So I Woke up with a Thought...

Okay so I think the entire fandom is pretty much in consensus that the next Gravity Falls episode is going to be a flashback episode. Alex all but confirmed this to be true.

But we’re also supposed to meet Tad Strange soon too - a possibly square-shaped demon never recorded in the journals (that we know of, but then again why would he be, when the Author so vehemently distrusted Bill? Why make two demon deals? I’m getting ahead of myself). 

We’re also supposed to meet a character that is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic, who the fandom would LOVE to have voice the Author but let’s be realistic here. If the Author is back from the portal, I’d rather he be a recurring cast member that lives in the Mystery Shack with everyone else, than a character who will probably come and go for a voice actor like Weird Al who can’t stay on and record voices all the time.

But what if… Tad Strange exists not in Gravity Falls, but in Glass Shard Beach New Jersey? What if Tad Strange is a demon the kids encounter when they are younger? What if Tad Strange is the reason the “original mystery twins” even become the original mystery twins, aka enlightened the original twins to the existence of the mysterious and the weird? What if one of the Stans made a deal with Tad Strange? And it makes drama between the Stan Twins?

Also what if Weird Al also voices someone in the past? Not the Author himself, but his dad, or a best friend? THERE ARE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES IN A FLASHBACK I CAN’T WAIT.

[TRANS] 150402 Gongchan Fancafe post


I’m here after a long time, is everyone doing well~~~~???

Right now~~ it’s the best time to go see the cherry blossoms…….. but it’s raining~~~~~TT TT

Lately the weather has been shifting so much…… I would like to go outside and smell the blossom fragrance~~~ rain please go away~

But because of all the rain lately I’m craving 부추전♥ (Korean chive pancake)

I should actually go make one to eat sometime ^^

Still, I would like it to get nicer outside so that I can go see the cherry blossoms with Bana^^ ♣♣

As we’d feel the warmth of the sun~ and view the shining beautiful flowers~ and feel the refreshing spring breeze~ and walk with family and friends~

Let’s have a great time on a cherry blossom adventure^^

I should go see the cherry blossoms too~~~ and take lots of pictures~♥

That’s enough now~ bye Bana~ I’ll come back again!!!!

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Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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ziam; neighbors since elementary school but in high school now

“Liam,” Zayn whispers urgently, opening the window and backing up, “what are you doing here?”

Liam pulls himself into the room easily, hoisting himself up with his arms and swinging over the ledge, and he giggles when he sees the look on Zayn’s face.  “I wanted to see you,” he explains, heartbreakingly earnest, and Zayn feels entirely bewildered.

He runs a hand through his messy hair, all too aware of the fact that he’s currently wearing an old t-shirt and a ratty pair of joggers.  “At two in the morning?”

Even in the dim light, Zayn can see the flush high on Liam’s cheeks.  “Yeah,” he says, nodding, “sorry.”

Zayn, making a split second decision, crawls back into bed.  “Okay,” he answers, “but I’m tired, so we’re going to sleep.”

Liam agrees easily, and Zayn’s thoughts go hazy as he melts into Liam’s warmth.

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How are you so sure Kol's coming back? I really want him back too I just don't want to get my hopes up.

It’s a lot of small things that, to me, point to Kol coming back. Here’s my rationale.

