Stop him:

grumpytrans must be stopped. Heres a list of reasons:
1: he sits with his legs curled up to his chest
2: he wears a hat that is v cute
3: he is nice to everyone.(but takes shit from no one.) How is this possible?
4: his selfies. Do I need to even say anything more about this? ?
5: his heart melting smile is dangerous look out
6: he blows kisses
7: he makes me swoon and thats not supposed to be a thing.

Stop this nerdlord! !!


devon-theanderson replied to your post “Blaine, Blaine, Blaine, Blaaaaaine!!”

Well, nothing. I just wanted to annoy you, I’m too far to boop your nose, so you get an ask instead. How are you?

It’s generally more difficult than that, and you know if you booped my nose, i’d only crinkle it up, since i’m 22 and not 2. I’m rather good, I suppose. How are you? And how is Mateo doing?


Showtime Girls - by Maciej Kuciara

“It takes ~ 21 days to create a new habit, they say. I’m putting this claim to a test - it ain’t easy, but it’s not supposed to. Drawing every 1-2 nights in sketchbook with inks and pencils, something I these days almost never do. I’m about to change that, make it a habit, make it integral part of my life. Draw. A lot.

Wanna join? Do it! Post on social media, #arthabit and spread the love and passion to art.

Here’s benefit to this - time will pass by, regardless if I do it or not. But maybe few months away, with new habit, I will have dozens of drawings for my Showtime universe, and much more improved inking skill. Win-win!”

Development drawing for an IP Kuciara’s creating - [Showtime]

More Showtime posts on my tumblr [here]

More art by Maciej Kuciara on my tumblr [here]

Drabble Game

I got bored so I wrote a new drabble game. Anyone can use this idk.

If you want, send in a number and a character.

1. “Don’t be stupid, I’m not leaving you.”
2. “You really think I’m letting you do this?”
3. “No, you’re…not supposed to eat it….”
4. “What? Are you jealous or something?”
5. “I love you more than you love me.”
6. “Since when you are such a fashionista?”
7. “My horoscope says no.”
8. “No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you.”
9. “Gee, you’re just a beam of sunshine, aren’t ya?”
10. “No, wait! This is my favourite song!”
11. “Why haven’t you been answering your phone?!”
12. “Babe…we have a whole hour by ourselves…”
13. “Do you need water? A snack? Maybe a hot bath…?”
14. “Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.”
15. “You don’t know how it’s like to love someone who sees you as a friend…”
16. “I thought you trusted me…”
17. “What are you talking about? I am very mature.”
18. “Remind me to never let you talk me into anything ever again.”
19. “Wait a minute. Are you drunk?!”
20. “I love you, but that doesn’t matter anymore.”
21. “And you’re telling me this….why?”
22. “I do love you…I just don’t trust you.”
23. “Wait…is that my shirt?!”
24. “Well, I usually want to be bought dinner first, but I can make an exception.”
25. “I don’t know whether to kiss you or punch you.”
26. “Somebody can kill themselves by jumping from your ego to your IQ.”
27. “It-it’s nothing, but my favourite character just died…”
28. “Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?”
29. “This isn’t exactly the best place for a makeout session, but I’m open to anything.”
30. “I swear; if you die, I’ll kill you.”
31. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”
32. “Wait a minute, are you being nice to me? But it isn’t my birthday.”
33. “You mean more to me than you will ever know.”
34. “Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?”
35. “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.”

Backstage - Jensen Ackles x Reader (Singing at a Supernatural Con - Part 5)

Title: Backstage

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,622

Warnings: Just some embarrassing moments I guess

Summary: After Jensen’s interview and his rather embarrassing moment, thanks to Jared, Reader has some teasing to do. But what their conversation leads to is certainly something she never expected.

Read Part 1 here! l See Jensen’s tweet of you and your conversation with him here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here! l Read Part 4 here!

A/N: Just one part left and this will be over so that I can work on Spice a little more! The imagine/story with Brendon/Jensen was supposed to be up yesterday but I got tired and didn’t have much energy so I hope I have it up tomorrow!

You stood in your place even after the interview was long ago over. Your food was not touched as you stared blankly at the TV screen in front of you. All sorts of thoughts running through your mind, the blush on your cheeks clearly evident.

“Alright-” (Y/f/n) spoke up “-I know I said I’m never going to tease you about him again but uhm…” she trailed off for a while as you slowly turned your head to look at her “HE SO FREAKING WANTS YOU!” she all-but-screamed. She jumped up and down on your bed, squealing from happiness.

“(Y/f/n)” you groaned, looking down at your hands as she took the plate with your food away from you “It’s not like that” you mumbled fidgeting with your hands.

