demi lovato meme: 1/5 favorite music videos {HERE WE GO AGAIN}
"So how did you get here under my skin? Swore that I’d never let you back in. Should’ve known better than trying to let you go, ‘cause here we go again. Hard as I try I know I can’t quit, something about you is so addictive. We’re falling together, you’d think that by now I know ’cause here we go again."


Charlie & Connor (feat. Shirlee) | 2.18

"I’ll have some of that jerky, I guess."

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I'm quickly losing my love for the show and for Daryl as a character. Between the burn we got last season and the way 5b is shaping up, I just don't think Caryl is going to go anywhere, not because of the B3thyl ship or any other ship but because I think tptb just aren't going to go that way. What do you see that I don't?

Oh my dear sweet, meloncholy Nomy.. I feel you I really do.. Wish I was as good at this as Sanja is but I’ll give it my best shot  But first i’ll give you a nice big old Dixon bear hug..

Ok I get the frustration with the character and this ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ cycle that he seems to be on yet again. Just when you think he’s making progress he falls back again. And then I took a step back and  looked at the big picture here and  a thought occurred to me that this  is a lot like real life.  

People do get into these cycles and patterns of behavour and will often times continually fall back on them.  And I do think we often underestimate just how screwed up Daryl really is too.  Abuse, neglect and serious social isolation take a long time to do their damage and a long time to undone.  So his story dictates this  pattern of  somewhat self-destructive behavour. This also true for Carol as well I might add. The fact that they have SOO many things to overcome is what making this take so damn long. 

Not that I’m saying it’s not aggravating and maybe sort of lazy that the showrunners keep repeating the process, i’m just saying that RL recovery can be this aggravating too.   And there is a part of me that believes this maybe the ‘third time’s the charm ’ so to speak. I’m thinking this may be the last round of it to endure. And when hearing of potential upcoming storylines, i’m more certain of it by the day. I do feel like certain issues will get addressed. 

Now the skepticism after  4B an all the mayhem and drama it caused (did  it ever? and we are still dealing with it now) I can can understand the tiring of interest in wanting to continue. 

You see Nomy I believe as well that TPTB are following the idea of drawing it out because it really is the Golden Goose for them. There is a notion that chemistry like this, the Unresolved Sexual Tension or UST  is golden and the only way to kill or end it  IS to get the 2 in question together. There is this fear, for good reason, that once it happens it’s done, as Norman said a few times.  The old Moonlighting thing. Give into it and the UST disappears and the interest fades. It’s happened before. 

I have to believe that Norman and Mel have such great oncreen, and offscreen chemistry that this wouldn’t happen but who knows right?  I’d like to see them try, but I like others feel like they may draw it for awhile. Eventually however you do have to shit or get off the pot.  And I don’t think these showrunners are stupid, they know what they have there  haand they will play it up for awhile until we scream ENOUGH ALREADY  and want to kick in our television sets.

I’m patient person.. or at least I try to be haha And I keep my expectations low, following the Lloyd Dobbler method. 

I don’t put all my eggs in one basket, meaning the ‘romantic’ basket. I’ve seen the fallout when it it all or nothing many, MANY times. All you need to do look at the B ship fallout to see what happens when you put your expectations impossibly high. For them it was romance or bust basically and they never considered it could be anything but.  And that sets you up for disappointment every time. 

If Caryl never goes ‘romantic’ canon I would be ok with, because I love the relationship in general, love it the way it currently is. Their love is already canon to to me, the rest is just gravy.  

But you wanted me to tell you what I see that you don’t. I’m not sure you don’t see it I just think your tired of dealing with it and that’s understandable too. It’s harder for me to tell you what I see than it is for me to show you so I will require visual aids.

And because this will take up alot more space I’m gonna go behind a read more for the rest..

Caryl positiviy under the cut..

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tananoya ??

okay here we go!

