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IM SO SORRY I SENT YOU THAT ASK I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT ANYTHING IM ACTUALLY AN IDIOT,,,,, im new to your account and didn't even realize that you were going through that i'm sorry. it was meant to be more of a light hearted question but really i just sounded like a dick.

no no no no it’s fine !!!! i completely understand where you were coming from and i was in a really bad mood so i got frustrated :/ i know that it’s been a really long time since i’ve done anything for unbelievable, and i truly feel awful about it. but, at the same time, i write these things in my free time and i need to stop treating it like a job, because i’m not being paid to do it, and i i have no responsibility to keep writing them. i’m sorry about what happened with the ask you sent in, it kind of escalated without me meaning it to.

Never Let Go;Yuta

Sequel to Neglect

Genre: angst and fluff (?)

Request: is it possible for u write a sequel for neglect?? i want a slightly fluff ending

A/N: i remember that i was in a really bad mood that time when i wrote neglect but im feeling much better and this came out better than expected so yay!



Days passed.

The pain in your chest only got worst.

He didn’t call or text you once, for days.

You thought it was going to be over. You thought he was gone for good. You thought everything you’ve had for the past few were all going to go down the drain just like that.

You still love him

Little did you know, he was feeling worst than you.

He trapped himself in his room, skipping meals and the constant shouting from his friends.

He hated himself and started blaming himself for all that had happened.

He didn’t want to lose you just like that, you were his main priority.

But he didn’t have the time to show it to you

And for that, he hated himself even more.

Pure hatred and anger gushed through his blood as his eyes laid on the picture frame sitting beside his bedside.

He had the biggest smile on his face as his arm hung loosely around your shoulders, your light pink dress flowing lightly against the wind, as your hand reached up to ruffle his hair.

He missed this sight.

He grabbed the nearest pillow to him and threw it against the wall, but it hit the glass cup sitting beside it on the table, causing it to fall on the floor, a loud smash feeling the room as the small pieces of glass broke violently into pieces.

His anger turned into remorse and regret, as he broke down on the spot, his endless tears taking over his already sore and tired eyes.

Loud knocks and a few shoutings came from outside, and Yuta couldn’t be bothered to answer any of them.

“Yuta, please open the fucking door right now. This is really serious” Taeyong shouted from outside, anxiousness and anger filling his voice as he was genuinely worried for his best friend, and felt bad that he couldn’t do anything to help.

After all, he was the one who helped introduce you to Yuta

Yuta gave no reply as he broke down even more, holding the picture frame close to his heart, and his cries only got louder, together with Taeyong’s shouting.

“It’s been 5 days Yuta. Fuck it, if you’re not going to care and bother about me then i shouldn’t too”

It stopped- the knocking and shouting at the door stopped, and everything was back to silence. Only his stifled cries could be heard.

Yuta felt worst.

He pushed everyone who loved him away from himself, as he struggled to keep up with his emotions.

The soccer team had called to ask about him, but his career had not only caused him so much time and effort, and caused his relationship to be a wreck, he had told them he wanted to quit.

He knew he had to do it.

A soft knock came upon the door again, much more softer than before. Yuta’s head shot up against the noice, then teared up again as he heard a voice he needed most right now.

It was yours.

Taeyong had called you to ask you to come over, telling you of Yuta’s state and how he wasn’t willing to do anything.

Only you had the power to make him feel better.

Although you were a mess just like him, you didn’t hesitate to agree, and made your way over almost immediately.

You missed him, and still cared. You needed to take every chance you have to save the relationship.

“Yuta… It’s me, can we talk for a while?” you asked as your voice wavered, afraid that he was going to push you away too.

But as soon as you finished your sentence, the door opened slightly and behind it stood the man you wanted to hug and hold tightly in your arms so badly.

Your heart ached when you saw how much weight he has loss, his hair in a mess and eyes all puffy from crying.

