all of my mysme single character artworks
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long time no see ART like real art man! 

Prompt # 142

“Well that was overkill.”

“No. That was style. Something you clearly lack.”

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Angs prompt idea :) : Kylo turn back to the light and become Ben Solo again and Hux expect to stay with him in sake of their love (maybe he want to redeem himself too ?) Except that Ben is now disgusted by him/ forgot totally about him and only see him as a fanatic terrorist (I'm sorry :D)


Hux can’t help but stand from the bench in his cell and leap towards the door when he sees Kylo suddenly standing on the other side, finally come to his lover’s rescue. Hux has been imprisoned by these barbaric bounty hunters for weeks now, spending every second of his time in captivity wishing to see his brave and beautiful knight on the other side of the door.

But as Hux stares at Kylo through the reinforced glass, he doesn’t feel the sense of elation he thought he would.

Kylo looks…different. Instead of his infamous black robes, he’s wearing a pair of navy slacks, a white shirt and a black vest. Even his hair; the luscious locks of dark hair that Hux hated to love is tied back into a messy bun at the nape of his neck, hidden as though forbidding Hux from running his fingers through it like he’s missed doing.

Kylo’s dark eyes are filled with light, a sparkle that looks like hope and no sign of any sort of darkness that Kylo’s soul is supposed to be filled with. Hux swallows hard but regardless, as soon as Kylo has opened the door to his cell, Hux’s arms are around his neck in the strongest hug he’s ever given. Having his lover come to his rescue is almost enough to send Hux into tears but he holds them back, burying his face in Kylo’s shoulder.

Only when Hux’s mind has quietened does he realise that Kylo has remained abnormally still.

“Ren?” Hux whispers, frowning. “Why won’t you hold me?”

As Hux’s wishes, Kylo’s hands find themselves on his waist and, for a moment, the galaxy is right.

But even the burn of a sun’s supernova wouldn’t be as painful as feeling Kylo’s hands push him away. Hux stumbles back with a startled gasp, eyes wide with fear.

“Ren?” Hux doesn’t understand. The man in front of him looks like his Kylo but everything about his movements and expressions is screaming at Hux to back away from him.

The imposter flexes his fingers, and Hux can’t help but glance to the lightsaber hanging from his belt and then to the blaster in the holster on his opposite hip.

Kylo despises blasters.

“That’s not my name,” Kylo says, and Hux feels his stomach drop. “My name is Ben. Solo.”

“No,” Hux gasps, shaking his head. “Your name is Kylo Ren. Master of the Knights of Ren and heir to the Dark Side. Ben Solo is dead. You told me so yourself!”

Hux recalls the countless times that Kylo has recited stories from his childhood to him, telling him tales of a young boy called Ben who felt unloved and lost, a boy who was sacrificed in order for Kylo Ren to be born.

Hux shivers, feeling as though he’s staring down a ghost.

“The Resistance has bartered with your captors for your release, General,” Ben says, pulling a pair of thick binders off his belt. “And I’m here to arrest you.”

Hux opens his mouth to speak but a broken heave for air comes out instead, and he wonders whether the sound is his soul shattering into a thousand shards, piercing his heart, threatening to render him to his knees and beg for someone to wake him from this nightmare.

“It’d be best if you remained calm, Starkiller,” Ben sneers, spitting out the nickname that he’d whispered to Hux whilst kissing over his freckles, comparing them to stardust. “The Resistance are going to make you answer for your crimes against the galaxy. And snakes like you don’t deserve mercy.”

Ren, for stars sake! Snap out of it!” Hux cries, backhanding Ben across the face, whipping some hairs out of his bun. He hangs his head, hair obscuring his eyes. “They’ve done something to you! Manipulated you! It’s me, it’s your ‘Tidge, don’t do this. Please.”

Ben brings his communicator up to his lips, face still hidden to Hux’s eyes.

“This is Captain Solo. The prisoner is refusing to cooperate. I’m in need of back-up. Bring extra binders,” he says, and Hux flinches.