Who is more affectionate?

they’re both sooo affectionate are you kidding me, such sappy dopes complementing each other every 5 seconds and making out every 10 seconds

Who angers the easiest?

hmm tanaka probably, and noya backs him up with snarky remarks

Who is the one too drunk to drive home?

tana again. noya has to drive home and listen to tana’s drunken rambles for 30 minutes straight but he doesn’t mind cause he gets kisses later (plus he actually likes the mushy romance shit but he ain’t tellin’ that to no one)

Who’s the the one bandaging the other after a fight?

noya’s probably the one bandaging tana, but I could see it go either way (and then they fight again for the other’s honor)

Who is the one to pull the other to try new things? Like the weird restaurant down the street or skydiving.

both get into so much trouble planning up convoluted shit without their parents permission i’m looking at you sugamama and daipapa but usually noya’s the one to ask the question and tana’s like FUCK YEAH LET’S DO THIS SHIT and then shenanigans ensue lord help their souls

Who is the driving/riding shotgun?

tana is driving (when he’s not drunk off his ass) and noya is riding shot gun (if only to stick his head out like a dog and scream at the world that he has the best brofriend boyfriend forever)

Who has the weirder taste in music?

hmm tana’s into metal/screamo and noya’s into old rock so idk

Who tears up during Titanic movies?

both of them are trying to hold back their tears but then they burst out and just tears and snot and feels and hugging your best bro. y’know, the works. (tana cries first shh)

it’s really cold outside right now so our dog HATES going outside (he’s like 10lbs and short haired)

so we take him out over and over again and he just will not take the time to POOP. He will pee… but pooping is just too much. 

Ok but here’s the thing, see…. when he doesn’t poop he gets sick. So we’ll take him outside, he doesn’t potty, we come back inside and he starts getting all shakey and then he barfs. And THEN AND ONLY THEN if we take him outside he’ll actually go poop. 

So we’re trying to catch him during the shaking but before barfing stage every time but like damn that’s kind of hard when you’re trying to make dinner and stuff, ya know? 

This poor dog. I can’t wait till it gets warm. 

need a little bit of a vent again..
  • i literally miss my best friend here at uni loads, we’ve not seen each other for 5 days which is a lot when we normally see each other all the time, she’s back tomorrow though so i’m excited to see her
  • i feel like i have so much work to do, they just keep piling it on, but that’s uni i guess, gotta get used to it
  • not been out in over a week but we’re going out tomorrow night, got a course night out which should be fun
  • i miss Katy more than anything right now, seeing her last year was amazing and now she’s back in Europe and I can’t go and it makes me sad seeing tweets and stuff from people that are travelling from the UK to the rest of Europe to see her again…uni has to take priority right now..it’s just like i wish i could see her more, she doesn’t come to Europe often apart from touring so it’ll be so long till i get to see her again..
  • boys are very confusing and complicated sigh
  • my sleeping pattern is SO messed up again, like the end of last semester, can’t sleep till like 4am and it’s absolutely exhausting, i can’t keep doing this or i’ll fall ill again.. the doctors refused to prescribe me sleeping tablets last time i asked them, probably gonna try again soon because i can’t cope with this
  • I feel like I hardly get to spend time with my other friends here at uni because i have more work to do than them so I have to spend more evenings working rather than going out or hanging around with them
  • i need to just get my life together 
  • on the upside, i’ve not actually spent that much money recently so more money to spend on clothes and make up yay

i doubt anyone has read all of that but if you have then you’re fab xxxx

Tomorrow I need to present a speech in front of my class and we can pick w.e topic we want. I don’t have an issue with public speaking lol i love it actually but what’s actually making me nervous is my topic. I want to talk about police brutally just bc it seems like a more close to home issue than rape culture in bangladesh and what’s making me nervous about this is like… i feel like.. the kids around my age don’t give a shit about world issues. like 2 kids went up and gave a speech about sports and one kid gave a awful speech about freaking  drake.. and I’m here  wanting to talk about "abortions, open relations with cuba,genocide, global warming, rape culture—-then police brutally" like i just hate it lol but im going to talk about police brutally anyways 

or maybe i should be just stand there and give my speech on why sousuke is the best thing to ever happen in this world 

Sleep is necessary.

