Lipstick on His Collar (Part Two)

note: this is part 2 of 3!

pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 850

warnings: swearing maybe

inspiration: i guess this was inspired a little bit by one last time? idk.

summary: there was lipstick on his collar. it wasn’t your colour.

a/n: if you haven’t read part one, you can find it here! i’m afraid this gets less angsty and more redemption arc-y, i suppose, so maybe you won’t dig it as much as it continues. anyway enjoy this part! ft professor washington

Your mind had been buzzing for nine days, filling up with worries and sadness and the overwhelming feeling of, ‘what now?’ You couldn’t focus on work or school – you dropped a plate in the diner the day before, and now you sat at your desk in Washington’s class, so defeated, your hand barely even scratching the surface of your paper as everyone else around you took notes, their pens just background noise to the stampede of thoughts that hadn’t stopped running in your brain. You shook your head in an attempt to get it to stop, just for five minutes, so you could do something useful, but no such luck. You sat in your chair until class was dismissed, and you stayed long after. Eventually you felt someone standing over you. Professor Washington.

“I don’t normally like to meddle in the affairs of my students,” he started off somewhat awkwardly, sitting down in the chair next to you. You could tell this was his first time doing something like this, and the thought almost made you laugh. But it got caught in your throat on the way up. “But you seem… really…”

“Sad?” you finished, giving him a small smile.

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hey guys im wondering if yall could help with a project of mine? im supposed to come up with an invention that solves a problem and my topic of choice is whitewashing in media; i want to “make” a social media app that celebrates actors of color. i just dont know what else it’ll be able to do? 

like, some of the things i said were 1) it can have voting polls that can help choose actors for upcoming roles in tv/shows, 2) make fundraisers for tv shows/movies and thats all my uncreative brain can come up with. if any of yall can come up with more things it would be so helpful.. ㅠㅠ ty!!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you feel like between barn mates and gem harvest there was supposed to/should have been like 2-3 lapis peridot friendship centric episodes? Because I would have loved to see them be more dynamic it feels like a whole arch was skipped

yeah there wasn’t any real development between them that was shown to us i feel that if they would have shown us a bit of interactions between them then it would be more believable

it’s ya girl lis back at it again with the trash characters. this is trashbaby #2, alternately known as jaehyung ‘ gerard way ‘ choi. he vamps. he angsts. oh my.

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@greeno​ tagged me late after I pointed out his missed opportunity for a funney joke and he thought it meant that he forgot to tag me but I am bored so I am still going to do this.

Relationship Status: Eggy refuses to watch Sid the Science Kid with me.

Fave Color(s): Green, black, and white.

Pets: 2 cats but they are more “family” cats (although only 2 people live here and I am not even here half the year). Honestly my first plan for pets when I am out on my own are leeches.

Last song listened to: Run for Your Life by Big Grams (clean version, fuck you I prefer this version).

First Fandom: Mario I suppose. Had been an avid Mario fan since I was 5, although my interest now died down a bit honestly. Oh well.

Hobbies: Programming, making pixel “art”, Tama-care. Do I consider playing video games a hobby? Do I still consider it when I have done it a lot less over the past year? Whatever. Who cares.

And I guess for the sake of tagging people and not necessarily learning more about them because I already know the answers to most of these questions regarding you few… @tamajitzu-eggy​, @mitsame​, and @umjammercammy​.

things i want before yuri on ice is over 
- yuuri and victor sharing a bed
- hair stroking and more hand holding
- the name of yurio’s cat
- flashback of when yurio and otabek first met
- yurio getting a higher score than jj 
- someone giving jj the clapback he deserves 
- flashback of when victor went back to hasetsu
- the wedding in pictures like the banquet scene with ‘you only live once’ in the background
- yuuri’s reaction to seeing those pictures/videos of himself drunk af
- more young chris he’s so cute
- more of victor and yuuri supporting yurio like the dads they are
- insight on victor’s life before yuuri
- more phichit
- more of phichit’s instagram selfies 
- flashback of yuuri and phichit when they were rinkmates 
- pair skating… just once
- ring kisses
- yuuri landing that quad flip
- more mila and sala
- more of yuuri and victor speaking in each other’s native languages 
- yuuri calling victor vitya or viten’ka or any of the other diminutive forms
- mitsurou kubo and sayo yamamoto and everyone on the project to know how much we appreciate them and what they’ve done with their show because? they’re fantastic and deserve the legit world

Hello, people! The time has come: I will teach you the secret to study for three days and remember everything for your test. This is a hardcore studying session so I would recommend to only do it when you are truly freaking the fuck out. Now, I must tell you: It’s gonna involve some hard work, so sit comfortably because we’re about to start:




  1. First reading of your main textbook
  2. Second reading + highlighting 
  3. Research more about the topic (internet, other books, talk to your friends, etc)
  4. Resume everything (notes)
  5. Do a mind map of main points 
  6. If what you’re studying needs something to be memorized “word by word” (such as: meanings, processes, references, chemical reactions, etc), write it down and put it on your wall. You’re gonna read it several times during the day. 
  7. Write down the topics and key words on a reference paper (you’re gonna take this paper everywhere, forcing your memory to expand from those simple key words) 
  8. Review your notes 
  9. Do ten exercises (questions)
  10. Review your notes + exercises 
  11. Watch a video class 
  12. You’re done for today. Good job. Now rest, tomorrow is a new day. 


  1. Review your notes
  2. Read them out loud
  3. Read them again, but this time record yourself
  4. Listen to it. Twice. 
  5. Review your notes before bed


  1. Review your notes + listen to your recordings from yesterday
  2. Do 30 exercises (questions)
  3. Review notes + exercises 
  4. Listen to your recordings again
  5. Review your notes one more time.
  6. FANTASTIC JOB! Now it’s your time to rest. If you’re feeling like it, read your notes one more time before bed. 