Yuta thought the same too, as his hand reached up to touch your cheek. His lips trembled for a moment, before his tears fell down again, causing you to shed the tears you had been holding back.

You pulled him into a hug as your chin rested on his shoulder, as the both you got lost in each other’s embrace.

Both of you needed each other the most

In the midst of your tears, you took in a deep breath as your hands cupped his cheeks, “I’m sorry i did all of that behind your back, i lacked your love and i’m sorry i couldn’t understand whatever you were doing. But i still love you”

Yuta shook his head as he pulled you closer to him, “No, i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have neglected you and your love. I know how much you care for me. I was selfish”

Words eventually healed each of your wounds, as you both found comfort in each other’s hold once again, like the way it used to be.

A slow smile worked its way across his face and into his eyes as he got lose in yours, his arms around your waist, pulling you as close as ever, noy wanting to let go.

Your legs were intertwined with his as your hand slid under his shirt, rubbing his back in a circular motion, as you start to notice his smile, and your own, appearing on each of your faces.

You knew at this point that you love him dearly, and couldn’t bear to let him go.

He’s your everything. He’s the main reason you wake up to everyday, and constantly brings a smile to your face.

And for him, you’re the light in his darkness, and the one who never fails to pull him up.

He needed you more than anything else.

Having come a long way together, the both of you laid on the bed hugging each other in exhaustion, as a silent way of reminding each other that you’ll still love each other.

You didn’t want to let go,

and he didn’t want to too.

Trainee (S.Coups x Reader)

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A/N: Happy 23rd birthday to the one and only hardworking leader of Seventeen, our beloved Choi Seungcheol! Here is a short scenario to celebrate. [Request box is open.]

Genre: Fluff +Warning: Bullying 

Bullying is a no no, kids. Be nice to everyone.

Summary: “You are a new trainee and Choi Seungcheol saves you from your senior bullies.”

“I’ll be there soon, okay?” You told your manager before ending the phone call.

You were on your way towards the recording room when you see the group of people you despised from the other end of the hallway. Groaning internally, you realised it was too late to turn around and you knew they already spotted you from their place as well. There were five of them with one walking in front of the others, hinting that she’s the leader of the vicious pack. She was smirking when you walked closer, her arms crossed.

“Well, well, well.. If it isn’t our favourite new girl around.” Almost as if cued, the other girls behind her started laughing mockingly.

You held your breath when she purposely stood in front of you, blocking your way. “What? Cat got your tongue?” A shorter girl provoked but you kept silent.

You knew better than to start a fight with neither of them, especially when you’re clearly outnumbered. You were a trainee under Pledis and you just got recruited by one of the staffs two months ago. The lady had heard you singing in a school event and immediately gave you her contact number, saying that she’d like you to join the company.

It was all fun at first, meeting with the other new trainees, actually rehearsing new songs and choreographs. But for whatever reason, the older trainees, these five people in particular, didn’t like you. They act all superior towards all the new trainees, though they had just been recruited 3 months before your batch, but they were especially rude towards you. Things obviously went worse when your manager told you that a songwriter wanted you to take over a song which was originally meant for one of the mean girls.

“Is it your hobby stealing other people’s songs?” The red haired girl stepped forward and looked down at  you.

You couldn’t take it anymore, you weren’t even at fault. “Maybe you’re just not talented enough.” You glared.

Her face as flaming as her hair, she pushed you and you stumbled a few steps back, dropping the newly bought coffee you had in your hands.

“What did you say?!”

She was charging forward towards you, supposedly trying to grab you by your collar but missed when you dodged. She fell hard, face flat on the ground and you could literally hear one of her friends growl loudly. Wrong move, you said to yourself. But when they were trying to attack you again, someone came between you and them.

His voice was deep, asking them “Aren’t you girls supposed to be training right now?”

They took a second to realise who it was, you did too. It was Choi Seungcheol, Seventeen’s leader. The girls were stammering, not knowing what to answer, before taking off running. He just stood there, shaking his head, before remembering that you were still there. Turning around, his expression switched from stern to worried.

