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Your art has inspired me so much it's just so pretty!! I really wanna start practicing with backgrounds now so I can make such pretty stuff like you!

awhh thank you so much! the fact i can inspire anyone is amazing to me! i wish you all the best with anything creative you do <3


Disney animated feature of Tallahassee on its way! Not really but we can dream, right? I tried to make this look like a fake screenshot from a Disney movie haha, not sure if I succeeded but it’s the best I can do right now!

Scene suggested by the-lady-swan :)


Reason to love VIXX #69

hongbin + guitar

funny story

in year 6, our class had this performance we had to do in front of the school. our teacher arranged our class to do a song… however, for some really horrid reason, she chose me to sing solo. i was red and really nervous because i pretty much was that shy kid in class.

during practice, she yelled at me really loudly to sing louder and louder. i kept crying and crying whilst singing, as she yelled at me.

i wanted revenge so i snuck into the classroom, rummaged through her handbag, and stole the classroom keys. then I just chucked it into a toilet. she ended up crying during class about how she’s so stupid and ignorant for losing them


This will be your home starting today so don’t feel like a stranger standing in the door.

7th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Eren moved already to Levi’s flat so his university life will start soon!

Drew my friend Kaitlyn as a ghost type gym leader. Had some fun messing around a new line art and coloring style. She’s gonna draw me as a bug type gym leader in return. Hype to see how it turns out. 

I love how Ezra is effortlessly part of Aria’s life even though they’re not actually together. When she broke up with him in season 3 and started seeing Jake in season 4, she referred to Ezra as her former teacher. Now, he’s not her former teacher. He’s a part of her family. 

I picked up a lot of little things in this episode that gave me a lot of Ezria feels, despite the fact they only had one scene together. When Aria needed help to protect her brother, the only person she felt comfortable going to was Ezra. And it wasn’t even like a big deal to her. She just went to him because that’s what she’s used to doing. She didn’t nervously knock on his door, or contemplate her decision like she may have in past seasons. SHE JUST DID IT BECAUSE HE’S EZRA. 

Remember in season 2B when Aria’s family wanted nothing to do with Ezra? Now, in season 5, not only was he invited to Thanksgiving dinner where he met Aria’s family, but Aria said that her parents trusted Ezra to drive Mike up to his cabin and spend some time there while sharing a frozen pizza. Even AndrEW noticed that Ezra had Aria’s parents on his side. Speaking of his cabin, I love how Aria and Ezra aren’t hiding the fact that they spent a lot of time together there, as if it’s perfectly normal. (IMAGINE ALL THE LONG WEEKEND SEX.)

”It takes about two hours. Your sister usually falls asleep.” NOTICE HOW HE USED PRESENT TENSE.

Ezra argued with Caleb because he wanted to protect Mike, as well as do exactly what Aria asked of him, because she’s practically his wife and if he doesn’t do what she says then he’ll get the death stare.

At first, I was angry after last week’s episode because it seemed as if Aria wasn’t the least bit upset that she broke up with Ezra, but after tonight’s episode, I realize why she wasn’t drowning her pillowcase in tears. It’s because Ezra is still very much a huge part of her life, so she doesn’t have to miss him. Yet. 

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Well, this is rougher than I would want, but I had to make it look decent for the party that will start on saturday, and I didn’t have much time. I may come back to polish this one later, or I will make another one if I don’t feel like investing more on this one. I pretty much ditched the inks when coloring, I need more practice with that XD

But I think it’s good enough.