As I hurry home battling the rush hour traffic in the evening, I see a queue in front of the gates of the local mosque. Men in white skull caps, women clad in saris and burkas, young children with school bags on their backs — all are waiting with containers in their hands for a share of the nombu kanji. Mosques in the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala distribute the kanji, a lightly spiced rice and lentil porridge, before the sunset prayers during the fasting month of Ramadan, which starts Friday evening.

During her pre-Ramadan shopping, Shahida Khalique from Tiruppur, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, buys extra rice, lentils, spices and other items for making nombu kanji. She distributes the additional provisions among four women who work for her.

“I give them enough ingredients to make the nombu kanji for 15 days,” she says. “On the days I add meat to my kanji, I give them a portion so that they, too, can cook their kanji with meat that day.” Her sister-in-law, who employs the same set of women, provides the supplies for the next 15 days.

In Southern India, The Spirit Of Ramadan Is Served In A Bowl Of Porridge

Photo: Arun Sankar/AFP/Getty Images
Caption: Young Indian children sit with bowls of porridge (nombu kanji) as they prepare to break the fast with the Iftar meal during the Islamic month of Ramadan at The Wallajah Big Mosque in Chennai last July.

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I'm headed to NYC at the moment for the long weekend -- anything I should absolutely do while I'm there?

Rush Groundhog Day. Wake up at 8am and head over to the theater and wait for the box office to open at 10am with friends in line. Pay $35 bucks for cheap seats and watch my favorite Broadway Musical of the year. It’s SO good and so worth it. Also, seeing Times Square at the hour is surreal. 

Before going to the Groundhog Day rush, go to Murray’s. Get a traditional everything bagel with lox. Best bagel in the city.

Go to Central Park, but from uptown. No tourists go all the way to the uptown part of Central Park. It’s the most gorgeous part, secret gardens and decorated gates. You can’t beat it. Get lost. Talk about life with someone you love, if they’re not with you, give them a call. Pet every dog you see. 

Bryant Park as well, from there go into the library. Inhale deeply. Ink, and dusk, and old New York. Grab a coffee and danish in the Bryant Park New York Public Library coffee shop on the ground floor. Write in your journal. Inhale again. 

The best view in the city is not the Empire State Buiding, it’s the Skylark on 39th between 7th and 8th. You’ll pay $15 for the best drink of your life (passion fruit whiskey is my poison of choice) but that’s less expensive than the Empire State Building, with a way better view. 28th floor. Act like you belong. No one does. So you might as well join in the con. 

The Met. It’s free. Egypt wing. And the American art wing. Stand next to Washington crossing the Delaware. Tell him your friend Cara sent you and that she says “hey.”

Marie’s Crisis at 1am on a Saturday night. Order a gin and tonic. Sing Rent at the top of your lungs with a stranger who will tell you how much this show meant to him. Who will dedicate his song to the friends he lost to AIDS. Order another gin and tonic. 

Stop and listen. Feel small. Embrace the chaos. Take three pictures every time you want to take one. Fall in love with my home. 


The Gem And The Dork Part 3


I wanted to upload this since yesterday.. T^T maybe i should change the update schedule :’v I’ll just update The Gem And The Dork on saturdays and sundays okay? Since, I’m busy with other stuff too and I kinda rushed all of my drawings this week hahaha xD I’m sorry for all the messy works too hehh, I’ll find time to re-draw these pages n stuff. (The storyline is so rushed so, I’ll try re-fixing everything starting next week. Maybe I’ll repost the whole thing around next week’s saturday.)

P.S : Yes. Peridot n Lapis accidentally kissed in this part. ;u;

anyways, enjoy!

Should I leave those pages from the failed 1st version of chapter 1 up? I rushed straight into it and forgot what I wanted to do story-wise and what happened was visually OK but not what I want to dedicate the next few years of my life to. Those few pages are nice though I just don’t want people to have any false expectations/hopes

prompt #5 (Stiles Stilinski)

5.“It’s okay they can’t hurt you anymore.” Requested by @hunterbunter123

Originally posted by deathcabjenny

A loud scream caused me to spring up from my bed and rush into the room next to me. My brother Stiles thrashed in his bed as the nightmare took over. This was a nightly occurrence since the nogitsune almost destroyed our family, and Stiles. He would have horrible night terrors about things he did while the nogitsune was possessing him, or things that he could have done, and woke me and our Dad up with his screams. I rushed over to his bed trying to wake him up.

“Stiles it’s just a dream!” I screamed shaking him awake.

Dad came running in now as well. Stiles woke up looking at me with tears in his eyes.

“y/n” Stiles said pulling me into a hug.

“it’s okay Stiles it was just a dream.” I said rubbing his back.

“I killed you, I would never, I could never,” Stiles started but was choking on his tears.

“Stiles I’m fine okay, I’m right here.” I said getting a little emotional now as well.

Stile and I sat on his bed while he cried in my arms. I wish there was something I could do to take away the pain. When my brother broke, I did too. We had an unbreakable bond and he was terrified because the nogitsune almost broke it. Stiles finally stopped crying and just sat there trying to calm his breathing.

“you know you’re the strongest, and kindest person I’ve ever met.” I said.

Stiles laid there listening to me, so I continued.

“you’re will and fight is incredible, you always put others before yourself, and I’ve never met someone so devoted to their friends and family. Stiles you could never hurt me. The Nogitsune, The Oni, they’re gone Stiles it’s okay they can’t hurt you anymore. I won’t let them.” I said kissing his forehead.

Stiles sat up looking me in the eyes. He wiped a stray tear falling from my eye.

“do you really mean all that?” He asked his voice still shaking from the screaming.

