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So everyone under the sun is either obsessed with 1)Third Year Angst, 2) Idol Serious Business 3) Aqours Finally Getting it. But what about Chika? I mean - this isn't the first time she had frozen up after things had gone wrong. Yes - she tried her best to get her act together as a leader, but she should be aware that it isn't enough. I mean - even You was waiting patiently for her to just let it out. She isn't really quite leader material yet. How do you see her developing?

The short answer: Chika definitely has leadership qualities. Her issue is that she’s trying to force herself to grow too quickly; ironically, this is exactly what’s hindering her development. In order to become the leader of a school idol group, Chika needs to learn how to trust her friends. Once Chika learns this, she’ll have a much better grasp of the group dynamics and can properly advance as the leader of Aqours.

As for the long answer: we’ll need to analyze not just one, but two former leaders in order to do this. Say hello to our old pal, the read-more cut.

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aah i should mayb go to bed since were going to the zoo tomorrow


last attempt at what may or may not be a soulless pacifist run got me as far as hotland! resets. strokes the screen gently. welcome back frisk bby i’m so sorry

flowey immediately hits me with a cheerful “Don’t you have anything better to do?” before launching int his typical first interaction like nothing happened and I hate this fricking game 

i forgot how terrifying he is

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What has got you feeling down????

I moved into my dorm yesterday and ever since I’ve been having back to back panic attacks, i can’t breathe, I can’t eat without getting sick. I can’t barely find the energy to talk or walk around campus. I don’t know if this is normal homesickness but everyone else in the hall seems perfectly fine and my friends who moved states seem to think something’s wrong with me. They didn’t have this hard of a time I’m the only one breaking. I’m really tempted to call my mom to come get me and accept the enrollment at a school 15 minutes from home instead of 7+ hours. I know I should just give this a chance but I really don’t know. If anyone has advice I’d love to hear it and I’m sorry I rambled off.

something I really need to know about SU: now that it is without doubt, irrevocably canon that there are multiples of each gem (and even that each gem “subspecies” seems to have very little in the way of physical variation except when intentionally designed - see pearls), what I want to know now is…

are fusions set in stone like that as well? will a ruby and a sapphire always make a garnet? will an amethyst and a pearl always make an opal? that last one has a lot of possibilities considering the different kinds of pearls we’ve seen, and the consideration of what a “properly cooked” amethyst would look like.

similarly - are fusions set in stone by the number of their gems? i.e.: is there such thing as a single gem, non-fusion garnet? I’m almost tempted to say no on that last one, especially since Alexandrite works so well as a fusion because real-life alexandrite is just about the most valuable gem on the planet (more valuable than diamonds, incidentally, but we don’t know anything about how diamonds in the show are made or even what they are).

food for thought

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Do you also accept the headcannon of Junkrat having a really old stuffed koala? If so, may you ever have him show Symmetra in YBIAW?

The stuffed koala was a prompt from an anon and I did a short blurb on it a while back! @maribopuppy did a comic in response and it was the cutest thing ever omg ;v;

Honestly, I very much do headcanon he keeps one! I think he’s got small trinkets from his childhood that he keeps stashed away in a little lockbox where no one can see. He might not look like it, but he’s very sentimental about the small childhood he had before everything went to hell when the omnium blew. It’s painful and poignant, but it reminds him of his mum and da and the simple life he once had.

I’ve been tempted to do a small scene in YBIAW. Perhaps an expansion on the blurb I linked up top. I haven’t made up my mind yet, though! There’s always room for all sorts of things since apparently this thing is going to keep going with or without my say so, so I might end up sticking in small headcanons and other cutesy things as a nod to the folks who talk to me here!

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hey teamun what do you think all of the caddy's voices sound like? Like taffy, caddy, bitter, dagwood?

Caddy - …Honestly I don’t know. In canon his accent is somewhere between American (his native accent) and British (adopted accent to sound more sophisticated, which ‘stuck’), but I’m tempted to revise that to ‘American but uses British expressions sometimes’.

Dagwood - Yakko Warner, or “Billy (as Roxie)” from this musical number, which someone in the Sin Bin suggested.

Bitter - Someone once suggested Prison Peedee’s ‘serious voice’ from Superjail!. Happens around 4:46 in this video. But basically just imagine a small, angry Brooklyn cab driver who smokes a pack a day and you’ve got Bitter.

Cupcake - Dr. Doppler from Treasure Planet.

Taffy - Again, no idea! I’ll happily take suggestions, though.

- Tea!Mun

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Well the last papa Gozu made me sad... But also very tempted to write out the scene... Curious you think some members *cough*Juzo*cough* would make a rather cruel comment about Gozu's (now deceased) kid. How'd you predict the wrestler would react?

I was also tempted to write out the scene, and how Gozu would react. Just a quick half-hour job. It’s under the cut.


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Love all your advice Daddy! I've been dating my sexy SD for about 5 months now and I'm very fortunate that he's not only kind and generous but also incredibly sexy and hung too... He's asked me to join him and 2 of his friends for a weekend in the country, I'm tempted as they are both good looking older men too. He's hinted at me coming off birth control as well. What should i do? x

I’m definitely a libertine when it comes to all matters sexual, so, as long as you are compensated appropriately for such an adventure, and as long as you are okay with it and feel safe, I see no problem joining your sugar daddy and a couple of his good looking buddies for a weekend in the country!  

However, I do draw the line when it comes to getting a sugar baby pregnant!  I’m not sure what would possess him to hint that you should stop taking birth control! An important aspect of an arrangement is that either you or your sugar daddy is free to end it at any time for any reason.  Arrangements can be long lasting, sure, but only in the rarest of circumstances are they ever permanent.  If you end up with a “bun in your oven”, it really changes the dynamics, wouldn’t you say?  Ultimately, any resulting kid will be your responsibility, not necessarily his. And, as you can imagine, that is a long-ass and life-long commitment!

Now, your ask implies that you are having unprotected sex with your sugar daddy.  I’m assuming that you understand and are okay with the risk of STD transmission; you don’t need me to give a lecture on that subject! And, I am loath to do so unless asked in any event!  I’m a believer in the Your Body Your Rules concept, so, if you prefer to do it au natural with him, I’m not one to judge your decision!  However, keep in mind that there may be two other guys in this mix, so think about how you will handle that situation with them!  And, I’ll just tell you, in advance, that if you decide you want them to use condoms, that is perfectly fine and they must honor your decision!

So, yeah, have fun in the country with your three silver foxes, but stay on your birth control!