Honestly… when did we get so toxic? When did we get away from being the kind, welcoming and forgiving fandom we once were? When did we start caring about what other people do with their blogs or their towns or their designs? When did we start sending each other rude and hateful anons, and fighting with each other? I used to think we were one of the best fandoms out there. Seeing it get worse and worse like this, it breaks my heart. You can’t expect people to change the way they do things, if it’s blog design or qr design or town design, just because you send them hateful anons. Especially if you’re rude about it. I know this won’t be a popular opinion. I know I’ll probably lose a few followers for saying this. It just makes me so angry that we’re turning into one of those fandoms that gets a bad name because of how we act. It hasn’t happened yet, but I think it will. Please, let’s just try to be more understanding and kinder, and let people do their own thing. 

i have no idea if i got this right but i ended up just kind of pouring out little scenarios that i thought of.. oops lolol sorry for me indulging haha, re-request if this isn’t what you wanted and i’ll do something else! sort of nsfw!
and YES im trying a new format for this post and i’m so excited, It takes a lot more coding but hopefully the end result is prettier and easier to read ;)

  • Even though he jokes about the beast a lot, He’s actually a very gentle and kind lover. He never wants to scare you off or make you feel intimidated at all.. Whatever you’re comfortable with or your pace, he’ll go with it.
  • He loves kisses especially and that’s where he always starts, they’re his favorite; tiny little intimate ones– they mean the world to him. He likes brushing his fingers softly over sensitive bits of skin to hear you giggle or to watch you smile.
  • Surprisingly yes I know surprisingly Zen himself is fairly vanilla as well. He’s experimented in the past, yeah; but it’s not like he relies on anything wild to do the deed. He’s actually surprised you’re so patient and sweet. It makes everything so much more drawn out and enjoyable.
  • Zen is that guy that’s really into massages. Most of the time it doesn’t lead to anything as long as you don’t want it to– He just loves feeling pampered by you. Always gives return massages though, he’s a gentleman.

  • Personally I HC Jumin as a virgin before MC so he would be vanilla at first regardless? But when he found out that’s exactly how you like it, he was relieved to say the least. Out of everyone besides V we know V is the precious babe that is amazing like this He’s the best at drawing everything out. He could spend hours worshiping your body, planting tiny kisses upon your wrist while he brushes his fingers against your stomach. Sometimes that’s even all there is, if you’d like. He doesn’t mind, he just wants to make you feel spoiled.
  • He looks to you to be a source of comfort, so a lot of the time you two just sit and do intimate things together. It doesn’t always lead to more, he just enjoys your presence for all it’s worth. Especially laying in your lap while you play with his hair, more often than not he falls asleep like that. It’s calm and enjoyable after a hectic day at the office.

  • This is Yoosung were talking about here– Of course he wouldn’t mind a vanilla mc. Lots of times you two just cuddle up together on the couch, he pulls a blanket over your bodies to stay warm and reads up on some school books. Running a thumb comfortingly in circles on your arm.
  • Usually you two play fight, he loves to tickle you even though you can’t stand it. As soon as he starts, you run for the hills. He usually catches you, pulls you towards his chest and blows raspberries on your neck. Sometimes this could lead to more depending on what you’d like, but for the time being moments such as these are short and sweet.

  • This woman doesn’t need kinks to make her happy so she’s fine with it
  • She really likes coming home from the cafe after a late night of working, snuggling together under a fuzzy blanket while putting on one of Zen’s films. She likes to kiss your forehead when you lean on her shoulder.
  • She’s soft and sweet during succ everything so being vanilla won’t really bother her? She’s fine with everything! It’s sort of new to her as well, she’s always worked so hard her whole life that she never got to explore much on.. that side of things. So i’d say she’s vanilla if you are as well!