Yes, Captain. We’re on our way,” comes the static-y reply before Ben drops the comlink to the ground and stands up.

Hux’s breath is suddenly ripped away from him, an invisible hand curling around his throat as he’s pushed back to the wall, back hitting it with force to the point where he feels winded. Gasping, eyes wide, Hux clutches at his throat, terror swelling in every nerve when he looks up and sees the man he would give his final breath for attempting to steal it from him. Ben’s hand is outstretched, lip curled in a scowl, and Hux believes that his once-beautiful knight is going to kill him.

“K-Kylo…” Hux whispers, voice breaking, eyes slowly closing. “M-my moon and my s-stars.”

Ben falters for a moment, gasping as though in pain as he drops Hux from his Force-hold, and Hux can’t find the strength in his legs to hold himself up so collapses to the ground in a weakened heap, breathing ragged and broken. Tears stream down his cheeks, from the lack of air or from being completely heartbroken, Hux isn’t sure.

Either way, he doesn’t expect to look up and see Ben on his knees in front of him, eyes wide, dark and lost.

Ben cocks his head to the side as though a confused animal, eyebrows drawn together in a saddened frown, and Hux loses the remainder of his strength.

He lurches forwards, taking Ben’s plush lips up in a fervent and longing kiss, fill with desperation, a silent and absolute plea for Hux’s Ren to come back home.

“It’s me,” Hux whispers. “Ren. Wake up. This isn’t you.

Ben blinks hard, shaking his head, mouth falling open as though to finally say something

“Captain Solo!”

Hux flinches back when Ben stands up so abruptly, turning to face the gaggle of Resistance fighters who stand in the doorway, blasters trained on Hux.

“Cuff him,” one of the men says. “Get him back on the ship and lock him in the brig. Scum.”

Hux stares up at Ben, wanting to whisper his name but finds that it won’t come; he doesn’t believe Ben is the name of the man in front of him. They’d kissed—and Ben had kissed him back.

He doesn’t take note of the binders being snapped around his wrists, he doesn’t growl when he’s hauled to his feet, but he whimpers when he’s dragged past Ben and out of his cell, looking back over his shoulder at the lost boy standing alone.

Ben Solo is dead,’ Hux thinks, closing his eyes in some sort of relief. ‘Kylo Ren is alive. He’s alive.’

As he watches the Starkiller be dragged away, Ben reaches up and touches his lips, feeling as though a spark is nestled upon them, sending shivers down his spine, recalling how the General’s kiss had made him feel.

It felt familiar, it felt warm.

And it felt like home, like rushing in to your lover’s arms after a long time away, like falling into bed and sleeping next to each other, like existing with someone inside a bubble and not caring what the rest of the galaxy is doing because this is home.

But Ben pushes his hand against his throbbing temple. This couldn’t be: this is the first time he’s even met General Armitage Hux. That’s what his mother and uncle have told him.

And his family wouldn’t lie….would they?

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I've loved detective stories ever since I was a kid and I gave angus some Fantasy Nancy Drew books that have been collecting dust in my room since he said he hadn't read them and after he left Taako came in and beat me with his umbrella and told me that angus was HIS understudy and im confused but angus and i have had to trade detective books in secret. taako still glares at me when we pass by each other.


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Here's a submission: long ago, a seer was given a prophecy that was worded so oddly, no-one could understand what it meant. Over the years, it caused a great deal of speculation and confusion. But now, someone has realized that it's written entirely in memes and a little slang.


So yesterday @mysmoldarkfictionalsons wrote about an PORTUGUESE! Grantaire and I thought it would be cool and amazing if in this universe Courfeyrac was Brazilian.

