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HELLO It's me the person who asked about Hamilton a while back and I jUST STARTED LISTENING TO IT HELP I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS

Ouch. I’m honestly never emotionally prepared.
Go listen to P!ATD. That helps sometimes.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

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something that could be cool would be like a gun robot? make the wesson model PPC into a robot? idk!

its tempting, but i don’t think im emotionally prepared to be “guy who draws guns with a big ass”

“I got pregnant when I was twenty-two. It wasn’t planned. The father and I weren’t even in a relationship. But I thought I could handle it on my own. I felt like a modern woman. I was in law school. I wanted to be a diplomat. But oh man, it was hard. I wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with it. Society doesn’t treat the child of an unwed mother like a blessing. When you’re married and pregnant, people come up and ask all kinds of questions: ‘Is it a boy? Is it a girl? How are you feeling?’ But that doesn’t happen when you’re single. People saw me getting fatter, but everyone avoided the subject. Instead they asked each other: ‘What happened? Do you know anything?’ I felt invisible. I dropped out of law school because I felt so ashamed. Thankfully a few close friends carried me through. My daughter is eighteen now. Everything turned out fine. But I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancy more.”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • *after watching the bughead window scene a gazillion times*: Is that ladder going to be against Betty’s room like forever? Whose idea was it? Did Betty bring it, did Jughead? What for? Is it going to be a Bughead thing from now on? Do I have to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for Jughead climbing up her window at nights to cuddle with his girl and watch movies or help her relax and sleep? Is she going to sneak him up for late night make-out sessions? Is he going to be cocky and all about it? (’cause he sure ain’t as shy and uncomforable as we thought he would be) I need answers!!!!!!!

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Hey you how are you doing? What you up to? What are we expecting for your future art? Also HI!!!

Heyy! Right now I’m DROWNING in midterm exams but on the bright side I’m hyped for s2 of both Stranger Things and Miraculous Ladybug. All of this is happening in the same week so I don’t know how I’m going to emotionally prepare myself for the combination of excitement and dread ʘ‿ʘ

In terms of art, I’m currently working on some Stranger Things stuff and I have a few unfinished ML comics that have been sitting in my drafts for weeks… Here’s a WIP!

I’m also making some ML Halloween fanart! Here’s another WIP!

Rucas AU | The Bet [11]

[ Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven - Part Eight - Part Nine - Part Ten]

Prompt: After damaging $1000 worth of private property on a dare Lucas needs a quick way to make the money to pay the guy back. When Charlie Gardner suggests a bet Lucas takes him up on his offer. And what is the bet? Get into the pants of Riley Matthews, the schools very own goody two-shoes princess.
AN: The next chapter is the final chapter.  
Word Count: 2,015
Chapter: 11

♡ ♡ ♡

How things have changed in just a few short weeks. It was a sunlit day of early spring, and the sky held a soft blue glow. Spring Break was finally here and Riley walked barefoot on the weed filled front lawn, looking for wild flowers she loved. She was never much of a rose person, not that she didn’t appreciate its beauty, it’s just that she was more in love with meadow flowers, with forget-me-nots and buttercups. The flowers people often overlooked due to the hype of the rose.

The scratchy green grass was warm under her bare feet and she was glad to be free of the confines of her running shoes. Who needed to run when walking felt so blissful? She stopped and closed her eyes so she could capture the moment of the sunlight on her skin. It was like a kiss of summer but without the fiery heat or beads of sweat. She opened her eyes and let the daylight flood back in, bringing the warm April day right back into focus.

To say she was glad winter was over would be an understatement. She loved the way snow looked when it found itself a home on trees and building tops but nothing made her feel more at peace than the calm slightly warm breeze of springtime. Which was exactly what she needed.

Lately, her mind had been beating itself up trying to figure out what to say to Lucas. She would get up the courage, march right over to him, open her mouth – and nothing would come out. It happened so many times this last month she was convinced she lost all ability to speak to him.

She couldn’t figure out what was holding her back. Farkle and Isadora made sure to put in their two cents, offering that maybe she was being prideful or maybe she was still harboring anger towards him for the mistake he made. But deep down Riley had her own inkling of what it could be. Plain and simple? She missed him. Missing him meant she was vulnerable, and the last thing she wanted was to open herself up once more, let him in again just to have her heart shattered into a million little jagged pieces.

She sighs as she flops down onto the grass, squinting up at the sky, watching birds above her fly back and forth without a care in the world. She envied that.

The smallest of the birds spiraled over her before disappearing into a tree. “Show off.” She mumbles under her breath.

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Me, getting ready to watch ‘Queen for a Day’: Ah this is going to be great! They’re gonna have some fun royal shenanigans, sing a few great songs, and come away with another positive life lesson! What a light-hearted and care-free time this will be!

Me, after watching ‘Queen for a Day’ clutching my heart and staring horrified as the credits role: WRONG!! WRONG I WAS SO WRONG!!!! HOLY CRAP! I WAS NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS AT ALL

the smith/sanchez family is so fucked up and losing it and need to get their shit together but are just awful at it and every episode is ruining me further and i won’t be quite emotionally prepared enough for whatever the finale holds but god i love this mess