One more time, this is a heavy studying session, and not supposed to be done all the time. Remember to take care of your health and take several breaks during the day. If you don’t need, there is no need to do everything listed here. 

Good luck!!! 

The Signs as Things Said in my Drama Class Pt. 2

Aries: “You’re dead. You’re fucking dead. All I want you to do, is die. Just die. Dead peOPLE DON’T LAUGH YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD.”

“Alright, just chill–”


Taurus: “So…it’s gay?”

“It’s Shakespeare. When is it not gay?”

Gemini: “Hey Lexi, can I ask you something–ohmygod how did you even get up there?!”

*Lexi looks down from hanging off the banister of a costume loft* “I honestly have no idea.”

Cancer: “Stage management, more like anger management, am I right?”

“Benjamin, I’m going to take my thumb, and I’m going to shove it up your ass. I’m going to shove it so far up your ass that I will have a thumb war with your small intestine.”

Leo: “How’s directing going?”

“Accidentally killed half my cast yesterday.”

“So, we’re on schedule then?”


Virgo: “So Mercutio will enter stage left and…where’s Mercutio?”

*from far off* “I’M TAKING A DUMP.”

“Alright, so Mercutio is taking a dump, and then will enter stage left…”

Libra: “So, are you two, like, dating?

“Well, I don’t know. Technically? We played lesbians and sort of kept at it or whatever, but it could all just be for shits and giggles…? I don’t know, what do you think?

“We literally had sex last night.”

“Oh, yeah.”


Everyone: “Yay!”

Sagittarius: “What if there was, like, a jacket for your legs?”

“Like, pants?”

“No, listen, it would keep your legs warm and covered.”

“So pants.”

“No! It would be on your legs!”

“Pants. You’re describing pants, Eric.”


Capricorn: *practicing pick-up lines* “Hey girl, are you a theatre arts major? Cuz’ I find you attractive but my parents will never approve of you.”

Aquarius: “Like, have sex, but don’t have sex.”


“Lexi, get off the ladder. We’re trying to program lights.”

“Program THIS!”


Request: I would love a bucky x reader fic where bucky and reader have to go under cover and things get steamy. Maybe reader has to be a stripper or something like that

Summary: You and Bucky have to go undercover at a strip club that’s a cover for a Hydra facility. 

Warnings: Smut.

A/N: I really like this idea and I’m kinda tempted to do a part 2.

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Youmacon Photoshoot Set 2/5

This set is of me as Error by @loverofpiggies​ (with glasses).  I love how these turned out so much!!  The last photo of this set is suppose to be a Blueberry doll, lol, as I was gifted that awesome crocheted Sans head by a friend as she found us doing our shoot :) It all will sort of make more sense in the 3rd set, heh. Alary, thank you!

Stay tuned for more, and follow me if you want to see more!

Sam Winchester. Because (1) I wanted to experiment with painting portraits made of smoke, and (2) I’m still on a high from being invited to participate in the Supernatural Artbook, so hey, Sam it is. 

[I suppose I could’ve drawn said smoke issuing from a Winchester rifle, har, but that would’ve meant more work than I was willing to put in on a Thursday night.]

[Also: No, I’m not doing Hunters.]


0 6 / 1 2 / 2 0 1 6

76/100, I’ve been pushing the limits this week. 4 papers in two days, a failed test, no feedback on a final project on guerilla from my professor. yet my mom bought one more concert ticket for me — it’s Rammstein in the end of May!! ( ´ ▽ ` )

I have mixed feelings about everything right now but I’m doing well I suppose…

feat. my neat space spread for this week!! I’ve been hugely inspired by @madbujotime and her spreads, check her out!

It’s Wednesday

I’m so excited!!! But at the same time …

only 3 more episodes left (2 after tonight gasp!)?!?!?

Tell me how am supposed to live without you
Now that I’ve been lovin’ you so long
How am I supposed to live without you
How am I supposed to carry on
When all that I’ve been livin ‘for is gone …


aah, and while we’re at it - can you please check out this friggin’ beautiful art, because it deserves way more than the 90 notes (10 reblogs!!!) it got … thank you!!!


Icing has Bittynapped them All TwT whelp, finally posted it:Part 3.1 This was supposed to be the last part but i didn’t anticipate that part 3 of the comic would be long hahah😂 so now there’ll be like 2 more? huhu & it might be awhile for me to post them(I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m making this up as I go) Credits, Disclaimers belowww:
fell!Palette(Icing) & Palette @angexci
Goth @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
library!Goth @bunabelldraws
Gloom Pibby& ct!Goth @blogthegreatrouge
sadly, Cupcake aint in any of the panels TwT he’ll come later.

Comic Art & Pot!Eve by Me @butterflypea

Stiles- Control

Request-  the reader goes through something traumatic w/ the pack & they can tell that it’s really effecting them so they get together and decide it’s best that they wipe the reader’s memories/experiences of the pack and this occurs the summer after senior year so everyone goes off to Uni and stiles ends up going the same one as the reader and they eventually meet in a mutual class and become friends but stiles tries to keep his distance bc he fears they might remember. (love ur writing so much srsly!❤️)

A/N- I honestly loved this concept, and I’m seriously thinking about doing a multiple part series with this. It might just be one more part, although I could do a third. Let me know what you guys think, or if you’d like to see a part 2!

