Parents Are A Nightmare Part 2

Dear Mother Who Lets Her Kid Crap Wherever He Wants,
Potty training is a thing, do it.
Let me paint y'all a picture. At my children’s museum we have this two story, out door climber.
So one day I’m minding my own business when an irate mother rushes over, clutching onto her sobbing child who is literally covered in crap. After we calm her down, we come to find out that the crap isn’t her child’s, but someone else’s. Someone else’s EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD who had apparently decided to midway through climbing up our climber pull down his shorts and take a crap right then and there. So my coworker and I rush outside, and by now more than one child has happened upon the crap and it’s literally everywhere. BTW, the parents or the poop monster child are no where to be found. So we quickly close down the outside, help at least 5 kids clean up, and then hose down and disinfect EVERY outdoor item because we have no idea what has been contaminated.
½ an hour after we finish cleaning up, the child’s mother walks over to talk to us. And instead of apologizing, she informed us that she didn’t tell us what happened because she didn’t want to embarrass her son who apparently gets upset if she tells someone he had an accident. Yeah, let that one sink in. She would have rather put kids at risk for getting sick from her child’s crap, cause us to close down an entire exhibit, then to come tell us her kid had an accident.
Then, she just floats away like it’s no big deal.
Listen lady, put a fricking pull up on your grown ass child, or teach him to use the toilet. But for crying out loud, stop letting him crap wherever he wants. The world is not his bathroom.

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Hey There! I'm from Brazil and I love your texts so much! <3 <3 If you wish, can you make a scenario for Domestic!Eiji with his kids? I've read all those stories with dad Baku but just uncle Eiji. This boy need some love

Hello, from the USA! Thank you for the support, my dear! I love my international followers. I hope you enjoy this~ also psa this trash is what happens when you have an exam but you still wanna put something out for best boy’s birthday

Kirishima trudges through the door with tired heavy shoulders. He kicks off his shoes, haphazardly throwing them by the door. A heavy sigh fall from his lips. He scratches his scalp, ruffling the red locks that had fallen out of their gelled stated hours ago. Kirishima drags his feet through his house, weighed down by the fatigue stinging in his muscles. He groans when he falls face first into the living room sofa. It’s strange. He’s been dreaming about this moment all day, this exact moment, falling into the plush cushions and letting out a low groan.

He can’t even move, much less think as his eyelids become heavy with sleep. He sighs again. This day … this damn day.


Soft snores falling from his lips as his chest rises in an even pattern. Kirishima can’t remember a time when he’s been this tired … exhausted … drained. He can’t drum up a recent memory. 


At least the agency let him go home early today. In fact, they insisted upon it, nearly pushing him out of the door with his bag in hand. Although Kirishima had no idea why, he didn’t object even though he normally would’ve. He just wanted to get home today … home to you, his son, his sofa …


He groans feeling the pressure of two little hands pushing on his side. Kirishima’s blearily opens his eyes to the messy black hair and (e/c) eyes of his little boy.

“Hey, Yuu,” he yawns as he brings a hand up to ruffle Eiyuu’s hair, “What’s up, little man?”

“Papa, wake up!”

“Ah, Yuu, let Papa sleep, please. I’m really tired, buddy. We can play later if you want.”

“No, Papa. Wake up now!”

“Yuu …”

“Papa!” Eiyuu whines, pressing on Kirishima’s side harder, “Mama has cake! Wake up!”

“Wait, why does (Name) has cake?” he mumbles, rubbing his eyes, “And wait … why … why did the agency let me off early today …”

Kirishima bolts upwards when he sees you walk into the living room with cake in hands and a gentle smile on your face. He pales. He forgot. How could he forget? He immediately hops to his feet, stumbling slightly as his aching legs struggle to support him. He scratches his the back of his head nervously as he fumbles for words. You hold your hand up, and your husband silences. 

“Before you start freaking out, it’s not our anniversary,” you say, setting the cake down on the coffee table, “It’s your birthday, silly.”

He blinks, “My … my birthday?”

“Cake!” Eiyuu cheers, staring at the white and red frosting.

