sorry to scare you. i was upset and angry and didnt see any other option. i wont be killing myself but i will be posting something that i want you all to read thoroughly

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Ok ok ok ok! For a headcanon, in a soulmate AU, how do you think UT/UF!Sans and US!Papyrus would meet their soulmate and how would they react? Or you can just do how they would react if that's easier. Thanks~ <3

I’ve had the idea to write “Soulmate Scenarios” for the longest time now but I haven’t had the time to actually sit down & write them. ;A;


He’s…pretty surprised. A bit scared, really. He never thought a guy like him…a monster like him, could actually have a SOULmate. But whaddya know? Looks like he does. Huh.


Haha, holy shit. Nah, pal, he’s uh…he’s not crazy about that whole SOULmate thing. Feels kinda mandatory, like he’s being dragged into something he has no choice about. (Mostly he’s just really defensive because he didn’t think he had one for the longest time & just–boom. There you are.)


Huh, that’s cool. He’s not really going to act on it unless you do, mostly because he’d rather get to know you before you just “jump” into something together.

please please PLEASE help my girlfriend

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Do people still do these..?

So, I’m currently only following 53 blogs and I want to gain more mutuals to have contact and joke around with, as well as I want more content for my side blog!

If you feel like, follow me and reblog this if you post/reblog:

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I’ll gladly check you out and eventually follow! And don’t be scared to write me, ask me anything if you’re curious about something or just to start a friendly conversation.

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hi um i really like this girl and i know she likes girls and we're in the same group chat and when i post selfies she keyboard smashes and once she said "im gay" in capslock but she is so ridiculously out of my league. ive only recently (june) realized im a lesbian and i keep feeling scared that i dont really like her, bc i forgot what it feels like to get crushes bc i was forcing myself to like boys before. also another girl said she likes me, but i dont like her and i feel like a fake lesbian?

You aren’t going to be attracted to every girl, and that’s something a lot of sapphic ppl struggle with because it’s like “oh! I like girls. Isn’t every single one supposed to be cute?” and that simply isn’t the case. Don’t stress about it too much! But if you feel like your attraction is real, whether it feels familiar or not, it usually is. Also, something to remember if you feel like you’re faking being a lesbian or just things in general, you probably aren’t faking it <3 -Mod S

One of the best things about being at uni is that almost everyone knows me as Amelia. Thee are a lot of ppl who have literally /never/ heard me called Millie. To them, I’m nothing but Amelia and I rEALLY LIKE THAT.

I mean the next step would be for ppl to call me Lee but I’m too scared to really suggest that IRL. and since Amelia doesn’t give me urg feelings like Millie does it doesn’t matter too much if they,re using Lee or Amelia really.

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Hi, recently me and my girlfriend broke up but we stay in contact constantly. We've tried to stay apart but we can't stand not talking to each other. We were together for a year and I really don't want it all to be over. I have a feeling she's just scared we won't work out and left to prevent herself from being hurt. We're going to meet in person soon and I'm going to apologize for everything and try to talk it out with her. Is this a good idea? If it is what should I do? What should I say?

She may be scared, especially if she’s had previous experiences that made her feel so; hurt so many times she lets go to avoid being let go. I think talking it out with her in person is the best option. Over text and on the phone isn’t too good for apologies, confessions, important talks for many reasons. However, I’m not saying they’re not affective. I don’t want to say something that can result negatively- there can be several outcomes… but from one human to another, if I felt insecure about a relationship that I absolutely did not want to go down the drain, I would want assurance. I’d want the one I love to tell me something like that wouldn’t ever happen. Now, I’m not saying, “people who have left their lover had said the same.” But you should, of course, say it with the intentions of staying-because you do want to stay. You love her so much and want to be with her, and she feels the same (you both can’t stand not talking to each other). But don’t just pour your feelings into a cup and hand it to her. Remember to consider how she feels. She means a lot to you; Remind her.

Best of luck to you and you are welcome to inbox me again. :)

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okay parenting kidge au but. keith is still half galra. which would make their son one fourth galra

Huh…this one’s tough.

(I’m going off the sort-of AU developed in “Hold Back the River.”)

Here’s the thing: Keith is half-Galra, yes, but his Galra genes aren’t quite compatible with his human genes. His change in appearance is, initially, part of his fight-or-flight response: scare him pretty bad, and he’ll switch. (Later, the change is triggered by any kind of stimuli; he changes almost at random, he can’t control it, and it drives him up the wall.)

And when he does change, some times the change is actually worse on him. The room gets too bright and too cold, he has a much harder time tuning out noise, and he’ll get a headache if he doesn’t switch back after a few hours (and if it’s that long, oftentimes he’s sick to his stomach, too).

