Okay, so, like, @notllorstel and I were talking about this and decided it had to be done.

“Hey, you guys busy?”

Ylva was seated on a short scaffolding next to Triad’s recharge harness, using a small blower and hook tool to clean out the ovaloid-shaped droid’s panels. Over at another console, Aldri was running a series of checks on… something. At Lance’s question, however, both looked over, Ylva’s ears twitching forward.

“Just normal maintenance stuff,” she said, raising her focus goggles. “What do you need?”

“Just a question… okay, this has been driving me nuts ever since the Lions brought us out here, but… Galra armor.”

“What about it?” Aldri asked, leaning back in her chair.

“The… face. Is it a Zarkon ego thing, or-” Lance’s voice died off as Ylva started to snicker, and he gave the scruffy female a confused look.

A confusion that wasn’t abated in the slightest when the two sisters looked at each other, then erupted into full blown cackling, the smaller of the pair hunched over with her forehead resting against the floor of the scaffolding as she howled, and the older nearly in tears and clutching her stomach.

“Oh- oh, shekai…” Aldri wheezed as they came down from the high, and Ylva made a godawful snort before dissolving into giggles again. “You have no idea what you just asked.”

“Okay, now I have to know,” Lance said, dragging over a chair and plopping down, chin in his hands and eyes wide in eager excitement. “Spill.”

“Alright, alright. To begin with, there were the Bakthaxu-”

Ugly jokkrai, they were,” Ylva cut in.

“-indeed. They held the entirity of the Ferronti Star System… here.” Aldri pulled up a three-dimensional star map on the console, indicating a segment with her pen tool.

Lance whistled. “That’s a pretty big chunk of real estate.”

“Which is exactly why the Empire wanted to stomp them out. Problem was, they were legendary for two things. Their lack of fear, and the designs of their wings, which they replicated on their armor.”

Lance glanced over at the Galra scientist. “Oh no. This isn’t going where I think it is, is it?”

Ylva started to snicker again as Aldri flashed him a fanged grin. “Twenty years of research and almost ninety per cent of the armoring budget went into developing those suits, specifically to strike fear into the Bakthaxu.”

With a hearty groan, Lance scrubbed his hands over his face. “So… why still wear them? I mean, this had to be a long time ago, right?”

“Well, at first, it was to save face,” Ylva said, still snickering a bit. “I mean, would you blow that kind of money and time and not pretend you meant to do it all along?”

“Hell, no.”


“Now, I think it’s pretty much just tradition. Practically no one remembers how we beat the Bakthaxu anymore, just that we took their territory. Vais, the only reason we knew was because Master Relchevar told us the story as a reminder against wasteful spending by upper management.”

Lance snorted. “No kidding.” Damn, who’d have thought the scariest conquerors in the universe were just as shitty at budgeting as the Garrison? 

Hunk was gonna have a fit when he told him about this.


Lunyx - Speak to me

My Late submitted day 3 and 4

Secret Rendez-vous


Don’t fall in love with me


First of all, this is my first GMV for several years! I’m pretty much out of practice! But it was a lot of fun! I hope you like my contribution for the Lunyx week!

I hope you enjoy it <3

I’m still an emotional wreck...

Wednesday night I finished the last episodes of Haven, and was completely heartbroken and feeling all the feels (although it did kind of have a happy ending), but then I wake up and find out Tom Keen is dead??

I pretty much spent the day practically in tears!!!

And now I’m trying to listen to my favorite playlist on Spotify, but so many of the songs on it I discovered through The Blacklist and they remind me so much of Keen2, and I just can’t!!

So now I’m trying to create a new playlist with songs that remind me of Naudrey, and then when my broken heart has recovered, I can start listening to my old playlist again.

don’t mind me, I’m just feeling very dramatic right now..

Despite the crazy traffic jam in Times Square, busy daddy and I still managed to catch our train home! Werk. The boy decided to have a sleepover at lazy uncle and chillaxed Dan’s fancy New York City digs. 

Chillaxed Dan texted me and asked what the boy’s bedtime was, and I was all, What’s a bedtime?

I pretty much told chillaxed Dan that since the boy is in the final days of his summer vacation and/or because it’s the weekend and/or because I pretty much practice a Total Chaos Parenting Approach to No Specific Bedtime, the boy could go to bed whenever he felt tired. Which turned out to be at 11 PM, as evidenced by the pic chillaxed Dan texted to me at 11:05 PM.