“Yes, it’s your birthday,” you grin as you peck him on the lips, “Eiyuu, why don’t you give Papa the gift you made.”

Your son looks at you then back at the cake once more before trotting off to his room. Kirishima sighs, plopping back on the couch. You sit next to him and rest your head on his chest. His arms wraps around you, drawing you closer to him. You turn his head with your hands and place a sweet kiss on his lips. Kirishima blinks at you with wide eyes like he doesn’t really believe that today is actually his birthday.

“Did … did Yuu really make me something for my birthday?”

“He did.”

“And you didn’t tell him to?”

“I did not. Just wait. I think you’re going to love this.”

Eiyuu returns with a piece of paper carefully held in his hands. He stands before the sofa, unmoving and looking from parent to parent. Kirishima removes his arm from around you and rests his elbows on his knees, suddenly feeling the fatigue lift from his body as he looks down at Eiyuu

“Yuu, do you have a present for me?” he asks. 

Eiyuu doesn’t respond. He climbs onto the couch, wedging his way in between you and your husband, still holding the his paper as delicately as his three-year-old hands can. 

“Here,” Eiyuu says, presenting paper, “I drawed it by myself.”

Kirishima gently takes the drawing from his tiny hands, staring at it lovingly. Well … “drawing” is a bit generous. It more resembles three messily drawn scribbles. One, with crazy red spikes sticking from the top, the other with unruly (h/c) squiggles, and the final blob in middle with wild black strands popping out. Eiyuu looks at Kirishima, trying to gauge his expression. 

Kirishima grins, “You did this all by yourself? For Papa?”


“Yuu! This is so good! I love it! Wow, I’ve got to show everyone at work!”


“Absolutely, buddy! This is my favorite gift ever and I’m gonna put this on my desk so everyone can see my awesome family!” he praises, wrapping his arms around the you and his son. 

Eiyuu grins back and shows off the razor sharp teeth he undoubtedly inherited from his father. Kirishima laughs, squeezing his family. He can’t even feel the heaviness in the arms. He doesn’t even remember feeling tired. All he can feel is the warmth spreading throughout his chest and the two people he loves most in his arms.

“Mama, can we have cake now?”

“I don’t know, baby. It’s Papa’s birthday cake so you should ask him.”

“Papa, can we have cake now?”

“Absolutely, little man.”

“Eiyuu, remember what we say to Papa first?”

“Oh, yeah! Happy birthday, Papa!”

“Happy birthday, Eijirou.”

“Thanks, guys. This really is the best birthday ever.”

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Hi admin can you make a bangtan reaction to their gf loves eating but hard to gain a weight? Thanks!

Sorry if this isn’t that good, i rushed it a little but tried to check over it before i posted. im also really sorry this has been sitting in my asks for so long, i hope you’re not mad <3

He would be a little worried about you, and doesn’t know whether he should be concerned that you find it so difficult to gain weight. If it was a problem for you he’d look into it, but otherwise he’d just let you know that you’re beautiful at any weight.

Originally posted by wreckitrapmon

Seokjin would not accept this easily, deeming that you simply don’t eat enough and preparing every dish on the surface of the earth for you to eat. Nevertheless, once you’d explained it to him, he’d tell you that it doesn’t matter at all to him and that he loves you unconditionally.

Originally posted by rapdaegu

He’d probably find it quite funny that you were complaining about not being able to gain weight of all things. Everytime you’d mention it, he’d chuckle softly, saying something about it not being of importance and trying to convince you that it really isn’t as bad as it seems.

Originally posted by meanyoongis

He wouldn’t see your problem at first, but would listen to your worries of being skinny-shamed by fans or not being good enough for him. He’d tell you that you would always be more than good enough for him, but would research it if you wanted him to.

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl

Seeing the pout on your face as you stood on the scale and saw the same number as you did 2 weeks ago confused him, but he’d ask if you were okay. When you whined to him about not being able to gain weight, he’d look on the internet to see if it was anything you should be worried about.

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Sometimes it would Tae’s little comments about your never changing weight would annoy you, but you knew he meant well. ‘Woah, how can you eat so much and stay so small?’ had become a common phrase of his. Once you told him your worries, he’d apologise and ask what you wanted to do about it.