“Sheesh girl! Are you deaf or blind?” she rolled her eyes “Did you just hear all of the things Jared said? Did you just not see Jensen laugh like a school-girl in front of her crush there? Did you just not see that he was freaking blushing?! Jensen Ackles was blushing, (Y/n)! For something that had to do with you, might I point out!” she exclaimed with hand motions.

“I saw it (Y/f/n) but… it’s just nothing. It’s probably just because Jared was teasing him.” you mumbled and she groaned loudly.

“You girl are unbelievable! Jared said it himself and Jensen did not deny it! What more do you want?!” she said with a grumble.

“I…” you bit your lip, staying silent for a while before a big smile spread on your lips.

“You think?” you whispered, looking at her with a look of hope in your eyes.

“Finally! So you admit you saw it as well!” she said with a victorious grin and you nodded shyly “Of course I think he wants you (Y/n)! Now all you have to do is make him say it” she took hold of your phone an waved it in font of your face.

“No, no (Y/f/n) you know I can’t do it. I have never been so forward with a guy before much less now that it comes to Jensen.” you shook your head, knowing fully well that she meant you calling Jensen to talk with him.

“Aw come on, I was thinking of you teasing him a little bit. I know you’ll get something out of him sooner or later” she said with a sweet smile.

“I know, I thought about it as well. But it’s easier said than done, (Y/f/n) and I- What are you doing?!” you stopped yourself and then asked her once you saw her press the call button and move the phone towards you.

“What you are so afraid of” she said with a sly grin, shoving the phone towards your side.

You took a look at the screen and saw that she had called just the person you were afraid she would. Jensen. Whose of course you had gotten the number long ago.

“(Y/f/n) no! I told you-” before you could say anything more or even cancel the call a different voice was heard. It sounded far more distant and surely more manly than any of yours.

“Hello? (Y/n)?” Jensen’s voice was heard through the speakers of your phone.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and brought the phone to your ear “H-Hey” you croaked out.

“Hi. Are you ok?” he sounded kind of worried.

“Yeah yeah, sorry I didn’t reply immediately. Just- Just (Y/f/n) being a bitch” you said and glared at your friend.

Jensen laughed on the other line “I can imagine. Jared’s a total bitch today as well” he said and you could imagine him glaring at Jared that should be nearby.

“Yeah I uh- I saw that” you said with a small smirk.

“Oh no. Please just please don’t tell me you watched the interview” he sounded desperate and at imagining the look on his face you couldn’t help the smile from appearing.

“(Y/n)? (Y/n) you there?” he asked after a rather long silence.

“Yeah yeah” you said.
“Then why are you not saying anything?” he asked again.

“Well, you told me not to tell you if I watched the interview” you said slyly and you heard him groaned lightly.

“Fuck.” he cursed and you giggled “Sorry for a moment while I go kill a moose and I’ll be back soon, ok?” he said and you laughed more.

You could faintly hear Jared shouting at him to stay away and Jensen cursing at him and threatening to cut his hair in his sleep.

“Jensen? Hey Jensen, no need to threaten him now.” you told him on the phone “Don’t worry, I didn’t take any of the things he said seriously”

“Oh, you didn’t? Can I- can I ask why?” he sounded a little bit sad and you could hardly keep the smirk from your face.

“Well, because obviously we’re just friends right?” you said and heard him clear his throat.

“Yeah, yeah friends. We’re just friends” he let out a sigh and you could hear Jared clearly shout frustrated ‘Oh come on now!’

“Uh sorry for a second” he told you and you could hear some murmuring, obviously Jared telling him something. You heard at some point him saying to 'Ask her’ which you thought was about you.

“Hey uh sorry about that” he said and you quickly replied with a 'No problem’.

“So uhm I was wondering if you uhm, if you would like to hang out sometime?” it came out as hesitant and awkward.

You bit your lip at the thought of actually getting to spend some time so close with Jensen “I uh- I don’t know. You- you have shooting these days, don’t you? It’s- you don’t have much free time” you ended up mumbling and biting your lip.

In all honesty you didn’t want to say no to him, under no circumstances, but you were also kind of scared of spending time with him like that. You had just made a fool of yourself in front of him through camera- ok (Y/f/n) had a lot to do with that - but the chances while you were actually with him were much higher.

“Well, then how about you come over by the set? We- we could get to spend some time there. You know just hang out and-and I could even show you around, right? How does that sound?” he said, hope lacing his voice, and if you were having a hard time saying no before to him then you were having ten times the difficulty to say no now.

Getting to spend time with Jensen Ackles was a really sweet deal but having to spend time with him while on the set of your favorite show was really a deal you could not dare of even thinking to say no.

“Yeah, yeah I would love that” you spoke your mind.