“Are you okay?”

You nodded, “I’m okay. Thank you, really.”

Seungcheol sighed, “I know they’ve been bothering you since you first got here. I just- I swear I was going to run here and yell at them if you didn’t stand up for yourself earlier.”

“Oh,” Your lips curved into a small smile, “You still saved me though.”

“Why is it that you never fought back before today? I was there when they poured coffee all over your lyric book but you just sat there ignoring them.” He said and you couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that he has been watching you for some time. “Why?”

“It’s never good to start a fight with someone. I guess I am just in a really bad mood today so I snapped.” You said to him, smiling.

“I’ll report them, okay? Just be careful next time.” He smiled back and you were about to thank him again when your ringtone blasted off.

You almost forgot, “I gotta go to the recording room!”

“I’m heading there too! Let’s go together.” Seungcheol said and you knitted your brows.

“Are you going to record a new song too?”

“Didn’t your manager tell you that your song is going to be a duet?”

You coughed, “With you?”

“What do you mean ‘with you?’? I’m a great rapper you know!” He joked and you blushed.

“It wasn’t what I meant-“

“I know, I know.. I really look forward working with you.” He laughed and you couldn’t help but realise your heart was beating twice as fast.



Warnings: Language, mentions of period.

Being an Avenger was not easy. Being a girl in and of itself is not easy. Put those two together and once a month it became pure hell. The good news is, they never schedule a mission unless absolutely necessary during that week. Thank god Maria Hill talked some sense into Fury. I mean what the hell would happen if you lost your temper and caused an explosion? Or even broke down crying during the mission?

You didn’t deal with many cramps when Aunt Flo came to visit. You just had bad mood swings. It wasn’t your fault. Blame your damn hormones. You, Nat, and Wanda had a code you would whisper to each other in the halls. Usually it was in a different language each time but it translated to the same thing, ‘The crimson wave has hit.’ Usually it all hit you around the same time, but this time yours was early.

“Малиновая волна ударила. Жесткий.” You say to Natasha and Wanda in Russian as you flop onto the couch.

“Oh, shit. I didn’t think you’d start for another few days,” Natasha said sympathetically.

“What won’t start for a few more days?” your boyfriend asked as he walked into the room.

“Nothing Bucky. Don’t worry about it.” You tell him a bit more snippy than you intended. You winced internally at it.

“Okay, I know when I am not wanted.” Bucky answered sadly as he exited the living room and went back down the hallway.

“Черт побери. Почему я должен это испортить?” You mumble to yourself, slipping back into Russian, as you drop your head into your hands.

“(Y/n). Listen to me. It’s okay. You did not fuck everything up. Just tell him what’s going on,” Wanda tells you.

“Yeah? And put more things to worry about in his mind? I don’t think so. He has enough to worry about without me telling him I am bleeding profusely from my uterus and have the temper of the Red Queen right now,” You tell her quickly.

“(Y/n) He has made a lot of progress, I think he can handle it.” Natasha tells you insistently.

“And what if he can’t? I don’t want to be the cause of another setback for him. I can’t do that to him. I know we have only been dating for a few weeks but I do like him y’all. I really like him,” you tell them, tears starting to form in your eyes. “See! I am a mess right now. I can’t put that on him. Not yet.”

“It’s okay. We get it. Just think about it. He will also begin to worry if you keep snipping at him,” Natasha told you.

“I know… I just need to think about this.” You tell them as you lay down on the sofa. Your legs are facing the two girls.

“Honey, I hate to tell you this… But you bled through,” Natasha said sadly.

“Oh fucking hell! It’s only been an hour.” You say as you get up and march angrily to your room. You decided to take a shower. You didn’t care if you had training later. You wanted this blood gone.

