Unnecessarily dramatic ‘fwip’~

I thought it’d be funny if Super Craig’s identity was super unknown to his enemies, like the taped on ‘S’ actually cloaked who he really was or something. Also, I just love Super Craig and Wonder Tweek and wanted to draw them in a really cheesy scene haaah

Not So Mayorly Anymore, Huh?

The Third Rail was filled with the usual crowd, drifters lounging about, drinking, chattering away as Magnolia’s sultry voice filled the heavy, alcohol tinged air. MacCready leaned against a broken down wall, away from all the others, near the door of the backroom, a beer held precariously in his hands by the neck. His gaze surveyed the group for a moment, lips pursed, a soft huff escaping the disgruntled merc.

“What’s a pretty thing like you doin here all by your lonesome?~”

A voice purred out, catching his attention as his head turned towards the voice’s owner. It belonged to an older man, later twenties, maybe younger thirties, who was wearing an old, worn down greaser jacket, black hair slicked back, facing awaiting from Mac so that only a back view was available to him. The man was leaning up against the bartop, an elbow propped up as he leaned towards someone. Mac’s breath caught in his throat; it was Sole. His nails dug into his palm and he couldn’t help the scowl that morphed his features, face reddening as he nursed the bottle in his hand.

One thing in particular caught MacCready’s eyes, and that was the logo embroidered on the back of the jacket; a green serpent, partially coiled, almost ready to strike.

He worried his lip between his teeth for a moment, mulling over the familiar image in his head.

“Think, MacCready, think.” He swore he knew that logo from SOMEWHERE.

“Cmon, dollface. Ever heard of the Tunnel Snakes? We’re the coolest of the cool.”

The bottle slipped from MacCready’s grasp, shattering on the floor by his feet.


“You better not fuckin try anything”

“I won’t, you can trust me” a figure, clad in an old blue vault suit reassured, glancing at their companion.

“Yeah, kid. You can trust us. Besides, maybe we’ll let you join the gang. Become a Tunnel Snake. Tunnel Snakes rule!” The man cheered, a crooked smirk etched into his features. The Lone Wanderer, as they were called, rolled their eyes, huffing.

“I wouldn’t join some mungo bastards for any amount of caps” A little boy snapped, face scrunching up.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, kid. You’ll regret it” with a wink, the man and vault dweller were soon headed off, into the dark tunnels, never to be seen after that.



The ex Gunner’s head snapped up, startled, “Wha- yeah?”

A drifter looked at him, quirking a brow, “You zoned out there for a bit” they grumbled before returning to their seat.

MacCready shook his head, raking a hand through his hair, gaze lifting to the duo at the bar again. Collecting himself, he straightened up and strode over to where the greaser was shamelessly flirting with Sole.

“Tunnel Snakes, huh?” He asked briskly, catching their attention.

Grinning wolfishly, the man’s blue eyes locked onto him, a chuckle reverberating in his chest, “You betcha. The coolest gang around.”

Sole looked between the two men, brows furrowed, curiosity evident in their expression.

Mac rolled his eyes, snickering, “Yeah, yeah. Pretty sure there’s already a prominent gang here in the Commonwealth. And I’m pretty sure you can’t call yourself the coolest gang around when you’re from the Capital Wasteland”

The greaser’s brows shot up, “Well I’ll be damned. How do ya know that? Have we met?”

The merc snorted, “Yeah. When I was thirteen.”

There was a long pause before recognition sparked the man’s features.

“No shit. You’re that- you’re that little kid from those weird caves out west!”

Huffing, MacCready nodded, “And you’re the mungo jackass who tried recruiting kids for your gang”

Mac’s companion blinked owlishly at this, “Wait wait wait…. You two… Know each other?”

The duo nodded, glancing at Sole, who was bewildered at the thought.

“Age isn’t loving you I see” the merc remarked, turning to the greaser, amused.

In response, the man snorted, “The Butch-man never ages.”

“I see. So that actually isn’t a gray hair I see?”

Butch tensed, hastily trying to find a mirror, panic flashing over his features momentarily, fingers grazing his heavily maintained hairdo. MacCready, meanwhile, was clutching his stomach, trying to contain his laughter, face flushing.
The greaser heaved a sigh of relief upon noticing his hair was perfectly fine and gray free(he was a barber after all), shooting Mac a look.

MacCready snorted, “Sorry, mungo man. It’s still funny as hell to mock you.” He replied, having situated himself between Butch and Sole, whispering to his companion,
“Don’t fall for this guy, he’s bad business”

Sole simply rolled their eyes, vaguely amused at the not so hidden tension between Mac and Butch.
Butch collected his cool, scowling a little at the younger man, “Yeah, whatever.”

The merc paused, yawning softly, “Yknow… I should- we should call it a night. It’s been… Nice.. Seeing ya again, Butch.” His fingers curled around Sole’s arm, and he tugged them away from the belligerent man, barely giving Butch time to say goodbye, let alone Sole time to input anything, before taking off, dragging them out of the Third Rail to Hotel Rexford.