Originally posted by boo-t-s

He’d be super worried, wondering if you had sime sort of illness, and would ask everyone he knew and study every health website on the internet. He’d come to you almost every day with a new idea about how you could gain weight, and his efforts would always make you smile.

Originally posted by boo-t-s

-admin e


I slip back into my bedroom after my encounter with Aries, still very thirsty, but I know it’s not for water. I fall asleep, afraid my guilty thoughts would keep me awake, but they don’t. I fall into a dreamless sleep.

As soon as daylight filters through my bedroom window, I’m up and out of my dusty bed. I rush to look out of the windowpane. I’m eager to see what my new town looks like.

I frown as I gaze out. Forgotten Hollow is pretty, but not my kind of pretty. It’s too grey. Even the cloudiest winter day in San Myshuno is brighter than the scenery outside my window. A weak sun does a poor effort of shining through a dull, thick blanket layer of clouds. Imposing mountains loom in the distance, and I can see the enormous peaks no matter where I turn my eyes. They give me a claustrophobic feeling, like the mountains are wrapping the town in a tight, impenetrable stony hug.

The trees are a mixture of tall fierce pines, old leafy oaks and maples that cast long shadows beneath. Old houses, as old as the one I’m in but in much better shape, are set back from grey stone streets.

Directly across from the house is a small park, with a huge statue in the center. The stone statue is as formidable as the mountains in the distance. It makes me uncomfortable and I  quickly step away from the window.

The Studio of Darkwing Duck


As promised, I posted Part One: Introduction of my Darkwing Duck AU Fic over on AO3, but just for the introduction, I’ll post it here as well. I don’t know how regularly I’ll be updating this, I want to rush through it but i also want to make it last, so I know it won’t be a daily update. I guess I’ll figure it out!

@quack-a-roonie @duck-feels-woohoo @leviprime

I’ll be posting the other chapters to AO3, but I’ll be linking to them here. This is just a special treat :)

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Hello friends! I am still not 100% back, because I am getting ready to go hang out with some of the best people on the planet AND to go to Rhinebeck, but I had an amazing weekend with my sister (Doughnuts! Hiking! Pizza! Burgers! Bonding with Orpheus! Dealing with Western Massachusetts pretension!), and hope you had great weekends too! <3

…the fact that it’s going to be 75 degrees and sunny at Rhinebeck means I’m not going to rush to finish my Rhinebeck sweater, though. :P 

How are you guys? 

“Yes Professor”

Professor!Hiddleston x Student!Reader

warning: Smut

Originally posted by derinsiyahliadam

“Anyone?” Professor Hiddleston looked around at the others, his eyes meeting yours, “Miss (Y/L/N)?” shrugging out of the dreamy face I was in, I looked at him Professor Hiddleston was one of the most dashing imports from England I had ever laid eyes on. His slender, yet toned body could make any girl weak at the knees. “Well, Miss (Y/L/N)? Got an answer?” he asked, his voice was soft, yet strict. Shaking my head I could feel a rush of relief when the bell rang “1945”, Professor Hiddleston answered his own question before dismissing the class and shouting the assignment out for next class.

“Miss (Y/L/N) can I have a word with you?” he asked as I was about to walk out the door. Closing my eyes, I backed up a few steps before turning to him. “About what sir?” I asked, nervously biting my lip. “I worry for you Miss. (Y/L/N). Your grades aren’t looking good. I know you can do better. You had straight A’s before, in both history and English”, his British accent flowing so elegantly off his tongue as he spoke. “I’m sorry sir”, I looked down, to ashamed to even look at him. “How about I give you some tuition in the two classes?” he asked, leaning his body on his desk. “I—that could work sir”, I nodded. “I have time now if you could stay here”, he smiled, offering me to sit back down at one of the front desks. Nodding my head I took out my phone sending a quick text to my mum saying I wouldn’t be home for another few hours.

