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  1. I still can’t believe I shook hands with Bill Nye
  2. I realized my birthday is in a month
  3. I also realized I’m gonna finish my first year of college in a month
  4. I have so much work to do this and next week I think I’m gonna die
  5. I tried watching a series of unfortunate events but it just made me upset
  6. I also tried watching 1984 voltron but it was really cringey and it just made me want to watch vld so I can enjoy the advance animation style
  7. I’m tired of going through the heith tag and having to scroll past all the klance, sheith, and kallura stuff…. they don’t relate please don’t tag it in there. and blacklisting doesn’t help because tumblr doesn’t load more than like 8 posts with blacklists on
  8. I also wish the voltron fandom wasn’t so focused on ships all the time like there’s some quality observations that I feel like a lot of people are missing out on because they’re just looking at it through shipping glasses. And there’s a lot of great themes I think people are missing but whatever keep having shipping wars
  9. I’ve been thinking about writing this one story but I’m pretty sure I’m going way too in-depth with this because I was trying to figure out how much carbon are in living things…. I wasn’t able to find an answer but if anyone knows please tell me… like I don’t even need that information it probably won’t even be mentioned
  10. If I can’t get any classes for my major next semester I’m gonna be upset because I specifically chose the apartment close to the building for my major which is actually farther from like everything else
  11. Final realization: these stopped becoming facts but are more of mini rants but whatever

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Listen if we get to see what haruka is doing after graduation, I hope it’s one or all three of the following:

-OLYMPICS for Christ’s sake

STEVEN: They know Steve Thompson doesn’t exist. They’re gonna figure out that it’s code.
MARK: They’re writing meta about rainbow pixels.
STEVEN: They’re thorough.
MARK: They’re terrified.
STEVEN: ’Course they’re not.
MARK: Right, you know when you’re scared of something, you start wishing it sooner just to get it all going? That’s what they’re doing.
STEVEN: Why would they be scared of season four? It’s not gonna change anything – they’ll still kiss.
MARK: Well, you need to prove it to them. I told you to leak more of those promo images where we dressed Amanda as a an evil hot lesbian.
STEVEN: I’m trying.
MARK: You need to run them, okay? Show them it’s still the good old days.

Mark shoves Steven into the s4 speculation tag. There are hundreds of metas and analyses of Amanda’s emoji hints and the series 4 soundtrack titles.

TJLC: That just sort of … happened.


I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!

heyy guess what series i finally watched


i sketched some dumb babylonian bro stuff that may or may not be stickers. one day.

(aka nobody lean back in their chair please we dont all have a good friend to help ourselves)


i have no explanation for this other than i wanted to procrastinate studying for a test!!! so under cut there are 159 otp tags that u can use for ur cute 1x1s or indies or any ships at all!!! i got all of these from lyrics of one of my fave bands of all time, the nbhd separated by album/ep!! enjoy and pls like/reblog if u find this useful :)

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My dear friend, @loft-meeting, created this wonderful series of metas about season 4 and the Exodus, and rather than reblogging them all cause they’re super long and in-depth, I’m gonna link them all here and tag E V E R Y O N E

(Don’t read these if you don’t want to see potentially major spoilers about season 4, honestly, I’d be shocked if most of this stuff didn’t happen)

Part 1: The Hypothesis

Part 2: Nuclear Meltdown

Part 3: Road Trip (or, Ocean Trip, rather)

Part 4: The Opening Sequence Amusement Park

Part 5: Roller Coaster Physics

Part 6: More Amusement Park Proof

Part 7: More Proof of the Exodus Location

Part 8: The Quarantine Zone and Color Theory

Part 9: The Quarantine Zone and Musical Foreshadowing

Part 10: Visual Clues to the Exodus Location

Part 11: Flora and Fauna

Part 12: Cultural Proof

I’m gonna tag pretty much everyone I know here (and some people I don’t) because April worked so hard on this and it needs to be appreciated!!!