Stiles sat on his front porch, anxiously tapping his fingers against his lips. He was supposed to be washing his jeep, but he couldn’t bring himself to get up and do it. This was something you and he had always done together, and being his best friend, he sometimes thought you loved that jeep more than he did. Even though he had gone through the trouble of grabbing the bucket, cleaning cloths and soap, he still couldn’t bring himself to walk off that porch without you striding beside him.
You and your entire family had gone missing two weeks ago, and Stiles had the terrifying suspicion that it had something to do with you being hunters. You had never been like the Argents, and your family had raised you to do good, but because of that, they had made plenty of enemies.
You were supposed to be going off to college in a few months, the exact same school that Stiles was going to. You were supposed to attend Cal State with him. You were supposed to be there, right by his side, washing the jeep and laughing, but there were a lot of things that should have been happening that weren’t.
Stiles closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair. His father and Parrish had used every resource they could find. Chris Argent was searching for information from every hunter he knew. Hell, even Braeden had talked to some old contacts, thinking they might know something about you.
An entire family just didn’t go missing, but no one had been able to find a trace of you, or any evidence for that matter. It was like you vanished off the face of the planet. Like you had vanished from Stiles’ life.
With everything that had happened with the Ghost Riders, Stiles thought it wasn’t possible. He thought everyone would finally get some peace, that they would finally get to live their lives, but that had been nothing more than a pipe dream.
Suddenly his phone rang, causing him to jump. He kept it at full volume now and never turned it off, just in case there was any news of you. Every call he had answered thinned his hope just a little bit, but he told himself he couldn’t give up. You hadn’t given up on him when everyone forgot about him, and Stiles would never give up on you.
“Hello?” he asked.
“Stiles,” his dad stated. “We found Y/n.”
“What?” he demanded, scrambling up from the porch. “What happened? Where is she?”
“On her way to the hospital,” he told you. “But Stiles, we don’t know all of what happened. Apparently it’s pretty ugly.”
“Ugly?” he asked. “What do you mean?”
The Sheriff was silent for a few seconds. “Her whole family’s dead.”
Stiles opened his mouth, but all that came out was a hoarse choking sound.
“Argent found them. They…Stiles, they were slaughtered. Y/n was covered in blood, but for some reason they left her alive. Argent says it was probably some kind of cruel joke, because women are the leaders and there would still be a chance to carry on the family line…look, it doesn’t matter. You need to get to the hospital. Call Scott and the others. She’s going to need you.”
Stiles nodded, although his father couldn’t see him. “I will. I’ll call them.”

“Her parents are dead?” Lydia demanded as Stiles peeled out of her driveway.
“Yes,” he told her.
“But she’s alive?” Lydia asked firmly, her green eyes watering.
Stiles nodded. “Yeah, but apparently she was hurt pretty bad. Scott’s picking up Malia, but hopefully we’ll be able to see her when she gets there.”
Lydia nodded. “What do you think happened?”
“Some hunting rivalry thing,” Stiles told her. “At least that’s what Argent told my dad. You know her family had enemies.”
“But they’ve never done anything wrong,” Lydia whispered, closing her eyes. “Y/n’s never done anything wrong.”
“Unless you count the time we broke into the Station together,” he offered softly. “Or stole the police van. Or pantsed Scott in the back of the grocery store…”
Lydia shot him a look. “You know what I mean. She hasn’t killed anyone. She doesn’t like to hurt people.”
Stiles nodded. “I know.”
They drove the rest of the way in silence, and just as Stiles parked messily in one of the free spots, an ambulance came screaming into the parking lot. Stiles threw the door open and stumbled out, watching as the ambulance screeched to a stop in front of the main doors.
He was dimly aware of Lydia getting out behind him, but when he saw the paramedics throw open the doors and wheel a body out, he knew it was you. You were lying on the gurney, and for a second Stiles was terrified you were dead, but then you began to try and sit up.
“Y/n!” Stiles screamed, racing toward you.
“Ma’am, you need to lie back,” one of the EMTs was instructing you.
“No,” you were murmuring. “No-I-I have to go back. I just left them there. I have to go back. Someone has to get them.”
“Y/n!” Stiles breathed, but another paramedic held him back. “Hey that’s my fr-”
That was when he realized. That was when he really truly saw you, and felt his stomach churn violently. You were sitting up, and you were definitely alive, but you looked like you had been splattered with dozens of gallons of red paint. Stiles knew it wasn’t paint, and now that he was closer, he could see that you were drenched in blood.
Judging by what Argent had said, it was probably the blood of your family.
“Stiles,” you croaked, glancing over at him.
“We’ve gotta go,” said a nurse, suddenly coming through the front doors.
The guy nodded and wheeled you forward, leaving you to fall back against the gurney. You glanced back as you were taken away, and Stiles could see how broken and terrified your eyes looked. He knew you needed him.
He darted forward, but the paramedic was still holding him. “You can’t go in there, man. They’ll take care of her, alright?”
Stiles shoved the man away bitterly, and turned to Lydia, who had her hands over her mouth.
“Was that…was that her family’s blood?” she whispered, watching the ambulance back away.
“Probably,” Stiles said quietly.
“Oh god,” Lydia breathed. “What happened to her?”
Stiles shook his head. “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. Come on.”
Lydia followed Stiles into the hospital, and if she hadn’t been so terrified, she probably would have noticed the look on his face. It was the one he got when he knew everything was at stake, when he knew he had to figure something out to make sure nothing terrible happened. This time that seemed unavoidable, but Stiles was determined to figure out what happened. He was determined to help you.