You emerged about 20 minutes later. You got your shit situated and put on a pair of black leggings. This way no one would see the blood if you bled through again. You threw your hair in a bun and put on a sports bra and went to the training room. You could practice your powers some in here, but not fully. You could control water, but you were still learning. Today you were to train in hand to hand combat.

You entered the room and saw Bucky stretching on the mat waiting for you. You felt terrible for what happened earlier.

“Hey, I’m sorry for snapping at you. I was just frustrated with something,” you say as you walk closer to the mat and sit down and start stretching with him.

“It’s okay doll. We all say things we don’t mean. Don’t worry about it.” He says with a charming smile. You smile brightly back at him. “So, shall we get started. You were already late. Don’t want Steve to come in here and see you just lounging around.”

You laughed at Bucky’s tease. You nodded and stood up. You took your stance and he did as well. You both sparred for a good hour. You ended up on the mat most of the time. Hand to hand combat was not your strong suit, hence why Steve decided to get you to train more with it.

“I think that’s good for today doll,” Bucky said helping you up. He pulled you close to him. He leaned his head down to capture your lips in a kiss. You closed your eyes. Just when you two were about to meet in the middle, when Tony Stark decided to interrupt you.

“Hey love birds. No PDA,” Tony shouted at you from the door. You whipped your head around to face him and was glaring at him.

“Why are you even down here Tony? What the fuck could you possibly want?” You yell at him. Tony takes a step back and puts his hands up defensively.

“It is my building and I wanted the metal man beside you.” Tony replied harshly. You walked out of the room, glaring at Tony the entire way. When you passed, him you made your way back up to your room leaving a very confused Bucky and Tony Stark.

“What was that about?” Tony asked Bucky.

“I have absolutely no idea,” Bucky said confused. You were usually a very composed person, and a very calming presence. Today you just seemed off. First you snip at him, then blow up at Tony.

You make it up to your room and flop on the bed. Just as you lay down your stomach gives a huge grumble. Great, you just sit down and now you are hungry. You push yourself up and walk to the kitchen. You think about your leftovers from the Thai place down the street. You were craving it right now. You finally made your way into the kitchen and walked to the fridge. You opened it and looked all around. You didn’t see it.

“Hey, did anyone see my leftovers from that Thai place down the stre-” You say as you turn around. But the sentence dies in your throat. You see Sam sitting at the counter eating it.

“Oh, this was yours?” Sam asked seriously, “I’m sorry I wouldn’t have eaten it if I knew it was.” You couldn’t stop yourself. You felt tears well up in your eyes. They began to fall. Sam started freaking out. Then you started babbling in Russian again. You would always take to Russian when you were talking to yourself.

“Почему, черт возьми, я плачу над лапшой. Это нелепо. Я трахнувший мститель, почему я абсолютно плачу над остатками.”

“I need to learn Russian with all y’all damn Russian speaking people around here.” Sam walked over to you and lead you to the couch. You took a deep breath and wiped your eyes. You had stopped crying.

“What is going on here?” Sam asked.

“Nothing” you sniffed. “I am fine. I was just really looking forward to eating the noodles that’s all.” You tell him with a smile, covering up for your outburst.

“Mmmhmm,” Sam said not believing you.

“Sam. Just, I am fine. Really. I don’t want to bother Bucky with this,” you told him.

“Okay. I won’t pry. But you will need to tell him at one point,” Sam tells you.

“Just a few more days. Then it’s over.” You whispered to yourself, “Всего несколько дней”

You couldn’t find anything to eat so you decided to just forget it. You were emotionally exhausted. You have cried more times today than last time, you had snapped at more people than you had intended to, you were just done with today.

You lay on the floor of the training room. Yoga sometimes helped, but today? Forget it. Nat was with you trying to help.

“We can try hitting the punching bag again if you want. That usually helps me,” Nat tells you.