“You see?” he asked, looking from the book, then to me. The bridge on his nose crinkling up when he concentrated to look at me. “Uhuh”, I nodded carefully, biting my lip, again out of nerves. “Are you alright? You look pale”, he asked, putting his big hand on my forehead to feel for a temperature.

Gazing into his eyes I could feel myself being drawn towards this man, and trust me my inner critic was screaming at me to get out of the trance, but he made no resistance and I couldn’t help but leaning forward. Pressing my lips to his I could feel him stiffen up as if he was processing what was going on before he leaned in to it, his tongue gracing over my lips to ask for access, which I accepted. Our tongues tangling together. He suddenly rose from the chair he was sat at, not once breaking the kiss as he lead me to the supply closet connected with the classroom, pushing me to the door as we had got inside and locking the door behind me. “Wouldn’t want a disturbance would we?” his voice low and husky as he tried to keep quiet. This was wrong, so wrong, like 50 shades of wrong, and I should really just push him away and get the hell out of the room, but I was drawn to this man, and he was to me. Pulling him back to me by the back of his neck, I pressed my lips back on his, the kiss growing fiercer and more passionate as it went on, his hands exploring every part of my body. Breaking the kiss I leaned myself forward, kissing him from the jaw line and down to his neck and collarbone, stopping, just where the shirt started. Looking up at him I bit my lip, pulling my dress over my head, discarding it on the floor before cupping his face in my hands, pulling his face towards me. For the first time I could feel him resist as he grabbed both my wrists, stopping me from what I did. Looking at him worried that I screwed up, he shook his head smiling, starting the process of unbuttoning his vest and shirt, “wouldn’t want to rip the buttons off right?” he murmured before letting the shirt and vest glide elegantly off his broad shoulders. Cupping his rather big bulge in my hand I smiled, kissing him down his chest, I proceeded to kneel down as I kissed further and further down his chest, getting to his stomach. Looking up at him I gave him a devilish grin before opening the buckle, the button and the zipper of his dress pants, sliding both his briefs and his dress pants off in one swift movement. The sight that greeted me was better than I could have ever imagined. His penis was HUGE, and that’s not an understatement.

Professor Hiddleston looked down at me, meeting my gaze as I put the tip in my mouth, the sound that came from his mouth made me wild and I sucked deeper, making quiet moans as I did, looking up at Professor Hiddleston I could see he was enjoying himself as he had to lean on the door for leverage, placing one hand on the back of my head. “Oh god—yes!” he hissed, pulling me away, he put his hand out for me to take, guiding me up before kissing me fiercely.

Lifting me up by the hip, Professor Hiddleston pushed me against the door, “Now we have to be extra quiet, okay?” I nodded as he slid my underwear away, carefully pushing into me. The pain and pleasure mixed up making me cover my mouth to muffle the moan that was trying to escape my mouth. His movements was at first careful and sweet, before moving over to speed.

Each time he hit the spot I would bite back the pleasured moan, but as I was getting closer and closer to the climax it was getting harder and harder to hold it in. “I’m so clo—so close!” I hissed, trying my best to keep it down. “Do it baby, come for me”, he murmured, lips peppering my neck with kisses which I was sure would leave marks.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer and just as it hit me Professor Hiddleston crashed his lips on mine as we rode out our climaxes.

“You were terrific Miss (Y/L/N)”, he smiled, kissing the back of my shoulder as we got dressed. Deciding to play it off we unlocked the door, after getting our breaths back and decided to talk as if we had been in there organizing, in case there were people outside there. And to our surprise it as just as we had left it.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow then?” he smirked, slapping my bum lightly as I left the classroom with my stuff trying my very best to hide the smile forming on my face.



I hear Cadi’s voice, and I rush toward it, grateful for the familiar sound. If I’m completely honest with myself, I’m feeling terribly uneasy. I can’t put my finger on why, on what’s causing it. Cadi’s voice is a reminder of San Myshuno, of city streets and honking taxis and street vendors and busy crowds. The still quiet of Forgotten Hollow is so unnerving. I walk toward an archway where I can hear her talking. 