  • There has so much talk of bringing him back that it would be weird if it was all for false hope. In the moment that Kol died as Kaleb Rebekah says she’s bringing him back, and sets up a way how because they consecrated him. Rebekah continues to make comments of how she intends to bring him back, and Davina has actually been actively working on bringing him back. If Davina gets a chance she’s going to take it.
  • Davina is going to get Kol’s ashes from Klaus. This means whenever he’s coming back, it will be in his original body, portrayed by Nate Buzolic. Which makes him coming back at the end of the season an actually possibility in terms of actor availability (we don’t have to rely on Sharman, who wouldn’t be filming anymore for this season and probably isn’t interested in continuing the on the show). According to twitter and instagram Buzolic’s current location is unknown for the past week (give or take a day), so hey, maybe he’s in Atlanta [edit: someone brought it my attention that a selfie of his backs the east coast theory up]. They snuck Claire into town for the finale last year, and Kol wouldn’t be in the episode much.
  • What the ashes also show us is that Davina has an idea of what she needs to bring him back.
  • This leads me to the summary for 2x20, City Beneath the Sea. “Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who is eager to leave his witch past behind him, approaches Davina with an offer that leaves her intrigued.” Vincent feels bad about what Finn did to Kol, so maybe he offers his help in bringing Kol back in an attempt to right wrongs. What makes me pretty certain that the offer has something to do with Kol is that Davina’s sole goal at the moment (and for the last few episodes) has been to bring him back. I simply can’t imagine an offer would be realistically intriguing to her if it didn’t involve resurrecting Kol. And if it had to do with Dahlia Davina wouldn’t be the person to give the proposition to. 
  • Today Danielle Campbell posted a bts photo of the finale. The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it looked like a resurrection scene. We can’t dissect the photo that much but with the suspicion that he’s coming back the photo helps give weight to the theory. It doesn’t look like she’s doing anything related to the Dahlia stuff, and she’s alone in the scene, so I’m guessing it’s Kol related. 
  • I also just have a feeling. That feeling is also known as my shameless optimism.

Obviously we can’t be sure but I feel really great about the chances of getting Kol back!



With the passing of my Ron fish, I’ve decided to tear down my aquarium. It just took too much of a toll on my anxiety to go through again. So I have a lot of things to get rid of. Many things have been partly used, I’ll try to specify. Message me if you’re interested, as long as you’re willing to cover shipping (usa only) that would be ok, though I’m hoping to make a few dollars back to cover some of my cats $1100 vet bill last month. Most important is that someone gets use though, I don’t want to just throw things away. Ok, here we go: 

UPDATE: added asking price. If shipment requires more than an envelop, requesting $10 for shipping. Otherwise $5 for padded envelop ship.


4/10/15: Lots of stuff left. I’m going to package to try and get rid of things 

Medicine: $30 takes all (shipping included)
Herbal ich treatment - never opened $4
Furan 2 - 6 packets left $2
Fungus cure - 6 packets left $2
Erythromycin - 6 packets left $4
Triple sulfa - all 10 packets left $8
Tetracycline - all 10 packets left $8
Jungle clear water ( potassium permanganate) - never used $2
Melafix - full $4

Mtc items: $15 takes all (basically free shipping)
Top fin glass cleaner magnet $1
Stress zyme - half left $1
Stess coat - half left $1
Omega one betta pellets - nearly full $2
2 500ml bottles of prime - one full, one half full $7, $3

Top Fin filter (from 10gal starter kit)
Loose Filter carbon (also a handful of carbon pads that go with the original filter) - more than half left $2
Top fin 10 gal air pump $5
Fluval ammonia remover (30 gal worth filter media) $1
Top fin ammonia remover (liquid) - never opened $2
API algae eater wafers - never opened $1
Seachem clarity - almost full $2
16 Twinning rooibos tea bags $2

Lots of IAL  $8 (I’ve decided not to sell the IAL and just add some on to anyone who buys something)

 Obviously, must be willing to provide address.

this game. i swear to ARCEUS.
so. i found a kind of workaround for the glitch (which annoyingly means i can’t play the hardenshipping household anymore). so, back to perfectworld

as a wise bobcat once said “WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG???”

normal stuff. like a stranger standing next to them while they make out. np

augustine gets a job as a scientist, because that only just became an option.

then he went home. while lysandre was at work, THIS IDIOT GOT KIDNAPPED BY ALIENS JFC

stfu augustine


here we go again

back here again

augustine get’s a cuter maternity gown though

lysandre is as useful as maxie.

proud parents of baby potential gamebreaking glitch Antoine and a nurse who’s clearly sick of this shit.

and when they get home, lysandre just runs to cuddle the baby.

now please can this one not break the game. kthnx.

Three years


“I gotta say, this wasn’t what I expected to come home to after my tour in space…” Flash looked at the grave stone, he said that every time he came to the cemetery, looking at the cold stone with that name written on it as painful reminder to him what his duty cost him.