  • Kink Master ™ so he has to hide all that away if you’re not comfortable with it, of course it doesn’t bother him regardless. You’re still a shy little cutie-pie, he feels like you’re a saint coming to rescue him from all his dirty little sins lolol
  • Sexual tension is usually intense when there’s only one bag of honey buddha left. Usually it ends in a wrestle to the death. Champion wins the HBC. He’s gentle obviously, he doesn’t want to hurt you. But eventually you ‘win’ and he cant believe it. Acts like you’re taking away his first born child. sometimes these little ‘matches’ end in a little more fun.. Only if you’re feeling up to it. He’s sensual and gentle like a babe the entire time, he’s amazing at making it all seem not so serious. Jokes, noises, faces. Best boy to hook up with tbh.
Please consider the following:

Sportacus, the kids and Robbie Rotten all go to a themepark.

Sportacus goes with Stephanie, Trixie and Pixel. Stephanie and Pixel are pretty nervous about going on the rides, but Trixie can convince them to go anyway. Especially since she literally drags them. 

Ziggy and Stingy, however, are too short to ride most of the rides. Robbie, since he’s too scared to go on a ride, decides to go with them instead. Together, they still have a lot of fun, spending the day winning stuffed animals, and eating a shit ton of candy.

This is me in the raw you guys. Things haven’t been well. This is probably a lupus rash. It’s not about the psoriatic arthritis anymore, but about overlapping autoimmune diseases. My rheumy doesn’t know how to get it under control. He would send me to the Cleveland clinic or to the Mayo but my insurance won’t cover it. Insurance. What the fuck is it good for anyway. If my doctor doesn’t know what to do how am I supposed to know?

I don’t know why I’m posting this except I’m scared. And there’s no one to talk to at the moment. This is some deep shit ya’ll. How do I get through it?


With how crazy things have been lately, I don’t feel it’ll be wise for me to try and promise another imagine this week. I would but not only is someone close to me having a mental breakdown (a lot of my friends are, poor dears), but I have a birthday image to focus on for one of my close and loving friends, and the new Zelda game comes out soon, so I might end up really slowing up a bit to focus on that. ♥♥♥

I do appreciate the loving support on my last big update post. It’s been crazy emotional for everybody—not just me—so I offer my loving support to those who certainly need it.

I do still have a few messages in my inbox, and I will get to them when I can. As for the A anon, your message went through, and I do have it, dearest—no need to be scared and delete your feelings, for it is fine. ♥ I will try to find a good moment to respond when I can. Things have just been wild a bit, lovely.

I will be writing to The Clockwork Soldier, just because the next part is a bit depressing, and I just want to get some angst out. I have a few art pieces to work on too, so expect those. I do want to tamper with a few pages on my blog, so we’ll see what happens there.

All of my love for my patient and amazing RPers. Like I said: there’s a lot of you, and I am trying to hop around as I can. It’s been a challenge to get to everyone at once, but it’s been enjoyable.

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Love you all~.

~Oreana Galena

letsmysticmeessenger  asked:

Number 1-14 for the mystic memes thing. How are you doing today KI? Ps. Ily friend💖💖


1:Who would you date?

Jaehee or Zen I cant chose because realistically I would date Jaehee because of the whole I’m a lesbian thing but I love Zen’s personality!

2:Who would die first in a horror movie

Probably Seven because he would be trying to film some shit and go right into the room where they heard the noise when everyone else would fucking run away.

3:Who would cry in a haunted house?

Yoosung because poor baby doesn’t like to be scared and Seven would be jumping at him the entire time scaring him even more.

4:Who would be most likely to get arrested?

Jaehee for killing Jumin…..enough said

 5:Who would be the one to kiss everyone while drunk 

I want to say Saeran because I mean imagine this shy boy getting dared to do shots with them, getting hella drunk, then trying to kiss everyone(someone draw this like plz)

6:Most likely to not shower for a month

Seven…thats canon right??(i’m such a bad person stop me please)

7: Most likely to pass out after drinking??

Yoosung, poor boy probably cant handle his alcohol.

8:Most Likely to have a meme folder

Seven! Do I need to explain..

9:Have you ever cried while playing it?

Too many times to count  T_T

10: First route?


11:Most likely to have a secret youtube channel?


12:Most likely to own a Zen fan account?

Jaehee because shes a crazy ass fangirl beware she will fuck you up if you mess with Zen!

