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Theawesomevita, poedameroms, thiscantbelightgood, mockingday

theawesomevita - matthew daddario trash, like actual trash, squad mom, pretty theme, blog colours, sidebar, everything

poedameroms - Julieta aka 1d af, shes also jason todd af, i love the little superhero drawings on her update tabs and the alec eyeroll

thiscantbelightgood - they have really pretty headcanons, idk who the guy on their sidebar is but he is pretty hot, really nice shadowhunters content

mockingday - i love their shadowhunters crack so much and they make gifs pretty fast i always see their shadowhunters gif on my dash

send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them

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Hi bella! 2 questions- 1. are you going to be updating the sidebar with kate's patronages now that Philip's is given to her, and possibly HM's Wimbledon?? that would be fun! and 2. are you going to reduce your time on tumblr now? I feel like I haven't seen any activity really this year, and I miss you and yoyr lovely posts and asks!

Yes I am my love! I’m really just waiting for her engagements for those patronages so that I can make a gif out of it. For the first one, it’s only a week away!

And I’ve been dealing with a lot so far this year. My family, uni, and I’ve taken on some extra responsibilities by being an editor at my university’s academic journal. But I don’t mean at all to reduce my time here, I’m just trying to juggle all these things at once. Hopefully everything will calm down soon and once I get the hang of it, I’ll be able to post as much as I’m used to. <3

I’ve been getting more requests for magic gif manips and the like, which are super fun and I’m excited to do more of them, but I know that a lot of these are used for RPGs. If you want to use one as a sidebar, header, character page, anything of the like, you can go right ahead, but please, please, please credit me. I’ve stumbled across a few instances of my work going uncredited and it makes me feel kind of awful so please don’t do it. I work very hard on everything I make and seeing other people pass it off as their own can suck.

(also, if you ever see something of mine being used without my name attached to it, please let me know!)

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Your sidebar gif is everything. Lexa literally swallowing her feelings makes me weak.

i know oh my god and u can see so much emotion in her eyes they’re tearing up and she’s so scared SHE’S SO SCARED OF HER FEELINGS FOR CLARKE and im so weak for lexa too oh man oh man

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5, 13, 14:)

Do you care a lot about how good your blog looks? I actually don’t think it matters, and unless the text on their blog is unreadable, other people’s themes don’t bother me, either. But to be honest, I really love changing my theme and seeing how everything looks, making nice sidebar gifs, etc. A part of that is probably because I’ve been making things in Photoshop since I was around ten (not that my work has been good a lot of that time, mind you), and it’s kind of in my nature to mess around with things like that. I’m also (strangely) a perfectionist in certain ways, while being super lazy in others. I don’t make sense as a person, is what this response amounts to. 

So, no. I don’t really care, I just have fun with it. :)

I answered 13 and 14 here!


Under the cut you will find #100 gifs of Jung So-min from her Alice: Boy From Wonderland role. ALL gifs were made by me for RP purposes. All gifs are small and HQ (245x150). Please like or reblog if you use these.

PLEASE DO NOT redistribute, claim as your own, crop or edit, post in gif hunts, use to make crackship gifs or gif icons. I don’t want to have to put a watermark on my gifs. They may be used in sidebars.

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So tvd and the originals are doing a crossover in hopes to gain more viewers lol it smells of desperation. Also if tvd does end will this still be a tvd blog? Or will you post something different?

They’re trying to fanbait the klaroline shippers now, they’ll probably make Klaus and Caroline kiss again lmao and then end it there because I mean? Klaroline makes no sense lmao 

And, to be honest, probably? I’ve been a TVD blog for so damn long now, I don’t see myself suddenly changing my icon, url and sidebar. If anything I’ll change the sidebar to a delena gif rather than Elena, but that’s as far as I’ll go. I will probably reblog other things but I’ll do it like I’m doing now haha occasionally and always tagged with #not tvd, but it will all depend on how many people will still be in it. I can’t be on the fandom on my own man hahah