those messages. Don’t even give them a second thought. If we stop playing their games, they’re going to go away, or eventually just tire themselves out.

We all know at this point that their goal is to make smaller blogs, and younger people feel insecure about themselves and i’m sure their hope is that eventually, you will break down and you will quit. Do not give them that satisfaction. Your age doesn’t matter. Your follower count doesn’t matter. The characters you cosplay do. Not. Matter.

Listen, anon. We also all know by now that you’re one of us. You’re a part of this community. You wouldn’t know these details and names and be there so rapidly to tear people down if you weren’t already around. Whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. This community is not about hurting others. And not for one second should you think that you’re going to get away with this forever. If you’ve got troubles, or you’re having a rough time with something, you need to talk to someone. You can message me. You can message one of the handful of others i’ve seen offer you their inboxes. You cannot continue to do this and act this way towards people who are nothing but kind and good. You’re digging yourself deeper, and the only one that’s going to end up leaving the community is yourself.

I think we don’t give enough credit to the friendships in this show. Friends are SO IMPORTANT! Yes, we’re all obviously hooked on the even x isak storyline, but let’s not forget the wonderful and amazing friendships that are built in this show (from Season 1 till now). The absolute absence of ANY adult person just magnifies the importance of having a supportive, encouraging group of friends. That having these people around teaches you and helps you develop as a person. It teaches us how to be a good friend to others too, how to react when someone comes to us with a problem, how to be there for someone. And that you can find family and love in a group of your peers just makes me so damn emotional.

Hi so basically I’m just going to incoherently ramble about the perfection that is the ending scene of episode 9.

We all know Conner as a cynical businessman and lawyer, stoic and stand-offish. We all know Hayes as provocative and bold, using humour as a defence mechanism and unwilling to show emotion around anyone.

Around each other in that final scene, their barriers, their walls just came tumbling down. Hayes let herself be comforted and consoled, Conner let himself be gentle and compassionate. Her little gasp when she first turns around of pure and utter RELEIF to have him there with her was just heartbreaking. She’d been restraining herself the entire episode around him, holding back. Finally, she just let go of all of it. She didn’t care that she was a mess, he didn’t care that he was letting himself be vulnerable with her.

All over, it was an incredibly written and performed scene. Every aspect of it was raw, vulnerable and emotional.

anonymous asked:

Is this a me thing, but when you saw RUN for BTS did you cry too?????????

I absolutely did cry. And this is something that I wanted to talk about to someone before but it never came up in conversation.

Run (and The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era in general) makes me severely emotional. For me, it certainly is about youth. That innocent time we spend wanting to grow up and do well in life…those precious moments that we can never get back that pass us in a blink of an eye.

It’s all so simple yet so hard hitting. I never got to have those moments because I was forced to grow up quite quickly, but the small moments I do have, I treasure very close to my heart. Seeing the RUN video and everything to do with that youthful feeling just really gets to me. Part of me feels envy, another part feels bitter, another part feels happy and another part feels sadness. It’s beautiful in the most tragic way possible.

I’m sorry for rambling on. I realise I’m not really explaining myself very well haha. But I certainly do cry when I listen to the song or see the video.

Okay, because I'm such a sucker for The Perfect music put to scenes that make them like 5,000 times more emotion, and we already have beautiful songs but to sanvers scenes…I keep on picturing the first Sanvers love scene or a tender moment being put to Jess Glynne’s song “My Love (acoustic)”. asjdfhlasdfhja or like imagine Sanvers dancing or being all romantic and hearteyes and this playing. OMG SOMEONE STOP ME BEFORE I FALL OFF INTO THE SOFT SANVERS HEADCANON ABYSS!!  But like…listen to it and these lyrics…(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 

Control is such an open-ended word for me
Something that I used to think I owned
I’m standing here with none, I’m feeling so complete
You helped me understand to let it go

And ohhh You’ve turned this black heart made it into gold
So I wanna let you know that

My love and my touch, up above is made with the warmth of my,
My love and my touch, up above is made with the warmth of my love

Stay close to me, love 

okay.  so i just wrote that thing on regret.  but i wanted to say something else about the emotional life. 

emotions are not like weird, phantom things that occur/happen to us. 

emotions are how we feel in response to the stories that we tell ourselves. 

so like, sadness.  is the emotion we feel in response to the story that we tell ourselves that somehow we have lost something or someone.  it is a story of incompleteness.  

this is why a lot of therapist and spiritual advisers work on either ‘reframing’ the story, seeing the story from a larger or different perspective, or dropping the story all together and feeling the energy of the moment.  

in other words, stop presenting yourself as being a victim of your emotions.  (oh i cant help how i feel!  i just feel this way and it is overwhelming me!  i am a passive victim of these overwhelming emotions!) and just try to figure out what the story you are telling yourself.  and then ask, is. it. true?

is the story true?

is the belief true?

are you 100 percent assured that it is true?

what if it wasn’t true?  what if there were other possibilities for what is really real?

like, when my father died, did i really lose him?  not really. actually, not at all.  he is with me every day.  

shit i've forgot to update y'all on:

1) i *might* be moving to hawaii next yr. it’s a 50/50 chance & im actually routing for it to happen.