You woke up with a warm hand on yours, rubbing comforting circles across your wrist. Stiles was sitting next to you as you came to, and you could see his worried eyes looming over yours.
You glanced down at yourself to see you that were no longer splattered with blood, but there were still traces of it everywhere. A forgotten patch on your elbow, red crusted under your fingernails, a bit in your eyelashes, clouding your vision with a red speck.
“Hey,” Stiles murmured, running his hand over your hair. “How you feeling?”
At the sound of his voice, you burst into tears.
“Uh…shit,” he said. “Y/n, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say the wrong thing.”
“You didn’t,” you croaked. “You didn’t…I just…I thought I’d never see you again.”
You pulled yourself up into a sitting position painfully, ignoring the protest from your ribs. Stiles leaned forward and wrapped his arms around you, and you buried your head in his shirt and sobbed.
“My parents are dead,” you choked. “They killed them in front of me, Stiles.”
“Who?” he asked softly.
“The other hunters,” you told him. “They…they used to be friends with then and they-they killed them. Oh god, there was so much blood.”
“Hey, hey, hey,” Stiles whispered. “You don’t have to talk about it. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
Stiles pulled himself up on the bed to sit on the edge of your mattress, so that it wa easier for you to lean into him.
“Why me?” you whispered against his chest. “Why did they leave me alive?”
Stiles could have told you a million things. He could have spouted out the same thing his dad had said, about leaving you alive to remember and carry on the line, or he could have said that it might have been because you were young. But he knew that nothing he could say was ever going to make you feel better, so he just didn’t answer.
Instead, he tightened his arms around you and rubbed your back, and placed a comforting kiss on your forehead.
“The others are out in the waiting room,” he whispered. “Scott, Lydia, Malia…even Liam. We were looking everywhere for you.”
“Can I see them?” you asked, pulling away from him to glance toward the door.
“Well, the nurses said only one of us can be here with you at a time, but I can go get whoever you want,” he told you.
He began to get up. “Do you want Lydia? Or Scott mayb-”
“No!” you cried suddenly. “I…I mean…I don’t want you to leave.”
You looked down, ashamed at how ridiculous you sounded. You brought your hands up to cover your face. “I’m sorry. God, I must sound insane. I must look even worse.”
“No,” Stiles told you. “You…you look good…for someone who was kidnapped and tortured.”
You sniffed, and Stiles paled, thinking he had said the wrong thing, but you just smiled sadly. “You never learned how to keep your foot out of your mouth, huh?”
Stiles sighed. “You know me…look, I can go get the nurse…”
“No, don’t,” you begged. “Everyone I’ve seen has been a nurse, or a doctor, and all they keep doing is pushing drugs at me and telling me they’ll call a psychiatrist. They want me to rest, they want me to talk…they all want something from me. You don’t want anything from me Stiles. You’re just my best friend.”
Stiles swallowed, and he felt his heart break a little at your words. Just your best friend.
“So…I just need you to be my best friend right now, okay?” you asked him.
He nodded. “Okay.”
“I’m going to tell you what happened,” you stated.
“Y/n, you don’t have to-”
“I need to,” you told him, and he flinched at how desperate your voice sounded. “I know you’re going to hear it eventually. I want to tell you myself, but I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I just need you to listen.”
Stiles nodded. “Okay. I can do that.”
You nodded at him and took a deep breath, and as if he somehow sensed you needed it, he reached forward to wrap his hand around yours. He sat there quietly, listening dutifully as you told him the story between shaky breaths. You explained how you had been woken in the middle of the night, drugged, carried out of your house, and brought to an abandoned warehouse in downtown Beacon Hills. Your parents were there too, and afters weeks of torture, and listening to the hunters relentlessly prattle on about what happened to traitors, they came into the room with machetes. The leader, a woman whose name you didn’t know, claimed that if you wanted to be friends to the wolves, then you would die like them.
You watched them die, slowly and painfully, and you felt like a part of you had died with them. After it was over, you were drenched in their blood, and completely in shock. You eventually managed to crawl over to them, despite the tape, but you knew they were dead. You didn’t know how long you sat like that, just that they eventually took you from the room, walked you to the front of the warehouse, and then called Chris Argent, knowing he had been a friend of your family.
He didn’t know them, but when he found you out there, sitting in the sun and covered in blood, he felt something inside of him break. He called the Sheriff, who you guessed called Stiles, and that was how you both ended up sitting in that cramped hospital room.
“You can tell the others,” you whispered when you were finished. “They’re going to find out.”
Stiles nodded. “Okay.”
“Do you know what my dad said to me?” you asked suddenly. “Before he died? He said not to forget who I was. I think he knew they weren’t going to kill me. I think he knew…and I think he thought I would try to get revenge or something.”
“Will you?” Stiles asked softly.
You threw your hands up and let out an almost hysterical laugh. “How can I? I couldn’t save them. I couldn’t even help them. How could I ever get revenge?”
Stiles felt a sinking feeling in his chest at your words. You were never one to give up hope. You had always rallied beside him, and sometimes, if he was the hopeless one, you were there to drag him up on the ground and talk sense into him. He swallowed thickly and simply pulled you into his arms again, because he was terrified that you were doing exactly what your father told you not to do. He was terrified you were losing yourself.