I was tagged by Maggie ( bakecookiesyo ) to do a 10 song shuffle with my phone. Here we go
1. State of Grace by Tswizzle
2. Speak Now by Tswizzle (again)
3. Haunted by taylor
4. I See Fire by Ed Sheeran
5. Hey Stephen by taylor
6. Breathe by Taylor
7. We are never ever getting back together by taylor (i really need to find more musicians to listen to besides 1989 on pure repeat since october)
8. Karmas Coming Back For Me by meganandliz ( meganmckinleymace & elizabethmorganmace )
9. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight by U2 (still trying to figure out how to delete this fucking album they put on everyones itunes)
10. Haunted (live) by taylorswift

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Yuuto gets one of those moody days. Maybe he woke up with the nightmare and couldn't go back to sleep. Whatever it is, he's totally off that day, distractedly staring out the window at the rain instead of paying attention to whatever, forgetting his umbrella, etc. So he's walking in the rain because he's an overly dramatic loser and then suddenly. there's an umbrella over his head. "Akama-senpai, you're going to get sick again if you keep walking in the rain."

(as i am currently sick this appeals double the normal amount)


but this is  so. s ooo. when yuutos having a really Bad Feeling day and the n someone comes to try help him out

bUT SINCE ITS ASUHI AND WE ALL KNOW WHO ASUHI LOOKS LIKE THAT WOULS NT BE FUN but just imagine yuuto being soa ked to the bone and looking so confused about someone trying to show concern for him

Garden Update!

It’s that time of year again! We’ve had a week of amazingly warm weather. Therefore it’s time to get back into the garden and make some progress this year!

I’ve looked into varieties that are hardy to zone 8/9, and are okay to be grown in a container style. I prepped my beds several weeks back, adding old pig manure and straw which I’ll be tilling under tomorrow. I’ve been doing some reading on companion planting and thought I’d give it a try as well. And, I’m ready to give it another shot this year.

Boyfriend and I were planning on moving, so I wasn’t even going to consider putting a garden in this year, however, it seems like we’re probably going to be here longer than we thought, so we might as well make the best of it! We’re going to finish putting the garden fence up over the next few days, and everything will be ready to go!

I discovered a new way I’m going to attempt things for this year. Last year I started everything in the green house, was super excited and started EVERYTHING, and killed 99% of it. This year, I’m not starting ANYTHING in the house or in the green house except a few tomato plants. Everything else is going to be direct sewn into the beds, then, I’m going to make mini-greenhouses over each little spot using clear plastic cups put right down into the soil over the spot. It’s still getting a little chilly at night, so I figure a little extra warmth and protection can’t hurt. I’m also looking to pick up a few new heirloom varieties to play with this year as well. 

Once it begins getting warmer, we’ll get shade fabric up and over everything. I’m also working on an idea for an irrigation system that we can fabricate out of scraps we have laying around from the park. Most of it will be little random chunks of PVC pipe, and some old hose I found in a shed, but it’s a plan! One of our neighbors gave me an old metal twin size head board I’ll be painting hot pink and using as my garden gate. I’m also recycling the pigs old kiddy pool and turning it into one of my planter boxes as well, plus some of the pots I scavenged from next door, and my trusty orange buckets from last year. And, once we get a few extra dollars, we’re going to get a load of chat to spread around in between the rows in an attempt to kill off all this Russian knap weed I have everywhere. I’ve been told it can’t grow up through the chat, so fingers crossed there.

When we remodeled a trailer I ended up becoming the proud owner of two of those split whiskey barrel style planters as well. I’m planning on putting them beside out front porch, one on each side of the steps. I’ve got to find some heat and full sun tolerant flowers/plants/herbs I can put in them as well. Plus, these are the big planters, so I’m trying to figure out a way I can fill them, without having to fill them completely full of dirt so they don’t weigh a million pounds. I’m thinking I’m going to fill the bottoms of them full of plastic bottles, then add in the dirt, or something along those lines. We’ll see what I come up with!

I can’t wait to get started!

I’m going to go head and assume that the 20+ overly dramatic, bleak and cynical messages I got over the weekend regarding fernando/atleti were all just down to all of you feeling pretty shitty after the match and I hope you feel better now/have managed to move on. I don’t mean to be rude but seriously? "the honeymoon is over"? "another false dawn"? I’m not doing this again, it’s exhausting. and I think it’s pretty sad how we are so quick to jump on the media for their needless scrutiny and sensationalism but you are falling right into their trap here, making all kinds of rushed and unfounded arguments based on one bad performance. this is atleti ffs, they do this all the time, and they used to do it much more frequently. they’ll get back up again and so will fernando. we might not see him, griezmann and mandzukic play together again anytime soon but it won’t go beyond that. 