“It doesn’t help me though. This usually helps me. I just don’t get why this is so bad this time. UGH!” You said frustrated flopping onto the floor again, “I am a fucking Avenger for crying out loud! I shouldn’t be stopped by a mealy little amount of blood. I just…” You began to tear up again, “See! I get mad and then I get frustrated because I have no reason to really get mad and I start to cry! I mean fuck me!” Then suddenly out of nowhere Pietro came into the room.

“What do you want?” Natasha asked him as you turned over to look at him.

“Well, I heard the little lady hear say ‘fuck me’ and I couldn’t miss that opportunity,” He said staring at you.

“Pietro, I am dating Bucky,” you say flatly trying not to blow up.

“I am just kidding, Tony wanted to speak with you Natasha,” Pietro told her.

“Then what was the fucking point of falsely flirting with me!?” You yell at him. He looks taken aback. Usually you either played along with his teasing or just ignored him. This was something new.

“I’m sorry Pietro. I shouldn’t have said that,” you told him apologetically as you got up.

“It is okay Princessa. I know you did not mean it. By the way, the Winter Soldier thinks you are mad at him. I would tell him about your current situation” He says knowingly. You opened your mouth to ask how he figured it out but he beat you to it. “I have a twin sister. I know how you females can get during that time.”

You watched him in awe as he followed Nat out the door. Then what he said registered in your mind. You did need to talk to Bucky, he needed to know you weren’t mad at him. You walked through the halls and found Bucky in his room reading. You knocked on the half open door and poked your head in.

“Hey, can I come in?” You ask him softly. He nods and puts his book down. He looks at you as you sit on the corner of his bed.

“You know I really like you and I am not mad at you right?” You asked him.

“Then why the hell have you been snapping at everyone and everything all day?” He quips back at you harshly. You wince as tears began to form in your eyes again. Damn it, not again. His expression softened immediately when he saw the tears fall, “Hey, hey, hey. Hush now, tell me what’s wrong.” He says softly as he took you in his arms.

“Mother nature is what’s wrong.” You tell him as you sniffed and stopped the tears.

“Why? What happened?” He asked clueless.

“I- um…” You didn’t know exactly how to tell him, “Aunt Flo is visiting me this week.”

“Who?” He asked even more confused.

“The Red tide came in?” You told him questioningly. He just tilted his head in confusion, “Shark week? The reds are playing downtown? The red scare? Somebody poisoned the waterhole? A bloody Mary?” You say hoping he would understand one of those.

“Fuck, I’m on my period and I get really bad mood swings and I haven’t been meaning to yell at everyone but I couldn’t stop myself.” You just burst out. You put your head in your hands.

“Oh, oooooh!” He exclaims, “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“Because you have enough to worry about without you worrying about me,” You tell him with your head still in your hands.

“Look at me,” He says taking your chin in his hand and tilting it up to look at him, “I can handle it. You have helped me with plenty of nightmares in the past, and plenty of my problems. Let me help you.”

“Okay,” You said as you hugged him. He held you in his arms. You both crawled up to the top of the bed. He held you in his arms as you both began to drift off into a nice relaxing sleep.

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I'm sorry if this is inappropriate, but I am a little who gets a period and it always makes it hard to regress(babies don't have to deal with puberty!!!) and I was just wondering if you guys had any advice to feel more comfy when that time comes? I don't often get cramps but I get massive headaches and really bad mood swings...

Surviving the period as an age regressor.

❤️ Don’t Skip Meals!
I know this is hard to do, but skipping a meal because you don’t feel good on your period can make your blood sugar drop and lead to a very irritable baby bear. It’s also very important not to skip meals before or after your period!

❤️ Say No To Sugar
Sadly, you have to deny those premenstrual cravings and resist the candy. Because of your shifting estrogen and progesterone hormone levels, your brain has a deceased level of serotonin. Which could make you crave sugars and cause you to eat too much! Instead, eat whole grains to ease those cravings.

❤️ Water All The Time!
Don’t stop drinking water. On your period, off your period. It really does lighten your symptoms and flow. I promise.