2) i deleted the post but a while back i was having some internal issues w pronouns/male expectations & i asked everyone to use they/them for me except while in the presence of my family & i want to abnegate that by saying i worked through those emotions & i realized that i am fine w he/him + actually prefer he/him.

3) i *might* be getting another dog after i move & i wanted to adopt. i get to pick the name this time if it happens so i’ve been brainstorming abt that.

4) i’m on the journey of trying to grow my hair out as much as possible for the first time since i came out so that’s exciting to see how i’ll look/feel abt it

“I’ve never really had to do anything like that before. I just tried to leave myself open to being there, just physically, and being covered in blood and looking around. I just sort of used everything I was feeling in the moment and that way it wasn’t hard to connect to whatever emotion Kenny [Lonergan] wanted me to connect to, because I felt so vulnerable being there and just being so exposed and being so open and everybody looking at me. I mean just that alone makes me want to start crying, all these people are looking at me and I feel like Don’t look at me, don’t look at me.”

Allison Janney, on her single, haunting death scene in Margaret

Come Back To Me

Dean’s hands framed my face, I closed my eyes letting the tears freely flow down my cheeks. The pads of his thumbs gently wiping them away, he leaned in, his forehead pressing against mine. “Come back to me.”

I kissed him gently, climbing into my car, I drove off before I could change my mind or before he could stop me. The past two years, we’d been so good together, but what was the old adage, all good things come to an end.

That’s why I needed to do this, to put miles between us, to see if this is really meant to be. If miles apart would make us forget each other, or make us grow closer. 

I drove for hours, listening to the radio, every other song was a reminder of our relationship. I couldn’t pick an emotion, I was either crying or laughing. Each song I heard triggered such a strong reaction to a memory.

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12.06.16 - Random Post / Life Update

Hey! Sorry… My posts might be a little boring until I start traveling again. I’m so excited to be going back to London. It seems so close, but so far away at the same time if that makes any sense. Graduation is only a few weeks away. My parents are so emotional about it, especially my dad. He tells Addie and I all the time about how much he’ll miss us. I’ll miss my family. I’ll come back to visit though. I’ll miss my favorite redheads. (And Harley.) I guess that’s all for now.


anonymous asked:

I had a fandom friend about five or six years ago now who I cut ties with completely after they told me they had once visited a particular cafe every day for about a month because they'd seen a photo of a particular actress there. Their rational was that 'the same fans buy their merch and go to cons so they have to be nice to us' and I sat there speechless thinking that being a creepy and a fan won't make the actors nice to you, it will make them cut ties with all fans for their safety

What people like your former friend don’t realize is that the actress has to be nice to them in that situation too.  So say they are faced with a creepy fan.  Maybe they’re in a safe place like an airport where there is security and cameras.  If they blow you off and are rude to you then they risk that fan going online and spreading how bitchy they were.  Or worse if there is a recording of it.

During season 2, right after Lana filmed an emotional scene with Henry in Steveston, she didn’t want to talk to a fan and that fan went online and talked for weeks about how she was a huge bitch.  So blowing off a fan, especially one that is obsessed enough to lay in wait, risks damage to their reputation.

And if it’s an uncontrolled setting like a cafe or near their home… they have a Rebecca Schaeffer incident.

A con is a highly controlled setting with security and the ability to end an interaction should it become dangerous or creepy.

I am so sappily emotional.

Okai so today, I went to tuition for maths, me and my friend were sitting in the living room where all the kids were, the teacher is just sitting on the couch, if we’re confused in our subject, ((each of us has their own subject for tuition, for example, I’m maths, my friend is biology)) she can help us and then boom, we’ll understand.

After school I have tuition with my friends so we walk to our teacher’s house and study there, it became our 2.1 home.

And I love it man.

Okai, tHE REASONNNNNNN, Why I’m so sappily emotional is because, well, me and my friend; ((I ain’t saying her name just her stage name but damn she cool tho)) SunFlower, I call her sunflower cause…idk she just reminds me of a sunflower for some odd reason XD.


Me and SunFlower were talking and she suddenly said to me.

“Why are you so perfect?”



I was confused but flattered, cause Mary has been asking me that question, fricken Lilly too, and some other girls in my class too, Jacob told me that I’m so smart and he’s dumb. BOI I SWEAR TO GAWD, JACOB, YOU’RE SMART AF, SHUT UP.

*sigh* back to the point!

So I said.

“What do you mean by that?”

Then she said that I play a lot of instruments, I write stories, I can “act”, I’m a responsible sister, I’m “everything”.

Idk why…I mean, eh, I don’t see myself like that…idk, I mean…I guess others can see your best while you see yourself the worst.

Then she began bragging about the thing I made like a month ago.

In our english class, there’s this beautiful poem we have to do as a group, the poem is called the Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth and oh my god, that guy is a genius, I love his poems and its just sifbwjfbwkfbwj.

So in this poem, I thought; ‘Hey, why don’t I bring my guitar and play a soft tune while my group recite the poem?’

My group agreed and we did it.