“How are you doing today, Y/n?…Y/n?”
You picked your eyes up from the floor of Ms. Morrell’s office. She wasn’t at the school anymore, but instead she was running her own practice in the middle of Beacon Hills. You weren’t too keen on seeing your former guidance counselor due to everything she had been involved in, but after you had moved in with Chris Argent, he assured you that it was for the best. After all, Morrell was one of the few psychologists who you could truly be honest with.
She knew about werewolves, she knew about hunters, and she knew the truth about what had happened to your parents. She knew it wasn’t just a simple act of gang violence, which was what the official statement released to the media had stated. She knew it was much more.
“Sorry,” you muttered, looking into her cool brown eyes. “I zoned out.”
“What were you thinking about?” she asked you.
You frowned. Morrell already knew the answer to her question, but for her, it wasn’t enough to just know. She always wanted to hear you say it, to state it out loud, because, according to her, it would somehow help with the healing process.
You thought that was bullshit, but it was clear that you weren’t in control in these sessions, no matter how many times she tried to assure you that you were.
“Y/n,” she said slowly. “If you’re not going to be honest with me, we’re never going to get anywhere.”
“What’s the point of this?” you demanded, crossing your arms over your chest and sinking back in the pleather couch. “You know I’m thinking about them. I think about them every day…every minute. My parents are gone. They’re never coming back, and this is somehow supposed to help me get over that? This is supposed to make me okay with the fact that I watched them die? That I couldn’t stop it? How the hell is anyone supposed to be okay with that?!”
Without even realizing it, you had moved off the couch and practically began to yell in her face. When you noticed you were on your feet, you quickly sat back down with red cheeks, but Morrell only had the hint of a smile on her face. Nothing seemed to phase her.
“Now we’re getting somewhere,” she informed you.
“Great,” you muttered.
“I’m sensing some frustration,” she remarked. “Some survivor’s guilt.”
“Of course I’m frustrated,” you told her. “Who wouldn’t be?”
“I agree completely,” she told you. “Do you feel comfortable with talking about the day they died?”
You nodded. “I’ve been asked about it so much. It doesn’t even matter anymore.”
“It matters to me,” she told you, and for once, you believed she was being sincere.
“I had my arms duct-taped behind my back,” you told her. “In the room they kept us in. I think I was about to fall asleep. My parents were across the room. They were talking to each other. I can’t even remember what they were saying. I wish I could remember, you know? I feel like it’d just be one more piece of them that I’d have.”
Morrell nodded. “And when it happened…”
“I knew what was going on,” you said softly. “I tried to tell myself it wasn’t true, that they just wanted to scare us, but I knew that wasn’t what was happening. When they started to cut my dad, I thought we were all going to die.”
“What did you do?” she asked.
“I fought,” you admitted, tears filling your eyes. “I struggled so hard, I pulled a muscle in my side. At least that’s what the doctor told me. They kicked me, hit me…cut me. After my parents were dead, I still tried to fight. I crawled over to their bodies, but they were gone. They had been like that for a while…there was nothing I could do, but I had to try…”
You trailed off after that, closing your eyes. Morrell waited a few seconds, but when you looked back at her, she spoke.
“As humans,” she began. “We sometimes forget that there is so little in this world that we control. We like to think that we have a say in the world around us, that we can prevent horrible things from happening to us and to those we love…but in the end, the only thing we truly have control over is ourselves, and our choices.”
“But if I had been stronger…”
“What if you had been stronger?” Morrell questioned. “Would you have been able to break the tape? To fight off multiple men twenty years older and more experienced?”
“Probably not,” you admitted.
“Then why focus on it?” she asked. “Why torture yourself?”
“I guess it makes me feel like I’m punishing myself,” you told her. “Like I deserve to be miserable.”
“Did you want your parents to die?” she asked bluntly.
“What?” you whispered. “No!”
“Then how are you the guilty party?” she questioned. “Y/n, I understand that you feel like you need to take some responsibility for this. The ones truly responsible never will, so someone has to, right? I’m telling you that you are not responsible. What happened to you and your parents was not your fault. You had no control over it. But what you’re feeling right now? The guilt? The devastating loss? You do have have control over that. And you have control over what to do about it.”
“I can’t just stop feeling awful about this,” you stated dumbly.
“No,” she agreed. “But you control your thoughts, Y/n. They belong to you.”
You shook your head. “This is bullshit.”
“If that’s how you feel-” she began.
“I’m done with this,” you spat, rising to your feet. “None of this is helping.”
Morrell pursed her lips. “I can’t help you if you’re not willing to help yourself.”
You shook your head and stormed out of her office, not caring that the door slammed behind you. There was a part of you that figured that you should probably just listen and try to understand, but you were sick and tired of people trying to tell you how to feel.
You stormed out of the office, breezed past a few people in the waiting room, and stalked into the parking lot. Stiles was sitting there in the jeep, and when he saw you, he straightened up.
“What happened?” he asked when you opened the door. “Your session isn’t over for another thirty minutes.”
“It’s over,” you informed him, sliding into the jeep and slamming the door.
“Y/n…” he said softly.
“I know, I know, he’s sensitive, I’m sorry,” you gushed, reaching up to pat the dashboard.
“No, I just meant-”
“Stiles, I don’t need her telling me how to feel about this.”
“Yeah, but I’ve talked to Morrell,” he reminded you. “And as shady as she is, she gives some good advice. Maybe you just didn’t wanna hear it.”
You looked away. “Can you just take me back to the apartment?”
Stiles sighed and reached out to start the jeep. “Yeah.”
You had been different since you had gotten out of the hospital. You had been so fearless and brave for most of your life, but the death of your family seemed to knock all of that right out of you. No one held it against you, but everyone in the pack could tell you had changed. Even Stiles, who was your best friend, felt like you were drifting away from him.
On the way to the apartment, Stiles drove in silence, because every attempt he made at conversation fell flat.
“Alright, I get it,” he finally said, as he pulled to the front of Chris Argent’s building. “You’re not in the mood to talk. But when you are, I’ll be here…you want me to walk you inside?”
You reached out to place your hand on top of his. “Thanks, Stiles, but I’ll be fine.”
“See you later!” he called as you walked to the door, but all you did was nod back at him.
Stiles sighed and pulled away from the building, but instead of leaving, he simply sat in the parking lot. He missed talking to you, but after getting out of hospital, you suddenly became closed off and cold. He was still holding onto the hope that you would have a miraculous epiphany and turn back into the girl you used to be, but deep down, he knew you would never be the same.
Maybe that hope was why he sat there in the parking lot for ten minutes, thinking that maybe you would change your mind and text him to come up. As he was sitting there, slouching in his seat and trying to come up with a way to get you to open up to him, he happened to glance up at the building.
He let out a strangled noise of shock when he saw the door to the roof opening, and you stepping out onto it. Without thinking, he threw open the door and sprinting toward the building. No one was in the empty lobby in the middle of the day, and Stiles thanked every god above when the elevator doors opened as soon as pressed the button. He rode it up to the top floor, and when he spotted the door that read “TO ROOF”, he threw it open and hauled ass.
“Y/n!” he cried, his sneakers thumping on the cement.
You had been walking to the edge, but at the sound of Stiles’ voice, you paused. He ran up to you and grabbed your shoulders, causing you to jump.
“What the hell are you doing up here?!” he practically screamed, tears filling his eyes.
“I just wanted to see,” you whispered, flinching at his voice.
“See what?!” he demanded, and when you didn’t respond he asked again. “Y/n, see what? Please tell me you weren’t trying to kill yourself. Y/n, god, please, don’t tell me that.”
“Stiles, I don’t-” Your voice cracked suddenly. “I’m not the same anymore. Everyone is thinking it. I heard Lydia and Malia talking. They said I’m different, and I am. Even you think so.”
“Yeah, you’re different,” Stiles stated. “You lost your family. That would change anyone, okay? But that doesn’t mean you should kill yourself. Do you have any idea how I’d feel if you died, Y/n? You’re my best friend and I-I-”
“I wasn’t trying to kill myself!” you protested. “I just wanted to see things from a different view, that’s all. Try some of that bullshit Morrell told me, you know? But I can’t. It’s not working.”
“It will,” he insisted. “It has too.”
“I can’t get it out of my head,” you admitted, your voice breaking. “I wake up screaming for my parents. I still feel the knives against my skin. I still think I’m covered in blood.”
“Hey, look, I’m sorry I yelled at you,” Stiles told you softly, wrapping his arms around you. “You just scared me.”
You slid to the concrete and he followed, pulling you against him as you sat on the roof. You looked up at a him a few seconds later, with those sad, broken eyes, and Stiles wanted nothing more than to lean down and kiss you. He wanted you to know that you would always have him, that he would always be there, but this wasn’t the right time or place to admit his feelings for you. He simply wrapped his arms around you and tucked your head under his chin, thinking that there would probably never be a right one.

