as the eve of the blood of olympus release approaches us, i’d just like to say, for the final time:


thank you for inspiring us all and reminding us that anyone can be a hero, no matter who you are. 


In 2006, I broke my leg 2 days before the NCAA tournament. I was a Junior in College at Penn State. I got surgery two days later, so I would like crutch to go into a different room only like 10 feet away and I was breathing so hard. Something was wrong. I get to the hospital and they put me through all of the tests and said “Okay we need you to come back immediately.” I get back to the hospital bed. I was laying there totally in shock. I had no idea if I would live. With all of the tests, we need to put you on blood thinners. You are having a pulmonary embolism and you have multiple blood clots in your legs and your lungs. You’re experiencing many heart attacks. They said if you would’ve fallen asleep that night you most likely wouldn’t have woken up. Hearing that put a lot into perspective for me. I was 21 years old and I wasn’t sure at the time If I would live and follow through with my dreams of playing at this level or continuing playing soccer at all. Lying in that bed for the week and seeing my parents there, my friends coming in from school, my best friends, my team at Penn State. That in itself was an uplifting experience because I knew how many people cared about me.
My brother at the time was in a bit of a different place. He was struggling with addiction. During that period, he actually didn’t realize that was happening. It was actually right after that he made the decision to become sober. He’s like my mentor, he’s a huge inspiration to me. He builds me up and makes sure I realize how great of an experience this is and how great these moments are. He keeps me grounded in that and makes me realize that not everyone gets this opportunity, so I need to take it. I need to make sure I give it my all.

So you’re telling me I'm suppose to survive a
  • Got7 Comeback
  • Girls Generation comeback (with 3 MV’s) 
  • Apink Comeback
  •  Infinite comeback
  •  B1A4 comeback
  • Girls Day comeback
  • Hotshot comeback
  • Wonder Girls comeback (with a totally new twist) 
  • Big Bang’s ‘D’ comeback
  • Ikons debut 
  • SHINee repackage 
Helpful guide to fully enjoy your Final Fantasy XV experience
  1. Watch Brotherhood  → Play Chapter 1 of FFXV  → Watch Kingsglaive  → Play the rest of the game!
  2. Sometimes the music overpowers the dialogue! Turn the music level down a bit so you don’t miss anything.
  3. Really take your time exploring Leide, Duscae and Cleigne regions ESPECIALLY before going off to Altissia!
  4. While in the Leide/Duscae/Cleigne areas: Camp in different spots to trigger different tours, take on some hunts (you’ll need the money), do a bunch of side quests. Explore everywhere!
  5. SAVE A BUNCH OF PROMPTO’S PICTURES! Fill up your 150 slots.
  6. Grind and work on leveling up before Altissia.
  7. Be sure you’re emotionally ready for the 2nd half of the game. Stock up on tissues. Literally, I had anxiety playing through it the whole time.
  8. There are a few “horror game” elements in the later part of the game filled with a bunch of jump scares. Be prepared for that.
  9. Again, take it slow. Don’t be in a rush to finish it! You could be 40 hours in the game already and not finish it yet! That’s perfectly ok! You’re doing it right!
  10. Enjoy it! You’ve been waiting for this game! For some it’s been 10 years, while others maybe only discovered it more recently, either way have fun on your adventure through Eos, chocobros!
Papercut - Zedd ft Troye Sivan

[Verse 1]
Now we’re staring at the ceiling
You’re so pretty when you’re mad
All that I can hear is breathing
Oh, oh
And we’re stuck inside the silence
In a cold, cold world
We’re too proud to say we’re sorry
Oh, oh

Right now it feels like we’re bleeding
So deep that we might not get back up
Our words will tear through the surface
Like a paper, like a papercut
Right now, don’t know why I love you
But by the morning when we wake up
I reach for you and remember
It was just a paper, just a papercut

[Verse 2]
I find refuge in the distance
Even when we’re breaking down
Can we pause it just for one kiss?
Oh, oh
Cause I never meant to hurt you
And I know you feel the same
Still the only one I run to
Oh, oh