At least him and Sole could have a good laugh about it afterwards.

“Good news, boys! Today you’re going to the beach!”


“With your Auntie Linda.”


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Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Week: Day Two- Favorite RF Relationship (Can be your favorite couple, favorite friend group, etc.)

I was really tempted to draw Gaius with Evelyn, ‘cause I ship them so hard, but then I remembered just how much I appreciate his relationship with Raven. They’re so precious, I love them~ 8u8b


So, it looks like all the mods who need to be in school are finally at hell >:3c
Anyways, I am bACK. I’ve gotten used to my school schedule (I’ve been there for 3 weeks uGH) so now I’m a lot more free! Btw, I’ve been thinking of doing streams like Choro, so look forward to that >:3c -Mod Hatabou


Imagine Digger taking you out for ice cream.


“ Come on, Sheila! ” Digger groaned.

“ I wanna get there before the rush! ” I said as I can downstairs.

“ Alright you big baby! Where are we going anyway? ” I asked.

“ It’s really…cool. ” he said, winking.

I squinted my eyes: “ Right. Okay. Sure. ” I said.

“ What? How many times have I lied to you, sweetness? ” he smirked, taking my waist in his arm as he pulled me off of the stairs and into a big bear hug.

“ Is it like Australian cool or western world cool? ” I asked, earning a fake gasp of surprise.

“ How very dare you!? ” he said, kissing my lips softly.

I loved my big, dirty Aussie.

(A/N: who doesn’t? )

We went out to Diggers bike and he revved the engine loudly.

We sped into town and pulled up outside an ice cream parlour.

“ Aw neat! I love ice cream. ” I said excitedly.

Digger smiled at his girlfriend as she clapped and did that cute thing when her nose scrunches up as she grins.

” Wait… cool… ice cream. DAMN YOU DIGGER HARKNESS! ” I shouted as I realised his stupid pun.

He was practically rolling on the ground in fits of laughter at my realisation.

He took my hand and we went in to see a smiling young man at the counter.

“ Hiya mate! Can I get… hmm. Two scoops of chocolate and what would you like, sweetheart? ” he asked.

“ Uhmm… I don’t know. You pick. ” I said.

“… and two scoops of strawberry. ” Digger guessed, choosing my favourite.

(A/N: hey, it’s me again, last time I promise, if you don’t like strawberry just imagine he chose something else :) )

We sat down at the bar on the tall stools and waited in our ice cream.

“ You like it? ” he asked.

I nodded as I looked around the ice cream shop, looking at the pictures framed on the wall.

When out ice cream arrived at the bar, I saw we had the little wafers in the top.

“ Oh! I can do a trick with these things! ” I said excitedly.

“ Oh yeah? ” he mused, watching as I took my wafer from my ice cream.

“ I can eat one without using my hands. ” I said, placing it between my lips.

I bit the edge off of it and pulled it in as it got smaller and smaller.

With a flourish, I pulled the last bit into my mouth.

“ Wow! That’s some talent sweetheart! ” he mocked, clapping me.

I laughed and pretended to look at his ice cream.

“ Hang on a second. ” I said, taking ice cream to ’ check ’ it.

“ What is it? ” he asked, leaning in for a closer look.

I smooshed his ice cream into his nose and he gasped, pulling back with a dollop of ice cream slowly sliding down his nose.

I laughed so hard I snorted and Digger wiped his nose with one finger.

He pulled me good my by waist and pressed his ice creamy finger to my lips.

I could see the look in his eyes and it was a dirty one.

Luckily enough, it wasn’t busy and the man tending the counter had gone through the back.

I saw his tongue dart out to wet his lips as the ice cream dropped down his finger.

I took his wrist and licked the length of his finger, taking it deep into my mouth as I cleaned the ice cream from his hand.

He flushed bright red and had to look away before things got really inappropriate.

” Jesus woman. What are you trying to do to me? ” he asked.

“ Who? Me? ” I said innocently, giving him a wink.

He shook his head and smirked at me.

“ C'mon. I have a creative way we could finish this at home. ” I smirked.

anonymous asked:

Can we have an hc about Andrew.... And tattoos.... thank u

……Excuse me while I die just imagining that. (this isn’t long at all oops)