Apparently it had happened before he had made it back to Philadelphia, chaos erupted in the streets, Mania coming at him with Marth and Ava at her heels, saying Lucina told her to take the children and run. Marth screaming at Mania to turn around and go get mother, and Venom rushing into the burning streets as Philadelphia fell victim to the biggest crime war it had ever seen.

A lot of things had happened in those three years, Mania moving on and going solo. Ava discovering she had powers, and making Flash let her become a crime fighter. Marth choosing to go through the Outrealm gate and live in a place he could feel ‘closer to mother’.

“It’s just not the same.” Flash said to the headstone, as if he were talking to Lucina right now.“ I stay out late with Ava, we both come back at three o'clock in the morning, I go to bed hoping to find you sleeping there so I can wake you up, like I used to.”

“Ava has powers now, imagine that, our daughter’s a mutant.” Flash said, with a hint of pride in his voice as he choked the words out.“We always said she was loud whenever she screamed, well, that’s her power, our little girl can scream at a super sonic level.”

“We still can’t decide on a codename, but the papers are starting to call her ‘High-Pitch’. She’s gonna start training at the Jean Grey Institute in a few months, our little girl’s gonna be an X-men.”

He looked down.“Marth… Marth doesn’t write anymore, sometimes he’d come through the outrealm gate and leave a note in the mailbox, but he hasn’t done that for about a year now…we had a fight when he left, I lost my temper, and he lost his. He’s staying with your Mom and Dad in the castle.”

He got down on his knees, he’d been using the symbiote to stand the whole time, but he needed to calm his mind, the symbiote dissipated, his legs became stumps again as he fell to the grass and looked at the headstone. Lucina’s body hadn’t been buried, they couldn’t even find a body, all they could find were parts of her attire, her cape, her armor, her mask, they had buried those, but not her sword, her sword, Falchion, went missing along with her.

Flash looked up, hearing footsteps behind him, his hands in the grass, he clenched them into fists, ripping up some of the blades of green and the soil.“What? Never seen a grown man cry before?” He grunted at whoever was behind him.

He hated people seeing him weep. “You gonna laugh?”

I’m sorry

He heard those words, and they made him angry. Sorry? Sorry for what!? Sorry that rather than staying and protecting his family and friends, he decided to take a year long tour of duty in space with a group of space vigilantes, a talking raccoon and a talking tree? Sorry that Mania tried to stop a division of the mob and started a gang war? Sorry that his wife had to pay the price to make it end!?

“You’re sorry!?”
He slowly turned around, ready to start shouting, to start screaming, who in their right mind would dare stare at him while he grieved for someone he loved, someone he’d lost, and tell him that.
Who would dare?
(had to do it like this, ask box was too small)

She wasn’t sure what had prompted her to go to the cemetery that day. She did occasionally visit, just to see if anyone had come to visit her… It gave her comfort to see if there was some sign that she was missed.

And yet, despite it all, she never returned home. She desperately wanted to, but… This was the second time that she had vanished and been believed dead. Somehow, it just didn’t feel right for her to return home after what she had done. She felt like she didn’t really deserve to join the family again.

How could they forgive her for vanishing a second time?

It was that fear that kept her away.

However, when she saw Flash kneeling there in front of her grave… She knew that she should just walk away without a word. Yet, despite what her mind was saying, her heart was suddenly filled with longing, and she couldn’t stop herself from moving towards him.

When he spoke and turned around, Lucina quickly turned her gaze to the ground, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She had almost been afraid that Flash wouldn’t recognize her.

After the war, she had sustained several injuries that had scarred, along with one above her left eye. Of course, her eye was still usable, but the scar still lingered as a constant reminder of what had happened whenever she looked in the mirror.

She had cut her hair short and kept it short, taking every precaution she could to keep people from recognizing her. Of course, it pained her to cut her hair, but it was something that she had felt needed to be done.

