me: im gonna get SO MANY THINGS DONE THIS WEEKEND i have a LIST and im going to do all the things ive been putting off forever

friend: you wanna marathon a tv series this weekend?



me: yes pls


Hey, guys. As promised here’s my Book MasterPost to celebrate 10,000 followers! This list started out SUUUUUPER long and was based off what I see you guys talking about the most and just some books I liked and added myself, but anyway… the list got cut short due to the fact I couldn’t find every book I wanted. But this is what I could collects. Get em while the links are hot. All Links are epub book downloads. Pick a book. Enjoy!
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a b c

angelini, josephine x dreamless • angelini, josephine x goddess • angelini, josephine x starcrossed • asher, jay x thirteen reasons why • card, orson scott x ender’s game • cass, kiera x the elite • cass, kiera x the prince • cass, kiera x the selection • chbosky, stephen x the perks of a being a wallflower • collins, suzanne x catching fire • collins, suzanne x mockingjay • collins, suzanne x the hunger games • cronin, ali x skins the novel •

d e f

dashner, james x the death cure • dashner, james x the maze runner • dashner, james x the scorch trials • derting, kimberly x desires of dead • derting, kimberly x the pledge • ee, susan x angelfall • fitzpatrick, becca x crescendo • fitzpatrick, becca x finale • fitzpatrick, becca x silence • 

g - l

garcia, kami x beautiful chaos • garcia, kami x beautiful creatures • garcia, kami x beautiful darkness • garcia, kami x beautiful redemption • gier, kerstin x sapphire blue • golding, william x lord of the flies • green, john x looking for alaska • green, john x the fault in our stars • hand, cynthia x boundless • hand, cynthia x hallowed • hand, cynthia x unearthly • hinton, s. e. x the outsiders • hunter, c. c. x awake at dawn • hunter, c. c. x born at midnight • hunter, c. c. x chosen at nightfall • hunter, c. c. x taken at dusk • hunter, c. c. x whispers at moonrise •

m - z

martin, george r. r. x a song of ice and fire series (1-5) • mead, richelle x blood promise • mead, richelle x frostbite • mead, richelle x last sacrifice • mead, richelle x spirit bound • mead, richelle x the indigo spell • mead, richelle x vampire academy • orwell, george x 1984 • rowling, j. k. x harry potter and… [all 7 harry potter books] • sebold, alice x the lovely bones • sebold, alice x lucky • zusak, markus x the book thief •

If a you don’t see a book you want to read on here (which I’m sure there is, i can name a few dozen), or you just prefer not to download, here’s a few websites I use to just read books: [1][2][3][4, there’s an option to download here]

And of course, if you want to buy a book, I use Amazon and Barnes & Noble the most. I think you find just about any book on Amazon. Happy Reading.

heyy guess what series i finally watched


I… really like Overlord… it’s such a good show it’s all I’ve ever wanted out of an anime… I love all of the characters and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite (besides Ainz ofc) but here are some I like a lot!!


                                                      In spite of all my fears , I can see it all so clear

the first kiss - c.h.

hi all!! this is the fifth installment of my ‘firsts’ series with Calum. there will be more blurbs to come, such as first time spending the night, first fight, first child and more. please be patient with me as I write these blurbs, and I hope you enjoy!! :-) follow the tag anarchyaustralia firsts if you want to be notified when a new blurb is posted!! (see all other ‘first’ blurbs here)

It had been about a week since your second date with Calum and you had yet to see him again. Granted, you two were texting every day, but you couldn’t help but be jealous of his fraternity and soccer team who got to see him all the time during the past week. It was a Friday night, though, and Calum had promised to see you no matter what. You knew he had soccer practice until late, so for now you just sat watching a movie, checking your phone way too often in the hopes that Calum would text you of his whereabouts.

You were practically falling asleep on the couch when your phone began to ring, your heart beating rapidly as you fumbled to answer the call, just barely registering that it was Calum who was calling.

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Likable/Rebloggable/Mobile-Friendly Masterlist

sup. so I’m gonna post this so all my readers that use the forever shitty tumblr app can have easy access to a master list! I’ll keep this updated along with the one on my blog aka this

may your harry thirst forever be quenched. 

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ayy this took forever to finish

I decided to make a video of one of my favorite pjo/hoo song comics made by the AMAZING Mansi, who is a very cool person and the art is so gorgeous!  support/check Mansi’s art, please: @cherryandsisters

I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty to erase the lyrics as it wasn’t turning out very nice looking with all these sparking stuff I insisted on adding…

Both book series Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus have been written by Rick Riordan;

The song is called You, made by the artist Keaton Henson!

so many overlayers holy cow i’m dead- Anyways! I hope you liked it! :D

Maybe, MAYBE spoilers will change my mind. But as it stands, I am done watching Once Upon a Time. The next arc is all about Hook too? After everything he did. He CHOSE to be an asshole. We know he did because he was able to choose to stop being one. And now Emma is going to bring him back from hell, sharing hearts and saying “I will always find you”? No. Fuck no. I hate Emma. If this is how she had been in the start of the series, I never would have watched it. Regina is just barely tolerable. I hate what they have done to these characters so much, it physically hurts and I honestly want to cry.

I will remain active in the Swan Queen fandom. My love for this ship is unparalleled, and we in swen know who these characters once were and should have been. I will continue reblogging gifsets, I will remain a fan of both Jen and Lana. But I will not bare witness to the decimation of the characters I love so dearly.


「Cage Catastrophe」

Chapter 1 END

Start Over | Archive


Ah, there are tons of inconsistencies throughout chapter 1. I’m planning to redraw it and possibly turn it into a comic book zine (more info in tags muahaha) I don’t know if people would buy that though so let me know in this poll so I can plan out what I can do :’D

But anyway! >w< The long awaited conclusion to chapter 1! Will be on a hiatus for now but chapter 2 will definitely happen! But for now, I’m gonna do my own AU series~

❀ Reblogs help people discover this comic! ❀ Thank you for all your support! <333

Troy AU series: Emma Swan as Helen of Troy

The face that launched a thousand ships

I am she
Who loves all beauty—yet I wither it.
Why have the high gods made me wreak their wrath—
Forever since my maidenhood to sow
Sorrow and blood about me?

Dedicated to Nini (niniadepapa​)

KageHina Fic Rec

ok here it is after all this time, i think i said i was going to do this like a week ago or something. ill probably add to it too. this is gonna be tagged as “kagehina fic rec” so if i add more they will be there. this is also really long so its going under a read more. 

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When you should have listened to your wife and friend about going to the circus. Now you’re in a situation with two children who have no fear of danger. Way to go you two……


Thank you everyone for all the follows. I greatly appreciate it! You guys are amazing and well ^ this is a thank you for it all. 

This is a series that has started back in January. Listed in number sequence for Dad Squad

(1) (2) (3)



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tbh im really worried about the haikyuu!! fandom turning into a bunch of ship wars once the anime airs (like it happened with free! and snk as well and even knb) like geez i love this fandom and the series is probably my favourite ever, but im still super afraid (and excited CAUSE PRETTY GIFSETS WILL HAPPEN) of it becoming just about the shipping and not about the story at all.