On Wolfwood’s Death, Homophobia and Degradation of Characters in Popular Media, and Reading the Manga After You've Watched the Anime: A Trigun Rant

(I’ve gone on this rant before and I’m sure I’ll go on it again)

I did not cry for Wolfwood in the anime. The anime has Wolfwood and Vash get in a major argument and they split off without resolving it… and Wolfwood gets shot and limps off to die alone, giving a death speech so long I honestly just got bored and stopped caring before a single tear fell. Millie’s crying got me to tear up again, because seeing her sad makes me sad, but Vash pretended not to care made me so fucking mad. In TriMax you have so much emotion building up before his final moment. They are fighting desperately, with and for each other. They are able to put their friendship and love ahead of their differences. Wolfwood eventually tells Vash to back off and keep an eye on the kids ‘because this is my fight,’ but with their history this can easily be read as “because I’m going to kill this motherfucker and I know I can’t involve you in that.” And when it’s all said and done. They go and they sit together. Have a drink. He tells Vash to smile because he looks better that way. Tells him he’s happy with the way things turned out. And Vash prays to God that this isn’t really happening; that he’s not about to lose his best friend… but he does. He does and it breaks him to the point of losing control in essentially a literal explosion of emotion that cost him a large part of his remaining life force. I sobbed for hours, and a year after reading it will still randomly remember that scene and just start to cry.

I’m not sure if they’re desperately trying to go for a more ‘no-homo’ path for more mainstream media or what but honestly it just takes away from the story. This isn’t a “i ship them so I’m bitter” sort of rant at all. They are canonically written as close friends, and media has something fierce against close male friendship. Media is so afraid of something being interpreted as ‘gay’ that they will fuck over a whole storyline and completely strip it of the emotional significance it once had. We see the same thing in Lord of the Rings when Sam and Frodo fight and Frodo goes on to enter Shelob’s lair alone, whereas in the books they talked over their disagreements and concerns and walked into the spider’s cave hand-in-hand. The anime also opted for that super awkward forced wolfwood/millie side story, which almost made it seem like she only cared he died because they had slept together the night before. In the manga she’s just told ‘he went off on his own and said he won’t be back for a long time’ and she bursts into tears simply because they couldn’t throw him a going away party [though I don’t think she’s as dumb as she acts on the surface, I think she caught on to the implication, but in any case] she cried because he was her friend. She saved his life and he saved hers– they all protected each other. That’s what they always did… to see that relationship thrown out and replaced by a forced romance and one night stand was awful. To see Wolfwood and Vash’s friendship thrown out and replaced with bitter tension was awful. To see Meryl turned from an armored woman with a soft core into a grumpy tsundere was awful. To see Knives turned from a traumatized child who at least had a reason for his hatred into a randomly violent, genocidal psychopath was awful (same goes for Legato but I’m can’t say I’m upset his backstory wasnt animated… I really don’t want to see that animated…).

If I had happened the read the manga before I watched the anime, other than the first few episodes it would have been the most disappointing adaptation of my life, and looking back at it causes me pain. I understand that the anime was concluded before the manga was finished, and that accounts for some of the changes, but the changes that were made despite the existing canon, and the fact that there is no reboot or reboot being planned is so upsetting to me. 

/rant end (for now)

T-Shirt Orders Closed

All but the 3 logo shirts are now closed for orders. 

If your shirt didn’t print this round…

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We’re going to launch another batch of t-shirts in July.

We know there were a lot of options people wanted but we didn’t have, and we hope to cycle through some of the options to make new combinations. :) 

Thank you all so much for your support!

Because of you, we now have enough to fund half of the first season of Vitality! This is a fantastic start, and we’re excited to get to keep publishing LGBT lit for you to read! 

Season Five Theory

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this hand belongs to Allison.

  It would make sense because this shot focuses on Lydia (her best friend) gasping while the other two girls just stand behind looking confused. This implies that whoever’s hand this is has a strong connection to Lydia

We also hear the following dialogue…

Scott: “which means things are gonna get really good again”

Stiles: “or really bad”

I find this fascinating because of course Scott would interpret Allison coming back, as life getting really good again while his best friend brings him back down to earth. Stiles knows that something is seriously wrong when someone who has been deceased for over a year rises from the dead (this could very well be the reason that the doctors are there…to reanimate the dead). 

Annnnnddd this scene also emphasizes the mystery person’s hand. Whose hand was also zoomed in on right after she died? Oh that’s right Allison.

 This could also explain why Crystal was at Paley fest. Also Jeff said that humans often don’t come back from the dead which is why it could be such a big deal.