“…I’m sorry, Flash…” She whispered again, closing her eyes and feeling the tears start to flow again. She then backed away, instantly regretting that she had approached him. How would he react to seeing her like this.

we’re just a box of souvenirs ♚ matlingsworth

More had happened in the last week for Miles than he could say had happened to him in the last year. He knew that life was an ever changing process, but he never would’ve imagined where he’d be right now at this point in his life. If you would’ve told him two months ago if he would be preparing himself to go over to his “almost girlfriend’s” house to make it an official thing, he would’ve laughed if your face and probably told you to go fuck off for making such a sick joke. But here he was, never expecting or planning that meeting Maya Matlin would turn his world absolutely upside down. Then again, you could never plan something like that happening. After gathering up everything that he’d need to potentially put his heart on the line to ask her to be his, he texted his siblings that he was going out and gave his parents a farewell before leaving without another word. Just getting Frankie back into the house was a big deal for him, and he didn’t want his siblings to think that he was randomly abandoning them. He sometimes wondered if he cared far more for them than vice versa, but now wasn’t the time to be worrying.

After asking his mother for some advice (which was rare), he heard that grand gestures were better than giving gifts. And the thing that sold him over the most was that he didn’t want to be like his father, buying someone’s affection simply because there wasn’t any genuineness that grabbed it in the first place. He had some singing experience, but never in front of a crowd or anything along those lines. Over the last month, he had been compiling a long list of songs that had made him think of the blonde, and he decided to pick one of those to serenade her with. It was painfully cheesy, and it might be going a bit big for someone he had just met, but he was willing. He wanted to prove to her that this wasn’t just a fling, and that she wasn’t someone he had just used for sex. He hadn’t made himself so vulnerable like that to anyone, and he hoped she believed him on that.

Upon arriving to the Matlin’s neighbourhood, he parked some ways down the street so that his obvious car wouldn’t be able to be detected. He wanted his arrival to be a surprise, even though she knew he was coming at some point. He had texted Katie earlier in the day and asked what type of flowers were Maya’s favourite, so of course he got them— even if he had to tackle one hell of a conversation to get a half-assed answer. He knew that he usually was the one to mess things up whether he meant to or not, but he really wanted this night to be perfect. He made a small trail of the flowers from her front door around to their backyard, set down the small bag of items he had brought her from her earlier events, then began setting up and tuning his guitar. The April night was warm and he was glad that spring was finally starting to come into full swing. This was the season of fresh starts, right? They could be each other’s fresh starts— or maybe he was just telling himself that so he would feel less guilty about all that had already transpired between them. Taking his phone out of his back pocket, he opens up his conversation with Maya from earlier and began typing a new text message reading: At your front door. Didn’t want to knock in case me being here could get you in trouble. Can’t wait to see you. It was believable enough, right? She had told him just to come in, but he figured she’d understand do to Katie’s protectiveness of her, and her lack of affection toward him. Nerves began to take over and his mind began to swirl, hoping that sooner rather than later, she’d be standing in front of him. 

Imagine for Gabby

     You sighed again as your phone kept going off, signalling another Twitter notification aka more hate. This has been happening ever since you, and David announced your relationship.

    Date Night: David smiled, and grabbed your hand, connecting his fingers with yours. He swung your locked hands back, and forth making you smile. “So, I have a lot planned for tonight,” he exclaimed. David was full of energy today, “What might this planning be?” you asked. It was mid-afternoon, so you were interested in what was going to happen. He let out a deep breath, “Well,” David hummed, throwing his arm over your shoulder. “We are going to have a lovely walk in the park. Hopefully run into an ice cream vendor, so I can buy my girl some ice cream,” You giggled, “Oh, really?” you questioned raising an eyebrow. He nodded, “Then, we’re going to get dinner, I know what you’re going to say, and yes we’re eating ice cream before dinner.” David snuggled his face into your neck, making you laugh more. You passed a group of girls, and they instantly recognized David. “Go,” you muttered, slightly pushing him towards the girls that wanted a picture. He looked at you, trying to make sure if it was alright. “Go,” you said again, smiling at him, he kissed you on the cheek, and went over to greet them. As you were waiting for him to finish, one of the girls walked over to you, giving you a once over. “Uh, Hello?” you said, feeling uncomfortable under her stare. “What does he even see in you?” she scoffed, leaving without saying more. That was the third time you heard that from a fan. David walked back over to you, and linked his arms with yours. You both continued on with your night.