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And for those of you who want to know what this big awesome theory is, but don’t have the time to read all 12 parts of the proof (April is so extra about this but I love her anyhow) I’m putting the bare-bones version, that you can read in just a few minutes, below the cut!

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  • Pros to following very few blogs that are also KS based: you get all the fanart and discussions and information on the series you could ever want with out going into the tag.
  • Con: youre gonna see the same pic of fan art/fic/discussion at least ten times in a row


These guys, oh these guys, I want to laugh at their fashion choices, and incessant posing, but I’m intimidated by their WTF-IS-THAT super powers. I know they’re fictional, but I feel like Imma gonna die if let out even a slight hint of a snicker. Even after all that I…kinda like them…and I won’t see squirrels the same way again.

HEEEELLLPP! This JOJOBA series is dragging me towards a bottomless pit of happy, blissful distraction. I don’t know how long I can resist.

In Which Sophie is Introduced to the Rugby Club - DwarvenBeardSpores - Howl Series - Diana Wynne Jones [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Sophie Hatter/Howl Pendragon
Characters: Sophie Hatter, Howl Pendragon, Calcifer (Howl Series), The Rugby Club
Additional Tags: Wales, Rugby, Alcohol, Swearing, Post-Canon

Howl takes Sophie to Wales to meet his friends and watch a game. They get drunk, and there is more magic than anticipated. Of course.

Hey so I finished a thing!!

And this post was what started me thinking, so @serafina-constantine here is Sophie meeting Howl’s Rugby friends. 

And @hmcbook I present drunk!Sophie for your inspection. 

Welcome to the 13th edition of my Recommendation list for Cas!girls.

Check my Masterlist

Hello, my Cas lovers mates. I posted my last rec list like a week ago, and since today I’m is my 24th birthday, I decided to celebrate it with you all with a new rec list! I’ve read and recommended a couple of fics with birthday themes, so today I’m gonna start with a mini list for them. I hope you enjoy it with me!

Note: The summary of the fics are in italics. Some of them are written by their authors, and some others are written/modified by me. All the series start on chapter one, except if they have their own masterpage. The text written after this “–” hyphen are just my lame ass comments. 
If for any reason you want your username and/or fic to be removed from this list or you wish not to be tagged, just hit me a message and I’ll erase it/untag/stop tagging you, whatever you preffer.. 

* Users that tumblr didn’t let me tag are marked with an asterisk.

So yeah, let’s get started: 

One shots

Birthday fics

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There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.


  • Choosing by @quiddy-writes  (Reader x Dean) - Gonna be honest, I don’t like the Great Gatsby. But I did love this! You incorporated the book in a very clever way, and I have to say I never expected to read a fic where they hunted the ghost of Gatsby himself! Those last few lines were great, as well!
  • Hanging Tree by @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname (Reader x Sam) - This was super cute! I’m definitely a lot like the reader in this one so it was really fun to read.


  • Just An Old Legend by @family-business-one-shots (No Pairing) - The end of this made me tear up, but in a good way. This was wonderfully written and I loved how you continued to include Alex and Claire, even though they had grown up!
  • Snowflakes by @jpadjackles (Reader x Sam) - That. Was. Unnecessary. I think you enjoy making me feel all safe and warm and fuzzy on the inside, and then shattering my heart into a million pieces. (For what it’s worth, I really did love this and highly recommend it to anyone who likes fluffy-then-angsty fics.)
  • Somewhere, Someday Part 11 by @jotink78 (Reader x Sam) - I love this so much, and I’m happy that the reader found someone else to spend time with besides pining over Sam… Even though I wish he’d just tell her how he feels!
  • Nearly Lost You by @jotink78 (Reader x Sam) - This was so cool! I’ve never seen a fic based on this kind of thing, so it was nice to see how the Winchesters would react to working with someone who has allergies. The fluff between Sam and the reader was the cherry on top, too!


