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You should have seen him when he first arrived at Arkham, Dr. Quinzel. He was just a boy. Good lookin, too. But somethin–somethin just wasn’t right with ‘em. Real shame. When you see him now..well..just remember that he’s human. A real, fucked up, straight jacket bound, human.

My kinda dark, very dramatic depiction on how it feels like being out-ranged in Splatoon. 

I would have left this as a regular pencil sketch, but I decided to add in colour digitally so that it’s easier to differentiate the teams. Splatoon is a game of colour after all. 


i’m really awkward, but i made this video today


“I don’t get why you always have to pinch me awake. Why isn’t it ‘Baby, we’re here?’ or ‘Rise and shine, my beautiful, sweet prince, we have arrived?’ Why do you insist on always waking me up with the most amount of violence?” he whines, trying to squirm away from her.

“Oh, like you don’t enjoy getting bruised,” Sloane replies, lifting her head to raise an eyebrow at him before her eyes flicker towards his lower half.

Harry only groans, slamming his open palm against his forehead. “You catch me with half a boner once after getting pinched, and all of a sudden, it’s Fifty Shades of Harry.”

turn the world to gold, chapter 01: musca
coming sept. 1 • story page • read the prologue

( @cloudyloudy​ Stupid late, I’m sorry :p but this is meh response to your curiosity ^_^; )
I’m trying to fit this one into my schedule :) I just got Nick done atm ^_^; I need to work on other stuff


Enjoy! :D Pretty Nicky for your dash (ok ok, I’ll take a break from drawing Nick in dresses, I’m sorry…)

You know, I think sometimes we readers don’t realize just what a difference a single comment can make.

My very favorite supercat fic, Footsteps in Snow, was completed in early June and ended on sort of a cliffhanger. Well, a couple days ago I left a second comment on it (I’d commented previously, when I first read it) to let the author know how much their fic means to me, and they replied to my comment today telling me that my comment actually made them sit down and finish the first chapter of the sequel, and that they were editing it and would be posting it soon.

And so now, almost three months after the first fic ended, the first chapter to the sequel is up, solely because I took about two minutes out of my day to comment on a fic and tell the author how much it meant to me.

We all know that fic writers don’t get paid, and that we need to appreciate them. But I think it’s important to also remember that sometimes it’s our appreciation that can inspire them to keep writing in the first place. I know sometimes it’s hard to leave a comment, especially when you don’t know what to say, but you never know, you might just inspire an author to keep doing what they love when they were thinking of quitting. And that, I think, is what makes it all worth it.

So please, love your fanfic writers.