((The tune is the chorus from “its over isn’t it” by Rebecca sugar….yes we sang it too in class with actual music))

There’s this guy in my class, ((ain’t saying his name but his stage name)) Nathan..

He’s very shy, like really shy but he has the “bad boy” vibe but he’s actually really “kind” I guess, I mean, not THAT kind but he’s average, he’s cool, we talked but its short conversations.

Cause he’s also the silent type so-

Anyways, SunFlower and Nathan like best friends, so Nathan said this to her.

“I’m so proud of her.”


He said, he’s so proud of me to SunFlower, Sunflower told me this today.

And I actually cried.

Cause..its…I’ve never heard those words in a long time…I mean, its always me who says it to others but when someone says that to me..

I can’t help but feel emotional, I’m just happy someone acknowledge that I actually worked hard, I just don’t want to admit that I worked hard cause it sounds…too self-centered?


But I really am so happy he said that.

That he’s proud of me.

I’m glad he said that, I’m happy he said that.

Its been a while since I’ve heard those words…

And it just fills me with warmth and happiness, I mean, marshy said those words to me and I really am happy she said those words to me.

But to hear it…

To actually hear it from someone who saw me go through my panic attacks, who even helped me when I’m in my panic attack, and who is like…present with me and…

I just never heard it from my…amigos..I mean..idk…Naomi said those words to me when she helps me go through my panic attacks but I don’t think I’ve heard them say those words to the stuff…like what Nathan saw and said to me.

I know I’m exaggerating but…

Try to put yourself in my shoes.

Imagine your life in an another Arab country, two years no school, two years of isolation, three years of going through depression and self harm and actually made it through alive.

And trying to improve yourself so you could just get a small praise such as “well done, you did great.”

Just those words and when you finally…

Finally get to hear those words.

You break down.

Because you’ve been longing to hear those words, those simple words.

You feel like you’re exaggerating but you don’t care, cause it made you feel happy!

So at least…just this one time.

You can actually think of your happiness first…

So, over the past month or so, I’ve been eating really, really bad. I had been a vegan for almost three years, I didn’t eat processed foods, and I wouldn’t touch gluten. After my dad passed, food became my comfort. I couldn’t deal with the emotions I felt when I lost him, and I used food to fill that void. I ate ice cream, fast food, fried food, meat, bread, every bad thing you could think of. I drank soda and didn’t drink two liters of water a day like I had before. I stopped going to the gym all together.

Now, after a month of treating my body like shit and filling it with horrible foods that supplied little to no nutrition, I am, without surprise, ten pounds heavier, more sluggish than I’ve ever been, and not in my best physical shape.

Tonight, after eating ice cream for the last time (for a very, very long time at least), I’ve decided that enough is enough. I can’t continue to eat the way I am, and not work out, because I will not just gain weight, I will also lose all of the energy and happiness I had in myself.

Tomorrow, I start new - I’m going on a cleanse; after the cleanse, I will only eat fruits and vegetables, and then gradually add in grains, salad dressings, nuts, tofu, etc. I’ll spend two hours a day at the gym, at the very least. It’s time to get my life together, reclaim my body, and move past the tragedy that’s been holding me down, physically and mentally.

I cannot believe TATINOF is over. What a wild ride it has been. When I started watching Dan and Phil I never in my wildest dreams would think that I would end up where I am today. I have made so many friends through Twitter and IDB and it’s all because of these two. I have had a rough year. Having so many supportive friends around when I felt broken they helped put me back together. I am forever grateful to Dan and Phil because without them I would never have met all you loves.
Whenever I’m alone and if I’m feeling gray there’s one thing I can do that brightens up my day. And that one thing is you, because of all of you, I know that I will get by, cause we all just Phan trash cans.
❤️Love and Hugs to everyone of you❤️
And thank you @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil for being such a positive light in my life and bringing us all together

I’m actually… really kinda overwhelmed with emotion rn?

… So many gifts for me. Like my friends send me gifts, my family and Sam’s family and Sam…

… Im not use to that. Like Momma always tried her hardest to make Christmas good and a lot of memories are just… bad because of my father…

… and it feels weird having a Christmas feeling legitimately cared for. Where my friends and family cared enough to get me gifts for Christmas.

… Just, thank you to everyone who shared this year with me and stood by me. It was one of my worst and tbh you all are the greatest gift I could ask for.

To a happy new year ♡

nctdangerous  asked:

what's funny though is the CONTRAST between Credence and Ezra. like ezra uses hand gestures freely and he smiles and you can hardly even recognise him as the same person. and the CONFIDENCE. All celebrities are hella confident but to see it in such direct contrast and in a way that's not done for comedic affect or mocking or anything, it's just a plain statement, "He has learned to loathe himself, look at him", and. it makes me emotional that is all goodbye

    ((tHIS IS ALL SO SPOT ON I CRY. like i can’t even tell you how many times after i watched the movie and read/watched interviews i had to like. seriously double take pics of credence because not only did some of ezra’s pics look nOTHING like credence but his voice and mannerisms and everything was so different than the character. which of course i understand that actors are not their characters but it’s still a very striking difference! like. clearly ezra understands his character so freakin well its amazing. im very emotionaL ABT THIS))