Anyways, I know this is very far fetched but I just wanted to put it out there. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking :)  

Gif Source  - because I have no clue how to gif properly

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one more night by maroon 5? any character is fine!

but baby there you go again, there you go again, making me love you. NSFW

listen to the music here!

You sigh as you roll out of bed quietly in order to not disturb the peaceful body next to you. His slight smile matched his messy brown hair that you had pulled at last night. His hair was rumpled and unruly, and your eyes trailed down his unclothed body and you quickly forced yourself to look away.

You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war.

This wasn’t right. You kept saying that you were going to stop this. 

Your fingers comb your hair back as you slowly pad to the shower and let the gentle spray warm up before you get in. 

He was ever the gentleman and perfect guy when you two were in public. But private was a different matter.

Yeah, I stopped using my head.

You didn’t know how to define you and Kiyoshi Teppei. You secretly knew that he didn’t want you two to be defined, and you left it at that, but that didn’t mean you wished otherwise. You two weren’t exactly dating, but you two weren’t really friends either. You thought friends with benefits was the best label, but even that seemed wrong sometimes–especially when he would remember your favorite order at a restaurant and bring takeout over. 

And now I feel stupid, feeling stupid, crawling back to you.

You knew you were in over your head. You knew you were in love with Kiyoshi Teppei, but you weren’t brave enough to tell him. You weren’t even brave enough to try to break off what you two had, which you said you were going to do a month ago.

Trying to tell you ‘no,’ but my body keeps saying ‘yes.’

Being with him was breathtaking and frustrating. But the sex, oh god. It made everything seem better until you woke up and remembered that no, you weren’t supposed to do that. You felt used, but you know that you were the one offering your body to him. If you just told him to stop, he would, but you couldn’t. And so the tryst with him continued.

If he only knew how you felt. 

I’ll be waking up in the morning, probably hating myself. And I’ll be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell.

It hurt, but it also felt amazing. You remembered how he held you last night, trailing rough kisses up your body as he pulled your body down on his throbbing length. You were sure that the neighbors would hear, but at that point you didn’t even care. 

And the dirty talk. Kiyoshi Teppei was one of the sweetest and gentle people if he didn’t have ulterior motives. But in the bedroom he was different. He told you how dirty you were when you told him to go harder. He told you in explicit detail how turned on you were when he teased you. 

But baby there you go again, there you go again, making me love you.

You moan under the warm flow of water that was making steam rise. You pressed your thighs together, trying to deny that you were aroused again. 

Thoughts of him panting over your body as he desperately thrusted into you surfaced in your head, making you curse under your breath.

The spray seemed strangely erotic as you slid one hand up your body to cup a breast, tugging at a nipple. Your hips rolled in response, making you gasp. You needed more. Much more.

Got you stuck on my body, on my body, like a tattoo.

“Oh.” You whisper as your palm brushes against your clit. “Fuck.” You grow lightheaded as you stroke yourself, not even aware of your surroundings until you hear the shower curtain open and someone join you.

Instantly, all of your nerves are on alert as the deep husky voice of Kiyoshi Teppei murmurs into your ear. “Having fun without me?”

You groan as he uses his famous vice-claw, grasping at your chest and rolling a nipple between his long fingers.

“N-no.” You attempt to deny the obvious.

“Is that so?” His gentle smile is the exact obvious of his hungry, predatory look. Before you know it, you’re sagging in his arms, head against as his chest as he thumbs your nub.

The atmosphere grows even more heated as he pushes a finger into you. He chuckles at your wetness before pushing in another. “Look at you. You really want it, don’t you?”

So I cross my heart and hope to die.

You whine as he pumps his two fingers into you, barely skimming over your clit and paying attention to your breasts with his other hand. His mouth is biting at the skin of your neck between dirty whispers.

“Do you like my fingers inside of you? Would you like my cock more?”

“T-Teppei…” You plead raggedly. “I-I’m almost…”

He pulls out his digits, making you moan in disappointment. However, that quickly washes away as he pushes you against a wall, pulls your legs around his waist, and buries himself into you. You practically wail, clutching his back as he slams his hips into you again.

And I know I’ve said it a million times.

“You want to cum?” He asks, voice husky as he lightly slaps your ass. You weakly nod as he pulls you down harder on his member, letting you bounce while being supported by the wall and his body.

“Not yet.”

Intoxicated from him pounding into you, you attempt to still the throbbing in your stomach that was threatening to explode, knowing that you couldn’t disobey him. His thumb circles your clit and you buck on his length, crying out.

But I’ll only stay with you one more night.

910. Pho

I’m going to have a bit of a catch up. 

