I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.

Alec is staring, but he doesn’t care.

It’s one of those downworlder meetings they are actually invited to. Not because they are acquaintances with Magnus, but because the nephilim were actually required to go.

Simon is hanging with the vampires, Izzy is hanging by Meliorn’s arm, Clary and Jace are talking by the food table, although it doesn’t look like they are eating anything from it. Magnus assured them nothing was going to be poisonous or dangerous, but no one is taking chances tonight. After all, even if this is the after party, doesn’t mean it’s really a party, right?

Alec is standing at the entrance, arms crossed over his chest. Magnus is at the opposite site of the room, discussing with Luke and other werewolves about God knows what.

And Alec is staring at him. At his perfect stance, his cat-like movements when talking and gesturing; the little swinging of his shoulders, and his chin up, showing that way his power and confidence, demanding respect in silence. His cat eyes are showing and aside from Luke, everybody seems to be charmed by him.

Alec smiles a little. It’s so fun to watch Magnus on his element. To see him working politics from afar.

Then one of the werewolves starts talking, gesturing wildly in a friendly manner. Magnus’ cat eyes shot up and now he’s staring at Alec too over this werewolf’s shoulder. And he doesn’t even move his lips, but he knows. I’m so bored.

The shadowhunter can’t help but scoff, how can Magnus say that he’s bored? He was just enjoying himself a second ago. Alec shots him a look. Serves you right.

He can see Magnus struggling to hold his own laughter before looking at him directly in the eye again. I want to go home. Alec looks around the room, reminding him that this is important and that they couldn’t just go around this. Magnus rolls his eyes and the werewolf laughs, maybe thinking that Magnus’ reaction was from something he said. You’re not having fun anyways. The meeting is over.

Alec shots him a glare through his half closed eyes. Suddenly Magnus’ eyes turn to brown and he counterattacks Alec with a honey-like look. Please, babe.

Thirty seconds into a staring contest, Alec blinks and Magnus smiles triumphantly, sipping at the last of his wine, making his rings shine under the room lights. Alec sighs and accepts his defeat, gesturing to Izzy and turning around to leave.

Seconds later, Magnus is by his side, beaming with excitement. Alec glares. “You used the puppy eyes. That’s not fair.”

“I will repay you once we’re back, dearest.” And with a wink, Magnus opens a portal.

(Or in which Malec can communicate by just staring at each other’s eyes).

When you wake up, your whole world’s flipped, it’s just different and you gotta, you know, you gotta, you gotta go with it and that’s just simply growing up. And not see it in a negative way, you have to see it as it’s been given to you. I mean, as much as times can be crazy you’re gonna feel like that’s where you’re supposed to be, you’re not gonna feel out of place anymore. You’re gonna feel like that’s where you were meant to be. You don’t have to pretend that it’s easy all the time, you just let it go and, and grow with it, and you can’t hold on to the old you, or the old this or the old that, because you know you change and it’s not changing in a bad way, it’s just changing, because that’s what happens in life, you grow up, everyone moves on, you’re just learning. You stay true to yourself, changing isn’t a bad thing. It never was. But at the end of the day, you know, you’re the same person, and, and where your heart is… That doesn’t change.

Mikasa’s love for Eren is so pure, it breaks my heart, he’s so lucky to have her, she’s so lucky to have him, if you have someone who’d follow you anywhere without even doubting, someone who’d give their lives for you and love you unconditionally no matter what you do, in every season of your soul… you are so lucky. Eren is so lucky. 

:: R A M E N ::

Short Blurb 1

Because: Marie (@harrycarryme) cheered me up with something about her ramen not being done, and harry wearing all black suit and white button up, here’s to her!

You were only wearing a thin shirt and PJ shorts, it was a bit cold. It was 8pm and you had just woken up from a power nap after mind-blowing sex with you boyfriend of 2 years, Harry.

You sighed slightly thinking back to the previous events, he’d just arrived earlier that morning from a Dunkirk media tour trip, and as soon as you got home, he was already a bit rested and wasted no time pulling you into his arms and fighting over dominance on your way up the stairs to make up for lost time.

After a nice session of slow rough love making, you were spent, and so was he, and you both silently agreed to sleep in, at least until Harry had to leave again for a quick meeting.

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