13:Most likely to drink coffee before going to sleep

Jaehee but one problem, this girl doesn’t sleep her veins are probably 99.9% coffee….

14:Most likly to end up with 30 cats?

JUmiN because

Just so no one gets scared if you missed my previous post, this is regarding the miscarriage I had at 12 weeks, in which I delivered a body.

It’s done. This sad and strange chapter in my life is closing. I’m emotionally exhausted, but relieved that the fight is done. Getting his body laid to rest respectfully was so much more difficult than I would have imagined.

I have a whole rant I want to make at some point about the Korean birth center I attended, but maybe not today.

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I think it would depend on how the fandom reacts to her you know? If they really see the love and appreciation Shawn has for them? Fans would definitely accept her and then the SO would feel special and become this cookie baking parent?

“Guys you’ll catch a cold out here! Go into the lobby!!! Please!!!”
“Hey I baked cookies Shawn won’t eat them because he says I’m a traitor to muffins…”


When you write a write a silly fic with a focus on cliches and tropes and absolute ridiculousness and a lot of people seem to really like it and you suddenly get scared to post chapters bc what if people start taking it too seriously and get mad at the cliches and tropes and absolute ridiculousness 

In other words, Love Square Love Child finally Updated! Chapter 6

I’m going to try to make an official post with some art soon :)

Hey so I’ve got screenshots of @big-mood-agnes getting anon hate, and I doubt she’s going to post them but I’m really disgusted they thought it was okay to use my name at any point.

With her permission I’m going to post them, but in the mean time can you all take the love you’re giving me and send it to her? She’s feeling pretty scared right now

Hour 32

I am freaking out because I have been fasting but I gained almost a lb. Idk how, I’m so scared. Why am I back at 130… Does the world really hate me this much? I’m going to weigh again rn, when I weighed it was a couple hours ago. And also, ldbf asked if I had eaten while we skyped and I just kind of whispered I dont know but he didn’t hear me I think so idk I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep

I love horses the most. Stories of their exploitation and abuse affects me more than stories involving other species. I have met hundreds of horses in my life. They have been my teachers, my coworkers, and a select few have been some of my best friends. I know how horses act when they are scared for their lives. I know how they act when they are content, or just so happy they cannot contain themselves. I know how they are when they are in pain, and when they are giving up. I know them well, which is why when I read about their suffering I suffer the most.

My love for horses is the reason I went vegetarian, and then vegan. Because even though I don’t know other animals as well, I know that NO ONE deserves to be exploited just because their species. It’s ok to love some animals above others. What’s not ok is to value their lives more just because of your personal preference towards them.

All animals deserve to be free from exploitation. A pig suffers just as a dog would. A cow suffers just as a horse would. A chicken suffers just as a parrot would. Extend your compassion to everyone. Go vegan.

moonlight is so special to me. I would have killed to have seen a movie this empathetic in my early teen yrs, when I felt scared about everything. seeing tarell alvin mccraney (a gay black man) win for a movie that comes from his heart is so heartening to me as an aspiring artist. how often do stories like this, written by ppl who lived them, get recognised for being special. I just really appreciate that moonlight is this tiny indie film that portrayed suffering but not in the gratuitous way that many lgbt films do to placate a straight audience. it’s a movie that has so much joy and warmth in it, that I genuinely have such a fun time re-watching. and most importantly I love the hope it leaves me with!! imagine leaving a showing of a best picture winner gay film and feeling hope!!! i’m!!!!!

Well now I feel bad about making that post, I’m sorry guys. It’s just when people don’t read my BYF or ignore it I get annoyed as well as paranoid from seeing the URLs

I honestly can’t thank you guys enough you mean so much to me. I never thought i would make it this far and never thought anyone would like my shit edits. A massive thank you to every single one of you and i know i said i would post selfies but i’m honestly scared to because idk what you guys will think, but who knows i might post them if you guys want which i doubt you will. Anyway I’m starting to ramble as i always do on these follwer thank you’s, but once again for the millionth time i wanna thank you guys so much! I’ll be making tons more edits if you want them of course, but i hope you all have an amazing day i love you all ❤🎉