“Really?!” he sounded really happy “Great! That’s great!” he said excitedly.

“I mean, yeah that’s…” he laughed nervously “That’s nice. Cool.” he said awkwardly and you caught yourself giggling at finally managing to have Jensen in your shoes.

“So uhm I’ll come and pick you tomorrow, ok? Around 11:30. I have only a few scenes at the evening so we’ll get to spend some time together” he said and you bit your lip to hide the huge smile from your face.

“Yeah, yeah sounds good” you murmured.

“Alright, so see you tomorrow?” he asked one last time.

“See you tomorrow”


The night went by agonizingly slow and you found yourself not getting much of a shut eye. Your mind would not stop thinking. All kinds of bad case scenarios run through your mind and you could not help but panic ever so slightly. You were really scared of making a fool of yourself in front of Jensen. You clearly remember how you were the first time you had him in front of you at that Con, how you could hardly utter a word and how you felt your cheeks burn hot. Maybe Misha and his comments had to do something with it but this time was no difference.

You were going to be at the set of Supernatural and Misha was definitely going to be there. Sure you had somehow gotten used to him after you had talked a few times on twitter but the situation was not likely to change now that you were going to be with them on set. It was much obvious how they guys treated you as if you were one of them  and you could not deny how you were happy about that. But the pranks they played on each other was something quite known among the Supernatural fandom and that was what scared you.

Despite that, though, you could not help but be really happy as well. Who would not be? Getting to be on the set of your favorite TV show, watch your favorite actors act live in front of your eyes, while your ultimate celebrity crush showed you around and got to spend time with you was certainly a dream coming true. You were nervous, of course, but at the same time you looked forward to it. Well, you mostly looked forward to spending time with Jensen. That was something you could not deny.

That thought alone had you turning on your bed, unable to sleep, for most of the night. You could not help the smile that spread on your lips as you thought of how your day would be with him. Sure you were only friends and despite everything that Jared had said in front of the camera you still found yourself blushing like a little girl when you thought of being so close with him. Well, scratch that, being near him in the first place made you blush not to mention in any other way. You could not deny at least to yourself that you had a crush on him but you definitely were not going to make a move on him- even if he was single and even if (Y/f/n) or Jared insisted on your doing something, there was no chance you would.

You bit your lip for what seemed like the millionth time that night as you tried the smile from spreading on your lips. You were lucky that (Y/f/n) was asleep on her bed next to yours and she couldn’t see the smile or else she would not stop teasing you- or well, bugging you to do something because she had promised to not tease you ever again. Yeah right. The moment you got back later today then she would surely start teasing you again.

You turned on your bed once again as you glanced at the clock next to yours. It was almost 5 in the morning. You had not gotten any sleep till now but you actually did not care. It was different for (Y/f/n), though.

“Will you just stop and go to fucking sleep?!” you heard her groan irritated next to you and you blinked several times.

“You’re not asleep?” you asked slowly.

“What do you think?! How can I freaking sleep with you huffing and moving all the time. You even giggled at some point! I know you are thinking about Jensen and although I would love to freaking tease you about it I am too fucking tired to do so- So please, just please shut your eyes and go to sleep! I have work in the morning!” she exclaimed and you moved further inside your covers.

“Ok” you almost-squeaked and you heard grumble something that sounded like 'Good’ and then silence.

You bit your lip as you thought if you had really giggled but you were sure after a while that you probably had, without just realizing it. The thought of Jensen alone managed to make you blush and as you thought to all those funny or cute moments that were about to come you did not doubt you’d be able to keep yourself from giggling.

Before you could realize it you felt your eyelids get heavy and soon sleep enveloped you. You did not feel that much tired and the thought of spending the day with Jensen had you really excited, so much that even if you did not get any sleep you’d still be full of energy to do anything. Your body seemed to have a mind of its own, though, as you obviously were quite tired and you needed the sleep.

A smile was still on your lips, though, as even your dreams were surrounded by him.


“(Y/n)?” you heard your name and felt yourself being shaken by the shoulder just slightly “(Y/n) come on wake up” you heard (Y/f/n)’s voice being heard again as the shaking continued.

You let out a small groan as you were successfully pulled out of your sleep, and moved the blankets higher to cover your head “Five more minutes” you mumbled sleepily.

“Sure, five more minutes. But you better tell that to Jensen… He’s waiting” she singed the last part and your eyes snapped open.


“Shit” you mumbled as you threw the covers over your head and before (Y/f/n) could say something - she had just opened her mouth to do so - you got off your bed and started running around like a mad, searching for your clothes. In your panic forgetting for a second where you had left your clothes- the clothes that you had chosen from last night because there was no way you’d leave that for the morning. Who knew what could happen?