❤️ Exercise Just A Bit
A small amount of physical activity can relieve aches and pains all over. Try watching Care Bears and doing some stretches!

❤️ Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Pain Reliever
It’s acceptable to take one if you’re feeling bad. Be careful and take ONLY as instructed.

❤️ Stuffies Are Your Best Friends
Cuddling. It works.

❤️ Cool And Warm Compresses!
Use a warm compress for your lower back if you are experiencing cramping. And a cold compress for your head if you are experiencing headaches!

!! Your period does not make you any less of a little, age regressor, male, or female. Although it can be a little scary, there are many methods to lightening its side effects

Side note.
If you’re an age regressor, trans, or just disgusted by your period. Try looking into a low dose birth control!
It could relieve PMS symptoms, lighten your period significantly, stop headaches, clear hormonal acne, and maybe stop your period all together.

I got a low dosage of birth control for my endometriosis and regression and my period stopped all together. ☺️ (Safely and under the guidance of a very good gynecologist!) I haven’t had one in two years.
! It is not for everyone !

~ Mod Lynn

Dear Orphan Black and Clone Club,

I almost never post (personal) stuff on social media, but this time I felt instinctively the urge to do it. That’s the least thing I can do for you, because you have done a lot for me.

I started binge-watching the first three seasons of this show when I was at a low-point in my life. Surrounded by heteronormativity and other negative vibes in a conservative town, I craved adequate LGBTQ+ representation on media. Everyday, I escaped on Tumblr and usually reblogged positive and uplifting posts concerning my orientation, because it helped me a bit. Therefore, I discovered a gifset of Cophine and it may sound stupid, but it fascinated me. There was nothing sexual, nothing perverse, nothing for straight cis-male eyes, just two girls/women flirting with each other. Came for the gays, stayed for the whole show (I guess some other Clubbers would agree). At a first glance, Cosima reminded me of myself. I don’t think that I immediately started watching the first episode, but after a certain time I did and it was intriguing. Nowadays, in a period of bullshit television and crappy cinema, Orphan Black is something different and truly a high quality show (and I am not really somebody who regularly watches TV shows or movies). I loved the plot, the cinematography, the vibes, Tatiana’s acting skills were clearly amazing- and this applies to the whole cast also. After I watched the first episode, something interrupted me and I didn’t continue watching for weeks or even months.

One day, I was in a really bad mood, and I suddenly had a random feeling, that I should continue with the show. As you can imagine, from that day forward, I was invested and welcomed to an unforgettable trip.

One thing I want to tell you is: Thank you. Thank you so, so, so much.

Because of you, I

  • feel more accepting of and more comfortable about myself
  • see a brighter future
  • met my girlfriend
  • met many different people who were funny, bitchy, nice, weird, creepy, interesting, artsy and chill
  • fell in love with the cast
  • fell in love with Tat’s German and laugh
  • fell in love with Ebro’s hair and laugh
  • have found other good movies and shows in relation to the cast
  • have found exciting books
  • came to know Trevor Yuile
  • have faith in the film industry to become more creative and not monotonous as it is now
  • am amazed by your special effects
  • have hope that I will find a family who will accept me as I am

I repeat myself, but thank you for such a beautiful, kinda life-changing story with such a perfect music soundtrack. Hopefully it doesn’t sound exaggerated, but it’s just how all of this affected me. Because this is how high art works.

So, to my galaxy of people; thank you for the nurture. I wish you all the best.

A Clone Clubber from Germany

Amazing film capture by @longtran13 . Yasukiyo Wood and Hario Olive Wood Handles looks so amazing in this. Thank you. ⠀

インスタユーザ @longtran13 さんにフィルムでとらえていただきました。木のドリッパーとサーバーの持ち手が映えますね。⠀



Last shots by Hasselblad / I am really in a bad mood now after I decided to sell my hasselblad. ( #📷 @longtran13 via @latermedia )

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Would it be okay to ask for an imagine/headcannon/whatever for bucky? I understated if not though. :) reader gets really bad mood swings sometimes and makes a point to explain and let bucky know that its nothing personal if they barely speaks to/snaps at/is clingy towards him sometimes? Coud be platonic or not.