    Later On: He could sense your distress, and knew something was up. “What’s wrong?” David asked, reaching over the table to grab your hand. “Nothing,” you muttered, poking at your food with your fork. “Gabby,” he said sternly, seeing right through your facade. “I’m fine,” you said, he gave you a look, his stare starting to make you squirm. “The hate is starting to get to me,” you confessed, pulling your hand away from his. He sighed, falling back into his chair, “I told you not to pay attention to them,” he said. “I know, but it’s kind of hard when some of your fans say stuff to my face, and my Twitter notifications going off,” you told him. David rubbed his hand over his face, “I’ll try telling them to back off,” he suggested, you shook your head at this. David has tried about twenty times to get the hate to stop, and it’s never worked. “Then delete your Twitter I ju-Look, I’ll handle it,” he said, he didn’t like seeing you hurt. You nodded, not wanting to argue with him about this. You picked more at the food on your plate. “Hey,” he said, catching your attention, you looked up at him. “It’ll be alright, trust me.” You smiled, nodding your head, even though the hate was bad, you knew that with David by your side, things will get better.

If someone were to ask me and your father, if we had to ever go back, back to the days where we had no one but ourselves, back to when all we could afford to eat was top ramen and your father worked three jobs to make ends meet while I stayed home to take care of you guys, if someone asked me if we had to go back and do it all again would we do it, I guarantee you we would both say yes. You get through it. We’re here and we made it and we got through it. You will get through it. You will always get through it and the sun will always come out again tomorrow.
—  My mother when I needed it most

Here we go, back at it again, another complete relapse
drawing little globes on the back of my hand just to relax.
I go through withdrawals if I don’t hear someone breathing,
but when I do I start heaving with annoyance
because my mind just can’t get itself straight
and when people die, I’m still alive but I try to relate
and my heart always pounds like I’m someone
fierce who could do something great
but when the time comes I look to others to feel secure then,
I blink and it’s too late,
I’m trying to endure this addiction to human existence
although when it comes to my own I feel unwanted persistence,
and if I could overdose on strangers who smile at me,
I would because I could coast through every bad day,
from making someone happy.
and it’s how I feel when I’m in the sun
but I sit all alone when the night’s begun
and I think, to feel alive,
and I blink, to feel alive
and when I think, I blink and want to die.
I don’t regret that I’ve never smoked a cigarette
but I could puff on clouds of tea until my lungs couldn’t keep up with me
Do people really smoke that?
I’m screaming loud to show you I’m just a train wreck
but you always see the best in me,
and heck, I know you’re probably
the cause of my addiction
to the human existence but my affliction will not cease
until I understand how to decrease the lack of peace inside my mind,
now rewind, relapse.

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I think I've fallen in love with my best friend. We've had a weird saga over the last 3 years of us acting like we are dating, then not talking, then hooking up, then not talking again, etc. But it's gotten so much more intense lately. It's hard because I straight out told him how I felt and now I'm just sitting here watching him make mistake after mistake with other girls and all I can do is watch it unfold. How am I supposed to move past these feelings?

Maybe it’s time to accept that you’re bad for each other. At least romantically. This cycle causes nothing but hurt in the long run, and it’s not going to magically get better. It’s just going to keep going like this until one of you breaks.

Time to take a step back. Just because you want someone doesn’t make them good for you.

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stop copying me its creepy Bye

 I’m not copying you nor have I tried to. I made a NSFW blog because it’s easier and would benefit those who don’t like seeing that shit on my main. I shouldn’t have to tell you this but of course here I am.

 The fact that you found this and are contacting me here is creepy. You constantly stalking me to the point I had to seal off my PERSONAL accounts is creepy. The fact that you keep coming back to shit on me is fucking creepy and you need to stop.