I really want to go home right now. I miss my own house and my own school. I miss my little brother and I miss my friends and the funny jokes they make and how much they appreciate me and the fun we always have. I miss my boyfriend and I want to spend time with him so badly now. I miss aikido and I want to train. I’m getting back my motivation and I really want to go home soon. I don’t want to stay here any longer than what is needed and yeah. Bleghblegh I just want to be home right now. I feel like I want to go too fast, but I’m able to make half days on school already, and my heart tells me to go home, and so does my mum, she says she trusts me again. But the therapists say that I’m going too fast and that makes me sad. I mean, no, I shouldn’t do more than what I can, but if I can make half days, then that’s great? I’m just so motivated and I feel a little more worthy of myself every day. Today I’ve been clean from cutting for a whole week and I’m proud of that. I miss my own old life and the things I used to do, and the Prozac is almost out of my body. I notice that. I can breathe again and I have better control over my actions, and, most important, I have emotions again. Yesterday night I had a shower and cried my eyes out and of course crying isn’t really good but, it was such a relief to be able to just cry and feel something. I want to go hooooome and see my friends and my boyfriend and my brother and my mother and my family and the people at the dojo and my classmates and my teachers and do fun things again. 

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{{ Don't ask me! She showed up here. I decided to just go with it. At least we can keep an optic on her here. Make sure she's safe. What's with all the yelling? I'm going to hang up before you blame ME for this. Again. }}

{{Rodimus, do you know what I had to go through to get her back to Earth? She isn’t safe here.}}

growl. The amount of shit Ichi has been through in the past 3 years I’ve known him is overwhelming. Everywhere he goes people are determined to point fingers at him and make him into their evil villain so that they can be shift the blame of every bad thing they’ve ever done onto him and people always eat it right up so readily. 

         Why? Because Tumblr has made it a-okay to sit by and be silent towards things like this. Because who wants to make a post and start something? That’s bad. No one wants drama, no one wants a single hint of negativity anywhere even if it means silencing the people going through Hell. You make a call for people not to be neutral and it’s taken like an attack. You try to ask people to support and stand up for someone being bullied and you’re basically told to sit back down and to get along with everyone and work things out.

          I was bullied for 8 years of my life and the school system did exactly what everyone is trying to make Ichi and I do right now. They sat me next to my bully, made me partner up with him for every single project, made me play with him during recess instead of my friends. Guess what happened? I was punched, kicked, ridiculed to the point that I stopped going to school completely because nothing was helping or working. It didn’t help whatsoever.

          But yes, allow me to go and apologize to them for slandering their name and making a big thing out of them being a bully. I should’ve handled it quietly and passively instead of trying to put an end to it for good. My mistake.

Man I feel so sick to my stomach. I don’t know if it was the dream I was having or if its just part of the normal nervous I get every morning before work. But I’m trying so hard to calm myself. And so far the only thing that has helped was knowing you were here. Things feel so wrong with you now. Its breaking my heart more and more every minute. But we can’t just run back to one another again. I don’t know if we are meant to be together and that’s why things are like this, or if my BPD is just making me feel like I’m making a bad decision. I wish I actually knew what I wanted.

Starter Call!

[[So, mun has noticed her main blog hasn’t been very active lately. That being said, it’s Starter Call time! So, Here’s how this is going to go. It’s pretty standard really. I’m willing to make starters for those that want them! There are three ways to get a starter from me. Either like this post if you want a starter and don’t care what kind of starter is written up. Send me an ask if you want a starter and have a general idea what you want, such as an AU or a general plot. And finally, send me fan mail if you want to actively plot together for a thread, whether AU, romance, comedy, angst, anything that doesn’t go against my rules. I’m open to plotting. Since we can go back and forth with fan mails, it makes it easier after all. 

Some things to keep in mind! Priority goes to different methods. Depending on how long plotting takes, any fan mail plotting threads take top priority. After that, the asks take priority. From there, likes. I promise I’ll get along to every response to this call. I just can’t promise how quickly (mun has five RP blogs to balance, it gets hectic). Don’t rush me. Once I think I’ve caught everyone I’ll make a post on it. Just know that the starters will take priority to responses, everyone. So sorry if I respond slow. If I make the post and I haven’t gotten to you, then let me know. I’d be happy to admit my mistake and get that starter out! That being said, here’s cute mun FC puppy dog eyes-ing to get some people wanting starters. ]]