“…have to do something,” Stiles could hear a voice saying as he walked into Scott’s living room. “I’m worried about her. I’m worried she’s going to do something drastic.”
As he got closer, he saw that the voice belonged to Lydia, and she was staring up at Scott with her arms crossed over her chest. Malia stood next to her, nodding along to what she was saying.
“We took her shopping, but she freaked out and locked herself in the dressing room for like an hour,” Malia informed him. “Stiles.”
He nodded to her as he stepped in the room. “This is about Y/n?”
Scott nodded. “We’re all worried. After you told us about what happened on the roof, we’re beginning to think we need to do something.”
“What can we do?” Stiles asked. “It’s not like we can bring her parents back.”
“But what if we can take away her memories of what happened?” Lydia offered.
“What?” Stiles demanded.
“We’ve been talking about it,” Scott explained. “And she’s supposed to come over later…”
“Her mental state is obviously deteriorating,” Lydia remarked.
“Hey,” Stiles snapped. “This is my best friend we’re talking about here. Lydia, are you forgetting that you don’t know everything? Because, she’ll be fine if we just-”
“Stiles, she won’t be fine,” Scott told him, shooting him a look. “Can’t you see what’s happening?”
“And what exactly is happening?” he asked defensively.
“She’s losing herself,” Malia stated. “Trust me, I know what that feels like.”
Stiles swallowed. “You want to take away the memories of her parents?”
“No,” Lydia told him. “Just the ones of the torture…and the ones of everything supernatural.”
“Wait…wait,” Stiles told her, his voice pleading. “Everything we do is supernatural. The whole reason we met her is because of the supernatural.”
Lydia took a deep breath, and Stiles could see that behind the tough facade, she was breaking. “That’s the thing. We would have to remove all her memories of us.”
“What?” he demanded. “How the hell would that help?!”
“She forgets being tortured,” Malia said. “She forgets us,and we tell her her parents died in some kind of car accident. She knows Chris is a family friend. She knew him before she knew about werewolves. She can still live with him. She can still go off to college, but she won’t have to remember she was tortured. She won’t have to carry all the guilt of her parents’ deaths around.”
“But she forgets us!” Stiles cried. “How the hell do we even pull that off? We might be able to take her memories, but we can’t create fake ones.”
“That’s where my mom comes in,” Scott explains. “She still has injuries. We can tell her that she’s been in a coma for the past month. My mom can break the news of the accident, maybe tell her she has amnesia.”
“But all her training…everything she knows…what if the same people come after her again?”
“She’ll have to forget that she learned all of it,” Lydia insisted. “But it’ll still be there, under the surface. Muscle memory.”
“This is wrong,” Stiles spat. “Stealing her memories? We’d be taking who she is!”
“We might be keeping her alive,” Malia countered. “Stiles, this could give her a chance to start over.”
“Without us!” he screamed, tears filling his eyes. “What’s the point without us?”
“Stiles, you’re being selfish,” Lydia informed him. “This is Y/n’s peace of mind we’re talking about.”
“She’ll never agree to it,” he told them. “You know that.”
“Yeah,” Scott said softly. “We do.”
“What?” he demanded. “You can’t do that to her! What are you gonna do, huh Scott? You gonna pin her down and dig your claws into her neck just like Theo did to Lydia?”
Scott flinched. “Stiles.”
“You can’t do that on your own Scott,” he stated bitterly. “And you know what? I’m not gonna be there to help you hold her down.”
“Stiles, wait,” Lydia begged, but he was brushing off her hand his shoulder.
He stormed out of Scott’s house and hopped into the jeep, fighting back the bitter tears that filled his eyes. He hated the idea of someone taking the very things that made you who you were, but what if they were right? What if making you forget was the best thing that anyone could do for you?
He shook the thought out of his mind and wiped his eyes, trying to focus on the road as he peeled away from Scott’s. He couldn’t let them do this to you. He had to warn you.