“every single word.” I said pulling him into a hug.

and that was how we spent the rest of the night, in each others embrace. Our bond was unbreakable and I wasn’t about to let someone else hurt him.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

hope you like!

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I just got a huge rush of positivity and strength in my sexuality! I feel so happy right now because I just realized how beautiful girls really are and I'm just smiley like a dork and I just thought I'd share my gay happiness with you. Sorry if this was weird lol

I completely understand this omg and it’s so wonderful!! It makes me so happy too 💖 Bein gay is great


here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

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How did you start your recovery? By yourself or you seeked for professional help?

How did I start? Well I had an incident where I was rushed to hospital by ambulance and the paramedic literally changed my life. We talked. She told me if I don’t make a change I most likely wouldn’t be around to see my next birthday and that ride to the hospital is the reason I realized I had a problem and NEEDED to make a change.

prompt #14, #15 (Derek Hale)

14.“I will love you unconditionally.” 15.“If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one.” Requested by @la-rosa-de-valaina23

Originally posted by berezneva-tw

“seriously Derek you’re girlfriend is the darach?” Stiles said dramatically flailing his arms and just being, well Stiles.

“she had us all fooled.” Derek said running his hand through his hair.

“uh actually I called it the entire time.” I said rolling my eyes.

Scott and Stiles chuckled a little bit. Jennifer Blake would be in here any minute to plead her case to Derek. Stiles, Scott, and I had caught her and rushed straight to Derek to warn him. It hurt me more because I was in love with Derek, but he only saw me as some little kid, as Scotts annyoing twin.

“she’s coming.” Scott said pulling me and Stiles into the corner of the room where we wouldn’t be seen.

We watched Jennifer Blake rush into Dereks loft. She ran over to him pulling him into her. I rolled my eyes thinking that should be me. I’m the only person who hasn’t betrayed him yet, still he glances right over me.

“Derek.” she started with tears in her eyes.

oh she is good.

“what’s wrong?” Derek said going over and cupping her cheek with his hand.

I guess Derek wasn’t that bad of an actor either.

“people are going to come and they’re going to tell you a lot of things about me.” She starts.

Jennifer stops looking around the room.

“they’re already here aren’t they.”

Stiles, Scott and I step out of the shadows.

“got that right psycho.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“where’s my dad?” Stiles asked with tears in his eyes.

“Derek do you believe them or me?” Jennifer asked looking into his eyes.

Derek reached a hand up to stroke her hair before grabbing the back of her neck roughly and throwing her into the wall. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. Jennifer got up transforming into the Darach. Scott and Derek wolfed out getting ready to face her but, she disappeared in a cloud of smoke before we could do anything.

“Stiles and I are going to go after her, y/n stay here with Derek in case she comes back.” Scott said ordering everyone around like he was some sort of alpha or something.

I rolled my eyes sitting on Derek’s bed in the loft. Scott and Stiles rushed out the door probably going to find the twins. Derek stood looking out the window not saying anything. It was an awkward silence.

“did you really call it the entire time?” Derek asked still not looking from the window.

“I knew something was off about her!” I said flailing my arms like Stiles now.

“are you sure that’s the reason?” Derek asked raising his eyebrows now looking at me.

“well uh yeah.”

Derek started to walk closer to me.

“you just lied to me.” Derek said now towering over me.

“I just didn’t like her.” I said shyly looking at my feet.

“why?” Derek asked grabbing my hands.

“because you did and because I like you but you only see me as some little kid.” I said finally looking up at him.

Derek dropped my hands and took a step back.

“y/n you don’t want to be with me, I’m not a good guy.” Derek said turning around so his back was facing me.

I made a bold move going over and wrapping my arms around him from behind. I laid my head on his back taking in his scent for a second.

“it doesn’t matter what you think, Derek I will love you unconditionally.”

Derek remained quiet so I continued.

“I know you just got hurt by Jennifer but if you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one." 

Derek turned around in my arms and  put one hand in my hair and the other on my cheek.

"I never saw you as a little kid.” Derek said stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“than what?” I stuttered trying to control my racing heartbeat.

“I saw you as an innocent beautiful soul that I wasn’t about to ruin.” Derek admitted looking in my eyes lips dangerously close to mine.

“I want to be ruined.” I said pushing my lips on to his.

Derek kissed me back with passion and hunger, like it’s something he’s been wanting for a long time. I matched his hunger and passion because it’s something I’ve desperately wanted as well. Nothing could ruin this moment, not even if Jennifer Blake were to storm in here right now. I was finally getting everything i’d ever wanted.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

Requests are back open! I still have some to do but and getting caught up! Hope you enjoy!

Pirates 5

Johnny Depp was fantastic. Brenton is a great new lead. Javier was good and so was Rush. I felt the final deaths​ were lacking, but​ it works. Orlando Bloom returned for two scenes as well as the end credit scene. I love Bloom as Will but thank God he had few scenes as they felt stiff. I do expect a Pirates 6 with the original trio and the two new ones.

Overall it was a great movie​. Definitely worth seeing in the theater at least once.


guess what i did the past days!!!!!! A SHIT JOB IF YOU ASK ME!!!!!
Bye yeaaa!!! Here’s my first animatic ever so uuuuuhhhhh i know its really rushed and Bad but i hope you like it nonetheless???? UUUHHHH JUST TAKE IT
This was one of my fav moments ever so i really had fun drawing (or whatever the hell i did seriously some drawings in there were made by farting) this scene!

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I hope you feel better soon! ^-^ dont rush yourself, the important thing is that your healthy again Uwu

I am not going to rush myself so no need to worry! I know that Health goes first and thanks for caring so much <3

you guys are the best >u<