Just like now that you had overslept and were searching for them like crazy.

“Fuck, (Y/f/n) where the hell did I put my clothes? Have you seen them?” you asked your friend, not even glancing at her, as you searched frantically around you for them.

From every desk, or table, or chair. You searched through a pile of clothes in case you had thrown them there but no chance. You even decided to take a look at your closet but they were not there either. Well, basically the 'Always Keep Fighting’ shirt you wanted, the green jacket that reminded you a lot of one Dean had worn on one episode and the specific blue jeans you meant to wear.

“Fuck where the hell are they?!” you groaned as you started searching more frantically around you. Throwing blankets here and there and even some clothes that were in your way. You run a hand through your hair and bit your lip.

“Shit shit shit I am so going to be late” you said nervously. An idea immediately popped in your mind as you bent down to look under the bed, just in case you had thrown them there in your hurry. Your shirt lifted just slightly as you bent down and exposed your black female boxers that had batman signs on them.

“Uh (Y/n)” you heard your friend say.

“Yeah?” you asked as you still looked under the bed and the couple things you had thrown under it.

“(Y/n)” she repeated.

“Yeah?” you asked again.

“Uhm (Y/n)…” she once again said and this time you’ve had enough and your head snapped in her direction.

“What?!” you asked exasperated looking at her but then started searching again, still glancing at her occasionally. She averted her eyes to look from you at something behind you and before you could question her, when you caught her gaze, you frowned. You opened your mouth but stopped and froze in your spot when you heard a chuckle.

A rather rough and deep chuckle. A chuckle that soon turned into laughter.

A laugh that could only belong to…

“Jensen” you breathed out before you could even turn your head to look at him.

“Goodmorning to you too (Y/n). Mine certainly is” he said laughing some more.

You slowly got up and turned to face him. He was leaning against the door-frame, a big smile on his face as he tried to recover from his laughter. You immediately tucked your shirt down as you realized how his eyes were roaming your form and bit at your lip when you felt a huge blush spread on your cheeks.

“Nice shirt by the way. You gotta tell me where you get those” he pointed to your shirt and you frowned just slightly.

Until of course you remembered what it was saying.

Save an Impala, Ride a Winchester

“Shit” you cursed under your breath and bit your lip harder as he laughed some more.

(Y/f/n) laughed and spoke up “We didn’t find them at the store. She actually made it herself”

You felt your heart stop beating and your eyes widen as soon as the words left her mouth. You saw Jensen’s smirk only get bigger as he raised an eyebrow at you “Or really? So the logo is your idea huh? Sounds good to me” he said with a chuckle as he winked at you and if you were blushing before bow you were sure you looked like a tomato.

He chuckled some more and you heard your friend giggle next to you. He cleared his throat after a while and spoke up.

“Well, anyway, (Y/f/n) said you hadn’t woken up yet and I said I would not have a problem to wait for you to do so. This was certainly more than I bargained for and I can’t say that I’m not glad” he laughed out loudly and you turned your head to glare at (Y/f/n) for not having warned you ever since the beginning and just let you make a complete fool of yourself in front of him.

“Five months” you growled at her and her own giggling was cut short.

“What? Oh come on! You eat pie more often than Dean does, I won’t be able to afford it for five months!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

“Well, you should have known better” you hissed at her and then turned to look at Jensen who was just chuckling softly, his eyes not leaving you form and when you noticed the way he was looking at you, you just could not help but feel the blush get darker on your cheeks.

“Uh Jensen, mind if you wait outside till I change? Swear, I won’t take long” you told him a little bit shyly and he nodded.

“Sure sure. I’ll just wait outside in my car. Take as much time as you need- Or basically not. If you are late I’m going to come upstairs anyway and I’m warning you, I’m not used to knocking” he chuckled and winked at you.

You felt your eyes slightly widen and immediately averted them so that you were looking at the floor as you fidgeted with your hands.

“Ok then” he cleared his throat, the smile still on his face “I’ll be outside. Bye (Y/f/n) hope I see you sometime soon and you, lady, better come out soon or else I’m barging in and going to take you as that. Not that it is a problem for me, be sure” he said turning to look at you, pointing a finger and smirking at you.

“Bye Jensen!” (Y/f/n) said rather cheerfully, waving her hand at him and he did the same.

He waved back at her and exited your apartment as you heard him walk down the stairs till you could not hear anymore.

You immediately turned to look at your friend with a glare and her eyes visibly widen. As soon as you were about to make a move towards her she raised her hands in front of her to stop you “Hey, you heard what he said. If you are late, he’s going to barge in and take you as that” and she pointed at your clothes.

You narrowed your eyes at her and pointed a finger at her “You are not off the hook yet” you grumbled and immediately set off to search for your clothes.