Stiles pounded on the door of Argent’s apartment, calling your name loud enough for Argent to swing open the door with an alarmed expression.
“Stiles?” he demanded. “What’s going on? Y/n left for Scott’s twenty minutes ago.”
“No, no, no,” he muttered. “Mr. Argent, they’re planning on taking her memories. They’re planning on erasing everything, and, and…why don’t you seem surprised by any of this?”
Argent sighed. “Because I agree with them.”
“No,” Stiles breathed. “No, not you too.”
“Stiles, it might be for the best. She can have a normal life without all that guilt to carry around. It’ll still hurt, but it’ll be different. She can live a normal life. She can be a normal teenage girl. It’s what her parents would have wanted. It’s what I would have wanted for Allison.”
“Y/n is not Allison,” Stiles stated firmly. “You can’t seriously think taking her memories is a good idea. You have no idea how it’ll affect her.”
“Could she get any worse?” Argent asked him, but he sounded like he already knew the answer. “You don’t have to wake her up from nightmares, when she’s begging me to help her get the blood off. She barely sleeps, Stiles. And when she’s awake, she barely talks to anyone but you.”
“So you’d rather chance her being a vegetable?” Stiles demanded.
“Scott knows what he’s doing,” Argent insisted. “They’ve spoken with Deaton.”
“This isn’t what she wants,” Stiles insisted. “You know that.”
Argent sighed. “Stiles, I know you love her.”
“Wh-what?” he choked.
“It’s written on your face plain as day,” he continued. “But if you love her, you have to let her go.”
“No…no,” Stiles told him firmly. “She’s not a goddamn bird. She’s a living, breathing person, who isn’t going to fucking fly back to me. She’s going to forget that I ever existed. She’s not going to know Lydia, or Scott, or Malia. Is she even going to know Allison?”
“As far as she’s going to know, both Allison and her parents will have died in a car accident.”
“Oh, is that what we’re calling murder now?” Stiles demanded, raising his eyebrows.
“Stiles,” Argent said firmly, shooting him an ice cold look. “I’d get over there if I were you.”
Stiles glared at him, but he knew he was running out of time. He shook his head at Argent, but he quickly hit the button for elevator. He looked back, but as soon as he had turned, Allison’s father had softly shut the door.

Stiles burst into Scott’s house, right into the living room just like earlier, and the first thing he saw was you. You were sitting on the couch, eyes closed, with Scott standing over you, claw deep in your neck.
“NO!” Stiles screamed, causing Malia to stalk over and slam him up against the wall. “Get off of me! Malia, please, get off of me!”
“You can’t do anything,” Lydia reminded him, glancing down at you with a regretful expression. “You know separating them now could kill her.”
Stiles glanced back at you, and something inside of him broke. He slumped against the wall, and as Malia dropped him, he slid to the floor.
“No,” he sobbed. “No.”
“Stiles,” Lydia said softly, kneeling next to him. “This is for the best.”
He shook his head, gripping his hair as the tears spilled down his face. “I didn’t even get to say goodbye to her.”
Lydia frowned. “We’re sorry. We would’ve told you…but you would’ve tried to stop us.”
“You’re damn right I would’ve!” he said, jumping up in a sudden explosion of anger. She’s gonna be gone, Lydia! That’s your best friend, our best friend, and she’s not even gonna be Y/n anymore. He’s killing her, in a worse way than those hunters ever could.”
“Stiles-” Malia began.
“No,” he cut her off. “You guys can be there when she wakes up. You can explain everything, since this is clearly what’s best for her. I don’t want to be here for this.”
And he truly didn’t. Stiles knew that they would eventually take you to the hospital, where Melissa would set the stage for your miraculous awakening from the coma. They wouldn’t be allowed in, but Scott would probably be listening from the hallway…listening to you learn your parents were dead all over again.
He knew that they thought they were helping, but they didn’t understand what they were doing. Stiles had had his whole life mapped out with you. He had had a plan, and with one flick of Scott’s claws, it had been ripped away from him.

Stiles shut the door of his dorm room a little after his dad had left. He had moved all of his things in, gone to orientation, but his roommate still wasn’t back. For some reason, the air inside the room felt stuffy now that he was alone.
He had never had a problem being alone before, but ever since Scott had taken your memories, he had hated it. It was like the silence and solitude reminded him just how alone he really was, now that his best friend was simply gone.
He shook off the thought and opened the door, shaking his head wildly as if that could somehow clear it away. He stepped out in the narrow hall, clearly distracted, and slammed right into someone.
“Oh shit,” he swore, reaching out to catch the person he had slammed into. “I-I am so sorry.”
“It’s totally fine,” the person breathed. “That was my bad. I’m usually so coordinated, but these halls are so fucking thin, huh?”
Stiles stared at the person across from him, frozen in shock. It was you, standing directly across from him, and smiling a smile that he was sure would kill him.
“Hey are you okay?” you asked the dude standing in front of your door. He was staring at you open-mouthed, and you were beginning to think you had hit him harder than you originally thought.
“Did I give you brain damage or something?” you asked.
“I, no, I, uh, I’m-I’m pretty sure I had it before I bumped into you,” he croaked.
You laughed, a sound that hit Stiles’ ears and went straight through his heart. “Good to know. I’m Y/n. I guess I live across from you.”
“I’m Stiles,” he breathed, willing so badly for just a hint of recognition to cross your eyes.
“Huh,” you said with a smile. “Never heard that one before.”
Stiles swallowed. Yeah, he wanted to say. You have.

Part 2???

Mistakes you made | one

Bucky x Reader

Summary: in which Bucky breaks up with you because of an insecurity. 

Word Count: 1326 | Rating: G [not for part 2 tho]

 Warnings: Yelling, cursing 

 A/N: Now if you need a part two, I can do it 😀😀😀 I s2g this was supposed to be just a prompt omg. I thought about this prompt all day (now you know why it took me so fuckng long) + I’m on the phone which makes it 100x difficult to write so Sorry for any typos. And I have two more prompts in my ask box, and I promise I’ll do them tomorrow (don’t worry and I’m sorry Annonies, if you’re read this)  I’m a very irresponsible writer, with no hope 😞😭 and if you stick around with me in spite of that then I want to thank y'all 🙏🏼

Requested by: @frenchtherainbow thank you, you’ve officially brought out the angst in me 🙃😭

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Alone. Part 2. (Tom Holland.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you for the great amount of support for this imagine. I am extremely proud of it. By the way, I always have a huge paragraph in the beginning that is suppose to be deep. It is suppose to be significant but honestly, sometimes I feel stupid.