But as I approach I realize why I could hear her from so far off. She’s arguing loudly with a very handsome blonde man. Were all the men in Forgotten Hollow handsome? I hesitate , not daring to enter the room, and interrupt them. It’s clear the argument is a heated one.

Cadi hisses: Lucas*, calm down! You’re being so ridiculous! I don’t have time for this!

Lucas snaps: But you sure as hell have time for Aries! I saw him leaving here this morning. Why was he here, Cadi? Why? I thought things were different now?


*Thank you to @charmedsims for Lucas, who is going to be making a double appearance in my stories, both in Forgotten Hollow and in the Best Summer lol.*

I haven’t posted any excerpts in a while, so here are the rewritten first two paragraphs of Pearl

They’ll be reworked again a dozen more times (because everything in chapter one always is), but I certainly like them better then the original version.

The pain never fades. After these long months, you’d think it would. But while all else ebbs, it persists. The distant memory of a fresh catch haunts me. I ache to hold even such small prey as a single wiggling fish, to bite into it as the waves rush over my scales, flooding my gills and sweeping the wisps of fin off my head.

I can barely recall the rush of the currents, my home beneath them replaced by the slick gunk of this stagnant tub. Where fine sand once cradled me, cold metal rubs mercilessly. Instead of the gentle roll of the waves come the ship’s continuous creaks, my shallow reef home now a tight wooden closet with a sliding door for a wall. The sounds of the human crew working above and below pierce my ears, as nagging as the pain.

Since this is technically the last thing I wrote, I’m also mentioning the people who tagged me in the last line game: @argentenigma, @bloodphoenixbook, @besscarnanbooks, @kiarazuri, @bymeganwithmeraki, and @kclenhartnovels.

Suho scenario - Could’ve fooled me

requested by anon

genre: romantic fluff turned SMUTTY

summary: The sweetheart, the nice guy. No one knows who he is behind closed doors. Or between the sheets.

warnings: rough sex, minor fingering, 

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My first raffle.
Rules :
-MUST BE FOLLOWING ME. (New followers are welcome, but please do not unfollow me after the raffle’s done please ;w; )
-As I said in one of the drawings, I could draw anything but abstract, things that have complicated designs, mechas and nsfw.
-NO RUSHING, I WON’T DO YOUR REQUEST IF YOU ARE NOT PATIENT! I also said that in one of the drawings, but if it happens to not load properly, then read it here in the rules.
-When you reblog, the tag is “#iliketrainsandbirds” so I’ll know you joined.
Deadline is on October 27th, 2017.
You’ve got 11 days to enter.
Bye and goodluck!!

i gotta heart rush, ain’t slowin’ down

yall!!! its eyewitness week!! get pumped!!!!

day 1 writing prompt: first meeting

aka lukas is flustered by new-kid philip

They don’t get new kids. Not here. Not in a town this small, with nothing to bring people to it but previous family ties. Tivoli isn’t a place people come to. It’s a place they leave.

And yet, all Lukas has heard about today, the news swimming through the halls, is the new kid. The rumors swell and change, some painting Philip as a goth kid, some painting him as a hipster, some painting him as short, some as tall.

None of them do him justice, and none of them are true.

The real Philip, the one who walks into Lukas’ 5th period History class, is like no one Lukas has ever seen before. With messy brown hair, dark eyes, and a reserved demeanor, he really shouldn’t be anything special.

But he is. He’s the most beautiful person Lukas has ever seen. Just the sight of him makes Lukas’ stomach tighten, makes his chest ache, makes his breath catch.

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I’m not certain what he’s talking about so I invite him to eat breakfast. He’s attractive, and I find myself feeling very calm and relaxed around him. More relaxed than with Cadi, even. I’m not sure why…perhaps it was the easy smile on his face.

Leo: Sure. I’d love to sit and have breakfast with you, Shannon. I came by to drop something off for Cadi, but I’m in no rush. I’m never in a rush, actually.

He laughs again and extends a hand to me. I look at him curiously, because we’ve already introduced ourselves. Why shake hands?

Leo softly: Can I hold your hand, Shannon?

Me: Um, yes…it’s nice to meet you.