You were lucky to find them soon laying on a chair that, in between being nervous and in a hurry to not be late, you had not noticed. You got dressed just as quickly, brushed your teeth and hair. You put on just the slightest of make up and grabbing the essentials, bag with phone and keys along with a couple bucks, you rushed out of the door.

You saw him lean against the side of his car, arms folded over his chest as he looked up at the sky. A small smile was on his face as you noticed his eyes were actually closed, clearly enjoying the warmth of the sun. You stood in your place for a while, just looking at him with a soft smile. He looked so peaceful at that moment, as the rays of the sun bathed over his form and above all his face features. If only you could stand as that forever then you’d willingly do so. Just looked at him and the smile that graced his lips. It was a smile you had never seen on him, whether on photos, movies, videos or the few times you’d been face to face with him. You could never say you did not like it.

You hated that you had to break this moment but you did so, nonetheless. You cleared your throat and walked a few steps closer to him. He realized you were there and immediately moved his head so that he was looking at you now, a small smile on his lips when he saw you.

“Ready?” he asked, smiling brightly at you.

“Ready” you breathed out as the butterflies started dancing like crazy in your stomach.

Who Are We?

Your mind, your present waking mind, is like a screen. The images on that screen are thoughts, perceptions and memories. All of your experiences are recorded and logged but can only be accessed imperfectly. Right now I am aware of the fan in my window (even at 4:22 am it is a balmy 72 ° F , 22 ° C). I can smell the scent of the sea. I feel the pressure of the keyboard. My thoughts flash rapidly as memories of events and of ideas come and go. This is my “I” at this very moment. Yet, this “I” is only 2 dimensional, a flat screen. I am much more than this. All of my accumulated knowledge, wisdom and experience is available to call up if I choose to do so. However only so much can fit on the flat screen at a time. So it is there but it is passive unless will accesses it. 

Now, suppose I was able to temporarily turn off the screen? What then? Does “I” disappear? Do I become “unconscious” as in sleep or a coma? No. What then is my state? What am I when “I’ is not there. When the mental screen is dark and will no longer accesses memory and experience? I’ll tell you. I become everything. You see that flat screen which is mind and will is actually a reducing device, a filter. It is a false projection of something far deeper and far more complex. Why filter at all? Because mind can only handle so much information at a time. If mind shuts down then instead of this projection we become all that we are. The minute thought returns we are again in the false state. 

We think we are mind. Yet, if we truly “think” we can see that mind is only a projection of SOME of the thoughts, experiences and feelings which are stored within us. This totality is far greater than mind. Mind is a filter which allows us to keep information down to a manageable level so we can satisfy our physical needs for food, water, shelter, safety and sex. In sleep we dream. Dreams are projections as well but they are able to access far more than mind.

In deep meditation, once mind is quiet we can see the totality of being.

This is how meditation functions. Nothing magical. Nothing supernatural.

๑ Samsaran ๑

Okay so i’ve decided to do a meet up at GMA because a few of you have messaged me saying you’re going and wanted to meet up so i decided why not just do a full meet up!
I am going with my 2 friends, Alyssa and Angelina ( recreatedmemories ) and also my mom.
The meet up will happen right after the show, which is suppose to end at 9am. Where is still semi to be announced so track the hashtag #GMAMeetUp on here (Tumblr) and i will keep you guys posted as to where i am so you can find me! Also if you see me before the meet up be more than welcome to come up and say hi!

If you have any other questions feel free to message me - i also will start a group kik chat with the same hashtag so it’ll be easier to find me lol

Love you guyssss.
~ Krissy


If you give me a request about learning to control powers, then I have no choice but to make a Frozen related title. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. This one is for fuckyeahheedus and it got a little bit fluffy at the end but I quite like it so I hope you do too. I’m experimenting with this technique where I try not to use adverbs if I can help it - it’s supposed to improve the quality of writing by showing the audience what the characters are feeling rather than telling them. I’m also having so much fun posting more than one thing today so I’m uploading this with about 2 other things. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a Loki X reader where they grew up together and Loki helped her how to control the powers she has but now they’re older they have developed strong feelings for each other and try to hide it by arguing a lot. But at the end of a fight when Loki tries to be intimidating the reader says something about him being a great king then feelings come out? sorry its long XD

One-Shot: Conceal, Don’t Feel

The forest looked as though it were ablaze, each silver leaf of the trees reflecting Asgard’s orange sky as the sun set. You wandered through the tree trunks, hopelessly lost, and spun around at the sound of a branch snapping.
“Who goes there?” Your infant voice called out, hardly the most threatening of things. You raised your fists, the only way you could think to protect yourself, and let the magic running through your body ebb and flow.

