You know what I’m not emotionally prepared for? A TRC epilogue. Because I’m not ready to see them grow up without Gansey and I’m not ready to see them break without him. And I want Adam to get the hell out of Henrietta but I also want him to live with Ronan in the barns forever and ever and I want Blue to go study Pygmy tyrants but I also don’t want any of them to ever be separated from each other because they are a family now and they can’t be parted and I’m not ready to handle a reality where they aren’t together and I really just want them to be the crazy, amazing, ethereal, beautiful, magnificent, recklessly in love teenagers they are right now forever

ok so i’m trying to confirm whether thomas hamilton’s gonna be in season 3. have heard rumours rupert penry-jones was filming with them earlier this year & that hamilton’s now a series regular, but haven’t been able to verify beyond a few vague tweets from RPJ that could really be about anything.

does anyone know of any credible sources for these rumours??

Papercut - Zedd ft Troye Sivan

[Verse 1]
Now we’re staring at the ceiling
You’re so pretty when you’re mad
All that I can hear is breathing
Oh, oh
And we’re stuck inside the silence
In a cold, cold world
We’re too proud to say we’re sorry
Oh, oh

Right now it feels like we’re bleeding
So deep that we might not get back up
Our words will tear through the surface
Like a paper, like a papercut
Right now, don’t know why I love you
But by the morning when we wake up
I reach for you and remember
It was just a paper, just a papercut

[Verse 2]
I find refuge in the distance
Even when we’re breaking down
Can we pause it just for one kiss?
Oh, oh
Cause I never meant to hurt you
And I know you feel the same
Still the only one I run to
Oh, oh


if i’m ever famous and get asked the same inane misogynist questions every single female celebrity gets asked i’m just gonna respond with answers to the questions they should be asking

“were you able to wear underwear under your costume?”

“well, it’s interesting because i’ve never played a character who displays this level of conviction before and as an actor i have to bring an extra level of dedication to the role. i spent weeks preparing emotionally and physically just for one scene- i won’t spoil it, because it’s towards the end of the movie.”

“… okay. what was your diet regime?”

“actually yeah, i have read some of the reviews already. there’s controversy, of course, but that’s to be expected with any movie that deals with the subjects this one does, you know? i just hope people with trepidations about the plot can see past their worries and enjoy it for what it is.”

“… i… um…”

“we only have a couple more minutes, are there any more questions?”

“… how long did it take you to get ready tonight?”

“oh, definitely angelina jolie, we’ve been speaking recently actually, our agents got us in touch. and- have you met hayley atwell? she’s here tonight, i think. i’d love to work with both of them.”


“thank you for your time.”

DAVENPORT, Iowa — More than seven decades after beginning their relationship, Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes have gotten married. Boyack, 91, and Dubes, 90, sat next to each other during Saturday’s ceremony, reports the Quad City Times. “This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago,” the Rev. Linda Hunsaker told …


Okay if hate to be all emotional but i just woke up from this dream

It was about Michael Jackson and how he died but my dream made him die in a horrible way and I saw him and hugged him and felt him and I was crying so damn hard bc he was dead and he comforted me and told me he loved me and nsehueksnjsjavs I’m crying now.
I wish I could add the -My Emotions- gif but I can’t. ;_;