  • What If?- Part One by @moonlitskinwalker (Reader x Sam) - I just wrote a fic where Sam was the King of Hell myself, and I was so excited to read this! You didn’t let me down at all. I think you wrote him very well, and you kept his character intact despite the non-canonical elements. Please remember to tag me if there’s more parts because I loved this!
  • Without You by @impalaimagining (Reader x Sam) -  This broke my heart, but your description of their grief was so accurate, in my opinion. The relationship between Sam and the reader was awesome and I loved the ending, so great job!

Series Works

Links in the series section are always to the masterlist, or if unavailable, the latest post will be linked.

  • 90 Days of Autumn by @jpadjackles (Reader x Sam) - This is so cute and fluffy! I do like how you’re adding in little bits on angst in there, though, because it makes their relationship so realistic! Great job!
  • Night Falls by @deanwritings (Reader x FBI Agent!Dean) - I love this series so much! I stayed up late to read it, even though I should’ve been fast asleep so I could get up early the next morning and study for finals. It’s so well written and consistently intriguing! I love all the different interactions between the reader and the other agents, plus Dean and Bobby’s father-son relationship is absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to read more!

Non-Reader Works

  • Mary Drabble by @babybrotherdean (Mary POV) - No, it’s okay. I didn’t need my heart anyway, it’s fine. This was so beautiful and it made me cry a little on the inside. You write Mary so well, and I love seeing all your drabbles for her!

Noah Foster  ➤ Red Roses

‘’Noah Foster, right? I hear you have a particular interest in Brandon James.’’

‘’I have a lot of interests.‘‘


Title: New VII

Plot: It’s time for your review. Will you be able to stay on at the BAU?

Notes: first case (family annihilator), blood (no death)

Word Count: 669 words

A/N: This feels short, but forgive me. I just wrote a 25 page research paper lol. 

Tags: @drabbly @traceyaudette @whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh

>>This is part of collaboration series.  If you are interested in writing the next part (or becoming a main contributor), please message @drabbly for more information.  All writers are welcome!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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Third-wheel series 

KuroKen + Lev, LevYaku + Kenma and InuShiba + Yaku, (( InuShiba is such a rare ship when it comes to getting fanart/fanmade stuff but it’s precious to me so y’all shush about it or- PREACH ABOUT IT!!!! LOVE INUSHIBA WITH ME! !! ! ! )) EDIT: Deleted the entire caption here because I fixed the problem :) 

The Intern: Chapter 2

I am so sorry this took me so long. I hope this didn’t disappoint. This is the sequel to So Maybe We Should Start All Over Again. I think I’m gonna turn it into a series if y’all want? Chapter 3 is coming soon, I’m already half done with it. How do we feel about the title The Intern?

Chapter 1

Tag Requests: @locke-writes @mrschiltoncat @jayderamirezrp

You made it back to the apartment and headed towards the box with all of your liquor. This called for the hard stuff. Not only had you embarrassed yourself in front of your new boss but you couldn’t stop staring at him. You rambled like an idiot in front of him and then that last comment. I’ll see you at home? Really? Why not just strip in his office while you’re at it?

You needed a drink. Grabbing the bottle of whiskey and pouring yourself a nice glass, you took a swig and let it burn. You turned and headed towards the bathroom to change into comfy clothes and started unpacking boxes. Unpacking the stereo first, because you were old fashioned and still loved listening to CD’s, you plugged in the 10-disc changer and hit play. A routine started to form, unpack a few boxes then pour yourself another glass. It wasn’t long before half the bottle was gone and you were definitely starting to feel the effects.

You decided to take the empty boxes out to the dumpster you had seen. Gathering up as many as possible you not so gracefully made it down the stairs to toss them. As you entered back into your apartment you heard the familiar sound of one of your favorite songs and bolted through the door to begin flailing around the room.

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