“You have magic?” A bodiless voice asked. It was a higher pitch than you’d anticipated and seemed to echo throughout the entirety of the forest. Had you not been so petrified, you might’ve found it funny.
“Y-yes. Now come out, or I’ll use it.” You stammered, trying to convey the strength you did not possess.  

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Sealed Deal

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,515

Warnings: So much angst, language, demon deal

Summary: Part 2 to “What am I Supposed to Do?!” Listen…just…don’t hate me too much okay? ;)

Part 1 

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thecricketwhisperer asked:

1.) i just stumbled upon your blog a couple of minutes ago but it's amazing :O 2.) your earlier drabble was sosososo cute !!! could you please do solangelo for 53?

ahahah thank you so much friend :D i’m glad u enjoy my blog sometimes i enjoy running it haha. @ the anon who also asked for this, here it is wink wink. also these r supposed to be drabbles so they r really short sorry :o

prompt- “Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?!”

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anonymous asked:

what other skin tone jokes did they do

yura n sojin said hyeri has 2 apply sunscreen bc she’s so dark already. minah called herself white stone n called hyeri black stone. even the editing calls her ‘black bean hyeri’ n have captions w/ stuff like ‘even hyeri’s brain turned dark’ like wht’s that even supposed 2 mean

anonymous asked:

Part 1: I actually really struggle with Felicity's clothing and how it intersects with cultural expectations for women. In Season 1 she dressed age/job appropriate, and in a way that also highlighted her personality (lots of colour and slightly quirky--panda bear flats anyone?). Her look is also really relatable and helps her stand out from the female cast who have a very similar look (high heels and slim-fitting clothes). Then it's Season 2 and bam: it's sky high heels and very tight dresses

Part 2: Are we to infer that this is the dress code of EAs? Or that Felicity is suddenly expressing a desire to do a complete 180 style/fit-wise? Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that Felicity was deliberately “sexied-up” for season 2, and Stephen Amell himself talked about it? I really miss Felicity’s old wardrobe from Season 1 because it was unique and real, and it didn’t set out to deliberately make the Felicity character more appealing to straight men

Part 3: Also it’s super dangerous/unpractical for her to be running around the city in ridiculously high heels and that’s yet another example of how Felicity has been molded into the traditional expectations for women and fashion. Sorry for throwing all this onto you; your discussion earlier triggered my thinky thoughts on the topic. TL;DR it’s super naive to think Felicity isn’t objectified and that she hasn’t been changed (fashion-wise, at least) to fit into the “attractive woman on tv” box.

(And I apologize for this getting so preachy. Goodness me.)

Well… yeah.

I mean, we are talking about television here, and there are basic rules when it comes to television - nay, to anything really: sex sells. People like looking at pretty things, I don’t care who you are or why you think we shouldn’t, they do. It’s a social aesthetic, especially in the U.S. Pretty people sell. Of course she was sexed up, there was a very deliberate change in how she was dressed, and hell yes I’m deliberately taking the road of choosing to see this through the character’s eyes, because that’s what I care about: the character and how the writers molded her as a character to reflect that change.

It also can very easily be argued that one of the most powerful men in the city requires an EA that looks the part - what everyone sees is what’s going on, appearance is a very huge part of society and how we judge people. Someone like Oliver Queen might definitely require a pretty “piece” at his assistant desk. (Felicity herself would point this out because she looked the part of an IT girl, did she not? And then she was the EA to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company? Wearing her plain black skirt and simple pink blouse is not an EA’s costume, nor would it be something the VP/CEO of Palmer Tech would wear.)

It can also be argued that Felicity got a huge pay raise and now she can afford couture, and she’s gonna buy it and wear it because she likes it… which is exactly how I’m choosing to view it.

I understand what you’re saying, but I also get the Hollywood formula (and it’s not just Hollywood, although it definitely partially stems from that - we treat celebrities like gods and celebrities are very, very often pressured to conform to what studios want weight/dress-wise because they like being paid - of course their whacked lives/bodies/dress styles become our standards). Do I agree with it? No. Is that going to change the studio’s requests for Felicity to dress sexier because despite how much I disagree with the idea behind it, I still do find her very appealing to the eye as a result of it? No. Do I understand that maybe on a subconscious level I’ve been a bit programmed to feel this way and view things this way as a result of the world I grew up in? Yes. Do I care? No, I really don’t, because I specifically choose to not live according to those standards. (I say this because I’m considered overweight and I have clown boobs, but I still wear tight clothes and heels, while still feeling pressure to lose weight and cover my lady pillows up because they’re distracting. I mean this literally, they’re the first thing you see when you meet me, it’s unavoidable. I’ve learned to embrace it, and love them, and be more amused than anything when people - mostly women, oddly enough - stare at them.)