There are a few old posts that I’ve been meaning to get around to writing for ages, but then I eat something more recent and it’s always more fun (not to mention easier) to write about something you just ate yesterday so these posts get pushed further and further back until I have a mild panic attack about how long it’s been and how little I can remember and then I’m even less likely to finish writing them. Well, no more. I’ve made a resolution to clear the backlog so I can make way for writing lovely new, up-to-date posts guilt-free. Yay!

So, here we go.

This was my first, and to date still only, bowl of pho. Not for a lack of want, but simply because Vietnamese food is not really a thing in the UK, except in London, but then again every cuisine you could imagine is a thing in London. I do eat a lot of ramen though, so that’s what I anticipated this would be like - just really savoury, so I was shocked at how fresh and light it was. It just tasted like it was healthy, which is kind of a rare and refreshing thing when you are eating out. 

910 down, 886 to go


Niyleen’s New Clothes (part one)

Blazingsai: Hey Niyleen~
Niyleen: No.Blazingsai: I didn’t even-
Niyleen: NO! This isn’t my story, I’m not going to get caught up in your random shit again. Go get Sai or Xyndra to do whatever it is you want.

Blazingsai: I would, but Sai is avoiding me like Death, and Xyndra went back to her own dimension.
Niyleen: Tough break. See you arou-
Blazingsai: I just want you to try on some new clothes! That’s it! I swear!Niyleen: Eh?

Niyleen: Some new clothes you say? Well… I’m game. Are they comfortable? Protective? Will they make people fear me in my wake?
Blazingsai: I… guess? Anyway, here we go.

Blazingsai: *removes Niyleen’s clothes with a snap*
Niyleen: W-ww–w-ww-w-w-w-WHA!?!?
Blazingsai: C-calm down.

Niyleen: You son of a bitch! I’ll kill you! I’ll…
Blazingsai (Just like all the rest of my creations…)
Niyleen: I’ll eviscerate you! I’ll-

Blazingsai: Calm down! I’ll fix this!
Niyleen: Oh you better…

Click here for the full story with added dialogue.

anonymous asked:

Why don't you ship Clexa?

Lexa has absolutely no regard for Clarke’s feelings. Understandable from any grounder, but not understandable if you’re trying to tell me that they have a healthy romantic relationship. I don’t have a problem with Clarke’s bisexuality if that’s what you’re getting at here, I just think Clexa is incredibly unhealthy

Lexa was going to kill Octavia. Sure, she didn’t, but if she had any sort of empathy towards Clarke she wouldn’t have considered it in the first place, and she wouldn’t have tried to go behind Clarke’s back.

Lexa has no sympathy when Clarke expresses her regret for letting the missile hit Tundc. She gives one of those bullshit “sometimes we need to make sacrifices” speeches and shrugs off Clarke’s feelings. Again, maybe acceptable from a grounder commander but definitely not acceptable in a relationship

Finally (how do you ignore this one) she betrayed Clarke and the alliance. She was willing to let Clarke and all of her people die in mount weather rather than honor their alliance. 

People can have their opinions and I’ll have mine.Can someone just please explain why they do ship Clexa? It’s not an attack, I’m honestly curious to hear reasons. 

EDIT: I forgot to add that after the kiss, Clarke literally says she’s not looking for a relationship

EDIT 2: Also forgot to add that when Lexa betrayed the alliance, she not only knew that she was leaving Clarke to die. If we assume she knows Clarke well enough to know that she would never abandon her people, she must also know the situation that she was forcing Clarke in to. Because Lexa left her without the Grounder army, Clarke had to abandon the plan and her morals and let the innocent people of Mt. Weather, like Maya, die. 

WELL. I lost my Alex muse there for a bit, but then I finally caught up with Grey’s and thankfully it’s back. And now I have all of these stupid fucking emotions.

SO I’ve decided since I’ve been inactive for longer than I’ve liked to be, I’ll be dropping mostly all of my previous threads. But that just means I want ALL OF THE NEW THREADS now. And I’m happy to see more Grey’s blogs around and yeah. 

So please feel free to like this for some kind of starter, or go here to plot something out with me, or here to raid my ask box with any and all of the memes you see, or all of the above and I’ll sporadically get to everything over the course of the upcoming week.

It doesn’t matter if we’re mutuals or not. I just really want to make this blog active again.

Ready, set, GO.

anonymous asked:

I really wish I could follow and interact with you again but you really hurt my feelings in the past and stopped talking to me. It felt like you used me and didn't care about me. It sucks because I thought we could've been good friends.