Headcanons for this:

  • Bucky would understand. Bucky knows what it’s like to have turbulent emotions, maybe for different reasons, but he understands.
  • He understands the need for comfort
  • He understands the need to be alone
  • He understands that constant irritation that you can’t quite reason why
  • He knows and he doesn’t hold it against you.
  • It doesn’t make it easier, it’s hard to care about someone, love someone and no always be able to help when their mood goes sour and seriously so
  • But then he knows he’s not the easiest person to be around either
  • Thus it’s a mutual understanding in which you both learn to read the other and how they’re feeling by a few glances.
Tsukinami Shin Dark 09

* Translation of: Dark Fate - Tsukinami Shin - Dark 09
* You can click on the (x), if not then it’s not translated yet.
* Putting it on a read more, because it’s long.
* Enjoy!

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i really have a bad mood for digital drawing after a working practice where i was working in a computer all the time

but, aaah, a new chapter of “A Werecat in London” was so adorable, i wanted, at least, to doodle something as good as i could, so i relised that i have markers..
@i-am-thornqueen i swear, i will draw something way better, ahah

Vandead Carnival Ruki Sub-Scenario with Shu

My translation. You can like or reblog, but PLEASE DON’T REPOST.

Ruki: Oi.


Ruki: Stop ignoring me, Sakamaki Shu.

Yui: He’s sleeping, isn’t that natural?

Ruki: No, not at all. I won’t allow him to keep ignoring me.

Moreover, I can’t find one of my puzzle pieces. Undoubtedly it’s his fault.

Yui: (Now I get it. He’s trying to wake him up to ask him about his precious puzzle)

Ruki: …I’ll look for something to make a lot of noise. You stay here and keep an eye on him.

If by any chance he wakes up, tell me immediately. Do you understand?

Yui: Y-yes…

Ruki walks away

Yui: (It seems Ruki-kun is quite annoyed. It would be better if Shu-san woke up…)

Shu: …Aah, be quiet…

Yui: …?!

Shu: I don’t know anything about that puzzle piece…

Yui: Eh…?! Shu-san, could it be that you’ve been awake all this time?

Shu: …You could say so.

Yui: Then you could have answered Ruki-kun when he was calling you…

Shu: Too troublesome.

Don’t tell him… Hn…

Ruki: Oi! Has Sakamaki Shu woken up?

Yui: (What should I do? Ruki-kun is really in a bad mood)

Ruki-kun, what would you do if Shu-san didn’t take your piece?

Ruki: Don’t mess with me! I want to know where he hid it.

I’ll wake him up without fail!

Yui: (Shu-san is completely making fun of Ruki…)

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So, I tend to be in a really bad mood after people near me have an argument (or if they feel bad or are angry before they come around me) and they usually get in a good mood about a minute later , do you think I'm probably drawing the negativity away from the situation and kind of like acting as a bottle for that energy to be put in? Or is it just a thing that happens? I don't really think it's natural but yeah sorry for the awkwardness hahah I love your page by the way it's awesome. 👍

Sometimes when empaths don’t properly shield themselves they can end up acting like a sponge for the emotional happenings going on around them. Even non-empaths are susceptible to this from time to time. Try some different shielding methods to see which one best protects you from taking on other people’s emotions. The trick is to be able to pick up what people are feeling whenever you choose. Proper shielding will allow you to filter what you do and don’t want. Often times empaths are doing double duty as light workers. If you are a light worker it’s likely people will feel better when you are around. You don’t have to take on their emotions to achieve this though-just be yourself. Most of the time light workers are gifted with innate abilities to help without putting forth a lot of effort to do so. Practice shielding and cleansing to keep from getting overwhelmed. Good luck to you!