 Yes I go to your page because I know you’ll talk about me AGAIN despite me asking you not to and your reasoning is ALWAYS “lmao ash talked first” when I didn’t and it wasn’t about you. Fucking get off your goddamn high horse. Should I go to your page? Hell fucking no. I’ll say that.

 You’re constantly making me and others who used to respect you paranoid to post ANYTHING anymore because oh we’re just out to get ol’ princess Paige. NO WE AREN’T. LEAVE ME ALONE AND STOP OBSESSING OVER ME.

 I do what I do because I enjoy it/because I have FRIENDS who got me into it, I’m not out to ruin your life no matter what I’ve said in anger. I post my shit because I like drawing it- not to get back at you for what you did.

 Stop acting like I’m out to get you when I’m not.

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5 times hated //idk

//okay so excuse me for going overboard with this, I had a lot of best enemies feels to get out here…used their past a lot which I hope is okay(and funny) and shit, since I wrote this in word and copy-pasted the setup is a bit messy…

There rarely went a day when the Master could honestly say he didn’t hate the Doctor. He always hated him, just the mere presence of his old friend and enemy made him shiver. It was a loath so strong it could almost be mistaken for affection. Or maybe it was the other way around…

First time the Master hated the Doctor was when they were kids, back on Gallifrey. Of course they went by different names back then, but that’s hardly worth mentioning, as they barely remembered those names themselves. But the first time the Master hated the Doctor was when he was left behind. Hadn’t they agreed to leave together? Hadn’t they said it’d always be them and only them? That hate grew from that day on, and would continue to fuel the Master with anger for years to come. 

The second time the Master hated the Doctor, was when he stole his dematerialization circuit and left him stranded on Earth. While the Doctor probably thought this was all good fun, the Master found himself cursing the Doctor over and over, even more so than he had in years. But even then he couldn’t help a somewhat fond laughter afterwards. Just like good old days…

The third time the Master hated the Doctor was after he’d just killed him, pushed him off a tower and to his death. As he saw his fourth incarnation disappear and dissolve into a new and unknown face. That’s when the Master realised that killing him hadn’t felt as good as he thought it would. It felt awful. And when he saw the Doctors new face, so confused and stumbling around like a newborn, his hearts ached. How he hated the Doctor in that moment, for making him feel this way. That feeling would fuel a few centuries more of anger, but the aching feeling never left.

The fourth time the Master hated the Doctor was when he was falling into the eye of harmony, and that fool had the guts to stretch after him in a heartfelt attempt at saving him. How dared the Doctor try and save him, after all that the Master had done? How dared he offer redemption? The Master looked into the Doctors eyes as he let go, as he fell. How he hated him…

The fifth time the Master hated the Doctor, was when he realised he never hated him at all. As the legends go, time lords have one heart to love with and one to hate with. If one believed in that poetic and sappy nonsense that was. Somehow it seemed the Doctor had taken both the Masters hearts for his own. And the Master…he hated and he loved the Doctor.

Clouds w/o Zayn...

…makes the song sound like it’s about “don’t leave us Zayn, i know it’s hard, but it’s good, too.”


Here we go again on the road again

Another go ‘round for all of my friends if it’s about a romantic relationship why would you get back into a relationship just for your friends

Another non-stop, will it ever end? We’re always fucking on tour tho

If we’re never coming back down from flying in airplanes all the fucking time

Yeah, we’re looking down on the clouds because that is what you see out the airplane window

No matter how much work it is, no matter how exhausting, even though it’s non stop, we’re still on top of the world looking down on the clouds. Someday you’ll wish you never left, Zayn.

I just…can’t unhear it.


“Alright we don’t want to have to come back.” That was if they didn’t get kicked out at this rate. Getting kicked out of a church- did that guarantee you a spot in Hell? She wasn’t going to bother asking that one. A comment that was presumably harmless, but there was more she needed to get off her chest than one confessional booth could handle. “There’s a few things I could say.” Maybe coming clean take some of the weight off of her shoulders and make it easier to breathe again. 