- Courfeyrac moved to France when he was 16, because his parents found better job opportunities (plus he has this french heritage he always wanted to know more about, so it was already in his plans moving to France)
- Speaking portuguese with family, french with friends plus learning english in school, his life was a mess (poor babe wasnt that good with languages when younger)
- He wasnt aware Grantaire was Portuguese until Grantaire sighed “caralho” in the end of his first meeting and Courfeyrac just burst into a laughing fit because that was the last thing he was expecting to come out of the guys mouth
- Courfeyrac was a little bit embarrassed one time when he asked Grantaire to speak slower because he wasn’t understanding what the other was speaking. “Its the same language” they said “its not difficult” they said… (bitterfeyrac)
- When Grantaire speaks proudly about Portugal and how they kicked Napoleon’s ass, Courfeyrac laughs and just says “at least OUR king didnt RUN AWAY” you can hear joly and feuilly in a choir of “ooooooh"s in the background
- They actually have discussions like that all the time "I said, if Portugal hadnt fucking robbed Brazil we would have been AWESOME and rich ”, its their meme
- Grantaire and Courfeyrac have some moments where they exchange cultural differences, mostly language related, like “grama/relva”, “puto”, “bicha”…
- They have a thing called “author of the week” , where each week they go back and forwards with brazilian and portuguese authors. One week “Machado de Assis”, the other “Camões”, and so goes on. They learn so much…

Ok thats all I have.

@queenyavengers Cause I am pretty sure I have seen a short post somewhere in the sea of Tony and Peter GIFs and Tumblr meltdown someone saying how great it would be if this happened. So I did this sucky little thing. 

“I was just trying to be like you.”

If he didn’t know any better, Tony would swear to God that the kid was his biologically. Right down to that look in his eyes. That look that pleaded with the adult in the room to be taken seriously, that hopeful tint that would make one understand that despite the totally crappy turn of events, the intent of one’s actions was placed in the right corner. 

He’s known this hopeful feeling, it still bounces in him frail as it is but he has also seen the entirety of the ugly side that came to being a superhero. He has also seen what his failures for being too sure in himself and dismissive of other people’s concerns has wrecked on this world. 

“I want you to be better.” Inevitably the disappointment of adult’s failure to understand brought out the tilt of the head sidewise down and lips set to show subtle aggravation. God but he could relate. He did not expect the trademark fed up teen look to shift into soft expression of genuine confusion. 

“Why would I want to be better?” There were not many moments in life when Tony was caught by surprise by such simply put question. Clearly he failed to hide it because Peter quickly continued to speak. “I mean, yes, I clearly underestimated my opponent and I need to work on my entire approach to this superhero business but why would I want to be better than you?”

“Did you sleepwalk through last nine years of your life kid?”

“No. I’ve seen the good and the bad. Some of your decisions have admitedly come with high price but you didn’t run away from them. The fact that after everything you still get up in the morning and do not hesitate to put on this suit to help people is amazing. That’s what I want. I want to be able to help people. And I still want to be like you.”

“Kid…” His eyes were not watering damn it. How the hell is this kid so astute? He’s sixteen, he shouldn’t be able to see have scuh perception on anyone, especially a human train wreck like him. “Superhero stuff is not all rainbow and sunshine.”

“Yeah, I beggining to get that.”

“You can’t just jump in head first to confront a guy who clearly had everything planned out well in advance. Following instructions sometimes is a good thing. When I said don’t do anything stupid this is exactly what I had in mind.”

“Then don’t just tell me, teach me!” Teach? Tony Stark teaching someone? That is ridiculously proposterous and a disaster in the making. “That’s not how this works kid.”

Peter actually gave him ‘Are you kidding me right now?’ face. “Then how does this work? Is this five percent advice from others and ninety five percent self discovery thing? You want me to not do stupid things and not take uneccessary risks. Clearly you don’t want me to repeat your mistakes. It’s not like this stuff is taught in highschool. So please teach me how to avoid them. Teach me how to be better. You are my superhero and I want to be like you.”

Tony bit the inside of his cheek and cursed himself. Damn it. 

@queenyavengers I totally blame you for feeding my plot bunnies.