I’ve stopped talking to a lot of people – whether by choice or by circumstance, it’s just happened. I don’t know how I would have used you but, I’m not here to invalidate your feelings and chances are, I didn’t mean to and it was not my intention. I talk to a lot of people. I don’t know how to stress this enough. I talk to a lot of people. and, even outside of that, even my family members don’t hear from me monthly – heck, my best friend and I don’t talk to each other for multiple months at a time, sometimes going as long as eight or nine of them. if my randomly going quiet bothers someone, it’s honestly better we don’t talk. for your health and for my own. there’s maybe five people I make a constant effort to speak to every single day, or every single week, and if I made an effort for more than that I don’t know how much energy I’d have left. 

I might talk to a lot of people casually, sure, but it surprises even me to this day because I’m not the type of person that can keep up with it. this is, of course, assuming that the communication issue is what hurt your feelings. if it wasn’t, like I said – whatever I did was probably not intended to be a dagger?

Here’s the thing:

Ward flew Hunter, Fitz and Kara to the Playground in ‘Dirty Half Dozen’, even if it was on autopilot and Ward didn’t know the exact location he had a fair idea then given Kara flew Bobbi from the Playground so probably gave Ward an exact location, it’s valuable info after all.



If Ward’s ‘closure’ meant going after May, going after SHIELD he could do it. He has taken down buildings full of men, trained men, before, it was his job to just that, if he really wanted to he could do it again. Ward wouldn’t make it back out, it would be a suicide mission, but if he was desperate enough to take down SHIELD, or May, Coulson etc. he would do it.

Instead he wants a list of HYDRA’s leaders, even with the ooc writing of Ward lately he would never follow orders again. He does however blame HYDRA for every thing that is wrong in his life; Garrett was HYDRA, if HYDRA hadn’t come out of the shadows Ward would still be inside SHIELD, still be with the team, Kara would have never been brainwashed, which means she would never have been in the position to be killed. If HYDRA never existed then Garrett might have still have recruited him but it would have been for SHIELD, not HYDRA. If it wasn’t for HYDRA Ward could have had a completely different life.

There might not be much of HYDRA left but what there is Ward is going to burn to the ground.

# WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? # OH RIGHT…NO ONE GO OUT SIDE  lmfao thanks for backing up my opinion on u swiftofrph​ dont u think ur a little hypocritical. ur the one who is still sitting on their ass on the computer wasting away ur life as well. and i have many more reasons to not like u btw. some stories ive been told about u and what i see on ur blog. well lets just say ur as fake as they get. and u call me no one like ur someone. probably not. i mean ur on here so life must suck for u. and then we have  # I’M NOT EVEN FAZED BY IT SERIOUSLY which if u werent PHASED by it u wouldn’t have even reblogged what i said n then continued to make another post. oops. i need to go outside n u need to get a dictionary. 


The weekend is over and I am so not into the whole back-to-work dealio, so here are some weekend bullet points so I can relive it in my head instead of, ya know, studying or something.

  • I danced at a place I hadn’t visited before and had a marvelous time! (None of my friends wanted to go so I braved it and went solo so not getting murdered and also having fun dancing meant it was a wildly successful night.)
  • I went home to Savannah to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of one of my favorite humans! We went to a gamer pub which was a really cool concept but honestly just not my kind of nerdy. I was still glad I was able to go celebrate with her and it was a fun, quirky group of people so we had a great time.
  • I lost my voice. Womp womp.
  • I had too-brief coffee with another of my favorite humans mchinely and am once again so thankful for my amazing friends. 
  • I am *thoroughly* conflicted on the relationship front and it’s not fun (seriously, men?? ugh.) 
  • I made and ate over 100 dumplings (with the help of some other cool cats living in this frat house for the summer). I was so impressed with us and it was a great bonding time. Also, $25 for supplies to make an insane amount of food - this gets my broke student seal of approval.

And with that, it is back to the grind I go. School is overwhelming and research is taking more time than I expected and I haven’t run or exercised except the one time I posted about it and I’m not doing a fabulous job balancing everything, but I’m doing okay. Still laughing every day, which means things can’t be too bad.

I will always be here <3

I don’t like what he did. I don’t like what he said. You ask me why I’m upset all the time. I keep getting images in my head. Imagining your pain, you fighting back. In reality his love for you was whack. I wish I could take your pain away, if only we could go back in time. I would protect you, take your life and give you mine. Just so you could be happy and would never have to fear. This pain you go through everyday It would all disappear. This doesn’t mean I’m jealous, or trying to make you mine. I know you are happy now with a good guy. I’m sure he too would take it all alway if he could. I hope he protects you and holds you like he should. Once again I’m not jealous, I know I have you for life. You are now my best friend, my rock, my drive. I will always love you to the moon and back. I thank god every day that we meet. You will never have to shed another tear. I promise no matter what happens I will always be here.