Prompt – Tom and Harrison come back into your life after the huge fight went down.

Warning – Some asshole Tom.

Words – 2,019.


Part 1.

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I know of the Pocket Pyros, yes. My opinion on them, well.. I find them a bit unnerving interesting, to say the least. 

No, I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of the Blu Pocket Pyro. Perhaps, weary of them. Apprehensive about them. Distressed by them. Maybe frightened.. Not afraid, though.

I suppose I have actually yet to make the Red Pocket Pyros acquaintance. I do hope they are more agreeable than their Blu counterpart..

@mrwastelander @ask-pocket-pyro @ask-tiny-pyro

I actually really like the new outsider way more than the old. I remember reading about the origin of the outsider in dishonored 1 and thinking, wait, that guy? Really? I really feel like Robin Lord Taylor did a better job at conveying the character that the outsider canonically is; he seems much more lonely and wistful and I really do like it a lot more. He really seems more like the boy with “human emotion and inhuman perception” that he was supposed to be in the original.

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Valentine’s Nightmare


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Fake Love?

Fate, Destiny, Whatever


Tour Fight Part 2

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“I can’t do this anymore”


Family Get Togethers


“Is There Somewhere” by Halsey

Broken Pieces



“What? Are you jealous or something?”

“No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you”

“Wait a minute. Are you drunk?!” Part 2

‘Wait…is that my shirt?!”

“You mean more to me than you will ever know”

“Is this supposed to be the part where we kiss?”

“Get out of my way before I punch you in the face”

“I hate most people…but I don’t hate you”

“All I’ve ever learned from love is that someone always gets fucked over”

“Jealousy doesn’t look good on you”

“I’m done crying over you”

“You’re gone and I’m haunted and I bet you are just fine!”

“Fuck you, fuck your boyfriend and fuck everything about you!”

“Did I ever matter to you?”

“We’ve been best friends for 16 years! Of course I know your middle name!”

“I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not…”

“Go away. Now. I never want to see you near me or my family ever again”

“I thought I could trust you”

“Why don’t you love me anymore?”

“Please tell me you’re not leaving”

“I tried…I really tried okay? Is that not good enough!”

“I thought you loved me”

“Am I not enough?”

“I regret it all. I really do, I swear. Please, let’s fix this.”

“It’s been too long since you’ve really smiled.”

“All of this was to protect myself!”

“Isn’t it time we both stopped pretending we make each other happy?”

“My roommate had to go into my room and throw the sheets away…”

“Remember when you promised we’d always be together? Because I remember when I thought you meant it.”

“You’re my regret”

“I missed everything about you”

“I saw your face everywhere”


“Could you stop being so damn stubborn and let me help you?”

“I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me”

“What? Are you jealous or something?”

“I don’t know whether to kiss you or punch you”

“You mean more to me than you will ever know”

“It-it’s nothing, but my favorite character just died…”

“No, you’re…not supposed to eat it…”

“No, I didn’t fall in love with you just to lose you”

“Why does that sound like you’re saying goodbye?” Part 2

“Tell me what you want”

“I swear, you guys should just fuck”

“I should’ve never told you that”

“I don’t know whether to slap you over the head or give you a hug”

“I want you to hurt like I do”

“You’re an idiot if you thought I cared about you”

“We’re getting it”

“You know, at times you look like you wanna just punch everyone…”

“What the hell is a punk!calum…”

“I love you”

“But you look so cuddly”

“Is it…is it because of me?”

“All I wanted was to spend the day with you”

“My roommate had to go into my room and throw the sheets away…”


“Kissing me breaks the promise…remember?”

“I’m done. I’m done trying so hard only for you to never even look in my direction.”

“Unloving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done”

“I wasn’t looking down on you. I never have.”


“I swear if you die, I’ll kill you”

“And you’re telling me this…why?”

“I do love you…I just don’t trust you”

“It’s called apologizing. It isn’t that hard” Part 2

“I swear, you guys should just fuck”

“It’s you and me against the world. Always.”

“Fuck you, fuck your girlfriend and fuck everything about you!” Part 2

“We’re done”

“You be the iceburg and I’ll go down”

“You were supposed to be different”

“You’re an idiot if you thought I cared about you”

“Look who’s cuddling now”

“I thought I could trust you!” Part 2

“Please don’t leave, I love you”

“Yeah you’re right, you don’t need me”

“I’m only bringing you down…just let me go”

“Please don’t yell at me…”

“This whole time I’ve been using you…” Part 2


“Back then, I lied when I told you I didn’t love you…”

“I can’t move on from something that wasn’t supposed to end”

“Quit trying to fix me when you need to just fix yourself”

“I’m not angry at you, just at myself…”

“You have no idea how hard it was to stay away from you”

“Life isn’t worth living without you”

“Let me kiss you from head to toe, I’m not going anywhere this time”



“Shut up, okay? I’m getting you out of here. We’re going home.”

“You don’t have to be so strong all the time”

“Please don’t leave me”


“I’m sorry but I don’t love you”

“I should have known you’d break my heart”

“I’m not some slave to you”

“All I wanted was to spend the day with you”

“Help! Help me please!

“It wasn’t even fun at first, honestly. It was just like…morphine.”

“Remember when you promised we’d always be together? Because I remember when I thought you meant it.”

“I can’t fall in love with you. I don’t want all the pain that comes with it”

“This is why I don’t fall in love.”


“Your friends called and told me how hard you’ve been taking it”

It’s Going to Get Better