(Keith’s Galra genes mainly consist of pointed ears (like elf-ears, and they’re like that all the time), he can hear really well (again, all the time), and when his appearance changes, his skin goes purple and his eyes gleam yellow.)

Now, if Mathias is one-fourth Galra, then he won’t be as badly affected by the Galra genes. (Keith’s appearance didn’t start switching on him until he was at a certain age–it wasn’t the sound weapon that only he could hear. his body was building up to that, he just didn’t notice. His hand activating the Galra door? He wouldn’t have been able to do that at age 15.) What was recessive in Keith will remain recessive in Mathias. So the fluffy ears like Sendak? Mathias is not gonna get ‘em, because Keith doesn’t have them.

I still haven’t answered the unspoken question: what is a ¼-Galra baby like?

Mathias looks a lot like Keith. He looks human, but he has the same heightened hearing as Keith. Pidge made a custom set of earmuffs for her baby when she realized this. And he has Keith’s ears, too.

But his Galra genes make him switch at a far earlier age than Keith’s did. Mathias knew his heritage–Keith made sure of that–but was kind of hoping he wouldn’t switch like his father did. Because it still, on rare occasions, made Keith’s life miserable.

Mathias is a young child, about eight years old, when one day he’s walking past a shiny surface in the castle ship. He stops to make a face at his reflection, and promptly screams bloody murder when he sees a Galra staring back at him.

Keith hears this and comes running. Mathias is standing there shaking and sobbing, and he runs towards Keith the second he sees him. Keith drops to his knees and gathers Mathias in a tight hug, holding him and telling him that it’s okay, it’s okay.

It doesn’t hurt as bad when Mathias switches, though. He gets all the benefits–heightened hearing and vision, and his reflexes are faster–but almost none of the pain. Sure, he’ll get a tiny headache sometimes, but that’s about it. Mathias, like Keith, has to come to terms with his situation. But unlike Keith, he doesn’t look like the enemy. The Galra are no longer hostile, and therefore the fact that he’s Galra doesn’t scare the team at all. And they don’t talk about the war that much, or Zarkon. And if they do, it’s always with a reminder that that’s over now. Keith knew best how to protect his son, because he’d been through it all before.

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hey, i'm kinda scared to ask this cause i've got a lot of anxiety about accidentally offending someone, but could you please explain on what race really is? i've always thought race meant human and ethnicity meant where you're from, your heritage. but the ask about race and ethnicity in regards to ME people (lebanese and armenian) confused me and i'm not sure i understand what race means now. i google it and get the same as ethnicity, and i thought it wasn't the same?

Hi there! You can check out this post by gadaboutgreen:

A quick note about race, ethnicity, and nationality.


Him: What’s his nationality?

Me: American.

Him: No, I mean, what’s his ethnicity?

Me: Chinese, specifically Han Chinese?

Him: So his ethnic background is Asian.

Me: No, that’s his race.

Him: GAH! That’s what I meant!

Me: Then why didn’t you ask that?

Race=Sociological Construct, (Black, White, Asian)
Ethnicity=Socio-cultural background, (also socially constructed,) (Han Chinese, Cajun, African-American, Latino)
Nationality=Country of Origin, (American, French, Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Iranian, ect, ect.)”


I keep seeing all these vague posts about the newest Wolf 359 episode, and now I’m scared to listen to it. Am I gonna die of heartbreak? Or spontaneously combust in anger? Those seem to be the general reactions.

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hey dude, i dont know what you're going through, but i can't bear to keep seeing you posts stuff like that. I am happy you are writing a ton of poetry, but i don't like your direction in life. A world without a great poet like yourself is a dark one. Please don't go. You have no idea how many times your writing helped me.

I’m going to get a grip. I’m going to see through this I have to. I know my writing is heading towards the dark side tonight but I’m trying. I really am. I write as an alternative and I know sometime it scares people and I don’t mean to. The doctors messed up my medication and it messed with my mental health so I’m in a really dark unhealthy place right now. I’m trying, I promise. Some days it feels like I’m hanging on by fingertips but… I’m trying. And I’m really glad my writing could help you in anyway. That’s why this blog was started.

ideas for new au:

post pacifist, and Papyrus is starting to… well. degenerate. fall apart. and then one day his hand decides to just quiet existing, and it scares the fuck out of Pap.

(he knows why it’s happening, though idk why)

so ~because~ Papyrus runs the fuck away. he tells Flowey, who’s hanging around in a flowerpot, to watch over Sans and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

he leaves behind his scarf, and books it.

and that’s all i know so far ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I often wonder how many people were like ‘I want to talk to this user but I’m so intimidated’ about me but then ended up talking to me at some point anyway only to end up being like ‘wtf is with this person how was I ever scared of her’