[golden freddy in the first game is still the animatronic that scares me the most tho]


"Come here I’m taking a picture!"
"What for…?"
"Just cause~"

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Tristesses de la Lune
  • Tristesses de la Lune
  • Charles Baudelaire, read by Peacockbluey

"Tristisses de la Lune" (Sorrows of the Moon) by Charles Baudelaire

Okay, I did a second poetry reading, with another one of my favorite poems. I am slightly terrified to post this, because of my very creaky French. (I know I flubbed a few little things here, but you can only re-record so many times until you start to feel like maybe you’ve lost perspective on life.)

But. I am of the opinion that every now and then, we should do things that scare us. And besides, I really like this poem.

still sorry
  • still sorry

"Jaune, everybody needs a little push from time to time. It doesn’t make you any different from the rest of us. You made it to Beacon! That speaks volumes of what you’re capable of! "
"Then let me help you!"

Apparently people liked that last dumb ‘dub’ I did, so I decided to be an asshole and post another one. My mom was outside so I was able to speak up a bit more ;u;

I’m reading these quotes off the Wiki by the way, hence why this one is actually two parts in a conversation between Pyrrha and Jaune shgdfjs

Once again, I forget what the line actually sounds like, so I improvised. May have made her sound a little too desperate though :/
Me and gentle don’t go hand in hand, whoops

We shall never speak of the Cinder one I mentioned before. The last part’s okay, but the rest is awful OTL

Also for those who are more interested in my artsy pursuits than listening to me [i don’t blame you, my self-confidence is so low in that area], I have an animation in mind that I honestly wanna try to make if I can [funnily enough, it has Pyrrha in it], so i might post the story-board thing in the near future :>

Recently, gaymotherfuckinzeemakara posted a suicide note here. I am one of his closest friends, and he sent me this on Skype 

He sent me it at 6 AM on March 3, in which I was asleep. I’ve been contacting him over Skype for the past few days, and he’s not online or replying. I am unsure if he actually did it and I’m so scared. If anyone is his friend in real life, please try to see if he’s okay. His name is Raven. He was one of my closest friends, and I love him so much. 


just fyi guys, please please don’t send me chain asks, which is stuff like ‘send this hug to your 10 favourite followers! ;)’ because ehhh it just gets me very very stressed about picking people because i love all of you, and it just feels selective, idk, i’m sorry


It’s been years and I’m still scared shitless of posting my stuff here. Oh god. Haha  But yeah, late upload. Notice the year? Yeah, I was supposed to post this last New Year’s Eve but pussied out and left it sorta unfinished as you see it now. Sorry. :)

ALRIGHT! Backstory: I just really have this great love for the idea of Petey being seen as the big,strong man that I know he is(and which I often think others might have overlooked haha), so along with that idea is him actually fixing his long-crippled backbone (courtesy of a certain sociopath and a chimp-tastic brute) and asking someone out. And that someone? Yeah, that’s right. It’s gon’ be the richest and brattiest girl in school — Pinky Gauthier.

I dunno I can’t really think of anyone who deserves to date this wimp (because he’s a serious 11 out of 10) and I kinda wanted someone canon so — I based everything off with how I usually base everything in terms of pairing people up… and that’s the differences in their personalities. :) JUST IMAGINE HOW RATIONAL, TIMID (AND KINDA MATURE) LITTLE PETEY WILL WORK AROUND THINGS TO KEEP UP WITH THE BOISTEROUS,SNOBBY PRINCESS OF THE PREPS. Gaddamn. Just let everything fall into place, I say. Hope you enjoyed this. Haha

Also syachisann has told me (and I also tired it for myself after being told) that if you stay too long in the cave where you see a bunny laying on a bench, the bunny disappears for a moment before popping up at you with sharp teeth and flashing red lights. I would suggest not going into the cave part at all in the update since there is nothing, but that jump scare in them or leaving that page as soon as possible before that happens! 

It's 2015

We live in a progressive generation that strives to make change in everything from technology to social politics. I don’t normally post my political opinions here on Tumblr, not because I’m too scared/passive, but because I personally do not feel like my blog and it’s audience is the appropriate place for that type of engagement. But alas, I must make an exception to this rule.

For someone to not only say that “being gay or acting upon one’s homosexuality is a choice” but to also agree with the idiotic statements made by Mr. Ben Carson in which he quickly apologized for is just plain regressive and disrespectful. Just to set the tone, here is a brief quote of the statement given by Mr. Carson: “A lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay”.

A: Your sexuality is not a choice. 

B: Acting upon your sexuality is not a choice, but rather an innate human function that fulfills completely natural biological drives. 

The argument is, in my humble opinion, just plain dumb and here is why:

1. What relevance does any one human’s sexuality or “actions” they take upon that said sexuality have on any other human?

2. We should not attempt to analyze the aspects of something we cannot control and try to explaining it with illogical fallacies.

3. It’s 2015 and we as a generation are inheriting this world. Take a step forward, not backwards.


Jst Sumthng to Blog

Not a biggie for such a week, or maybe this is a big deal, idk. This life is truly a beautiful struggle but sometimes I beg to disagree, struggling has never been beautiful.

x Quit my Job. Definitely hard, honestly life currently is about priority and security. This job is good but I am not growing here, I can’t settle for this forever and losing my new friends was a choice.

x 2015, pls be my YEAR. I hope I can find a new job that will suit me best. Oh please. Hope is my daily word-for-the-day. Honestly, I’m still scared of pouring my heart out in my blog posts.

x Realisations: (*british don’t use letter ‘z’s right?) I’m really good in pushing people away and I can’t help this skill, how can I un-skill this, this is so annoying.

Also, please follow me in Instagram @mrlkbye, you know new followers is really worth the wifi we have hahaha. (*kill me, i’m so pathetic && there are lots of voices in my head)
Question tag #1
  1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? I hate when they’re open but sometimes I’m just too lazy to get up and close them
  2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? Never, because I’m actually really really scared of stealing, I always think that I’ll get caught and I think I’d feel super bad afterwards that I couldn’t even enjoy whatever I’ve stolen
  3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? I don’t even know what that means, where would I tuck my sheets in?
  4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before? Same thing as with the hotel shampoo thing, plus I don’t know how to remove the sign
  5. Do you like to use post-it notes? I like to pretend I do, but actually I always forget to use them so I have like tons of post-its in my drawer I’ll never use

if you don’t believe what happened last night happened I’ll send. You a picture of the discharge letter but please know that when I have episodes i really need attention or stuff like this happens. and it’s scary and im scared. really scared