Case open, case shut /  But you could pay to close it like a casket… (x)

i used to remember how
the sun felt against my face.
i knew the rush of the wind
in my hair better than anything.
i was a cloud dancer, a fever dream.
but i fell so long ago that i am
reluctantly calling the prison of
this world home. not much can
bring me back to the old memories,
but kissing you is like tasting the sky.
—  The Sky by Auriel Haack

I had a dream I went to a fall out boy concert except it was in my dining room and when I was rushing to get a seat I bumped into Dan Howell so I was like omg and I pulled out a piece of toast and a green sharpie. I asked for his autograph and he wrote on the toast “AmazingPhil” and I was like “why’d you write Phil’s username, I said I wanted your autograph” and he was like “oh” and took the pen and wrote “Queen”. (Idek???) and then I was like “NO UR AUTOGRAPH” and he pulled out a green frosting pen for like cupcakes or something and he made a tower of frosting on the toast so I just gave up


I finished Cornelius and Ingway in time~ I included Oswald here to complete the photoset, haha.

With the last two finished, I’m finally done with my Odin Sphere set!

The first half of the set featuring Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet could be viewed here.

All of them will be available to purchase as prints at Anime Expo! My table is at A98.

Am I the only female

Who is sick of female only classes and costumes? I like having female classes but I feel really bad for the guys that are playing ( also girls) who likes to play male classes. We have now 3 classes that are female only in a short amount of time, and I wonder what’s the rush with making new classes so fast? I’d rather wait a year or two ( maybe ) more to have a new class that is for both genders and more races than just one/two races and female only. I wouldn’t mind at all as a female ( who loves high elfs and elins) to play a male class for once. Same goes for the costumes, everytime we get new costumes I pray the males will get some, I am honestly sick of seeing female only costumes. For once the guys got the rogue’s costume, but before that they didn’t get a costume when the “alice” costumes came ( I think ), and that is a while. Please tell me I am not the only female who feels this way.

You’re Going to Want to Remember This (13/15)

Summary: (Season 3b canon divergence). Emma and Henry thought they could escape the curse taking everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, but one year later they wake up in the loft with no memories after saying goodbye at the town line.
A/N: We’re closing in on the end. I had to rush to put this up today because I am going to my camp then babysitting and I’m busy all day tomorrow and Saturday so I’m glad I could finish it now. Next update probably Sunday or Monday. As always thanks for reading, commenting and liking; it really makes my day :)
Rating: M
Wordcount: ~2,775
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Present day

She was six months pregnant now and it’d been one month – an entire month since she’d told Killian that he shouldn’t stay away; ever since he’d grown bold. More often than not his hand found its way to the small of her back as they were walking, or his fingers brushed hers across the table, he came before meetings about the witch began and stay far after they ended – and the scary part was, Emma didn’t even notice the change.

She would have liked to have been able to say that the reason she didn’t notice the difference was because it happened gradually, or Hook had been stealthy about it – but truth of the matter was, she didn’t notice because it felt right, because it felt good, because she didn’t want to question it because questioning it meant that she’d have to stop it.

It was only when Hook was leaving – after spending all afternoon with both Emma and Henry on a completely un-witch-related movie binge (though it included the wizard of Oz, so Emma could justify it in her mind) – and dipped down to press an unconscious kiss to her cheek (that she absolutely did not lean up into, nope she didn’t) that she noticed just how bold he’d grown.

Neither he nor Emma seemed to notice until Henry perked up from his spot on the couch as Hook reached for his coat by the door. “Do you think maybe Hook’s the father?”

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I found these feathered raptors in a store and had to show you. I ended up buying the microraptor for myself. Just look at how cute he is. Sorry for the poor photo quality, I was rushing to get a picture before anyone noticed.

Oh nooooo I want that microraptor too ohno its sooo awesome!!! Ive never seen these before?!!! Super neat find!

All in all I still really dislike Gaiden and I think many questions were left unanswered. It was also rushed. I know it’s a mini series but so much was shoved into it that it was rushed in the end. I am however glad for the SS/SSS and team 7 moments but I really didn’t like Sasuke at least not visiting and keeping in contact. Drama for the sake of drama and for the sake of shaping Sarada’s character at the expense of the original, important main characters.