my langblr/studyblr intro

i’ve been chilling here/on my side blog @too-obsessed-with-languages (mostly reblogs, you can follow if you want) for a while now, but i’m going to start posting my own original content, so i figured it’s time i introduce myself

-my name is cassius, you can call me cass or cash, i’m 14, and i’m from seattle

-i love music, art, history, writing, video games, youtubers/twitch streamers and foreign languages

-i’m a native english speaker, and this summer i’ll be self-studying german, hawaiian, and italian. i want to learn any language i can, but russian, french, icelandic, swedish, and arabic are high on my list

that’s about it. feel free to ask me things, talk to me, anything of the sort. i’m pretty much just here to practice good study habits, learn languages, and meet new people!

Despite the crazy traffic jam in Times Square, busy daddy and I still managed to catch our train home! Werk. The boy decided to have a sleepover at lazy uncle and chillaxed Dan’s fancy New York City digs. 

Chillaxed Dan texted me and asked what the boy’s bedtime was, and I was all, What’s a bedtime?

I pretty much told chillaxed Dan that since the boy is in the final days of his summer vacation and/or because it’s the weekend and/or because I pretty much practice a Total Chaos Parenting Approach to No Specific Bedtime, the boy could go to bed whenever he felt tired. Which turned out to be at 11 PM, as evidenced by the pic chillaxed Dan texted to me at 11:05 PM.