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really irrelevant on this blog but I wanted to post about my recent trip to universal studios a few days ago!! 

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McHanzo of course~ #32 👈🏽👈🏽✨

Jesse was restless, had been for hours now. he had said nothing in regards to what bothered him, but little nuances in his movements and speech (or rather, lack there of) told Hanzo something was bothering him.
He turned the page of his book with a sigh. “What is it Jesse?”
  “Huh?” The man barely turned towards him, focused entirely on his cigarillo as he sat cross-legged on the balcony the small hospital room provided. 
   “You are disturbed by something, what is it?”
His serape covered shoulders gave a weak shrug. “It ain’t nothin’, sugar.”
Hanzo nearly closed his book to hurl it at his head. “You haven’t spoken more than five words in the last thirty-minutes something is wrong. Is it about the mission? I told you, my wound is healing, i am not going to die.”
Jesse’s shoulders fell at that. Ah. It really had not been his fault, neither could predict the outcome of that fight. They were lucky to have gotten out in one piece at all. A bullet wound was a small price to pay. and despite knowing this and having survived much worse himself, Jesse had nearly lost it. Forced himself through another Dead-Eye to cut an opening through the enemy long enough to carry hanzo out of there (and to a local ‘hospital’ since they’d been stranded on their own with no medial backup). The cowboy had not left his side since, waited outside while he was stitched up. Brought him dinner and breakfast, kept watch, kept him entertained. Looking back on it now, it was rather endearing.
  “I know yer fine… i know…” Jesse sighed. “it’s just… every time you get hurt, aw fuck it!” he yanked his hat off and threw it on the side table. “Hanzo, I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Hanzo blinked.
  “Jesse, i got shot in the leg, I think you’re being over dramatic.”
The other man’s body and face scrunched up in an expression of exasperation.  “HANZO I JUST TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU?!”
Hanzo turned the page of his book. “I have known this, what is the issue?”
   “You did not need to. Your actions have always spoken more loudly than your words.” He met the mans eyes with a small grin. “Which is quite a feat, I must say.”
Jesse shifted his stance to place his hands on his hips. “an’ here I been sweatin’ bullets about tellin’ ya for months now. Damn it, sweetheart,”
  “Hmm.” Closing the book he placed it on the bedside table next to the stetson. “Speaking of such, there is a bullet you are responsible for.”
Grin spreading into a full on smile, Hanzo patted the spot on the bed next to him. Jesse moved to fill it, careful not to bump his leg. Leaning his head onto the man’s warm broad shoulder and draping an arm around his chest, Hanzo replied,
  “The one you shot right through my heart.”

all the reasons Fitzherbert P.I. ROCKED MY WORLD!!!