  • umm tbh who knows why andrew would want to get a tattoo
  • its probably because of renee
  • or possibly neil, if he decided to get a tattoo before andrew
    • the tattoo was probably a key
    • there might be another one thats a fox paw
    • who knows with neil
    • (hint: he totally has a key and a fox paw)
  • andrew probably only tells renee and neil
  • maybe just renee
  • (revenge for neil not telling him about his tattoos)
  • (jk)
  • anyway
  • andrew gets a knife on his arm first
  • it symbolizes the knives in his armbands and it also covers his scars but keeps a reminder
  • when neil finds out, he probably makes andrew get a key on his wrist too to match
  • well, he asks him to do it and andrew does but “this means nothing junkie”
  • the knife and key are really the only things that stay for a few years
  • but then he thinks “huh. there are some things i might want to remember”
  • when he and neil make the same pro team, he gets a small tattoo of the mascot
  • nowhere noticeable, but noticeable enough for neil to see
  • (neil smiles and doesnt tell andrew that thats kind of cute)
  • he has tattoos of King and Sir Fat Cat on his biceps
  • (if anyone remembers my photographer!neil post, andrew gets a tattoo of a camera somewhere. maybe over his heart idk)
  • (said camera totally does not symbolize neil capturing his heart)
  • (imeanwhat)
  • andrew isnt really a big tattoo person so he only gets tattoos of things that he figures are pretty memorable
  • he probably gets like a rainbow somewhere to symbolize renee and his pride
  • but its a badass rainbow
  • or smth yknow idek dont ask me
  • maybe a flower is what he uses to symbolize renee
  • something cute yet deadly
  • like a black rose
  • or a daphne (which is apparently a pretty pink flower that is entirely poisonous)
  • uhh
  • moving on
  • then one day andrew and neil are doing an interview or something
  • and someone notices something
  • “hey” says this person “whats that on your guys’ hands”
  • “what” andrew says, looking down but not seeing anything
  • “your ring fingers” the person gestures
  • “oh this” neil smiles “its nothing”
  • on their left ring fingers are simple x’s

This sucked. The one time he’d managed to walk away from a suspicious group of people, and it turns out to be a bomber. If his identity wasn’t blown when the sunglasses he wore to hide the shine in his eyes had been broken…it was when he hadn’t been harmed standing ten feet from the explosion site. How did news crews always get to these disasters less than a few minutes after they’d happened? It didn’t matter much. What mattered was his job. Even if in this time it’s considered a crime, he promised to protect people. People needed that now. Staring down the terrified villains, he walked forward wordlessly. Guns. Of course they had guns. One strikes his chin. Though there’s no blood, it’s going to leave a bruise and it forces his head to turn. The rest fall to the ground after squishing against his body.

The cameras catch it all. The “bulletproof” hero, flying head-first into the spray of lead. The telltale silvery-blue explosions the entire city had come to know as the silent mark of the vigilante the media had dubbed “The Azure Avenger”, though that had always irritated him. He could hear them reporting, and demanding their teams try to figure out who he was. He’d gotten himself exposed now. The criminals are dealt with quickly, even though one and loaded a magazine of armor-piercing bullets, and had managed to lodge one in his shoulder. Carefully lifting the largest pieces of debris off of people, he takes to the air and hurries away. It takes him some time to manage losing a helicopter that had begun to tail him. Any hospitals would know, and he couldn’t risk going to someone else. He knew Yonah would be angry with him for not going to her first, if for nothing else to show that he was okay. He wouldn’t risk it, though. If anyone happened to see him, and even wonder if he might be the vigilante they’d just seen from the news reports…

Landing in a dumpster just outside of his apartment building, he hurried inside. Using a piece of black…something, and he wouldn’t think about what, beneath his leather coat to hide the bleeding wound. As soon as his door closed, he’d taken off his coat and shirt, and gotten to work trying to pry the piece of metal from his body.

     C’mon y-rrgh…get…oowwwt of there… The bathroom mirror is his only guide. A needle meant for clothing, quilting thread, antibiotic ointment, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol set before him on the counter top. It didn’t take long before he’d heard a knock at the door. It was either someone who now suspected him, the cops…or Yonah. None of which would go over well, likely. Although, he’d forgotten that after they started dating, he gave her a key to the place. He set his jaw, a metal nail file wedged between muscle and lead. He decided to ignore the knocking at the door, though he’d left the lights on.

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Can I request some headcanons about totally canon sympathetic-cryer Kirishima doing his best to comfort/distract a sad or depressed friend, please? He seems like the best buddy anyone could ask for T.T Eijirou is too good for this world.

Oh my poor sweetheart, Idk if you’re having a rough time rn but I rushed this out for you. If you want it in scenario format don’t be scared to ask.


  • You’re right, he is a huge sympathetic cryer when things go wrong and his friends are upset but sometimes he knows it’s not about him being sad so he does his best to hold his tears. 
  • Which usually just ends in him giving them big hugs and crying because he loves them so much.
  • If you’re his buddy and you’re upset he would move heaven and earth to make you happy again. 
  • Believes that food can fix an awful lot of problems so he goes out and buys/makes all your favourite things. 
  • Frequently checks on how you are and tells you that you can rant to him if he wants, he can either just listen or join in. He’s a really good bitching partner when he needs to be.
  • Kiri comes and has sleepovers with you, they’re one of his favourite things and he’s always good company.
  • 10/10 cuddles tbh. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re sad he’s gonna cuddle it better.
  • “Nonono none of that. Don’t cry… please. You know that if you cry I cry and that makes you cry even more. Have mercy, _____. How about instead of being upset we go mix up all the popcorn and watch good films, something that makes us happy…. do you like The Lion King?”
  • He cries 75% of the film like he does at every Disney movie but he still makes sure you have a good time.