Listen up

I have been seeing more and more info/posts popping up about six pencils/Charlie Charlie on my dash this evening.

As a guy with very stable feet in the world of science.. and who has never been one for the occult… I will say don’t do shit like that! Has it been very recent that I have been shown the magic and the likeness exist… this shit scares me.

This is coming from a man that realized how small and insignificant his life is and has accept it, and taken the idea that there is no end to this universe. Things of the universe that have scared many other people, but don’t even phase me, but this.? This shit scares me, it scares me more then I like to admit.

I have never had a supernatural experience… but if this information about the magical world came to me from any other source then a dear friend who is very stable in the world of science I would of brushed it off.

So I beg of you don’t do this shit, Ouija, bloody Mary, six pencils, Charlie Charile, the midnight run, three kings, or any other supernatural stuff… please..

I’m new and still getting my head wrapped around this… magic is real idea… this scares me more the pure emptiness of a black hole…

I scare myself with some of the thoughts I’ve let myself birth these past few months. I think I need a new tattoo or a synth or maybe a harmonica, honestly just any distraction. Nirvana has been on repeat and I know that’s bad so tonight I switched to Mac Demarco instead because he’s alive and breathing and lives in a messy apartment with his girlfriend and happy happy happy. God, I just need to remember that not all artists leave clues to their goodbyes and not all art is born from out of bastard thoughts. Anxiety and depression are still inside me, still that bubble in my stomach and still the tick tick boom in the back of my mind. But I’m alive and trying to be happy happy happy and trying remember happy isn’t a constant. And there are some nights I cry in strangers beds and they hold me like they understand even though I know they don’t and they wake me up in the morning with eyelid kisses pretending they never saw my beasts. Life is merciful and I need to remember that I am not a hero hero hero but I will survive.



Jasper (AKA Big Buff Cheeto Puff That I Want To Slam Some Jams With): I am pretty sure she would have just punched me before hug-contact, but the fact the gems told her not to harm humans (i assume) prevented any violence. She was just very annoyed and removed me from her person after a couple seconds.

Peridot (AKA Cute Nerdy Angry Green Space Dorito): It required some tact (and chasing) to actually hug her because she hates physical contact (I think, idk, I kinda just screamed YOU and ran at her. Part of the problem, maybe??). Of course, having her is near arm-lock doesn’t help either.

Lapis (AKA Y do I have feelings/Y u so cute??? DDD:): Like Peridot, it required some tactic. Crying during the approach and while hugging her seemed to confuse her enough so she just didn’t throw me into the ocean. Also, having a lot of sad feels (over her past) helps with the tears.

Amethyst (AKA (✿ ♥‿♥)/ U Are Beautiful): Approaching her wasn’t difficult. In the actual act of hugging she grew uneasy, I can’t understand why. (Perhaps my expression??? Who knows.)

Garnet (AKA 6,000 Year Old Lesbian Couple (that i can never be a part of)): No.

Pearl (AKA Y do I love you so much?!?): It was a surprise :) 

(1st Note: All attempts to hug Garnet failed (darn you future vision!))

(2nd Note: surprising Pearl is not recommended, injury may ensue (i have bruises on bruises))

(3rd Note: Try spreading out the attempted hugs over a period of time. None of the gems will even look at me anymore D’: )

So i hear that tumblr user sixpenceee is doing some sort of dare day thing when you attempt to contact paranormal entities/demons whatever.

As someone that has been experiencing paranormal stuff for years, please do not attempt to do any of the dares in sixpenceee ’s posts. You think its fun and games and you only take it half seriously, or you want to seem different from the rest of the world and be able to see paranormal entities because you will feel important and special like youre in on some big secret of the universe.
Once you actually see shit youll wish you hadnt. I wish i could fully describe the impact its had on my life. Its like having insomnia, extreme paranoia, suicidal thoughts all wrapped in one.

The first time i experienced shit following me, i was so scared that i did anything to make it go away. The level of paranoia was on a whole other spectrum. I was even afraid to close my eyes to blink. Thats how scared i was. I would go out of my way to not be alone. I even resorted to carrying a cross with me and i don’t even believe in christianity.
For the love of god dont do this shit just dont do it.

Just a little update :)

Hello my lovely petals!
I know I’ve been incredibly slack, but I thought I might fill you all in.
I’ve deferred my studies indefinitely because of some issues within my family. My nan has vascular dementia and lives alone, so my mum and I are trying to help her live independently as much as possible, but that’s why I’ve put my studies on hold for the time being.
I also have an operation coming up this Friday, to remove my gallstones. I’m quietly freaking out about it because I’ve never had an operation like this before and I’m actually scared.

I’m sure most of you understand and I must beg your forgiveness since I have been so slack with the posts and responding to questions, but I will respond when I can and I’m still posting, not as frequently, but I’m still here.

And know that I still care about you all and I hope you are all safe and happy with whatever you’re doing :)

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding :)


somewhere this one post is still going around that’s like “don’t text the person first and see how important you are to them” 
fuck this post so far up its nonexistent ass honestly some people are scared to text people first. they stare at old convos and wonder how they should start but in the end are too afraid and don’t send a text at all and it’s fucking hard and frustrating to be someone like that and that post makes it even worse because it makes them feel like assholes just because they can’t overcome that fear of texting someone first

i would like to use nounself pronouns but I’m scared that people wont actually use them or would actually unfollow me for wanting nounself pronouns but uh

could you just like this post if you wouldn’t mind? don’t re//blo/g  it, but just. like it, please.

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To the anon that just mentioned driving and anxiety, maybe this might make you feel a bit better!? I am 25 and I got my licence this year, I have been putting it off for so long for similar reasons. now I know everyone deals with anxiety differently, but please understand that you're not alone in being 20 and not having it. It took me until this year to learn how to drive a car because I was so scared of it!

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“Well done, Val - you share the emotional range of a dead man.“

I don’t think she minds tho. 
Here’s some quick fanart of the best partners ever in the awesome serie Skulduggery Pleasant.

(It was inspired by a picture I’m still trying to find again, I’ll post the reference later.. )

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Those photos of Liam on the boat look like the ones of when Harry dumped Taylor and she was papped leaving the island on the boat

deadass i was just about to make a post like this im actually scared for sophiam