  • What is it with eugene and leaning against something while holding an apple??
  • The lil’ arm touch Rapunzel does when she stands next to eugene to look at the painting of robin the 11th!!!
  • ‘hold the pastry’
  • the pAIN IN HIS VOICE WHEN HE SAYS ‘so you guys AGREE with Cassandra??’
  • ‘I am capable of being more than a handsome, devil-may-care rogue. IN FACT, I can be a handsome, devil-may-care anything I want!’
  • *smugly* ‘math’
  • *later, angrily* ‘gah, math!’
  • The fact that eugene goes through every job on the job advertisement board without losing heart I mean what a guy
  • ‘impressive cobblery’ OKAY! So can we talk about the fact that eugene has talent as a cobbler and was only fired because he’d robbed the cobbler in the past…?
  • Eugene terrifying pascal awake from his nap was adorable
  • ‘no one calls me ‘genius’ and gets away with it!’
  • Literally any time eugene demonstrated his skills – cunning, agility, speed, strength, thinking outside the box/thinking on his feet… and my heart leapt <3
  • Acknowledging that he has issues with authority \o/
  • The fact that as soon as he decided to try and be a guard, he went to go and discuss it with Rapunzel! I just love their supportive relationship oh my gosh ;-;
  • The cass/eugene banter in this episode is NEXT LEVEL
  • ‘I was great in school. Easiest three days of my life!’
  • Eugene’s expression when he lines up for guard training???? The lil’ smile and the wide, hopeful eyes…………..…. I need a minute
  • ‘you’ll be sweatin’ tears and crying SWEAT’ oh my god
  • Also the green/grey (??) shirt thing that trainee guards wear? Oh gosh GOLLY does eugene look good in that
  • Just. Shorty. That is all
  • ‘You know, I’ve never said this to another man… but you have handsome teeth’ EUGENE WTF?!!?1 I am in love with this line
  • Eugene doing one-armed push ups while winking *fans self*
  • Cass and max exchanging impressed looks during eugene’s training <3
  • Cass and max getting lowkey annoyed when the captain wasn’t being fair !!!
  • Eugene doing push ups with the BIGGEST GUARD on his BACK *fans self all over again* dat boi strong af
  • Cass getting EVEN MORE ANNOYED when the guards kept playing ‘pranks’ on eugene
  • Arianna being her amazing self as usual
  • Okay but how sad eugene was when he thought he didn’t have a chance of passing the final? Like he REALLY wants to prove that he’s useful and can still DO THINGS and just… I wanna give him a hug in that scene
  • ‘you know, for someone who spent most of his life breaking the rules to get what he wants, you’re having an awful lot of trouble dealing with someone who is breaking the rules to get what he wants’ Cassandra you absolute BABE
  • Max being SUPER HAPPY when eugene sasses the captain
  • The way he dealt with those three guards at the end of the obstacle course??? Indiana jones much??
  • Ohhhh bless those other two trainees celebrating eugene’s success uwu
  • Cassandra actually looking impressed!
  • The height difference between eugene and the captain…. Wow
  • Eugene blowing off his dungeon duties (because ‘math’) so he can go visit Rapunzel ^.^
  • ‘heeyyy blondie, I see you went with the simple choice of . . . beautiful’ (and how happy that made Rapunzel!!)
  • ‘I worked it all out in the old brainium’
  • ‘why don’t you drown your sorrows in a yam’ that part KILLED me
  • ‘who wants to be a guard anyway???’ sour grapes eugene!!!!
  • Shorty just… pulling a fish out of his beard
  • Cass being on eugene’s side and deciding to help him
  • Please give me more of eugene, max and cass busting criminals together bc I loved every second of that
  • The suave af way eugene saved the painting while saying ‘YEAH, baby!’
  • ‘his Italian was TERRIBLE! Subject-verb agreement was way off!’ EUGENE KNOWS ITALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Honourable Professor Fitzherbert
  • I am so incredibly happy with the fact that he gets to teach ‘thinking like a thief’ to the guards and pass on his knowledge and skills and just!!! Yes!

tl;dr wholesome episode 100/10 have already watched twice

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the closer we get to The Incident™ the more I start sweatin

lmao i slowed down the queue just a bitty bit since I accidentally had it set to stagger posts over one hour instead of two like I wanted

so sit back and watch the show unfold :^)


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just got this bangin jacket this weekend so i thought it would be fun to recreate this iconic pic but i was fooled, it was NOT fun, i don’t know how jungkook managed to fit so much of his body in the frame, he’s truly so talented

anyway taggin some friends and some ppl i’d like to get to know, if you wanna! @chimneytaels @nialljst @cuteseokjin @xmyp @parkjiminbiased @stylannn @kikistiel


or… photographer harry

category: fluff & angst

If there was a flat you were forced to stay in for the rest of your life– you would have to choose Harry’s. Y/N doesn’t know if it was the fresh plants hanging from different parts of the ceiling, on every flat surface (tops of his refrigerator included) or the welcoming aroma of ground coffee from his morning meal, she just felt at home. Being one of the first people Y/N’s met after moving out to Glasgow, he’d immediately had a significant presence in her life. It’s a bit deeper than that now, with him being her boyfriend, but significant presence nonetheless. 

“Day-O is definitely a favorite. We should do this again next time ‘round.” Harry says, peeling yet another orange. “Movie’s great too.” 

“That’s why you want to re-do this day again? Because we’re watching Over the Hedge? Not because of your mess of a fruit?” 

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