There’s a difference between admitting something to yourself and admitting it aloud and her gaze follows his to the statue and when she speaks her tone is soft and more respectful of their surroundings. “I go in there and say it… I’m going to have to come back out here and deal with it. It’s not going to fix everything right?” Her question is curious, a novice at anything to deal with being spiritual, she doubts that all of her problems will find sudden solutions once she says the prayers but she can hope for a moment. “If I say anything to them… they can’t repeat it, right?”

The existential crap is wearing him down. Rumination is a unwanted spoonful of some dismal rationale he’s not eager to face; a logic he’d rather regurgitate before it changes something inside of him for the horrific better or worse. Much like this city, which he’d eventually refer to as home. That’s what’s he’s worried about. Gaining some sickening adaption to the grayness of New York. To anything but the Saints. It wrung him out more by each morning, when the soreness of a secondhand mattress began to fade into the conformity of his breakfasts. Disgusted and self aware, he unclogs the insecurity in his throat by calming her uncertainty. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure ‘no gossiping’ is like the first commandment.”

Stories overhead, tower bells rejoice in the rebirth of another hour, a tradition commonly stifled in the businesslike pandemonium of the world’s capital. He confines himself to the vacated half of an upright coffin, shooting his accompanying sinner a thumbs up before sliding the door shut. It’s stuffy. It’s dark. It’s as judgmental as he would have guessed, and it reeks of tears and adultery; like the religiously radical cousin of a sleazy motel room, and equally corrupted. The opening confessional bathes his face in patterns of weak, interrupted light. Referring back to the days where his mother still had a use for his name, Boss heeds her warnings by crossing himself before speaking.

“Hey, Padre. ‘Sup? Let’s see uh…in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, it’s been at least 15 years since my last confession. Wait, drive-thru confessionals don’t count, right?” Silence. “Alright, yeah, that’s what I thought. Since then I’ve sinned…a lot. I haven’t bothered to keep count. But you know, it’s the usual stuff. A little stealing. The occasional lying here and there. Cheating. Definitely sex before marriage. A shit ton of greed. Fuck load of pride. Some murder. Not a lot. I mean it used to be a lot but I’ve really had to cut back recently. It’s only been like four or five since I got here.”

“Look, I’m not used to doin’ this sorta thing, and it’s hard to get myself to do things that aren’t like me, so bear with me. I just– I’ve been thinkin’ about a lotta things lately. And I dunno, I thought maybe comin’ here would help me figure something out. Something I been missin’. Something that’ll prove to me that I’m more than just a bad person that deserves bad things all the time. Because I’m not, am I? I mean I don’t think I am. Not that I ever actually thought about it.. I’m just…really, really good at what I do. And I love doing it! And dancing, I love dancing… Anyway, this is gettin’ weird. The thing is, I’ve lost a lot of good friends over the years and I always thought they were in a ‘better place’, y’know? Playing cards and drinking booze till I got there or somethin’. I even tell the rest of my crew that. But now I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever see them again or if I’m just full of shit. ‘Cause they’re really all I got, Padre. They’re all I ever had. And without ‘em here I sorta feel like I’m wearing out sometimes. I guess I just need to hear somethin’ to keep me going here. Somethin’ to let me know everything’ll be alright…”

He sits in a vacuum of unanticipated nothingness for an exact thirteen seconds before a murmur answers from the other side. “Three Our Fathers, one Hail Mary.”

“…Th-that’s it? But wait, what abou–”

“You are absolved from your sins, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen.” The priest’s hand shuts down the session crudely, asphyxiating him in the averse comfort of his usual metaphorical and literal darkness.

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Levi/Leslie: *Wraps my arms around you from behind*//“I see you like cardio… wanna go back to my place and do it together?”//“Just because that’s mistletoe hanging above us doesn’t mean I’m going to kiss you.”//"Please don’t say that. You know you’re the only one for me. Fuck everyone else.”//"You make me so angry.”//[TEXT] I don’t know what happened I was just cooking and then all of a sudden the pasta was on fire!

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Tuesdays are my hardest, longest days and Joe​ always makes them feel like the lightest and most fun. 

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