So yes, I’m specifically choosing to view it as a character change based on the changes in her life. If that makes me naive, alright, but at the same time, it makes my viewing life a little rosier when it comes to Arrow - to any show/movie/etc. really where they go out of their way to objectify anything. I can get upset about it, I can find an argument about it, I can talk about this or that… but at the end of the day, I’m here to be entertained, to be happy because I’m watching a great fictional show, and if accepting that Felicity wearing super high heels is part of that? Alright, I’m there! It’s just a bonus that EBR’s ass looks amazing in them.

(And as for it being really unpractical to run around in heels, oh hell yes it is, some of those heels hurt… but it’s also television, suspend thy disbelief. It’s not there to project completely realism so much as the highest form of entertainment.)

And yes, a lot of EA’s actually do dress that way (just like a lot don’t). I work in a higher-end law firm and a great deal of assistants/paralegals here do dress that way every single day. One woman rocks six-inch stilettos and dresses in a way that nobody else in their right mind would try to pull off, but she does it seamlessly, while another woman is a literal Amazon and she wears gorgeous tight dresses and pumps every day, so she literally towers over everyone. I used to wear heels every single day myself before I twisted my ankle (in sneakers, ironically enough, but not my four-inch boots… I’m slowly rediscovering my beautiful shoe collection all over again). Since then I’ve tended towards simpler clothes so I’m more Season 1 Felicity than I was a few years ago. Either way, yeah, people do dress that way, and they like it.

This reminds me of a post I saw floating around on Tumblr about why girls shouldn’t feel pressure to get all made up, or wear nail polish, or make their feet suffer in heels… but some women really do like dressing that way, and it makes them feel better and more confident, and good for them! If people prefer to wear makeup every day, great. If people don’t, great. If people feel more confident wearing jeans and a t-shirt, great. If people feel good upping their wardrobe to something a little sexier, great. If someone feels sexy in pajamas, great. I love wearing tighter clothes even though after lunch I tend towards a bloated whale look, but I still feel good, darn it, so I’m not gonna stop even though it’s not entirely pleasing to the eyeballs (seriously, sometimes my muffin top becomes one of those giant muffins you spend $15 on).

I do agree we have a problem with appearances and expectations as such in society, and that is very heavily reflected in our media, but goddamn, start projecting how you want to live your life, and encourage others to think that way too! Celebrate everyone’s choices, and if someone’s an asshole about yours, get them the fuck out of your life.

Yes, Felicity was sexed up for a very specific reason, but no, I’m not going to get up in arms about it, or spend time lamenting about how the world needs to change. 

Change is reflected in every day choices, not talking about it on a website.

I am choosing to celebrate the way Felicity dresses, and that’s my choice as a viewer and as a writer, so that’s what’s reflected in my responses/writing.

(I took this question rather personally. Because I have a lot of feelings.)

Magcon Pregnancy Series #2- Telling Him

Okay so I had some requests to continue this so here it is! I was reading this from my watt pad literally cringing at how bad it was so I hope it is better! If you think I should do more please let me know!

1. Finding Out

Nash: You anxiously waited for your You anxiously waited for your boyfriend, Nash, to come home from Florida. You sat in the chairs infront of the gate he was supposed to come out of. You tapped your feet against the ground and looked down at your stomach. In nine months, you were gonna have a baby. Even though it’s only been two weeks, there has been a big change in your lives. “Flight 227 is now landing.” You stood up from the chair and stood with the other people waiting to see their family land. Nash had a big smile on his face when he saw you. He pulled you into a big hug “I missed you so much!” He said. “Me too.” The two of you began walking towards the baggage claim. “So what’s new I haven’t seen you in two weeks? What’s up?” You laughed actually a lot was new. “Well..” You began. “Huh?” He asked playfully poking at your sides. “I’m pregnant!” You said. He stopped walking. “Pregnant?” He asked. You nodded. “We’re going to be parents!” He said hugging you.

Cameron: “Where’s Cam?” you asked Sierra. She pointed over to the living room where Cam was playing with Jacob. You put the test in your pocket and went over to Cam. “Hey what’s up?” He said putting his arms around your back pulling you into him. “Close your eyes” You said. “Why do you wa-” He asked. “Just close them” You said cutting him off. He closed his eyes and you took the test out of your pocket. “ “Open!” You said. He opened his eyes and you held the test in front of his face. “No, this is a joke right?” He said smiling from ear to ear. “I’m not kidding” You said. He pulled you into a hug. “We’re gonna have a baby.” He said rubbing your belly. 

