OTP Idea #881

Imagine Person A constantly finding excuses to sleep in Person B’s bed, from “storms scare me,” to “it’s too cold to sleep alone tonight.”

“Jason isn’t a–”

“–Corpse? He’s decomposing, Tommy. I saw a chunk fall off earlier, an actual, literal chunk of person. I don’t know how in the heck he’s moving but he’s a literal corpse who’s been decomposing right off shore! People swim in that lake, Tommy!”

I kind of love Jason’s Shack being out on an island in the lake because it feels a bit more like he just wants to be alone, but gosh it’s so hard to get to on the Higgins Haven map when it spawns out there. And swimming is risky enough without thinking about the bacteria that must be living in there from Tommy’s solution to the Jason problem. But hey, if Tommy’s not bothered with swimming through a petri dish of death to go steal a dead lady’s moldy sweater, be my guest. (It’s a good reason to draw him without all those layers, too. X3)

Side note, at the end of Part VI, Tommy sinks Jason in the lake. Common knowledge and all that, but has anyone realized how freaking close Jason was to that dock?

Jason’s RIGHT THERE in the center of the screen, under water. They zoom in on him. Like, Tommy, the least you could have done was gone a little further out in the lake and away from the area where people might possibly swim. I’m guessing they shut the camp down afterwards because all the staff was dead, since otherwise swimming lessons would be the Most Awkward Thing.

“No pushing, no running, no horseplay, no swimming unless the lifeguard is there– oh and stay out of arms reach of the floating body by the dock. He’s grumpy.”

check please characters as brooklyn nine nine quotes
  • bitty: my moomaw always said, "bad news first because the good news is probably a lie." fun fact: she made me cry a lot
  • lardo: i was thinking about how i'd make the perfect american president. based on my skill-set, artistic ability, and bloodlust
  • shitty: fine, i accept my fate. just take a picture of my penis first, for posterity, then do what you must
  • ransom: what's going on? is this a dream? no, i'm not holding a label maker
  • holster: okay, this is everyone i could think of who'd want to mess with my life. the lax bros, teams we've beaten, the guy who lived underneath me in dorms when i was learning the gangnam style dance
  • chowder: so what is this? casual? serious? i need to know how to make fun of you
  • nursey: sexy train is leaving the station. check out this caboose! later sluts
  • dex: nursey, is everything okay? you never text me. look, the last message i got from you was august 3rd, 2015. you wrote, "sup, chowder?" followed by "never mind"
Artemis Fowl Blog Headcanons

Juliet: Feminism, self defense tutorials, contouring

Butler: Never reblogs anything, has default theme, only posts like twice a year

Foaly: IS the science side of tumblr

Minerva: Has a really elegant theme that she programmed herself, her blog title is really eloquent, but everything is kind of offset by all the weed memes

N01: Positivity blog, full of kawaii faces

Opal: Wildly successful beauty blogger that everybody only recently realized is a terf, like a million selfies

Holly: Nature/conservation, health tips, aesthetic

Artemis: Used to make a point of never posting any memes until he heard about the neo-dadaist thing and now he only posts memes, and only the most surreal absurd ones