I place my hands in his, which feels both hot and cool at once, and it’s the oddest sensation. I feel slightly dizzy. I blink a few times…his face is blurring. 

Me: Oh wow. I’m feeling kinda dizzy. I better sit.

Leo softly: You aren’t wearing any rings, Shannon.

Me: No. I’m not.

Leo: What about this necklace? What’s it mean? Does it help you?

His words sound far away, I can barely make out what he’s saying. But I keep my eyes glued to his face, to his friendly smile.

Me: My necklace? It’s just a necklace I bought…at the mall…in the five dollar store…

Leo: Five dollar store, huh? It’s pretty. You’re very pretty, Shannon. I like your hair. Can I touch your pretty hair, touch your neck…I mean, your necklace?

Me: Yes, you can. You can touch me.

He runs a gentle hand through my hair, then drops his hand to my neck. 


sigh…so this is Ruby. My terror of a airdale terrier. While I was out with friends I get a call saying I need to rush home cause this little girl got sprayed while she was out back. I get back, she’s tied up out front all alone with no one home and you can smell her from the road. So now my house reeks and I’m gonna be spending the next few hours cleaning her nasty butt. Fml

OOC: Rini-dingy-do where are you?!

Whew, okay, so.

This month went from not so busy, to sorta busy, to holy shit light everything on fire busy. But it’s for good reasons!

So, first up, I was only suppose to have one con this month.. Twitchcon. Until suddenly, Ippus messaged me like HEY DO YOU WANT TO GO TO NEW YORK COMIC CON? IT’S REALLY GOOD. And I know from our previous experiences at Comic Cons, yes, they do very well for us. After biting the bullet on my anxiety to be mostly alone in such a large city (thankfully I had @tealfuleyes come to the rescue and offer to have me stay with his friends (and now mine!) Pixel and Nick in their hotel so I wasn’t alone)

NYCC Went AMAZINGLY, and I ran completely out of stock of items. So of course, now, I had to RUSH to get my charms and prints restocked. Thankfully, I should have them ALL COMPLETE and in time for Twitchcon still. Same for my prints. They should be arriving Wednesday.

SO THEN I HAVE TWITCHCON, I’M DOING A CHARITY EVENT, AND NOW SUDDENLY A SUPER SPECIAL EVENT THAT ILL ANNOUNCE AS SOON AS I CAN AND ALSO I HAVE MY BOOTH IM SELLING AT. Again, luckily I’m staying with friends and should have other friends to watch my booth when I’m away from it, but it’s going to be a tad hectic and crazy. Also, Fox Stevenson concert that weekend. Oh my god I’m so excited!!

BUT THEN, HERE’S WHERE THINGS GET MORE CRAZY. I recently went to Seattle, right? Kind of out of no where. Well that turned into me having a boyfriend. And his friends instantly were like, HEY, HE’S GOING TO BLIZZCON, GO. and Im like nahh I’ll get in the way and I don’t have a ticket! Don’t worry about it it’s fine, I can come visit just after.

Nope, they found me tickets for Blizzcon and also had room for us to stay together at a hotel instead of separate. SO THAT HAPPENED.

SO I LEGIT HAVE 3 CONS BACK TO BACK ONE WEEKEND A PART EACH TIME. Right after I’m back from Twitchcon, I have less than a week before I drive BACK to SoCal to be in Anaheim with him and friends.

ONCE THAT IS DONE, I have about 2 weeks down before I fly back out to Seattle again and spend time with him for a few weeks. Now, this though, I’m bringing my stuff so hopefully I can stream some again? But mostly work for sure while I’m there, so that’s good. But still, That’s about a 3 week trip.

AND JUST AFTER THAT I’m flying to Japan.
AND JUST AFTER THAT I’m planning to move to Seattle.


But that’s what happened to me and why everything is hectic and awesome and why I haven’t been around here much. Please forgive me friends!! I love you all, I haven’t forgotten you!!! <3

Anyone I might bump into at Twitchcon or Blizzcon? Comment here okay! I’ll be around, it’ll be easier to find me at TwitchCon (Booth CC30!!!!), but Blizzcon I’ll be walking around some of the days!