Starting over

I just got back from a month of hiking. Woo! Now that I’m back I can get back to my weightlifting and eating right life. I always have to remind myself that losing the way for a little bit doesn’t mean all is lost. So here we go! I’m going to start for real on Monday again with a good workout routine but I started today with a delicious and healthy breakfast of Banana Pancakes


SOOOOOO good. I add vanilla and cinnamon to mine to add a little flavor. Usually topped with some peanut butter as well to add some protein. However, like I said. I just got back from a trip so my kitchen is BARREN so I had none :( sad. Still good though! I’ll give all of my starting weights and measurements and such on Monday. Wee! Lets gooooooo.

"Where Did The Party Go" Sentence Starters
  • "I'm here to collect your hearts."
  • "It's the only reason that I sing."
  • "I don't believe a word you say, but I can't stop listening."
  • "This is the story of how they met."
  • "Her picture was on the back of a pack of cigarettes."
  • "When she touched him, he turned ruby red."
  • "A story that they'll never forget."
  • "Never forget."
  • "All the boys are smoking menthol's."
  • "Girls are getting back rubs."
  • "I will drift to you if you make yourself shake fast enough."
  • "My old aches become new again."
  • "My old friends become exes again."
  • "Where did the party go?"
  • "We're ending it on the phone."
  • "I'm not gonna go home alone."
  • "I know I expect too much, and not enough all at once."
  • "You know I only wanted fun, and you got me all fucked up on love."
  • "I hoped for your name on the Ouija board, and your naked magic."
  • "Oh dear Lord."
  • "You and me are the difference between real love, and the love on TV."
  • "We were the kids who screamed 'We weren't the same,' in sweaty rooms."
  • "Now we're doomed to organizing walking closets like tombs."
  • "Silent film stars stuck in talking cinema life."
  • "Let's fade away together one dream at a time."

anonymous asked:

so there is this guy I have been seeing. the first thing is he is ten years older than me. is that too old? I don't think so, we go to college together and I really like him we get along great! we have so much in common and we both find each other attractive. the problem is he is working a job nine hours away from me so all we can do is call and text. how do I keep things going so that in August when we go back to school we can pick up where we left off.

Hey there. Dean here.

Well, as long as everything’s legal, there’s nothing wrong with dating someone older than you. You just have to make sure you guys are on the same level of communication and that one person isn’t taking advantage of the other because of the age gap. 

Long-term relationships can be tricky, but they’re possible, especially if it’s just the summer until school starts again. If it’s possible, you guys could have an extended visit, or even just Skype a lot. If you both put effort into maintaining the relationship, it’s a hundred percent possible. 

Good luck, kiddo.

Sincerely, Dean W.

P.S. Is there a name I can use for you?

Day 4..must survive

The scale went down again! 149.8 today. Might be all the water Im drinking or all the veggies.

So far the scale going down has been the highlight of my week. I’m dreading going to work today. Too much drama.
My insecurities make me question my abilities as a boss and that’s not cool. Last night my family was super supportive and tried to rationalize with my crazy. But don’t we all know by now that when the mind is in that dark place it’s really hard to get out of it.
So here comes today. A big battle looming at the office. I must stand my ground. I must remember Im the boss. I must stop second guessing myself. I must show my teeth. I must remember I am the one in charge.
Ps it’s almost comical that I am so insecure. When my hx speaks to my abilities. A girl from a less than perfect family, who everyone thought wouldn’t succeed goes on to college and an Ivy League and then a successful career and two licenses for her career. Makes no sense to be so insecure at the slightest moment my authority is questioned.
So I put on my tiger print heels to inspire me. I put my hair back in a pony tail and left to work early. I will fight back.

And it was a good day. Things went well I fought hard. And I didn’t emotionally eat. Woooho go me. Steam veggies and grilled chicken for lunch and a string cheese. Got sushi for dinner. Didn’t have breakfast bc of all that early morning anxiety stuff. Three cheers to a successful day!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Thanks for all your support over the past little while (I'm the anxious anon). It really helped more than you could know. I was sitting here getting scared so I did make myself go to the doctor and it was great. I brought up the therapy thing like you recommended and my doctor is going to set that up for me for when I get back from vacation and we discussed alternatives for while I'm on vacation. Thanks again SOO much!!!

*HUGS* I am so very, very glad to hear that, Anon. :) I am so proud of you for being proactive about this, and conscientiously taking care of yourself.

I really hope you have an absolutely wonderful vacation and that therapy helps you learn how to best manage your anxiety going forward. And if you ever need a lifeline or to talk again, my inbox is always, always open. <3