Matt: Positive. Tears instantly filled your eyes and you immediately began to sob. You leaned against the wall and sat on the fall. You heard footsteps come up the stirs and you moved yourself to lock the door. "Y/N are you in there?” He asked knocking on the door. “Yeah I’ll be out in a minute.” You said in between your tears. You continued crying trying to do it quietly since you knew Matt was somewhere out there. “Y/N what’s wrong?” He asked. You didn’t answer. “Y/N.” He said knocking on the door again.you heard the doorknob jiggle and then the door opened. Matt’s face immediately turned to a frown when he saw you on the ground. “Hey what’s wrong.” He said sitting down next to you. He wrapped his arm around you and you put your head on his shoulder. “What’s wrong?” He asked again. “I’m pregnant.” You barely spoke. “Pregnant?” He asked. You looked up at him and were confused when you saw the smile that was on his face. “You’re happy?” You asked. “Well of course this whole thing comes as a shock, but this day was going to happen sometime, and that day is just today. Y/N, we’re gonna have a family.” He said giving you a kiss.

Shawn: You looked down at the tests in your hands not knowing exactly how to feel, but you were happy. You heard the front door open and you walked out to see Shawn. “Hey baby.” You said walking over towards the door. “Hey!” He said with a smile. “What’s going on?” He asked. “What?” You asked. “You have the biggest smile on your face I know something is up.” He said. “I’m pregnant!” You said. He smiled from ear to ear. He picked you up in a hug “We’re going to be parents!”

Jack Gilinsky: “So?” Jack asked as soon as you opened the bathroom door. “Yes!” You said nodding. He picked you up smiling. “I’m so happy we’re gonna be parents!!” He began to spin you around and then put you down “I gotta be more careful now with our little baby in there!” He said touching your stomach.

Jack Johnson: “So you’re pregnant?” Sam asked. You nodded “Have you told Jack yet?” He questioned. “Nope. I was thinking about doing it tonight.” You replied. “You have to do it tonight!” He said. Jack came down with drinks and you and Sam stopped talking. “What?” He asked. “I’ve known you both all my life, I know you’re hiding something.” He said. You and Sam both looked at each other. “Secrets secrets are no fun, unless they’re shared with everyone!” He yelled. “Secrets secr-” He began again before you cut him off. “Fine Jack! Sit down!” You said. He sat next to you on the couch. You looked at Sam who had a big smile on his face before turning back to Jack. “I’m pregnant.” You said. “I’m gonna be a dad?” He asked. “And I’m gonna be an uncle!” Sam said.

Taylor: You stood outside of the bathroom waiting for Taylor to finish. As soon as he came out he brushed past you and you rushed into the bathroom looking for the test. It was gone. You turned around going into the kitchen where Taylor was. “Looking for something?” He said waving the test in front of your face. “Taylor, before you say anything I can explain.” You began. “How did this happen?!” He asked.“Taylor you know how this fucking happened! WE had sex!” You fought. “We’re not ready. I’m not ready.” He admitted. “Well Taylor you better be god damn ready because I’m pregnant and your gonna fucking help support it. You’re gonna be a father to this kid!” You yelled. You knew Taylor was gonna be upset but you didn’t imagine it being like this. You began to let a tear fall and then another and then another. “Y/N” Taylor said pulling you into a hug. “I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m just scared.” He said. “Taylor I’m scared too, but we have no choice now Taylor. We’re gonna be parents." 

Aaron: "So I’m really gonna be an aunt?” Candice asked. The two of you were sitting in the hotel room at Magcon. The boys were downstairs doing who knows what while the two of you were in your room with Greyson. “Yep! And Greyson here is gonna have a little cousin!” You said looking down at the sleeping baby in your arms. “You’re gonna be a great mom Y/N” Candice said. “Thank you.” Just then Aaron walked into the room. “Well if it isn’t my two of my favorite girls.” He said kissing your forehead and hugging Candice not forgetting to place a kiss on baby Greyson. “So what are you guys talking about?” Aaron asked sitting on the bed across from you. “Well, Aaron.” You began. “You’re gonna be a dad. I’m pregnant!” You said. It took a minute before he jumped up and gave you a big hug. 

Carter: You walked over to the couch where Carter was sitting. “Hey baby.” “I need to tell you something. It’s kind of random but..” You said. “I’m pregnant!” You said. “Pregnant? That’s the best random news ever!”

[text: brohubs] Fuck, Hannibal. I’m fucking stuck in the airport where I’m supposed to have a layover of 2 hours and the fucking flight got delayed!! UGHHHHH So I have to wait that plus 3 more hours. What am I gonna do????


[text: dear brother] Sorry to hear that. I hate travel delays. So goddamn boring. 

[text: dear brother] Hm. I seem to suddenly have some free time on my hands. Maybe I can keep you company. … If you want. ;)